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Reviewed ADVANCED Codecs 16.4.5

if i could give this a -1000 i would. Being forced to install junk is a definite No-No. Being given an option to opt out would be acceptable.
juanito1968: Plz provide us a few screenshots which shows no toolbar junk and tell us where you got the... Read full review

Reviewed ADVANCED Codecs 16.4.5

Until Shark007 removes his garbage that he adds, this is to be avoided at all costs. The reg files he provides are useless as: they cannot be used before the install so again he forces his junk(He insists that you do a search with the garbage that... Read full review

Reviewed Mozilla Firefox for Windows 108.0

Firefox finally got better. Version 4,5 were terrible but Version 6 was decent but 7 is even better. Read full review

Reviewed Skype for Windows

Now that Skype has introduced "In call advertising" i will not upgrade to this new version unless it gets removed or a way is found to hide the ad. Read full review

Reviewed ADVANCED Codecs 16.4.5

I second that, this should be considered Malware/Too be avoided. Shark007, since he started adding garbage to ALL of his installs is losing all supprt that he once had. His reason is" To make money" but instead of giving the user a choice, he is... Read full review

Reviewed PerfectDisk Professional 14.0.894

Defragging is not as useful as it once was, SSD's don't need defragging and Windows Vista/7 already come with a good defragger, Why waste money when you don't need to? Read full review

Reviewed CDBurnerXP

Awesome freeware but it gets a 4 for one reason only.
The Opencandy garbage is included. True, a version without it is available but the author deliberately withholds the opencandy free version for up to a week after each release so he can push... Read full review

Reviewed Foxit Reader

very good pdf reader and ir works with almost every pdf out there but it is constantky improving. the exe version includes crapware but yet the msi one does not. Read full review

Reviewed CDBurnerXP

pjafrombbay: not all freeware is bad and there is a version without opencandy
for the app it has alot of nice features but what it needs is: an audio cd ripper then it would be perfect, and also the developer should stop including garbage in the... Read full review

Reviewed SUPERAntiSpyware 10.0.1216

very good app keeps getting better and better though do not use this on low memory systems as it will use alot(256MB and below systems) though this is not the fault of the app makers it is the users who refuse to upgrade the memory. Read full review

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