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Reviewed FileZilla Server 1.4.1

The best free FTP server for windows supporting all FTP commands (the only free one that supported the REST command). Current version 0.9.56 DOES NOT come bundled with any other software, providing you download it from the Filezilla Server... Read full review

Reviewed SharePod 3.7

Just downloaded 3.9.6 and tested it with Nano & Touch - worked flawlessly!
Very small and simplistic, allows you to copy to/from your Ipod as well as backing up. If all you want to do is copy media to & from your ipod without Itunes bloat this... Read full review

Reviewed DVDFab Passkey

The beta version is free for a limited time - I set my clock 6 months ahead and I tried to start the program it said "this version is too old, go download newer version" so this beta will expire soon. This program performs essentially the same... Read full review


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Reviewed TagScanner 6.1.13

As a longtime user of MP3Tag I decided to see what all the fuss is about. I was pleasantly surprised. I am not a big fan of skins either but the default one was easy to use. Has pretty much the same functions as MP3Tag (Album art, playlists,... Read full review

Reviewed ConvertXtoDVD

I'im still a user of 3.x but it's sad to hear that there are still issues burning DVDs with this otherwise fine app.

There is an option that allows you to write the converted video(s) to folders (VIDEO_TS) on your hard drive. I then use NERO... Read full review

Reviewed Notepad2 5.0.26-beta4

I have to agree with the other reviewers here. Best notepad for Windows replacement. Like notepad, it is small, fast, and light but also portable. I too have replacled the native notepad app with this on all my Windows boxes and keep it handy... Read full review

Reviewed Far Manager 3.0.5744 Beta

Truly the best Norton Commander clone for the Windows console. Lots of plugs-in available (FTP, Archiving, file splitting/combining, process list, etc.). It is console only which may turn off some users but the benefit is the low resource and... Read full review

Reviewed Schizophrenia Online 6.0

I can't wait to try this.
Yea me too this sounds like it could be helpful.
I disagree Schizophrenia should be treated by a doctor specializing in that field. Read full review

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