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Reviewed WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe 5.15.1

Converter spam
Handbrake is all you need.

Love Petteri's fake reviews! Read full review

Reviewed Reg Organizer 8.60

You got scammed!
Only the clueless clean their registry. Read full review

Reviewed Auslogics BitReplica

Yet another scamware compay.
Boost Speed, Reg cleaner, ect. Bogus claims.

Who wrote all the fake testimonials?
I love the russian guy from Pakistan! ROFL! Looks like hes in the Russian navy :D
I want to get my testimonial on there. Read full review

Reviewed Aml Pages 9.99 Build 2956

HAHA! This CRAP got 71% down votes at Giveaway of the Day :D

You can not give this away for free because it is "CRAP"! Read full review

Reviewed - Windows Repair 4.10.3

What is with all the FanBoiZ on this site?
Where do they come from?
Why do they like stupid useless software?
Are the no life losers?
Do the have an education?
Why do they still live in their parents basement?
Will they ever get laid?
Do... Read full review

Reviewed ADVANCED Codecs 16.4.5

Hey look below! A clueless fanboi! Read full review

Reviewed Soft Organizer 8.15

Funny how losers pay for a uninstaller scam! Read full review

Reviewed Reg Organizer 8.60

Yet another stupid reg cleaner scam. GTFO! Read full review

Reviewed Aml Pages 9.99 Build 2956

Only 5 star reviews are from the loser author.

No need to spend $30 on this sh1t when there are many freewares that are better!

You need to get a real job! You can't make a living off crap software!

Edit: I love fake testimonls! You write... Read full review

Reviewed Mouse Hunter 1.71

WizzMouse is better, uses less memory, and has no bugs like this. Read full review

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