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Reviewed ConvertXtoDVD

Arguably the best product of it's kind. If you can't convert and burn your video with this, then something is likely wrong with that video. Read full review

Reviewed Vista Codec Package 7.2.0

Installs unwanted spyware and on many systems even though you opt out, it installs anyway and their stuff is not easy to remove. Read full review

Reviewed Internet Download Manager 6.41 Build 11

I have used this download manager for 7 and it has always performed reliably and with great speed. I rate it excellent! Read full review

Reviewed ADVANCED Codecs 16.4.5

I like the product, HOWEVER, it installs unwanted junk that is difficult to get rid of AND it doesn't always let you opt out, so for that, it gets a low rating. Just use K-lite. It works just as good or better and you don't get any spyware. Read full review

Reviewed VMware Workstation 16.2.0-18760230

There is no comparing Vmware and virtualbox. Vm wins hands down. Yes is a BIG app, but for a reason. It's packed with features. It quickly creates an OS or fires up and all ready one. Read full review

Reviewed ADVANCED Codecs 16.4.5

I guess it depends where you live as to whether Bing is mandated-install. I live in the U.S. and there IS no "uncheck Bing option".You accept Bing or the codecs do not install....period. Read full review

Reviewed ADVANCED Codecs 16.4.5

I used Win7codecs since Windows 7 came out, but the "Bing" problem" was just too much, so I now use adware-free K-Lite Codecs and I have been very satisfied. Read full review

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