MediaMonkey MediaMonkey Beta for Windows

by Ventis Media, Inc.

Avg. Rating 4.2 (800 votes)

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File Size 6.2 MB
License Freeware
Operating System Windows (All)
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Total Downloads 109,853
Publisher Ventis Media, Inc.
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Publisher's Description

MediaMonkey is an easy-to-use music manager and media jukebox for serious music collectors and iPod users. It catalogs your CDs, OGG, WMA, MPC, FLAC, APE, WAV and MP3 audio files. It looks up missing Album Art and track information via Freedb and the web, and includes an intelligent tag editor and an automated file and directory renamer to organize your music library. It includes a CD ripper, CD Burner, and audio converter for saving music, and manual or automated playlist editors for creating music mixes. Its player automatically adjusts volume levels so that you don't have continually fiddle with the volume control and supports hundreds of Winamp plug-ins and visualizations; or if you prefer, it can use Winamp as the default player. It also includes portable audio device synchronization that allows you to quickly synch tracks and playlists with iPods and other portable audio devices.

Latest Reviews


MikeTechno reviewed v5.0.0.2215 Beta on Nov 29, 2019

Just tried out the new v5.0 Beta today and it is VERY impressive! SO much better and farther ahead than where they were on the v4 software. Really a big step forward here. Well done! Well worth looking into.


Evalu8 reviewed v4.1.8.1751 on Jul 17, 2015

I've used this program for sometime now and it has never been a smooth ride. Pretty well every time there's an update, something somewhere breaks. I've had enough of the bugs now and I'm moving on. The developers are non-responsive and the moderators on their forum have got a bad attitude as well, which doesn't help when so much is constantly in need of fixing. It gets 2 stars for what it does do, but that has barely changed in years. Keep your money in your pocket.

andi gjata

andi gjata reviewed v4.1.0.1690 RC on Jan 29, 2014

My favorite jukebox and song managing application,supports loads of different formats,doesnt bother you with ads even when you have the free edition.Straight forward and a classic UI.Definetly try it out.


aszure reviewed v4.0.7.1507 RC on Nov 6, 2012

I don't actually pay for much software. But this I have. My music collection is rather large, and MM really takes care of it all. Plays, tags, renames, streams, etc...Everything. As far as performance goes, I find that it runs well on my setup. quad core intel 8gb ram, even with many other applications running. It reads UPNP servers easily. Just a great program. A few quirks on the interface I would rather not have, but meh, no biggie.


Doubledoom reviewed v4.0.0.1415 Beta on Aug 13, 2011

The current build is not a beta as it currently says here. It is a developer build. It has a number of known bugs (15 urgent ones according to their website).

Stick with version 3 if you don't like being a tester or need stability. You can run version 4 alongside version 3 if you like to test but want to keep your stable version clean of problems. Rating is of version 3, the current release build.


sweathog reviewed v3.2.4.1304 on Nov 27, 2010

This app is pretty good as a music organizer. But as a player it's too bloated and ugly. I prefer XMPlay, also skinable, but way lighter on its feet and much prettier skins.


trents reviewed v3.2.4.1304 on Nov 25, 2010

That is true and you will see that MediaMonkey is an easy-to-use music manager and media jukebox for serious music collectors and iPod users.It is more convenient to used...


ramblinrick reviewed v3.2.2.1299 Beta on Aug 9, 2010

I have used J River Media Center for many years. I happened to read an article about MM and thought I would try it. I haven't been disappointed. The name is misleading, as it only handles music. But, it's free, so I will certainly not complain. There are plenty of skins to choose from, and able to use the dfx plug-in. J River offers so much more, and I will never can that one. I am tempted to upgrade to the PRO version of MM. No lifetime upgrades for me, I got burned by that scam with MusicMatch. If I was looking for something to just handle music, MM would be the one for me.

Lee Wilkerson

Lee Wilkerson reviewed v3.2.2.1298 Beta on Jul 31, 2010

I got lower audio levels on the left channel, so I uninstalled it. Still use VideoLan Player.


byronb3247 reviewed v3.2.1.1297 RC on Jun 25, 2010

Still having problems with 1297 itouch still will not sync. i know you guys will get it right. much luv for MM.

Avg. Rating 4.2 (800 votes)
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MikeTechno reviewed v5.0.0.2215 Beta on Nov 29, 2019

Pros: Excellent auto-tag feature! Works like a charm.

Cons: With there were more default skin options included with the app.

Bottom Line: Just tried out the new v5.0 Beta today and it is VERY impressive! SO much better and farther ahead than where they were on the v4 software. Really a big step forward here. Well done! Well worth looking into.


Evalu8 reviewed v4.1.8.1751 on Jul 17, 2015

I've used this program for sometime now and it has never been a smooth ride. Pretty well every time there's an update, something somewhere breaks. I've had enough of the bugs now and I'm moving on. The developers are non-responsive and the moderators on their forum have got a bad attitude as well, which doesn't help when so much is constantly in need of fixing. It gets 2 stars for what it does do, but that has barely changed in years. Keep your money in your pocket.

andi gjata

andi gjata reviewed v4.1.0.1690 RC on Jan 29, 2014

My favorite jukebox and song managing application,supports loads of different formats,doesnt bother you with ads even when you have the free edition.Straight forward and a classic UI.Definetly try it out.


aszure reviewed v4.0.7.1507 RC on Nov 6, 2012

I don't actually pay for much software. But this I have. My music collection is rather large, and MM really takes care of it all. Plays, tags, renames, streams, etc...Everything. As far as performance goes, I find that it runs well on my setup. quad core intel 8gb ram, even with many other applications running. It reads UPNP servers easily. Just a great program. A few quirks on the interface I would rather not have, but meh, no biggie.


Doubledoom reviewed v4.0.0.1415 Beta on Aug 13, 2011

The current build is not a beta as it currently says here. It is a developer build. It has a number of known bugs (15 urgent ones according to their website).

Stick with version 3 if you don't like being a tester or need stability. You can run version 4 alongside version 3 if you like to test but want to keep your stable version clean of problems. Rating is of version 3, the current release build.


sweathog reviewed v3.2.4.1304 on Nov 27, 2010

This app is pretty good as a music organizer. But as a player it's too bloated and ugly. I prefer XMPlay, also skinable, but way lighter on its feet and much prettier skins.


trents reviewed v3.2.4.1304 on Nov 25, 2010

That is true and you will see that MediaMonkey is an easy-to-use music manager and media jukebox for serious music collectors and iPod users.It is more convenient to used...


ramblinrick reviewed v3.2.2.1299 Beta on Aug 9, 2010

I have used J River Media Center for many years. I happened to read an article about MM and thought I would try it. I haven't been disappointed. The name is misleading, as it only handles music. But, it's free, so I will certainly not complain. There are plenty of skins to choose from, and able to use the dfx plug-in. J River offers so much more, and I will never can that one. I am tempted to upgrade to the PRO version of MM. No lifetime upgrades for me, I got burned by that scam with MusicMatch. If I was looking for something to just handle music, MM would be the one for me.

Lee Wilkerson

Lee Wilkerson reviewed v3.2.2.1298 Beta on Jul 31, 2010

I got lower audio levels on the left channel, so I uninstalled it. Still use VideoLan Player.


byronb3247 reviewed v3.2.1.1297 RC on Jun 25, 2010

Still having problems with 1297 itouch still will not sync. i know you guys will get it right. much luv for MM.


byronb3247 reviewed v3.2.0.1294 on Jun 24, 2010

MediaMonkey 3.2.0 is not yet compatible with iTunes 9.2 or iOS 4.0.

We are currently testing MediaMonkey 3.2.1 which resolves this incompatibility.

For a fix, and up to date status information, see:


i gave it a 3 until they fix this. Wish i new this b4 i updated to OS 4


4122 reviewed v3.2.0.1294 on Nov 19, 2009

This is a fine piece of software for anyone looking to replace iTunes and get away from the grip of Apple.

Just be aware that this version I'm reviewing isn't a beta. This is the final release version according to their forums.

And I didn't experience any sound loss with RC3, but I feel sympathy for those who did.

As good as this version is the devs are saying v4.0 is going to be even better.


krgood reviewed v3.2.0.1294 on Nov 19, 2009

Reinstall of lastest Beta seems to have fixed the sound problem. It is now working fine. I deleted the directory, did a clean of the registry, reinstalled and re-registered the pgm and all seems fine.


krgood reviewed v3.2.0.1293 RC3 on Nov 17, 2009

Windows 7 users beware!! Version 3.2.01293 RC3 will disable sound on your system( or it did on mine (intel board Core 2). They are aware of it and are working on a fix. Just be aware. Previous release worked fine in Win7...something got broken


k0balt reviewed v3.2.0.1293 RC3 on Nov 17, 2009

I believe this to be one of the best players out there. Handles the syncing of my music library and podcasts with my ipod with ease. I have tried many others but found that they each lacked features or stability when compared with MediaMonkey. I think it is worth every penny.


M3wThr33 reviewed v3.1.2.1285 Beta on Nov 5, 2009

Easily my favorite mp3 workhorse. Sad people are using this for all the wrong reasons. It's an awesome program. Crippleware is the furthest thing from my mind when using this.


CyberDoc999 reviewed v3.1.2.1282 RC2 on Nov 2, 2009

I did try it for 1 week and found it useless.....
winamp is better


Dana1 reviewed v3.1.2.1272 Beta on Oct 13, 2009

There are so many betas of MediaMonkey. I'll stick with Songbird. I guess it all comes down to preference. I will give it a 4 rating because of its features.


BoiseComputerService reviewed v3.1.2.1271 Beta on Oct 7, 2009

CyberDoc999 did you even try making a playlist? Its one of the easiest things to do. Just make a playlist... then drag songs to the playlist.... Compared to other media players you can sort and search better than anything else making it even easier to make a playlist. Before you review something please at least try it.


tickleonthetum reviewed v3.1.2.1267 Beta 2 on Sep 29, 2009



CyberDoc999 reviewed v3.1.2.1267 Beta 2 on Sep 20, 2009

Very difficult to make a play list
not very usefull at all


netean reviewed v3.1.0.1249 Beta on May 28, 2009

I do like this, and think it's the best of the media players/managers around. But

I really really really wish it would support ipod touch/iphone without having iTunes installed.
I do wish it supported audiobooks and movies. Because however much I loathe iTunes (and believe me I really do) it does allow me to put audiobooks and movies on my ipod while media monkey doesn't.

I think the interface could do with some polish - look at Bansee (linux), songbird and even, iTunes for ideas for UI (I will concede that the iTunes interface is quite nice - shame the rest of the app is such dogsh**)


cahomsyjr reviewed v3.1.0.1232 Beta on Apr 7, 2009

Unless you pay for the gold version your hardware functionality is reduced to 4x writing capability? Nope.


Phenomen reviewed v3.1.0.1222 Beta on Feb 10, 2009

The best music organize, ipod sync and scrobbler tool I ever use.
It has an extremely power functions and alot of customize options.


kholdstare reviewed v3.1.0.1219 Beta on Jan 28, 2009

Mediamonkey is by far the best itunes alternative for loading songs to your ipod. i use media monkey for just transfurring music to CD and ipod. for creating playlists and just listening to music on my PC Winamp is still my top app


aszure reviewed v3.1.0.1217 Beta on Jan 22, 2009

Dont down rate the software because of a bad interaction with the company on a purchase. I use MM for managing all my music, and to sync with my iphone. It works great. There's a few things that I would do differently, however, that's just a matter of personal preference, not a failing of the program. I migrated from Jriver MediaCenter to this. MM isnt much of a player, like MC is. But on the music management side, its very good.


Darkman00 reviewed v3.1.0.1214 Beta on Jan 21, 2009 is already out at their site / forum... ;)


lorg reviewed v3.1.0.1213 Beta on Jan 16, 2009

good monkey


M3wThr33 reviewed v3.1.0.1207 Beta on Jan 6, 2009

Love it. Build 1208 is already available on their site.


BoiseComputerService reviewed v3.1.0.1201 Beta on Dec 8, 2008

I am a lifetime member and never have issues with downloads. I received my code without any hassles and use this product almost every day. You might want to contact them to verify your order.


les_ismoore reviewed v3.0.6.1190 on Nov 17, 2008

I just plunked down $40 USD with my Am Ex card for lifetime product. Instant download was NOT. Am still waiting. Still waiting. Have notified customer service. Guess I'm back to WMP, while suffering through e-mail responses.


eblade reviewed v3.0.6.1190 on Nov 4, 2008

I loved this program until today when the network share that about 5000 of my 12000 mp3's is on was down, and it totally borked it's "library", and i couldn't get it to find them again, and had to re-scan my entire system.


H4cko reviewed v3.0.6.1190 on Oct 31, 2008

After using the auto-organizer tool it messed up all my files, well my mistake to not notice that most of my mp3's did not have proper ID3 tags...


-Lord- reviewed v3.0.6.1190 on Oct 31, 2008

Normally works with iPod... and for that I am eternally grateful since I can't even begin to tell you how I loathe iTunes. This program fell short, however, when I tried to use it with my jailbroken iPhone. It told me it was able to read the phone, but I could not write files to it due to an incompatibility. Fix that, and I would GLADLY rate a 5.

H4cko above: you give it a one because you screwed up?!?


bufftbone reviewed v3.0.6.1190 on Oct 31, 2008

Man is it so bad I just have to spank it! Bad Monkey! :)


chook reviewed v3.0.6.1190 RC2 on Oct 24, 2008

I have been a long time winamp and foobar user. This program pretty much combines winamps awesome library interface with foobar2ks advanced features.

It also syncs and transcodes music perfectly with my phone and ipod, which winamp had lots of problems with. Finally, I can store all my music in FLAC on the computer and have it converted on the fly to mp3/mp4 to my phone.

Still has a few bugs and the interface could use a bit of a overhaul but im still very happy with my purchase :) I recommend the gold version to anyone with a supported ipod or mp3 player.


darthbeads reviewed v3.0.6.1188 Beta on Oct 14, 2008

Fantastic, indispensable app.

For Aires and others of his ilk rating an app lower because they don't like the name, I have one word for you: alliteration. Look that one up.


Aires reviewed v3.0.4.1185 on Aug 30, 2008

I like this app (hence the 5 stars), but change the friggin' name and call it what it is - AudioMonkey! Stop calling it MediaMonkey because it doesn't play videos (do not mention the 3rd party plug-in to me again!). If this did what it already does and yet also did the job of VLC, then I wouldn't have a problem with the name. But as it is it I'm actually going to give it 4 stars because the misleading name still really p!sses me off.


Wintings reviewed v3.0.3.1183 on Jul 9, 2008

I like this program a lot.It's a bit slow to load but once up and running it's fast and easy to use.


AsianAngel reviewed v3.0.3.1183 on Jun 18, 2008

I think I'm in love! ^__^ Media Monkey has absolutely stolen my heart away from all the other media players that I have ever tried. ^__^

I have never used a media app that has been this versatile, easy to use, convenient, and allows me to finally edit all the file information for my music collection so easily! ^__^ I know that with Media Monkey that I will be able to get my music collection in great shape. ^__^

One other point that absolutely needs to be added...Media Monkey is absolutely wonderful for Asian language formats! This is the ONLY media player that I have ever found that not only properly displays, but also plays my Asian music collection without even a hint of problem.

~97% of my music collection's information (titles, artist names, tags, etc...) is in Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Thai and Media Monkey delivers absolute perfection!! ^__^

Since the official rating system here only goes to 5, here is the 10 star rating that Media Monkey deserves. ^__^

* * * * * * * * * *

I HIGHLY recommend this for anyone who is looking for a superior media player. ~__^


bufftbone reviewed v3.0.3.1183 RC on Jun 6, 2008

When the monkey is bad I slap and spank it!


FadeToBolivia reviewed v3.0.3.1183 RC on Jun 5, 2008

Great software, does it all. I liked it enough to buy the lifetime license, which i can only say for a handful of apps.


improvelence reviewed v3.0.3.1183 RC on Jun 5, 2008



sheppe reviewed v3.0.3.1177 Beta on May 27, 2008

I've been using MediaMonkey for a long time and they have been very good about fixing bugs and releasing updates. With high quality audio and extremely fast music search and tagging, I highly recommend it.


anomoly reviewed v3.0.3.1177 Beta on May 25, 2008

The icon and name are what initially repel me. After that it's the all-n-one interface that gets REALLY annoying.
Give me a great organizer which can link to real software like xmplay, eac, audacity and foobar and others and then I would grab it.


Doubledoom reviewed v3.0.3.1175 RC8 on May 19, 2008

IN response to Monzi saying that sound quality is worse than winamp, he should note that MM uses winamp and winamp plugins so sound should be identical.

I personally prefer the interface of MM compared to winamp and having all the audio tools and a simple library based system in one place are what appeals to me.


legion reviewed v3.0.3.1175 RC8 on May 19, 2008

Another RC? This is kind of joke...


Kriff reviewed v3.0.3.1173 RC7 on May 15, 2008

very fast at tagging and organizing music


monzi reviewed v3.0.3.1170 RC6 on May 11, 2008

What is the point of this program? Supposedly its trying to be a music librar organizer and music player.

Well the playback quality is absolutely CRAP. So there goes the first 2 stars from the rating. Secondenly i dont see what this program does that the winamp doesnt do and winamp has a decent playback quality. Worthless

Second Shadow

Second Shadow reviewed v3.0.3.1170 RC6 on May 9, 2008

For those interested in the latest version (0.2 beta) of the MAD plugin: http://www.hydrogenaudio...dex.php?showtopic=60454


singwolf reviewed v3.0.3.1155 RC-1 on Apr 10, 2008

IcemanAsakura - where did you get the MAD plug-in from and how do you load it? I have read up on it and the feedback is outstanding - really keen to try it.


Fallenhorsemen reviewed v3.0.3.1155 RC-1 on Apr 7, 2008

This rating may be a little low but I finally tried it after using Windows Media Player most of the time.

During the install it asked me if it wanted me to have it import my library from Windows Media Player and I checked yes.

All was well it imported all the titles and track info etc but it came up with some goofy picture for almost (not all)all the album art.



IcemanAsakura reviewed v3.0.3.1155 RC-1 on Apr 5, 2008

This is the best music player/manager I've ever used. This is also one of the few free music managers that allow you to rename music files AND folders based on tag information. I have over 100GB of MP3s and most of them are albums in their own folders. With this I can almost effortlessly add correct ID3 tag info, art, and rename the folders I have willy-nilly named and dumped onto my HDD.

You can analyze volume and normalize the tracks as well. I have not tried to rip music, or export music to any device so I cannot say how good those features are (I have other methods to which I have found no equal).

I have to take a star away though, as I have 3 complaints and one is the primary function of the software. The biggest gripe I have is that the MP3 playback(decoding) quality is abysmal in my opinion using the default output plugin, I had to load the MAD mp3 decoding plugin instead. The other gripe I had was that only Amazon is an option for tagging and album art acquisition (not extensible). Lastly, (and this is actually related to MP3 playback quality) Media Monkey does a poor job of tweaking the sound of your music through the 10-band equalizer. For one, it sure would be nice if it were more like 30-band and it desperately needs to be better at NOT clipping highly eq-adjusted music that isn't volume analyzed... although, to be fair, very few music apps do this well.

Overall, I love Media Monkey. I used Winamp 5, foobar2000, and Xion player prior to this. I would still be using foobar2000 except I gave up on it mainly because all the wonderful plugins broke whenever an updated version of foobar2000 came out. foobar2000 is way too sterile sounding without quality DSP plugins imo.

Equipment: Sennheiser HD-202 & KOSS PRO-4AA headphones, Advent AV370 2.1 speakers, Razer Barracuda AC-1 sound card.


Canuckistani reviewed v3.0.3.1155 RC-1 on Apr 5, 2008

The most wonderful thing about this app is its ability to load music onto a wide range of MP3 players without having to use such ghastly proprietary programs as iTunes, Windows Media player 11 or Sonic Stage even in Windows 2000. As a player it's not that great but there are lots of alternatives for that function.


Doubledoom reviewed v3.0.3.1148 Beta 3 on Mar 27, 2008

Tried many different music librarys but this one does everything (plus more). If having everything you want on an 8 meg download is bloated then so be it.

Some of the earlier beta builds did have a range issues (as expected with betas, although some reviewers seem to forget that). However, this one and most of the recent betas have been stable, fast and reliable.


KRome reviewed v3.0.3.1148 Beta 3 on Mar 26, 2008

bloatware. use floola and foobar.


darthbeads reviewed v3.0.3.1147 Beta 3 on Mar 24, 2008

Has everything it needs to manage my media library.
Not a single problem running on any computer I have it installed on.


Wintings reviewed v3.0.3.1140 Beta 1 on Feb 21, 2008

I have just started using this program (in place of jRiver's Media Jukebox) and I like it a lot. It handles my new iPod beautifully so I don't need to bother with Apple's execrable iTunes.


CyberDoc999 reviewed v3.0.3.1140 Beta 1 on Feb 21, 2008

Crashed on the first startup


citrus reviewed v3.0.3.1140 Beta 1 on Feb 20, 2008

MY iphone works .. yay!

i love this software btw.. keeps getting better and better too!


netean reviewed v3.0.3.1137 Alpha 1 on Feb 12, 2008

Wow... now DOES sync with my ipod touch.. I'm impressed, very impressed. Now... how to import my itunes playlists and I can be free of itunes for ever.


reidyn reviewed v3.0.3.1137 Alpha 1 on Feb 11, 2008

I can't agree with several of the other reviews. Buggiest software ever? Not my experience. Each final release has been very solid for me. Crippleware? Only two features are missing in the free version: Active monitoring, and built-in MP3 encoding. The latter can be added manually by just installing the LAME encoder. The developers even tell you this. On the contrary, I find this an excellent piece of software. Before it, I was using Juice for podcast management and other things for syncing with my media device. This one piece of software does it all exactly as I needed, and trouble free.


sooti reviewed v3.0.2.1134 on Feb 10, 2008 works fine, u have to use the winamp 2 plugin for it, but it works great...

great player


urlwolf reviewed v3.0.2.1134 RC3 on Feb 3, 2008

This must be one of the worst programmed applications out there, by far.
The number of bugs is incredible!

Great community, and great design decisions, but horrible implementation. support is broken.
You will see errors popping up that no end user should ever see. Just use it.

Importing my library (that works fine in any other player I tried) I got hundred of popups with errors that you have to dissmiss manually (i.e., no 'ignore all' button.


netean reviewed v3.0.2.1133 RC2 on Jan 29, 2008

still doesn't support my Ipod touch... but would love to use this if it did. I really like it


fatray reviewed v3.0.2.1133 RC2 on Jan 29, 2008

I deleted all my other software and now use MediaMonkey exclusively. Worth the money they want to charge you. Although I don't plan on buying it, there really is no need too IMO.


tickleonthetum reviewed v3.0.2.1132 RC1 on Jan 28, 2008

Crippleware, just an excuse to try and get you to buy the full version that has all the really useful functionality!



Adrian79 reviewed v3.0.2.1132 RC1 on Jan 28, 2008

example, i download an album from somewhere...then I take album pic and all tracks in one folder and click and drag that folder into my ipod will have the playlist w/ the pic as "album art" automatically!

I have yet to find software to pull that stunt off properly!! i hate itunes tho..but nothing else works this way :-( plus, the other "crap" ive tried doesnt allow me to sync a folder on my pc to include pictures!

2 things that itunes, only so far, can do..

suggestions plz?


brusco reviewed v3.0.2.1132 RC1 on Jan 28, 2008

Excellent piece of software. Does what its supposed to without sucking the life out of your system like itunes does.


confuchsia reviewed v3.0.2.1132 RC1 on Jan 28, 2008

yes it is a comprehensive audio manager and that is it's limitation. media managers are now the norm with the emphasis on being able to play most forms of video. monkey media in this context, i would suggest, is an anachronism.


netean reviewed v3.0.2.1132 RC1 on Jan 27, 2008

I think this COULD be superb. From the install I've done, at least as functional as itunes/songbird, if not better.

Sadly, despite the claim that it "worked with all ipods" on the website, it doesn't work with my mine (according to the forums)
Ipod Touch/Iphone not supported. (sadly as I loathe itunes)

When it does, I'd definately consider buying it. (anything that means I don't have to run itunes is worth paying for!)

also, sadly didn't cleanly uninstall: had to manually remove lots of stuff from \program files\ and from the registry!


Tical1207 reviewed v3.0.2.1131 Beta on Jan 24, 2008

The Pro version does everything it should fairly well, with a few exceptions. The sound quality is fine, however I find the interface (personally) to be a bit cumbersome. Aside from that, for some reason when I try to send albums to a playlist in order to prepare them for burning, it will randomly spaz and refuse to send them there. At times like this, the only way to solve the problem is to close mediamonkey and sometimes even reboot, which is kind of a pain.


sooti reviewed v3.0.2.1131 Beta on Jan 21, 2008

the new version is a bit heavier then the previous ones...
but it's still an excellent library manager...

Ball Sacks

Ball Sacks reviewed v3.0.2.1129 Beta on Jan 16, 2008

Pros: Excellent library management, tag editing, file conversion, ripping and burning. Lots of less obvious features, including the ability to create statistics for just about every use, and a locked-down "party" mode that prevents casual interference.

Cons: Full of nag screens - just about every menu and dialog has options that are only available in the paid "Pro" version, and they make this abundantly clear at every possible opportunity. Very limited skinning - doesn't worry me, as the interface is pleasant enough as it is, but compared with Winamp or even XMPlay it's distinctly lacking. Worst of all, the sound is just not up to the best players. There is a replay gain facility, with an anti-clipping option, but it doesn't seem to work (maybe it's only for paying customers???) and the result is the digital equivalent of preamp distortion. Compared with XMPlay in particular it just sounds rough and harsh. Pity, because the concept is great, and the program is fast, stable and intuitive to use.


brusco reviewed v3.0.1.1127 on Jan 3, 2008

Made light work of cataloging my 71GB of music (mixed formats). Looks nice does all i want it to. Will definitely be upgrading to pro, if even just for the directory monitoring feature.


wox reviewed v3.0.1.1109 RC3 on Dec 9, 2007

Good, but not as good as I thought it would be. Switching back to WinAMP..


reidyn reviewed v3.0.1.1109 RC3 on Nov 27, 2007

2.5 was already great. 3.0 adds the one missing piece to make me 100% satisfied, built-in podcast management. This software works perfectly with my Archos 605, far better than any of the alternatives. I've bought a lifetime license, which is well worth it.


citrus reviewed v3.0.1.1109 RC3 on Nov 27, 2007

absolutely the best Music player/organizer out there. hands down


Letterman reviewed v3.0.1.1109 RC3 on Nov 27, 2007

Gets better and better


singwolf reviewed v3.0.0.1097 Beta on Oct 30, 2007

build 1098 is out already - http://www.mediamonkey.c...ey_3.0.0.1098_Debug.exe


Boolah reviewed v3.0.0.1089 Beta 4 on Oct 15, 2007

Great player.. if only that skin was actually included tho.


Tao2005 reviewed v3.0.0.1074 Beta 2 on Sep 14, 2007

Whoa cool dude. I like this UI it looks so awesome. Can't wait for the final.


anomoly reviewed v3.0.0.1069 Beta 1 on Sep 5, 2007

eh. if it were just plain free and they didn't try to offer a pay version AND most importantly the gui was user customizable (there are things that I don't need or would ever use that won't go away!!), It would be the best. I'd rather take the steep learning curve challenge of foobar than install this bloatware


down3000 reviewed v3.0.0.1069 Beta 1 on Sep 5, 2007

good freeware
i like it.


BuckNaked reviewed v3.0.0.1066 Alpha 8 on Aug 28, 2007

Excellent stuff, MM3 is getting pretty stable now and when a few more scripts are rewritten I'll be switching over from 2.x 100%.


tuneslover reviewed v3.0.0.1050 Alpha 6 on Jul 17, 2007

good as free software.


singwolf reviewed v3.0.0.1050 Alpha 6 on Jul 17, 2007

I started using MediaMonkey years ago when my collection started to grow, and I got a Media Center PC. I was using WMP10 and had all sorts of issues (mainly files, images, ID3 tags moving, changing etc without my consent).

I then discovered MM - what a breath of fresh air. It gave me confidence and a great way to not only manage my library, but provide tools/scripts that I use all the time (mainly the case checker, auto increment of track number, sync tags and auto-update filename based on ID3 data).

And since WMP11, it started looking a bit 1995. So, what did they do, they brought all the best features of WMP11 and iTunes and melded them into ver3. Best of all, you can keep it as it was, or selectively use the new views. This should appeal to users of all media players.

If you are serious about your collection, want to ensure no other app changes it, and have a very big collection, nothing I have seen beats MM for these features. The biggest feature to me is the confidence in it's handling of my years of music.

Good work guys on Ver. 3. And to the skinners - the new V3 skins are awesome too. Well done!


cricri_pingouin reviewed v3.0.0.1045 Alpha 5 on Jun 21, 2007

Since clearly this section is dedicated to reviews about other people reviews, let me do the same.

So according to Rojer64, if it's not in the free version, you are dumb to ask for it. That sounds objective and constructive. Let me reiterate my issues: cd burning. The answer I got: "Now who burns their CD's from their Mp3 players ? You guessed." My guess is: not you, therefore noone else should because you constitute the standard of what society should be, am I correct? Well, yet it is in the feature list! Scroll up, it's there, black on white. My complaint was that since it's limited to 4x, it is useless (at least we agree on that). Thus, since it doesn't really do what it promises, points down from me.

What about auto-library update? The decisive answer is "big deal". Speaks for yourself, thank you very much. Again, because it happens not to be important to you doesn't mean that everyone else should discard it.

So, are any features that you have to pay for worthwhile? Well, fear the ineluctable answer: "Only noobs would cry for it". Wow, I haven't heard such a solid argument since kindergarten. And like in kindergarten, birds of the same feather flock together (c.f. ChowMein objective and likewise unequivocal feedback).

However, I agree it's not all bad. Someone pointed out that the GUI is terrible, and I strongly disagree with that. I found the GUI very good, and very customisable. That's actually the best thing about this program in my opinion.

Overall, I stick to a 3 due to what I already said, i.e. missing features that "only noobs would cry for".


Ama3rd reviewed v3.0.0.1045 Alpha 5 on Jun 19, 2007

My favorite media player. I'm sticking with the latest stable version but am anxiously awaiting version 3.
Thanks for keeping an excellent freeware version available.


jiri reviewed v3.0.0.1045 Alpha 5 on Jun 19, 2007

tickleonthetum, please stop your posts full of hate. As already explained many times, this version _is_ completely free and can do many things other applications can't. Yes, there is a paid upgrade available, but it isn't any reason for you to write nonsense here.


tickleonthetum reviewed v3.0.0.1045 Alpha 5 on Jun 19, 2007

This should be classed as crippleware as it lacks a number of features such as the automatic file monitor, limited (4x) CD burning and decent filtering abilities. To get those and more you have to pay for the gold version. The GUI is cluttered, confusing and a poor rip off of iTunes. If the gold version were free and the GUI tidied up it might be useful...


Letterman reviewed v3.0.0.1045 Alpha 5 on Jun 19, 2007

There's no other software like this with so many features like MM.


chowmein reviewed v3.0.0.1034 Alpha 4 on Jun 13, 2007

Rojer is correct.

By the way, this is an Alpha version. Users wanting stability and polish should use the 2.5.5 version for now.


Rojer64 reviewed v3.0.0.1034 Alpha 4 on Jun 10, 2007

Well I can't believe the crap I read. Every single of the negative reviews was from someone who obviously didn't look into it seriously and in some cases just incapable of telling right from wrong. One of them even complained about ASIO drivers. OMG !

Media Monkey might not be free but it deserves to get paid for. Then the free version lacks non mandatory things : auto-update (meaning you get to add new files by hand; big deal ! Please note that most registered users will not use this feature anyway, as it runs in the background and intercepts disk I/O for little accomplishment. Only noobs would cry for it.

What was said about Encoding quality is plain wrong. You can install the vary latest lame encoder in either versions and use it at will, in the most convenient fashion.

About burn speed, this is true. Big deal again. Now who burns their CD's from their Mp3 players ? You guessed.

Down to facts :

- MM is the fastest and most powerful library organizer on the market. Period.

- Only its playlist management make it a must have.

- It contextual menus allow to manage the library, playlists, file on disk exactly at will. Advanced users will write whatever they want directly to the database.

- The database file is accessible via MSAccess, Open Office and Sql queries.

- MM is fully winamp plugin compatible.

- Its functionalities can be extended via hundreds of free scripts provided and supported by a great and helpful user community.

- You can handle 50.000 mp3 libraries like a breeze: try that anywhere else and come again.

- Linked files support is second to none. Be it images or any other kind of files.

- The data base supports additional fields, both pre configured -like Artists and Album comments- and user available.

The interface is great as long as you are not looking for skins and themes. It does the job and does not pretend to be a plastic stereo or whatever funny toy, playing on your screen. It's fully customizable and won't ever let you down or destroy your data.

Comparing this to itunes or wmp is simply a JOKE. As for foobar, this might be a decent alternative with inferior functionalities (sorry to say, dudes) but this is for geeks. MM is up and running right after installation, including for noobs. And geeks are well served if they wish so.

I usually do not give the maximum note lightly but we have to compensate for dummies here. The program is near perfect, only complaint would be about its Microsoft only platform and its heavy relying on Access/VB/IE.


tickleonthetum reviewed v3.0.0.1034 Alpha 4 on May 21, 2007

Buggy, crippleware, cluttered user interface.


Notreallyhere reviewed v3.0.0.1026 Alpha 3 on Apr 2, 2007

This truly is an alpha and is only good to play with, not to actually use. It seems like they are moving the UI usability in the right direction but MAN did it get UGLY...


cricri_pingouin reviewed v3.0.0.1026 Alpha 3 on Mar 28, 2007

In my opinion, this software is over-rated.
Sure, it looks good and works quite fine. However, I'll classify my complaints in two categories.
First, all the features are not amazing and better then any alternative, as other reviews might lead you to believe. For instance, I'm back to foobar2000, which plays well, with fewer resources, is smaller, portable, and supports more formats out of the box. Likewise, I heard someone bragging that they didn't use Mp3Tag for tagging anymore because "Media Monkey does it all and more" (or something of this effect). Well, I checked this hypothesis, and it wasn't long before I returned to Mp3Tag for mass tagging.
Secondly, albeit this is marked as "freeware", it is restricted. For instance, in the free version, you can burn CDs up to 4x as opposed to 48x for the gold version. Thus, if I was to burn a CD, I would use something else. Likewise, the free version includes the library, but it does not get updated automatically.


Letterman reviewed v3.0.0.1026 Alpha 3 on Mar 27, 2007

Great media library organizer. The Party function is really useful to let people in you party change playlists without interrupting the current song.

But as shicaca said: the UI is REALLY ugly. I'm using the iTunes Skin righ now (not the one in the screenshot above).

I wish they could do some improvement to the user interface as the program itself is awesome and deserves my 5 star rating.


shicaca reviewed v3.0.0.1026 Alpha 3 on Mar 27, 2007

I personally have been using MediaMonkey for a while now. The only "ehh" I have with it is that the darned thing is kind of fugly. I switched to WMP11 for a long time, and loved the way it looked, but I have a bit problem with it syncing files CORRECTLY. I just recently came back to MM and am here to stay, for now.

The like I said -- functionality MM is great. I absolutely LOVE the ability to search for album art, but detest whole heartedly the UI. It's functional, I suppose, but I don't like the way the "Windows explorer"-esque file viewer on the left hand side handles things.

The other thing I'd like to see is video sync, but I am very well aware that's definitely a whole new ball of wax, so I understand why it's not there or not there yet.


Canuckistani reviewed v2.5.5.998 Beta on Mar 1, 2007

To be honest, I didn't know MediaMonkey was a media player until I read the reviews here. I though the little player in the corner was just for previewing songs before loading them onto my MP3 player. **laughs** For letting me manage and load songs onto my family's MP3 players without having to contend with iTunes, Sony Sonic Stage and whatever in the heck that nightmarish WMP10 based software Samsung provides is, MonkeyMedia has earned my undying gratitude. For that 5 stars.


Neoprimal reviewed v2.5.5.998 Beta on Mar 1, 2007

@ Sweat

You give credit where credit is due, simply. Personally I love WMP 11, and it's currently the only player out there that's as robust as MediaMonkey when it comes to mp3 organization. Winamp and the rest are great for playing your built/organized library, but not for maintaining the tags, ratings, cover art and media information. Other programs like mp3tag and such are wonderful for a file by file, even a directory basis, but MM is the entire deal. It's like a less buggy, streamlined version of WMP11 when it comes to playing and organization of your library. Currently, WMP11 has 2 fallbacks, 1. It doesn't store the album art in the tag, it uses more of a pairing system, hides the art in the directory and pairs it within the program and/or your mp3 player. MM injects it into the file so that no matter how the mp3 is copied, you'll see the album art in most media players. 2. Not sure if it's by design but the wmplayer.exe process does not close 100% of the time after exiting WMP11, and this is where most people who desire organization using this player have an issue. There's always a chance your files aren't tagged properly by the time you shut your pc down because the process doesn't close properly all the time, resulting in what the media player considers a 'crash' when forceably closed. MM solves all these problems and if used properly is an extremely efficient mp3 organization tool.
Currently the major issue I have is that if you're not careful it can easily messup your collection (for instance, 1 album but labelled differently or released in 1998, 2003 - 1 is 1 or 2 songs off from what you have, MM may *at your command* tag the mp3s with the wrong names based on the same album. Just have to be careful and not let it auto-do anything). Anyway, I maintain that it's a very good program and second only to WMP11 in robustness.


sweathog reviewed v2.5.5.998 Beta on Feb 28, 2007

I am astounded at the high rating this software receives, especially without the open source fanboys not faning the flames (no pun intended; the basic version of Media Monkey is free but it's not open source).

Unlike other folks I have no quarl with Media Monkey's name. I downloaded it months ago after some Puter magazine recommended it. After a few weeks I ended up scratching my head over the rave reviews for what turns out to be pretty ordinary software. True, Media Monkey does a good job of searching your hard drive for music, tagging it and organizing it. But its interface sucks bigtime--that screen shot you see above takes up virtually your entire desktop just to look at your collection of MP3 files. In addition, it's not especially resource thrifty. And audio-wise, I'm hard pressed to tell the sonic difference with Winamp, Quintessential Media Player, or OrangeCD, which is what I currently use.


singwolf reviewed v2.5.5.997 Beta on Feb 19, 2007

Hi have a similar story to "dlemay69" - WMP would keep wrecking my massive collection - MM is the best. The best feature is that it can find files that have been modofied outside of it's database and allow you to re-sync them. AWESOME!


Neoprimal reviewed v2.5.5.997 Beta on Feb 18, 2007

Pretty good program. Does what it says, says what it does. The standard version is by all means free, you simply have to use another encoder since the one built in shuts down in 30 days - lame is free, so, it's not by any means crippleware. It's not an impressive program in looks or function, but it's extremely capable of doing what it says it does, ie: tagging, organizing, etc without bogging down resources. -1 because I don't like programs that push their "upgrades".

Ball Sacks

Ball Sacks reviewed v2.5.5.996 on Feb 9, 2007

This is not free it's crippleware..... and on top of that it's like $20.00 or ($19.95 + not sure) to buy the full ver. yeah right... Back to wmp 10... The only thing I can say good about this is that it's light...... so 2 stars for that.... and your lucky to get that.... I don't see why this is crippleware when iTunes is free and do everything this want to be media player crap do for free..... don't get me wrong i hate iTunes as well but at least it's free...


dlemay69 reviewed v2.5.5.996 on Jan 31, 2007

If you have a large MP3 collection, this is the best software out there to manage your library with. I have over 25,000 songs, and iTunes would grind to a halt beyond 6,000. The auto-tagging and auto-organizing features of this software are such a time saver, and helps to keep your library clean.

I've searched for a long time and used many different programs, this one takes the cake.

As far as the guy who says it's bloatware, I don't see where that comes from. It cant be too bloated to handle as much music as I have.


anomoly reviewed v2.5.5.996 on Jan 31, 2007

Eh. The difference between the payed & the free version is a joke. There are better audio convertors as well as players (that can support asio output). It can point to any player of your choice but all that makes me want to do is not use it at all. Granted it's management abilities are OK, but the interface is a joke and simply a bloated piece of garbage. I would absolutely simply NEVER pay for a soft with this name OR icon.


darthbeads reviewed v2.5.5.996 on Jan 30, 2007

Does everything it claims and is designed to do, as any good tool should. Five stars up...WAY up!


Aires reviewed v2.5.5.995 RC7 on Jan 24, 2007

@ darthbeads:
Then maybe this should have an unrelated media name like FunkyMonkey then instead of MediaMonkey? Wouldn't have a problem with that.

@ Joffi:
Didn't know about the plugin but that's great and I'll definitely check it out. But this should come as standard by now.

Still 3 stars as nobody has convinced me ny different.


Notreallyhere reviewed v2.5.5.995 RC7 on Jan 23, 2007

THE BEST. I've been using this program to manage my music for 2 years now. I try other programs as they come out but none of them are as efficient and useful as this one.


darthbeads reviewed v2.5.5.992 RC6 on Jan 22, 2007

Do you rate lower because, despite what the name might have you believe, it has nothing to do with the Amazon? No. You also don't rate a software lower because it doesn't do what you think it should do, based on your interpretation of the name.

Mediamonkey does everything is claims and intends to do flawlessly, even with the more-than-adequate freeware version. My media catalog/player of choice.


Joffi reviewed v2.5.5.992 RC6 on Jan 21, 2007

For those complaining of lack of video, etc, check out VID4wa Video Plug-in, found on the MediaMonkey and Winamp Plug-ins Input/Output Plug-ins page ( and the homepage @

I would rate this a 5 if the pro options were available in the freeware. Yes, it isn't a huge difference (but enough of one) and you get what pay for. Yet, in all likelihood, donations would increase beyond the current income from pro keys.


Aires reviewed v2.5.5.992 RC6 on Jan 20, 2007

I still maintain that this is called MediaMonkey - not AudioMonkey. And therefore by now should support media which includes basic video transfer to iPod.


corbintechboy reviewed v2.5.5.991 RC5 on Jan 17, 2007

I have to say I love Media Monkey. I have used many mp3 organizers and many have disappointed me. What I like best is the fact it is not bloated. I have a 2 y/o machine and a gig of ram and have had players that have bogged me down. Something as simple as browsing the net was annoying with other players (lag in music b/c of resource hungry players).

Sure I will give some reviewers that Apple did pod casting right with iTunes but IMHO Media Monkey has it beat in the organized mp3 usage category. And for the Dev that posted here:
Keep up the good work!!! And keep this lean and fast and functional and you have them all beat!!!


darthbeads reviewed v2.5.5.990 RC4 on Dec 27, 2006

Hands-down my personal favorite music-manager and player. I use MediaMonkey practically 24/7 -- the freeware version, too, which has never left me feeling as though it was lacking anything.

Furthermore, it is simply absurd to rate something lower simply because it lacks a feature which you think it should have. If MediaMonkey claimed to be a video manager and that feature was either lacking or not functioning properly, then a low rating makes sense. Rating MediaMonkey low because it doesn't support video is like rating a Ferrari low because it doesn't comfortably seat 7 and can't tow your boat.


nms04 reviewed v2.5.5.990 RC4 on Dec 27, 2006

is this the default skin? wasn't it blue in the past?? :-/


3nos reviewed v2.5.5.988 Beta on Dec 26, 2006

Me too! I'm happy when MediaMonkey is still stick with Audio only.
The best one I'd used ever!

Joey Deacon

Joey Deacon reviewed v2.5.5.988 Beta on Dec 23, 2006

Aires, you know MediaMonkey is just for Audio right? I'm glad they havn't bloated it with Video support...


Aires reviewed v2.5.5.988 Beta on Dec 23, 2006

@ Logain: Great - but there's a place for posting them and it ain't here!

I give this only 3 stars because while it's a fantastic alternative to iTunes for music, despite the number of fixes in this build there's STILL no support for transfering videos to the iPod - and that's appalling.


Of course I know it's just for audio but it really should've progressed to video support by now. And I don't for the life of me see why it should be at all bloated to provide such support - that's a load of rubbish to say that.


aking80 reviewed v2.5.5.988 Beta on Dec 22, 2006

Good media player... I'd give it a 5/5 if it was compatible with music tracking


reidyn reviewed v2.5.5.985 RC3 on Dec 13, 2006

"Alot" of the features are NOT locked. "A few" are. Arguably, this is similar to WinAmp and other apps that give a few extras for paying, but have a completely functional application for free. I use the free version, and it works well. I don't use it to rip or burn CDs, but would be happy to pay the $20 if I did. I would give this a 5 if it had built-in Podcast support, and I'm hesitant to even lop the point off for not having that since iTunes is the only free music library that does seem to have this feature. It works fine with Juice or the other Podcast clients, but a single application to deal with podcasts and my library would be ideal.


rustymonkey reviewed v2.5.5.985 RC3 on Dec 11, 2006

I'm one of the contributors to MediaMonkey and I just want to answer to the claims that MediaMonkey is crippleware.

MediaMonkey is a project that a few people work on because we love music and want to make a living working on it. We try to do so ethically, by giving away a free version and selling a paid version to support the continued development of new features.

There are a couple of potential business models that we've considered:
1) Advertising supported. This is a model used by many developers, however, at the moment, this couldn't support the project in a non-intrusive fashion (e.g. Firefox is supported by advertising in a non-intrusive manner via it's google search bar).
2) Give away a time-limited trial so that people are forced to upgrade after some defined period. This is a model that we wouldn't consider since we have a large community of users who rely on the free version and are not about to turn our backs on them.
3) Give away a feature-limited version so that users can upgrade if they want additional features
a) Give away little functionality. This model is used by some shareware apps, however, in the case of MediaMonkey, we would not be able to compete with products like Windows Media Player or iTunes if the product was crippled in this fashion since they offer similar functionality at no cost.
b) Give away almost all functionality. This is the model that MediaMonkey aspires to. We try to give away as much functionality as is required to make the product useful for the average user without requiring an upgrade to the Gold version. At the same time, we sell a Gold version that adds a bit more for users who want to support the project.

The main exceptions to the above are two pieces of functionality that have licensing fees associated with them: Disc Burning and MP3 Encoding. If you want faster disc burning, then yes, you'll need to upgrade. If you want MP3 encoding, then you can either upgrade, or just replace the included LAME encoder dll with one you find on the internet (as we describe in the MediaMonkey faq).

So is MediaMonkey freeware? Maybe not unequivocally, but it's certainly not crippleware (otherwise there wouldn't be thousands of people using the free version when a Freeware version of iTunes is available). I would also argue that it's much closer to freeware than it is to shareware given the amount of functionality that is given away. After all, if Winamp lite, which has a fraction of the functionality of MediaMonkey, is considered freeware then MediaMonkey certainly should be.

I hope this isn't too offtopic, and that it at least gives some people a better idea of whether you want to try MediaMonkey or not.



Ama3rd reviewed v2.5.5.985 RC3 on Dec 7, 2006

I have used mediamonkey for over a year and it is an excellent application.
The free version is fine for organizing and listening to your music.
This is definitely worth trying if you looking for an alternative to your present music manager.


tickleonthetum reviewed v2.5.5.983 RC2 on Nov 18, 2006

Alot of the features are locked out unless you pay, so this is not freeware at all.


squirrel83 reviewed v2.5.5.980 Beta on Oct 27, 2006

I switched to media monkey the second Itunes 7 was released, it works far better and with me having a music library with contents of 53000 it loads faster and imports my flac which Itunes does not do. Works great with my ipod and I have used a creative music player as well.


freegoo reviewed v2.5.5.980 Beta on Oct 27, 2006

I wouldn't describe this program as crippleware. Take away the gold version and this program wouldn't appear to be missing any features or functionality except for the 4X burn limitation. The mp3 encoding being a gold feature is due to mp3 licensing issues I believe, and it will work if you install a 3rd party encoder. I'd put the free version up against other paid for versions music players such as Media Center favorably. That earns it a pass on the shareware label in my opinion.

Anyway, Free or gold I've grown to love the monkey. Previous review I favored Media Center slightly. Well that's changed. Media Monkey is slimmer and still just as functional. It also syncs with my music player better than Media Center did. I am a gold user, and the $35 for lifetime updates is an awesome deal. It's nice to know that these updates won't cost me (such as the case with Media Center's $20 upgrade fee to version 12).

There are 2 things I'd like to see added. 1> Drag and drop support. This is the year 2006, I should be able to drop a song from Windows Explorer and add it to my media library and/or playlist! 2> Some sort of container at the bottom left corner of the program that holds a playlist for easy drag and drop access so it's a little easier to add browse through my music library and add music without scrolling the left part of the program up and down.


davidtb reviewed v2.5.5.980 Beta on Oct 27, 2006

Good Product, but a category should be created known as "CrippleWare". They're not alone, and to this Monkey's defense this beast does transform most formats to almost anything you want. (not all tho)
I liked it, but it's operations are a bit left-handed for me, I had to me think, when I wanted to listen.



tickleonthetum reviewed v2.5.4.978 on Sep 13, 2006

Before downloading this "Freeware" version check out what's limited on:

4x burning speed is an artificial constraint to attempt to force you to upgrade. The MP3 encoder has a time limit.

I would class this as shareware...


Letterman reviewed v2.5.4.978 on Sep 12, 2006

What's new in

- Fixed AutoPlay entries are disabled on install/uninstall
- Fixed installation language doesn't 'stick' for non-Admin accounts
- Fixed bookmarks are lost on iPod synchronization
- Fixed bitrate not reported for FLAC tracks > 25 minutes


darkpepe reviewed v2.5.4.978 on Sep 12, 2006

The party mode is something I'd like Winamp to have, else this has nothing to offer but bloat.


Letterman reviewed v2.5.4.975 RC2 on Aug 30, 2006

What's new in

- Fixed synchronization of Creative Zen devices doesn't work on Windows 2000
- Fixed selection of multiple tracks via
- Fixed highlighting of duplicates in the Burn wizard doesn't work correctly

I don't use it as a regular player either (MPC does that for me) but to listen music like a jukebox and keep it organized, there is nothing better. You can even use Party Mode to keep the music rolling and let (or avoid) your friends from changing the playlist / music genre / etc.


anomoly reviewed v2.5.4.975 RC2 on Aug 29, 2006

I was against this (a wmp clone) but having so much music I can barely keep track & have now found it a necessary tool (3 dif folders on 3 dif hd's totaling 280+ gb's). It only lacks the ability to completely customize the stupid a** tree. Will not play some url's and apparently some file types (you're kidding?) but makes out to be the best & easiest organizer (so far). A far as tag management, TagScanner is still the best imho. Album art will take forever...


Boworr reviewed v2.5.4.975 RC2 on Aug 29, 2006

Although it has some excellent features, it lacks native support for the m4a format. While you can install 3rd party codecs to enable playback and transcribing to another audio format, probably the most useful feature of tag management does not work. This means that you can't take advantage of many of the features listed.

I can only give this software a 2/5 because of this reason, however if it had m4a support, it would be a 4 or 5.


honda931 reviewed v2.5.4.974 Beta on Aug 27, 2006

This program makes finding album art so easy. It even writes the album art to the IDv3 tag so no matter what player you use to paly the file it will have album art. awesome it syncs with my Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone therefore eliminating the need to use the dreaded windows media player. just a great program must have!!!


Canuckistani reviewed v2.5.4.974 Beta on Aug 25, 2006

I don't use this as a player but, rather, as a great alternative to the iTunes client for my iPod. Works a treat and its not all up it your face.


Letterman reviewed v2.5.4.974 Beta on Aug 25, 2006

What's new in

- Added Italian back to the installer (newly updated translation)
- Fixed Burn wizard freezes on startup on some systems
- Fixed Conversion doesn't always transfer Album Art to destination track
- Fixed MusicMatch / Goldwave WAV tags may not be read correctly
- Fixed minor issues in the German translation
- Fixed deselection using Ctrl+Shift+click


freegoo reviewed v2.5.4.971 Beta on Aug 12, 2006

This is a very good player, offering a free version that is actually very functional. The gold version is worth purchasing though, and the lifetime license is a bargain especially when you compare this program to it's best competitor JRiver's Media Center. My only real complaint was working with playlists. Right clicking songs then transversing through a menu to send it to a playlist is cumbersome, and dragging it to the playlist is better but the music explorer tree gets so long I find myself having to scroll it up and down a lot to travel through my library and then get the playlist back into view.

Everything is fast and stable like you would expect. According to task manager MM comes in under 4 megs compared to Media Center's massive 23 megs so if you have an older PC MM would definately be better for you (or just don't care for the extra ram usage). I found the mp3 player support to be very good, but found that my playlists did not keep the same order as they are in the PC. You can edit them by double clicking the playlist from the music drive in explorer but every time MM resyncs the changes are lost again.

Overall I really like MM. The forums are very friendly, and like someone else said in the reviews you can tell the developers really love music and have obviously been listening to their users. $35 for a lifetime license is an incredibly good deal - I'd purchase that before they come to their senses :). While there are some things I like in Media Center better (native podcast support), easier job of managing playlists from within the program I find myself firing up the monkey more frequently as it starts up faster and makes for a very good media experience.


zridling reviewed v2.5.4.971 Beta on Aug 4, 2006

Corbit, you win the trophy for best line of the year!

Oh, and MediaMonkey has no rival, period.


Corbit reviewed v2.5.4.971 Beta on Aug 4, 2006

Just a great, great program. Like Linda Lovelace, it doesn't choke on the big ones. That is, it handles larger libraries without a problem. Then there are the tons of little things that seperate it from the others in this space. For example, you can just drag the album art on Amazon into the application and it will embed the image into the mp3 file on the fly. I can tell these guys love using the p.c. for music. It manifests itself in every way with this application.


Letterman reviewed v2.5.4.969 Beta on Jul 30, 2006

Absolutely Awesome... period.


urlwolf reviewed v2.5.3 on Jun 18, 2006

Superb program. I moved from Jriver Media center, which looks really baad in comparison. The main advantage of Mediamonkey is speed, if you have a large database this is it. Also, the scriptability and community are exceptional... many plugins out there make this the best player in any platform.


darthbeads reviewed v2.5.3 on Jun 6, 2006

MediaMonkey is absolutely outstanding in my opinion. Smooth portable media player synchronization. Fantastic library management. I love the tag and cover search. It just works, and is my default music player.

Changelog for this release:

- Added username/password support for secure streams (e.g. via Slim Server)
- Updated online help
- Fixed iPod synchronization/auto-conversion can cause tracks to stop prematurely
- Fixed connected MTP devices can prevent MediaMonkey from shutting down correctly
- Fixed CD/DVD burning on some burners (update to burn engine v1.98)
- Fixed DVD burning doesn't show accurate available burn speeds
- Fixed Album Art tagging can fail if initiated when track is already in tagging queue
- Fixed streams from Slimserver don't always display metadata on track change
- Fixed regression with Preview functionality


chowmein reviewed v2.5.3.968 RC4 on Jun 5, 2006

This program is better than winamp, itunes, foobar, etc, [in my humble opinion]. It really does do it all without getting in your face or being hard to use.

Organize your files and play them like Itunes, burn to CD, RIP from CD, etc...without being bloated or complex.

It plays all files, [FLAC, OGG, MP3, WAV, ETC] the only thing I found that it doesn't seem to play are AAC files.

If I had one feature request it would be to support shoutcast streaming, then I'd have no reason to load up winamp, ever!


eblade reviewed v2.5.3.963 RC3 on May 22, 2006

I am seriously digging this program, as finally something to edit ID3 and ogg tags in mass quantities fairly easily. Unfortunatly, it seems to have put anywhere from 2 to 8 entries in it's library for every file on my system .. some with forward slashes, and some with backward, and some with both. Very bizarre.


charlezz reviewed v2.5.3.959 RC2 on May 18, 2006

The essential program for any audiophile! I've been using it for a few months now and still discover new functions and options. Never had problems syncing with my iPod. Has endless options for tagger. Every feature is thought about thoroughly. I'm not satisfied about the Winamp plug-ins integration, most don't work and I can't find a list of compatible plug-ins. Also they could drop skin-support, not needed in my opinion. Overall it's the best music program I've encountered but you could probably stick with Winamp if you don't have a lot of music and want a small sleek interface.


spot1701 reviewed v2.5.3.956 Beta on May 2, 2006

Blows itunes out of the water.


Carlospr reviewed v2.5.3.956 Beta on May 2, 2006

Just to let you know that this version added support for rating songs directly from CD Art Display (formerly Winamp CD Case).
More about CD Art Display:


dejavu reviewed v2.5.3.956 Beta on May 1, 2006



anomoly reviewed v2.5.3.954 Beta on Apr 22, 2006

WMP clone wannabe-i use xmplay & tagscanner


brotherS reviewed v2.5.3.954 Beta on Apr 20, 2006

While I still prefer Winamp for listening to music, I really like MediaMonkey for archiving my tagged mp3 files! Just burn the files onto a CD/DVD, give the disc a good name (maybe the date when you burned it) and then import its contents to MediaMonkey's database. Now you could browse the database even when the disc is not in the drive, the search option is helpful (and fast!) too.



charlezz reviewed v2.5.3.954 Beta on Apr 18, 2006

This program made me switch from Winamp, that I've been using for several years. You've got a zillion ways to sort and find your music, as long as your tags are correct, and even more when you download some extensions/scripts from their website. The program can be tuned very very extensively. Really a must-have for music addicts with a bigger music collection!


haha1091 reviewed v2.5.2.951 on Apr 10, 2006

This is one of THE best Music progrmas out there.
Everything is basically easy to navigate even for a newbie, plays the music great, and even hides in the backround.

Not only that this program also allows you to copy music from an Ipod, without the need to download expensive software.


shseeley reviewed v2.5.2.951 on Mar 17, 2006

This is great multimedia software.. ive been a longtime user of winamp...this made me switch from winamp to mediamonkey in a matter of days. i have a whole lot of music on my comuter.. roughly around 14k songs, the search function flies through all of my music and finds just what im lookin for with no problems. the way this handles playlists is very unique and takes a little bit to get used to.. but its by far the best ive found.. and with the video makes it even better. good stuff.


3nos reviewed v2.5.2.951 on Mar 16, 2006

a so nice prog. easy to use & manage.
but there is still a bug when processing the Flac file. My flac files were corrupted when I rated it.


pjosephson reviewed v2.5.2.950 RC3 on Mar 11, 2006

I must agree whole heartedly about this program. It is great! The database access is fast. Heck, the whole program is fast (not like MS or others with slow response times to large music databases). Also, the ability quickly change properties, easily manipulate files, play music (networked - did I say fast already :) ), and host of other useful features make this my new music player of choice

Yes, there are some rough edges and the icons sometimes look dated (i.e. the tree menu)


Gunman67 reviewed v2.5.2.947 RC1 on Feb 26, 2006

I love this program. I paid for the lifetime membership after seeing all the great features it includes. The visualizations totally kill my Mac's iTunes. The orginization works great like iTunes and the online radio options it unbeleivable. I think the party mode is great for when people are over that you don't want browsing around on your computer, but, they can still change you playlist and such. All in all it is a great product whether you pay for it or not. I recommend it to everyone.


citrus reviewed v2.5.2.947 RC1 on Feb 26, 2006

i love this program.. i use it exclusivly for tagging, playing, burning, converting mp3s and transfering to my ipod. it has the easiest tagging system and the ability to organize them in real time to the correct folders is awsome. people say oh i have to pay for this program.. no you dont in fact it is 99.99% usable with the unpaid version and that is what i use. only gripe i have is this Specific release has some bugs and slow downs in it that they need to get worked out.. but i use 2.5.1 stable and it works great. now all they need is a linux version and i would delete windows


Zankur reviewed v2.5.2.947 RC1 on Feb 26, 2006

This is the best thing ever to happen to managing your library,it has a damn good player,good conversion.ripping,tagging software...
On top of this its free and does most of the things which others like jetaudio,j.river ask you to shell out the bills...


tba02 reviewed v2.5.2 Beta 2 on Feb 11, 2006

Sqin, got an example?


sQin reviewed v2.5.2 Beta 2 on Feb 11, 2006

^^^^ depends on what exactly do you need. musikcube, wxmusik, foobar2000 and songbird (coming soon) are so good..

there are better free, faster and more beautiful music organizers


cesar_l2 reviewed v2.5.2 Beta 2 on Feb 11, 2006

You don't need to pay for this so get it.


aszure reviewed v2.5.2 Beta 2 on Feb 11, 2006

I have used media monkey, and its a nice piece of software. I would give it a 5 if it did just a little bit more. I use J River's Media Center, and have for a few years, and it just does everything. However, if you dont want to pay for software, Media monkey is a nice little proggie to catalog your mp3s and so on.

Lisa Hayes

Lisa Hayes reviewed v2.5.2 Beta 1 on Jan 28, 2006

finally, a workable mp3 database manager.

it can compete with most of the commercial softwares offering the same service.

the price is just right.


precurgent reviewed v2.5.1 on Jan 15, 2006

I do not understand calling mention of another media player "childish", but then yelling things like "inferior product" and "NOTHING that is better"... in fact, Media Center allows you to change the display font, has better ripping (can re-read to verify what has been read, to prevent errors), provides a handy pane to edit file properties and tag info, support for ASIO, configurable toolbars, and many other advanced features that MediaMonkey does not have.

It is a matter of preference and willingness to spend.

MediaMonkey is very good given that it has a freeware version.

Marcin Świerczyński

Marcin Świerczyński reviewed v2.5.1 on Jan 3, 2006

Great soft. Has got a lot of outstanding features. I strongly recommend it!


lookwhatifound reviewed v2.5.1 on Dec 29, 2005

really nice program for music lovers. all in one music manager/organizer + player + converter + tagger. the new party mod seems to be cool as well.

the standard version (freeware) lacks some feature as file monitor. but else its a must program if you have lots of music files in your computer.


allanhendershot reviewed v2.5.1.933 RC4 on Dec 28, 2005

Love the software but I still can't transfer playlists with my Zen Micro even though their forums say it works. Oh well still waiting.


OSuser reviewed v2.5.1.927 RC1 on Dec 19, 2005

One word. WOW! I've been following and reading this media player for quite sometime now and never used it until now. It does what it stated and a lot more. Simple user interface and easy to navigate makes this one a winner! A +5!


jackthbean reviewed v2.5.1.924 Beta 4 on Dec 17, 2005

Bah.. The GUI is very nice... The program works very well thank you! ;-)


christoofar reviewed v2.5.1.924 Beta 4 on Dec 13, 2005

sure wish they'd add Creative support...There are plenty of us out here who use them/like them over


rustymonkey reviewed v2.5.1.918 Beta 2 on Nov 30, 2005

Re. the Freeware comment: LAME _does_ expire after 30 days, however, this is for licensing reasons. If you want to continue using MediaMonkey with MP3 encoding, you can just copy the standard version of LAME into the plugins directory.


sQin reviewed v2.5.1.918 Beta 2 on Nov 29, 2005

bloated, high on resources, ugly UI.


jtstone1983 reviewed v2.5.1.908 Alpha 4 on Nov 2, 2005

I give it a 2 because it's a free version; which means that it's like other programs i.e has it's limitations...the sleep function is only available in the gold version....The shuffle doesn't work; the burn to Cd doesn't work...this is not a program that'll work for me.


^L^ reviewed v2.5.1.901 Alpha 3 on Oct 13, 2005

Very Smart - but i miss an simple(?) Option for
access to a Local CDDB Database, like in EAC, Audiograbber, Feurio, Nero ... etc.

Anyway 5 :)


richardhill reviewed v2.5.1.901 Alpha 3 on Oct 11, 2005

MediaMonkey simply rocks. Not so simply, it's packed with more features than a German sportscar and is user friendly to boot. Updating my tags from makes storing, sorting and managing my MP3 collection a breeze.

sQin mentioned 'no gapless playback', which would be a great addition, but there's nothing else I need. This little, and free (with a Gold option) app is awesome.


fizzprizm reviewed v2.5.1.899 Alpha 2 on Oct 7, 2005

I feel this is most probably the most powerull o programs I have used, would be great if could change the fonts or file icons to album covers.

Overall its antastic easy and straight forward, I do want to know though if at all possible if you can transfer the ratings to other players??


ninjeratu reviewed v2.5.896 Alpha on Sep 25, 2005

rpavl should stop voting 2 on this all the time. The J River promoting is getting old. It's got got NOTHING that is better than MediaMonkey, so stop it fanboy. How about you actually use this FREE and excellent manager instead?
The only media manager that can possibly have more features is Helium, and more features isn't necessarily a good thing... Both Helium and J River cost a lot of money, which is totally nuts. This is free and does the same thing at least as good.
I like MediaMonkey because it's got the features you need, a nice and functional layout, is fast, responsive, easy to use and is completely free.
I think it's a weak 4 - lack uf updates/news on their site is worrying. But then again, the product doesn't really need that many updates.
I will give it a 5 to counter rpavl's childish promotion of an inferior product.
By the way, did I mention it's FREE?


sQin reviewed v2.5.896 Alpha on Sep 20, 2005

+ good features
- i dont like the interface (winamp inside)
- no gapless playback


Notreallyhere reviewed v2.4.874 RC-3 on Jul 3, 2005

This program is amazing. I had never heard of it until a month ago. Now I don't know what I would do without it. It was easy for me to learn and supports every format of music I have on my Harddrive. Every once and a while it crashed but it doesnt lose any information and I can pick up where I left off.


danilloOc reviewed v2.4.874 RC-3 on Jul 1, 2005

It's a nice program but to be honest since it's losted the feature of convert to MP3 format on the free version it losted the utility to me, also 99% of the latest updates are related to iPod, long time without anything (non iPod)new. I just moved to iTunes.


hkm reviewed v2.4.2.872 RC-1 on Jun 24, 2005

One of my fave music players/organizers. I love it! Only minor complaint is that it's a bit clunky to delete files from the MMonkey playlist that are no longer on the media specified [like, you've DELeted them, moved to another CD, folder, etc.]

Also I've had trouble just getting a simple list of media to play -- ie, listing ALL media available on my HD, sorting by, say, HD location [which if named right SHOULD play in order], then simply clicking on the first file and playing the full list I select. I know there are ways to do this with a bit more foolery, but I want a simple "What You See Is What I Play" ordered arrangement.

Note to AlexBR -- you need to re-configure your option NOT to scan for new media/music files when program starts. Default when you install the prog is NOT to scan each time [I think], but first-time use it DOES do a full scan for media files.

So, y'all just need to un-check option to scan each time it starts. [Sorry can't remember how, but it's pretty easy to figure out how.]


Lurifax reviewed v2.4.862 RC2 on May 31, 2005

Hugh750 says: "when in it's options menu you can't exit from it."
Now, that´s not REALLY a major problem, is it? Even if it was, you CAN actually exit via the
Great player. Switched to this one from winamp, mainly cause I like it´s library more.


hugh750 reviewed v2.4.862 RC2 on May 31, 2005

tried it,didn't like it,when in it's options menu you can't exit from it.


AlexBR reviewed v2.4.861 Beta 2 on May 19, 2005

This is one great piece of software. I just find a little annoying that it catalogs my whole library every time I start the program. Other than that, it´s GREAT!
Oh, why do stupid people like this ghammer are allowed to post here? The guy rated the program based on the fact that he could not access their website. My goodness... you are too idiot!


And| reviewed v2.4.861 Beta 2 on May 19, 2005

First of all... This program is so relevant to my needs that it is almost, well fitted. I liked the layout of it, the options, the plugins and so forth. A thing I did not like however was the way to add files. The akward way to get it to read the tags/filenames as winamp, which I did not succed in. I was ready to make the switch from winamp, since I believe that winamp is starting to get to filled. Its not as relevant as it used to be. If you have a modern skin like MMD3 it takes ages to open. MediaMoney loads faster, and the navigation is much more easy for people that dont remember titles, but have a rich ID3 v2 tag system in their music collection.

It plays lots of filetypes to. It needed so little to convert me, pitty.


nirmalv reviewed v2.4.861 Beta 2 on May 19, 2005

A good program,better cataloging tool. I think it's a great idea - the compatibility with winamp i mean. Sound quality is great , maybe not as good as foobar or sonique

And what noo~bs we have in this forum, can't even pick up a web-site that works well and then actually goes on to give a bad review based on it!!


netean reviewed v2.3 Build 841 RC-3 on Feb 11, 2005

This is actually a pretty nice bit of software (to be honest I was expecting it to be písh!)

Works very well for me, so well in fact that a managed to changed (en-masse) all the ID3 tags for ALL, 5Gbs worth, of my mp3s (admittedly they were all changed to the same single ID3 setting) but, hey that was my own fault.

I use mine to create playlists and then copy the files from the playlists onto my tiny mp3 player, or onto the 512mb cards of my player.

for me. works great.
Bit more options and controllability on the ripping/encoding front would be helpful though


rustymonkey reviewed v2.3 Build 834 Beta 5 on Feb 1, 2005

fyi, FLAC is supported as of MediaMonkey 2.3 Beta 5 (both FLAC playback and FLAC tagging).

-RustyMonkey (mm developer)


ct@work reviewed v2.3 Build 834 Beta 5 on Jan 23, 2005

God - but a little bit overload and not freeware.


hkm reviewed v2.3 Build 834 Beta 5 on Jan 20, 2005

Re the FLAC issue. According to MediaMonkey's website, there is a freeware plugin @ that will do this.

Plug-in : FLAC
Description : This plug-in allows MediaMonkey to play files encoded in the FLAC format. FLAC, an increasingly popular lossless compression format, ensures that your CDs are recorded at the highest possible level of quality, but takes up more hard disk space than lossy compression formats such as OGG or MP3. A FLAC encoder is also available at the FLAC web site.
Installation : Run the installer and install to the MediaMonkey directory. Restart MediaMonkey and scan your drive for FLAC files.
Web site :
Size : 104KB


CapZap reviewed v2.3 Build 831 Beta 3 on Jan 9, 2005

It's good software. It doesn't do flac and WinAmp does. I do not like the library format in WinAmp but at least 40% of my library is in flac format so Media Monkey doesn't fill the bill. Quite a few audio programs ignore flac which I wish was otherwise. But, hey! I'm the odd man out.

So, good software, but needs flac support.


hkm reviewed v2.3 Build 826 Beta 2 on Jan 5, 2005

nice software, easy to use. One function I don't like is that when I'm scanning media files on my HD, files previously cataloged, but deleted or moved/burned to CD still show up, but are greyed out when clicked. You have to go into the DEAD LINKS or something sub-menu and select all files & delete them. What gives with that? Otherwise, very nice indeed!


danilloOc reviewed v2.3 Build 826 Beta 2 on Dec 29, 2004

I am using MediaMonkey for 6 months now and I am very happy to see how much powerful he is being.


Xegyn reviewed v2.2.2 Build 780 RC2 on Aug 14, 2004

The search function is good, but not as lightning fast as Winamp, and doesn't seem to let me search using an artist name and a song title together in one string. It seems as if I have to choose one or the other. Nice GUI, and the Tempo/Mood/Rating categories are fantastic. Wish there were global hotkeys when window is not active.


jjjansen reviewed v2.2.2 Build 776 RC1 on Aug 9, 2004

An excellant music cataloging program. The best that I have found. The free version is great but I like it so much that I purchased the Gold version. My music sounds great. It is very easy to locate errors in your tags and very easy to correct them. Only fault I have found is that the tagging does not support albumn art (not yet anyway).


Grandpas reviewed v2.2.2 Build 776 RC1 on Aug 9, 2004

Is there a cover manager?
As I can see, Mediamonkey is clearly 'below' Catraxx (not a freeware).
I've not yet tested it seriously but it makes its job correctly so I rated with five stars.


sdaughtry reviewed v2.2.2 Alpha Build 772 on Jul 22, 2004

The best Mp3 cataloging utility I've found (and I've evaluated dozens of them). I am a registered owner of Helium, which is horribly complex and yet underpowered at the same time. MediaMonkey has done a great job of organizing 750GB worth of MP3 files - it even accepts WinAmp plugins! Playback sounds great, the ability to add ratings to songs is extremely useful; the "virtual cd" function has made creation of road trip cd's a piece of cake. Well worth the registration price.. as a computer programmer I had contemplated writing my own cataloging program, but after evaluating (and later purchasing) MediaMonkey I have scrapped that idea..

BTW - I did try WinAmp 5.0 for awhile.. very nice playback quality, lots of cool plugins, but I had to spend a lot of time figuring out how to share it across my home network, and it's cataloging features pale in comparison to MediaMonkey.


marsovac reviewed v2.2.746 RC1 on May 8, 2004

Great program for making a catalogue of your mp3, cda... discs. It stores all the data in MS Access mdb format, so with a little programming in Access / VBA you can make a very useful front-end app for your catalogue. It supports winamp 2x plugins / skins... etc. (If you are a Winamp freak you can chose winamp for a player from within the MediaMonkey UI.) Personaly I never was very keen on WinAmp, so I use MusicMatch for cd-ripping / mp3PRO playback... hdd media library organizing etc.. And MediaMonkey for cataloging audio / mp3PRO CDs...


arg0 reviewed v2.0.1.555 RC2 on Aug 22, 2003

I absoultely *love* this program. I started using it
from the times of Songs-DB 1.1 and I appreciated many new
features since. It's a great, free, all-in-one music
collection manager.
I appreciate especially the tag editor, the DB addition
history and the scoring system.
Gold version adds advanced features for $20. May be worth
it, but I would like a 30-day trial version before buying.
Definitely a 5!


Thunder7000 reviewed v2.0.1.555 RC2 on Aug 15, 2003

Verry buggy ..


ChronosX reviewed v2.0.1.544 RC1 on Aug 3, 2003

After installation all my direct sound properties destroyed. No player run - no foobar, no winamp nothing. BAD BAD !


tannman1 reviewed v1.4 Beta 4 Build 519 on Jul 5, 2003

So far excellent product. A decent if not a bit cluttered menu gives way to a great player with it's own set of features including plug ins and a basic eq. No bugs as yet. The product does what claims without bloating.


Ihatebt reviewed v1.4 Beta 4 Build 519 on Jul 4, 2003

Does what it says! Ialso had no problems downloading the file. It installed well and it works well.
Also integrates with Nero to allow direct burning of music MP3s to Audio or MP3 CD.
But just in case, as with most beta software, I have a valid Ghost image ready and waiting to restore. lol
Joking aside, the program works.


AndrewJC reviewed v1.4 Beta 3 Build 506 on Jun 13, 2003

This program is alright... lots of bugs, but its just like a HUGE Winamp, one nice feature is the conversion stuff. But thats about it.


jirihajek reviewed v1.0 Beta on Nov 8, 2001

A message from the author: Yes, some people have problems with the speed of the site. However, now there is a link to Simtel on the download page, where you can choose among many servers around the world with downloadable Songs-DB. So I hope it will not be a problem to download Songs-DB anymore!


savagexp reviewed v1.0 Beta on Nov 1, 2001

I was actually able to complete the download, but when I attempted to run the setup file, I received a message telling me the file was corrupt and I needed to download it again.

This ain't so fresh.


mcevoys reviewed v1.0 Beta on Nov 1, 2001

I'd try the program, but the download stops at 2%...the developer's site is painfully slow....I can't even look at the screenshots page.

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