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Reviewed WeatherMate 4.4

Haha - the auto-hide is hilarious!

If you have a dual monitor setup, just position this between the monitors (eg. left monitor: on the right) and then hide it :) LOL Read full review

Reviewed Dexpot 1.6.14 Build 2439

@humbleuser: using on Win7-x64 for a couple of months and I never had any issues with it or BSODs! Only bsod I had were due to McAfee, once I investigated and isolated that $hit, all stable as a rock on sand!
Why would you rate a program low... Read full review

Watchlisted Ultimate Boot CD Full

Reviewed HTMLPad 17.0

This one looks exactly like WeBuilder.
So I assume the vendor is trying to sell same product under different names... Read full review

Reviewed Dr. Batcher 2.3.2

$100 bucks for this!??

You gotta be kidding me, unless this is some Visual Studio for BAT files, and then wtf needs it at this price? Read full review

Reviewed Pale Moon 31.0.0

Very nice and fast release.
Using the portable x64 with only 3..4 add-ons (don't need more) and it is working like a charm!!! Read full review

Reviewed qBittorrent for Windows 5.0.0 Beta 1

I tried to find a good replacement for utorrent and I almost gave up but I gave this app a try and I'm happy I did: my search it is over now and I'm a believer again!

I downloaded 3.1 alpha with no install for Win7-x64 and tested and worked at... Read full review

Reviewed Freecorder 7 7.0

If your computer is slow (and you want it down to a crawl), full of malware and other cousins (but you are missing PriceGong) then go ahead and install this one because in a couple of days you will have to wipe and clean install your OS.
If your... Read full review

Reviewed NeatMouse 1.03.001

Small app, portable and most of all it is working and doing what it claims!

Useful when you work with graphics and you need to position mouse pixel by pixel! Read full review

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