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Reviewed EmEditor 22.0.0

As a paying customer, I expected much more from a "major upgrade" for a shareware text editor. The free Notepad++ does so many things way more properly and easy.

Thumb down, I will not pay again for such a poor overall "upgrade". Read full review


These new privacy issues are perfect for me. I've been trying to get a woman for all my life without succes, and I'm sure after using Chrome for 2 weeks the woman will fight to be the first at my front door.

Horray ! Read full review

Reviewed OpenOffice for Windows 4.1.15

Even simple things like sorting linked cells doesn't work.
This is not a serious product, and as been said, you better pay for something than using this slow bugfest for keeping your bills and agenda trustworthy. Read full review

Reviewed ChrisTV Lite 6.85

Great tool.

Alallami Abdelaziz Mohamed from Belgium born in Yemen, i don't work, I **** all day long. Read full review

Reviewed Notepad++ 8.6.8

The absolute best, better than payed editors. Read full review

Reviewed XnView for Windows 2.51.2

I really like it BUT there is 1 really annoying thing about it, it uses regular keys as function shortcuts, so you can not click a starting key to jump to the first filename beginning with it, really clumsy IMHO. Read full review

Reviewed Comodo Internet Security

Still the same bugs as version 5, still the same bugs as version 4.
Still the same thing all the time.

Bring on version 6 beta for the fanboys !!!!! Read full review

Reviewed RJ TextEd 15.50

The new crownholder in free text editing. Read full review

Reviewed HandBrake for Windows 1.3.3

Crashes constantly here. Read full review


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