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Reviewed Opera for Windows (Beta) 43.0.2442.7

The move from their own rendering engine to chrome's webkit is, in my opinion the start of the end for the once great Opera. It's a much larger download for far fewer features - it doesn't feel integrated like it used to and just feels like... Read full review

Reviewed EverNote 10.37.3-3394

won't install on 64 bit Win8.1 - can't find a 64 bit desktop version on the website and whilst the touch version might be fine on tablet if you're unlucky enough to have a windows tablet, but on a desktop its awful Read full review

Reviewed MobaXterm 23.4

quite simply. Brilliant.
Attractive to look at (and configurable)
Fast to load and portable
Low memory usage
Incredibly feature rich
Supports plugins (and there are several)
Actively developed (unlike Putty)
and 100% free.

Just an... Read full review

Reviewed Microsoft Windows Essentials 16.4.3528.0331

Live Writer is good, perhaps one of the best offline blogging tools there is. Messenger... meh... it's ok but it just seems to get bigger, more ads, more poxy animated icons that people send me in messages and nothing of any real value.

The... Read full review

Reviewed AVG Anti-Virus Free 2019 v19.1.3075

Such as it is, it;'s ok. But in my honest opinion I think all of these virus scanners are somewhat pointless. I've run without antivirus for nearly 2 years, the only virus I did get was ironically when I was had some antirvuris installed that I... Read full review

Reviewed LibreOffice for Windows 7.3.3

In some ways it gets better with each release, yet in other ways I find it deeply frustrating.
I NEVER EVER use the spreadsheet, database or presentation elements yet I have to install them. each tiny patch involves downloading the whole damn... Read full review

Reviewed The KMPlayer for Windows (32-bit)

Oh dear oh dear, where do I start.

i've been a user of KMplayer for years, it's always installed side by side with VLC, with KMPlayer being, in my opinion nicer looking and offer better playback options, sounding and looking better. (VLC does... Read full review

Reviewed Stardock Tiles 1.0

em... I've watched the videos, read the information on the Stardock site and I'm still not sure what this is and more to the point, not really sure why It useful or why I'd need it.

All I can think is that it seems like Ubuntu Unity for... Read full review

Reviewed Bzeek 0.9.186

usage idea: You're in a hotel room and your laptop has a wired connection to the internet, but want to share that connection with another laptop, smartphone, ipod, wifi camera etc, or:

You have a spare computer in your office and would like to... Read full review

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