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Reviewed Microsoft Security Essentials (64-bit)

MSE is a very good antivirus; I used it on my old notebook with Windows XP and now I use it on my new notebook with Windows 7. It is light and effective, and consider that I visit all sorts of sites and download and test all sorts of software. MSE... Read full review

Reviewed Avast Antivirus Free 22.4.7175

Avast is a good AV and once it was light, too. Now the version is big, complex and slows down my PC. I uninstalled it and adopted Panda Cloud.
I strongly suggest Alwast developpers to make it more essential and lighter.
Regards Read full review

Reviewed ZoneAlarm Free

Zonealarm free firewall is a good piece of software but is too heavy. When Emule is running, VSMON (trueVector Service) takes the cpu at 80-90 %; the pc is almost frozen and the cpu temperature goes up to 80 degrees (Celsius). Really too much !!. Read full review

Reviewed PC Tools Internet Security 9.1.0

Good Firewall. Small, effective, low resource requirement, work fine when Emule is running (Zonealarm's VSMON caused a very high cpu load) Read full review

Reviewed Media Player Classic - Home Cinema Development Build

MPC-HC was a good player up to version 1.5.xx.
Something changed, couple of months ago: all the last releases are full of bugs, real beta's or even alpha's.
Stay away of all 1.6.x.x Read full review

Reviewed CDBurnerXP

Good burner, indeed.
Now it is bundled with OpenCandy, a resident tool that spams you with recommendations about the software you may want to adopt.
But if you do not want OpenCandy, just install staying offline, or (better) use your firewall... Read full review

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