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Reviewed Wine 8.10 Development

While this is great software, its getting to be pointless. Windows is dead, desktop is dying. The ONLY thing anyone will care about soon (if not already) is 'will my android app/game run on it?'. Thats why these guys should be working on a full... Read full review

Reviewed Mozilla Thunderbird for Windows 102.4.1

Hey partypoop, you MAY notice 'The Bat' is not a free program, so quit being a d***breath Read full review

Reviewed The GIMP 2.10.30

I hate to say it, but GIMP is done. Krita came along and did everything the community had been asking GIMP to do for decades. Ive switch to Krita, it even replaced photoshop for me. Goodbye GIMP, you missed the boat and its over. Read full review

Reviewed Kiwi for Gmail (Windows) 2.0.68

Meh I can do all this in Thurderbird and its really free, not 'freemium'. Read full review

Reviewed Ubuntu 23.04 (Lunar Lobster)

Nice to see I was right, too bad they wasted 7 years on trying to shove Unity up everyone's a$$, now they are are abandoning the idiotic idea altogether.

Gnome is, and always was the right choice for them, ubuntu is a great server and... Read full review

Reviewed Horodruin 2024.01.767.0

we are out of names for programs Read full review

Reviewed Blender for Windows 3.5.0

Unbelievable software, probably the best open source project anywhere Read full review

Reviewed WordPress 6.4.3

Security has improved a lot, and wordpress now powers 30% of all pages on the web. I'd call that market dominance, good open source. Read full review

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