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Reviewed Trillian for Windows

Most of my contacts are on MSN Messenger, but a few are on Yahoo or ICQ. I give Trillian 5 stars for the convenience of replacing these individual IM apps with a single (smaller footprint) app, but deduct a star since it is not perfect. There... Read full review

Reviewed Corel PaintShop Pro 24.1

My previous review highlighted problems that I had with the previous X3 version and my Canon scanner on Win 7 64-bit, which have since been resolved. This is a competent program, and I will most likely upgrade it to X4. Read full review

Reviewed Norton Security 2017 v22.9.1.12

I have the 2012 edition of NIS running on my laptop and desktop PCs. The upgrade process from NIS 2011 was painless. If your 2011 license has not yet expired, NIS 2011 can upgrade itself to 2012 over the wire for free. Of course you need to... Read full review

Reviewed Norton AntiVirus

Moved this review to NIS 2012 topic. Read full review

Reviewed ExamXML 5.43

When I have the need to diff XML files, this tool saves me a lot of time. I consider it was well worth the cost of registration (one time years ago with free updates since). Read full review

Reviewed Ditto

This is a great productivity tool. Not perfect, but close to it and free!

Changes since version 4-23-09
- Added DittoUtil Addin, adds the ability to paste any clip type as text 3-14-09
- Fixed SetFocus... Read full review

Reviewed Nero Burning ROM 2019 v20.0.01000

I base my rating on only the Nero Burning Rom portion of this application. Despite the fact that I am a multimedia junkie, I just haven't found the need to run the other applications in this suite when there are great and in many cases better... Read full review

Reviewed SnagIt for Windows

I use this tool at work on a 2.2Ghz dual-core laptop and the performance is fine. If you just want a simple snapshot tool, then you might consider this bloated, but if you want the the Swiss Army Knife of snapshot software, look no further. Some... Read full review

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