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Reviewed WinZip for Windows 27.0

Just logging in to counter the troll below me. WinZip itself is still good software and it has interesting features for those who need them. Read full review

Reviewed FreeCommander XE 2024 Build 901

While FreeCommander might be the best non-payware OFM on Windows, it lacks the user experience of its payware compatitors. The UI looks just cheap. Read full review

Reviewed Directory Opus 12.23

This was so nice back in the day (around version 8). The "new" UI since v10 ruined the last reasons to spend so much money while the alternatives are worth looking at. Pricey bloatware. Read full review

Reviewed SpeedCommander 19.10.9900

Given that SpeedCommander existed years before Total/Windows Commander, I'm amazed by TC's fanboy commants about how SpeedCommander is a knockoff ... :-)

(And no, no one can expect a developer to speak all languages fluently enough. Less... Read full review

Reviewed AudioShell 2.3.6

It's back! Yay! Read full review

Reviewed UltraEdit

Hm, well. At least it has become faster now. Read full review

Reviewed MailBird 2.9.64

Uhm, seriously... "only Gmail", no GnuPG support, a clumsy interface... go away and come back when it's usable. Read full review

Reviewed WinZip for Windows 27.0

If you folks really think WinZip has not had any development since the 90s, you should stop reviewing it. Reviewing means actually having a glance at the software.

Admittedly, the functionality is still a bit low for the price; but WinZip... Read full review

Reviewed The Bat! 10.0.5

It is hard to find a better e-mail client out there.

Images in e-mails? LOL. Whatever anyone would need that for. HTML mails?
No, The Bat! is not made for newbies. Luckily. Read full review

Reviewed Mouse Hunter 1.71

I wonder why this one needs a tray icon for this simple task. And a settings dialog. Bloated. But it works, so: 2 stars. Read full review

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