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Reviewed inSSIDer

Looks like it cost 19.99 now. Probably worth it but I have a free app for my phone that works well. Read full review


Read full review

Reviewed AnyDVD HD

I never waste time backing movies up to DVD rather I use CloneDVD Mobile to convert them to DIVX and use my Sony PlayStation 3 that is attached to my TV for viewing. Average file size is around 1.5 GB per movie. I also backup to several mobile... Read full review

Reviewed Microsoft Security Release ISO Image April 2016

I was under the impression that this disk would scan a system then install its updates accordingly.

Unless I didn’t burn the ISO correctly it is a manual thing and time consuming.

There doesn’t seem to be that many updates. I guess... Read full review

Reviewed Xleaner 4.28.1368

The interface is all over the place.
Question what does this clean that CCleaner with the CCleaner Enhancer doesn’t clean? Read full review

Reviewed Norton Security 2017 v22.9.1.12

Input Overload you are absolutely correct.

Ever since Symantec overhauled Norton Internet Security in 2009 it has been in my opinion the best. Don’t judge this software if you haven’t tried it since then.

Bala7 doesn’t seems to think... Read full review

Reviewed SUPERAntiSpyware 10.0.1216

I’m a computer tech and I’ve had better luck with this than Malwarebytes. Just a few days ago I ran Malwarebytes and it found nothing but I was still getting the fake AV warning. Then I ran SUPERAntiSpyware and it found and removed the... Read full review

Reviewed Norton PC Checkup

Is it suppose to freeze on the splash screen like that? Read full review

Reviewed Safari for Windows 5.1.7

A load of junk from the same people who brought us ITunes.

IE 9 puts it to shame. Read full review

Reviewed CloneDVD

Obviously the clonedvdsucks guy is a plant from another company.

First CloneDVD doesn’t decrypt like this guys says “it changes versions every month to keep up with encryption”.

AnyDVD is the program that handles that part.... Read full review

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