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Reviewed Vivaldi for Windows 6.6.3271.45

This is now becoming a seriously good browser. Seems to be quicker than others, certainly firefox is becoming very slow these days. Read full review

Reviewed Tixati 2.81

I have to echo others experiences. I have used this for years, but lately downloads have slowed to a crawl. Qbit, doesn't work that well for me, but Transmission is excellent. Read full review

Reviewed CCleaner for Windows 6.22.10977

This is an excellent piece of software, I have used it for many years and not once had an issue. I can't help but think of the saying workman and tools in respect of those who have rated it so low. Read full review

Reviewed FreeFileSync 11.26

It works exceptionally well, is simple to use, and is, despite what someone says, FREE Read full review

Reviewed CCleaner for Windows 6.22.10977

Please ignore fredreed's comment, because you can't call it a review. I have used this on every PC for years. It is an exceptionally good cleaner offering great control over what it cleans. Equally it can be used in a more simple mode for those... Read full review

Reviewed Panda Free Antivirus 20.0.1

Once again CyberDoc999 reviews something so low, that I rate so highly. In the AV tests I have read, this software has consistently been rated exceedingly highly and I have to say, out of all the free AV products I have tried I have found it the... Read full review

Reviewed Mozilla Firefox for Windows 108.0

With regret I have to score this so low, despite having used it for years. The memory issue are just ridiculous and try as I might, I cannot resolve them. Read full review

Reviewed Mozilla Firefox for Windows 108.0

I have to agree with others here. The pages hang so frequently that it has become completely unusable. I have tried everything to resolve the issue, but the issues exist on all 3 computers I use. Read full review

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