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Reviewed Bvckup Beta

Tried it before, moved on and then tried it again recently. For a 400KB program it is really well done and it is incredibly fast. It is missing some essential features, and the deal breaker for me was the lack of symbolic link support on W7. If... Read full review

Reviewed DSynchronize 2.48

Tried it some time ago when setting up a backup for my desktop, and while it was very capable it lacked in the UI department. If I were to rank just the interface, it'd be 2/5. Read full review

Reviewed Allway Sync 15.1.9

Same problem as other reviewers stated - it failed half way through backing up My Documents folder and demanded money. Stay away. Read full review

Reviewed SyncBackSE

As others have said - it is mature and that's what matters. A bit over-engineered here and there and the UI is sort of "stuck in the 90s", but it works well. Read full review

Reviewed FBackup 8.9.352

Tried version 4.x (4.3?) and ended up with several files at the destination full of zeroes. Didn't have time to troubleshoot, so just removed it and switched to SyncBack. Read full review

Reviewed Bvckup Beta

Same here. Sent them a crash file, got back new version that seems to be working OK. Read full review

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