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Reviewed Apple iTunes for Windows

Way back before iTunes there was Apple's QuickTime Player. The only quick thing about it was how fast it became the most often featured application in the famous Interface Hall of Shame (google for it if you don't know what i'm talking about). It... Read full review

Reviewed XMPlay 3.8.5

Another entrant in the competition to make a media player totally unusable to most people over 20!

This one wins hands down in the category of "Make all the important buttons tiny and devoid of contrast so that they can't be told apart or... Read full review


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Reviewed FileZilla v3 for Windows 3.53.0

Nice, reliable transfers, and for some reason it uploads faster than any other ftp client I've tried.

Substracted 1 star for three reasons:

1. If I get an ftp URL in email from a client of mine, in the form of... Read full review

Reviewed ReGet Deluxe 5.2 Build 330 Beta

Fantastic. Still the best - fastest, most reliable, most feature-packed downloader. Very well designed, assures a smooth flow for keyboard users.

Little touches that show considerate design: INS key to add a download is simply awesome - not... Read full review

Reviewed Everything

Text entry UI is horribly designed. If you make a typo or want to change the entered string, you have to carefully backspace over it, because Esc will close the window altogether. That's really inconsiderate. Esc should clear the search box (or... Read full review

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