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Reviewed UltraEdit

UltraEdit v21.20 Changes (2014-06-26)
UltraEdit v21.20 includes over 150 improvements and fixes to the following:

Column mode editing / drag 'n drop
Quick column mode
Hide / show lines and code folding
Folding for block comments in HTML... Read full review

Reviewed Classic Shell 4.3.1

My fav tweaks:
Start Button | check: Replace Start button Button look | Custom button | WindowsStartButtonSmall.png from http://classicshell.net/...opic.php?f=18&t=174
Controls | Right-click opens Win+X menu
Main Menu | Shutdown... Read full review

Reviewed TeamViewer 15.41.8

THE BEST doesn't rest. V9 beta adds:
a different tab per connection
two factor authentication
Win 8.1 & Mac OS X Mavericks optimization
copy & paste remote files/folders via clipboard... Read full review

Reviewed Skype for Windows

Skype 6.7 changes:
https://support.skype.co...6-7-for-windows-desktop Read full review

Reviewed Everything

Used it on a few PCs in the past and it's not bad. UltraSearch is better. Read full review

Reviewed TeamViewer 15.41.8

So much better than all VNC flavors (tried them all)... Read full review

Reviewed Maxthon Cloud for Windows

Was waiting for Page Mute for quite some time. AWESOME RELEASE. Luvv the built-in webpage snapshot of long pages..the user/password filler...the undo of page close...drag to open pages...search one of several custom "search engines" (I have "a... Read full review

Reviewed Winamp 5 Full v5.92 Build 10042

Doing BN's job...

Winamp 5.623
* Fixed: mp3 decoding errors at end of file (should fix reported CD burning errors)
* Fixed: [aacdec] Detection of parametric stereo for AAC files made with older encoders
* Fixed: [enc_fhgaac] MP4 encoder not... Read full review

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