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Reviewed FastStone Capture 9.7

Messes up capturing scrolling firefox windows, no matter what scroll delay you set. Has never worked as it should AFAIR. Read full review

Reviewed Foxit Reader

The moment you are presented with the FAKE "Should I install ASK crap" window, the spyware is already running on your system.

This spyware runs on a "per-gamble" basis, meaning it will not always install the spyware, so that people would say to... Read full review

Reviewed Becky! Internet Mail 2.75.03

The BEST mail client I've ever seen and used. Read full review

Reviewed VirtualBox for Windows 7.0.8-156879

If there was a better snapshot management, this would be my prefered virtualisation software. Read full review

Reviewed Process Monitor for Windows 3.93

Starting this program will merely start harddisk and registry activity ad infinity by itself, thus it is worthless at actually finding out what is happening. Read full review

Reviewed Notepad++ 8.5.8

I finally had enough of it, it's a blind dump a half- or non working crap, extremely poor documentation, a crappy wiki page, macro's which don't record, nor save, which you can't edit, all in all a crap notepad replacement, there are much better... Read full review

Reviewed Process Lasso Pro 10.4.7

If it's still in the need to fix "Fixed working directory of start menu shortcuts" ..... I wonder how much of the app itself actually works.... Read full review

Reviewed HyperSnap 8.16.17

Much better and much less bloat than SnagIt 9, but my prefered one is still SnagIt 8 Read full review

Reviewed GOM Media Player

Despite the horribly slow loading of media files, i still prefer the much better KMPlayer. Read full review

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