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Reviewed K-Lite Codec Pack Full 18.3.0

Doesn't follow the options 'Options./Playback/After Playback....'
if you can't honor your current options, better have no options at all, so people can choose an alternative product. Read full review

Reviewed Spybot - Search & Destroy

lol. I'd rather have malware too. Read full review

Reviewed LibreOffice for Windows 7.3.3

Compared to MS Office, this suite costs you 0 cent, and that just about what this slow, dumb, crap suit is worth of. Read full review

Reviewed Comodo Internet Security

BEWARE !!!!!

Comodo issued this "update" to dump some thousands of shady toolbar- and other malware "vendors" into your "Trusted Vendors" list !!!!

Their motto is : If you don't pay money for a security program, give all our friends who make... Read full review

Reviewed Trend Micro RootkitBuster 5.0.1212

I score any bas**** company that is pre-installed on systems a big fat ZERO.
People should NOT pay an extra price for crap software, they should be able to have a choice ! And then we didn't even talk about how ustable your system gets after... Read full review

Reviewed IrfanView 4.67

Good image viewer (just like all of them) but way too slow at opening images from explorer and image rendering. Read full review

Reviewed K-Lite Video Conversion Pack 1.9.0

As being said, AviDemux IS a good converter, but it's always a bugfest, Staxrip on the other hand is extremely polished and does all anyone needs in conversion. Read full review

Reviewed VMware Workstation 16.2.0-18760230

Way too bloated, way too many unnecessary background processes and services. That's a result of big-corporation software, thousands of guys working on the same thing which do not know from one another.
Jeez, installing or uninstalling this crap... Read full review

Reviewed Belarc Advisor 11.5.1

Enormously overrated and overhyped tool.
What Jcookies says is actually correct, some well known Anti-Virus
product will go nuts if you set everything up as this tool advices you. Read full review

Reviewed Total Uninstall 7.3.1


I'm a registered user of TU, and even if my update policy for a new MAJOR version has passed, when I when to update from 5.6.1 to 5.7.0 it tells me "The new version will be installed in trail mode"

LOL, get lost you thief, you... Read full review

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