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Reviewed The GIMP 2.10.30

Will admit that version 20's working fine for me (so haven't installed 22 yet) but still, GIMP is still my editor of choice. When you ad G'MIC to it, it makes it superior in many ways to Photoshop. Cannot wait until GIMP goes to 2.10x; the beta... Read full review

Reviewed IrfanView 4.67

Just installed 4.42 64-bit a few minutes ago. At least this time many more of the plugins now work. Eventually, I want to complete not use 32-bit version; hope that to happen soon. :) Read full review

Reviewed IrfanView PlugIns 4.67

Finally broke down and installed Irfanview 64-bit and un-installed Irfanview 32-bit (I know they co-exist, but it now time to go full fledged 64-bit). Pretty happy that photoshop compatible plugins still work in 64-bit Irfanview. Thanks Irfan.... Read full review

Reviewed Logitech SetPoint 6.90.66

Glad the previous one worked in Win10; this one works in Win10 too. Thanks. :) Read full review

Reviewed VirtualBox for Windows 7.0.8-156879

Huge fan of VB. Been using it for years. Upgraded recently to Win10 and talk about headaches. Even the current version of VB (10.0.2) has issues so did what was recommended and stuck with the beta (5.0.1r102010) and it's pretty stable (VB... Read full review

Reviewed QuickTime for Windows 7.7.9

Just tried to install 7.7.7 to my XP VM and found it's now only for Win7/8.1 only. Bummer. Doesn't matter; rarely use it anymore regardless. Still, yet more programs killiing support for XP when XP works fine so long as you know how to lock... Read full review

Reviewed Sandboxie 5.68.1

It's been nearly 2 years since Ronen supported SBIE; it's now owned by Invincia. Both Alan and Curt has done an excellent job of maintaining Ronen's cool protection program so thanks again to the folks at Invincia. Just installed 4.18 for my... Read full review

Reviewed Fotosketcher 3.70

Just tried the Alpha3 preview. Pretty darn cool Dave. Again, thanks for continuing making FotoSketcher one of the best auto-painter tools out there. :) Read full review

Reviewed Inkscape for Windows 1.1

Just installed the new .91 release. Nice to have native 64-bit Windows version now. It also runs the raster based filters (Marble et. al.) much faster now (like 5 times faster). Not really and artist; just a bitmap manipulator that likes some... Read full review

Reviewed deJpeg 2.0

Works as advertised. I use DAP and DAP uses AOP files which basically contains two jpegs (one's the brush and the other the mask). Thanks for this cool utility. :) Read full review

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