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Reviewed Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro (32-bit) 9.3 (4934.708.2079)

This is beta 2.
The most current beta is found on

And the 7.5 betas are very unstable and weird with lots of functions removed (that will return in later betas).
I strongly suggest anyone not... Read full review

Reviewed Opera for Windows 91.0.4516.65

Getting there. Quite fast and a good looker.
If they can actually get a properly working adblock extension, I will consider using this. Right now the FF extensions are both more mature, more plentiful and .. well .. actually working.
Tweaking... Read full review

Reviewed Microsoft Internet Explorer Platform Preview 10.0 Platform Preview (2.10.8103.0)

Those who give this preview/beta a 1 because it doesn't work on almost 10 year old operating systems have serious issues to resolve.
XP is dead. You're beating a dead horse.
And anyone running 2003 R2 should not test beta browsers on it... Read full review

Reviewed GOM Media Player

And| is typing rubbish. Complete FUD.
Just check with a decent firewall. The only connection GOM make, if you want to, is an auto update which can be switched off.

And the Ask toolbar is optional. Just don't click Next like an idiot when... Read full review

Reviewed Kaspersky Rescue Disk

Haven't actually tried it, just wanted to give And| some information.
I certainly found information about it on Kaspersky's site. I wonder what you searched for.
Here's the FAQ and support page: Read full review


This browser is not faster than Opera, IE8 or FF on any of the pages I regulary visit. Yes, I've timed them. Problem is ads and flash crap. Chrome feels cramped and simple, and I can't really understand who it's aimed at. It' sjust a lot of hype.... Read full review


Nothing special, really.
If extensions are properly implemented I'll have a go again. Other than that there's nothing better with this compared to any other browser without addons/extensions. Read full review


Read full review

Reviewed Trillian for Windows

Getting there. Got it free from a TrialPay (InkClub).
Still got some issues and it's seriously lacking good skins and icon sets.

I've been a Miranda fanboy for a long time and I still like it. But Miranda's for the people who like to tweak and... Read full review

Reviewed ACDSee Photo Studio Home

No, I'm sorry. The paid 5-star reviewers (quite a few of them here on FileForum nowadays) make a fatal flaw.
They assume no one else try the latest versions and want to write their opinions. And the duped people who bought the latest versions... Read full review

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