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Reviewed musikCube 3.3.2

I am posting this THREE years after the Betanoob posted his report on malware in this file.

It looks like fileforum.betanews.com hosts or links to installers containing malware and does not take them down when reported by reviewers.

The... Read full review

Reviewed LibreOffice for Windows 7.3.3

How can LibreOffice take itself seriously? The dictionary, spell check, and their non-functioning grammar check are a joke: completely useless. With these important tools functioning at a 5th-grade level I have no choice but to move on.... Read full review

Reviewed Vuze for Windows

I can't understand why people are criticizing this program so much.
It's actually very useful.

I do agree however it is lacking in the customer support area.
For that I will give it a low rating however I don't agree with all of the previous... Read full review

Reviewed JRiver Media Center for Windows 32.0.6

I must concur wit the review stating why pay $40 to replace freeware bloated overly complex unituitive Windows Media Player with an even more complex bloated unintuitive lookalike?

But wait! You can also enjoy your posts on the support forum... Read full review

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