Security Software Firewalls Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro (32-bit)

Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro (32-bit) 9.3 (4934.708.2079) for Windows

by Agnitum, Ltd.

Avg. Rating 2.8 (668 votes)

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File Size 34.4 MB
License Shareware, $29.95
Operating System Windows 7/Server 2003/Vista/XP
Date Added
Total Downloads 29,369
Publisher Agnitum, Ltd.
Homepage Agnitum Outpost Firewall
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Publisher's Description

Agnitum Outpost is the first personal firewall developed with Open Architecture. It is also the first personal firewall that supports plug-ins. Sample plug-ins are included to show how this revolutionary technology can easily be employed for such tasks as Intrusion Detection, Advertisement Blocking, Content Filtering, E-mail Guard, and Privacy Control. It is equipped with every feature a personal firewall should have. It is the most functional firewall in the world. Outpost supports all the latest security techniques and features such as: Full Stealth Mode, Anti-Leak, and MD5 Authentication.

Latest Reviews


NyaR reviewed v8.0 (4164.639.1856) on Jan 16, 2013

Been using this for a few years, have not needed an anti virus at all. Sometimes use a free one to scan suspect files.

This has saved me from a few java exploits and some other bs.

Also there is a built in IP Filter blocker.

If you've got the patience to learn this program you won't need another one ever again.


ninjeratu reviewed v7.5 (3663.571.1653) Beta 3 on Apr 19, 2011

This is beta 2.
The most current beta is found on

And the 7.5 betas are very unstable and weird with lots of functions removed (that will return in later betas).
I strongly suggest anyone not familiar with Agnitum products to skip the 7.5 betas altogether.


CyberDoc999 reviewed v7.0.3 (3392.517.1242) on Sep 28, 2010

why all the slow-nesssssss ???????


xion reviewed v7.0.1 (3376.514.1234) on Jul 26, 2010

Makes both my Win7 PCs slow, and can break network without adjusting it.


raz0r reviewed v6.7.1 (2983.450.0714) on Sep 24, 2009

Works perfect for me no problems love it
all my friends and family use Agnitum products we are all happy this program.


anomoly reviewed v2009 (6.7.2957.446.711.358) on Jul 30, 2009

I tried the latest fw pro and the free version. Both consume cpu via that pos acs.exe file at an extreeeme rate I have never seen in previous versions. The latest comodo pro free gui is (finally!) working like a champ and even gets a much better score on matousec.
Weirder still, outpost blocked IE net access when dns was disabled. ce la ve

Phat Esther

Phat Esther reviewed v2009 6.7 (2954.446.0710) on Jul 21, 2009

couldnt start on windows 7 hahahahaha


anomoly reviewed v2009 ( on Jun 10, 2009

I agree. I have tried them all and have always gone back to this as it simply does the job without complaint.
And the free version was very recently updated.


quantumcipher reviewed v2009 ( on Jun 5, 2009

I've found Outpost to be stable in all of the platforms I have used it (XP Pro SP1-3, Vista 32 & 64-bit, as well as Windows 7 RC1 32 & 64-bit). The protection it offers is top notch, however (as others have stated) somewhat bloated. That is, bloated if you do not disable certain components that are enabled by default. These componenets include: Anit-Spyware Protection, Host Protection, Self-Protection, & Logging (this last one is optional but will free up some RAM if disabled). If you disable the unnecessary components (unnecessary for experienced users), your firewall will no longer be bloated, but will continue to offer the superior protection Outpost has to offer. I would not, however, recommend this firewall for older or slow computers. If your computer is 5 years old or newer you should be good to go. I currently have it on all my systems, configured as mentioned above, and I can confirm that it is working smoothly and have yet to see it cause any issues of instability, as others have claimed. On my older computers, however, I used to prefer to use Comodo, as it is lighter on resources, but have since transitioned to Outpost without complication.


Lsavagejt reviewed v2009 ( on Mar 18, 2009

I liked this thing a lot a year ago, but there doesn't seem to be any way to turn off the "news" which is nothing but a built-in adware module. I HATE advertising.

Scored well on Matousec, though! Back to COMODO....

Avg. Rating 2.8 (668 votes)
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NyaR reviewed v8.0 (4164.639.1856) on Jan 16, 2013

Been using this for a few years, have not needed an anti virus at all. Sometimes use a free one to scan suspect files.

This has saved me from a few java exploits and some other bs.

Also there is a built in IP Filter blocker.

If you've got the patience to learn this program you won't need another one ever again.


ninjeratu reviewed v7.5 (3663.571.1653) Beta 3 on Apr 19, 2011

This is beta 2.
The most current beta is found on

And the 7.5 betas are very unstable and weird with lots of functions removed (that will return in later betas).
I strongly suggest anyone not familiar with Agnitum products to skip the 7.5 betas altogether.


CyberDoc999 reviewed v7.0.3 (3392.517.1242) on Sep 28, 2010

why all the slow-nesssssss ???????


xion reviewed v7.0.1 (3376.514.1234) on Jul 26, 2010

Makes both my Win7 PCs slow, and can break network without adjusting it.


raz0r reviewed v6.7.1 (2983.450.0714) on Sep 24, 2009

Works perfect for me no problems love it
all my friends and family use Agnitum products we are all happy this program.


anomoly reviewed v2009 (6.7.2957.446.711.358) on Jul 30, 2009

I tried the latest fw pro and the free version. Both consume cpu via that pos acs.exe file at an extreeeme rate I have never seen in previous versions. The latest comodo pro free gui is (finally!) working like a champ and even gets a much better score on matousec.
Weirder still, outpost blocked IE net access when dns was disabled. ce la ve

Phat Esther

Phat Esther reviewed v2009 6.7 (2954.446.0710) on Jul 21, 2009

couldnt start on windows 7 hahahahaha


anomoly reviewed v2009 ( on Jun 10, 2009

I agree. I have tried them all and have always gone back to this as it simply does the job without complaint.
And the free version was very recently updated.


quantumcipher reviewed v2009 ( on Jun 5, 2009

I've found Outpost to be stable in all of the platforms I have used it (XP Pro SP1-3, Vista 32 & 64-bit, as well as Windows 7 RC1 32 & 64-bit). The protection it offers is top notch, however (as others have stated) somewhat bloated. That is, bloated if you do not disable certain components that are enabled by default. These componenets include: Anit-Spyware Protection, Host Protection, Self-Protection, & Logging (this last one is optional but will free up some RAM if disabled). If you disable the unnecessary components (unnecessary for experienced users), your firewall will no longer be bloated, but will continue to offer the superior protection Outpost has to offer. I would not, however, recommend this firewall for older or slow computers. If your computer is 5 years old or newer you should be good to go. I currently have it on all my systems, configured as mentioned above, and I can confirm that it is working smoothly and have yet to see it cause any issues of instability, as others have claimed. On my older computers, however, I used to prefer to use Comodo, as it is lighter on resources, but have since transitioned to Outpost without complication.


Lsavagejt reviewed v2009 ( on Mar 18, 2009

I liked this thing a lot a year ago, but there doesn't seem to be any way to turn off the "news" which is nothing but a built-in adware module. I HATE advertising.

Scored well on Matousec, though! Back to COMODO....


dhry reviewed v2009 (6.5.2514.381.685.326.204) on Feb 23, 2009

Boy, did this bloat out over the years. 24Mb for a firewall is inexcusable, especially one as unstable as this has become. It used to be great, but now... just use Comodo.


madmike reviewed v2009 (6.5.2905.372.677.325) Beta on Feb 6, 2009

Bought this last year, am computer savy myself and its pants. Bloated beyond beleive, crashing issues and for the newbee unforgiving. It does provide excellent security, but the crashes and extreme growthof install kills it.

I now use avira security suite, does the job:)


Conrad.TDI reviewed v2009 (6.5.2905.372.677.325) Beta on Feb 5, 2009

I find it to be stable, and it coexists well with Adaware, etc. It seems to be quite graceful and light on resources, for me.

I really like the ability to completely unload the resident program and service while in a safe environment for off-line game playing or music work.


underscore reviewed v2009 (6.5.2494.364.660.321) Beta on Dec 18, 2008

I rated it the closest # to its current adverage. Outpost use to be the best then it went wrong somewhere. Default installs frequently crash, our consistanly freeze then unfreeze, blocking all traffic when it does. It's also become bloated, and I think they abandoned their free version a long time ago (a vista ver would be nice). Hopefully they'll eventually straighten up, but I doubt it. I didn't try this latest build, I've used to many dissapointing updates to try every last one.


toasale reviewed v2009 (6.5.2494.364.660.321) Beta on Dec 17, 2008

Face it:

Folks who write negatively about super products have NEVER installed nor used that product - they ain't got the brains. If they did install one, they probably crapped it out to mirror the image of themselves - a turd.


raz0r reviewed v2009 (6.5.2446.350.635.319) Beta on Oct 27, 2008

The best firewall no problems here.


Sukkelaar reviewed v2009 (6.5.2446.350.635.319) Beta on Oct 25, 2008

Only lamers coming from ZoneAlarm will find this thing somewhat good. More experienced users know it's a bugfest.


Lsavagejt reviewed v2009 (6.5.2446.350.635.319) Beta on Oct 24, 2008

Matousec aside, this IS the best firewall right now. It's granular and plays well with other apps.
My only complaint is the systray icon. I was hoping to see its nifty little fortress icon down there- oh well, maybe in a future release.


tafugate reviewed v2009 (6.5.2446.350.635.319) Beta on Oct 24, 2008

interesting reviews. but alas, it's a shame reviews with no substance can't be discarded. hopefully, someone shopping for a firewall/security suite, will consider the reviews with tangible user experiences, and disregard the 'i don't like it because it's crapware'. (8

i recently went on walkabout to find a new security suite. i was unhappy with zonealarm, and was curious to find something better. i downloaded/tried all the popular internet security suites. and the closest i came to dumping za was for outpost. and that was because the antispam and antivirus components didn't measure up to za's mailfrontier and kaspersky, though most pundits rate outpost's firewall one of the best.

i did experience some growing pains while trying outpost. i had problems with a number of websites, but with the aid of some very helpful folks on the forums, they showed me howto check the logs to determine problem/resolution. all in all, a terrific internet security suite, just some weaknesses in the ancillary components, which i described above.


periklo reviewed v2009 (6.5.2423.340.624.318) on Oct 13, 2008

Version 2008 was really, and I mean really crappy, but this is actually very good. I've been using it for a week and so far there is nothing bad to report. It seems that they are back on track.

Please do not judge this without trying, it is much improved.


dhry reviewed v2009 (6.5.2423.340.624.318) on Oct 4, 2008

This company's product has gone down the sh*tter since v4. Get OP Firewall v4 - their best version. Absolutely no way in hell anyone can justify a 22Mb download for a firewall - complete and utter bloatware.


mackley reviewed v2009 (6.5.2423.340.624.318) on Sep 24, 2008

After two days there is no 6.5.2423.340.624.318 release on the officia site... and your download link points to a polish version of 6.5.2358.316.0607 old version !


pjb reviewed v2009 (6.5.2358.316.0607) on Jul 16, 2008

Seemed to work ok for a day, and then some issues of slowing down, folders not opening properly.
Removed and went back to comodo.


anomoly reviewed v2009 (6.5.2358.316.0607) on Jul 15, 2008

Bluscreened twice more but the 3rd time it didn't. What the pc considers a normal boot -who knows? Will try with this latest version & see again.
At the top of Matousec's list, so even with the boot issue. A keeper
"Whether you need a firewall at all is controversial."
ABSURD-joe email who likes to chat & surf may never need one, in fact. Everybody else who actually depend upon their pc's resources most certainly do. Even if they never use it (windows fw), having A door is better than having NO door.


anomoly reviewed v2009 (6.5.2356.316.0602) on Jul 7, 2008

Forces me to boot in safe mode and then reboot again to avoid blue screen. what a joke
Ok I added a password to the account and will see what happens when I try to reboot again later.


raz0r reviewed v2009 (6.5.2355.316.0597) on Jul 2, 2008

Better than 2008 version. more faster less memory usage.


eaves reviewed v2009 (6.5.2355.316.0597) on Jul 2, 2008

>> It is equipped with every feature a personal firewall should have. It is the most functional firewall in the world.

It is also the most bloated firewall in the world. OK, it may not be as bloated as Symantec's firewall, but it is a close second.

Outpost has to stop trying to be everything for everybody.

It needs to just work. Especially with cisco VPN clients.


robmanic44 reviewed v2009 (6.5.2355.316.0597) on Jul 2, 2008

Whether you need a firewall at all is controversial. If you are running your system through a router you probably don't.

This program is a bloated waste of time. Comodo is certainly better.


Unbreakable_ reviewed v2009 (6.5.2355.316.0597) on Jul 2, 2008

After last year's fiasco, didn't have high expectations... But OP 2009 has grat features and performance (0% CPU usage and low memory consumption). At last they fixed the UI and the logging problems (logging can be disabled completly now). Now I can finally upgrade from v4...


wat0114 reviewed v2009 (6.5.2355.316.0597) on Jul 1, 2008

So much better than their 2008 effort. It is not bloated, surfing speed is first-rate, logging detail is back to where it should be and the Host Protection, Web Control and Anti-Spyware add additional security to an already superb personal firewall.


madmike reviewed v2009 (6.5.2355.316.0597) on Jul 1, 2008

Was good once, not anymore.. too mmuch bloat, too slow. Never again


Tenoq reviewed v2008 (6.0.2295.253.0490) on Jun 5, 2008

Ouch - this is even slower than the last time I tried Outpost. Been looking for a decent replacement for Kerio PF since it was basically abandoned by Sunbelt when they bought it. I'd tried Outpost before and hadn't had much luck - so I tried it again.

I'd say don't.

Significantly slowed boot time, a lot of bloat for someone who just wants a firewall, even with the plug-in manager. There are better free alternatives - Comodo, for example. Comodo's UI is lame, but it's still better than Outpost. *sigh* Why can't anyone make a decent, efficient firewall these days?


ninjeratu reviewed v2008 (6.0.2295.253.0490) on Jun 5, 2008

Who said it was free?
And "worst firewall on the market"?
If you don't know anything and don't want to know anything, don't write stupid reviews.
And I don't even want to know what "anal phat ester" is all about.

It's the best end-user software firewall for the Windows platform. Period. Low footprint, excellent protection, easy to use.

If you don't have any anti-virus software installed you also get added value with anti-spyware and web control protection.

white lightning

white lightning reviewed v2008 (6.0.2295.253.0490) on Jun 5, 2008

No hope, that's the worst firewall on the market &'s not free .


analphatester reviewed v2008 (6.0.2293.253.0490) on Apr 25, 2008

No Windows All?

Why why why why all ?


ninjeratu reviewed v2008 (6.0.2293.253.0490) on Apr 24, 2008

Yeah, someone's really frothing at the mouth. Teething, maybe?

The first public betas were unstable in certain setups, they warned about that. RTFM. This shouldn't surprise anyone. Want 100% stability? Go Final and skip the dev builds that usually test new things or try solving specific issues without guaranteeing stability.

Since the final version was released it's been rock solid in both Vista SP1 and XP SP2, unless you have strange setups (or multiple firewalls, crappy antivirus/antispyware, hardware issues and so on). Any known issues can be found in FAQs or in the forums. Some of the builds have specific warnings, and if you install a dev build and then b****, you probably deserve all the BSODs in the world. Most people that have issues with Outpost have spyware, adware or virus or "forgot" to disable firewall properties in crap like Norton. Don't blame Agnitum for your lack of competence.

Still the best software consumer firewall for Windows.


heybirder reviewed v2008 (6.0.2293.253.0490) on Apr 23, 2008

Wow, looks like someone's on an hate filled agenda. I've been using Outpost for years now and while their version 6 started out pretty rough, it's been solid for months. I have it on both XP and Vista and I wouldn't change. If you want a personal firewall with very granular control, this is the one.


reviewed v2008 (6.0.2284.253.0485) on Mar 31, 2008

Outpost Firewall gets worse with every update since version 4.
- Agnitum abolished plug-ins
- introduced bugs in old features
- remodeled a users-support bbs to a support-agnitum-bbs
- sh*t their cr*p on all supporting indviduals.

all this in less than a year.
this product is by now mediocre enough to be sold to microsoft.
i'm really sorry for recommending this in the past.lesson learnt.

looser-company 2008


armpit reviewed v2008 (6.0.2284.253.0485) on Mar 15, 2008

Unstable, slow and bloated, more like an alpha instead of a beta, a shadow of version 4.0. My license still has little more than a 100 days but gave up a few weeks ago after trying comodo. Not missing outpost one bit.


eaves reviewed v2008 (6.0.2284.253.0485) on Mar 3, 2008

With each release, this firewall gets more and more bloated, to the point where the usefulness of the firewall is being crushed under the weight of its attempt to be a "do everything" product.


c4p0ne reviewed v2008 (6.0.2284.253.0485) on Mar 2, 2008

Piece of bloated unstable sh*t.


poisonu reviewed v2008 (6.0.2284.253.0485) on Mar 1, 2008

It is Very sad to see a company destroying its hard earned reputation....

Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro (64-bit) 2008 (6.0.2284.253.0485) is still Not ready for prime time....

And now they are releasing new versions every few days...


Diam0nd reviewed v2008 (6.0.2284.253.0485) on Feb 29, 2008

Crap? Yessir. Barely usable crap.

Comodo > *


oRoFLash reviewed v2008 (6.0.2284.253.0485) on Feb 29, 2008

I used Agnitum for many years, but sorry, new version is bloated and simply Comodo rules!

Definitivamente Comodo Firewall es mejor Firewall y sobretodo es gratuito.


Diam0nd reviewed v2008 (6.0.2279.251.0482) on Feb 27, 2008

Crap. Comodo is free and WAY better than this.


poisonu reviewed v2008 (6.0.2279.251.0482) on Feb 27, 2008

Still NOT good....
Very sad....


tatool reviewed v2008 (6.0.2279.251.0482) on Feb 26, 2008

every new version is more buggy and generally bloated. if U need firewall, take outpost v4 or latest comodo.

white lightning

white lightning reviewed v2008 (6.0.2279.251.0482) on Feb 26, 2008

Buggy again .


dhry reviewed v2008 (6.0.2279.251.0482) on Feb 26, 2008

Firstly, NOD32 is an antivirus. This is a firewall.

Secondly, I have to agree with the previous reviewers. This firewall used to be the best available for Windows (v4). However the new version is complete bloatware and the usability sucks. I also agree that Comodo is definitely rising in the ranks - their new v3 firewall is fantastic and completely free. Although Comodo could certainly do with some improvements in the UI (especially when viewing current TCP connections) it's great for both power users and for simply installing on your grandparents' PC. Agnitum have done their dash and the latest versions of their product should simply be avoided. If you want to use Outpost, go with v4.


madmike007 reviewed v2008 (6.0.2279.251.0482) on Feb 26, 2008

Well I used to use this there previous program, then the lamers gave it away free on a cover disk, unforgivable as I had paid for it and yet they gave it away. Insane! almost as mad as Lotus as some peeps will recall in the UK giving away Smartsuite 97 free on a cover disk of a PC mag.. cray economics that killed Smartsuite. Now use NOD ESET, excellent program, faster loader, and no problems to report.. would never return to this program again , unforgiveable.Outpost is Shocking and this version uses system resources with abandon.!! Be warned!


oomingmak reviewed v2008 (6.0.2225.232.465.287) on Feb 5, 2008

Simply terrible.

This product epitomises the utter disregard that Agnitum have for their customers.

Avoid at all costs. There are much better alternatives.


ß reviewed v2008 (6.0.2225.232.465.287) on Dec 31, 2007

I signed up for Betanews specifically to warn users to stay away from this bloated bug-ridden app.

I used to be an authorized reseller for Agnitum. For years, I swore by Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro (since 2004). It was a wonderful firewall that was relatively light on resources, yet powerful. That was until it was decided by Agnitum management that adding more 'exciting' new features would increase sales. In less than a year, the installer grew by 50%. It used to be a 7-9 Mb download. The current (2008) installation is a whopping 19.4Mb. Have you ever wondered why the 'old' 4.0 version (last relatively stable yet bloated) is still available for download? Think about it.

Anyone with a brain should have alarm bells going off when seeing this rapid growth of any installer. Outpost firewall went from a solid product with room for improvement to an overpriced, bloated, horribly designed piece of software. Agnitum jumped through hoops just to get Matousec to acknowledge that Outpost Pro 2008 passes all the firewall security tests. Ironically, the one thing Agnitum forgot about was the enduser. Oops.. The firewall may pass all firewall tests, but it does not pass any usability tests (nor bug tests). Back to the drawing board with this one. In the meantime, good luck removing this app from your system, even with jv16, ace utilities or regseeker on your system. Agnitum buries registry keys that will not be found by registry cleaners, nor will they be removed by the uninstaller itself.

Caveat emptor. Don't take my word for it. Have a look at all the other reviews and draw your own conclusions. Enter Comodo. Out.


LuceferAB reviewed v2008 (6.0.2225.232.465.287) on Dec 21, 2007

Great slow down disk operation, even if all modules (except firewall) disabled. Computer some times freeze when delete or view files within large-files-folders (pictures, archives, music)


armpit reviewed v2008 (6.0.2225.232.465.287) on Dec 21, 2007

Not ready for prime time, back to version 4.0.1025 for me.

white lightning

white lightning reviewed v2008 (6.0.2225.232.465.287) on Dec 21, 2007

One more time the worst & should i pay for this useless piece of software when free firewalls are much much much better ?!? HORRIBLE !


poisonu reviewed v2008 (6.0.2225.232.465.287) on Dec 20, 2007

Will they ever get it ready for prime time?

Btw, Outpost Firewall Pro History of changes is at:


anomoly reviewed v2008 (6.0.2220.223.446.277) on Dec 9, 2007

OOPs. This review is for the Ste.
The only modules that are on my pc are:
wl_hook.dll &

acs.exe & op_mon.exe are the only ones that run & NEITHER are allowed web access.
It started popping up at boot to remind me to register/pay and upon cleaning some unnecessary junk from it's folder it no longer does this. I don't need an update, I need a good fw and this is THE BEST. period
I still have 28 days left in my 'trial' but after that as long as it runs at boot without any lame messages (the news window is entirely blank now) I'll be happy.
Probably the best change from v4 is the ability to shutdown the fw AND the service itself right from the tray icon. Now I have complete control and not agnitum's software!!
AntiVirus, Advertisement Blocking, Content Filtering, E-mail Guard, and Privacy Control-all BS bloat


poisonu reviewed v2008 (6.0.2220.223.446.277) on Dec 5, 2007

Unfortunately still Not ready for prime time...


ianlewis reviewed v2008 (6.0.2220.223.446.277) on Dec 5, 2007

Used to be an Outpost fan, but this slows my machine so that my new quad-core with 3GB of RAM feels exactly like my 7 year old Athlon with 1GB.


Diam0nd reviewed v2008 (6.0.2220.223.446.277) on Dec 5, 2007

Pretty GUI, nothing more. v4 was better.


SoulJas reviewed v2008 (6.0.2175.214.430.270) on Nov 22, 2007

It looks like Outpost 0.6 or something.
Not even close to v4 functionality. Poor UI and poor performance.


analphatester reviewed v2008 (6.0.2175.214.430.270) on Nov 19, 2007

Not windows ALL
Not working on 9X no working install for 9X.
Why write winALL ???


betasun reviewed v2008 (6.0.2175.214.430.270) on Nov 17, 2007

not as good as it was once .


poisonu reviewed v2008 (6.0.2175.214.430.270) on Nov 16, 2007

Still NOT ready for prime time....


ajua reviewed v2008 (6.0.2175.214.430.270) on Nov 16, 2007

Maybe the best part is yet to come out. This is a good firewall, perhaps the best stand-alone out there. The only downside is that developers rushed this new version and it has to be tagged as a Beta because there are many things to get fixed/retouched/added.

Hopefully this can achieve the level of functionality and stability versions 4.x had.


CyberHobo reviewed v2008 (6.0.2175.214.430.270) on Nov 16, 2007

It was once half-way decent.


anomoly reviewed v2008 (6.0.2172.214.422.270) on Nov 16, 2007

This isn't a FW. It's actually an antivurus, antispam, host protecting, blah blah blah..., PRETENDING to be a firewall.
May as well use windows live one care.
Or better yet, hire someone to do all your surfing for you.


oomingmak reviewed v2008 (6.0.2172.214.422.270) on Nov 16, 2007

A once decent firewall (it was never actually "great" due the appalling UI) has now been turned into a bloated wreck.


pjb reviewed v2008 (6.0.2172.214.422.270) on Nov 16, 2007

I still can't get this new version to work in harmony with NOD32 v3. I agree with others that this application appears to have become bloated.

I have had no issues with the RC of Comodo V3, so will probably using the final version of that.


Tarun. reviewed v2008 (6.0.2172.214.422.270) on Nov 15, 2007

At one time this was an excellent firewall. During the 2.0 stages this firewall made ZoneAlarm inferior. Unfortunately this firewall has now become unstable and bloated. I've made the switch to Comodo Firewall Pro with no regrets.


betasun reviewed v2008 (6.0.2172.214.422.270) on Nov 15, 2007

what is it all about :6..2172.214.422.720 !

white lightning

white lightning reviewed v2008 (6.0.2172.214.422.270) on Nov 15, 2007

Besides commonplaces & legends about this piece of Software , it is one of the worst Firewalls on the market : heavyweight , boring , full of little & big bugs .
I vote 1 , just cause i cannot vote 0 or - 1 .


poisonu reviewed v2008 (6.0.2168.211.415.268) on Nov 13, 2007

I have been evaluating it for about 10 days, and its definitely Not ready for prime time.... it has Too Many incompatibilities with other software (it even slows down file managers).... I'll keep using ZoneAlarm Pro.....


frgrif reviewed v2008 (6.0.2168.211.415.268) on Nov 6, 2007

Been a longtime Outpost user and have always been happy with Outpost, until version 4.0. 2008 is just as bad unfortunately. Since 4.0 there's been nothing but lockups, hangups, BSOD, system drag, etc. The software has become so buggy and unstable it's not even usable. It's really bad.

I'm now using Online Armor and am much happier. OA is a little different but is much more stable and even more secure.


dhry reviewed v2008 (6.0.2168.211.415.268) on Nov 5, 2007

Outpost has always been a great firewall. But it looks like the company is succumbing to bloatitis.. 21Mb for the setup exe? Get real. And they need to stop using such a ridiculous versioning scheme too. Make mine v4.x please. I'll be back to look at this when it's not in beta AND when there's a cut down freeware version also available.


heybirder reviewed v2008 (6.0.2168.211.415.268) on Nov 4, 2007

One of the most powerful person firewalls you can get. Their new version 6 is going through some rapid changes and so far I haven't had any problems with it.


raz0r reviewed v2008 (6.0.2168.211.415.268) on Nov 4, 2007

Great program!


periklo reviewed v2008 (6.0.2168.211.415.268) on Nov 3, 2007

They had an outstanding product before (Outpost 4), so I will be gentle and only say that this has been released while still in beta. That is undoubtfully stupid decision (I would really want to know why they did it), but I also believe this will in time become outstanding firewall as its predcessor. Leave it mature and come back later.

Point Zero

Point Zero reviewed v2008 (6.0.2168.211.415.268) on Nov 3, 2007

Instead of breeding of some stupid leaktests, they better should look at stability and system impact of those crap tools. Running NOD32 & SSM, no impact whatsoever, PERFECT protection.


wat0114 reviewed v2008 (6.0.2168.211.415.268) on Nov 3, 2007

Using XP Pro and this release is working very well on it. However, I can't stand the logging; there is no way to rearrange the entries and zero right-click functionality. This is supposed to improve in future releases. Also, for a design that is supposed to support Vista, it is giving those users the biggest problems. Hopefully Agnitum addresses those issues in a hurry.


gnovak1 reviewed v2008 (6.0.2168.211.415.268) on Nov 3, 2007

Why Outpost 2008?
Maybe 'cause it did the best together with Online Armor in the latest Matousec Leak Test.
In fact,these firewalls are the only firewalls that have scored all the possible points.
Check out the latest Matousec results:
Matousec is world wide known authority for a firewall testing.All the major vendors order the test at Matousec.


ninjeratu reviewed v2008 (6.0.2168.211.415.268) on Nov 3, 2007

Been using Outpost 4.0 for many years and it is, hands down, one of the best you - as a home user - can get as far as usability, low footprint and safety is concerned. The user interface is easy on the eyes and easy to monitor, but you obviously need to read the manual to understand what everything means.

Now, version 2008 (6.0) ..

It's "improved".

No more real-time monitoring easily accessible, the user interface is "Vistaesque" and horrible. It's dumbing down the user to the point where you have no control and no idea what the firewall is doing.
The Event Viewer (to see what activities have been going on in the firewall) is redone to the point of uslelessness.
There are issues for many people using NOD32 and other antivirus/antispyware. Issues NOT present in 4.0.
Many applications working transparently with OP 4.0 is now working poorly or not at all. (Performance issues, corruption of data, etc).

Many people have had no issues what so ever, that should be pointed out. But far more have trouble with 6.0 than with 4.0. And even though some additions to the 6.0 version seem essential (full Vista support, better support for Fast User Switching and low-privilege user accounts and so on) the new features are just not working as they should.

For XP I'd stay with 4.0 for a long time.
For Vista I'd go for the ESET Security Suite (NOD32 antivirus and a decent firewall bundle).
Avoid Outpost 2008 for now.


armpit reviewed v2008 (6.0.2168.211.415.268) on Nov 3, 2007

why agnitum, why?


Registered reviewed v2008 (6.0.2160.205.402.266) on Oct 23, 2007

way to many bugs, and the company doesn't mind ripping customers of,

i remember when version 4 was in full swing, and was a excellent program, but the remaining issues and bugs were not rectified until version 5, which meant if you wanted the bugs in version 4 fixed, then you would have to pay for them, and get version 5, which would also bring a ton more problems,

any company that does not fix there bugs before moving on to the next series upgrade not only does not get my support, but will never have my forgiveness either,

i can not believe that this company would fix version 4 bugs by releasing version 5, so effectively making you spend more money just to get version 4 fixed, but by doing so, you now have more bugs, because your now on version 5,

i score this program -5 because of the way the company works, and how the company doesn't mind charging you money for updates (effectively)

it's been over a year now since that happened, but from what i can see from version 5 to version 6, nothing has changed, and the company is still doing it,

i think there philosophy is at a given date we will release the next upgrade, and if there are still bugs remaining in the previous version we will address them in the new upgrade and effectively make customers have no choice but to upgrade..... how they get away with this i don't know,

but all i can say is they are more concerned with money then actually fixing there creation.

if you create a bunch of features, then fix them first before moving on, a company owes it to there customers as well as themselves,

in fact now recalling the full experience i had at the time, i will give them -7 (minus 7) points,


c4p0ne reviewed v2008 (6.0.2160.205.402.266) on Oct 23, 2007

Outstanding potential that is brutally exterminated by the loss of touch with reality on what an average users computer REALLY has installed on it and what its general situation and pre-existing issues are before Outpost is installed on it. This massive lack of communications and failure to identify, again, the most common pre-existing user "situations" unfortunately is what has caused the low ratings of what otherwise is/can be an excellently functioning security package.

In this day in age (although admittedly coding/debugging is becoming more difficult and time consuming with all the variables involved, including new OS's) it is simply UNACCEPTABLE to code something that will FREEZE or BSOD the machine upon restart! THESE ISSUES BEING REPORTED ARE RESERVED FOR BETA SOFTWARE! Not "2008" new and "shiny" release software!

Agnitum: Get' tha' patching or get tha' steppin!


analphatester reviewed v2008 (6.0.2160.205.402.266) on Oct 22, 2007

Setup not working at all :)))

Point Zero

Point Zero reviewed v2008 (6.0.2160.205.402.266) on Oct 22, 2007

One of the most buggy (and now also bloated) softwares you can find.


pjb reviewed v2008 (6.0.2160.205.402.266) on Oct 22, 2007

The install appeared to go ok, upon restart and log in my whole completely froze. I switched off/on logged in and again the same happened. Not really acceptable as a released product. Using Vista *86 home Premium. 'Quote from changelog: Full Vista and 64-bit platform support
The totally redesigned Outpost architecture means that the product is now compatible with Windows 2000 onwards, including Vista and all 64-bit Windows versions'.


anonymouscowturd reviewed v2008 (6.0.2160.205.402.266) on Oct 22, 2007

Surely they are kiddding with that version number? Has anyone seen another piece of software with a version number as long as this?! LOL. Anyway, its alright piece of software but if i start the firewall before starting my wireless connection i have no connection. I have to start wireless then the firewall in that order. I say Comodo is a better alternative.


sweathog reviewed v2008 (6.0.2160.205.402.266) on Oct 22, 2007

I gotta eat crow on this one.

I was blinded by the sheen, when I submitted my first review. But as many others have noted, this firewall is flawed in almost every way. I didn't get a BSOD like some others, perhaps because I was upgrading, but I finally took Outpost 6 off and subsituted Comodo 2.4 and my PC booted 40% faster. What's more, when I had Outpost installed, it couldn't even remember if I was a registered user or not. It would say un-registered and not display the version number of the software until I clicked on the screen to enter my serial number, AGAIN. This would happend repeatedly because I thought it was strange that when I logged back on to my PC, I would see a great big Outpost screen starring back at me with the latest company news; it was akin to ADWARE!

And although Outpost keeps watch on a lot of components and processes on your PC, it come at a big CPU cost.

I'm using Windows XP so I know I can't blame that piece-of-crap OS, known as Windows Vista for the behaivor of Outpost. But I'm still angry that a developer can take my money, (I paid for a family subscription for TWO YEARS to Outpost) and produce a piece of sh*t like this. I'd give it a 0 if I could.



GoodMorningWorld reviewed v4.0.1025.7828 (700) on Aug 10, 2007

Overrated and bloated. I tried it once and two spywares made it through my machine. Well, on a consolation, it cleaned its own mess. Never again. DSA is free, effective, and light on CPU and Memory resources.


bournex reviewed v4.0 (1024.700.292) on Jul 1, 2007

I've owned Outpost for almost a year and has worked great for me. My only complaint is that I noticed for the first time and as of a few days ago, Outpost suddenly was consuming large amounts of memory (150Mb roughly) and behaving very slowly. Clicking its menus and trying to access its options would take about 20 sec delay before responding. I thought that was odd. I looked in forums and no one seems to mention anything about this issue.
Mind you, the issue was happening with the previous version. Everything seems to be back to normal after upgrading to this new version.
I still give it a 5 because overall, it is one of the best firewall softwares I've tried... cheers.


armpit reviewed v4.0 (1024.700.292) on Jun 26, 2007

Working great for me. Uninstalled completly previous version before this one.


gene_laz reviewed v4.0 (1024.700.292) on Jun 24, 2007

I would suggest you keep an open mind before saying "it's a DRIVER issue because the BSOD says so". "STOP" errors sometime have multiple causes that range from faulty hardware to driver problems to software incompatibilities. The MSKB shows some possible causes, but googling for a minute often shows many more that depend on various hardware/software configs. While it's not really surprising that this kind of conflict should happen, it's disappointing.

Regardless, using a firewall shouldn't require any kind of driver upgrade, especially those that might cause a properly working system to stop working (especially GPU drivers... if it ain't broken, don't fix it!)

And FYI: No Windoze firewall, working system not formatted for 4 months beforehand, stable without a single bluescreen except for these.

I've switched to Comodo in the meantime. It's annoyingly talkative, but better than this.


darkripper reviewed v4.0 (1024.700.292) on Jun 24, 2007

who cares about vista???
xp and outpost rocks


Prospero424 reviewed v4.0 (1024.700.292) on Jun 24, 2007

This version fixed the freeze on first reboot after install bug I was experiencing with later builds on my Server 2003 machine, so I re-upped my purchase today.

This is literally the only non-game software I've purchased for home use in a long, long time. I use freeware/open source for pretty much everything. It's that good.

No other software firewall for ANY operating system combines such advanced logging and filtering features with such an intuitive interface, effective self-protection and anti-leak capability, and advanced application rule creation. I don't say this lightly, but nothing else comes close.

I don't personally use the web content/ad management or anti-spyware plugins, but they're not bad, and they're easily disabled.

Outpost is the best of the best.


dhry reviewed v4.0 (1024.700.292) on Jun 24, 2007

Hands down the best software-based firewall for Windows.


swaxhog reviewed v4.0 (1024.700.292) on Jun 23, 2007

I have had the previous version BSOD my computer consistantly if I tried to do a remote vnc connection. I tunnel over ssh to do so and within a short period of time, the computer would crash.

That said, this is my firewall of choice on my home computers. I like the granularity it gives to the rule making.


RSMurphy reviewed v4.0 (1024.700.292) on Jun 23, 2007

I've tried a few firewalls and this definitely does the job.

Unlike other reports here, I have not experienced any BSOD's or application crashes. Outpost is highly configurable.

That being said, I do not believe it to have the best plug-ins but then I don't see that as a fault of Outpost. I'm not yet convinced I can get the ideal features from an all-in-one application.

For me, Outpost is my software firewall solution and anything else of benefit to me is a bonus but secondary. My only complaint is a minor one. Accessing the application listing for review or modification should be in the tree list on the left side rather then a selection in the menu bar.

5 stars for a job done well.


Budgie29 reviewed v4.0 (1024.700.292) on Jun 23, 2007

This is an exicillant firewall .. the only draw back is it can make windows become verry unstable and crash out even the software becomes unstable.. although its not as bad as before for bombing out
persionally i would either use Zone alarm with KAV or KIS as a complete package


mackley reviewed v4.0 (1024.700.292) on Jun 23, 2007

The changelog is here


Lug reviewed v4.0 (1024.700.292) on Jun 22, 2007

Updated Ukrainian localization for Agnitum Outpost Pro 4.0.1024.7809 (700)
Translation - my, carried out on the basis of the French language modules, therefore the Russian and/or English languages remain for you: (150 Kb)


Diam0nd reviewed v4.0 (1024.700.292) on Jun 22, 2007

Best firewall, imho. Shame it doesnt yet support Vista :/


tsimpoukis reviewed v4.0 (1024.700.292) on Jun 22, 2007

Great, but where is the changelog?


bigmama reviewed v4.0 (1024.700.292) on Jun 22, 2007


animaleecher reviewed v4.0 (1024.700.292) on Jun 22, 2007

the best firewall


ninjeratu reviewed v4.0 (1024.700.292) on Jun 22, 2007

gene_laz: That is not a Firefox/Outpost issue.
You have an unknown device without drivers or improper drivers installed and get So obviously it must be Outpost. Wow. That's amazing.
It's not like a gahzillion people use Outpost and Firefox without any problems whatsoever?
First of all .. Even the error tells you what's wrong. And since the error in question is a DRIVER issue, you should maybe get proper drivers for the hardware you've got? Maybe start with the NIC drivers since you get errors accessing the net...
Then I'd check for heat and at the same time update the GPU drivers since you can get that error from overheating too (overheated GPU fubars the drivers). In short: 1) Update and install proper drivers for your hardware 2) Remove any spyware 3) 4) Make sure Windows Firewall isn't running 5) Profit!

That said ..

Outpost is excellent and the only thing I'd run on my personal computer. When ESET release a final version of the AV/firewall hybrid "ESET Smart Security" (NOD32 AV with a firewall) I'll maybe run that instead, but for now Outpost is the best, easiest to use and most stable personal firewall there is.


Prospero424 reviewed v4.0.1007.7323 (591) on Jun 1, 2007

I've used this firewall for years now, and it's really the only one I can see using on my home server as the alternatives currently sit.

As far as capability, it's at the top of the pack; blocking exploits that most firewalls don't. Comodo is a tiny bit better in this regard, but its rule creation system has some problems and it doesn't offer the advanced logging/log viewing and other granular information on network activity that Outpost does, and that's a very significant factor in overall security as far as I'm concerned.

Additionally, comprehensive log analysis simply better allows you to learn how things work by watching exactly which network apps are doing what both as they're doing it and afterwards.

When Agnitum "fixes" the manner in which their leak detection component uses ring3 hooks (as they've promised to do; it's currently in beta), I'll give it a 5 despite not being pleased with the plug-ins (which are easily disabled). Edit: it seems they addressed the issue with this latest version.

If you're looking for a free software firewall, look to Comodo or Jetico (the latter if you're using Vista). If you're looking for a more professional tool with logging capability that's second to none, Outpost is the way to go.

One warning, however: if you try to install it on a Domain Controller, you're gonna have problems. Don't try it unless you know what you're doing AND have done some reading on their forums.


gene_laz reviewed v4.0.1007.7323 (591) on Apr 14, 2007

Gives a BSOD when used in conjunction with Firefox 2.0 - see thread at http://www.outpostfirewa.../showthread.php?t=19450. Took me a while to figure out what was causing this situation on my previously stable machine. I definitely won't be renewing my license until they fix this annoying bug (or at least, acknowledge customer complaints.)


justme123 reviewed v4.0.1007.7323 (591) on Apr 12, 2007

Memory consumption bug with logging enabled has still not been fixed. This bug has existed since version 1.0! What is Agnitum thinking?

Otherwise, this is a great firewall.


Turbulance reviewed v4.0.1007.7323 (591) on Mar 28, 2007

I have been trying to use Outpost since the beginning of the year when I bought a three year license for it.

Unfortunately I have had a ticket open with Agintum for most of that time due to the software constantly leaking memory until it crashes. I have to revert to Comodo as I can't use Outpost due to this problem.

There is another serious problem with it. If logging is enabled Outpost quickly begins to use more and more CPU and disk IO to the point where I can't play games etc. Once this happens I have to reinstall it to clear the log, or turn login off altogether. (I have 2 Gig RAM and a Core 2 Duo 2 Gig Processor in my laptop and Outpost brings my laptop to a crawl after a day or two!)

I am still hoping for a fix and soon. This update has made no improvement.

If the Memory Leaks and CPU / IO loads were resolved I would give it a five but as it is it is unusable for me.


SirDarius reviewed v4.0.1007.7323 (591) on Mar 28, 2007

A good firewall.

No BSOD for me, never had any for ages, so i guess it's not the fault of outpost.

I think a software firewall like Outpost is indeed useful, since hardware firewalls can't filter trafic according to applicative rules, which can be very useful to intercept spyware or virus activities.
That happened to me once. I got infected by a virus through IE that Norton AV didn't detect, and only Outpost blocked it when it tried to contact a rogue server through HTTP.
(Since then, I've stopped using ie and norton, and i'm safe so far...)


Diam0nd reviewed v4.0.1007.7323 (591) on Mar 28, 2007

Great fw. It now even works with KIS.


tatool reviewed v4.0.1007.7323 (591) on Mar 27, 2007

i've been up-to-date with outpost since early 2.x versions and it was great, but since 4th revision it's f**ked up. BSODs one by one its not what i like to see on my pc :/ tryied to reinstall many times, even tryied with fresh install of windows - results were the same - BSOD after two or three hours. maybe its a memory leak or something? well, don't care anymore. if you really want to use it - try version 3.5 or wait till 5.0.


robmanic44 reviewed v4.0.1007.7323 (591) on Mar 27, 2007

I tried this an was not at all impressed. If you're running a server a software firewall is inadequate. You need a hardware firewall and don't scrimp. I'm one of those who question the need for any firewall on a home PC.

Point Zero

Point Zero reviewed v4.0.1007.7323 (591) on Mar 27, 2007

Bloatware & buggy as hell. PERIOD.


johnsahakian reviewed v4.0.1007.7323 (591) on Mar 27, 2007

i tried latest version....
seems very good...
i used the most minimal setup..
disabled most plugins and application protection..
but after few hours my ram usage went over 50 mb consistantly....
i think thats a little too high....
esp with most things disabled...
most other firewalls around 20 mb...
i used to get bsod with previous versions so at least this version has some improvement as it seems stable now for dual core machines...


armpit reviewed v4.0.1007.7323 (591) on Mar 27, 2007

The Best firewall there is, period. I've been using it since version 2.7 and never had any problems. I like the way it lets me define precise rules for every application.


bigmama reviewed v4.0 (1007.591.145) on Mar 22, 2007

best firewall

comodo it's good & free but comes second


Outpost is the best


Jim reviewed v4.0 (1007.591.145) on Feb 14, 2007

Awesome product, but the leak detection is fake and might as well be turned off. I tend to occasionally run into odd little bugs and stability issues but they aren't very common. Very low on use of resources and allows you to see all connections in real time and block them as you see fit. Ad blocking etc are nifty features although it occasionally will block the wrong things as most of them do - for the average user this program is probably the best.


tom_gole reviewed v4.0 (1007.591.145) on Feb 1, 2007

I have used Kerio Personal Firewall for years, but had problems with v4, then tried Comodo firewall, but I have uninstalled after two weeks, they were problems with remembering already allowed connections, Comodo sloowed system etc. Now I am using Outpost Pro v4 and after a week, I like it very much, it has nice interface, many features like AD blocking, antispyware, leak detections and plugin interface.


periklo reviewed v4.0 (1007.591.145) on Jan 26, 2007

This program is not bloated, if wanted, everything can be turned off. As firewall only, it is light and it works great.


ajua reviewed v4.0 (1007.591.145) on Jan 26, 2007

this is the most complete firewall out there. i think is not made for novices but has lots of options to configure all settings so you can suit your presonal preferences. the mos complete logging features and the security it provides made it the best. for a free firewall get comodo. but if you want total control, options, logs and all kinds of info, get outpost.


Lug reviewed v4.0 (1007.591.145) on Jan 25, 2007

Ukrainian localization of Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro 4.0.1007.591
Translation is my.
I remind that a translation is carried out on the basis of the French modules of languages, so that the Russian and English languages remain at you.
Download: (150Kb)


Diam0nd reviewed v4.0 (1007.591.145) on Jan 25, 2007

Cant agree on the "bloat" comment. Cant agree on the "difficulty" part (do you even know there are THREE modes of difficulty [promts asking the user if allow/dissalow, etc]).

Good, solid firewall.


eaves reviewed v4.0 (1007.591.145) on Jan 25, 2007

Good: it works most of the time

Bad: Very bloated. It has trouble with Cisco's VPN client. Very bloated. Bugs galore. Very bloated.


halc reviewed v4.0 (1005.590.123) on Jan 13, 2007

+ configurable
+ lots of features
+ one of the best in leak tests and application monitoring

- prone to crash
- slow during huge network activity (with default plug-ins active) even on fast computers
- has become too complicated (for a novice) and bloated

Comodo Firewall Pro is much better as a firewall only, and you can't beat the price.

If you want everything but the kitchen sink and are willing to live with the above shortcomings, then give Outpost a try.

If you want something really small, fast and more pruned down, consider Look'n'Stop or Jetico (both require quite a lot of configuring though, not for novices, imho).


coolticker reviewed v4.0 (1005.590.123) on Jan 12, 2007

Point Zero, I also like "good old" Kerio 2.1.5 has a bug that will BSOD if you do more than 65535 socket open/close between to system restart, I discivered this problem when developping a stress test tool for one of my server, at least when running on Win2K


ninjeratu reviewed v4.0 (1005.590.123) on Jan 11, 2007

Been using Outpost for years and never seen a single BSOD due to Outpost.
The plugins are a bonus for those without other protection, not a sales pitch for the firewall and you should know that.
The Adblock plugin works well, except with large blacklists when it tends to slow down browsing (compared to, say, AdBlock Plus in Firefox with the same blacklist).
The Antispyware and other plugins are also adequat to good, not stellar- But since I use this as it's intended, a firewall, it's of no concern to me. I just like the fact that I _can_ use them.
Still the easiest to use and best end-user firewall for the Win32 platform. Period.

extremely well

extremely well reviewed v4.0 (1005.590.123) on Jan 11, 2007

The most advanced firewall right now, and for the next year or so (my guess of course, based on beta status at competitors)...

Point Zero

Point Zero reviewed v4.0 (1005.590.123) on Jan 11, 2007

Aaaah ! The good old Outpost firewall, I remember my days with Outpost as it was yesterday. BSOD's every day, more and more bloat added with just one purpose : Keep the sales coming in. Now, I'm using the Kerio 2.1.5. I have completely forgotten how a BSOD looks like, and my system runs smooth as butter, and is protected for the fully 100%. All those leaktest are just that, leaktests, and the Outpost malware control doesn't do anything than eating CPU-cycles on the fly.


Diam0nd reviewed v4.0 (1005.590.123) on Jan 11, 2007

It has issues, no question here. All the same, one of the best firewalls around.

Changes in Outpost Firewall Pro 4.0 (build 1005/590); January 11, 2007 :
The following features are new:
- Fake Protection Revealer leaktest interception
- SpyCar tests interception
- Allow Once action in real-time spyware protection learn dialog
- Real-time spyware protection learn dialog improved for critical objects changes detection
- Addition of Expandable String Value and similar variables to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun registry key is now controlled

The following issues are fixed (only significant ones are listed):
- Compatibility issues with third-party software (KAV, eTrust, CygWin, Diskeper 10, Spy Sweeper 5.0.x)
- Self-protection false positives
- Anti-Spyware plug-in was not loaded under Windows 98
- Outpost Firewall could crash on restoring objects from Anti-Spyware quarantine
- Outpost Firewall could crash on thread opening
- Several localization and interface issues


wat0114 reviewed v4.0 (971.584.079) on Nov 20, 2006

The Agnitum developers have come through in spades addressing the stability issues with this release. There is quite possibly no other pc firewall available that offers as much security as this fine product, especially given its rather minimal footprint. Terrific product!


robmanic44 reviewed v4.0 (964.582.059) on Sep 28, 2006

I own this software and I found that the company was more interested in protecting their own behinds than serving their customers. Registration is a pain in the butt and the backup disk they sent me was unusable.


wat0114 reviewed v4.0 (964.582.059) on Sep 28, 2006

This version is clearly an improvement over the latter RC’s, and the added security features have placed Outpost Pro in a league of its own. However, though it works fine for the majority of users, there is still a faction of those running dual core processors and certain programs Outpost doesn’t like who are having major issues with this version. The developers have known about these problems for a considerable time but have yet to do anything to resolve them. I feel badly for those in this latter group who can’t use Outpost because of its incompatibilities with their setups, especially when it seems Agnitum is doing little to help them. Good support must extend to everyone, not just those whos system specs happen to be a good match for the product.


Zankur reviewed v4.0 (964.582.059) on Sep 28, 2006

Outpost 4 comes with some very nice features like it now blocks all leak-tests,has proactive defense,improved anti-spyware and others...

But this comes with a cost and more so on simple users wanting good protection with minimum fuss.

For starters this version uses high memory,eats away memory at start-up,has too many prompts coz of proactive defense and anti-leak plugins..

At start-up of every application you will have to go through 3-4 prompts..

And it may crop-up again if application modifies itself(which is good!)..

I by no means say its a bad product,infact this one is excellent and will defend against all attacks without fail,but it has become too complex for an average user.

If you are an experienced user with good knowledge than this is your best ally,but otherwise it can irritate you.

Comodo scores well here with excellent protection and minimum fuss.


flibberyGiveIt reviewed v4.0 (964.582.059) on Sep 27, 2006

Rating is for the the previous ver. because
1) this ver in use here for about 1.5 hours.
2) Upgrade tip. Don't just shut down outpost.exe.
Also make sure things it uses like its updater are
also shutdown.
3)Upgrade tip. Upgrade changes some important registry settings. This annoys Spybot S D which put up a little complaint window that had buttons
with no text on. Do not hit the windows "end
program" little "x."

Recently enough this program became good enough
to pay for and so I did, and in the last ver was

Why I'm commenting.
is out for a stroll or the upgrade to
Outpost Pro 4.0 (964.582.059).exe is causing prob-
lems with the grid dot org thing.

I didn't have time to say this, so I'm not going
to remove this outpost pro install and install an
earler ver to test any time soon.
Whoever the heck I am


anomoly reviewed v4.0 (964.582.059) on Sep 27, 2006

I use it still because it supports blockpost. Have been wanting to try core-force or other free ap but it really is an excellent fw aside from the blockpost plugin 'necessity'.
Beginners don't need a firewall as much as they need antivirus/spyware aps. XP fw is on by default anywho.


mansa reviewed v4.0 (964.582.059) on Sep 27, 2006

the ultimate firewall solution

but it's not for beginners
besides I found it heavy on system especially on boot time


Diam0nd reviewed v4.0 (964.582.059) on Sep 27, 2006



Diam0nd reviewed v4.0 RC4 (960.582.055) on Sep 26, 2006



molumen reviewed v4.0 RC4 (960.582.055) on Sep 25, 2006

As always, Russian software rocks!


pjb reviewed v4.0 RC 3.1 on Sep 21, 2006

Appears ok. | would like to see it support Vista.


wat0114 reviewed v4.0 RC 3.1 on Sep 20, 2006

My finger is quavering because I really want to give this version a 5. However, to be as honest and unbiased as possible, there are still some minor problems with this release, but the main issue of micro-freezing looks to be resolved.

Agnitum looks to be close to developing a pc firewall that sets a new standard in network security.


wat0114 reviewed v4.0 RC3 on Sep 14, 2006

The new anti-leak functionaliity is outstanding; not a single leaktest I threw its way breeched Outpost's defenses. All rules and interface configuration options seem to work as intended.

However, this release is not quite ready for prime-time yet. Too many, myself included, are encountering stability issues, especially when viewing flash content using Firefox.


sweathog reviewed v4.0 RC3 on Sep 12, 2006

On second thought, this RC version uses just as much if not more memory than previous version as it indexes the firewall rules you set. Kinda disappointing. Otherwise, no huge fancy additions but: anti-spyware feature is better integrated into the program; new anti-tampering features that protect the programs files and settings from being changed by unauthorized users; only minor changes to the interface. But the huge drop in memory use alone seems worth the upgrade.


Diam0nd reviewed v4.0 RC3 on Sep 12, 2006

A kick-ass!


pjb reviewed v4.0 RC3 on Sep 12, 2006

So far - so good.
It uninstalled my previous version ok, and installed this one.

There were are few component updates etc, all of which seem straight forward.

Personally I like Outposts firewall.


yagood reviewed v3.51.759.462 on Aug 2, 2006

The best firewall out there. And it keeps getting better and better with every update.


bournex reviewed v3.51.759.462 on Jul 27, 2006

I spent the last few weeks trying out a few firewalls after Norton finally pissed me off. Much to my surprise, Outpost turns out to be all i've always wanted in a firewall. Simple, functional and customizable features... Quite comparable to ZoneAlarm Pro but runs lighter, and its much more intuitive interface is hard to resist.


amavida reviewed v3.51.759.462 on Jun 28, 2006

I settled on using this after trying others. I caution that it puts a noticeable drain on your system.

On the plus side it contains a lot of value on functionality eg not just a firewall but includes good antispyware, ad filtering & other features.

I've stopped using it on my personal machine lately cause of the drag on the system beyond it's usefulness to me.

A very good ad filtering extension for Firefox called Adblock Plus puts less strain on your PC.


pjb reviewed v3.51.759.462 on May 24, 2006

I have moved over to this firewall from Sunbelt's.

This firewall appears sound, and works well on my pc. It is very good to customise.
I am looking forward to the release of version 4, which is apparently due around June - providing x64 support.


wat0114 reviewed v3.51.759.462 on May 21, 2006

So far, this release appears to be bug-free. This is the best version Agnitum has released to date, including the latest version of 2.7 a while back.

One warning: if you are hell-bent on using Kaspersky version 6, then don't use this firewall; the two don't get along very well. Personally, I would avoid KAV6 like the plague, until the issues with it - namely the port scanning - are resolved. NOD32 and Outpost work beautifully together.


zridling reviewed v3.51.759.462 on May 18, 2006

[3.51.759.462 Changelog]:
— Created application rules were deleted after restarting Outpost
— Issue with copying rules (copied and modified rule was deleted after restarting Outpost)
— Outpost could not start after update
— Rules for NOD32 were not preserved
— Rules Wizard prompt was not displayed after modifying the predefined rule for application
— Application could not be installed into the current folder


ezh reviewed v3.51.759.462 on May 18, 2006

Good one! No problems at all!


wat0114 reviewed v3.51.748.462 on Apr 24, 2006

It almost doesn't deserve a 5 but I give it one because this version is very stable, though the developers haven't done anything yet to bolster its overall outbound network protection. This version is noticeably improved over 3.50, as Agnitum seems to have fixed everything as detailed in the changelog. Definitely a step in the right direction. I have tried many other firewalls, but I keep going back to Agnitum, as it affords me the best overall experience with regards to functionality and network protection. I sincerely believe there is not a better pc firewall on the market than Outpost 3.51.


yokozuna reviewed v3.51.748.462 on Apr 22, 2006

To be honest I have to write that I do not use Agnitum Outpost anymore, so I review not the particular version of the program but AOF "as a such". I wrote about my problems with Agnitum Outpost somewhere in the reviews below.

AOF is a pretty good firewall, however, instead of bundling Ad-Aware it should concentrate on bugs cleaning and stability. The leak tests show that it is still good: but freeware Jetico is even better. There are some other free firewalls (GhostWall, R-Firewall, SoftPerfect PF) which can compete with AOF. The colours of AOF fade a little bit over time. The creators of AOF should rethink some issues IMO.


mansa reviewed v3.5.641.458 on Apr 9, 2006

I can't find defaults for this firewall, perheps it doesn't protect in boot time:)
small footprint
very configurable
it's even pleasant to see it in work


Bagobie reviewed v3.5.641.458 on Apr 6, 2006

I've tested nearly every single firewall out there and no doubt this is the best one...

Uses low system resources and is very user friendly for either pros or amateurs. Haven't stumbled upon any bugs in this new version.

P.S. adding spyware protection does not make this BLOATWARE.


ccc1005 reviewed v3.5.641.458 on Feb 28, 2006

Nothing but trouble here, caused horrible lag when using Xbox Live through ICS. Also manage to lock up the system numerous times and screwed up BeyondTV. Back to Kaspersky for me...


yagood reviewed v3.5.641.458 on Feb 15, 2006

"Another good firewall has become bloated crap."

LOL, maybe check what "bloat" actually means before writing such crappy reviews.


RoSmecher reviewed v3.5.641.458 on Feb 15, 2006

great firewall. also people who accuse almost every damn program of being bloatware or fatware are silly. just because a program has lots of features does not mean that it sucks or is useless. stop whining and enjoy the more features bone heads.


Veagles reviewed v3.5.638.457 on Feb 15, 2006

Suitable only for broadband... Slows down your internet. Even though download speeds remain unaffected, Web pages load 2 to 3 seconds slower. Found no such delay in Kaspersky Anti-Hacker.


Bixente reviewed v3.5.638.457 on Feb 14, 2006

Another good firewall has become bloated crap.


RoSmecher reviewed v3.5.638.457 on Feb 14, 2006

great firewall, improved over 3.0 because it naggs less blah blah blah follow this and that oh shut up. :) i don't like nagging software


Zankur reviewed v3.5.638.457 on Feb 11, 2006

Outpost's best version was 2.5!Very nice,hardly any problem etc..
Sorry,after having used it for some time,i will take my earlier review back,there are foll issues.. allows hackers to fool outpost that the app is genuine...and op makes automatic rules for it...
2.Too slow at start-up....
and its buggy....plz wait for a fix!

Second Shadow

Second Shadow reviewed v3.5.638.457 on Feb 10, 2006

This is a good Firewall BUT ....
Don't even *think* Agnitum Outpost is even slightly compatible with Windows' Fast User Switching. Ok, so not everyone uses FUS, agreed. If you don't mind that flaw, this is a great firewall at what it does. Maybe a little bit over-reaching already. I wouldn't like it to become a bloated firewall-antivirus package à la Symantec.
But the problem with Fast User Switching is keeping me from using it. Besides ... why would anyone pay FORTY bucks for this when right now they can get Sunbelt/Kerio Firewall for fifteen dollars? I dont' see which Outpost's features would convince me to spend the extra $25 ....
The Fast User Swtich topic has been discussed widely in Agnitum's Forums (I've read every single topic about it) but it is simply not in the developers' roadmap. Too sad ...


wat0114 reviewed v3.5.638.457 on Feb 10, 2006


This version has been discovered to have security issues and other bugs. My rating drops to a 3. You can check out very credible info here:


Very well put by Prospero424. Indeed, this firewall is not for everyone. Not everyone wants to be configuring rules on the fly, especially at the rate this fw prompts the user at when the "Do not create rules automatically" option is selected, as I did when I installed it. But the control it gives you over applications is truly remarkable. Outpost Pro is not for the faint-of-heart. Another important consideration before installing it is to first: disconnect from the Internet unless you are behind a router; disable all real-time apps such as your antivirus and antispyware apps; completely uninstall the previous version, followed by a re-boot, followed by running a cleanup utility such as CCleaner. Those steps are so important.

As prospero states, there are some bugs, albeit minor, that Agnitum has yet to work out, and I also wish they would focus their efforts on creating a firewall only, rather than the antispyware plug-in as well. This is the reason why I rate it a four and not a five.


werwin reviewed v3.5.638.457 on Feb 10, 2006

I'd say this is the best personal firewall on the market right now. However, there are bugs still that need to be worked out.

With installing this version over the previous 3.5 version, I had installation errors and had to manually uninstall and remove the C:\Program Files\Agnitum folder before the new installation could take place.

Definite bugs in the installer and program that need to be fixed, but overall a good product.


Prospero424 reviewed v3.5.638.457 on Feb 9, 2006

I just updated from the latest 3.0 version to 3.5 and I had no problems.

This program has never caused a BSOD for me, never had any problems with VPN, nor any other stability problems. If it's too hard for you to configure, this is not the type of firewall for you, anyway. You have more to learn.

As for the complaints about support; direct feedback from the authors themselve may not be so forthcoming (I dunno, I've never tried) but I've found their forums to be nothing short of excellent.

There's really no firewall out there that's more configurable than this one, with Jetico and Kerio 2.1.5 coming in as close seconds. (Yes, I've tried them ALL, repeatedly)

Also, what really sets the app apart more than anything else is its logging capability. No other personal firewall that I'm aware of gives you access to nearly as much information regarding what's happening on your network.

It may not be as easy to use or work in as many environments as, say, ZoneAlarm or Sygate, but when it comes to the security provided by a properly configured Outpost installation, there's just no comparison; you just CANNOT get the granular control over your traffic that Outpost provides with something like ZoneAlarm.

That being said, it's certainly not a panacea. It's really more of a server firewall solution than a desktop solution as, like some have noted here, it's not fully compatible with some features of XP; MS's desktop OS, such as fast user switching.

I use it exclusively on my Server 2003 machine, which acts as my Internet Gateway and general-purpose server, and use ZoneAlarm Free on all the desktop clients it serves. This works out absolutely perfectly and allows me to attain the highest possible speeds from the P2P apps I use while still retaining excellent security.

Still, I identify with the complaints about not fixing long-standing issues (luckily, they don't affect me, but still...) I honestly don't understand why they're putting their resources into integrating, say, an anti-spyware client into the firewall when the free alternatives out there do a better job. Some of the other plugins, like the DNS cache, are nice, but not as nice as it would have been if they had spent the time used on those to polishing the core program. Please, please, PLEASE listen to this criticism Agnitum, or you're going to start losing customers. I'm taking off a point of my review for this reason, even though it pains me to do so because this firewall works so well for me despite its flaws.

But if you don't like the "bloat" involved in the features they've added, like the spyware scanner, it really is quite simple to remove them from the application; it takes 3 clicks of the mouse. Just wanted to get that in there.

Nice job, overall, but get back to work on the firewall engine itself, fellas!


yokozuna reviewed v3.5.638.457 on Feb 9, 2006

Well, I own two machines. I installed Agnitum 3.5 on my workstation (with Win XP SP2 MUI) - BSOD all the time, every time I boot/reboot my machine, so I tried to do the same with my Win 2000 SP4 powered laptop (I mean install it, not BSOD it ;-)). It works, but unfortunately, it seems there is a bug (software conflict with the drivers??) in the newest version of Agnitum which makes it almost unable to work with Thomson SpeedTouch 330 ADSL modems (which are quite popular in Europe). The stability of the connection is only so-so. Final versions (not betas!) should not behave this way!

I think I will change the firewall, however, my license is valid till late May. I will give a chance to Jetico Firewall (the config of the firewall is horrible, but it is lightweight, very safe in use and secure (according to the producer and independent tests at the moment Jetico Personal Firewall detects and prevents the activity of all malicious programs!)


ballyhairs reviewed v3.5.638.457 on Feb 9, 2006

I gave it a try... not really what I was looking for, so I guess I'm gonna continue with Zonealarm the free virsion since the pro one is too buggy.


QQ reviewed v3.5.638.457 on Feb 9, 2006

agree. the fact that they refuse to fix their bugs (eg it breaks VPN functionality COMPLETELY for me) is sad.


munga42 reviewed v3.5.638.457 on Feb 9, 2006

-can be easily disabled without admin rights
-dont support f.u.s in xp
-configuration is hard
-dont show all packets it dropps

oh yeah, one more thing. Its crap.


oomingmak reviewed v3.5.638.457 on Feb 9, 2006

This program is going downhill. Not only are Agnitum flat out *refusing* to fix long standing problems (e.g. fast user switching support) there are also hard coded path issues, user interface issues and now to top it all stability issues (with software like Kaspersky).

I used to like this program as it was robust and lightweight, but the developers have fallen in the bells and whistles trap (adding more and more cr@p while failing to fix problems that have been reported countless times).


Infidelus reviewed v3.5.638.457 on Feb 9, 2006

Been using Outpost for well over a year now. Mostly does what it says on the tin. It loses a point for failing to fix a bug (albeit minor) that's been there since October 2004, and stops the speed tester working correctly. Agnitum developers appear to have zero interest in fixing it. Rather unprofessional, but it's their software, so they can do what they want.


jshrk reviewed v3.5.638.457 on Feb 9, 2006

This program really the best there is absolutly amazing, i can view all open connections, break them, make rules for them, ooh and so much more love this prog, u wanna get it! This new version is just icing on the cake and engine upgrade


anna21 reviewed v3.0.557.437 on Jan 15, 2006

really the best FW out there.


Zankur reviewed v3.0.557.437 on Dec 27, 2005

One of the best firewall got better with a spyware scanner,its hard to imagine ppl criticize a product just b'coz its not free,when you put in so much effort with your team you would like your efforts worth!


SuzzyWoozy reviewed v3.0.557.437 on Dec 7, 2005

first thing first: I have'n tried this versions (lame neh?)
second: I have tough used a lot the previous versions and I consider OutPost one of the best firewall (if not the best one).

Question: someone know if this version works toghether with Cisco VPN client? - the older verions didn't and this is why I renounce to them (same for LavaSoft version)


wat0114 reviewed v3.0.557.437 on Dec 6, 2005

yokozuna, try: System->Global rules and raw sockets access->Rules. Enable: "Allow localHost UDP connection". Hopefully that will work but should be enabled by default as well.

The bugs seem to be worked out in this version; no problems with missing remote host ip on "custom Rules" creation, as well as no Taskbar stability issues.


yokozuna reviewed v3.0.557.437 on Dec 6, 2005

bunghole, check Lavasoft Personal Firewall. It is a rebadged version of the firewall, and costs 10 bucks less than the original one.
Well, I have to write that AOFP is one of the best firewalls (probably the best one) but the third version has quite a lot of annoying bugs, which one cannot skip (like detecting as someone who wants to intrude your system, and it cannot be omitted by ANY filter rule). They must be cleaned by the producer ASAP. Therefore my verdict is 3/5, otherwise it would be 5/5.
BTW, for everyone who needs a good and cheap firewall I advice to check Skoda Firewall (in German & English). Freeware. Downloadable from and some other places.


zridling reviewed v3.0.557.437 on Dec 6, 2005

Der! who uses the plugins? Check again dude.


bunghole reviewed v3.0.543.431 on Dec 6, 2005

This is a pretty good firewall. My main gripe is that I have no need for most of the plugins. I see no point in paying extra for useless (to me) plugins. If they provided a version without the plugins, and dropped the price to $20 (or maybe $25) then I'd probably buy Outpost. $40 is too much.


reburn reviewed v3.0.543.431 on Nov 26, 2005

very good firewall , tested lots od firewalls and this is the best , the anti spyware and ad blocker is very good

low resources, past all the internet security san i use

i thing this is the best when using nod32 for antivirus

but , can be better, configuration of network software auto' isn't good, you have to configure it yourshelf


DACWILSOL reviewed v3.0.543.431 on Oct 14, 2005

Switched from Zone Alarm Pro and tried the trial version of Outpost Firewall Pro. I am very satisfied with the results. Zone alarm interfered with my wifi connection. Outpost connected it without any problem. Sticking with it.


wat0114 reviewed v3.0.543.431 on Oct 3, 2005

A little too buggy, especially with regards to on-the-fly rule creations. For some strange reason during certain rules creations, it alerts about my router's LAN ip as scanning my machine's ip, and subsequently blocks it. Stick with version 2.7 until the issues are worked out on this one. It does, however, have the potential to be outstanding. As for the antispyware plug-in, I didn't use it because I run Spysweeper instead. At least the option is there to omit it.


darthbeads reviewed v3.0.543.431 on Sep 26, 2005

Been using Outpost Firewall for some time now, and I absolutely love it. The new Spyware/Ad/etc. protection in v.3 makes an already phenomenal software firewall solution even better! Highly recommended.


wat0114 reviewed v2.7.493.416 on Sep 17, 2005

Zygi, there is nothing complicated about creating rules on the fly using Outpost. What I would suggest is you spend some time studying basic networking so you can learn the basics of networking and firewalls. No offense is meant here either. It is of great benefit for anyone who uses the Internet that they aquire a little networking knowledge, especially on TCP/IP, UDP and common ports.

Check out some of the tutorials in this link:
http://www.bleepingcompu...m/forums/tutorials.html There's some excellent reading here.

BTW, not much has changed again. Still a first-rate firewall.


Zygi reviewed v2.7.493.416 on Sep 15, 2005

Its good the the point where you need to edit\add some extended firewall rules. I was shocked how they can complicate that simple thing. If they tell you something is simple, it could be simple or its complicated somewhere else... Like they say Kerio is for advanced users, maybe it is, but at least its all the way - no cheating, and it got awesome firewall rules, where i can set everything i need (both incoming and outgoing at once not like in outpost editor).


zridling reviewed v2.7.492.416 on Aug 1, 2005

wat0114 is right, and if you want a direct comparison of what Outpost can do up against other firewall apps, check out this extended review by Sygate is good, but Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro is another league.


wat0114 reviewed v2.7.492.416 on Aug 1, 2005

It would sure be nice if some of these people who rate this terrific firewall so poorly would offer a logical explanation for it. No significant changes, but still the best software firwall I've ever used.


CyberHobo reviewed v2.7.492.416 on Jul 31, 2005

Sygate Pro for me.


Zagin reviewed v2.7.492.416 on Jul 31, 2005

I have been using it since 2.1 and it is absolutely wonderfull. Simple and informative interface, excellent default settings, well organized options, good control of web elements with toggleble plugins, not a resource hog, stable, regular updates, rule control is detailed and easy.


wat0114 reviewed v2.7.491.415 on Jul 22, 2005

Arabiannight, it's people like you who baffle me the most. An outstanding utility like Outpost Pro isn't free, so you rate it poorly!? Simply unbelievable. Please, think carefully before you post. This firewall continues to be the best. It hasn't given me any problems whatsoever and, in fact, is using less memory than the last release. As I've stated before, I would love to see better control over the logging and XP FUS support. Other than that, it's an outstanding firewall.


ArabianNight reviewed v2.7.491.415 on Jul 19, 2005

meh...its good, but its not free :S. Id rather use so many other free firewalls like ZoneAlarm.


ghammer reviewed v2.7.491.415 on Jul 19, 2005

I have run my machine for months without a problem.
I installed this version and within 6 hours had a blue screen due to a device driver.

It looked nice, it certainly did the job I expected and more.

But causing BSOD is not acceptable for an app that has been around as long as this one has.


wat0114 reviewed v2.7.484.412 on Jun 24, 2005

Who cares about its inability to handle XP's FUS?! This fantastic firewall has improved immensely! You can now include trusted apps to modify the system memory, and its even less resource hungry than before. This fw's defences are incredibly powerful. It will warn of any change - no matter how small - in any app on your machine and block its access until it's given permission or denied. Even if one little .DLL changes due to an upgrade, for example, Outpost pops up a detailed warning and waits for you to set the permission rights on it. Simply amazing! This fw will be perfect if the developers change the logging option so the user can choose exactly what to log, instead of log everything or nothing at all.


net_thunder reviewed v2.7.484.412 on Jun 22, 2005

Excellent Firewall. I never cared to look beyong Zone Alarm for a long time until it went cookie. This app is beyond Firewall and I just love its ad blocking capabilitities. Lemme tell u something: I don't even see the ad of Google adsense in any of the Fileforum pages! The only ads that manage to get through are text based ones so one will be able to save a mighty amount of his bandwidth. Firewall of the Year for me!


Zankur reviewed v2.7.484.412 on Jun 9, 2005

The new 2.7 version makes it the best in the business!! I hope the so-called software experts at leading agencies give it the firewall of the year award.
It's way ahead now with anyother competitors with ease of use,configurability and reliability.
Simply the best!!!


wat0114 reviewed v2.6.452.403 on Apr 28, 2005

Simply the best software firewall on the market. It's defenses are practically inpenetrable, but it would be very easy for someone inexperienced to inadvertantly allow a malicious process through. My only beef with it so far is it's inability to handle Win XP's Fast User Switching.


zridling reviewed v2.6.452.403 on Apr 21, 2005

This version smoothes out all the wrinkles, providing a straightforward, practical, and non-intrusive interface — especially the connection dialog which is what most users see over and over. Outpost Firewall Pro already sets default restrictive settings based on the current connection attempt. It defaults to restrict to the current IP, Port, etc. You can see at a glance exactly what the rule will be, and it's easy to customize it further. Note it doesn't select Allow or Block by default. Smart. Best of all, the developer will give you a 50% upgrade discount if you upgrade from a competing, licensed firewall app.


jshrk reviewed v2.6.451.402 on Apr 19, 2005

It is simply outstanding, 5 stars! I have upgraded to the Pro version and just doesnt compare to any of the other firewalls out there, and I've tried them all incl. Zone Alarm (just blocks everything really silly, says you have stoped thousands of critical hacker attempts in one day), Norton Firewall (just not configurable enough and you have know idea what its doing most of the time), Look'n'Stop (well words cant describe how uterly rubbish it is, u say it has better security, firstly that test is a useless test procedures, Look'n'Stop just 'looks' at something and blocks it whatever it is worse than any virus out their). Anyways Outpost firewall is really top notch abilty to break connections, view open ports and connections real time and the plugins are just wow. Its quick at loading, low memory and cpu usage, must admit because I'm using the pro version am not sure what features have been kicked out for free one.


csb.milky reviewed v2.5.375.374 on Mar 11, 2005

Great firewall and since last version all bugs fixed I had :)


brotherS reviewed v2.5.375.374 on Jan 25, 2005

WOW! This is really the best firewall I ever tested! And those great plugins, WOW again! I love that this firewall actually could remove the ads in a way I never saw it before... GREAT program!


httpd.confused reviewed v2.5.370.370 on Nov 29, 2004

An improvement over 2.1. Definitely designed for security paranoiacs and advanced users, though.


wat0114 reviewed v2.5.370.370 on Nov 17, 2004

This firewall is now my new favourite - by far! I hate to say it, but it is so superior to Kerio and Sygate (just try all the outbound filtering tests if you don't believe me), that I bought it and have no regrets at all. Support? I had my querry answered within 24 hrs. The footprint is less than 10 MB on Win XP Pro, it blocks ads and pop-up windows, stealths everything and, as I mentioned before, passed 10/10 on the ATFW outbound filtering tests. Kerio failed miserably at 2/10 and Sygate isn't much better. Furthermore, you can save your configurations and the detailed logging is superior to Kerio and Sygate. I've tried Norton PFW too, and it's a complete joke with its stability problems and inclination to change rules on you to "Automatic" without your consent. The only firewall that comes closse to this one is Look 'n Stop, but it has less features and isn't quite as professional looking either, but its footprint is incredibly small. A Great job by Agnitum!


httpd.confused reviewed v2.5.369.369 on Oct 22, 2004

I like the look and feature set of Outpost very much, but I will not pay for a product like this when it has lousy support. Don't take my word for it--send two email messages: One to Agnitum, and one to the author of Look 'n' Stop. See which one gets answered first, and which one... doesn't get answered at all (or receives a useless blow-off reply).

Now, I know most kids think they are too 133t to need support, but "support" doesn't just mean "help using the product". It can also mean "getting a longstanding bug fixed". How many months did it take to get the serious bugs of 2.1 fixed? I stopped counting after about seven.

And by the way, Look 'n' Stop beats Outpost in leak tests:


Johnoost reviewed v2.5.369.369 on Oct 18, 2004

Absolutely the best in its field. There is no other PF out there with this many features and plugin support. Forget the rest, testdrive this one.


CyGhoSoft reviewed v2.5.369.369 on Oct 14, 2004

Version 2.5 solves a lot of problems of the previous version. See for new additions. I used version 2.1 without to mutch problems, but 2.5 is a lot better. No problems so far.


httpd.confused reviewed v2.1.303.314 on Jul 16, 2004

I really liked the application, but rate it poorly for two reasons: Long-standing bugs are (at least sometimes) ignored. Outpost Firewall Pro made some web pages fail to load on my system--a problem that plenty of other users have been experiencing for months. And registered users are completely ignored when support requests are made.


asaenz reviewed v2.1.303.314 on May 12, 2004

Had problems with Spybot S&D teatimer running in the background. Had to find that out on my own since they (Agnitum support) didn't respond to my request for help. Seems to be running okay and performing well as a firewall so far during the trial period. Task manager reveals a memory footprint that has varied from 6000K to 22000K averaging around 12000K on my XP system .


hedgehawk reviewed v2.1.297.309 on Apr 2, 2004

I loved atguard, at thought i give this one a try, but so far with little possitive, when i run online port scanners, they all give me the closed status in stead of stealth. i was using blackice before this, and blackice gives me the stealth mode i want. only thing with blackice is that it responces on icmp pings..


betasun reviewed v2.1.292 on Feb 18, 2004

The best firewall,absolutely flexible .if you want to see what is really a firewall ,try it !


SpiritHex reviewed v2.0.225 on May 27, 2003

Good features, although it takes 20-30 megs of memory. I like Tiny Firewall 4.X better, it has more or less the same features and uses only 5 megs. But this is a good alternative to Zone Alarm Pro.


Zero-Point reviewed v2.0.225 on May 22, 2003

v2 is out! Very nice; been waiting for this. Fast user switching works and stateful packet inspection. The log viewer is completely rewritten, but very well done. Just installed new Kerio BETA other day and took it off now. Nothing seems to compare with the configuration of Outpost. NJ Agnitum!


t-rex reviewed v1.0.1817 on May 9, 2003

Great firewall. Probably the best on the market today. I thought nothing will ever could replace AtGuard but this is even better. Version 2.0 is out soon, I would really like to see that.


ozy reviewed v1.0.1804 on Jun 7, 2002

I must say i've been very impressed with this firewall, it's been effective, stable and easy on resources. It hasn't crashed once on my system since it's been running (nearly a month) and it's passed all the security checks I could find with flying colours. The interface is the best i've seen in a firewall, looking both professional and polished (much better than Zonealarm's horrible effort). All the options in easily accessible places. Overall I can't really fault this program and i'd recommend it highly.


mnight reviewed v1.0.1420 RC 1 on Mar 8, 2002

I have used this firewall for the past three months and it's the best of any I have tried.I've tried almost every firewall that I have found.Some I didn't try because of poor ratings.Outpost shows a lot of information and is easy on resources.I haven't found a better firewall.This is the best.


toby_a reviewed v1.0.1420 RC 1 on Mar 7, 2002

It is the most BUGGY firewall in the world! Crashed my XP! Gave it another try on 2000, same result- BSOD! NOW I GAVE UP!


bcx200 reviewed v1.0.1125 RC1 on Jan 6, 2002

First decent firewall I've come across since AtGuard. Works fine on XP here as well as on 2K. Ad-blocking mostly there, but easily tweakable. Good support site, seem to be very responsive at finding and fixing issues and soliciting feedback. Thumbs up in my book.


chrisclu reviewed v1.0.1125 RC1 on Jan 5, 2002

Without a doubt the best firewall available today. Old AtGuard users will feel right at home. But what makes this program so exciting is the support available through the support forums The Moderators in there are great and the posters in general are the most informative and genuinely caring people I have run into in 20+ years of computing.
On a scale of 1-5 I give them a 10 :-)


DF2 reviewed v1.0.1125 RC1 on Jan 5, 2002

this is one of the best firewalls i have ever used. It runs smooth as silck with windows xp. i have used zone alarm for a long time, but outpost makes zone alarm look like a lil toy. I also noticed on there website if you buy outpost now while it is a release canadite then you get free upgrades and updates for life. with all of the features this thing has, plus you get unlimted liftime update you would be a fool to pass this up.

Sponge Bob

Sponge Bob reviewed v1.0.1125 RC1 on Jan 5, 2002

I must say this programm ROCKS . I could'nt find any bug in it , it´s perfect. I don´t know how they did manage to make "0.9" bugless , maybe cuz there you can´t find any files ? Yeah , that might be.


thebrix reviewed v1.0.1125 RC1 on Jan 2, 2002

Promising but complex. Certainly it appears to work (passing various tests such as the ones), but my biggest worry is that, when an application connects to the Internet, AOP attempts to work out what kind of application it is then applies what it considers to be an appropriate set of firewall rules. This can be fairly generic - AOP guesses "browser" for a lot of applications although many well-known applications have prewritten rule sets - and needs a lot of knowledge of ports and protocols to change it. (The user interface hides the complexity of firewall rules pretty well, but doesn't do a good job when the rules _have_ to be exposed). I also worry about the plugins; I would have had to remove a number of applications to test them properly, and can't help thinking that each plugin is done far better by a dedicated application. (The 'ad blocker', for example, is nowhere near the functionality of AdSubtract or WebWasher). In the end I went back to ZoneAlarm, which is nice and simple in retrospect.


john_mcpherson reviewed v1.0.1125 RC1 on Jan 2, 2002

I installed this on my XP machine and it worked fine. I was previously using ZoneAlarm so I was nervous at first. After installing and a reboot, everything has been working fine. I also running a web server and email server on this machine. However, I have only been using it for a day. ;)

It has a lot of nice features. If ZoneAlarm 3 doesn't have a better interface, I will be switching to this application.


CyberDoc999 reviewed v1.0.1125 RC1 on Jan 2, 2002

I installed it with my windows XP and it
messed up everything so bad that I had to re-format!



ANDREWSHELDON98 reviewed v1.0.1125 RC1 on Jan 1, 2002

This is by far the best all in one web filtering package ive come across. Its net nanny, zone alarm, popup cop and features of a proxy server all rolled into one!!!!!

you must download the FREE version!!!

it will take something special to beat this and yet to find any floors within the program after rigorious testing.

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