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Reviewed Microsoft .NET (v4) 4.8.1

@war593122: that's just the web framework

as usual, da best geek on the planet has spoken:

.NET is probably the best thing... Read full review

Reviewed Sumatra PDF Optimized Builds 2.2 r6650

I wrote a review in "normal not-optimized" official build, but I've tried this one x64 optimized. Crashes when I'll go to "change language" in menu.

Appart from that, it is _very_ basic PDF reader. Sooo many features are lacking that it is not... Read full review

Reviewed Sumatra PDF (32-bit) 3.1.2

well, a nice project for very basic PDF manipulation...

example? find feature is a complety joke compared to Adobe Reader, try reading technical book with complex terms, indexing, code snippets, chapters and more, how much more convenient it is... Read full review

Reviewed Total Uninstall 7.3.1

- for those new to Windows world, or new to "uninstaller world", this is the best tool avaiable bar none. Nothing comes even close!

- it's like Foobar or Total Commander in its own category, well, if we haven't had Speedcommander in the latter... Read full review

Reviewed BurnAware Free 17.8

too simplistic:
1. doesn't burn multisession discs, either CDs or DVDs (will load session but any burn attempt will end up with meaningless error)

2. formating/writing to DVD-RW takes ages, cancel not possible

3. does not remember settings,... Read full review

Reviewed ADVANCED Codecs 16.4.5

I'm repairing my review, giving it an average 3 now (5+1)/2=3

_must_ have when running media center (though I would still run it in 32 bit mode due to all sorts of problems 64bit codecs/appz are giving you, it's not fault of this bundle... Read full review

Reviewed Total Commander (Combined Installer) 10.50

Internet Explorer 3 support
Windows 95 support
No 64 bit version
Not even an NT only version
outdated Delphi platform (long dead and unsupported with its own library bugs)
archaic code concepts

obscure bugs in TC and slow progress... Read full review

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