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Reviewed Waterfox for Windows G6.0.11

Whoever put together the uninstaller for this needs his head banging against a wall for an hour or so.
Thought I`d give this a try. Seemed ok at first. But I was in Facebook and clicking on some posted thumbnail photos and they weren't... Read full review


Have tried and got a few video convertors and this one is one of the good ones. It's easy to use, intuitive, and does the job very well. It's free too so what's not to like ? Read full review

Reviewed Mozilla Firefox for Windows 108.0

Great update. Really tidy new look and more room too. Best browser just got better.
Get this and the NoScript and ReadItLater addons and you have a nice setup. Read full review

Reviewed Where Is It? 2014.220

gawd21: You don't know what you're talking about. It does install on Win7-64bit because I'm running it right here.
I've used this software for years.
So it can only do what the Windows Search does eh ? Ok ask your Windows Search to... Read full review

Reviewed Comodo BackUp

Wow, so this is what happened to Almer Backup ! Comodo bought it, tidied it up and re-released it for free.

Well as Ive been using and unstable Almer Backup for years now, Im going to try this and see if it has been stabilised. Read full review

Reviewed Areca Backup for Windows 7.4.9

Lack of built-in scheduler ruins this otherwise capable program.
Backup system slightly confusing and destination files stored in strangely named folders for no apparent reason. Read full review

Reviewed Absolute Backup 2.3.2

It seems, like Backup4All, this program also only allows backup to zip files.

I find this incomprehensible. Zip should be an option and not laid down as the only backup method.
Sometimes people like to backup with no compression, straight... Read full review

Reviewed DigiGuide 8.5 Build 1127

A good program, which Ive used for years now, but am seriously thinking of giving it up if I can find a half decent alternative.
Rule No.1: Don't use this if you are a gamer. I know you can have it on voice only, but thats hardly an answer to... Read full review

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