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Reviewed Microsoft Windows 10 Final (Official Release)

I switched to Linux on a new PC. Artem you are right Microsoft is now like a beached whale and it's starting to smell. Read this article for a refreshing view.
Linux is a freeing experience without the confines of Windows. Enjoyment again!... Read full review

Reviewed WeatherMate 4.4

This versions shows malware/virus by Avira and Bit defender (HEUR/QVM030)
Try WeatherBug. It is clean and reliable with small memory use. Read full review

Reviewed Weather Watcher Live 7.2.276

Nice app but not worth $19 when WeatherBug http://weather.weatherbug.com/
has the same features. Many version done for ADVERTIZING on new software at fileformbetanews? But try :http://weather.weatherbug.com/ for an FREE smart looking app with... Read full review

Reviewed IObit Start Menu 8 v5.1.0.7

Works but will take over your desktop with "Pop-Up" adverts on booting into Windows 8. Then when you get rid of the pop-up an Internet Explorer page will also pop-up to annoy you. www.classicshell.net has a fine free replacement for the Windows 8... Read full review

Reviewed CCleaner for Windows 6.22.10977

Latest version of so called CCleaner "Slim" now puts ads right on the desktop when booting into Windows. I uninstalled this invasive intrusion on my desktop. I will never again use any Piriform software. I now use "CleanCache"... Read full review

Reviewed Baidu Antivirus Beta

A very good free anti-virus programme. I have no problem with updates. yes in settings be sure to check "Enable Avira engine" for real time protection. My PC's all have Baidu for all functions, downloading, finance etc. because I trust it ~~ ! Read full review

Reviewed DriverMax 11.19

I agree with JWvan..."Avoid at all costs" This and "Slim Drivers" and other "driver updaters" use their own downloaders which (a) supply a corrupted file for installation (b)or mess up the Windows installtion leading to (c)you having to RE-INSTALL... Read full review

Reviewed IObit Start Menu 8 v5.1.0.7

Beta version worked.But Version 1.0.0 Final will not show a start button (lower left corner). I now use Start8 by Stardock.com It has many features like app search and all other Windows7 menus, plus other custiomizations It costs $5.00 but this... Read full review

Reviewed Weather Watcher Live 7.2.276

3 because it works. But why use PC memory for updating weather. All you need is a simple app like "The Weather Channel" on your cell phone for tomorrows forecast and as for today's - look out the window! Read full review

Reviewed Pale Moon 31.0.0

Crashes in Windows 8, losing all entered data. If you want to buy on the net stick to Waterfox or even Internet Explorer 10 (which seems to run very well on Windows 8. It was annoying to loose all my choices at Amazon.com at crash. Read full review

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