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Reviewed Opera for Windows 91.0.4516.65

"I know it's an early alpha but this new pattern of releasing broken major versions only to try and address them in a maintenance build soon after is not something I am enjoying having to deal with"

How does this make any sense? You know it's... Read full review

Reviewed FlashFXP 5.4.0 Build 3970

ccie: holy anal-spew! All that and you boil it down to one unsupported theory. If you are seeing questionable encrypted packets, you've likely thought you'd take advantage of 'free downloads" from a warez site and rooted yourself. Read full review

Reviewed NirLauncher 1.23.64

I love that it's useless because they don't offer an updater! Read full review

Reviewed CameraBag Photo for Windows 2024.1

Free beta testers. Read full review

Reviewed Mozilla Firefox for Windows 108.0

Trolls will be trolls.

Edit: ...because there's other, more meaningful comments about Firefox... Read full review


I just love when I run the installer and it appears to not do anything--who knows what's being installed. Read full review

Reviewed Mozilla Firefox for Windows 108.0

"Gets to look more like Opera all the time." Fixed. Read full review



Version Release d(days)
9.0.597 2011-02-03 -
10.0.648 2011-03-08 33
11.0.696.16 (beta) 2011-03-23 15
12.0.712.0 (dev) 2011-03-23 0

I understand it's Google's choice for versioning, but the pace of incrementing versions... Read full review

Reviewed WinRAR 6.21

Input Overload, you may want to have a look at the history of 7-Zip if you determine the quality of software based on the number of betas are released: v2.30 branch had 32 beta releases...impossible? Read full review

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