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Reviewed NirLauncher 1.23.64

This tool is for Pro who use NirSoft Tools.

Cool idea to make this launcher.

Thanks for this !

Easy to update by your self, thanks to the configuration file.

Also supports integration of SysInternals, Priform´s tools and JoeWare. Also... Read full review

Reviewed Microsoft Small Basic 1.2

Very simple Basic good for beginners.

The download is still Version 0.8 even if download details at M$ say:

Quick Details
File Name: SmallBasic.msi
Version: 0.9
Date Published: 6/9/2010 Read full review

Reviewed DLC Decrypter

Addware, uses googleadds and bin-layer to earn money by just calling up the software. "No-adds" cert is wrong and I asume they not tested this software.

Blocking this add-serviced disables usage of the software completly. Read full review

Reviewed SUMo

ModderXManiac: use the RK free version avaible on homepage Read full review

Reviewed Capture .NET Professional 14.3.7827

Seems to be well coded. At least I find it quite good. I don´s see any font size problem. The containing features are mostly better than most single applications you find.
- Color picker - good
- Note It - good
- Capture - good
- Windows Spy... Read full review

Reviewed Comandiux

dlaws: because you did use it wrong. It needs full patch (see picture) or use it as parameter: cax /BEEP
If you enter in the prompt /BEEP it will search for a executable in the path that is called beep

If you know how to use ist superb Read full review

Reviewed SEROGATE 1.8

Works as expected. only 300k in size not 8m. portable. Read full review

Reviewed Database .NET 33.8.8089

Has potential. I look forwad for new versions.

To sad startup and every click in the menu ends in an error or crash. Maybe it would be a good idea to add Error/exception handling into code.

1. If Database Program is installed (seems to need... Read full review

Reviewed TrueCrypt 7.2

Very good. Works portable on USB too. For personal use I have no problem in using this gem.

mjm01010101: you should read also the fedora,Suse and so on forum why they avoid it.
Don't be a Wikipedia-monk and read the background and the newest... Read full review

Reviewed Bill2's Process Manager

Seems to work now, for me.

the website please add "Show this page in English" also for mainpage not only for the "Téléchargement" page.

to find some one who translates ProcessManager-fr-fr.chm would be nice too. Read full review

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