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Reviewed NSA Cyber Weapons Defense Tool 1.0

This is chinese crap , certified by the comment of cyberdoc an average user of this great website.
135MB to check the nothing, to close ports that is a firewall job like the windows default one, in summary to check the nothing and useful only to... Read full review

Reviewed CCleaner for Windows 6.22.10977

I keep an old version before it got the systray icon and background running service.

Too bad this program went to hog software fringes. Read full review

Reviewed Wine 8.10 Development

Superb !!!! Read full review

Reviewed Mozilla Firefox for Windows 108.0

Got a problem in recently bookmarked links, just disable in about:config setting it to false Read full review

Reviewed IpfilterX M1-Assizes

X1 is the basic ipfilter, X2 includes extended crimeware, government, military etc ranges, X3 includes X1+X2 and dedicated blacklists, if you would read their site you would know bettter. Any list got smth that others don't. Read full review

Reviewed Puran Defrag 7.7.1

Not so bad ,
it's worth of a try. Read full review

Reviewed Tor Browser for Windows 13.0.14

One of the last standing tool to protect our privacy while browsing.

Ever wish that they keep up this job!

And Don't forget to
Donate to Tor Project ! Read full review

Reviewed PuTTY 0.80

You wouldn't do SSH connection without this !
Straight One ! Read full review

Reviewed IpfilterX M1-Assizes

Program or not this blacklist is a real gem out in the web.
Users that complain about its cost , that's only few dollars more, are really a pity.
You pay less for a bad quality product, you pay more when you see so many updates and researches... Read full review

Reviewed Avira Free Antivirus 15.0.2009.1690

An excellent antivirus that work in background ,
neat interface for settings ,
good work for updates . Read full review

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