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K-Lite Codec Pack Full K-Lite Codec Pack Full 18.3.0 for Windows

by Codec Guide

Avg. Rating 4.4 (2,387 votes)

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File Size 51.4 MB
License Freeware
Operating System Windows (All)
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Publisher's Description

K-Lite Codec Pack is a collection of components needed for audio and video playback in DirectShow players such as Windows Media Player, Media Center, and Media Player Classic. It contains everything you need to play all common audio and video file formats. It also provides additional functionality such a thumbnail generation in Explorer. The pack has a very advanced installer which is highly flexible and has unique problem solving capabilities.

Full contains everything you need to play all the common audio and video file formats.

Latest Reviews


pcexpert reviewed v12.1.0 on Apr 22, 2016

Plays everything!


Sven123456789 reviewed v11.3.6 on Aug 4, 2015

Still the best


pcexpert reviewed v11.3.0 on Jul 30, 2015

Works great! If you have a problem, just report it at their forum and it will be fixed super fast. Their support is very smart and friendly.


TomWibbaert reviewed v11.3.0 on Jul 22, 2015

Doesn't follow the options 'Options./Playback/After Playback....'
if you can't honor your current options, better have no options at all, so people can choose an alternative product.

some guy

some guy reviewed v11.0.0 on Feb 19, 2015

best all in one codec pack with MPC


smuttinata reviewed v10.9.5 on Jan 26, 2015

K-Lite Codec Pack Full 10.9.5

This version managed to screw up my PC big time. Had to go back to 10.9.2. So frustrating.


zapatero reviewed v10.9.5 on Jan 15, 2015

V. 10.9.5 doesn´t work. I get the message: Icaros terminated unexpectedly. A minidump has been written to disk. Explorer needs to restart... The minidump is in C:\Users\XXXXX\AppData\Local\Temp\IcarosDebug\IcarosPropertyHandler.dll- Windows 7.


balanceinmotion reviewed v10.7.5 on Sep 24, 2014

great stuff!


Zoroaster reviewed v10.7.1 on Sep 4, 2014

Excellent Codec pack, nothing to add if not my surprise to have had yesterday version 10.7.0 followed 24hrs later with this 10.7.1 : worth a Guiness Book of Records? When's next, Tex?!


mozafardarabi reviewed v10.6.5 on Aug 19, 2014


Avg. Rating 4.4 (2,387 votes)
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pcexpert reviewed v12.1.0 on Apr 22, 2016

Plays everything!


Sven123456789 reviewed v11.3.6 on Aug 4, 2015

Still the best


pcexpert reviewed v11.3.0 on Jul 30, 2015

Works great! If you have a problem, just report it at their forum and it will be fixed super fast. Their support is very smart and friendly.


TomWibbaert reviewed v11.3.0 on Jul 22, 2015

Doesn't follow the options 'Options./Playback/After Playback....'
if you can't honor your current options, better have no options at all, so people can choose an alternative product.

some guy

some guy reviewed v11.0.0 on Feb 19, 2015

best all in one codec pack with MPC


smuttinata reviewed v10.9.5 on Jan 26, 2015

K-Lite Codec Pack Full 10.9.5

This version managed to screw up my PC big time. Had to go back to 10.9.2. So frustrating.


zapatero reviewed v10.9.5 on Jan 15, 2015

V. 10.9.5 doesn´t work. I get the message: Icaros terminated unexpectedly. A minidump has been written to disk. Explorer needs to restart... The minidump is in C:\Users\XXXXX\AppData\Local\Temp\IcarosDebug\IcarosPropertyHandler.dll- Windows 7.


balanceinmotion reviewed v10.7.5 on Sep 24, 2014

great stuff!


Zoroaster reviewed v10.7.1 on Sep 4, 2014

Excellent Codec pack, nothing to add if not my surprise to have had yesterday version 10.7.0 followed 24hrs later with this 10.7.1 : worth a Guiness Book of Records? When's next, Tex?!


mozafardarabi reviewed v10.6.5 on Aug 19, 2014



Zoroaster reviewed v10.6.5 on Aug 6, 2014

I've never been disappointed with K-Lite codecs, The best you can get IMO. Easy to instal/remove, no problem.
By the way this version 10.6.5 proposes at the end of install another one of those jokes, a Yahoo! stuff I think, beware to make your choice deliberately.


Andem reviewed v10.6.0 on Jul 5, 2014

Probably one of the best codec packs. Install it and forget about it. No other tinkering is necessary.


riyakk4u reviewed v10.6.0 on Jun 28, 2014


some guy

some guy reviewed v10.5.5 on Jun 5, 2014

their is no other ! Best in it's class hands down!


ExMoon reviewed v10.3.5 on Mar 18, 2014

awesome kit


mikebratley reviewed v10.3.5 on Mar 11, 2014



jaheen100 reviewed v10.2.0 on Jan 4, 2014

K lite is a good media player to play audio and video songs.


olivergiving reviewed v10.0.5 on Sep 25, 2013

5 stars of course


kerimachin reviewed v9.9.5 on Jul 22, 2013

can't be beat.


Raimondas reviewed v9.8.0 on Mar 16, 2013

Performance issues were fixed in Windows 8. Now it works very good.
Media player classic home cinema (MPC-HC) best player so far.
Windows 8 - horrible OS ever.

some guy

some guy reviewed v9.6.0 on Dec 10, 2012

best in its class period !

that's because your running Windows 8 a horrid operating system


Raimondas reviewed v9.5.0 on Nov 19, 2012

Don't works very well with Windows 8.


beatmakershq reviewed v9.2.0 on Sep 12, 2012



CodecPack reviewed v9.0.2 on Jul 11, 2012



CodecPack reviewed v9.0.0 on Jul 10, 2012

v9.0.0 has a bug that causes it to give an install error on 32bit systems. A fixed version should become available soon.


Zoroaster reviewed v9.0.0 on Jul 10, 2012

At this time link http://fileforum.betanew...-Pack_Full/1094057842/3 points to a 64-bit version.
Funny thing is the the installer checks system's platform after having proposed to un-install previous version of KLite and done accordingly, resulting in a nice codec-free system ...
Went on for a re-install of K-L Codec Pack 8.9.5, just lost 10 minutes.
5 stars is fot the application, only!


Ryusennin reviewed v8.9.2 on Jun 25, 2012

Link to K-Lite Codec Pack Mega:



amrobx reviewed v8.8.0 on Jun 18, 2012

I've used K-lite for years on many systems and it has rarely failed me. The few times I had problems and/or bugs, I simply posted on the forums detailing the issue and it was fixed in record time. There are a couple of other great codec packs out there, but not really any with the same rapid updates and useful features. I recommend anyone give it a try if interested in video playback and HTPCs.

some guy

some guy reviewed v8.8.0 on May 15, 2012

the best !


johnk119 reviewed v8.6.0 on Mar 31, 2012

Great Software!!!!!


SineWave reviewed v8.0.0 on Nov 23, 2011

When you put aside... errr forget about all the Microsoft cr... errr bad programs, you can really enjoy their cr... errr nice operating system and use codecs like this, and open source programs, and make the cr... errr nice Microsoft operating system even better. I love this codec pack for years, and I installed it on a million of computers and everybody loves it when they can play everything. If it was only upon Microsh... err Microsoft, they could only play the cr... err, interesting WMV codec. So big thumbs up for the K-Lite.


CodecPack reviewed v7.6.0 on Aug 16, 2011

Keeps getting better and better. Check out the latest beta for improved RealMedia playback.


kzizo82 reviewed v7.1.0 on May 15, 2011



PatrynXX reviewed v7.1.0 on Apr 16, 2011

Haven't tried anything lower than Full. Tried Mega no improvement. Only reason I use this is for the thumbnail generation. Version 6 was alright until a windows update broke it. Version 7 is back to the old Windows Explorer has stopped working. And 70 % of the thumbs are left blank now. Hope the patch fixes it. But Version 7 hate it.


nelson1045 reviewed v7.0.0 on Apr 3, 2011

muy bueno


rolandat reviewed v7.0.0 on Mar 16, 2011

good very good


lehenryjr reviewed v6.6.0 on Nov 29, 2010

I've been working in the Windows Live Movie Maker forums and this CODEC pack should be standard with Windows. Without this codec pack Windows Live Movie Maker can't open anything [basically]; there's issues with h264, MOV, MP4 and AVI files… This is strongly recommended if you're having issues with Windows Live Movie Maker and working with video. Oh this also allows you to work natively with FLV files in Windows Live Movie Maker- really neat.
I hope this helps... Recommended.

Until next time,
Larry Henry Jr.


ballyhairs reviewed v6.6.0 on Nov 25, 2010

Copy paste, Copy paste, Copy paste..


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v6.1.0 on Jul 1, 2010



pjb reviewed v6.0.4 on Jun 25, 2010

@amohadi - wow that's a really helpful review! Not...

Great application, easy to install. Saves a lot of time having to hunt around for some codecs. Worth installing on a system if you find you need some codecs.


Zoroaster reviewed v6.0.0 Beta on May 26, 2010

Added since K-Lite Codec Pack version 5.99 Beta, the VP8 decoder (WebM format) works just fine. Media Player Classic recognized and ran a .webm file perfectly.


CodecPack reviewed v5.9.0 on Apr 18, 2010

Report your problem on the CodecGuide forum so that it can be properly diagnosed and fixed.


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v5.9.0 on Apr 18, 2010

@ Wired4Fun - newer version of codec pack = newest versions of components = less bugged

I dont know why you dont agree with systematic updating...
It will be the same for ppl working still on buggy Fx 2.0, 3.0 or 3.5 when 3.6 version is available for example ;)


Wired4Fun reviewed v5.9.0 on Apr 18, 2010

"What if you don't know if it is broken or fixed? Wouldn't running the latest and greatest be prudent until you run into something otherwise? Otherwise, you could be missing out on a feature or technology that otherwise would be beneficial."

Ummmm...... I guess when the sound isn't working..... that would be a good place to start when determining if it is broken. What special feature do you think I may gain in from a system that already works as expected? I think I may know....

I installed this , and my audio was no longer synchronized properly on flv files. I reverted back to my old 'un-broken' version, and now all is well.

..... but come to think of it, maybe you're right - that could have been one of those new features (or technologies, not sure) that you were referring to -

"KLite Codec Pack..... now with the Doppler Effect!"

I think I will choose to agree with robmanic, "if it aint broke, don't fix it!"


mjm01010101 reviewed v5.8.3 on Mar 25, 2010

"This falls into the category of if it ain't broke don't fix it. If you're satisfied with your current sound and video drivers, you don't need it."

What if you don't know if it is broken or fixed? Wouldn't running the latest and greatest be prudent until you run into something otherwise? Otherwise, you could be missing out on a feature or technology that otherwise would be beneficial.

Also this has a negligible amount to do with sound or video drivers.


stanleygr reviewed v5.8.3 on Mar 16, 2010

very good


robmanic44 reviewed v5.8.3 on Mar 16, 2010

This falls into the category of if it ain't broke don't fix it. If you're satisfied with your current sound and video drivers, you don't need it.


ballyhairs reviewed v5.8.0 on Mar 11, 2010

I keep coming back to this one


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v5.8.0 on Mar 11, 2010



luntitcb1 reviewed v5.7.8 Beta on Mar 7, 2010

thanks you


niknetpc reviewed v5.7.8 Beta on Mar 5, 2010

The best codec pack ever!


austeno reviewed v5.7.0 on Feb 15, 2010

Great tool


pcexpert reviewed v5.7.0 on Feb 4, 2010

The best. Works as it should. Extremely flexible. Superb support.


Zoroaster reviewed v5.5.8 Beta on Jan 4, 2010

K-Lite codec packs are fine, but I must say I don't understand how last version "K-Lite Codec Pack Update 5.5.6 Build 20091221" may be followed by this "K-Lite Codec Pack Full 5.5.8 Beta". Too much speed leads to inconsistency, if not in the content a least in the form. Take your time, otherwise we"ll be seeing pre-pre-pre alphas within a few years.


mostafamorsy reviewed v5.5.6 Beta on Dec 25, 2009

than you


CodecPack reviewed v5.5.1 on Dec 15, 2009

You can report bugs in MPC directly to the developers here:

The pack also contains an older version of MPC-HC that you can use in case of trouble with the newest one.


mjm01010101 reviewed v5.5.1 on Dec 14, 2009

-1 crashing in MPCHC when fast- user switching in Windows Vista/7. I use this feature quite a bit.
also -makeunattended isn't working on Windows 7


mjm01010101 reviewed v5.4.4 on Nov 10, 2009

+1 fixed the playing of some avi filetypes.
-1 still can't play some mts filetypes. vlc plays them fine.

I know, I know, go to the forums for support.


ksltong reviewed v5.4.0 on Nov 8, 2009

tks very much, it gooddush


CodecPack reviewed v5.4.0 on Nov 5, 2009

Visit the Codec Guide forum to get help solving any problem you might have.


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v5.4.0 on Nov 5, 2009

@ mjm01010101 - works fine here...
disable DxVA decoders maybe... ;p


mjm01010101 reviewed v5.3.0 on Nov 1, 2009

Anyone else seeing MPC-HC play some videos at 2-3 times their speed visually, but audio is normal? Quite strange. Just started with this last version for me.


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v5.3.0 on Oct 28, 2009

good to see new MPC-HC included too ;)


styxchan reviewed v5.2.6 Beta on Oct 23, 2009

im using it over 2 years now, so far no problems ;) And I know that some people have problems, so do they have with other codec packs like shark oder cccp. But there was never a codec pack as good as k-lite, shark should have joined them and work together with K-Lite !! Many things are pre configured and fixed within the install so you dont have to do something on your own. Everything just works! 5 Stars


CodecPack reviewed v5.2.3 Beta on Oct 21, 2009

This pack does not cause any problems with those games. There are many Fallout 3 players that use this pack.

If you are really convinced there is some kind of problem with the pack, then visit the Codec Guide forum. The support staff there will help you find the cause of the problem and give a solution.


tywyn reviewed v5.2.3 Beta on Oct 20, 2009

Don't touch these if you value your Windows 7 games installations. It' wrecked both my GTA iV and Fallout 3 installtions and in the end I had to reintall Windows 7 over the existing insalltion.


marioymau reviewed v5.1.4 Beta on Sep 22, 2009



yazan2009 reviewed v5.1.0 on Sep 16, 2009

Post a Review of K-Lite Codec Pack


zhebastianx reviewed v5.1.0 on Sep 10, 2009



mjm01010101 reviewed v5.1.0 on Sep 3, 2009

Yay, hopefully divx death is a sign of the times!


pcexpert reviewed v5.0.0 on Jul 13, 2009



Virtual_ManPL reviewed v5.0.0 on Jul 11, 2009

"- Support for Unicode filenames has been added to the MediaInfo tool"

thats what Im waiting for !!!


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v4.9.5 on Jul 7, 2009

Awesome pack...


hagoub reviewed v4.9.0 on Jun 21, 2009

wtf wheres the download link reviewed v4.9.0 on Jun 16, 2009



pcexpert reviewed v4.9.0 on Jun 13, 2009

Best pack ever.


andy2004 reviewed v4.9.0 on Jun 12, 2009

The best codec pack for xp, maybe not for vista as some may have problems.
as for DRM Convert, dont waste your time clicking his link, will take you to a webpage where you wil have to PAY $35 to use it, where as K-lite is FREE,
and then it doesnt do all of what he says, The dvd ripper converter is another program, so that would be another $35.
Klite Codec pack, freeware, plays every avi i have ever downloaded.


CodecPack reviewed v4.9.0 on Jun 11, 2009

Works great on Windows 7.


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v4.8.0 on May 1, 2009

That's what I use !!!
Awesome pack, all I need ;)

DivX - DivX...
Xvid - Xvid, mp4v & Generic MPEG-4...
CyberLink - MPEG-1 & MPEG-2...
VP7 - VP7 files...
ffdshow - other video and audio...
+Haali splitters + audio splitters + h.264, DivX & Xvid encoders...

simply makes this pack the best !!!

and good will be seeing CoreAVC, but unfortunately it didnt happen, because its not freeware... xD


sn0wflake reviewed v4.8.0 on Apr 30, 2009

Just wanted to give my 5 stars.


dietrkk reviewed v4.8.0 on Apr 29, 2009

pcexpert, you need to get out more


pcexpert reviewed v4.8.0 on Apr 29, 2009

Works great on Windows 7 RC1.

And it works much better than the crap the linked to.


CodecPack reviewed v4.7.5 on Mar 28, 2009

GSpot has not been updated in a long time. MediaInfo supports much more file formats. GraphStudio can be used for render tests and filter merit changing.
The MEGA version of the pack still includes GSpot if you really want it.

The ffdshow issue is currently being fixed by its developers. An update for the codec pack should be available soon. Disable processing of raw video as a temporary solution.


Sailaphair reviewed v4.7.5 on Mar 27, 2009


Thx for your reply!
This new version is not very good.

1. Why removed GSpot Codec Information Appliance?? It's useful...
2. The new ffdshow rev. (libmplayer.dll) makes my WMP & MPC crash when playing an WMV9 video under Vista Ultimate 32-bit

Bart Welson

Bart Welson reviewed v4.7.5 on Mar 27, 2009

My No1, simply perfect

And another plus, the author, clsid, is so helpful at his forum.
This man deserves some credits, I would edvise him to implement a Paypal button ! :)


sn0wflake reviewed v4.7.5 on Mar 27, 2009

Thumbs up and 5 stars.


pcexpert reviewed v4.7.5 on Mar 27, 2009



Syraxius reviewed v4.7.0 on Mar 11, 2009

Creates too many problems? If you need to reformat your system after installing this, the problem most likely exists between your keyboard and the chair.


Bonobi reviewed v4.6.9 Beta on Feb 23, 2009

Best codec pack ever. I can't believe how far it's come.


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v4.6.8 Beta on Feb 22, 2009

alo23 = typical brainwashed "Vista Codec Package" n00b user...
dont feed the troll...


johnk119 reviewed v4.6.8 Beta on Feb 21, 2009

Great Pack. It does what it says and provides many configurations options.


pr1xsel reviewed v4.6.8 Beta on Feb 21, 2009

Excellent codec pack with many preconfigured options for noob users!
It has broken codec detection what is missing in other codec packs :P !!
When you have some problem then you can post in the forums


alo23 reviewed v4.6.8 Beta on Feb 21, 2009

This pack has way to many flaws. It often leaves people needing a format. My recommendation is to avoid this like the plague. Worst Codec Package ever made, It creates too many problems.


pcexpert reviewed v4.6.2 on Feb 18, 2009

This codec pack is excellent. It does what it needs to do very well and is highly flexible.

I help many people to fix their computers and always recommend this pack when my customers have trouble playing videos. I frequently get e-mails from very satisfied users thanking me for giving that recommendation.

The authors of this pack are also involved in the ffdshow and Media Player Classic projects. They are very knowledgeable and always helpful with providing a fix in case of problems. If you got a problem, go to the Codec Guide support forums and you will get a solution very quickly.

I highly recommend this pack.


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v4.6.2 on Feb 13, 2009

VistaUser = typical brainwashed "Vista Codec Package" n00b user...
dont feed the troll...


anomoly reviewed v4.6.2 on Feb 13, 2009

Most knowledgable users have switched to the Shark007 codecs for stability.

That's a laugh considering everyone has a choice and sharky's uses the same stuff this does. Sharky's is also about 4MB larger. What about all the ignorant people who just want there stuff to play-like me? I don't gas how it works as long as it does.


VistaUser reviewed v4.6.2 on Feb 12, 2009

That HUGE list of changes is indictive of the crap Klite is still offering,
I doubt they'll ever get it right after trying for so many yrs already.

Most knowledgable users have switched to the Shark007 codecs for stability.


robmanic44 reviewed v4.6.1 Beta on Feb 11, 2009

This saved my bacon. I run with a Creative Platinum Soundcard and was getting tons of noise before I installed it. I'm now running noise free thanks to this software.

Djuzan Belic

Djuzan Belic reviewed v4.6.1 Beta on Feb 10, 2009

clsid makes the greatest codec packs you can find !


anomoly reviewed v4.6.1 Beta on Feb 10, 2009

over 10 million downs? weww


sn0wflake reviewed v4.5.9 Beta on Feb 8, 2009

If a movie doesn't work with this codec pack then there's something wrong. Been using this for a couple of years now and it replaced Real Alternative, Media Player Classic, QuickTime, etc.


jagmohan reviewed v4.5.9 Beta on Feb 8, 2009



Bonobi reviewed v4.5.9 Beta on Feb 7, 2009

This is an extraordinary pack. Always being updated; seems to have all you'll ever need and more. Highly recommended.

I'm sure a lot of people know how everything runs with it installed by now, though.


johnk119 reviewed v4.5.9 Beta on Feb 7, 2009

Absolutely Great!!!


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v4.5.8 Beta on Feb 5, 2009

Orbiting235 = typical brainwashed CCCP n00b user...
dont feed the troll...


johnk119 reviewed v4.5.3 on Jan 22, 2009

I love this codec pack. I've been using it for years. Until it's necessary to change, I won't.


Orbiting235 reviewed v4.5.3 on Jan 22, 2009

AWFUL codec pack. Makes an utter mess of codecs/filters on your system. Avoid at all costs.


Vexii reviewed v4.5.3 on Jan 16, 2009

5 stars! Simply the best codec pack!


bodean reviewed v4.4.5 on Dec 31, 2008

Good Release. Only codec pack I use on Vista 64.


CodecPack reviewed v4.4.2 on Dec 21, 2008


If you think this version contains things you don't need then there are two options:
1) Deselect them during installation
2) Use the Basic or Standard version of the pack

If you think there is a bug, then you should report it at the CodecGuide forums.


Blaxima reviewed v4.4.2 on Dec 20, 2008

After seeing the image quality difference between all the players I've gone back to bs.player because KM and VLC just can't compare to bs player, so that means back to klite for the codecs

This is good and bad.

It will help you play just about every media file in the player of your choice. It does come packed with alot of never to rarely used codecs though and if you don't go through each check mark you will end up with useless codecs and filters sitting on your sysem.

BUt It seems that youtube and other sites that use flash players aswell as my mp4 files are not playing audio but the image is there. After uninstalling klite everything works again

I'd give it a 5 for what it is and not rate it lower because its packed with what I feel is useless stuff because it does work well and removes itself well too but the conflict with this release makes it a 3

Basic and Standard do not include Divx or Xvid. This pack has some usefull ones just far too many that are not needed and like I said I go through all the checks.


Pepere reviewed v4.4.0 Beta on Dec 16, 2008

Works Great! Windows Media Player plays QuickTime vid..., that's what I was looking for.

Elite Dix

Elite Dix reviewed v4.3.1 on Nov 19, 2008



bekossi reviewed v4.3.0 Beta on Nov 11, 2008

This baby is still the best.


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v4.2.5 on Oct 25, 2008

Still THE BEST !!!


Ryusennin reviewed v4.2.3 Beta on Oct 15, 2008

At long last, MPC-HC makes it in K-Lite. Perfect!


boaz reviewed v4.2.0 Beta on Oct 9, 2008

This is the best codec pack by far. The full version has just the right amount of codecs. to play just about any format. I usually select "Playback only", for the install type.


mjm01010101 reviewed v4.2.0 Beta on Oct 9, 2008

Please never touch the MPC skin. It is the singular reason I love MPC.

It is the reason for the "Classic" in MPC.


Ryusennin reviewed v4.2.0 Beta on Oct 9, 2008

I'd prefer to see MPC's stability improved rather than getting a new skin.


thartist reviewed v4.2.0 Beta on Oct 8, 2008


but the Media Player Classic should get a reasonably skin/interface with higher standards of usability. period.

and we ALL in this forum know that *skin* doesn't mean bloat nor resource eating; there are lots of software, free or not, that prove that to a very wide extent.

i repeat: the codec pack is great.

some guy

some guy reviewed v4.2.0 Beta on Oct 8, 2008

the best all in 1 codec pack you could possibly get plain and simple .....


pharo reviewed v4.1.3 Beta on Aug 7, 2008

thank you very much for because i iove it very much


dwby reviewed v4.0.0 on Jul 10, 2008

I love this pack, best there is. I use to use CCCP but I stopped using it when they answered my question regarding why they hardly update, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". Many codecs and files have great fixes and updates which need to be updated in the packs. They just won't do it.

ffdshow has an export settings feature :P. Open up the settings for ffdshow and there is it at the bottom.


Bonobi reviewed v3.9.8 Beta on Jul 1, 2008

Awesome pack, has all that you need to watch media on any format.


Shareactor reviewed v3.9.5 on Jun 8, 2008

But y'know what really bugs me? That for EVERY minor or major update, my especially fine-tuned FFDSHOW settings gets wiped.. And really finetuning FFDSHOW (using denoise3d instead of postprocessing, lancoz resize to screen size, etc) is what really does the trick for me..

And I'm the kind of guy that always upgrade to the latest experimental beta even though I know it only contains fixes for hardware I don't have :D
You just HAVE to have the latest version hehe, but on the other hand I also want a system that plays my videos with no problem. Anybody got a suggestion for a quick fix?


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v3.9.3 Beta on May 16, 2008

Good one.


Ryusennin reviewed v3.9.3 Beta on May 15, 2008

The one and only.


dre360 reviewed v3.9.3 Beta on May 15, 2008

K-Lite Codec Pack Is the best Codec out there.


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v3.9.0 on Apr 16, 2008

Perfect !!!
K.O. others codecs pack xD


mjm01010101 reviewed v3.9.0 on Apr 15, 2008

there's no need for the mega pack anymore. The Real codec is DEAD. /does happy dance...


Hubert reviewed v3.9.0 on Apr 15, 2008

Great pack !


bourgeoisdude reviewed v3.9.0 on Apr 15, 2008

I've tried many other codec packs out there, and this is the one I settled with. After installing it, I don't run into any problems with codecs. This is the best I've used by far.


DakotaSunRunner reviewed v3.9.0 on Apr 15, 2008

The best, simple as that...


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v3.8.5 on Mar 25, 2008

New version work like hell xD


SnakerDLK reviewed v3.8.5 on Mar 24, 2008


What does ruined mean ? broken ? or the audio just didnt come out right ?
probably a misconfiguration of the number of speakers used... have you tried the other playback options with KLPC ? (surely not...)

yes, k-lite is supposed to provide full media playback...AND SO IT DOES !

so what if the pack comes with a player(that you may choose not to install), ffdshow (which you may choose not to use) and lots of codecs for probably every video file around the net ?

Think about it, instead of installing RealPlayer or RealPlayerAlternative, Quicktime, DivX, and lots of codecs that arent included in the programs above, you just install KLCP.
With one setup you have all you´ll ever need !

And as mentioned above... you have the freedom to use any player you wish, simply because you are not forced to install MP Classic, it works well with WMP.

So its not the packs fault that an unexperienced user(to say the least) clicks uncontrollably on the 'Next' button and doesn't know what he is really doing. (And when the installation is done he sees the ffdshow tray icon and the MP Classic window open and screams "Nooo...this pack 'forced' me to use ffdshow and MP Classic.." )

And honestly, this project is still ongoing because of people that have a bit more of grey matter between their ears to see the potential of the pack (and are not stupid enough to install 'all these programs')

well...for all the other users,
KLMCP is great, surely not perfect,
but it hasnt let me down yet playing any video file from the internet ! keep it up, guys !


Nighted reviewed v3.8.4 RC1 on Mar 20, 2008

K-Lite is the best!

Virtual_ManPL: word! ;)


simko reviewed v3.8.4 RC1 on Mar 20, 2008

excellent works as it should no problem what so ever

And full controll on the things you install


CodecPack reviewed v3.8.3 Beta on Mar 11, 2008


~ M. Burns


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v3.8.3 Beta on Mar 11, 2008

Are You stupid or sth ?
KMPlayer and VLC use identaical dll like the ffdshow in KLCP...

and KLCP dont give you chance to choose media player- WHAT A BULLs***...

all codecs included are on GPL&LGPL licence or programs are freeware...

if You bully someone for his freee work to create this best pack and updating ffdshow&MPC go to hell !!!

Because You dont understend what is:
-had a choice to choose

and whatever...


echohead reviewed v3.8.0 on Feb 26, 2008

k-lite completely ruined the audio on my roommate's tv tuner card (and he happens to use WIndows Media Center), so i figured maybe its time for another honest review.

k-lite is supposed to provide full media playback on a PC regardless of the media player being obviously it makes sense to package media player classic (even more overrated and under-functional than real player) along with it. now ignoring the fact that i had countless problems/crashes with MPC even before it was abandoned and then re-adopted by a group of programmers who dont know how to let bad software die, i still cant understand why ffdshow (which IMHO is one of the worst pieces of software ever conceived) is packaged with it.

ffdshow is essentially the closest you can get to running a media player without actually seeing anything...use it and your actual media player isnt doing much more than mirroring what ffdshow i processing (kind of like having 2 media players open at once, but only being able to see one of them). but i guess all this makes sense to someone: media player classic comes with its own internal codecs, k-lite installs just about every codec under the sun, and ffdshow has all the codecs built into it on top of not a big fan of multiple layers of redundancy, but if it works for some people, who am i to complain about software bloat?

if k-lite really was designed to give you the freedom to choose what player you wanted to use, it wouldnt come with MPC. it would come with JUST the codecs, or maybe just ffdshow. if the issue was memory usage then why not use mplayer, which uses significantly less RAM than MPC? no, the issue here is not choice, but control. as myself and others have said, installing a standalone player with built-in codecs, such as KMPlater, GOM Player, VLC, Zoom Player, etc. will not only save you space but also save you the headache of dealing with k-lite.

ffdshow is packaged to make up for the bugs and shortcomings of MPC...something other players dont seem to have a problem with. the irony in this is that ffdshow is updated on a weekly basis, which is impressive for yet another piece of software that was abandoned by its original developer. if the newest version of ffdshow will be obsolete in a week, why didnt its developers have the wherewithal to fix those bugs/problems LAST week? is ffdshow so unstable that it requires a constant stream of bugfixes? ffdshow is updated hundreds of times more than the codecs that comprise it...there is absolutely no reason for this.

i use kmplayer for video playback and foobar2000 for audio. for dvd conversion i use handbrake. for all other editing tasks i use 64-bit virtualdub and a handful of custom 64-bit codecs. all these programs are top-notch and none of them need k-lite for full functionality (virtualdub being the only one that doesnt come packaged with its own codecs). i honestly dont know why this project hasnt been abandoned at this point.


Blaxima reviewed v3.8.0 on Feb 25, 2008

I think you can gather from my post that when I say I only use 3 of the codecs that you to can choose what you want. I was making the point for those who just install the default setup of things.

There are smaller packages yes but they don't have divx or xvid and are truely only for playback of the most basic files which the players mentioned play without a codec pack.


skapig reviewed v3.8.0 on Feb 25, 2008

Blaxima neglects to mention that the K-Lite installer allows you to install only the codecs that you want. This is the full pack for people who want more of them along with various other tools. If you don't want to dig through as many options, there are lighter versions of the pack.

KMPlayer, GOM, and Foobar certainly are nice solutions as well for most people, but K-Lite allows for more tweaking.


CodecPack reviewed v3.8.0 on Feb 25, 2008

If you use Windows Media Center then the K-Lite Codec Pack is a must have.

If you only play mainstream files (avi, mkv, mpeg, ogm, flv, ts) then the smaller Standard version already contains all the needed components.

At default settings, the full version does not install everything it contains. Components that most people won't need are unchecked by default. The installer is fully customizable. People who want more can enable more, people who want less can enable less.

Installing more than you might actually need is *NOT* a problem. Those "unneeded" codecs/filters will do no harm at all. They simply will just never get used. People who install at default settings don't care about a few unused items. They just want to be able to play their files. And with this pack they can, that is why it is so popular.

The pack includes Media Player Classic, an open source player that is liked by a lot of people. Those who prefer another player can easily disable it during installation.

The purpose of a codec pack is not to replace all-in-one players. It is designed to be usable with many different applications such as DirectShow players, video editing and video conversion tools.

Those who complain about bugs should mention the actual details about what goes wrong. Preferably also report the bugs to the makers, so that they can be fixed.

MPC project bugtracker:

ffdshow project bugtracker:

1) MPC only has a few internal filters (not codecs!), mostly splitters and audio decoders. Most of them are disabled because other filters are preferred. Your beloved KMPlayer has similar 'redundancy', it even includes the filters from MPC.
2) You still fail to mention any specific bugs in MPC or ffdshow. Both are very stable, so you are exaggerating or making up things.
3) Your problem with playing two files at the same times is probably related to the Overlay video renderer. The renderers all have their own little flaws. Changing the video renderer should solve that problem.
4) KMPlayer uses the exact same decoding library as ffdshow, namely libavcodec (from the FFmpeg project).


Blaxima reviewed v3.7.5 on Feb 19, 2008

I wish people would be a little more objective here.

The reality is you DO NOT need this to watch videos or play music. Good media players such as KMPlayer, Gom and foobar can do it without a codec pack and can do it in a portalbe package. The only time you would need a codec is if a format is not supported and even then you need only 1 codec not the ton (if you don't know what your doing) this installs by default.

What you DO need this for is if you plan on encoding videos but even then most videos you will be encoding from are in just a few formats not the countless unused ones found in this pack.

MPC is absolute rubbish. The picture quality is sub par and along with limited fuctions and the always present bugs make it a steaming pile so don't bother

I find FFDSHOW to be buggy and useless when a good media player is installed

Overall this is ueseful for those who want to convert vidoes from one format to another not for those who just want to watch them

I personally use only 3 of the codecs packed which is about 10% of the size and even less in the Megacrap but the 3 can't be found in the smaller packs

If they made a better core package and had the less(never) used codecs made as addons like QT lite and RA then this would be 5*'s but as is its bloated and will be adding alot of crap for people who just install things as is don't need


CodecPack reviewed v3.6.8 Beta on Jan 17, 2008


ffdshow has excellent upscaling capabilities. It has several resizing algorithms to choose from, ranging from high performance to high quality. Most of the multimedia experts at use ffdshow.

KMPlayer is based on code from both MPC and ffdshow, exactly the two projects that you seem to hate. It violates GPL by not publishing its source code. It's author will deny that, but he is a liar. Rewriting stuff from C++ to Delphi does not make it new software.

There is nothing wrong with using the Registry. In fact, it is faster than using an INI file. Btw, MPC has an INI option as well. Morons who don't understand how Windows work always blame the Windows Registry for all their problems.


echohead reviewed v3.6.8 Beta on Jan 17, 2008

both ffdshow and media player classic are sub-par software. both were abandoned by their original developers. ffdshow does NOT provide optimum video quality (especially when it comes to upscaling), and there are so many better (and less buggy) alternatives to MPC that im at a loss for why these programs are still used on a large scale.

as far as the codecs go, what is the point of installing dozens of codecs when a SINGLE decent media player will do the same thing? KMPlayer has a setting that stores its settings to an INI it doesnt mess with your system folders OR registry.

ive heard so many people argue that its "just easier" to use k-lite to play all their media. really?! a ton of codecs, a crappy media player, and whatever the hell ffdshow is?

EDIT for the fine gentlemen who posted after me:

-KMPlayer is based on mplayer, not ffdshow or MPC.

-yes ffdshow has several upscaling options. its just that many media players have BETTER upscaling options.

-my comment about the registry was meant to point out two things. first that kmplayer doesnt have to write anything to the registry (although it can and i let it on my box). secondly, if you choose the INI file option, everything related to media viewing would be stored in a single programfiles folder.

-as for GPL violation...who cares? anything to keep me away from an out-of-date media player and a junky overzealous AIO decoder.


Ryusennin reviewed v3.6.3 Beta on Dec 27, 2007

I don't GAS: I don't give a sh!t.


tannenwheel reviewed v3.6.3 Beta on Dec 27, 2007

I don't gas .... I don't gas .... wtf, anomoly?
this sentence follows me into dreams.

I don't machine it.
Let's car.


anomoly reviewed v3.6.1 Beta on Dec 19, 2007

I run this because I DON'T want to spend a lot of time learning about codecs. I don't gas. If a file is a media file I just want it to do what it's created to do. I don't want to know how or why.
I have problems with vlc-it freezes up my pc so I have to hard reset. Gom is slow and has given me a stuttering playback. Km tries to be a one stop player (with a thousand & 1 reg entries) and I don't need that either. Wmp HAS to be installed but I NEVER open it; period. On my slow system mpc seems to give me the most stabile video playback & k-lite simply makes sure it does so.
Foobar for audio & xmplay for internet radio-done.
I can run this on any pc made and the owner will immediately have playback capability of damn near any media file ever created-simple.


voidx reviewed v3.5.9 Beta on Dec 13, 2007

great pack !

merlin666: i've never had problem installing this pack


merlin666 reviewed v3.5.9 Beta on Dec 12, 2007

I never got this to work on XP. The only codec pack that really seems to work is cole2k ... too bad it hasn't been updated since May.


flibberyGiveIt reviewed v3.5.9 Beta on Dec 12, 2007

A must have that I keep track of.

Well, not actually a must have and I don't really
_need_ to keep track of it, but it is much more
pleasant to than to:
Ctrl-shift-enter for text view which _usually_
shows which codec;
Google it and winnow thru all the bloggers whining
that they can't find the codec and finally find a
dead link that gives me an installer name;
Google it and find a dozen websites that give it
free with registration one of which says who makes
Except they don't anymore--they sold it;
Register with the buyer, download half the file and
have their server get bored and reset;
Learn that they do not support resume and that I must
be a danmed hacker or why else would need the file
Register again with different info and DL the file;
Find out the zip is corrupt and extract with winace
and Bobbie's yer Aunt.
Oh, and one time I had to reboot 'cause windows
insisted that a non existant file was in use.


CodecPack reviewed v3.5.9 Beta on Dec 12, 2007

The purpose of a codec pack is the ability to choose and use your own favorite player. If your favorite player happens to be one with internal decoders, then you obviously don't need a codec pack.

Media Player Classic and ffdshow are both great pieces of software. Development on ffdshow is higher than it ever was before its original project got 'abandoned'.

Having multiple similar filters installed does NOT cause a drop in performance. Building a DirectShow graph takes a fraction of a second, even with many filters installed. Don't repeat nonsense that you might have heard from other people that also don't have a clue what they are talking about.


echohead reviewed v3.5.9 Beta on Dec 12, 2007

it took me a very long time to learn how and why codec packs were unnecessary.

the irony of k-lite is that, while being probably the best codec pack you can use IF you insist on using one, it includes two programs that i would highly recommend against using - media player classic and ffdshow. both were abandoned by their original programmers and subsequently picked up and "updated" by 3rd parties.

as far as media players go, i would rate MPC a 7 out of 10. it uses slightly less memory than KMPlayer and slightly more than MPUI (mplayer with a GUI), both of which are better players than MPC. additionally, i always had problems with MPC that no one seemed to be able to solve (random and specific situation crashes, froze if i tried to open a second video while one was already playing, etc). Also, there are several codecs that MPC does NOT support internally, which is part of the reason that most people recommend using either external codecs or ffdshow alongside MPC.

...which brings me to ffdshow: in my opinion, one of the worst pieces of software ever conceived. be careful to note that i am not bashing the coding on this app, but the concept. with players like kmplayer, gom player, zoom player, vlc player (gag), and others that can use their internal codecs for everything, and with packs like k-lite that package the newest version of every external codec, why does ffdshow still exist? in fact, it was abandoned, only to be picked up again by other programmers. the simple fact is that there is nothing ffdshow can do that a decent quality media player doesnt do already

and onto my biggest warning concerning k-lite: do NOT install both ffdshow and external codecs. if both are present, they will "fight" over which gets to decode that specific format, causing a drop in system performance.

-kmplayer for video. internal (installed to the kmplayer directory when it is installed) codecs only.
-foobar2000 for audio. commandline audio encoders in foobar2000 directory, for audio encoding
-WMP11 installed for certain online videos
-no external codecs
-NEVER ffdshow
-handbrake for video/movie encoding

i can encode/decode ANY media format. period.


Ryusennin reviewed v3.5.8 Beta on Dec 4, 2007

This is the Shiznat.


Prospero424 reviewed v3.5.8 Beta on Dec 4, 2007

Look, the whole "all codec packs are evil" argument really did have merit. Years ago.

I'm sick of the whole "you don't need all that stuff" argument, too, so I'll just list some of the components of this that I use every day or at least a few times a week:

1. CoreAVC multi-core (SMP) software AVC/x264 decoder. It's the only way I can play 1080 content without hardware acceleration that's often buggy and sometimes looks worse.
2. Cyberlink MPEG2 decoder. Windows (except Vista) does not include an MPEG2 decoder, and this is the best DirectShow-compatible, hardware-accelerated decoder out there.
3. Haali Media Splitter (self explanatory)
4. Ffdshow. I use it to handle all MPEG4-based (DivX/XviD, etc.), Flash videos, and older WMV decoding, and find it more efficient and consistent than other decoders.
5. AC3 Filter. If you're using SPDIF passthrough with a DirectShow player (like Windows Media Center, Zoom Player, etc.), this is a must.
6. MPEG2 Transport Stream splitter for DirectShow. It allows me to watch high-def .ts files I get from my PVR.
7. Quicktime DirectShow Splitter
8. FLV Splitter for flash video playback

The list really does go on. And sure, you could install all of this stuff manually, but believe it or not, doing THIS is what novices should avoid since it can get them into compatibility trouble faster than anything else. And let's face facts: it's a pain in the butt to keep up with all of this stuff. Properly-done packs like this one make it easy.

I'm sorry. I've tried all of the standalone players like GOM and KMPlayer and VLC. I like them all; they're awfully convenient and I rate them highly on BetaNews, but I just don't get the flexibility, the performance, and the quality from any of them that I get from using much of the software contained in these packages.

And it all works for any DirectShow-compatible player, so you get a wider range of interface choices. I prefer Zoom Player Standard (freeware version) and Vista Ultimate's Media Center.

The installer detects what you have installed already that could cause problems and asks you what you want to do about the potential conflict(s). The package also contains configuration and add/remove tools for power users to tweak or remove the individual components.

This is my choice for decoding under Windows-based media center PCs.


improvelence reviewed v3.5.7 on Dec 3, 2007

I would not advise using codec packs unless you are an extreme novice.


Prospero424 reviewed v3.5.6 Beta on Nov 20, 2007

Good stuff.

The reason your 8 gig movies are slowing down is most likely because you're going from 720p to 1080i/p and your processor can't handle it. It's not so much the bitrate, but the resolution.

The CoreAVC decoder they've packaged with this is probably the best for software decoding with x264 (the format your mkv files are most likely in) in multi-processor/core systems.

I've found that you need to have at least a 2Ghz dual-core chip to use software decoding of 1080i/p x264 content without slowdown. I've tried EVERY decoder out there, and there's simply no way I can watch a 1080 x264 movie on my Pentium 4 3.2Ghz without hardware (video card) acceleration; it's just too "slow".

If you have an SMP system, make sure ffdshow isn't set to handle AVC/264. Let CoreAVC do the decoding.


vcorvinus reviewed v3.5.6 Beta on Nov 19, 2007

Best pack. However, is there any work being done on speeding up the playback of MKV file format? They all work until the source movie gets to 8 gig, then the slowdown is pretty bad.


MiDEN reviewed v3.5.3 on Oct 25, 2007

Great codec pack, one of the best. IMO is the the best! XD . Media Player Classic is my favorite player for video files anyways, great codec pack. Very Useful, i probably never had any problems with this codec pack.


CodecPack reviewed v3.5.2 Beta on Oct 22, 2007

@serendipityguy, you should blame Apple and NVIDIA if your QuickTime/iTunes crashes.


serendipityguy reviewed v3.5.2 Beta on Oct 22, 2007

K-Lite Codec Pack will not play nice with Apple Quick Time and Itunes (?) Keeps crashing ...on Vista

they should have a work around for this

But it is nice to see them make a few teaks here and there...


bluefiberoptics reviewed v3.5.0 on Oct 15, 2007

K-Lite Codec Pack for Windows, Perian for Mac OS X.


Zarggg reviewed v3.4.9 Beta on Oct 13, 2007

K-Lite Codec Pack is great; I've been using it for years.

Media Player Classic works just fine. VLC works just fine. KMPlayer works just fine. They all work equally well. It's only a question if which one is your favorite.


Methsrine reviewed v3.4.8 Beta on Oct 8, 2007

i use this mainly because Media Playe Classic. echohead, i don't know what you're talking about.


echohead reviewed v3.4.7 Beta on Oct 5, 2007

k-lite is great, as long as you dont install ffdshow or media player classic. great solution for universal media playback.


Ryusennin reviewed v3.4.5 on Sep 17, 2007

K-Lite is da shiznat. You won't need any other pack.


xsnred reviewed v3.3.5 on Aug 17, 2007

I use to load these for years, but now I just use VLC without having to load everything I probably don't need anyway. These codecs and WMP11 just are big bloats. For the person who needs them, great, I do not. Nevertheless, they are good codecs.


B.R. reviewed v3.3.0 on Jul 26, 2007

For years, I have been using this and mainly because it allowed me to play videos on low spec machines without hassle and sluggishness. For the past few releases, I have been surprised by who sluggish its player, classic media player, has turned into!

These days, I am using maplyer on my Windows too! Total Commander and its command box allows me to browse into any folder that I want to and by one or two clicks play the content as I wish (shuffled, looped, fullscreen, etc)

I haven't opened classic wmp except for APE files for a long long time now!


photonboy reviewed v3.2.0 on Jun 13, 2007

A good solution. Here's some tips:

1) Learn about codecs, decoders etc from Wikipedia
2) Install several programs with their own, internal decoders to have more options (GOM Player, VLC, Nero Showtime, KMPlayer)
3) I believe Zoomplayer Pro is close to the best program for those with tonnes of AVI, MKV High-Def etc. who require tweaking. It also has its own decoder installation utility which is quite good.
4) Find a program that you can right-click to see what filters you are using
5) Videos are primarily composed of three parts: the Video, the Audio and a Container (the "glue" that holds them together). If you understand this it will help you if your file doesn't play properly and you manually choose components.
6) Eg. An "MKV" file, when opened with "MediaInfo" (get this tool) may show XVID Video, Vorbis audio and of course the Matrsoska container. You have several options:
a) Try programs with internald decoders
b) Try a program that uses decoders you install (Ffdshow for audio and video and Haali splitter for dealing with the Matroska Container)
c) Modify the decoder defaults in a program

Example of software to install:
1) FFDSHOW (audio and video)
2) Haali Media Splitter (or Gabest)
3) VLC, GOMPlayer, WMP11, Zoomplayer Pro, Nero Showtime (Nero 7 Ultra), KMPlayer
4) MediaInfo (display file's: codecs, container, bitrates..)
5) MKVToolnix (remove/add Matroska/GOM components. I think it even converts AVI to Matroska)
6) Virtualdub (I use to join or split AVI)
7) Mediacoder, Dr. Divx2, Divx Converter, AutoGK
8) Nero 7 Ultra

This may seem like a lot of files, but this is just fine to install ALL of them.

*So, this is a good pack. Make sure to go to ADD/REMOVE, Uninstall previous Codecs, Install this and REBOOT.

98% of the people could get by with just the program VLC and WMP11, Ffdshow and Haali Media Splitter.


SineWave reviewed v3.2.0 on Jun 12, 2007

I'd just like to say that people should be judging software not by its looks, but by its functionality, speed and stability. Looks are only *.bmp's clogging your memory and what's most important clogging your speed.

That said, K-Lite codec/MPC combo is in my experience the most stable and fast combo for playing just about anything and I install them by default on my client's systems. Of course there are people who react like the_artist, but as soon as they install their bloated WinDVD's or RealPlayer's or WMP11... etc, they usually have to call me again, because *there are problems*, and sometimes *problems* aren't easy to repair thanks to Windows, so sometimes there's no other way than to "install" Windows from Ghost backup. Then they're happy that everything works once again and lesson learned.

Fancy player=fancy problems :-)). If you want fancy, BS Player is enough fancy and quite allright.



tinkerdill reviewed v3.2.0 on Jun 12, 2007

the artist, it is easy and fast player. it ain't no eyecandy, it's practical player. if you wanna something that is slow and goodlooking, wonload realplayer or use windows mediaplayer

the artist

the artist reviewed v3.1.0 on May 23, 2007

Nice for the codecs, but the player is crappy at best.
WMP= Primitive, disfunctional interface with no quick controls for the image. Options are not the easiest. Keeps showing a part of the wallpaper/background when i maximize or swith to fullscreen. Horrible.


CodecPack reviewed v3.02 Beta on May 10, 2007

The pack actually does install a hardware accelerated MPEG2/DVD decoder by default. Except on Vista when Microsoft's own MPEG2 decoder is detected.


halc reviewed v3.02 Beta on May 10, 2007

The best there is, imho.

Most hassle free support for all major codecs.

Minus one star due to not being able to by default install an mpeg-codec with gpu assist support (a lot of people have a gpu like this these days) although such a codec is part of the pack and some issues with blanking of video playback when multiple overlays are initialized on screen at the same time.


pengiranijam reviewed v3.01 on May 5, 2007

This codes is great, must use it...


gate1975mlm reviewed v3.01 on Apr 20, 2007

K-Lite Codec Pack Rules!!

Allows me to play anything a need!


mjm01010101 reviewed v3.01 on Apr 20, 2007

"No more Mr. K-Lite for me"

Fine, then stop reviewing a product you don't use.


CodecPack reviewed v2.89 on Apr 16, 2007

K-Lite has a "no player" installation profile for those who don't like the included player. Then no player will be installed and no file associations are created.

The installation is fully customizable, so you can tweak it entirely to you own needs.


radiomaffia reviewed v2.89 on Apr 15, 2007

Vista Codec Package : It does not contain a media player. It does not associates filetypes! That is given me more benifetted because I h*t* WMP! And Gomplayer and Alshowplayer for instance offering the abillity to download the needed codec, but VCP has it all. No more Mr. K-Lite for me


serendipityguy reviewed v2.89 on Apr 13, 2007

The Best just keeps getting better, With the Vista Support A BIG Plus in the stages where no one else are willing to take the 1st steps, Thumbs up ;-)


i_c_a_n_h_e_l_p reviewed v2.88 on Mar 28, 2007


Very interesting and useful resource, thank you for that, a lot of necessary information! Continue in such way and all will be fine!

Best regards...


some guy

some guy reviewed v2.87 on Mar 28, 2007

still the best 1 pack does all.
but still waiting for a better method to update.

to much like Nero"s update download the whole dam pack again.
Over and over and over again.


Kriff reviewed v2.87 on Mar 27, 2007

I'm not a big fan of MPC. It's a good codec pack, but I'd rather just use KMPlayer.

the artist

the artist reviewed v2.87 Beta on Mar 22, 2007

After some fresh installs of WinXp + SP2 even on different machines, all videos (avi divx and wmv) look quite dark, and i find no way to correct this satisfactorily. It all gets to brighty or color distorts in some way...



CodecPack reviewed v2.87 Beta on Mar 21, 2007

COM Surrogate errors on Vista can be solved by disabling the DivX decoder.

If you have Nero installed, then also disable the "" filter.

Haali has been notified on the gametrailer issue. Those files do play ok with Gabest MP4 splitter.


gate1975mlm reviewed v2.87 Beta on Mar 21, 2007

I love K-Lite Codec Pack but for some reason in the last few versions Haali Media Splitter version is causing HD video from to play strange. The video like skips or something.


caronn reviewed v2.87 Beta on Mar 21, 2007

These codec pack generates COM surrogate errors in Windows Vista. Don't use it!


TheJosher reviewed v2.86 Beta 2 on Mar 19, 2007

Good pack for XP, but if you're using Vista (especially Dreamscene) switch to the Vista Codec Pack.


ModderXManiac reviewed v2.85 on Feb 27, 2007

Love this pack, dedicated user for nearly three years. looks like their domain expired today...


drumcat reviewed v2.85 on Feb 27, 2007

Broke wmv streaming.


Kriff reviewed v2.84 on Feb 25, 2007

Haven't had any playback problems. Media Player Classic is great.


wguru reviewed v2.84 on Feb 19, 2007

I strongly suspect WMP is behind the no audio issues (no doubt trying to force users into going to WMP11).


djmilz reviewed v2.84 on Feb 6, 2007

All-in-one solution!


R J reviewed v2.83 on Jan 31, 2007

I was directed to KLite from a techsupport forum as a solution for no audio on streaming windows media clip.

Hope it works.

I also wonder what could have caused this issue in the first place. All was working fine until a few days ago when I last tried playing a WM streaming video.


mjm01010101 reviewed v2.81 on Dec 18, 2006

Agreed, there should be a better method of upgrading. But it still works nearly flawlessly. I came across a media file last night it was unable to play so I used VLC, but in general I really dislike VLC's interface (hard to skip to parts of the file you want, as well as it's general interface needs improvement.)


liangu reviewed v2.80 on Nov 19, 2006

This is a must have, well done, constant improvements. one of the first exe installed after the OS


rafaelcage reviewed v2.79 on Nov 3, 2006


some guy

some guy reviewed v2.79 on Nov 2, 2006

I like the K-lite packs but I just downloaded one a few days ago grrr, they need to change the way they upgrade Just to update a few files since the last version is about 5k , the k\lite should have a updater like virus programs do.
just my 2 cents, but great job!


kronix2 reviewed v2.78 on Nov 1, 2006

To TheLurker: why the hell did you download a codec pack if you don't need any of the codecs?

This software comes in a Basic edition for those who only want the most common codecs. The full version also allows you to select a limited installation.

This is an easy, painless way to install all your codecs in one go.


democlees reviewed v2.78 Beta 2 on Oct 28, 2006

Cool peice of sw the bs player is nicer than xp media player with some of the good skins, but i must say the vista m player is nice although still very quirky yet. For the size of the proggy its worth putting all the codecs in


CodecPack reviewed v2.77 on Oct 4, 2006

Get a decent virus scanner and then come back to apologize for your false claims!


CollageK reviewed v2.77 on Oct 4, 2006

Note: this package comes with a free virus!!! The full package is a great tool for all you movie buffs but comes with a couple of worms. Not Good!!


TheLurker reviewed v2.77 on Sep 20, 2006

What a great way to Trash your machine..!

Install tons of Codecs that you shouldn't need -- that can cause all types of havoc.

Keep the updates coming..!

Keeps Tech Support busy.


bluefiberoptics reviewed v2.75 Beta 3 on Aug 15, 2006

As long as you properly install and upgrade, this program is the best there is. Some people will tell you to use VLC, which has built-in support for certain formats, but sometimes people on Windows prefer a more native option with even more support. For all you VLCers, I like VLC too, don't worry. :)


boaz reviewed v2.75 Beta 1 on Aug 13, 2006

Been using these codecs all along. I use the playback option only, which is plenty for my needs, since I don't do encoding.

"yizuman" you rate the software low, because of Betanews download speed? That's not fair to the software author, whom has little control over that. Take the issue up with Betanews admins.


OAKsider reviewed v2.74 on Jul 27, 2006

Actually, Blaxima, most of the codecs in the K-Lite packs ARE needed. Especially if you have a high-quality media player [Zoom Player Pro, Theater Tek] and many different video and audio formats on your computer. These require numerous amounts of codecs, can enhance the quality [FFDshow], play formats not intended for your favorite player [.MOV in ZPlayer] and much more. So the K-Lite packs make it much easier to get the latest and greatest in one download. Add to that excellent installation, no conflicts and ease of use and I'd say this pack, especially, is a must download. If you use VLC or a similar player, good for you but that doesn't mean K-Lite packs are useless to everyone or junk by any means.


mjm01010101 reviewed v2.74 on Jul 27, 2006

The problem with not using a codec pack, in my experience, is you will occasionally run into a file that just won't play.

Videolan player crashed on first use, I never tried it again.

I love MPC plus these packs because my users have choice and options for what, how, they want to play/encode.


Blaxima reviewed v2.73 on Jul 18, 2006

I used this for a few years until I woke up and realized I really dont need it. It has the allure of most junk in that it has every codec you (think) you need in one. The truth is that you really don't need more than a few to play and encode media files. Players like VLC (for video) and Foobar (audio) can play files without the need for a codec pack and if they dont it is very easy to identify what it wont and find the file to make it. In fairness only up until recenctly have had a complaint with this and the other versions of K-Lite. I've never had a conflict on my system with them just with the last couple of releases has there been a problem that I and others who have left comments discoverd. Of course at the forum they have no answer for this other than it's........well I wont get into it seeing as FileForum have deleted our reviews yet left the rebuttles.(shame on you fileforum)

I do reccomend however that you download QT atltenative and if you have Realmedia the Real alternative too. They work perfectly and are needed in most cases just to view some webpages correctly without having to intall those piece of crap players they are associated with.


YCZo3Hld reviewed v2.73 on Jul 17, 2006

@ the earlier commenter: As encoding algorithms change, so must the the codecs that decode them. I've used K-Lite for several years, and IMHO the update rate is quite reasonable. It only takes a minute to uninstall the old pack and install the new.

GENERAL ADVICE: Select the smallest package that meets your needs, to minimize potential conflicts with other components in your system. Most people are fine with K-Lite Basic. K-Lite Standard satisfies nearly all the rest. Very, very few people have any true reason to use the "Full" or "Mega" packs. (Don't flatter yourself.) VERY rarely, unless you insist on mega-pack overkill, an update will cause a problem. Simply roll back to your old version and wait for the next K-Lite update. The K-Lite team has the BEST record of clean, conflict-free codec packs.

People who want to do their own encoding are best-served by installing the specific encoder(s) they need rather than using the "full" or "mega" packs. That's my opinion. Everyone's got one. (The same could be argued for codecs. It's a question of convenience.)

Don't complain if you already know all of the above. LOTS of people don't know.


mjm01010101 reviewed v2.73 on Jul 17, 2006

There are a lot of updates because there are a lot of components, codecs, etc to this software beyond the author's control.


OAKsider reviewed v2.73 Beta 2 on Jul 7, 2006

Huge compilation of codecs. Solid performance. K-Lite Full Codec Pack allows video and audio play of virtually anything in one installation. Is there such thing as too many updates? Probably. [But it is better than not enough] Obviously, find a version that works and keep it until you begin to have problems.


fatray reviewed v2.73 Beta 2 on Jul 7, 2006

This is nice and all, but whats the point to installing all these over and over again when it works perfect the way it is? I quit keeping this up to date. It works perfect right now.


cooldude7273 reviewed v2.73 Beta 1 on Jul 2, 2006

The best thing since sliced bread!


dn2004 reviewed v2.73 Beta 1 on Jul 2, 2006

excellent codec pack, all you need to play any video, and also virus and spyware free! before I used this I had alot of issues with some codecs but now since I have been using this the issues have gone! a recommended download for any


CodecPack reviewed v2.72 on Jun 19, 2006

This package does NOT contain any virus or trojans.

Pest Patrol probably updated itself and found something that was already there. The newest definitions just added detection of that key.

That key is harmless btw. Just an option of Internet Explorer.


OroKen reviewed v2.72 on Jun 15, 2006

Are you crazy Blaxima? You said that you found a virus... Jajajajajaja, No me hagas reir! (Don't make me laugh!) What's your antivirus? It will be named "Blaxima Antivirus" like your name. K-lite codes is the best and complete codec pack. Five stars for ever!!! Kaspersky 6.0 & Bitdefender have not found any virus. It's 100% free of Virus, adware, etc. Try it again but first, you must use a good antivirus before giving senseless opinions.

Asi que, no he visto ni hay ningun virus en este programa, Este es un paquete de codec libre de adware y virus, y antes de dar opiniones que no tienen base, primero debes usar un antivirus confiable. OK?


mupet0000 reviewed v2.72 on Jun 14, 2006

This is the best codec pack i have found so far, i highly recommend it! Plays everything i want just fine.


Mirrebex reviewed v2.72 on Jun 3, 2006

VLC didnt work for me also.. Klite codec pack is the best!!


terracesider reviewed v2.72 on May 25, 2006

Don't let negative comments on vlc put you off this superb codec pack. I use vlc regularly and K-lite hasn't caused a single problem with it.

I second the thanks to KL for this indispensbile software.


Maxwolf reviewed v2.71 on Mar 15, 2006

Very nice, I like the simple media player classic, real alternative, and the quicktime alternative. Nice work.


mjm01010101 reviewed v2.71 on Mar 13, 2006

The first time I used VLC it crashed. Sorry, first impressions are everything. MPC + religiously updated codecs takes the cake, everytime.


TPK_29 reviewed v2.71 Beta on Mar 7, 2006

look, the codecs were very stable to me, and to the best of my knowledge, anything free is vaulable as it's your own decision to download or not. great stuff KL ;)


WhiteZero reviewed v2.71 Beta on Mar 6, 2006

A good codec pack, but if you just use VLC you dont even have to bother.


Theoldwino reviewed v2.70 on Feb 15, 2006

jofin is right, i to have used this player for a long time and it is one of the best players i have every used.we all need to think the people who's hard work made this player what it is today.


bluefiberoptics reviewed v2.70 on Feb 8, 2006

For those people that complain that this is buggy/unstable. "The problem lies somewhere between the chair and the keyboard"

Excellent software, I've installed this on so many people's systems. Never have to grab another codec again.


serendipityguy reviewed v2.70 Beta on Feb 1, 2006

the proof is in the pudding, and with constant updates, this is a complete package that is perpetual.....

thumbs up most indeed !


jofin reviewed v2.70 Beta on Jan 31, 2006

I cannot even begin to understand why "orbiting234" and "some guy" have been so negative about K-Lite! I personally have used this for over 2 years and have installed it on probably around 200 customer's computers. There has not been one complaint and on a personal note I have never had a problem. More importantly, I have never had to go and hunt for a codec which wasn't already supplied with K-Lite.
I would suggest that if anyone has had a problem, it is more likely to be down to the user for some reason. Please do remember that if you have installed an older pack then this must be uninstalled before installing a new version!


mjm01010101 reviewed v2.70 Beta on Jan 30, 2006

No issues here. Perhaps it's ATI's craptastic drivers that are the problem?


BogdanSHA reviewed v2.66 on Dec 22, 2005

A "must have"! I also use&recomend the "mega" pack.


WhiteZero reviewed v2.66 on Dec 22, 2005

Hahaa, Orbiting234 didnt even download any of these packs. He just copy-and-pasted his comment.

Anyway, I recomend the Mega Codec Pack myself, has a more complete set of stuff.

These packs dont have any junk, just all the codecs you'll ever need.

I've NEVER had a problem using K-Lite's Codec Packs (but some minor issues with other packs).


goofydave reviewed v2.64 on Nov 28, 2005

Seems to bjork Winamp 5.112.
Once installed cannot load Winamp.
Uninstall and revert back to 2.63 and Winamp starts working again


Ciolouse reviewed v2.62 on Nov 11, 2005

Simply the best !


mjm01010101 reviewed v2.62 on Nov 11, 2005



Brian49 reviewed v2.61 on Nov 10, 2005

Ace - the supplied codecs enable ultra-smooth playing of DVDs in MPC, and of ogg and mp4 audio files in WMP. The frequent, meticulous updates are much appreciated.


cooldude7273 reviewed v2.59 Beta 2 on Oct 25, 2005

Best codec pack ever!

Just wish it would come out of beta.


horsecharles reviewed v2.59 Beta 1 on Oct 20, 2005

Jincuya~ Same to you and yours.

BTW Coleinsky Packinski sucken comparately.


witch3r reviewed v2.54 on Sep 20, 2005

Kiedys to i moze bylo dobre ale teraz sa juz lepsze produkty...

wpierw przeskoczylem na StormCodec ale teraz jade na swietnej zabawce Cole2k Media - Codec Pack Advanced !

Polecam :)


ripfuel reviewed v2.54 on Sep 19, 2005

This is a must have codec pack for any video buff. It includes Media Player classic, which will play along with K-lite, near about any video file! Awesome!!!!


Master- reviewed v2.53 on Aug 25, 2005

Looks realy great! 5/5

Ain Soph Aur

Ain Soph Aur reviewed v2.53 on Aug 24, 2005

It's just the best! Everything you need...


Gian-Pa reviewed v2.53 on Aug 23, 2005

thanks! this is a very nice codec pack! ;)


cooldude7273 reviewed v2.53 on Aug 23, 2005

Awesome stuff!


Noogle reviewed v2.52 on Aug 23, 2005

The definitive codec pack. Seriously, if a movie file won't play with K-Lit einstalled, it's probably not worth playing :) It's a one-stop codec solution, plus Media Player Classic is a nice bonus.


hAxXoR reviewed v2.52 on Aug 22, 2005

Best codec-pack ever !


menting reviewed v2.52 on Aug 12, 2005

Orbiting234, i fail to see how this is any different than going and downloading each individual one then installing the ones you want.
this codec pack saves time and effort for not having to remember what kind of codecs you need for what format, and negates the need to bookmark those individual sites too.


cooldude7273 reviewed v2.51 on Aug 9, 2005

Good stuff! :-)


mjm01010101 reviewed v2.50 on Jul 5, 2005

"Just messes up your registry database and fragments your drive."

This is amongst the funniest things I've read on betanews. For that, 5 stars!


RootWebGod reviewed v2.49 on Jun 20, 2005

Awesome collection of codecs; it allows me to play just about any media file I download without a hitch.

A+ and 5 Stars all around. Thanks to the authors for maintaining the project as well. :)


bdude reviewed v2.49 on Jun 18, 2005

@And|: You never actually tried this codec pack have you?

It allows you to install just those few codecs that you really want. All in a single easy to use package.


And| reviewed v2.49 on Jun 12, 2005

The only thing I have experienced with "codec packs" are crashes, freeze ups. The only codecs you need are:
FFDShow, AC3 Filter and DivX.
Otherwise there is a program that can analyze what codec you need.It is called Gspot.

What do you need 50 or 100 codecs for? Just messes up your registry database and fragments your drive.



allsiante reviewed v2.48 on Jun 12, 2005

WHat I miss from this is the mirovideo-xl codec, which I need, since I have some older videos which I don't really want to recode. I always have to get it from an old ace codec pack.


cooldude7273 reviewed v2.48 on May 31, 2005

Must be the best codec pack ever!


avenger3871 reviewed v2.44 on Apr 11, 2005

Yes.. I guess you are right..


mjm01010101 reviewed v2.44 on Apr 8, 2005

The reason I like this codec pack more than mega is Real player alternative and Quicktime alternative are often updated more frequently than the Mega codec pack is. Mega includes real/quictime Alt., so you might as well get Full and the separate packages to always stay up to date on this great package.


avenger3871 reviewed v2.42 on Mar 28, 2005

Forget K-Lite codec pack.. Get the K-Lite MEGA CODEC pack at the website address above.

K-Lite coded pack is and always be my favorite.. I can always trust them to have the latest codec updates in the package.


mjm01010101 reviewed v2.41 on Mar 11, 2005

Great pack. IME you must uninstall previous codec packs, reboot, then install this for it to install properly. All too often files are still in use if you've played a media file before uninstalling previous versions.


LRN reviewed v2.40 on Mar 2, 2005

HelDecPack (
DefilerPak (

They're OLD (September-October 2004).
Also, K-lite's Full codecs can Encode, not only Decode. K-Lite also includes the best player out there - MPC.
4 - because K-Lite still misses NeroDigital decoder (even ASP)


Defcon79 reviewed v2.40 on Mar 2, 2005

I cannot give any codec pack that includes Divx instead of ffdshow a good rating!

I looked at what K-Lite contains and it seems to include Divx, Xvid as well as all kinds of Intel/3vix/Ligos codecs.

For anyone who hasn't used ffdshow, it is the very best decoder for most media formats, including all mpeg4 based ones like divx. It has the most features, best performance and lowest cpu usage.

For 99.9% of media out there, including anything you can find on p2p, the following is enough -

ffdshow, AC3 filter, Windows Media 10, Matroska and Ogg filters, Real + QT alternative. For a media player MPC is the best.

While K-Lite may indeed be trouble free, I would not recommend installing anything with that many codecs when they are not needed. If you want an all in one solution, look at -

HelDecPack (


DefilerPak (

Both of these are much better IMO.


LiNUS|X reviewed v2.36 on Feb 12, 2005

simple installation, and great!
thats right, its one of the best codec packs ever.


gawd21 reviewed v2.36 on Feb 10, 2005

Every version has been great so far. I do have one thing to ask that to me would ice the cake, Could you make it so you can use and make play lists? Please.


cooldude7273 reviewed v2.35 on Dec 24, 2004

Best codec pack ever!


sevan reviewed v2.35 on Dec 24, 2004

it's good


J_s_u reviewed v2.34 on Dec 15, 2004

I've been using Kazaa Lite's Codec pack for over 18 months and I have never had one problem with video playback with BSPlayer and with the Real/QuickTime Alternatives. The encoding also has also not caused any problems for me using Gordian Knot. Also I've never had a problem with the upgrading of a new version directly without uninstalling the previous one, although they do recommend it.

Overall a well made codec pack which does it job very well.


cooldude7273 reviewed v2.34 on Nov 5, 2004

Good stuff! Be sure to uninstall the old pack before you install this or you may encounter problems!


Aspect reviewed v2.33 on Oct 20, 2004

The best gets better , again!


cooldude7273 reviewed v2.33 on Oct 20, 2004

Simply the best!


Domingo reviewed v2.33 on Oct 20, 2004

I used to use the various codec packs, but have since switched over to FFDSHOW. It'll playback more or less anything you throw at it, quality is better than the various codec pack equivalents, and you can configure almost every aspect of it.
I'd recommend DL'ing FFDSHOW and the 2 "Alternative" codecs and you'll be better off.


robmanic44 reviewed v2.32 on Sep 25, 2004

I love it! I mean "damn". This seriously helped my playbacks. Momma are there more like these?


Doraemon reviewed v2.32 on Sep 24, 2004

A great pack, but I prefer the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack, which includes this one plus QuickTime and RealPlayer Alternative's. BUT I've found a problem at my IT tiny enterprise: it makes Conceptronic TV PCI Cards software crash. It's a shame, because it made me hesitate about these K-Lite packs. Now, as a preventive measure, I just install the great "Codec Pack de ELISOFT" instead. Anyway, K-Lite's are great packs.


faja reviewed v2.31 on Sep 24, 2004

Excellent codec pack, definetly better than any other ones out there. Except the update came 12 days too late? 2.31 has been out since September 11th, while 2.32 came out today. Mega Codec Pack version 1.12 is out as well. This codec pack deserves a 5/5.


TomRC reviewed v2.31 on Sep 24, 2004

Yap, all in one. This is a must have for all windows user who are working with audio-visuell media of all types. Also look at the RealAlternative and QuicktimeAlternative also from KL Software. Great.


Nehemoth reviewed v2.31 on Sep 23, 2004

This is The best Collection of Codecs on the web...
Better than elisoft, better than Nimo and Others..

Just try it and you will see


cooldude7273 reviewed v2.31 on Sep 23, 2004

Best codec pack out there!

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