SUMo SUMo 5.12.12 for Windows

by KC Softwares

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File Size 2.9 MB
License Freeware
Operating System Windows (All)
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Total Downloads 76,545
Publisher KC Softwares
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SUMo (Software Updates Monitoring) detects applications you are using and tracks updates. If a new version is detected, you'll be notified by SUMo. It relies a social networking as its database is populated by the other users. By using up-to-date software you'll reduce the risk of encountering bugs and will benefit from more features.

This download is for the Lite installer. It does not contain any sponsor.

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uzi reviewed v5.10.5.440 on Dec 26, 2019

Because of what I wrote above, I prefer the freeware version which identifies the programs that have updates, and to manually check the updates in order to decide whether to make the update or to define "skip" or "ignore".

I've tried a few other similar programs and this one is the best among them.


sweathog reviewed v5.8.9.411 on Dec 29, 2018

Very effective at finding software on you PC that needs to be updated. Be sure to get the .zip version without the spyware.Less effective at pointing you to the right download location. But you can easily Google it.


seelengarten reviewed v5.8.0.402 on Sep 9, 2018

My favorite! Sad, because KC Softwares don´t explain the concept of this app an how it works. All others I tried, control only some popular programs but no all. This updater is the only one for thorough people! The interface could be a very little nicer, but this is a my very sophisticated desire... Try it and get the sumo_lite.exe with no installer-ads!!


Music4Ever reviewed v5.7.1.398 on Jul 22, 2018

Brilliant program & best software checker there is by a long way (tried them all). Those who give it less than four stars simply have never tried it. Bought the full version with auto updater. If you find a false update (rare) they sort it quickly. Great program!


stevvie reviewed v5.6.6.95 on May 24, 2018

don't bother


Music4Ever reviewed v5.3.5.367 on Sep 10, 2017

Best update checker I've used - Give it a try & ignore the numpties below.


gsteele reviewed v5.3.1.364 on Jul 25, 2017

Don't bother with this "software", just do a Google search. There are muct better alternatives, such as:



henrypeck reviewed v5.3.1.364 on Jul 25, 2017

You're better off just using any search engine then this piece of junk. Real helpful software are:
SECUNIA - https://www.flexerasoftw...onal-software-inspector/
Patch My PC -
Slim Cleaner -


Pfurri reviewed v5.1.5.355 on Mar 23, 2017

At the moment the absolute best "free" cleaner program along with CCleaner !

And don't listen to CyberDoc999, he's absolute "JUNK" and only does blablabla !!!


CyberDoc999 reviewed v5.0.3.335 on Oct 10, 2016

Just use PatchMyPC it is way better

Avg. Rating 3.4 (1,322 votes)
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uzi reviewed v5.10.5.440 on Dec 26, 2019

Pros: Very rare false negatives (cases where there is a newer version, and SUMO doesn't identify it).

Not many cases of false positives (cases where a beta version, for example is identified as a production update).

Flexible option to ignore updates completely, ignore specific updates to specific versions, or skip for a chose period.

Cons: It is not sensitive to license issues. If you have a license to version n of some software it may offer you an update to a version you don't have license for.

Bottom Line: Because of what I wrote above, I prefer the freeware version which identifies the programs that have updates, and to manually check the updates in order to decide whether to make the update or to define "skip" or "ignore".

I've tried a few other similar programs and this one is the best among them.


sweathog reviewed v5.8.9.411 on Dec 29, 2018

Pros: Very effective at finding software on you PC that needs to be updated. Be sure to get the .zip version without the spyware.

Cons: Less effective at pointing you to the right download location. But you can easily Google it.

Bottom Line: Very effective at finding software on you PC that needs to be updated. Be sure to get the .zip version without the spyware.Less effective at pointing you to the right download location. But you can easily Google it.


seelengarten reviewed v5.8.0.402 on Sep 9, 2018

Pros: In my opinion, the best updater ever! Because the database on the server is "feeded" by the users themselves. If someone (the first of all users) updated an app on his machine manually or so, all other users know there is an update. And it works great! It is not the provider like all the other updaters, who feeds the database and - honestly - never knows ALL your Apps on your machine; because it is impossible. And an updater, who reports only some popular apps and not all my about 100 defined programs is quite worthless!
More functions: You can mark apps, when there is one, which is reported updated e.g. every day (some programmers are very hardworking(-:) and you only want a next report e.g. after a week or a month. Or you can ignore an app forever.

Cons: Of course sometimes (in a very few cases!) the program reports a false new version, because someone installed a beta version. In this case you con go to the manufacturers link in the app an check this item. The same way if you get a real update.
You can report the false beta per link and mail and it is corrected in the database. You get an according report per mail about the correction.

Bottom Line: My favorite! Sad, because KC Softwares don´t explain the concept of this app an how it works. All others I tried, control only some popular programs but no all. This updater is the only one for thorough people! The interface could be a very little nicer, but this is a my very sophisticated desire... Try it and get the sumo_lite.exe with no installer-ads!!


Music4Ever reviewed v5.7.1.398 on Jul 22, 2018

Pros: Great program, use the zip download does not contain any spyware etc. Best Software checker there is, if someone does not like it then they haven't used it.Bought the full version it's that good.

Cons: Nothing, use the .zip download.

Bottom Line: Brilliant program & best software checker there is by a long way (tried them all). Those who give it less than four stars simply have never tried it. Bought the full version with auto updater. If you find a false update (rare) they sort it quickly. Great program!


stevvie reviewed v5.6.6.95 on May 24, 2018

Pros: none

Cons: Found bogus program versions that were not on the programs website, not even in thier beta section.

Bottom Line: don't bother


Music4Ever reviewed v5.3.5.367 on Sep 10, 2017

Pros: I've used this for years & it's the lightest & the smallest software update checker around. On the download page simply download the zip file & unzip it where you wish & make a shortcut to the .exe. No malware or spyware of ANY kind. Best I’ve used & tried them all. If you can’t work the above out sell your PC.

Cons: None, other than requires manual updating for the free portable version, takes less than a minute, updates around about twice month.

Bottom Line: Best update checker I've used - Give it a try & ignore the numpties below.


gsteele reviewed v5.3.1.364 on Jul 25, 2017

Pros: It doesn't cost you anything.

Cons: You get what you pay for.

Bottom Line: Don't bother with this "software", just do a Google search. There are muct better alternatives, such as:



henrypeck reviewed v5.3.1.364 on Jul 25, 2017

Pros: It's Free

Cons: Usleess.

Bottom Line: You're better off just using any search engine then this piece of junk. Real helpful software are:
SECUNIA - https://www.flexerasoftw...onal-software-inspector/
Patch My PC -
Slim Cleaner -


Pfurri reviewed v5.1.5.355 on Mar 23, 2017

At the moment the absolute best "free" cleaner program along with CCleaner !

And don't listen to CyberDoc999, he's absolute "JUNK" and only does blablabla !!!


CyberDoc999 reviewed v5.0.3.335 on Oct 10, 2016

Just use PatchMyPC it is way better


Pfurri reviewed v4.5.0.325 on Aug 22, 2016

One of the best freeware (portable (zip) & lite version don't have any junk) !!!


x-ray reviewed v4.3.11.313 on May 2, 2016

as a beta tester, the more that use this program the more there is to report " this program has an update " and ur can right click a single program and show beta, that will make sumo show beta updates for that app


CyberDoc999 reviewed v4.3.2.304 on Feb 1, 2016

pure junk !


henrypeck reviewed v4.3.2.304 on Feb 1, 2016

Still as useless as before.


CyberDoc999 reviewed v4.2.6.299 on Jan 7, 2016

a real POS


gsteele reviewed v4.2.5.298 on Dec 28, 2015

Keeps on sending me results that do not exist. As henrypeck wrote, Secunia PSI is much better.


henrypeck reviewed v4.2.5.298 on Dec 28, 2015

Useless program. You can do the same with a simple search. Get Secunia PSI, it does all of the work automatically.


CyberDoc999 reviewed v4.1.1.280 on Sep 12, 2015



CyberDoc999 reviewed v4.0.5.273 on Aug 7, 2015

a bad program avoid


geomelen reviewed v3.11.8.251 on Dec 12, 2014

Very fast and simple to use . Only one problem. It usually advises on up-dates that don't exsist and will recommend to up-date software that is at it's most recent version. I usually depend on the included up-date feature that's included inthe sofware it self so no need for this tool.


Zoroaster reviewed v3.9.3.220 on Dec 5, 2013

Finds sometimes and that's already too often, updates which do not exist : neither on the software's homepage, neither anywhere on the searchable surface web. Where do they get the information of those updates availability is beyond my imagination.
I've removed it. Main software update is provided with sites like here.


crosseyedlemon reviewed v3.7.5.208 on Aug 17, 2013

Most computer users will eventually need a program to manage updates and the Lite version of SUMo is a simple and effective way to check the status of all the applications you have installed.


DKDude reviewed v3.7.1.204 on Jul 10, 2013

still reports updates for lot's of programs, even if there is no final update, just some 'beta' or 'not official updates'.
Check for Betafiles has been disabled in the config.


Music4Ever reviewed v3.7.0.203 on Jun 12, 2013

As below there is now not just the portable version with no spyware but the lite version with installer both available on the download page - Great program.


CyberDoc999 reviewed v3.6.0.199 on May 10, 2013

If you use the installer it has junk-ware
the portable version does not.....
but the junk-ware makes this 2 stars


Bala7 reviewed v3.6.0.199 on May 9, 2013

Excellent software updater.
As for adware or spyware simply use the "Lite" version or .zip portable version available at website.


henrypeck reviewed v3.5.4.197 on Apr 1, 2013

Still loaded with adware and spyware.


RMerlin reviewed v3.5.0.193 on Jan 16, 2013

I used to like it - it detected more softwares than other solutions I tried at the time. But it's now way, WAY too aggressive on the adware, with misleading download links added to search results on top of that. I understand that free softwares might need revenue sources, but there's a balance between "revenues" and "driving customers away".


winapp2 reviewed v3.4.12.187 on Nov 27, 2012

Hiya Music4Ever,

The CCleaner + Winapp2.ini updater was removed from the Piriform Community Foums because Piriform does not allow (re)packaging of their applications. Despite the fact that it has no impact on CCleaner itself, CCEnhancer is not allowed to be discussed there either.

Technically speaking, CCleaner+ did not violate the terms, and the thread was closed as a precaution by DennisD (thread here: )

That being said, I liked the application myself.

Heil, if you'd like CCleaner+ added to the downloads page of alongside CCEnhancer, let me know. :)

Robert Ward


henrypeck reviewed v3.4.10.185 on Nov 3, 2012

All it has become is a vehicle for adware.


DKDude reviewed v3.4.8.183 on Sep 26, 2012

Not good.


gsteele reviewed v3.4.5.177 on Aug 27, 2012

I used SUMO for several years and as time progressed ,it's gotten more and more infused with adware galore. I finally deleted it and installed Secunia. What a relief. Automatic updates, including Secunia.


HeilNizar reviewed v3.4.4.176 on Aug 24, 2012

I can't believe some users are giving this 5 stars!
1 star is even too much.

-It looks for updates mostly for installed applications, and since it's the portable era now it fails big time.
-Once it detects an update all it does is open web pages for you to do the rest.
-The portable version of this thing writes to AppData, another big fail.
-There are more remarks but just the already mentioned is more than enough to show it failure.

There used to be a descent updater by PortableApps but they stopped developing it, even that one I had remarks on while it was working.

A good updater would be:
-Works for both installed and portable applications (Where you can tell it which one is where, and what to overwrite and what not).
-Real portable where it writes to no where but its dir.
-Community friendly where people can add/share scripts for it (Add-ons).

My all apps updater was almost done when I decided to put it on halt after being provoked by the guy below and write single updaters for each application, already released few.


Music4Ever reviewed v3.4.4.176 on Aug 24, 2012

It's actually a very good program & unlike Secunia which I've also used doesn't require Windows services to run in the background 24/7 or any installation.

------> There is a portable version with no spyware whatsoever, this has been stated countless times here but it seems people don't read reviews.


Go: - Look for Sumo in the list, on the far right there is a zip icon, under 'More' (around 800kb), click on it - That is the file! Simply unzip it and put the folder where you wish. Then either run from the Sumo.exe in the folder or create a shortcut to it, takes seconds to be up & running.

No installation, no services running, no ad-ware, easy interface, & round 1.5 meg in size - On this PC it recognises around 50 none MS programs.

There are few FP's nowadays & sometimes if I find one it's easy to mail KC & it gets fixed quickly, a great program saves lots of time, best update checker there is ~

@HeilNizar - I use this on 10 PC's & the number is growing, many others I know use it also. When Sumo shows an update I simply go to the DL site in my bookmarks, download the file & run it, I have used Sumo for over two years & still feel it's the most none intrusive update checker these is. If it's a common program the file is copied to a USB stick or put in the likes of Drop-Box & I update all the PC's from there. Or it goes into my extensive current software collection on HD & done via a network.

I actually prefer just to know which programs need updating then I know then the updated file I'm getting doesn't contain added crap as some updater's point you to sites with down-loaders etc, that's how they exist!.

Maybe it does require a little intelligence to use but for me it's perfect - To give it one star is silly.

It it does check all my portable files BTW -

I really don't have or see the issues you have? To check 50+ programs & get it right 99% of the time it's great. Too much automation & you end up with files from who knows where, check weekly with Sumo & it takes a few minutes a to keep a PC up to date IF & only IF you want the updates applied, I usually have a look at the change-logs first - I may have reasons not to update certain programs, that's why a little manual intervention is a good thing.

I really do not want an updater that has a mind of it's own & applies updates where, when & how the update writer decides, you may but I don't & never will.

As for writing to App Data, the amount of info in there amounts to under a meg & is no security threat whatsoever, it could be though I agree.

Your combined CCleaner & Winapp2 updater was not received well & your link in the Piriform forum was removed, whether that was later changed I don't know. I know you are knowledgeable & have only the best intentions but the more an updater is automated the greater the chance of at some point that will be abused by people or companies less honest & trustworthy than yourself.


FixXxeR reviewed v3.2.1.161 on Jul 1, 2012

Installing garbage during an uninstall is a poor choice by this developer. Also, the number of items I had to un-check during installation is preposterous. Just charge for the program and get rid of the crapware from the installer.

With no direct links to a download, this program is beyond useless.


henrypeck reviewed v3.2.1.161 on Jun 28, 2012

It's merely OK. A very poor interface to get updates. You're better of using Secunia PSI that will do the proper updates automatically.


Music4Ever reviewed v3.2.0.160 on Jun 20, 2012

Sumo can be used via the .zip easily found in the download section & contains no spy-ware: So don't use the installer ~

However 'ReleventKnowledge is anything but benign & classified as Spy-ware by some company's.

judge for yourself:


I wouldn't have 'RelevantKnowledge' on any PC I use.


zeeshan1153 reviewed v3.1.2.156 on Jun 1, 2012

RelevantKnowledge is a research software installed with the user's permission. RelevantKnowledge is part of an online market research community with over 2 million members worldwide. By participating in periodic surveys, users can receive free select software sponsored by RelevantKnowledge. If a user decides to uninstall the program for any reason, they can do so through control panel. We provide instruction for uninstalling RelevantKnoweldge in the FAQ section of our website: If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at Thank you, Relevant Knowledge Support Team


Music4Ever reviewed v3.0.6.151 on Apr 28, 2012

This program is most useful & as below use the .zip & no ads, it is very accurate most of the time & I use it on several PC's, a great program.


oakleez reviewed v2.17.4.139 on Feb 29, 2012

For those of you complaining about their adware (it's not spyware, it's adware)... Just go to the SUMo homepage and download the ZIP version. This gives you just an .exe file and nothing else, fully portable and no adware to dodge. I love this app and use it both at work and at home to keep things up to date!


borisf98 reviewed v2.17.4.139 on Feb 26, 2012

Useful software, but you have to be so carefull during install. One mistake and you got get adware/spyware that is very difficult to remove.

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v2.17.4.139 on Feb 22, 2012

If you are to arrogant to read the other reviews & don't use the zip then enjoy the ads. This is a very useful application.

On this PC Sumo checks 48 programs, some of which are not possible to check for updates easily - Sumo saves a lot of time.

Also it does work with none installed (portable) software. If you use it you would know that.

Five bloody stars.


harrywg reviewed v2.17.2.137 on Feb 6, 2012

If you like to try out your anti-spyware and anti-virus program, this is a dandy test bed. It's permanently off my machine and never going back on.


anomoly reviewed v2.17.1.136 on Jan 30, 2012

Yeah well TG I use mostly portable stuff. This serves no purpose other than to aggregate the public's installed softwares. Social networking to get updates? Really. What happened to the check for updates button. Too hard?
May as well install android (or apple it makes no difference), run chrome and let google take over. No problem, as soon as they pay for my hardware and cable bill.
Google or apple may send me a private message and I'll be happy to send them a hardware list incl my current cable bill.


lehenryjr reviewed v2.16.4.128 on Jan 18, 2012

I like to use this application to check my system for updated versions from time to time; it's a lot faster than [[Smiling…] going through each application. Since Windows isn't going to have a service to do this for you [like Linux]— applications like this are completely necessary. I've used a few of these applications; I like this one the most thus far.

Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v2.16.4.128 on Jan 16, 2012

For reasons unknown to me recently the amount of false positives have dwindled to almost none - This is great.

Nice program use the Zip file though, it works fine.


coover reviewed v2.16.3.127 on Jan 14, 2012

File forum is a bit slow in posting new versions (actually they do not post much on weekends or holidays). On the SUMo website, a newer version is posted,

I have given the version downloaded from fileforum a 2. Actually, it is decent software, but the version that is downloaded on this page has several extra softwares (note the plural) added to it. I suggest you do not download from file forum directly, but go to the KCSoftware page directly and download the zip file version, which is SUMo alone with nothing added. That software rates a 5.

Please note that the zip version does not have to be installed. All you have to do is click on the .exe file and it will run. Here is what you do ....

1. Go to the KC Software Download Page
2. Find the SUMo downloads and click on the Zip file for download
3. Unzip the downloaded file and put it on your C: drive anywhere you want
4. Open the SUMo directory and find the .exe file
5. Right cliick on the .exe file and either pin it to your taskbar (or desktop) if in
Vista or Win 7 or, for XP, create a shortcut and place that onto your desktop.

To run SUMo, just click on the shortcut or the pinned Icon.


wdf reviewed v2.16.3.127 on Jan 10, 2012

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v2.16.3.127 on Jan 9, 2012


Unzip it, place the folder where you want (I could give some options!). Open the folder, create a short-cut to Sumo.exe & shove it in the start program folder of your choice. It will then run just the same as the ad-ware filled install file - BUT WITHOUT ANY SPYWARE OF ANY KIND, OF ANY!!!!!!!! KIND.

(If anyone else says you can't use Sumo without ad-ware I'm donating my PC's to charity & going to live on an island 3000 miles from anywhere)

My new years resolution of being nice is now shot to pieces.


eviljolly reviewed v2.16.2.126 on Jan 5, 2012

Used to be great, but now clogged with adware. You have to uncheck/decline about 12 different things while installing this software now. Filehippo updater is a little less comprehensive, but much better about having less bloat.

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v2.16.0.124 on Dec 21, 2011

Overall it's worth having but don't trust it totally.

Again I say -The zip file on the download section on Sumo site is totally free of any malware or spy's.

I notice Glary are also doing an update checker & there are several others. There is of course this site & Hippo updater which is not comprehensive but very reliable.


coover reviewed v2.16.0.124 on Dec 20, 2011

This, in the past, has actually been a decent application --- and it still works well. However, the company that makes it has continually added bad or unwanted software to it. First, there was "Relevant Knowledge".Fortunately, there was and still is a version of SUMo without "RK", but you have to go to the special download page to get it. Then they started adding the "Super Software Package". next came the Babylon Toolbar, Complity, and now there is another, "Free Smiles, Winks, and Games".

When installing this, I declined all and still got some of it installed. I have now unintalled this unwanted software, but what a pain it was.

I do think I shall no longer use this application and will find another. Good Bye SUMo.


TuxmanXP reviewed v2.14.4.122 on Nov 9, 2011

Well andy, the author does not know all websites. Use the suggestion link to tell him, and he will add it ASAP.


andy2004 reviewed v2.14.3.120 on Nov 8, 2011

just installed sumo and all i can say is what a piece of rubbish.
it scan system and tells me what files are out of date, that part works fine.
so what happens when I click the update button, nothing. it loads a firefox tab with the name of the program. a search, why cant it go directly to the page of the program you told it to update, or preferably direct download the installer of said program, aka create a download list of all programs in the scan its just done that require updating. or at least let you select the files by ticking the ones you want updating and then when you click update download all of them to a folder of your choice.
good job its freeware. I certainly wouldnt pay for a program like this. think I'll stick to filehippo update checker at least that gives you download links.

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v2.14.0.117 on Oct 9, 2011

I use the zip, takes seconds to install & works like a dream. I have Prevx & Malwarebytes + AV & the .zip's are clean. And it does not install anything else anywhere, I despair when I read some of the drivel on this page.

I don't understand why people continue to have issues. Unless it's basic stupidity?

A must have program.


Philidor reviewed v2.13.6.113 on Jul 19, 2011

Even the /RK version includes an option to install add-ons on the last page of the pre-install options. But following usual read-each-page procedures and unchecking a box prevents surprises.

The program has enough participants that notification of new versions comes reasonably soon. I've tried similar software and this one seems the most popular; the more people the better. Worth checking to see if you're the only one using an unusual application, though.


Zoroaster reviewed v2.13.6.113 on Jul 19, 2011

sumo_FF.exe (CS MD5 = E1A87DE696A5AE674C71EDFA46D0E40A) here downloaded does not install anything but itself, no virus, no adware, no malware, does not even propose to install anything but itself. Anyone stating that it does is either incompetent either dishonest.
VirusTotal for sumo_FF.exe (CS MD5 = E1A87DE696A5AE674C71EDFA46D0E40A) is 0/43 :


mfarmilo reviewed v2.13.5.112 on Jul 14, 2011

Completely ruined by installing around 8 different addons into Firefox without asking for permission. One additional item was mentioned during the install, and I was given the opportunity to decline it, which I did. But it then went ahead and installed these addons without asking. At least one of the addons attempted to hijack the search bar in Firefox also.

If I could give this a MINUS 5, I would. Be warned !


Zoroaster reviewed v2.13.4.111 on May 26, 2011

The link provided here at this time downloads SUMo ...
Clean versions (FF and lte) are fine, as all those who think right have mentioned.

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v2.13.4.111 on May 26, 2011

shirike, Don't you read others comments.

'The Zip File Contains No Malware' I've used it for many months & takes about 20 seconds to unzip & put in a place of your choice & create a shortcut in your start menu.

Excellent, in fact for me, a must have,.


borisf98 reviewed v2.13.4.111 on May 25, 2011

Great software if you get version without adware. Get latest zipped file.


shirike reviewed v2.13.3.110 on Apr 7, 2011

Good software ruined by silently installing adware

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v2.13.1.109 on Mar 17, 2011

Um Zip Sumo contain no spyware or malware.A most useful program.


Zoroaster reviewed v2.13.0.108 on Feb 21, 2011

Referring to my last post and comments since, I dare say : deliberate :)
SUMo FF version better nice 'n' clean, fast :)


illuminati_2k reviewed v2.12.0.107 on Feb 16, 2011

i used to love this software but seems like with every version they are getting greedy like including bunch of adwares wasnt enough now they are silently installing spyware to.

maybe all the adware things are optional during install but what about "relevant knowledge spyware".

the setup includes "rkinstall.exe" which ll install "relevant knowledge" so use it with care.


CyberDoc999 reviewed v2.12.0.107 on Feb 5, 2011

Watch out it has adware and spyware


Zoroaster reviewed v2.12.0.107 on Jan 31, 2011

1- Getting better and better, faster and faster ;
2- This software is 100% secure, just send it to VirusTotal and check for yourselves ;
3- As much as I appreciate freedom of speech as much I am getting fed up with -- is it idiocy, is it deliberate ? -- the emptiness of some users here who give it 1 star with the argument that it is crap, or that is malware, plain blabla.
4- Don't believe everything you read, test it for yourselves.

Oh! man !

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v2.10.7.105 on Jan 9, 2011

ljthomasljt, I attempted to download your recommended 'sponsor free' download, Eset & Malwarebytes both jumped in & informed me this was Malware/serious threat & prevented a download. I think I'll stick to the zip file which runs well & is sponsor free.

The install downloads do contain serious spyware but you will only know that if you have decent layered protection using the best AV/Anti-Malware. Otherwise you will never know.

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v2.10.6.104 on Dec 23, 2010

One of the most useful programs I have. just download the zip file create a shortcut and that's it.

I use 'Hippo' but 'Hippo' doesn't cover anything like the amount of program's 'Sumo' does.

Typing 'Crapware' is unhelpful & gives an indication of of the posters intellect, or lack of.


war593122 reviewed v2.10.6.104 on Dec 22, 2010

It's not spyware either.

Everything during the install is optional.


GerritWittesaele reviewed v2.10.6.104 on Dec 22, 2010



jafo818 reviewed v2.10.5.102 on Dec 14, 2010

The latest sumo_nork.exe downloaded from gives an error when executed:

The setup files are corrupted. Please obtain a new copy of the program.


ljthomasljt reviewed v2.10.5.102 on Dec 6, 2010


SUMo sponsor free version is available.

Further to the Review of SUMo by Input Overload who was Reviewing (Oct 28, 2010) who said and I quote "BTW KC I would happily pay £10 or so for a sponsor free version as it's a great program".

SUMo sponsor free version is available.

Just go to the KC Softwares Downloads at URL/Link: .:

Look for the SUMo download in this case:
SUMo 05 December 2010 1.9 Mb Click Here More

You will see the RK optional component is included in full setup builds (not in lite build, see "more" links) of the following products. Read this.

Just click on the one at the very end with the RK that has a stroke through it and download, URL/Link: .
That is the lite build, absolutely sponsor no sponsor involved, no RK optional component .

Also, once you have installed SUMo, it is then automatically setup to advise you that there is an update available to download and install.


Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v2.10.3.100 on Oct 28, 2010

Download the .zip which is the portable version & stick on your pc somewhere. Then drag the Sumo .exe short-cut to start menu. & use that, no spy-ware on it. Works fine.

BTW KC I would happily pay £10 or so for a sponsor free version as it's a great program.


wyzwyk reviewed v2.10.2.98 on Oct 14, 2010

From what I've been reading now even the SUMo lite version has spyware on it.
That really is a shame because it's a good program. Oh well, KC Softwares had their chance. If that's the way this developer wants to go then I am left with no other recourse than to take the program off my machine. To reiterate what some others have stated, if KC Softwares were to charge a small amount for a COMPLETELY spyware free version I would be all for that. However the price would have to be VERY REASONABLE, around $10/year.


zzark reviewed v2.10.2.98 on Oct 14, 2010


How about charging 2 dollars for the program thru PayPal?
I would pay that amount, and probably others.
And I bet you would make more money.
Then you would stop getting constant complaints about the added software within Sumo.


Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v2.10.2.98 on Oct 14, 2010

Discontinued use of sumo because whatever version I download had spy-ware in it. I will not be using this application until they remove Spyware. I would rather pay than have bundled junk as I consider it a good program.


Kyle_Katarn reviewed v2.10.2.98 on Oct 13, 2010

My mistake.... from now lite version will NOT contain ANY sponsor.
(v2.10.2 lite contained a light sponsor but NOT RK)


Skawt reviewed v2.10.2.98 on Oct 13, 2010

The FileForum version usually includes the RelevantKnowledge scamware, which is why I go to the KC Softwares website and download the SUMo-Lite version which is denoted by an icon with RK and a red circle with a line through it.

However, today I downloaded that one from their website and discovered that SUMo-Lite now has new scamware in it: Uniblue Registry Booster. Google it, it's more scareware/scamware that doesn't want to let you uninstall it.

If the Lite version is going to contain scamware, too, I have serious doubts about my continuing to use anything from KC Softwares in the future.


Zoroaster reviewed v2.10.2.98 on Oct 13, 2010

Neither lite version nor version offered here (sumo_FF.exe, FF like 'special FileForum') have any possible spyware connection.Other versions, I do not know. Moreover, analysis problems I encountered before (slow, capricious servers) have disapeared. This is now, IMO, a very good application.

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v2.10.1.96 on Sep 24, 2010

I updated to version lite, no problems with spyware. great program. 'strimbello' 'Sumo Lite 'available from the main site contains NO SPYWARE.& is excellent. Do people ever read these reviews?


coover reviewed v2.10.1.96 on Sep 23, 2010

Strimbello is correct about "Relevant Knowledge". You want no part of it. But you can get SUMo without it, that is SUMo Lite, which you can find if you search around just a little bit for it. SUMo is worth a 1. SUMo Lite is worth a 5.


strimbello reviewed v2.10.0.95 on Sep 7, 2010

This thing contains the Relevant Knowledge trojan/virus.
Please check with and see for yourself...

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v2.10.0.95 on Sep 7, 2010

The Sumolite version is excellent. Don't be tempted to do a 'deep scan' as it throws up lots of FP's. however in normal mode no problems.

strimbello, try to keep up:-

Sumo:- Contain Um Spyware
Sumolite - Clean, Um no spyware.

I hope this is now clear.


wyzwyk reviewed v2.9.2.94 on Aug 21, 2010

I will reiterate what some other reviewers have said: If you use the SUMo application be sure to use sumolite. This version doesn't contain the known and unacceptable spyware RK (Relevant Knowledge). This lite version is great and deserves 5 stars


coover reviewed v2.9.1.93 on Aug 16, 2010

aloishammer has a point.

The RK (which I believe means "Relevant Knowledge", a producer of Spyware) version is certainly spyware and should be avoided at all costs. But SUMo has a "SUMo lite" version without RK. Go to the SUMo download page and look for the crossed out RK symbol.

SUMo with RK rates a 1. SUMo without RK rates a 5. That averages a 3.


aloishammer reviewed v2.8.2.91 on Jul 15, 2010

Please link directly to the RK-free Zip archive download. -5 stars for spyware.


NightFright reviewed v2.8.0.88 on Jun 2, 2010

I don't know about the other versions available, I only use the portable version and I can confirm that this one at least is definitely spyware-free.

It's a compact, quite helpful program, and its advantage over most other update checkers is that you can manually select files for surveillance. This way, you can also keep track of new versions for portable programs.

So if you want to try SUMo, maybe you should check out the portable release here:


war593122 reviewed v2.7.6.87 on Mar 29, 2010


Mozilla Sunbird incorrectly identified
If SUMo is running when uninstalled some files & reg entries are left over.
Typos in German Translation

Get The Lite Version:


YoungOldies reviewed v2.7.6.87 on Mar 29, 2010

New update unstalled spyware once again, even when option to install was UNchecked.

Remove this crapware from betanews please, otherwise you're participating in forcing spyware on your customers' computers.


mjm01010101 reviewed v2.7.6.87 on Mar 29, 2010

The "lite" version includes the toolbar.

emanresU deriseD

emanresU deriseD reviewed v2.7.5.86 on Mar 13, 2010

Why does this pos even exist? I have to study the website carefully to avoid downloading spyware. Then I find that the GUI sucks horribly and works poorly at 120 DPI. It found dozens of updates that aren't, including falsely detecting my HP software as "ACDSee", and an absolute slew of other useless, misleading entries. It was also slow as hell.

Couldn't uninstall it fast enough. And after I did, I found it didn't uninstall completely. Crapware.


war593122 reviewed v2.7.5.86 on Feb 28, 2010

"Get Update" in context menu shall raise a warning if lots of selected items

Company names containing URL not processed properly

Seamonkey incorrectly detected

Simply dont install the toolbar or better yet get the lite version:


SexyCow reviewed v2.7.5.86 on Feb 27, 2010

Most even these programs that offer to install a toolbar or other spyware do bad things anyway, whatever you choose at install.


TuxmanXP reviewed v2.7.5.86 on Feb 27, 2010

Have you guys ever considered UNCHECKING the toolbar while installing?


mjm01010101 reviewed v2.7.5.86 on Feb 26, 2010

Yeah. Downhill.

Dude, follow the example of piriform. This is not the way to go about gaining users' trust.



ecvogel reviewed v2.7.5.86 on Feb 26, 2010

I ran A-Squared today and it said it had some bad stuff in it. Maybe parts of a toolbar I did not install? I removed it.


Zoroaster reviewed v2.7.4.85 on Feb 3, 2010

I'm over with this application which in my opinion confirms itself, version after version, as craps.
How many times have I not installed, then removed then re-installed new version, to find out that there is always one problem or another. If it's not notifying non-existent availability of a software, it'll be SUMo servers which just don't handle what they cannot handle, I do say : always a problem.
I think SUMo developers should re-write the whole thing from scratch, and reconsider their servers.
This software is a joke, and I will not loose my time anymore with this clown.


anomoly reviewed v2.7.3.84 on Jan 25, 2010

I like how the website to GET the software to check for OTHER software updates is DOWN-lol


war593122 reviewed v2.7.3.84 on Jan 25, 2010

SUMo - 2.7.3
- 0001166: [Refactoring] SUMo shall log min/avg/max response time after each check operation (Kyle_Katarn)
- 0001169: [Bug] MPC-HC multiple identification (Kyle_Katarn}
- 0001165: [Bug] "Stop" checking infinitely loops (even after window is closed !) (Kyle_Katarn
- 0001168: [Refactoring] CTRL+A shall be the shortcut for "Select All" (Kyle_Katarn)

x-ray see: http://kcsofts.dyndns.or..._page.php?project_id=11


x-ray reviewed v2.7.2.83 on Jan 9, 2010

changelog wold be nice


devilrider reviewed v2.7.1.82 on Dec 30, 2009

ModderXManiac: use the RK free version avaible on homepage


coover reviewed v2.7.1.82 on Dec 29, 2009

If you go to the software website, you will find several download variations, at least one without "Relevant Knowledge" (you will find it noted by a crossed out circular symbol with the letters "RK" within the symbol.

The "lite" version without RK is worth a 5. The Relevant Knowledge versions rates a 1 or 2.


Kyle_Katarn reviewed v2.6.2.77 on Aug 3, 2009

mj01010101 : you should contact KC Softwares tech support and submit SUMo log for analysis.


mjm01010101 reviewed v2.6.2.77 on Jul 18, 2009

Error on scan: "Indice de liste hors limites (263)


ModderXManiac reviewed v2.6.1 on Jun 20, 2009

This program does indeed install Relevant Knowledge, even against user concent because I have unchecked the box to install Rev Knowledge and it still proceeds to install it, hence the great pause after the new survey included in the installer on the last few releases. I am ok with toolbars and such, those are easily dealt with but sneaky adware like this is unacceptable.

This program was good to me until it tried to infect me. Here's hoping Filehippo Update Checker will improve.


mjm01010101 reviewed v2.6.0.75 on May 13, 2009

I tested the FF sumo using silent option and it doesn't install this software.


stebie reviewed v2.6.0.75 on May 12, 2009

Countering Zoroaster's rating. If you don't want it installed, simple:

1. Decline the Agreement from RelevantKnowledge (yes, it will continue with the install)
2. Uncheck the option to install RelevantKnowledge in the following pages

Not sure how this'll effect the silent installer, though.


Zoroaster reviewed v2.6.0.75 on May 12, 2009

SUMo Install states :

"In order to provide this free download, RelevantKnowledge software, provided by TMRG, Inc., a comScore, Inc. company, is included in this download. This software allows millions of participants in an online market research community to voice their opinions by allowing their online browsing and purchasing behavior to be monitored, collected, aggregated, and once anonymized, used to generate market reports which our clients use to understand Internet trends and patterns and other market research purposes. The information which is monitored and collected includes internet usage information, basic demographic information, certain hardware, software, computer configuration and application usage information about the computer on which you install RelevantKnowledge. We may use the information that we monitor, such as name and address, to better understand your household demographics; for example, we may combine the information that you provide us with additional information from consumer data brokers and other data sources in accordance with our privacy policy. We make commercially viable efforts to automatically filter confidential personally identifiable information and to purge our databases of such information about our panelists when inadvertently collected. By clicking Accept, you acknowledge that you are 18 years of age or older, an authorized user of this computer, and that you have read, agreed to, and have obtained the consent to the terms and conditions of the Privacy Statement and User License Agreement from anyone who will be using the computer on which you install this application."

One star, for this software daring this offer.


EDIT, May 13, 2009 :

The version presented for download here by Betanews is version, but *without* the RelevantKnowledge option : where did BetaNews find this I have no idea. The version on the SUMo Home download page on the contrary does include this nasty RelevantKnowledge ...

BetaNews download (http://fileforum.betanew...nload/SUMo/1187948884/1) MD5 checksum :
C9B63118EBDE85DB4386811CAD51605A sumo_FF.exe (1,302,062 bytes)

SUMo Homepage download ( MD5 checksum :
2E49803DB252A0843751A5E883603023 sumo.exe (1,554,720 bytes)

Well I'll be darned ... 5 stars for BetaNews' SUMo, 1 star for the other. Which of the two is to be rated?


mjm01010101 reviewed v2.5.0.73 on Apr 8, 2009

- 0000997: [Refactoring] ExtractFromCopyright not working properly on "Apple Inc. (C) 2006-07" (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
- 0000987: [Refactoring] AdAware multiple detection (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
- 0000697: [Bug] MP3DirectCut unduly reported as "No Information Available" (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
- 0000981: [Refactoring] ExtractFromCopyright to be improved (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.


mjm01010101 reviewed v2.4.4.70 on Feb 26, 2009

Awesome. thanks sweathog, that worked great.


sweathog reviewed v2.4.4.70 on Feb 26, 2009


Silent Install of Sunmo: /SP- /VERYSILENT /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES /DIR="X:\"

Good software. Not the nicest interface, though.


mjm01010101 reviewed v2.4.3.69 on Feb 9, 2009

uh, lots of software is free. Free doesn't make it good software, however. And yes we can complain and give feedback to a software author in the hopes they address the outstanding issues in their product to keep their audience. I don't care if you make freeware, shareware, or commercial software with full blown support: your users will leave you if the software starts sucking.

I don't know of too much free software other than linux where the end result is some commercial motive. Firefox gets major $$$ from Google from making their browser.

Having said that, this is "good" software, with some flaws that remain continually. 1. The server reliability is not the best. The software is useless without the server's ability to verify versions. I knock down any software that doesn't focus on reliability as a primary goal.
2. The idea that you are checking your software against other people, not any set version from a manufacturer is a good one. Let the users control the updates and you won't have to constantly update your software lists. I like this method.
3. I'd like to see exclusions for screensavers (.scr) built into the product.
4. Does the software offer a quiet/silent mode install?

[Bug] ACDSee ShowRoom unduly detected as ACDSee (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
[Refactoring] Zone Alarm Client multiple detection (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
[Refactoring] XVid version detection to be improved (to many database glitches) (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
[Bug] Error message at each load, scan if XVid or FFDShow are found without associated reg. entry (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.


jeck reviewed v2.4.2.68 on Jan 27, 2009

I just had to weigh in on this after reading some of the comments from some of the obviously more intelligent reviewers. (cough . . . . . . . cough) CNET with ZNet used to have a service similar to this years ago; I don't remember the name, I've got it archived somewhere. Anyway, it was extremely reliable, but it did not get that way without user input and interaction. When I first started using the service it was good, but it had it's problems, but with user input it just got better and better, and even faster. The best part was it was free, but then one days a few years ago it just up and disappeared without explanation from CNET, and by that point it was almost flawless. Most of the users liked the CNET service so much that they told CNET that they would pay for it if CNET would bring it back; obviously they never did. That's why I use fileforum today.

I've researched a few similar pay services over the last few years and I have to tell you that their detection rates are dismal. This program and service (it is a service) are free. If you find something wrong with the service or program tell the developers. The program and service will only be as good as the users make it. So stop whining and do something about it. Or you could go pay for one of the inferior services.

And if you know who Gizmo is then this program/service is his top pick in this category. If you don't know who he is then check out

The best thing about this program/service is that it's FREE; what do you expect for FREE. You can help make it better of just keep whining or hey, not use it at all.


mjm01010101 reviewed v2.4.2.68 on Jan 27, 2009

Server Error. Please retry later, last 3-4 days. Useless without a server, wouldn't you say?


war593122 reviewed v2.4.2.68 on Jan 23, 2009

[Bug] Flags/Text not aligned in Settings Window

[Bug] "Loading..." message in status bar not updated at end of scan

[New Feature] "Delete" terminology is confusing and scary

[Refactoring] Improved Product Name detection routine (ScummVM issue)

[Bug] ACDSee Pro unduly reported as ACDSee

[New Feature] Request for Select All feature


gemal reviewed v2.4.2.68 on Jan 21, 2009

Super program that helps me keep all of my programs updated. The UI of the program could need an overhaul.


war593122 reviewed v2.4.1.67 on Jan 5, 2009

[Bug] "Winzip QuickPick" detected as "Winzip" due to post processing

[Refactoring] Extract from copyright incorrect for VirtualDub

[Refactoring] Extract from copyright incorrect for Miranda IM


Kyle_Katarn reviewed v2.4.0.66 on Jan 2, 2009

No spyware. No virus. Pure freeware.

Pure freeware. It seems that some comments are unduly negative...


borisf98 reviewed v2.4.0.66 on Jan 1, 2009

All software from KC Softwares includes spyware. It is relatively easy to remove, but some people reported problems with internet connections.


plasticpig72 reviewed v2.4.0.66 on Jan 1, 2009

Great Idea but:

Doesn't do a very good job in directing you to the downloads.
Far too many false update advices, out of 15 showing on my machine only 2 were genuine!


mjm01010101 reviewed v2.4.0.66 on Dec 29, 2008

If it's peer to peer, then let the users decide where exactly to update the software. having multiple people decide also can help if the download location changes suddenly.

As I "check" right now, it is hung. Down a notch.

Thanks for the changelog.


TuxmanXP reviewed v2.4.0.66 on Dec 29, 2008

That's exactly what it does. If you know a manufacturer's website, you can however submit it by eMail. Kyle will add it immediately then.

For me, SUMo is definitely the best update checking tool, as its database is dynamic and thus will never be outdated...


mflip reviewed v2.4.0.66 on Dec 29, 2008

This is the most useless piece of software I have ever seen. It's great at determining if an update is available, but horrible at finding out how to actually download the update. For example, SUMo found an update to version 1.5.0 of Adobe Air on my computer but when I clicked on "Get Update", SUMo simply opened up a search engine in my web browser to search for the update. It would be a lot easier and faster to google the manufacturer's website and download the update directly from the hardware manufacturer or software developer.


war593122 reviewed v2.3.9.65 on Dec 22, 2008

Can you please post the change log when you make an update here on betanews, so I don't have to keep looking it up? Thanks!

[Refactoring] Shockwave Flash for IE improvement (multiple detection)

[Refactoring] ACDSee 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 : multiple products detection

[Bug] Winzip multiple detection

[Bug] Nestopia not correctly detected


mjm01010101 reviewed v2.3.9.65 on Dec 22, 2008

From what I can tell about 5-6K people use this, from looking at popular apps like adobe?

Also, I just noticed that since I've had this on my home machine it completely has ignored firefox in its scanning. but at work it detects it. Same default directory on both installs.

Perhaps have the community provide proper download links on your proxy-ad page?


lorg reviewed v2.3.8.64 on Nov 25, 2008

on their downloadsite SUMo is in the 'Stand-Alone Software' list not containing their adpackage.


Kyle_Katarn reviewed v2.3.8.64 on Nov 19, 2008

mjm01010101 : SUMo is totally out of the scope of this discussion (no RK bundling at all)


mjm01010101 reviewed v2.3.8.64 on Nov 19, 2008

The RK issue is unclear. You state that it is bundled with "nonlite" versions of your products, but is Sumo a lite version or not? I don't show it in my add/remove programs and I never saw an EULA agreeing to the program. I thought Sumo was ad-supported on the check for updates page? Can we get better clarification here please?


NightFright reviewed v2.3.8.64 on Nov 19, 2008

The best updater available, being the only one where you can manually point to .exe, .dll, .ocx or .cpl files for checking (good for software you didn't install but just copy over, e.g. portable versions). If you are afraid it might install stuff you don't want, go to the developer site and download the zipped version - this is a standalone portable version.
Otherwise: Reliable, fast and comprehensive program.


Pfurri reviewed v2.3.8.64 on Nov 18, 2008

Great Job ! The only "Updater" which really works absolute pleasant ! Almost perfect ... ;-)


simko reviewed v2.3.6.62 on Nov 10, 2008

some updates he has some more info about rk wich everyone complains about and in the majorgeek forum he says he does look for a better option though i think he should remove either it from the installation or remove the possiblitites for people to download it from him or betanews until he has fixed it.

Anyway more on about on his page


Kyle_Katarn reviewed v2.3.6.62 on Nov 10, 2008

Unlike what some poeple below said, SUMo is 100% free of any virus, adware, spyware, etc.

Check it out by yourself with ...


Sukkelaar reviewed v2.3.6.62 on Nov 10, 2008

This software is now NOT TO BE TRUSTED !

Many discussions, including here :


Lawrence01 reviewed v2.3.6.62 on Nov 10, 2008

Someone needs to get rid of this person who is spamming all the reviews with these virus infected links... see below:

All for your iPhone -

All the latest soft with cracks for PC -


DKDude reviewed v2.3.6.62 on Nov 9, 2008

Looks good, but to many "false" updates found.
3Stars for the effort.

Exatly how I think, I use another one "updatenotifier", it takes you to a download that works.

@simo4simo, I guess you can prove it?, no proof then it's no more than a lie.


simo4simo reviewed v2.3.6.62 on Nov 9, 2008

Watch out ! The author is inserting spyware in his software, while you'll never know it !


Brian49 reviewed v2.3.6.62 on Nov 9, 2008

The program made a good job of scanning my system and flagging up where later software versions exist, but then it didn't take me to where I could actually download those later versions, nor could I find them by running searches. So unless I've missed something, the program turns out to be much less helpful than at first appears.


war593122 reviewed v2.3.5.61 on Oct 13, 2008

[Bug] Early version of DivX incorrectly identified (Kyle_Katarn)

- 0000825: [Refactoring] Java less than version 6 not detected as "Java(TM) Platform SE binary" (Kyle_Katarn)

- 0000820: [Bug] Ad-Aware 6 / 7 : multiple products detection (Kyle_Katarn)

- 0000821: [Bug] Process Lasso not correctly identified (Kyle_Katarn)

- 0000818: [Bug] Mozilla SeaMonkey not correctly identified (Kyle_Katarn)


ModderXManiac reviewed v2.3.4.60 on Oct 12, 2008

If you run as many windows pc's as I do and maintain a database of updated application installers, this is a great time-saver for seeing exactly what needs updating, I just tried it for the first time today and it's virtually perfect and better than I expected.


war593122 reviewed v2.3.4.60 on Sep 29, 2008

Firefox 3.0.3pre incorrectly detected (Kyle_Katarn)

[Refactoring] OpenOffice improved detection based on registry (Kyle_Katarn)

[Bug] MemInfo "1.81 SR1" reported as "1.8.1" (Kyle_Katarn)

[Refactoring] Shockwave Flash for Internet Explorer (Company merge) (Kyle_Katarn)

[Refactoring] Merge of all VSO Software company names (Kyle_Katarn)


mjm01010101 reviewed v2.3.4.60 on Sep 29, 2008

Yo Homey Loc can a wiggah get a changelog up in dis hizzouse?


thezelda reviewed v2.3.4.60 on Sep 29, 2008

Really awesome well maintained program. This and filehippo's system/software update checker seem to be the only good free games in town. VersionTracker is a one time-use trial that costs huge money and doesnt work nearly as well as SUMO. Hats off to SUMO. Death to versiontracker charging fees.


war593122 reviewed v2.3.3.59 on Sep 25, 2008

Looks like it was reuploaded so it should be fine now..

[Bug] Can't complete a Check function (error message) (Kyle_Katarn)

[Bug] Program error: Impossible de créer le fichier SUMo.log (Kyle_Katarn)

[Bug] "Delete" deletes even if you say "no". (Kyle_Katarn)

[Bug] Sort by version do not work as expected (Kyle_Katarn)

[Bug] Crash when "Checking" from Sys tray icon if SUMo is currently loading DB (Kyle_Katarn)

[Refactoring] VLC Company Name to be changed (Kyle_Katarn)


dzjepp reviewed v2.3.2.58 on Sep 11, 2008

It says the newest version is corrupted, tried redownloading 3 times. Can't install

Ramir Gonzales

Ramir Gonzales reviewed v2.3.2.58 on Sep 10, 2008

Thanks again Kyle for this great tool !


war593122 reviewed v2.3.2.58 on Sep 9, 2008

Reports download as being corrupted. :(

[Refactoring] ICQ 6 Reported as "ICQ Library" whereas ICQ 5 is reported as "ICQ" (Kyle_Katarn)

[Bug] FeedDeamon Uninstall not filtered (Kyle_Katarn)

[New Feature] GIMP support, based on registry data (Kyle_Katarn)

[Bug] Cache shall be emptied on change of the "Allow beta" setting (Kyle_Katarn)

[New Feature] SUMo shall detect CPL (control panel applications) (Kyle_Katarn)


Kyle_Katarn reviewed v2.3.2.58 on Sep 9, 2008

Does downlaod from official web site fixes your problem ?


Zoroaster reviewed v2.3.2.58 on Sep 9, 2008

SUMo here calls sumo_FF.exe - 1,281,985 kB

SUMo at its homepage is sumo.exe - 1,263,647 kB

Which is which, what does _FF stand for ?

Otherwise, for SUMo as such, 4 stars


kebabi reviewed v2.3.1.57 on Aug 29, 2008

It found many programs from my PC, and it checked the updates fine for most of the programs. But for example it says that there is an update for ScummVM (0.12.0). I'll go check ScummVM's own site and there it is, just 0.11.1 that I already had installed. I think SUMo is getting some daily snapshot versions as final versions or something.

And it misrecognized one exe from PartitionMagic's folder (PM8Flash.exe) as Shockwave Flash player.

For some programs, I cannot get SUMo to get the updates. I mean when I press for example Nero Burning ROM, it opens a web page where I can see the different versions. But when I press Maxthon Web Browser, it doesn't do absolutely anything.

I hope these things get updated soon. My wish for the program is that it could actually download and install the updates for some programs (I know it can't be done for every program). 4/5, because there's just minor flaws.


war593122 reviewed v2.3.1.57 on Aug 25, 2008

Nice, keeps getting better!!


Kyle_Katarn reviewed v2.3.1.57 on Aug 25, 2008

Because we (developpers) like Fileforum so much ;)


jafo818 reviewed v2.3.1.57 on Aug 25, 2008

Excellent... Was using Update Notifier but prefer this. Any reason why there is a "FileForum" version with the "FileForum" logo?


Kyle_Katarn reviewed v2.3.0.56 on Aug 24, 2008

mjm01010101 : MS products can be ignored by disabling "Enable MS products" in SUMo's settings.

Please come to our forums for more feedback and discussions. Thanks !


mjm01010101 reviewed v2.3.0.56 on Aug 23, 2008

More helpful suggestions:
-Ignore nonexecutables and most files in system32 (like .scr screensavers in system32)
-Ignore built in MS software like Vista games
-Clarify the difference between "scan" and "check"
On the get update page provide link to manufacturer as well as product update page. Yes the author can do this and still make money off of the ads from his site.
-Get a real hosted site, the dyndns is amateurish.
-Gui text extends past right hand side of screen on top for me in both Vista and XP.
-Include k-lite scan by default. Not quite sure how some software is detected and others are ignored.

I have more, will provide feedback every release. I really wish there was a product like this from a heavyweight.

Undesired Username

Undesired Username reviewed v2.3.0.56 on Aug 19, 2008

Like all software in the genre, it detects a ton of stuff incorrectly: Updates that aren't, updates that are betas without being flagged as such, binaries that are not standalone products that may be updated individually, and so on.


Metshrine reviewed v2.2.2.55 on Aug 7, 2008

Just installed this for the first time today. Its a great program and it does detect a lot of software. My major problem is that instead of providing a direct link or link to a page with a download link, you get several search links. As mjm said, it would be nice if they instead put this link directly on the results page so we could download it directly. Using a search on major software sites has rarely worked for the various programs I have installed and tested with SuMo.

It does show a lot of promise, but in its current state, I have to say 3/5. Add the direct download link and that should be a lot better. I mean, the idea of using social networking to post about updates is a great idea.


mjm01010101 reviewed v2.2.2.55 on Aug 6, 2008

Server timeout for last 20 minutes. Oh well. So much for my praise.


csb.milky reviewed v2.2.2.55 on Aug 6, 2008


1. this won't happen, that's how the make their money.

2. It saves the check for me o.O


preinterpost reviewed v2.2.2.54 on Aug 6, 2008

Please figure out how to use the IE proxy (which may use auto config...) since otherwise this cannot be used behind certain firewalls. Otherwise looks like a decent job. Thanks.


mjm01010101 reviewed v2.2.2.54 on Aug 6, 2008

Pretty slick, I'm fairly religious about keeping my software up to date but this found 10 apps that had newer versions (not all of which I needed, but it's good to know.)

1. Have the Updatecheck bring you to manufacturer's product page ( for adobe air and for google updater,) instead of mirror sites.

2. Have an option to Save a scan on exit so one doesn't have to rescan on every application load. The export feature is a workaround for now.

Good work!


war593122 reviewed v2.2.1.53 on Aug 5, 2008

[Bug] Incorrect [Local] Product Versions Being Determined by SUMo (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
[Bug] Empty description and company allowed since v2.2 (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
[Bug] "Internal Name" not processed correctly as a backyp ProductName source (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
[Bug] Limewire incorrectly detected (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
[Bug] Notepad++ 5.0.2 reported as 5.2 (because tags contains 5.02) (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.


war593122 reviewed v2.1.0.51 on Jul 30, 2008

- [New Feature] Add Support for Adobe AIR (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
- [Bug] Mozilla Thunderbird not correctly detected (v2.0 detected as v1.8.xxxx) (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
- [Bug] Progress bar overlays status bar in Vista (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
- [Refactoring] OpenOffice (soffice.exe) support to be added (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
- [Bug] Opera 9.51 reported as (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
- [Refactoring] Shockwave detection improvement (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
- [Bug] Wrong behavior of "Remove" button when no item is selected (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
- [Bug] "Check" can be launch multiple times using system tray icon (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
- [Bug] Missing space in status bar (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
- [Bug] Index in status bar not updated correctly when "checking" selected items (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.


Ciolouse reviewed v2.0.0.50 on Jul 14, 2008

-[New Feature] Remember windows size & position (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
-[Bug] If user tries to close SUMo while initialising, request is discarded instead of being put in the query queue (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
-[Refactoring] New set of icons (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
-[Bug] After translation, Title bar shall be reset (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
-[New Feature] "Open Log file" menu item in the ? menu (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
-[Refactoring] Improved Vista compatibility (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
-[Bug] Error message in French (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
-[New Feature] User shall be able to "warn" SUMo DB admin about incorrect version (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
-[Refactoring] Product name ending by (tm) shall be trimmed (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
-[Refactoring] Product name ending by "v1.0", "1.0",... shall be trimmed (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
-[Refactoring] Product name ending by (16bits), (32bits),... shall be trimmed (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
-[Bug] Hyperterminal not correctly identified (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
-[Refactoring] "Setup" program shall be rejected (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.


war593122 reviewed v2.0.0.49 Beta on Jul 7, 2008

Awesome update. :)

Though you might want to update the old database when upgrading. It forgets all your settings and ignore list if you update to 2.0.. Figured you know that already...


Kyle_Katarn reviewed v1.10.0.047 on Jul 4, 2008

Excellent idea. Added to the "ToDo" list.

By the way, there's a link on the associated database (download button) web page in order to report such problems. I'll improve integration within SUMo


minasinahanmetehe reviewed v1.10.0.047 on Jul 1, 2008

Does what it says.
Takes time to go through programs.
No database and things start over again from zero too often.
Finds programs very well allso from USB stick.
Note that "green" does not mean that you have the latest version. It means that nobody else submitted newer than you have... Functionality depends on users.
There is also some corrupted version numbers in the database and there is no way to give feedback to database.
By adding some database, feedback to note about corrupted entries and speeding up things, this would get 5.


war593122 reviewed v1.10.0.047 on Jun 30, 2008

SUMo - 1.10
- 0000578: [Refactoring] Smarter name detection (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
- 0000580: [Bug] Installer improper registry entry (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
- 0000590: [Bug] Firefox v3.0 reported as v3.0.3 (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
- 0000592: [Bug] Tab order for command buttons is fuzzy (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
- 0000597: [Refactoring] On start up, focus shall be given to "Check" button, if enabled (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.


Ciolouse reviewed v1.8.0.43 Beta on Apr 6, 2008

Really excellent software !!

-[Bug] Typo and Overly General Web Link in the v1.8.0.43 Beta Help Menu (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
-[Bug] Edit Ignore List - Sort by Company (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
-[Bug] No Jump Back to the Top of the Program List after a Scrolling Check Completes (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
-[New Feature] Scrolling softwares list when checking for updates. (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
-[New Feature] Cancel button when scanning at startup (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
-[New Feature] Add Links to the Change Log, Known Issues, and Roadmap in the Help Menu or About Panel (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
-[New Feature] Add [Cancel] button when asking for Scan type (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
-[New Feature] Edit Ignore List - Header Sorting (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
-[Bug] Some labels too short (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.


Stingray57 reviewed v1.7.0.42 on Apr 2, 2008

I really like this program.

I wish they would come out with one specifically for Windows device drivers. I get tired of looking for device drivers seeing if they are up to date.


Skawt reviewed v1.7.0.42 Beta on Mar 28, 2008

I had originally knocked this software because it has issues with file versions and the database of updated software was lacking. I have since re-visited it and I am now using it in place of UpdateStar. I am really impressed with the improvements of SUMo. Good work, guys.


jafo818 reviewed v1.7.0.42 Beta on Mar 25, 2008

I was using UpdateStar... Not sure why. UpdateStar has a cool interface, but SUMo seems to work a lot better. Not sure why I am just finding this program now. But I'm glad I did!


hhavel reviewed v1.7.0.42 Beta on Mar 24, 2008

I have been using For the same features except they also host the files.. But Sumo sees more programs and has the drag and drop checking.... Good Job....


war593122 reviewed v1.7.0.42 Beta on Mar 24, 2008

SUMo - 1.7

- [New Feature] Normal / In-depth scan shall be available (Kyle_Katarn)

- [New Feature] It shall be possible to allow SUMo to display "Beta" as new version available (Kyle_Katarn)

- [New Feature] DLL / ActiveX support (Drag'n'drop only) (Kyle_Katarn)

- [New Feature] Support for Screen Saver (.SCR) Files (Kyle_Katarn)

- [Bug] SUMo Doesn't Recognize Windows Installer Shortcuts (like those for Microsoft Office) (Kyle_Katarn)

- [Bug] Installation Splash Copyright Date (Kyle_Katarn)

- [Bug] Strange Graphics Problem with the Horizontal Lines (Kyle_Katarn)


Ciolouse reviewed v1.7.0.42 Beta on Mar 24, 2008

Very useful, thanks !!!


Pfurri reviewed v1.6.3.41 on Mar 18, 2008

Still No. 1 for this kind of software-update tool,
becomes better and better !

DKDude do you know what you're talking about ???


DKDude reviewed v1.6.2.40 on Mar 2, 2008

Prevx1 V2 2008.03.02 Heuristic: Suspicious Self Modifying File

Could be harmless, but who knows.

De Julien

De Julien reviewed v1.6.2.40 Beta on Feb 26, 2008

Great tool ! Highly recommended !


Pfurri reviewed v1.6.2.40 Beta on Feb 26, 2008 works perfect and thereby no. 1 again !


Jorpheus reviewed v1.6.2.39 Beta on Feb 26, 2008

Works perfectly for me, and I find it quite useful, the only thing that is missing is a better updating system, hence the 4 instead of 5 stars.


robster2001 reviewed v1.6.2.39 Beta on Feb 25, 2008

I'm in the same boat as henrypeck. The initial scan never finishes, so I can't evaluate the software.


Pfurri reviewed v1.6.2.39 Beta on Feb 25, 2008

henrypeck is right ! This version Beta has a bug (scan never ends), but if it's cleared, it's the best again !


henrypeck reviewed v1.6.2.39 Beta on Feb 25, 2008

Useless to me as it never completes the software scan.

De Julien

De Julien reviewed v1.6.2.39 Beta on Feb 25, 2008

Very nice tool ! Simple, effective, and up-to-date.
Small negative : Get Update doesn't get you anywhere.

M a t t L e e

M a t t L e e reviewed v1.6.0.37 on Feb 12, 2008

last time i tried this id of given it a 3 because it had a ton of false updates. this time it detected 55 programs and only 2 ((both part of comodo firewall 3.0)) was wrong. i think thats comodo's fault tho as their listed at 1.0 rather than 3, while sumo was showing 2.4 available

on a side note, id like to say i used to use filehippo's update checker which was great but required the bulky .NET Framework 2.0. this doesnt require any other software to use it adding to its greatness.


coover reviewed v1.6.0.37 Beta on Feb 4, 2008

This application had a lot of problems in the early Betas, and thus it received some low scores, but has gotten much better. It really works and the false updates listed in the past are fewer and fewer. In fact, the last scan was clean of false updates, and the updates it listed for my computer were actually available.

Now that doesn't mean that I want to update every file I can. For example, I use Nero 7 and am happy with it. Nero 8 updates were listed as available, but I don't think I really need to purchase that product at this time.

But one of the freeware applications, Crap Cleaner, had an actual update. By clicking on the Sumo Update button, my brower was taken to a webpage where the updated file was available for download. Good work, Sumo!


Pfurri reviewed v1.5.0.36 on Jan 25, 2008

The best of its kind ! Sorry competitors !


monzi reviewed v1.5.0.36 on Jan 25, 2008

The concept of the program is great. The program works fast and is easy to use. BUT, the main problem i have with this program is the way it finds the pages to download the updated files. There should be a direct link to the programs download-homepages instead of those crappy googlesearch and other crap pages.


Ciolouse reviewed v1.5.0.36 on Jan 25, 2008

This software is just awesome, excellent tool to make my computer always up to date ! :)


jahamaville reviewed v1.4.0.33 on Jan 17, 2008

This is the best update checker I've used by far. I have several stand-alone utilities, and this can check for updates for all of them by simply dragging them into the application. It is also very accurate, much better than UpdateStar. I have over 200 programs listed, and it has never been wrong when it said that an update was available.

Ian C.

Ian C. reviewed v1.3.0.29 Beta on Dec 24, 2007

Well it has definitely improved, but still mediocre at best.


mikeyx11 reviewed v1.2.0.28 Beta on Dec 17, 2007

I thought this program was great considering the alternatives. I tried both AppGet and UpdateStar, both were crap. This works fine. To commenter(s) below, it has the option to turn MS updates off, also, downloading updates without going through WU will NOT mess your system up. MS have a download centre for a reason.

The only two issues I had with this were:
1) It showed updates for some applications that had no final release updates, only BETAs. For example, it said Yahoo Messenger was at version 9.0, when v9.0 is still in BETA.
2) Programs with multiple executables would cause SUMo to show all the executables and their versions rather than just the 1 program, however I'd assume this would improve over time as more applications are supported properly.

Considering it is so new, and in BETA, this looks REALLY promising and so far has been really good.


XZAVER reviewed v1.2.0.28 Beta on Dec 14, 2007

I think you guys should give it more of a chance , after all it is still a beta.


shicaca reviewed v1.2.0.28 Beta on Dec 13, 2007

First off it gets things from MS that are updated via windows update. I'm sure if you get updates from this software, you'll invariably screw windows update something fierce.

Also, the program reports updates for programs that have not been updated.

For some VERY big named programs (I can't even think of the ONE program I use that obviously many use), it gives you the download link. Everything else it directs you to a google search to find it yourself???!!! How is this helpful what-so-ever? If it says that it found an update, take me to the page you think you got the information from ... not an obscure update page from google.

Unfortunately it is true what the others say. I believe it's called SUMO in Linux where it goes out and gets the updates for you and you can have one click access to the updates, but this program just takes so many personal resources (ie my time) that it's not worth messing around with. ... A quote from someone else, "Great idea, horribly implemented". True, true, true.


Skawt reviewed v0.10.1.15 Beta 10 on Sep 11, 2007

I've noticed that this app keeps reporting new versions of applications that don't exist, and appends either "256" or "1536" to the end of the version number.

I would still recommend appget at this point. It's much faster, has actual links to many of the major apps, and allows you to send version corrections to the database maintainers.


Satansgeek reviewed v0.9.0.13 Beta 9 on Sep 10, 2007

As gundamboyzack this is a poorly implemented programme...the lack of any automation in finding the update makes its real usefulness questionable at best and it seems to fail on at least as many programmes as it works properly on...AppGet is markedly superior and offers the automation this programme lacks.


gundamboyzack reviewed v0.7.1.10 Beta 7 on Aug 29, 2007

Neat idea, but poorly implemented. Anyone can go to Google and type in a program to see if there are updates...

It would be cool if, for instance, it said there was a newer version of Photoshop than what I have installed. Instead of opening a page that leads me to Google, open the Adobe Update Manager. Have it set up for an application list that's updated (daily, weekly, whatever) where users could post programs that they would like to see on the list. Have it automatically look through the computer for programs on that list and then compare versions.


Stingray57 reviewed v0.7.0.9 Beta 7 on Aug 29, 2007

Windows has needed this since the beginning of the idea of the OS. Linux already has this and works perfectly on my other (ubuntu) machine. I really like the idea behind this app and it's officially in my spotlight... I like it.


coover reviewed v0.6.0.8 Beta 6 on Aug 27, 2007


I'm guessing that you either are or work with KCSoftwares and have something to do with this software.

I appreciate your comment below that "Scan" is directly built into the application and that it can be found in the "File" menu.

This, of course, is the solution for the "manual labour" that other reviewers have mentioned. However, it seems to me that the placement of the "Scan" option should be more obvious. A button at the bottom of the application would work and would improve things greatly.

Regarding the actual use of SUMo ... After finding the "Scan" option, I first decided to scan my entire C drive. This, I found, was a complete waste of time ... totally unnecessary, giving me more results that I could possibly use. So I then scanned the Program Files folder. That was much better. These are the files I use each day.

I keep most of my applications up to date, but I was amazed at the number that supposedly required updating. But when I went to the internet, I could find no updates! For example, SUMO indicated that I had two versions of Internet Explorer, 6.0.6000.16512 and 7.0.6000.16512. I'm not sure where IE 6 is on this computer but that is another story. Your application suggested that I update to IE 7.23.28672. The update could not be found. Other applications (Foxit is an example) had the same problem. You told me an update was available. A Google search could not find the update.

Still, I'll give the application a 4, realizing that it is still in Beta and needs some work. I want this application to work and I wish you well.


tristan202 reviewed v0.5.0.7 Beta 5 on Aug 27, 2007

In my book this is only worth 1 star at the moment. It's a great idea, but way to much manual labour, and upon dropping my first executable it crashed with an access violation.


horsecharles reviewed v0.4.0.6 Beta 4 on Aug 25, 2007

Sorry, this is way too manual-- i have over 500 apps to monitor... reminds me of the days of DOS...


agamen0n reviewed v0.4.0.6 Beta 4 on Aug 25, 2007

I have just tested, and I still looking fot he "check for updates" button. There is a "get updates" button that opens a webpage telling whats the newest version of the selected program. Guess if the guy have 50 programs, imagine to open one webpage for each program? Isn't very practical... however the database still old, since i have tried the powerdvd that I use (version 7.0) and the site told me that the newest version was 6.0. Frustrating... However it's in the right way to create a veru useful application... keep it up!


Kyle_Katarn reviewed v0.4.0.6 Beta 4 on Aug 25, 2007

coover : The only information sent are Product Name, Product Company and Product version (in order for the server to detect update). The "Scan" function is available in the "File" menu.

Thanks for testing and do not forget to send us feedback & suggestions (email, forum, .. as you like)


coover reviewed v0.4.0.6 Beta 4 on Aug 24, 2007

I've rated this software a 4, though it could be a 5, or it could be a 1. And that is because I haven't actually used it.

I thought a bit about downloading and executing this software because it requires the user to allow his or her computer to "phone home", to tell KCSoftwares what executables and their version numbers are actually on the computer. That, in itself, does not seem dangerous, but I wonder if any other information is sent, too?

Evidently, this software is too new to be actually reviewed on the internet, as the only reference I could find was to the BetaNews web page.

But assuming this software is not malevolent, it certainly will provide a needed service ... and that is why I wanted it. But in my first attempt to use it, I found that the software does not scan the computer looking for executables to check against its database (as I had assumed). I found that I had to drag the executable to the application ... that I. personally have to find the executable prior to the version check. And I will have to do this with every application I want to check. That is a lot of work which could have been done with a simple scan.

Even if this works. Even if it isn't spyware or some other form of malware, this software only gets a 4 from me.

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