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Reviewed TunnelBear for Windows

Meh, Private Internet Access is only 30/year when on sale.
Plenty of other are cheper than this too. Read full review


You are an idiot if you clean your registry with scamware! Read full review

Reviewed - Windows Repair 4.10.3

Yep, this is still a huge pile of garbage.
Guaranteed to destroy windows. Read full review

Watchlisted ShareX

Reviewed - Windows Repair 4.10.3

An advanced user would never use this garbage.
This is for n00bz that don't have a clue about imaging and backups. Most of these n00bz "think" they are advanced PC users.
Then when the n00b uses this, windows is detstroyed! Read full review

Watchlisted AudioShell

Reviewed - Windows Repair 4.10.3

It should be called: Windows Destroyer

lrn2img Read full review

Reviewed Mezzmo

XBMC FTW! Read full review

Reviewed Aml Pages 10.00 Build 2959

I smell spam! Read full review

Reviewed - Windows Repair 4.10.3

Useless junk. Read full review

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