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Reviewed FreeFileSync 11.26

Danger Will Robinson!

V7 installs Dragon Branch by default which takes over your browser inserting ads and likely is tracking you.

The default should be not to install Dragon Branch and BOLDLY warn you it is taking over your browsers, piling... Read full review

Reviewed LibreOffice for Windows 7.3.3

Document interchange (filters) continues to improve. A very capable Office suit! Read full review

Reviewed VirtualBox for Windows 7.0.8-156879

Although it's not easy, I hope USB 3 support with support for guest OS's that only support USB 2 (1?) be addressed soon. (Guest additions).

VMs are very useful for legacy OSs which can be used safely if care is taken. As an example, I have SW... Read full review

Reviewed CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019

X5 SP3 Used mostly for photo work.

Super bang for buck, you get many applications, not just Draw or Photopaint.

Of real usefulness is a very smart right click context menu. One very seldom has to use the ugly keyboard + mouse combinations in... Read full review

Reviewed Mozilla Firefox for Windows 108.0

FireFox is no longer a "product". It depends upon add-ons that don't keep pace with the fast major version release cycle Even "compatible" add-ons seem to give you blank URLs in the address bar. I had to go back to 3.6.18 just to stay working. Read full review

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