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Reviewed MediaMonkey Beta

The current build is not a beta as it currently says here. It is a developer build. It has a number of known bugs (15 urgent ones according to their website).

Stick with version 3 if you don't like being a tester or need stability.... Read full review

Reviewed Maxthon Cloud for Windows

Bala7 is wrong. Maxthon 3 is an early beta that has very little functionality at this stage. Things are getting added with each update but its got some way to go yet to be called feature rich. Good potential certainly. But not yet good... Read full review

Reviewed Maxthon Cloud for Windows

Project is looking good but is still clearly a beta and missing features you would expect nowadays. However, updates are fast and things being added in periodically. Lacks Roboform support on the webkit engine but is present in trident. You... Read full review


Read full review

Reviewed Avant Browser Lite 2019 Build 3

plenty of reasons why you wouldnt want to use firefox and still need to use an ie based one.

However, this release is still buggy. Roboform bar isnt skinned correctly and you can move the browser around leaving the browser page (image) in... Read full review

Reviewed Avant Browser Lite 2019 Build 3

Frequent beta versions are not uncommon with many software titles. If you dont want the beta (and there are a few reasons why you may not) then stick with 11.7 build 46 until the current versions are more stable. Read full review

Reviewed GoodSync for Windows 11.5.3

The program has come a long way from the early versions and is worth another look if you checked it out some time ago. It is actually free of charge for a 1 or 2 sync tasks. You only have to buy the retail version if you have over a certain... Read full review

Watchlisted Acronis True Image for Windows

Reviewed Avant Browser Lite 2019 Build 3

have not yet tried Avant Browser nor will I give it a try for the following reason. I will not use a piece of software that compares itself to other software and makes false allegations about that software. The mouse zoom on IE8 works just fine... Read full review

Reviewed pdfFactory Pro 8.28

Had to go back to 3.38 as 3.40 crashes computer on x64. As does fineprint 6.05 (6.04 is fine). Quite a few are reporting this problem Read full review

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