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Reviewed YamiPod for Windows 1.8

YamiPod works great on my older Nano but, sadly, it lacks ability to sync on the newest iPods such as the Touch. I find it easy to use and small in disk space required. There needs to be a better FAQ/help page but the info is there if you look for... Read full review

Reviewed SharePod 3.7

SharePod 3.9.5 is available (as of 6 Apr 2010) and it works great with the iPod Touch.

This is a great program. Easy to use and handles all my needs to backup/sync my music with out the need of iTunes. There are some nice features on ITunes but... Read full review

Reviewed PerfectDisk Professional 14.0.894

PerfectDisk seems slow to me. But I guess you get that when working on 1TB drives. Other programs like Defraggler & JKDefrag are a bit faster.

I am not a fan of the new "ribbon" style menu but it is easy to use once you work with it a while.... Read full review

Reviewed AnyDVD HD is out and what I am reviewing.

AnyDVD works as advertised. I have yet to feed it anything it cannot handle and have never had a problem with it.

I quit using InCD many years ago so I can not speak to its problems with AnyDVD , but... Read full review

Reviewed AnyDVD HD

Never had a problem with AnyDVD. It simply works, and it works well.

I purchased mine with the lifetime update(grades) when the dollar was at a better exchange rate with the the Euro but I would purchase it again today if I hadn't already done... Read full review

Reviewed Microsoft Windows 7 32-bit Release Candidate 1 (RC)

Has anyone noticed that when you boot to the Win 7 DVD and you get to the INSTALL NOW screen, if you click WHAT TO KNOW BEFORE INSTALLING WINDOWS the help/support info is listed as INSTALLING WINDOWS VISTA. Guess they did not take the time to... Read full review


Nice and fast , especially on a Google page , but it lacks add ons for ad-blocking and other things I value for web surfing.

Seems too minimal for a "real" release.

If you use Google maps it is a great browser , I'll wait for an easy way to... Read full review

Reviewed Audiograbber 1.83 Build 1

A sweet little program , it does everything I need it to do with a very small install size. Get this and a copy of LAME and you can rip your CDs with ease.

Highly recommended. Read full review

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