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Watchlisted Mozilla Firefox Portable Edition

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Reviewed Paint XP 1.3

It's the old paint from Windows 98 and XP but beware installer includes the conduit search "addon", you can decline to avoid the installation Read full review

Reviewed Editor.NET 2.5

to the 2 reviews below this one.

This is a library to include in your own applications
It's not a text editor to compete with textpad or ultraedit.

That is why it appears that it costs so much. In reality it does not. Read full review

Favorite Files

AeroBlend 2.01 SR1

Desktop Software

BingSnap 4.0 SR2

Desktop Software

MemInfo 4.0 SR1

System Utilities

Mozilla Firefox Portable Edition 84.0.2

WWW & Internet
Open Source

Twistpad 3.12

Developer Tools
Shareware, $29.95

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