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Reviewed TeraCopy 3.7

Take the Windows Copy/Cut/Paste function make it work in situtations it might not otherwise and about twice as fast with extendability and you have Teracopy. For anyone using Windows, you have to at least try this, it's a blessing.

@emanresU... Read full review

Reviewed fre:ac 1.1.6

Fast, easy to use, powerful, free, and most importantly... Open Source. The best for converting and ripping to your favorite audio format whatever it may be. The quick setting changing is great for using a different format on the fly. 5/5.... Read full review

Reviewed Microsoft Windows 7 32-bit Release Candidate 1 (RC)

@ UniversityofKentucky - That isn't actually Windows fault (For once). Windwos can't install to ext(n) partitions so what you needed to do was either create a second partition with NTFS or FAT32 or reformat your whole HDD. In any case, if this... Read full review

Reviewed LogonStudio 1.5

@ lorg - This is for XP not Vista or Win 7. That is your problem. You want the Vista version from Stardock...

This is really nice and easy for changing your logon screen fro XP. I've yet to run into any problems and am glad they're still... Read full review


Out performs any other freeware/Open Source Album Manager I've seen yet (And that's a lot) besides F-Spot which is also very good in several different ways. It also works really well when it uploads photos to the free web album. 5/5 for being... Read full review

Reviewed The GIMP 2.10.30

Even better since the 2.6.x releases came out.

@myboy Horendous? Maybe try intuitive. Although, it really isn't all that different from Ps when it comes to menus.

Anyways, this is a great photo editing app, very easy to use once you know... Read full review

Reviewed IObit Game Booster 3.5.0 Beta

@myboy I believe that is why they made it, for the memory starved.

I am a good example, without this I wouldn't be able to run Quake 4 or Left 4 Dead. 5/5 for being very useful, a small download, easy to use, and of course free. For those of... Read full review

Reviewed AbiWord for Windows 2.9.4

When all you need is a word processor, why get the whole suite? This gem of an app and Gnumeric are all 90% of normal people need in their full-blown office suite. Abiword works well, runs on every OS, and I mean EVERY. Does all you need, has a... Read full review

Reviewed Spyware Terminator

I've been using Spyware Terminator before it was popular, I've yet to have a problem That little toolbar problem, that is IF you decide to install it. The question is why install it if you didn't want it? Like all software (Especially freeware)... Read full review

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