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Watchlisted K-Lite Codec Pack Mega

Watchlisted K-Lite Codec Pack Update

Reviewed Internet Download Manager 6.41 Build 11

I bought this on Dec.20 2013 and I never had to pay again so far. I guess the "1 year" thing is just for big version jumps? Anyways, it works as expected, gets updated constantly and that's what counts. Enough sillyness from ppl who maybe even... Read full review

Reviewed iDevice Manager

Still unable to install it due to an Internet connection problem fter starting it. Disabling Firewall and so on doesn't help. Can't the dev provide a full setup file instead of this retardness?? Read full review

Reviewed DVD Audio Extractor 8.2.0

I bought this several years ago and I'm still getting free updates with useful features without getting asked for a single dollar. Very useful to get audio tracks out of my discs to burn on CDs or put on my USB pendrive for my car. There are free... Read full review

Reviewed iDevice Manager

Apart from the fact that since I'm unable to complete the installation due to an error, it looks like FORCES you to install third part stuff. It gave you the choice in previous installers, now you get it and that's it. Hence bye bye. Read full review

Reviewed Mozilla Lightning for Windows 4.7.8

Where is the Google Task integration which was promised about 1 year ago (if not more). The impression is that releases now are just limited to enable the "compatibility flag" to the latest Firefox version... Read full review

Reviewed CDBurnerXP

Looks like the developer "listened" to the wave of complaints, the newest release is already available as a "malware-free" package as well. Just be aware of what you are downloading... Read full review

Reviewed GetRight 6.5

This used to be a great download manager, but as of today there is no reason of this still being sold on their page. Development was abandoned years ago, and the "new" 6.5 version is nothing else that the previous one + a couple of things the... Read full review

Reviewed CyberLink PowerDVD 22.0.1915.62

Fine it may be, but 100+$ for the Ultra version?! They have to be kidding, with such an amount you can buy a standalone BluRay player these days. it may lack some of the features, but seriously, this can't be.
Upgrade pricing policy from this... Read full review

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