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Reviewed FastStone Capture 9.7

Don't be deceived by the minimal GUI, this program has every feature you could ask for in a capture program and then some (a color picker and screen ruler for example). You choose what features are displayed by the GUI.

It is not bloated, has a... Read full review

Reviewed Total Uninstall 7.3.1

IMO Total Uninstall is and always has been the best uninstaller available. In addition to removing more left overs than any uninstaller that has been tried, it allows you to see everything that has been installed on your computer by any program... Read full review

Reviewed CDBurnerXP

If you are concerned about OpenCandy, block Internet access during installation. (This applies to most programs offering OpenCandy as well as some other PUPs.) CDBurnerXP also offers a minimal version which contains no extra software, as well as a... Read full review

Reviewed GeekUninstaller

I installed a typical program, executed it and then uninstalled it with GeekUninstaller, noting the results. This process was repeated using two trusted uninstallers: Total Uninstall and Revo Uninstaller. Total Uninstall uncovered the most... Read full review

Reviewed Face Off Max

Face Off Max is a fun program and very easy to use. A wizard interface offers complete instructions each step of the way. A little patience and carefully choosing matching head and body shots will result in a very believable photo.

CoolwareMax... Read full review

Reviewed System Explorer

Prior to reading this forum, I questioned why System Explorer wanted internet access. "mistercz" did not show the courtesy of responding to my support email.

Now that members of this informative forum have answered the question, I am very... Read full review

Reviewed Strike Ball 2 Deluxe 2.15

If you like Breakout games, Strike Ball 2 is a fairly good one and Strike Ball 3 is a much better one. Both games are available from Reflexive Arcade for $6.99. Read full review

Reviewed PerfectDisk Professional 14.0.894

I have stated previously that I believe PD Pro is the ultimate defragger. PD Pro 11 has upped the anti by 100%.

Reading the change log clearly shows this is a true upgrade and not just a UI face-lift. In addition, it has not become bloated and... Read full review

Reviewed What's Running 3.0 Beta 9

Since this is a beta release, I would suggest anyone discovering issues with the program write a positive criticism to the developer.

What's Running is a useful and well written program. After all of the bugs are squished, I believe it will be... Read full review

Reviewed CDBurnerXP

This version generates an error message upon exiting from options menu.
I restored version to eliminate the error. I'll wait for the next version to update. Read full review

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