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Reviewed Attribute Changer 10.0a

This review of Attribute Changer 8.50b updates my review of version 7.10b (Sep 29, 2012).

Romain Petges' Attribute Changer has matured into an excellent product; it is likely now the best of kind. Changing file attributes isn't something most... Read full review

Reviewed NirLauncher 1.23.64

NirLauncher is continually great software, each utility does what it says it does without any frills.

I have to agree with DrTeeth though, as I've learned from experience there's little point in contacting the developer (Nir Sofer). On the... Read full review

Reviewed openElement 1.50.1


This version still doesn't work offline! Downloading and running are two separate operations, when running the program the user may not have an internet connection (as is often the case with me, usually very deliberately so for obvious... Read full review

Reviewed Eraser

carlvui is correct, this program causes too many issues to ignore. I've tried most releases of Eraser over recent years and it has made very little improvement.

A reasonable way of testing these so-called erasure programs is to run various... Read full review

Reviewed Hexbrowser (x86) 0.72 Beta

A very interesting program to say the least but I like to see it developed further.

In recent years, I've had many hard disks crashes and the rescued files from them aren't necessarily pristine—some files are OK, others recovered are... Read full review

Reviewed DocFetcher 1.1.15

DocFetcher seems to good to be true, and it is, unfortunately.

First, unfortunately, DocFetcher relies on jre, and even when jre is properly installed (both x86 and x64 versions on Win 7), it simply cannot find the existing jre installation.... Read full review

Reviewed Hugin 2023.0

This 2014 32-bit version of Hugin will not install properly on my Win 7 64-bit system: it says that msvcr120d.dll is missing.

When the correct 32-bit C++ runtime msvcr120d.dll (v 12.0.20827.3) is installed the program essentially appears to... Read full review

Reviewed Avidemux 2.8.1

Well, despite Avidemux 2.6.8's long list of bug fixes, the TV/PVR .MPG audio sync bug is STILL NOT FIXED in this version (see my review for 2.6.7 below).

This is a truly serious bug in Avidemux, and a peculiar one at that. Peculiar, because I... Read full review

Reviewed UltraEdit

My view of this current UltraEdit 21.00.1033 has not fundamentally altered since my previous review of U/E 20.00 (hereunder), which is that it is now a huge overly bloated text editor that's grown like Topsy and thus somewhat disorganized and... Read full review

Reviewed TheSage 6.4.1806

I've used TheSage for some years; it's excellent software and it's well worth making a small donation to keep the project going.

Unless you're Shakespeare and never lost for words, then you'll find this dictionary, word-finder and thesaurus... Read full review

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