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Reviewed SpeedFan 4.52

This program does a better job on my Shuttle PC than Shuttle's own program. Read full review

Reviewed FileZilla v3 for Windows 3.53.0

Fatbas****, I use it for ssh transfers all the time. Read full review

Reviewed Free PDF Compressor 1.12

This isn't free, it's shareware Read full review

Reviewed AnyDVD HD

That's because no matter how many reviews you write, the rating only counts once.

AnyDVD coupled with IMGBurn yields DVD9 copies with the original layer break. No muss, no fuss. Just configure IMGBurn to use the ElbyCDIO... Read full review

Reviewed Tag&Rename 3.9.15

I've tried all the free taggers out there and this one blows them all away. It's worth the money. Read full review

Reviewed AnyDVD HD

Excellent program! When used with IMGBurn, you can make perfect copies of DVDs with the original layer break. Very expensive, but works flawlessly. Read full review

Reviewed GoodSync for Windows 11.5.3

Very good program for people afraid of the command line. However, synchronization can be done for free using robocopy or rsync. (E.g., robocopy C:\sourcedir X:\destdir /MIR /NDL) Read full review

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