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Reviewed AnyDVD HD

Hands down works better than anything else I've tried.

Frequent updates. I've had very few issues. and they've been fixed in updates or a setting change.

It's so nice not being forced to sit through trailers warnings and other crap that you... Read full review

Reviewed Pale Moon 31.0.0

The best Firefox clone out there (I use 64 bit). The only ding I can think of is that I've run into a couple sites that won't load, but will in FF portable. I tried running with add-ons disabled, but the results were the same. Other than that,... Read full review

Reviewed Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center (64-bit) 2.3.188

The "center" is just too basic. I had to go back to IntelliPoint (and IntelliType) because I lose too much necessary configuration and functionality.

Until they give this the FULL functionality of the old standalone drivers, I suppose I have to... Read full review

Reviewed Unlocker 1.9.2


If you'd have looked, you'd have seen that you DO have the option of not installing the toolbar by choosing "advanced" install and unchecking the "install delta toolbar" tick box.

The problem is that, after reading about the... Read full review

Reviewed EULAlyzer 2.2

I've been using EULAlyzer for a long time, and it's saved me from installing several pieces of crapware over the years. You still have to do a little reading and make a judgement call, but using key words this little gem strips away all the BS... Read full review

Reviewed The KMPlayer for Windows (32-bit)

According to the site, The KMPlayer is Beta, and is now called KMP+, also, it's gone open source. Nice to see a major update, here's hoping it's a solid step forward.

Be sure to opt out of all the crap when installing.

It's got... Read full review

Reviewed Transmission for Mac OS X 3.00

Look under add-ons on their site, the1st link is to an unofficial windows port.
I haven't tried it yet (and I don't have a mac), so I can't say anymore about either.
I'l probably give the port a shot when I get a chance, and if it's better than... Read full review

Reviewed The KMPlayer for Windows (32-bit)

I too switched to Daum Potplayer several months ago, which is from the original author of KMPlayer, though you have to do a search to find the translated version.

I'll have to give a try since I've found all players sometimes have... Read full review

Reviewed Screenshot Captor 4.36.2

If you go to the site there's a video that shows you how to get a free license key.

Go here:

So far it looks pretty impressive, I don't think I've seen so many options in other SS software I've... Read full review

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