Video Software Editing DVDFab All-In-One for Windows

DVDFab All-In-One for Windows DVDFab All-In-One for Windows for Windows

by Fengtao Software Inc.

Avg. Rating 3.5 (2,077 votes)

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File Size 229.7 MB
License Shareware
Operating System Windows 7/8/10/Vista
Date Added
Total Downloads 267,479
Publisher Fengtao Software Inc.
Homepage DVDFab All-In-One
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Publisher's Description

DVDFab All-In-One, a versatile package containing all DVDFab products -- DVD Copy, DVD Ripper, Blu-ray Copy, Blu-ray Ripper, Blu-ray to DVD Converter, 2D to 3D Converter, Blu-ray 3D Ripper, Video Converter, HD Decrypter, and File Transfer. It provides totally complete solutions for all your DVD/Blu-ray/video issues and performs perfectly. Each product can be purchased separately.

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khananas reviewed v12.0.1.9 on Mar 2, 2021

DVDFab All-In-One, a versatile package containing all DVDFab products -- DVD Copy, DVD Rippe

Also Mre software Download All Software of Anti-Virus


smuttinata reviewed v9.2.1.0 on Sep 22, 2015

It's become useless now as it doesn't remove region code or copy protection even though I set it up to remove region and all protection. Crappy ware.


uberfly reviewed v9.1.7.6 on Dec 3, 2014

Non-US versions still decrypt a-ok


xsnred reviewed v9.1.7.1 on Oct 20, 2014

Used to give this a five star all the time cause it did just what I needed it to do all the time. I only purchased the bluray copy though, not the whole thing. Always got my free updates automatically. 60 bucks for 2 years, fair to me. Well, now that the new versions don't work anymore without 3rd party software, I'm not that thrilled. DVDFab should have given their decryption software away for free until things get right with this BS from copyright laws. My version, which still works, expires in December, then I can use the newest version with Woookao as my decryptor.


BANDIT- reviewed v9.1.6.4 on Aug 23, 2014

Thanx for that @bigspud.
It's Yonks since I used this App, but i can remember when the Decrypter part
of this Proggy was Kicking around as a Freebie. I "would" have grabbed a copy
at the Time But It's very vague as to what problem I hit.. It could be that you got
2 free goes, & then it Disabled.... Along those Lines... I just can't remember.

I've been to a Site this morning tho... lol
Lo & Behold. The HD decrypter is there as a freebie... [quote] DVDFab HD Decrypter is also a free Blu-ray decrypter and DVD decrypter [unquote].

If anyone tries this .. F R E E .. Decrypter, You should post in this thread as to
Exactly "how free" it is.
There are also... M O R E free Apps at this place..... "Oh Dear" ffs.

Read the top 3 Lines, Top of my LINK-page.... So you get with the Plan ... lol
Then you want the Second Item down the page... DVDFab HD Decrypter...
Read the 5 line preview. (That's where I got my quote from). & It should be
Happy Days from there on in.... Lets be Knowing... ~_^

The Price has to be a laff tho. Who Rips/Burns Disks.. Only the Dedicated surely.
Or is this App aim at our SwashBuckling friends in Malay, Ind, Pak, etc.
A Disk is Todays Floppy.......... Nowadays It's .. E2 Streaming ... (or the Like).
Still Gotta give this Sukka 5* tho .... The best of it's day..!!


bigspud reviewed v9.1.5.9 on Aug 15, 2014

no longer works, says i have to pay now to just decrypt to hdd.


DrTeeth reviewed v9.1.3.3 on Mar 12, 2014

Sad, looks like DvDFAB has been closed down by the authorities..


BANDIT- reviewed v9.1.0.5 on Nov 14, 2013

@PhilK ... Got it dead right in his 2nd to last sentence..!!

I've used this App for years, (Not so much now cos I get my flix from statics).
I still use DvDFab v8. I certainly don't need all the Flim-Flam that has been Introduced into the versions after It........ EASILY made Portable, But I wouldn't
pay $200 bucks for it..... & never Have. (~_^) ................. Still Gets 5* tho..!!


PhilK reviewed v9.0.4.7 on Jul 3, 2013

The cost of this is ridiculous. It's good. No getting away from it. 90%= success rate. But the cost of buying it is ludicrous. Even at half price, it's three times what it should be (I'm talking of the complete package) When they FINALLY decide to give a good deal then maybe I'll buy. But the cost just drives you into the arms of pirate app and warez sites. Mine is from Giveawayoftheday about a year ago


humbleuser reviewed v9.0.4.7 on Jul 1, 2013

I have to re-rate this downwards: The price is just crazy... But people might pay if it worked flawlessly. It doesn't. There are still a lot of Blu Rays that is just can't cope with, and some where the sound is a mess if the video copies. Offer everyone a money back guarantee.

Avg. Rating 3.5 (2,077 votes)
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khananas reviewed v12.0.1.9 on Mar 2, 2021

Pros: yes


Bottom Line: DVDFab All-In-One, a versatile package containing all DVDFab products -- DVD Copy, DVD Rippe

Also Mre software Download All Software of Anti-Virus


smuttinata reviewed v9.2.1.0 on Sep 22, 2015

It's become useless now as it doesn't remove region code or copy protection even though I set it up to remove region and all protection. Crappy ware.


uberfly reviewed v9.1.7.6 on Dec 3, 2014

Non-US versions still decrypt a-ok


xsnred reviewed v9.1.7.1 on Oct 20, 2014

Used to give this a five star all the time cause it did just what I needed it to do all the time. I only purchased the bluray copy though, not the whole thing. Always got my free updates automatically. 60 bucks for 2 years, fair to me. Well, now that the new versions don't work anymore without 3rd party software, I'm not that thrilled. DVDFab should have given their decryption software away for free until things get right with this BS from copyright laws. My version, which still works, expires in December, then I can use the newest version with Woookao as my decryptor.


BANDIT- reviewed v9.1.6.4 on Aug 23, 2014

Thanx for that @bigspud.
It's Yonks since I used this App, but i can remember when the Decrypter part
of this Proggy was Kicking around as a Freebie. I "would" have grabbed a copy
at the Time But It's very vague as to what problem I hit.. It could be that you got
2 free goes, & then it Disabled.... Along those Lines... I just can't remember.

I've been to a Site this morning tho... lol
Lo & Behold. The HD decrypter is there as a freebie... [quote] DVDFab HD Decrypter is also a free Blu-ray decrypter and DVD decrypter [unquote].

If anyone tries this .. F R E E .. Decrypter, You should post in this thread as to
Exactly "how free" it is.
There are also... M O R E free Apps at this place..... "Oh Dear" ffs.

Read the top 3 Lines, Top of my LINK-page.... So you get with the Plan ... lol
Then you want the Second Item down the page... DVDFab HD Decrypter...
Read the 5 line preview. (That's where I got my quote from). & It should be
Happy Days from there on in.... Lets be Knowing... ~_^

The Price has to be a laff tho. Who Rips/Burns Disks.. Only the Dedicated surely.
Or is this App aim at our SwashBuckling friends in Malay, Ind, Pak, etc.
A Disk is Todays Floppy.......... Nowadays It's .. E2 Streaming ... (or the Like).
Still Gotta give this Sukka 5* tho .... The best of it's day..!!


bigspud reviewed v9.1.5.9 on Aug 15, 2014

no longer works, says i have to pay now to just decrypt to hdd.


DrTeeth reviewed v9.1.3.3 on Mar 12, 2014

Sad, looks like DvDFAB has been closed down by the authorities..


BANDIT- reviewed v9.1.0.5 on Nov 14, 2013

@PhilK ... Got it dead right in his 2nd to last sentence..!!

I've used this App for years, (Not so much now cos I get my flix from statics).
I still use DvDFab v8. I certainly don't need all the Flim-Flam that has been Introduced into the versions after It........ EASILY made Portable, But I wouldn't
pay $200 bucks for it..... & never Have. (~_^) ................. Still Gets 5* tho..!!


PhilK reviewed v9.0.4.7 on Jul 3, 2013

The cost of this is ridiculous. It's good. No getting away from it. 90%= success rate. But the cost of buying it is ludicrous. Even at half price, it's three times what it should be (I'm talking of the complete package) When they FINALLY decide to give a good deal then maybe I'll buy. But the cost just drives you into the arms of pirate app and warez sites. Mine is from Giveawayoftheday about a year ago


humbleuser reviewed v9.0.4.7 on Jul 1, 2013

I have to re-rate this downwards: The price is just crazy... But people might pay if it worked flawlessly. It doesn't. There are still a lot of Blu Rays that is just can't cope with, and some where the sound is a mess if the video copies. Offer everyone a money back guarantee.


-Lord- reviewed v9.0.2.8 on Mar 4, 2013

$199.00 to buy!?!? you're out of your effing mind.
You can buy AnyDVD for WAY cheaper, then use whatever disk mastering software you wish to achieve the same goals.

My personal favorites are AnyDVD with ImgBurn

As for the software, I must admit that it does do a good job at making it more "one click" friendly, but seriously not so good a job that it could ask that price.


xsnred reviewed v9.0.2.6 on Feb 6, 2013

@leisure_larry: I have never had a problem with support. I have had 2 problems transferring my registration and within 24 hrs I got a response both times. So I don't know and I don't think you know what you're talking about.
@humbleuser: They still have 82xx series which is the old interface. Their newest is 8227. I purchased the Bluray copy only, for 45 on sale and it's good for 2 years with free upgrades. No problems, no coasters. 99% of people here pirate software anyway so why complain about it.


leisure_larry reviewed v9.0.2.2 on Jan 28, 2013

Some features have been taken out from 8.0 to 9.0. Also, the support is non-existent and seems not to care to help customers. Sloe implementation of new encryption codecs. Put simply, FIND ANOTHER PRODUCT!


Steve1209 reviewed v9.0.2.0 on Jan 8, 2013

VERY Expensive but it does everything it says it will do. The new interface takes some getting used to because the old interface was different in V8 but I'm getting around now. The support is fantastic also!


humbleuser reviewed v9.0.1.6 on Dec 15, 2012

Has anyone tried it yet? I find version 9XXX a b**** to use compared to the previous layout. Like Windows 8 it is designed to make life harder.


Bala7 reviewed v9.0.1.0 on Nov 21, 2012

"for Windows"
Win 9 is out already? Was Win8 really that bad?


freeafrog reviewed v8.2.2.0 on Nov 18, 2012

I bought several programs from this suite. It worked fine for about 6 months (I bought lifetime - a mistake). Now the newest versions crash on install. Contacts with the authors get NO responses. Obviously I won't be buying any more programs and can only hope a future version will at least install without crashing.


xsnred reviewed v8.2.1.8 on Nov 10, 2012

You guys blast me every time I give this software a good rating, but for me it does what I need. I don't buy the whole suite, just what I use. I buy the DVD copy and the BluRay copy part. Believe me, I have "accessed" ALL the other ones at one point or another and tried them. Yes, they're free and good, but I'm too old and lazy now so I just buy what I need. I have never gotten a coaster and I have boxes and boxes of movies, all of which are legal backups of my own DVDs. 100 bucks for 2 years and all the upgrades I want to get. If this software ever starts to be BS for me then I'll just "access" other software. I give it a five just to piss everyone off here.


roj reviewed v8.2.1.8 on Nov 9, 2012

I remember when this crap was free.

I remember when it was actually worthwhile.

I remember when the authors weren't greedy jerks ripping you off for too much money given the services provided.

Lots of free tools out there on various platforms, kids...

ONE star.


stefenluo reviewed v8.2.1.5 on Oct 11, 2012

the price is steep, cheaper dvd maker,dvd ripper, video converter existing widely,for example, in this site:


Music4Ever reviewed v8.2.0.0 on Aug 5, 2012

Not worth the asking price & beware of the lifetime offer, hardly worth the effort in 'backing up' media these days, probably used to pirate (thieve) media by most.

lisa19881012 sounds very much like a fake reviewer.

@xsnred - The big fuss is it's way over priced by a factor of four & the cost of genuine optical media is falling & writable Blue-Ray discs are expensive & unreliable & with the rise in HD streaming it's days are numbered anyway.

You also don't need to disable copy protection systems with your own video & there is freeware & or inexpensive software that will enable authoring of your own material. If you feel you need this program you need to get out more.


lisa19881012 reviewed v8.1.9.6 on Jul 24, 2012

Great software!
It's amazing! DVDFab helps me backup different videos to DVD discs at one time. I imported videos stored on my PC including AVI, FLV, MOV, MP4, MKV and tried to put them together as one DVD disc. It worked as it's advertised. Really fast, really easy to operate, highly recommended.


rickbtx reviewed v8.1.9.0 on Jul 7, 2012

I've been using it for years and works perfectly, forget the trolls pushing their own products


xsnred reviewed v8.1.9.0 on Jul 6, 2012

Bought the DVDFab dvd part last August and I get free updates till August of 2013. It cost me 50 bucks and I never ever have a problem. I just tried the Bluray part and can't get it to work for me, of course I haven't read the instructions. And yes, I've warezed all the others including DVDFab but just decided to buy it. Works great for me so I don't know what the big fuss is all about.


Uriel reviewed v8.1.6.1 on Feb 6, 2012

A $219.00 yearly subscription and the fact that it was used only three or four times a year tells me stay away.

I wouldn't trust their lifetime subscription because many of us got burned before by them with this empty promise.

Flame Thrower

Flame Thrower reviewed v8.1.5.5 Beta on Jan 16, 2012

To quote the idiot below "And you should also know that DVDFab Copy was given away almost a year ago with a year of free updates.
Phlegm Thrower is just a 12 year old punk that like to mouth off on the internet and has no clue what he is talking about."
Well buddy here's some phlegm in your eye, seems your only exposure to DVDFab is a GOTD offering from nearly 12 months ago which you will not be able to update beyond end of this month, some free apps from the developer, and perhaps a time limited offer of this AIO. Which means for all your trolling has been in vain.
Lack of credibility sure sux doesn't it?

Output Overboard

Output Overboard reviewed v8.1.5.4 Beta on Jan 14, 2012

As most of you know, you CAN decrypt DVD's with this app for free.
And you should also know that DVDFab Copy was given away almost a year ago with a year of free updates.
Phlegm Thrower is just a 12 year old punk that like to mouth off on the internet and has no clue what he is talking about.

Flame Thrower

Flame Thrower reviewed v8.1.5.2 Beta on Jan 10, 2012

To quote the resident troll Sanity Overboard "This works as well as AnyDVD and CloneDVD but is also way too expensive.
My previous 5 star rating is a thank you for providing 1 full year of updates free.

The same group of dummies who are bashing this are giving AnyDVD 5 stars and spamming this forum.
You can decrypt DVD's for free with this. Not with AnyDVD."
Taking into account his last sentence, the implication being this is a free app is false, FFS it costs an arm & a leg.
And, if the only place he has ever got it is on GOTD is false indeed DVDFab DVD Copy only was given away Jan 27 2011, but then falsehoods are a persistent issue with this particular troll. .

Output Overboard

Output Overboard reviewed v8.1.5.2 Beta on Jan 6, 2012

This works as well as AnyDVD and CloneDVD but is also way too expensive.
My previous 5 star rating is a thank you for providing 1 full year of updates free.

The same group of dummies who are bashing this are giving AnyDVD 5 stars and spamming this forum.
You can decrypt DVD's for free with this. Not with AnyDVD.


Uriel reviewed v8.1.3.8 on Dec 14, 2011

Works 95 % of the time. But if you do the math you will find that you can save money if you buy copies legitimately (Unless your heavy into ripping mega volumes of DVDs which most people aren't). It's too expensive now and it's a subscription service. After your subscription expires it will not work until you have paid the Piper the full renewal price.


JackRegon reviewed v8.1.3.8 on Dec 13, 2011

@Feng Tao, sorry pal 1 star is far too generous. Alas, it's the lowest we can go.

Feng Tao

Feng Tao reviewed v8.1.3.8 on Dec 13, 2011

1 star, 'nuff said.


unger71 reviewed v8.1.3.8 on Dec 12, 2011

It works, but high price.
Dvd decrypter is free


marrix reviewed v8.1.3.8 on Dec 12, 2011

I first purchased this 9 Sept'06, when it was v3.x. Since those early days, and to concur with some earlier reviewers the last good versions of this are 4&6.
Now, is nothing more than junk.
Frankly I am at a loss as to why this is featured on BN, is most certainly not worthy of it.


rickbtx reviewed v8.1.3.7 Beta on Dec 8, 2011

Don’t believe the trolls on this board, I have been using DVDFab for years now and it works flawlessly

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v8.1.3.7 Beta on Dec 8, 2011

If you like this piece of junk you must have either wrote it or be paid to post fake reviews.. It's true

@rickbtx - Hardly a TROLL, I've been a member of this forum since 2006, some years before you

Mikhail Bakunin

Mikhail Bakunin reviewed v8.1.3.6 on Dec 8, 2011

No matter how you try to phrase it, there is no avoiding the fact that this is crapware not worthy of any stars.

Output Overboard

Output Overboard reviewed v8.1.3.6 on Dec 6, 2011

This gets 5 stars from me because it never gave me any problems and I've been using it for free (Giveawayoftheday) for almost a year.

Mikhail Bakunin

Mikhail Bakunin reviewed v8.1.3.5 Beta on Dec 1, 2011

@Bala7. I too have an issue with the spammer, however mine is somewhat different in that his $29.95 price is still far to expensive for this garbage.


Bala7 reviewed v8.1.3.5 Beta on Nov 30, 2011

charging money for a cracked version.

fileforum team:
that poster must be deleted.


reviewer reviewed v8.1.3.2 on Nov 22, 2011

I think dvdfab works great compared to anydvd. It always works better for me at least. You can get it cheaper at They have a lifetime license for cheaper.

Gay Area CA Shemale

Gay Area CA Shemale reviewed v8.1.3.2 on Nov 18, 2011

@JimKress, Great review. I like many of the naysayers re the (lack of quality) for this app have some major issues with it.
I have a lifetime license for it, albeit only the ripper & burning elements (nothing associated with BD), and as some have already posted here the last working versions were 4.x & 6.x. It seems to me they have attempted to re-engineer the wonderful AnyDVD, to no avail.
And, they cannot even speak English, I have no idea how you managed on their support forums


jimkress reviewed v8.1.3.2 on Nov 17, 2011

The software only works correctly, intermittently. It seems that every time they issue a new release, either an old bug slips back in or a new one is created.

If you attempt to get support they request large amounts of information, basically using large amounts of your time (which costs you money), to debug their problems. Then, if you complain about the lack of stability in their product and their inability to provide software in which previously "fixed" bugs reappear, they either ban you from their support forum or delete your posts/ requests for help.

All-in-all the dvdfab "team" does not appear to be particularly competent or professional when it comes to development and support of commercial grade software. They appear to have no knowledge or use of modern software development tools and methods (e.g. revision control. unit testing, etc.). Their "support" team is arrogant, intolerant and dismissive of user complaints.

This is all topped off by their refusal to refund your payment for this mediocre and poorly supported amateur-grade software. I will not renew my subscription when it expires.

I would strongly recommend you not waste your money on dvdfab, unless you are a masochist or glutton for punishment.


JackRegon reviewed v8.1.3.2 on Nov 12, 2011

I received this product email today
:"DVDFab now provides freshly new All-In-One Lifetime Gift, of course the lifetime version of DVDFab All-In-One is still included, but there're more gifts for you – DVDFab HD Video MP3 Player and upcoming mysterious DVDFab products (lifetime). You'll be happy to learn that the price of the gift package is still $299 as usual, but the gifts are more impressing: the HD Video MP3 Player has a 5 inch screen, supports 1080p HD video, and goes well with different video/audio/picture formats. It also supports e-book and sound recording, and has a built-in FM radio. When it comes to the upcoming DVDFab products, we assure you that they'll be definitely robust and professional. "
Seems to me to have been written by Sanity Overboard, it's easy to tell. No grasp of the Eeeeenglish lanuage at all! WTF.


TC17 reviewed v8.1.3.2 on Nov 11, 2011

This gets a 1 star from me, due to the fact so many people in forums claim the Blu-Ray ripping of this program is free. But what they don't mention is the fact that its NOT free, its only free for a month, then it expires, and if you want an ISO created copy you have to buy the program.

I wish people were more honest about BS like this.

Flame Thrower

Flame Thrower reviewed v8.1.3.2 on Nov 3, 2011

One star only for this junk, and that's being charitable.

Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer reviewed v8.1.3.2 on Nov 3, 2011

This is a great app if you are overstocked with CD's & DVD's, it's wonderful for burning coasters. Not much else though.

Dan Glickman

Dan Glickman reviewed v8.1.3.2 on Nov 2, 2011

In a word "garbage", is not even worthy of one star!

Feng Tao

Feng Tao reviewed v8.1.3.2 on Nov 1, 2011

@sanity overboard,
"As a toddler can see, this app contains far more features than just a DVD copy. That's why I compared the equivalent options.
Cute alias you have Input Overload. MORON! LOL!"
At least for once you got the rating right RETARD!!! ROTFLMAO!!!
And, I have no idea who Input Overboard is, other than he like my humble self is of the same opinion regarding this crapware

Output Overboard

Output Overboard reviewed v8.1.3.2 on Nov 1, 2011

@Fung Tup

As a toddler can see, this app contains far more features than just a DVD copy. That's why I compared the equivalent options.
Cute alias you have Input Overload. MORON! LOL!


johnk119 reviewed v8.1.2.9 Beta on Oct 22, 2011

Use a freeware alternative.

Feng Tao

Feng Tao reviewed v8.1.2.1 Beta on Sep 24, 2011

@Sanity Overboard, what you have claimed may well be true. However Dummy, the price of this particular app is $299 for lifetime.
Please explain stupid!

Output Overboard

Output Overboard reviewed v8.1.1.5 Beta on Aug 29, 2011

DVD-Fab DVD Copy is $75.60 USD lifetime.
You can decrypt DVDs for free.
A better value than Anydvd and CloneDVD2 $152.94 USD.


lydiain reviewed v8.1.1.2 on Aug 8, 2011

I like this software.


WackRegan reviewed v8.1.0.7 Beta on Aug 3, 2011

The Trolls are coming, the Trolls are coming! The little men at Fengtao Software told me so. Watch out.


JackRegan reviewed v8.1.0.7 Beta on Aug 3, 2011

Lotsa trolls out there.

Feng Tao

Feng Tao reviewed v8.1.0.7 Beta on Aug 3, 2011

No doubt about it, this app is getting worse with each release.

Feng Tao

Feng Tao reviewed v8.1.0.5 on Jul 14, 2011

Have to agree with Jack Regon, each release is worse the one before.

Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer reviewed v8.1.0.5 on Jul 13, 2011

As said by many, nothing more than junk.

Dan Glickman

Dan Glickman reviewed v8.1.0.5 on Jul 13, 2011

In a word absolute garbage. How on earth they can justify an arm, a leg & second mortgage to purchase this crapware is beyond me.
Perhaps, that old chestnut "there a sucker born everyday" has never been more apparent to anyone burnt purchasing this. Excepting of course the non-reviewer below.


JackRegon reviewed v8.1.0.5 on Jul 13, 2011

Notwithstanding the dubious comments from my namesake below. The fact of the matter is this junk seems to deteriorate with each release.
Not even worthy of 1 star.


JackRegan reviewed v8.1.0.5 on Jul 13, 2011

Fool slysoft trolls.


PaulWilliams reviewed v8.1.0.3 on Jul 2, 2011

Expensive Garbage $219. Complete Rip Off. Priced Out of Existence.

I wouldn't even use DVDFab if they gave it to me for free. It's strictly for beginners with tons of cast to blow on poorly written software. I'll buy a mid range graphics card with that money instead.

Dan Glickman

Dan Glickman reviewed v8.1.0.3 on Jul 2, 2011

Ah Flame Thrower, you might want to check your rating for this junk in view of your comments.
One star here, and it's not even worthy of that.

Flame Thrower

Flame Thrower reviewed v8.1.0.3 on Jul 2, 2011

Absolute junk, would not use it if paid.


JackRegon reviewed v8.1.0.3 on Jul 2, 2011

I agree with the previous poster "Trolls", of which he is the worst. Pity we cannot give this a minus rating.


JackRegan reviewed v8.1.0.3 on Jul 2, 2011


Feng Tao

Feng Tao reviewed v8.1.0.3 on Jul 1, 2011

This crapware just keeps getting worse with each release. I guess in hindsight it was a waste of money, even though I have lifetime updates cannot recall the last time it did what it claims to do without any hassle.


RauelLeRuse reviewed v8.0.9.2 on May 26, 2011

Run Away!
Oh, it copied a DVD, sort of; the new DVD works in one player, but won't on my computer. However, upon rebooting, I found that it A.) whacked my boot information, and B.) disabled my Norton protection. Upon removing it - my computer was unbootable.

Why would they disable my malware protection and screw around with my boot info? Smells like they're dooing FAR more than copying DVDs! DON'T USE!


DudeBoyz reviewed v8.0.9.2 on May 12, 2011

Two very, very quick fixes (8091 and 8092) show that at least they know that this QT stuff is a problem and are working to fix it fast. I think it will take more than a couple of releases to get it right though.


DudeBoyz reviewed v8.0.9.0 on May 9, 2011

8085 of the HD Decrypter part works in a stable fashion but whatever new code the QT interface is using seems to have introduced instabilities that make even the free portion hard to use. I'll stick with 8085.

Dan Glickman

Dan Glickman reviewed v8.0.8.9 Beta on May 5, 2011

@Flame Thrower, I beg to differ the last good one was


lypxzm reviewed v8.0.8.9 Beta on May 3, 2011

Work great and simple interface. I don't know why so much people "hate" it here, it is strange to hate something because of its price. In my opinion, both DVDFab and AnyDVD are great products, they have similar price and are the best at what they do. I'll continue to use them for a long time.

Flame Thrower

Flame Thrower reviewed v8.0.8.9 Beta on May 3, 2011

The last release of this garbage that could be deemed useful was v6.2.1.8!

Feng Tao

Feng Tao reviewed v8.0.8.9 Beta on May 3, 2011

Hideously expensive bloatware!


humbleuser reviewed v8.0.8.9 Beta on May 3, 2011

Do I smell a vendetta? It does just what it says it will do and it does it well, with a very simple interface. It IS good. But now comes the price again. Did I read the word 'SHAREWARE' above. The dictionary definition says 'use it all you want and pay if you think it is worth it" - no trial period. It's a voluntary payment!


unger71 reviewed v8.0.8.9 Beta on May 3, 2011

Work's better than anydvd.
But very expensive.

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v8.0.8.9 Beta on May 2, 2011

I'm right here Jack me old mucker. 100% crapware with huge bells on it.

I hope to meet you someday Jack.

No stars.


DudeBoyz reviewed v8.0.8.9 Beta on May 2, 2011

FIRST - what is the QT thing? Anybody know? Is that why it is noticeably larger? Is it that new 2D to 3D converter thing? WTH is that feature for? With that QT question unanswered:

A jump in size of over 3 meg for a program that was 15 meg in That's sort of hard to stomach. I would continue using until the final release of this new version comes out to see just what warrants such a huge jump in size for an app this small.

The core ripping product (DVDFab HD Decrypter) that is included in the main app remains Free and allows you to rip Full Disc and Main Movie for both DVD and Blu-ray IS worth using. It does a good job of getting your disc onto your local hard drive while removing protections so you can process that content with other tools.

However, the full version of this product, which provides other features such as conversion to other formats, is NOT worth purchasing, imo. It is too slow, too buggy and much, much too expensive. DO NOT spend ANY money to purchase DVDFab retail. It is not worth it at all.

Using the free decrypter portion of DVDFab along with the free Handbrake app should give most folks just about all they need.


DudeBum reviewed v8.0.8.5 on Mar 26, 2011

I'm DudeBum and I'm paid to advertise overpriced software. DVDFab, DVDFab, DVDFab. Is that what we're rating?

DVDFab costs Eleventy Gazillion Dollars and if you use it you'll catch a sexually transmitted disease. Not to mention your computer will bust into flames and your children won't love you anymore. Did I mention DVDFab Decrypter is FREE, FREE, FREE except if you want to copy a DVD, that will cost extra.


WackRegan reviewed v8.0.8.5 on Mar 25, 2011

I'm WackRegan and I'm here. I have no one in my life and nothing better to do then leave comments for the company I work for. I'm a worthless parasite, please put me out of my misery.


JackRegan reviewed v8.0.8.5 on Mar 25, 2011

Where am i Input Overload? I'm right here. And you?


Uriel reviewed v8.0.8.5 on Mar 22, 2011

For the price, you may as well buy a duplicate DVD while your at the store. You will save money.

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v8.0.8.5 on Mar 22, 2011

Bit ower expensive.

But where is JackRegan? I'm starting to get worried.


George43 reviewed v8.0.8.5 on Mar 22, 2011

Still is and will always remain extraordinarily expensive junk.


unger71 reviewed v8.0.8.5 on Mar 21, 2011

Bluray 2 dvd 40min
dvd9 2 dvd5 1-2 min
core2 duo hd 5770


DudeBoyz reviewed v8.0.8.5 on Mar 21, 2011

UPDATE: Just to summarize (sorry I babble at times) but the basic points to note are these - The core ripping technology works well and the Free DVD HD Decrypter portion of the program is certainly worth using. But, the additional features available in the Retail version are simply much too expensive and continue to be buggy and slow.

RECOMMENDATION: Download the program and use the free HD Decrypter function to rip discs to your drive and then use other tools (DVD Shrink, Handbrake, etc.) to process that content. That way you do not have to spend a dime and you still get a great result.

PREVIOUS COMMENTS: On its own merits, this thing is WAY too expensive. It's also UNGODLY SLOW!. Just try putting in DaVinci ccode or something and having it rip the main movie and export it to an iPad format - OMG. Nearly TWO HOURS on a 2.0ghz Intel Dual Core with 3 gig of RAM Even just ripping a DVD is slower than it used to be, and the options for ripping and converting are very limited. You rip a DVD that has a 480 vertical resolution, why isn't a 480 vertical resolution always available as an output option, regardless of format?

DVDFab Retail is a Waste Of Money. Period.

The only thing DVDFab provides that is worth using is the Free HD DECRYPTER function. That's it. Use DVDShrink to process the rip and don't bother with the rest of this junk.

If you want to process the video to mobile devices, use HANDBRAKE, a great and recently updated Open Source program. The conversion stuff inside of DVDFab Retail has serious issues, especially with Audio sync on some TV episode DVD's like Stargate Season 1.


FixXxeR reviewed v8.0.8.5 on Mar 21, 2011

Dudeboyz, You want to talk about "doing the right thing" when you do nothing on the AnyDVD thread but rate DVDFab and talk guessed it, DVDFab, without paying one thought to AnyDVD, the product's page you are on?

Stop being a hypocrite.

3/5 because the product does work fairly well, albeit at a pay-per-option price. Better options do exist for ripping/encoding suites.

Mikhail Bakunin

Mikhail Bakunin reviewed v8.0.8.3 on Mar 21, 2011

Garbage, no no no. Never!


JackRegon reviewed v8.0.8.3 on Mar 20, 2011

In a word "Crapware", too expensive by far for what is a very ordinary app.


George43 reviewed v8.0.8.3 on Mar 19, 2011

This POS costs a fortune, and I've no idea who JackRegan is. However, going by his previous posts is an employee of Fandangled! Who ask not only an arm & leg for this junk. And, all your future earnings and the blood of your firstborn!


WackRegan reviewed v8.0.8.3 on Mar 18, 2011

I'm WackRegan and I fart out money. I'm always right, even when I'm lying, and everyone else is wrong. They're all out to get me.


JackRegan reviewed v8.0.8.3 on Mar 18, 2011

What money? No need for that if you wanna backup your DVD's.

Dan Glickman

Dan Glickman reviewed v8.0.8.3 on Mar 18, 2011

I cannot afford a second mortgage, hence can only give this a 1.


DudeBoyz reviewed v8.0.8.3 on Mar 17, 2011

We are SUPPOSED to review the actual product - in this case the RETAIL and FULL VERSION of DVDFab. We are NOT supposed to base reviews on the free-only functionality of DVDFab HD Decrypter. That, in large part, is why this app deserves a low score. If this listing was only for DVDFab HD Decrypter, the score would be higher - but that is NOT the product we are supposed to be reviewing. So be fair here, JackRegan, and do the honest thing and review the retail product. That said...

This thing STILL does not work well with CUDA and it is STILL far, far too slow. And ungodly expensive.

The ONLY thing that this has to offer is the FREE, never expires HD DECRYPTER function.

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v8.0.8.2 on Mar 16, 2011

Pure garbage.

Nuff said.


DudeBoyz reviewed v8.0.8.2 on Mar 15, 2011

The FOR PAY, Retail version has turned into a piece of bloated super-expensive junk. Not only that but it is INCREDIBLY SLOW

Use the DVDFab HD DECRYPTER (FREE) portion of the program and do NOT pay a dime for the actual retail version with the conversion features and such.


JamesSmith2 reviewed v8.0.7.8 Beta on Mar 11, 2011

$219.00 for DVDFab All-In-One. Don't make me laugh.

JackRegan: The reason why I choose JamesSmith2 was because JamesSmith was already taken. Your such a Pathetic Moron. WackRegan had you summed up correctly.

Feng Tao

Feng Tao reviewed v8.0.7.8 Beta on Mar 9, 2011

Gotta agree with WackRegan on this one! Pity there is not an option for a negative rating. 1 will have to do.

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v8.0.7.8 Beta on Mar 9, 2011

Pure garbage.

Nuff said.


Uriel reviewed v8.0.7.8 Beta on Mar 8, 2011

I once owned a free life time upgrade license. For some reason or another, it was no longer honored. The yearly subscription rates are outrages. In fairness, because the cost outweighs the few times I need the software yearly, and I really haven't evaluated the latest version because of the cost, I award DVDFab two stars instead of one.


WackRegan reviewed v8.0.7.8 Beta on Mar 8, 2011

The Worst.

Hi, my name is WackRegan and I'm retarded and paralyzed from the neck up. I work for a company called Fentao Software making 2 cents an hour. I live in my parents basement. It's scary there, they touch me on my bottom. In my free time I review software I don't use. Will you please be my friend?


JackRegan reviewed v8.0.7.8 Beta on Mar 8, 2011

The Best.

DVD Decrypter feature is free. Funny to see how many "new" haters there are.

Well, forget propaganda.


PaulWilliams reviewed v8.0.7.3 on Feb 11, 2011

Ridiculously Overpriced. Pay to Play Scheme.

They went down on the price of DVDFab All-In-One from $275 to $219, but no one cares. That's their idea of a deal, but I wouldn't use it if they gave it away for free. The bad news for them is they don't have any customers anymore.


lypxzm reviewed v8.0.7.3 on Feb 11, 2011

To be honest, DVDfab works good. It is much better than other DVD rippers I purchased.

Mikhail Bakunin

Mikhail Bakunin reviewed v8.0.7.3 on Feb 7, 2011

I honestly thought Fengtao would have given up on this garbage by now. No one can afford it any longer, not that it was worth the price in the first instant anyway.

Slapnutz Asshat

Slapnutz Asshat reviewed v8.0.7.3 on Feb 1, 2011

No matter how many chnages the developers make, fact is worthless junk.

Dan Glickman

Dan Glickman reviewed v8.0.7.3 on Feb 1, 2011

Cannot afford a second mortgage to purchase this, and my remuneration is quite good. For that reasong alone no way


dcumpian reviewed v8.0.7.3 on Feb 1, 2011

For ripping BR to HDD, this is a very easy to use tool. If you need other parts of this software, it does get very expensive, but if you only purchase the pieces that you need it is not totally unreasonable. I only use DVD Copy and Blu-Ray Copy portions. I use free tools for anything beyond that.


marrix reviewed v8.0.7.3 on Jan 31, 2011

This is the preface of an emial I received from Fengtao Software last Friday:
"Dear valued DVDFab customers,
Thanks for being with DVDFab all the time. Your continual support and trust are very important for us to keep moving on. We have our full enthusiasm to work hard every day so as to provide happy user experience to all our dear customers like you. You will never regret about any purchase you've ever made, since our products are better than before each day, and you can easily get your DVDFab products updated for free. Plus that, worry-free after-sale service is totally ensured. You can contact our Service Team and get help immediately if you have any questions or using problems on our products. Back boned by ceaseless cutting-edge technologies and professional developing and service staff, you can feel assured to enjoy your life with DVDFab! "
I have lifetime a lsubscriptionon this so it is of no relevance. However, what I did find somewhat amusing was the phrasing. Pretty sure it was written by our friend JackRegan. For an app that allegedly updates its language files on each update,, this is risible.

Flame Thrower

Flame Thrower reviewed v8.0.6.8 on Jan 7, 2011

In a word "crapware".


alohanela reviewed v8.0.6.8 on Jan 7, 2011


Slapnutz Asshat

Slapnutz Asshat reviewed v8.0.6.8 on Jan 6, 2011

Ahh, finally managed to get that fool JackReagn off the front page, we most certainly do not want any noob in some misguided belief that this junk warrants a lifetime of misery trying to keep up Fentango's ever changing pricing structure.

Dan Glickman

Dan Glickman reviewed v8.0.6.8 on Jan 6, 2011

This is a POS, even if its price point was say around $20.00 including lifetime upgrades, it is inescapable that this is crapware.

Julia N Assange

Julia N Assange reviewed v8.0.6.8 on Jan 6, 2011

Lotsa trolls out there i see.
Too true, but none greater than yourself!


PaulWilliams reviewed v8.0.6.8 on Jan 6, 2011

You missed the point entirely dannyboy832, it's about Principle, something you don't seem to have. Of course we could download it if we wanted, but why would we when there's better and cheaper. Besides the author comes out with "updates' almost every-day that fix bugs and disable cracks, so even if you found a crack or a keygen it wouldn't last long.

If I was given this for free for the rest of my life, I wouldn't use it. It's crap.


You can pretend you're anything you want, but I know all you are is a Lying Hypocrite that lives in his parents basement in China and goes to work for his precious Fengtao Software making pennies on the dollar. I hope you can understand my English, if not I can have it translated for you.


dannyboy832 reviewed v8.0.6.8 on Jan 6, 2011

Nooblets and nooblings you are.

If you are worried about the price just pirate it morons. So easy.


JackRegan reviewed v8.0.6.8 on Jan 6, 2011

Lotsa trolls out there i see.
And by the way, i'm still here.


JamesSmith2 reviewed v8.0.6.8 on Jan 5, 2011

I'm so glad people have finally commented on this product and silenced some of the liars and fools. I was considering leaving this site after that talk of racism.

The only person that has ever called AnyDVD buggy and garbage is DudeBoyz, or maybe JackRegan. It is overpriced at 119 EUR, but NOT $275 like DVDFab All-In-One. At least you get free updates for life. The only thing you get from DVDFab is a feeling of getting ripped off.

In the end even that's too high a price considering there are Free Alternatives. By "Free" I'm not talking about that turd DVDFab HD Decrypter with grayed out options, reduced functionality and constant crashes. I'm talking about DVD Shrink, DVD Decrypter, DVD43, Blu-Ray Disc Ripper, ratDVD, Handbrake and RipBot264. They might not work on every DVD but at least their all 100% Free and Fully Functional. If you want something better then buy something, anything but this.


DudeBoyz reviewed v8.0.6.8 on Jan 5, 2011

This version does work ok but it is still a terrible value.

I think AnyDVD is overpriced, buggy garbage to the max, but even IT isn't this darn expensive, and DVDFab doesn't offer enough substantial added value to justify the extra money.

There are FREE tools out there for ripping DVD/Blu-Ray, then processing the vid to either DVD or converting to mobile platforms. Don't pay for ANY of this junk - just use the free tools and send a message about these overpriced apps.


PC_Troll reviewed v8.0.6.8 on Jan 5, 2011

"Lotsa trolls out there i see."
Too true, none greater than your worthless self!!!


marrix reviewed v8.0.6.8 on Jan 5, 2011

Give me 1 Click DVD Copy & AnyDVD anyday, will outperform this hands down.
BTW I have lifetime subscription to this, but in comparison to the aforementioned it does not compete.

Meow Zee Dong

Meow Zee Dong reviewed v8.0.6.8 on Jan 5, 2011

I need both arms and legs, hence will never be able to afford this garbage.


George43 reviewed v8.0.6.8 on Jan 5, 2011

Gotta agree with Input Overload, crapware!

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v8.0.6.8 on Jan 5, 2011

Very expensive junk. IMHO.


JackRegan reviewed v8.0.6.7 on Jan 4, 2011

Morons competition


JamesSmith2 reviewed v8.0.6.7 on Jan 3, 2011

The facts are this program can't even copy some DVD's correctly, it's buggy as hell, the video quality is mediocre and it costs $275 for DVDFab All-In-One. For god sake it costs 4x more than some of it's competitors. Many that once used this program have almost all turned against it because of the ridiculous subscription prices and the bugs. If you want to waste your money then do it, but don't complain about it later.

DVDFab DVD Copy + DVD Ripper cost $93.80 when bought together, NOT $50. Repeating the same incorrect facts over and over makes you the moron. Look it up:, if you can figure out how to click on the link.

The racism talk from "cowturn" was just insane. Get your mind out of the gutter. Not everything in life is about racism. Calling racism over the slightest of things only belittles real racism.


DudeBoyz reviewed v8.0.6.7 on Jan 3, 2011

XSNRED - you can get the DVD ripper part of this program for FREE - called DVDFab HD Decrypter - so you can save yourself $50. :)

Why is DVDFab the full app getting buggier and actually dropping protections from DVD's it worked on before?

What terrible fate is befalling this once decent product? It's hovering near 1 star territory for me. :(

DVDFab HD Decrypter (FREE) + DVD Shrink = Excellent Option by comparison


PaulWilliams reviewed v8.0.6.7 on Jan 3, 2011

anonymouscowturd: (You have self esteem problems)

How is that racist? Because I dare mention that the product comes from China. Suppose I go out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant and tell people "I'm going out for Chinese", is that racist? Is it only racist when I tell them I had "Bad Chinese"? If the author was French I would have said "Total Scam by the French". Fortunately when you comment on a French product they don't throw you in jail for 30 years if you live in France. Maybe the reason you see racism everywhere is because you feel inferior as your name suggests. How sad.


xsnred reviewed v8.0.6.7 on Jan 3, 2011

Look aholes, all I said was that it only cost 50 bucks to copy a DVD. That's all I do and it has always worked for me. I have backed up hundreds of DVDs with not one friggin coaster. I don't buy or need anything else they offer. Jeez, what a bunch of morons here, including me for even dignifying these posts with a response. So bite me!


anonymouscowturd reviewed v8.0.6.7 on Jan 3, 2011

This version completely failed to copy a french film from 2002. So i can't be any new copy protection. Reverted to a version two releases previous.

"Obscene Price and Worthless Buggy Product. Total Scam by the Chinese."

And if i said

"Obscene Price and Worthless Buggy Product. Total Scam by the French"


"Obscene Price and Worthless Buggy Product. Total Scam by the Americans".

Doesn't that sound ridiculous? You're lumping an entire population of people with the pricing practices of a software developer.
I can only conclude that what you said was a typo as i can't see someone making such a retarded generalization as that. If it wasn't kindly keep your racist comments out of this forum.

"If the author was French I would have said "Total Scam by the French".
That is grammatically incorrect.
You clearly don't understand the English language. French implies the French people in this context. So what you are saying is "Total Scam by the French population". That is non-sense as you're referring to a bunch of software developers, not the entire French population. If you can't use the English language properly then that's fine, but then please quit slaughtering it online and then try to back it up with yet more bad English. I have no idea why you mentioned politics in your reply.

The name anonymouscowturd is a reference to /. and nothing to do with any "issues" that you refer to.


DudeBoyz reviewed v8.0.6.6 on Jan 2, 2011

DVD Fab HD Decrypter is FREE, and THAT product is worth using. This retail for-cost app, however, is ungodly expensive. Just get the free HD Decrypter and use DVD Shrink for the rest.

If DVD Fab, the full program, was actually getting BETTER, that might be something, but it's really not improving in the leaps and bounds that could possibly justify any sort of increase such as they have put forth.

Remember that there is a difference. Don't blame the FREE version for the shortcomings of THIS version.


JamesSmith2 reviewed v8.0.6.6 on Jan 1, 2011


Question every "reviewer" that gives this 5/5 stars. Those that are claiming the program is free, or $50 as some have claimed, with free lifetime upgrades are LYING THROUGH THEIR TEETH. They harass legitimate reviewers because that's what their paid to do.

Here's their scam:

What this company has done is take a mediocre program, DVDFab HD Decrypter, and separate it into 8 seemingly different "paid subscriptions". Let me give you an example, if a person buys DVDFab DVD Copy for $57.60, they won't actually be able to rip the movie to their hard drives without buying DVDFab DVD Ripper which will cost them another $57.60. They also make people believe that they won't be able to copy it to their iPod unless they buy DVDFab File Transfer for $12.50. On top of that if you have Blu-Ray, then you have to buy DVDFab Blu-Ray Copy for $72.80 and if you want to rip it to your hard drive you buy DVDFab Blu-Ray Ripper for another $72.80. Get the picture, not one of their "paid subscriptions" is complete unless you buy others for equal or greater amounts.


russshoe reviewed v8.0.6.6 on Jan 1, 2011

I have used it for two years and it works perfect


PaulWilliams reviewed v8.0.6.6 on Dec 31, 2010

DVDFab All-In-One - $275.00 and counting.

Obscene Price and Worthless Buggy Product. Total Scam by the Chinese.

They even charge you $12.50 to transfer the files to a portable device. Check this out:


DVDFab DVD Copy - $57.60
DVDFab DVD Ripper - $57.60
DVDFab Blu-ray Copy - $72.80
DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper - $72.80
DVDFab Blu-ray 3D Ripper - $57.60
DVDFab Blu-ray to DVD Converter - $46.10
DVDFab Video Converter - $46.10
DVDFab File Transfer - $12.50


Everyone knows by now who you work for and what you do. Trying to point your finger at others only confirms your guilt. I know your English is poor, but why not try learning bigger words. Calling everyone spammers and having them prove there are free alternatives only to criticize them later is just lame.


Making statements that can be easily proven false is a waste of time.


roj reviewed v8.0.6.6 on Dec 31, 2010

I'm with JamesSmith2: constructive free alternatives to a hideously overpriced product that no longer offers any value in light of those alternatives.

Part of a review of any product is the value it provides for what it costs.

ONE star.


JackRegan reviewed v8.0.6.6 on Dec 31, 2010

Pointless Spam PaulWilliams and JamesSmith2. And by the way, why you are called JamesSmith2? 2? Smells fishy.


I bet you both eat poop :)


ecvogel reviewed v8.0.6.6 on Dec 30, 2010

Not $50 for lifetime. $75 for lifetime DVD only Nearly $300 for lifetime for everything.

I am considering AnyDVD and a cheaper video converter. This stuff is overpriced. So AnyDVD HD and then a video converter when I find it and all set.


xsnred reviewed v8.0.6.6 on Dec 30, 2010

Use it all the time without a hitch. 50 bucks is not too much for this product especially with free lifetime upgrades.


JamesSmith2 reviewed v8.0.6.1 on Dec 20, 2010

There are many choices, you could use DVD43 for on-the-fly decryption, DVD Shrink, DVD Decrypter or Handbrake to rip the movie. Blu-Ray Disc Ripper or RipBot264 for Blu-Ray Movies. Just a few suggestions and all are 100% Free. Don't buy DVDFab, it's ridiculously overpriced.


ecvogel reviewed v8.0.6.1 on Dec 20, 2010

It does a great job and is better quality than using AnyDVD then Xilisoft HD Video Converter 6 to convert it to a file.

What free alternatives are there out there that do great jobs? I do not mind spending some money, but this is just too much!


PaulWilliams reviewed v8.0.5.8 Beta on Dec 16, 2010

Jack Regan (Bought and Paid For):

Everyone knows who's paying your bills and who you work for, the only question is how much are you getting. Instead of insulting people that have legitimate complaints with this Overpriced Garbage, why not tell the truth for once in your life.

DVDFab All-In-One - $259.40

Enough said.


JackRegan reviewed v8.0.5.8 Beta on Dec 16, 2010

James "BlahBlahBlah" Smith2


JamesSmith2 reviewed v8.0.5.2 Beta on Nov 30, 2010

Better questions: What good is a product if you can't afford the price? At what price do we say enough is enough? Why would I pay that much for a product when I can get a free one to do the same?


humbleuser reviewed v8.0.4.8 Beta on Nov 30, 2010

Sticking to the facts... Does it copy DVDs to a whole range of formats and do it well? Yes. Does it do the same for Blu Ray? Yes. Can you drag and drop various videos to convert them (very simple for almost anybody)? Yes. In short it does what it claims it does and does it well. Then there is the price, but are we rating the price or the product? I will assume both; 5 stars for the product and 1 star for the price, average 3


JamesSmith2 reviewed v8.0.4.8 Beta on Nov 19, 2010

This used to be a decent program before the author increased the price into the stratosphere, separated the real program into 8 "subscriptions" and started graying out options and claiming that what remains was free. Instead of charging $259.40 for the complete version, they should lower the price to $29.99 and increase their sales 10x. Considering that others are offering programs of similar function for free, I think that's reasonable. Then again if they did that they couldn't afford the JackRegan's.


PaulWilliams reviewed v8.0.4.8 Beta on Nov 18, 2010


I'm someone that's not being paid to leave positive or negative reviews for or against the competition. I have no personal stake in the matter and I only leave negative reviews against products whose authors are overcharging their customers and being dishonest about their functionality.

The reason I started leaving reviews was because of you and the author claiming the defunct DVDFab HD Decrypter was free and piece-mealing the actual product. Your insults to everyone only made me more zealous.


DVDFab All-In-One - $259.40
DVDFab DVD Copy + DVD Ripper - $93.80
DVDFab Blu-ray Copy + Blu-ray Ripper - $119.80

Every-time I blink the price goes up. Need I say more.

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v8.0.4.8 Beta on Nov 18, 2010

roj, You missed off humble? Big headed, a know-all, moronic etc. & I must say as you feel the need to give us all you complete CV, you have an inferiority complex - There is help out there you just have to make an appointment.

You also take life too seriously, & if you are really good you have no need to tell the world.

And you are certainly no nightmare of mine. ROFL. You are actually in short a total unmitigated d*** head.

Hint.... This is just a PC Software review site, & yours & my opinions are no more valid or invalid that anyone else who posts. The above also applies to 'JackRegan'.

Oh & BTW the software is expensive, there are far better offerings around for less £'s.

roj, But I am right as is usually the case, as for arrogance what do you expect, I'm English. nuff said.


roj reviewed v8.0.4.8 Beta on Nov 17, 2010


Who am I?

An impartial, erudite, intelligent, informed IT veteran with 20 years in the biz who is extremely difficult to snow and an IT Security specialist to boot.

In short, your kind's Worst Nightmare.

ONE star for reasons already elaborated.

Oh, and Input Overload:

Arrogance is the vice of Being Right. Learn It, Live It, Love It. 'nuff said.


JackRegan reviewed v8.0.4.8 Beta on Nov 17, 2010

PaulWilliams, and may i ask who are you Sir?


Input Overload, are you talking about yourself.

roj, good for you. and then what?


PaulWilliams, DVDDecrypter is still free. Your propaganda won't work.


humbleuser reviewed v8.0.4.6 Beta on Nov 17, 2010

This is a very good product. It does exactly what it says it will do and does it well so I have to rate it on ability. If the rating was on value for money I would give it a three at most as the price is out there in cuckoo land. Hey! Wake up and smell the coffee. quarter your price and quadruple your sales.


PaulWilliams reviewed v8.0.4.6 Beta on Nov 17, 2010

It's nice to read everyone educating JackRegan of the ripoff that is DVDFab.

No matter how many version that come out with grayed out option that they call free, this software will always be know as a buggy, overpriced piece of junk written by a greedy Chinese author.

Here's a suggestion, instead of paying the dirt-bag hypocrites like JackRegan to lie and harass reviewers, how about making better and lower priced software. If you won't then I'll stick with the competition.


JackRegan reviewed v8.0.4.6 Beta on Nov 16, 2010

JamesSmith2, you are full of it, and you know it.

And roj, excuse me Sir...who are you?


roj reviewed v8.0.4.6 Beta on Nov 15, 2010

Just another offshore author that started free and got greedy without offering any real value. Back in the day of DVDFabDecrypter (a decent piece of software), I raised a red flag when the inevitable "grayed out options" and escalating price rubbish started and of course was decried in certain quarters by those who said that we should be "grateful" for such software. But you see, it follows a pattern that's all too obvious if you actually pay attention and look for it.

Naturally, certain individuals will be sure to read this and "comment" (assuming they can actually write proper English which is unlikely, given the past comments bordering on illiteracy) but they should be taken for the trite entertainment that they offer.

The bottom line is that this software isn't worth it, other options are available and readers should (and likely will) avail themselves of same.

All the nasty comments in the world by pseudo-reviewers won't add a dime to the ripoff outfit that makes this software.

ONE star for overpriced, underpowered garbage from a greedy and mouthy ripoff shill.


JamesSmith2 reviewed v8.0.4.6 Beta on Nov 15, 2010

JackRegan is just a stooge for the people that make DVDFab. Whenever a new version of AnyDVD comes out he gives it a 1 star rating with a nasty comment. Whenever a new version of DVDFab comes out he gives it a 5 star rating and an insult to anyone that leaves a negative review. I guess DVDFab pays more for leaving negative reviews against the competition. This guy should be thrown off the site.


JackRegan reviewed v8.0.4.0 on Nov 11, 2010


Talk That Talk, Walk that Walk.....


JamesSmith2 reviewed v8.0.3.2 on Nov 4, 2010

How can anyone that's not paid for there "reviews" claim this is a good product. JackRegan has a history of leaving angry comments against other reviewers, until the moderators remove them. His claim that DVDFab isn't overpriced is silly, DVDFab All-In-One costs $220 and DVD Copy w/ Blu-Ray Copy costs $110. He also claims that DVDFab Decrypter (which doesn't exist outside of DVDFab) is free, but with options grayed out and functionality removed it's hardly useful. Even DVD Shrink can copy a movie and that been out for years and is 100% free. Everyone tell JackRegan and all the LIARS like him where to shove his DVDFab.


PaulWilliams reviewed v8.0.3.2 on Nov 2, 2010

You're hilarious JackRegan. Every-time someone says something negative about your precious DVDFab you accuse them of spamming or being crazy. If you're not mature enough to take criticism then stop leaving stupid comments. DVDFab is obscenely overpriced and buggy and nothing you says will even change that. People should use something else instead, they'll be happier.


JackRegan reviewed v8.0.3.2 on Nov 2, 2010

Check yo head PaulWilliams


It is not buggy (as you claim) and not overpriced compared to other similar programs out there.

And Paul, peoples should check your other previews. It is quite clear that you are just whining about everything.

And no matter what you say, DVD decrypter is still free part of DVDfab.

Let peoples decide what they want, do not try to brainwash em.


DudeBoyz reviewed v8.0.1.6 Beta on Sep 27, 2010

This is not as good of a product as it used to be, and it's incredibly expensive. I get better results ripping with DVD Fab Decrypter (free program) and using DVD Shrink than I do with this program. Version 5 was decent, but with each subsequent version (6, 7 and now 8), it's gotten worse and worse. I'm not sure it fully deserves a 3, but a 2 is too low, so 3 it is.


PaulWilliams reviewed v8.0.0.9 Beta on Sep 12, 2010

I agree with JamesSmith2, the compression quality is awful, the interface is ugly and uninstaller leaves the Pcouffin device driver behind, which is know for conflicts with the Windows CD/DVD device driver. The price of the full version is a Joke. $110 for 1 year of DVD Copy + Blu-Ray Copy or $220 for 1 year of DVDFab All-In-One is a Ripoff. It's not an Office Suite, you can't charge whatever you want for a program or no one will buy. Giving us a stripped down version of the actual program with options grayed out can't be called freeware either and that's why fileforum labels it as Commercial Demo. The people that are saying otherwise and leaving negative reviews against competing products can't be trusted.


JamesSmith2 reviewed v8.0.0.9 Beta on Sep 10, 2010

Does the truth bother you JackRegan or whoever you are? Your first review was for SlySoft AnyDVD, you gave it a 1 (low) and explained how worthless it was and ever since you've been raving about DVDFab and accusing everyone else with a different view of "spamming". We know who you are, so take a hike Loser. Your reviews are more pointless that DudeBoyz's.


JackRegan reviewed v8.0.0.9 Beta on Sep 10, 2010

JamesSmith2 or whoever you are, quit your pointless spamming.


PaulWilliams reviewed v8.0.0.2 on Sep 7, 2010

Don't get me wrong DVDFab used to be an okay program, but their current subscription pricing is laughable. Why would I pay 50.00 USD (DVD Copy) + 60.00 USD (Blu-Ray Copy) = 110.00 USD for a 1 year subscription when I can buy a 2 year subscription of AnyDVD HD that copies both DVD's and Blu-Ray's for 80 USD? Even better question is, why would I pay 220.00 USD for 1 year of DVDFab All-In-One? The quality is nowhere near a professional program like Cinema Craft Encoder. I would say the quality is similar to Nero Recode and that's not saying a lot. Even worse the last time I used the program it crashed on me. Do they care that we're in a global recession? Has anyone been stupid enough to buy into this?


JamesSmith2 reviewed v8.0.0.5 on Sep 3, 2010

Lousy program. Buggy, slow, terrible compression quality and ugly interface. Full version is way too expensive. I can't believe that so many people think this is a good program. Used it to compress a few DVD-9's but the quality was terrible on my HD Plasma TV. Do yourself a favor and use something else.


DudeBoyz reviewed v8.0.0.2 on Aug 27, 2010

I'm assuming that this new entry is for the entire DVDFab Collection, non-bundled versions? If so, this is what you face for a "1 year license"

DVDFab DVD Copy aka DVD to DVD 50.00 US$/€
DVDFab DVD Ripper aka DVD to Mobile 50.00 US$/€
DVDFab Blu-ray Copy aka Blu-ray to Blu-ray 60.00 US$/€
DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper aka Blu-ray to Mobile 60.00 US$/€
DVDFab Video Converter aka File to Mobile 40.00 US$/€
DVDFab File Transfer aka File Mover 10.00 US$/€

That is $270.00 for the entire family of products. Man, that is EXPENSIVE! You get a lot of features, and thankfully you can pick and choose only what you want, and there are some bundle deals, but still, that's a ton of money.

So on value, not so good. 3 for now, until more extensive testing. 8.x.x.x seems to have introduced some bugs over the older versions. Hopefully they will fix it soon.


lypxzm reviewed v8.0.0.2 on Aug 27, 2010

It works as advertised. Been using it for three years and almost work without issues. I don't know what the Zonealarm is, but I use McAfee and AVG, don't get this spy report as previous reviewer securtek. And I already installed it on my both laptop and desktop, the desktop is without internet, it seems still can burn well. Whatever, I can play this backup disc successfully.


DudeBoyz reviewed v8.0.0.5 on Aug 25, 2010

HEY - the folks at BetaNews have now created a SEPARATE entry for DVDFab, the pay version of their suite. So, please head over there and review THAT package on the per-cost / commercial demo / value per dollar thing:


Please focus on the FREE HD Decrypter product here, ok?

8.x.x.x is turning out to be pretty buggy, it seems. Good to have a quick update, but I'd skip 8 and go back to 7 until they work it out. They really need more quality control going on.

I'd go 3.5 if I could, but I'm not going 4 with this latest release, as it seems to introduce a few bugs that were not even there with the previous 8.x.x.x release. Very lame.


alohanela reviewed v8.0.0.2 on Aug 25, 2010

Freeware, shareware, crippleware? none of the above.

It's called "Freemium", and the concept has been around for a very long time (Skype, Yahoo, etc). The premise is simple: a product is free with no strings attached (which it is in this case), and you have the option of enhancing functionality for a fee. This program has worked wonderfully for me for years and I never have had to pay a dime. If the free portion of this program does not suit your needs, there are other options out there, some free, some expensive and some severely crippled until you pay. The choice is yours.


DudeBoyz reviewed v8.0.0.2 on Aug 24, 2010

I am ONLY judging the FREE DVDFab HD Decrypter function, as that is what is listed in the entry here and always has been.

The rest of the product line - that is way, way too expensive and is a confusing mish-mash of apps that they can't seem to make up there mind about.

BUT, for DVDFab HD Decrypter, version 8.x.x.x seems to work pretty well, but not as well as the last release. I wish they would stop screwing with it and separate out the HD Decrypter part into a stand-alone app that is not impacted in terms of stability and function by coding in the other parts of the app.

4 stars for now. Not sure if they will be able to fix 8.x.x.x to get better (7.x took a while to get back on track) or if they are going to screw it up even more. :(

If this wasn't free it would be getting a lower rating.


securtek reviewed v8.0.0.2 on Aug 24, 2010

Unfortunately DVDFAB has turned into spyware. All versions starting with make contact with your DNS and then transmits data back to DVDFAB. Zonealarm reports on launch up to 148 connection attempts by DVDFAB.exe even when “check for update” is unchecked in the general setup. Versions and earlier launched in about 2 to 3 seconds, but the blocking of DVDFB.exe to the internet by ZoneAlarm delays the launching of the program for 92 seconds. This makes the program a real pain in the butt. CSR’s @ DVDFAB are no help as they will not answer direct questions about why DVDFAB is contacting the net and the only thing that multiple CSR’s recommend is uninstall and reinstall, thats all they know, which has null effect. This program has really gone to the dogs since they decided to spy on their customers.


UPieper reviewed v7.0.9.2 on Aug 10, 2010

Working great....Very easy to use!


DudeBoyz reviewed v7.0.9.2 on Aug 9, 2010

Quick bug fixes are great, and this tweak seems to work without any incidents on my XP rigs. Glad it's free. Ripping Memoirs of a Geisha, The Matrix, The Davinci Code, Last Samurai, The Dark Knight and about a half-dozen others all worked fine with this release. With PathPlayer always on by default, it seems to hum right along and does not leave behind things like Zero-Byte sub pictures and Zero-Byte audio entries, which is always a good thing. Good, solid seeming release.


coover reviewed v7.0.9.2 on Aug 6, 2010

I have copied a portion ofthe Fengtao webpage below showing some of the differences between their products, Notice that DVDFab Decrypter is FREEWARE.

"DVDFab Platinum (December 31, 2009) is all-in-one DVD copying/converting/burning software. In just one or two steps, you can copy any DVD to DVDR/PSP/iPod/etc.

DVDFab Gold (December 31, 2009) (Formerly DVDFab) is very fast and easy-to-use DVD copy software. With just one click, you can copy any DVD to DVDR.

DVDFab HD Decrypter (Freeware) (December 31, 2009) is a simple version of DVDFab Platinum. It copies entire DVD movie to hard disk, and removes all the protections (CSS, RC, RCE, APS, UOPs and Sony ARccOS) while copying. It also comes with full HD-DVD and Blu-Ray support (Removes AACS).

DVD Region+CSS Free (Formerly DVD Region-Free): This innovative software enables you to watch and copy any region-coded/CSS-encrypted DVD movies on any DVD drive!

Audio DVD Creator: Create your own music DVD's and enjoy them on any DVD player!"

I am not an employee of Fengtao, not do I have any relationship with them (other than occasionally using their software).

I do have a "lifetime" license for their software, which I purchased at a fair price because they offer good software. I see that now they offer a 2 year subscription for their shareware software at a somewhat higher price. I am glad that I do not have to pay their present subscription fee. But their software is good, and anyone telling you differently probably wants to sell you his or her inferior software.


DudeBoyz reviewed v7.0.9.0 on Aug 2, 2010

DVDFab HD Decrypter is actually the FREE product, a break-out from the full and supposed-to-be separate product line DVDFab, but that is a pretty confusing distinction given the way that they package things.

They should break out ONLY THE FREE HD DECRYPTER part without all of the "limited time" features to help avoid such confusion.

Their main product line is getting expensive and is certainly NOT a good value in relation to this. I'm beginning to feel that it's their own fault for not making a much clearer distinction and they might deserve the low-scores they get as a result. Argh.

But, this FREE part - it rips very well for what I have been using it for, so that is what I'm basing it on, but for those with Blu-Ray tasks where it may not work for them, that's something I'm going to need to work on to help confirm the limitations. It would help if specific titles were listed as having problems (by reviewers here) so we could work to duplicate the issues.

5 stars for me, be only because it's free.


minklein reviewed v7.0.9.0 on Aug 1, 2010

I wanted it for compressing a Blue Ray main to 25 Gig. Never did get the trial to work, I think these guys are way over priced. $35 bucks a year, jsut for BRD, I think not.


ilev reviewed v7.0.9.0 on Aug 1, 2010

Rating 0.
Doesn't remove Cinavia and Ultraviolet protections.


x-ray reviewed v7.0.9.0 on Jul 31, 2010

Can it ake DvD/BR -> MKV ?


DudeBoyz reviewed v7.0.3.0 on Mar 26, 2010

Version 7.x is working noticeably better for me than 6.x, with the free HD Decrypter variant charging through my usual array of testing vids, and then some. Not as lean, clean and mean as the 5.x versions, but back on the right track and still free, which makes it a great value.


reidyn reviewed v7.0.1.2 Beta on Mar 9, 2010

Illegal my ass. No more illegal than a knife because it can be used to mug someone. This has been a real boon to me, which I use to rip DVDs that I've purchased from the store to make them playable on my Motorola Droid and my Archos 605 (transcoding with Handbrake). Without this I have a piece of plastic that I can't watch on the go, and believe me, it is really awesome to buy a new movie for my 3 year old and have it in my hands for him to watch when we're sitting in a restaurant and he's bored to death and otherwise having to be taken out of the restaurant. He's engaged in quietly watching his movie and I get to enjoy a meal out. It's also great to rip a few movies and have on my phone for when I'm sitting and waiting for my car to be serviced. There are many legitimate uses for this, not just for piracy.


jr85 reviewed v6.2.2.0 Beta on Feb 28, 2010

so after the 30 day trial, what freeware program would you guys rec for converting files/burning dvd's? thanks


boaz reviewed v6.2.2.0 Beta on Feb 5, 2010

DVDFab's decryption is very good. The burning engine is not bad, but I still use a 3rd party burning software.


coch reviewed v6.2.2.0 Beta on Jan 7, 2010

OMG, my hands are illegal, they can be used to steal.

DVDFab is great, 5 stars.


sn0wflake reviewed v6.2.1.8 on Jan 4, 2010

Jtaylor83: That's like saying Windows is illegal because it can be used for pirated games.


Jtaylor83 reviewed v6.2.1.8 on Jan 2, 2010

This software is used for piracy. It's illegal.

It's freeware alright. Free for users to commit piracy.


coover reviewed v6.2.1.6 Beta on Dec 29, 2009

This version is necessary to copy recent DVDs


DudeBoyz reviewed v6.0.6.8 Beta on Sep 14, 2009

This version does seem to have improved stability, and also is better at ripping disc's that version 5 had no trouble with.

Yes, it's free, but version 6 is still bigger and slower than the 5.x series, and even with more updated decrypting, I'd still recommend trying 5.x over the 6.x series first. If a rip did not work with 5.x then try 6.x

It should not require a reboot after installation and some of the default settings are not to my liking, such as the "Run report program when DVDFab crashes" and setting the rip to fit on DVD-5 instead of DVD-9 for those discs that are dual-layered, but still - it does function better than than earlier 6.x versions have, and given that, I feel a rating of 4 is warranted.


rdrod reviewed v6.0.5.2 Beta on Sep 3, 2009

I have the commercial version of DvdFab which has been used for about five years. They have really kept up with changes in code protection and the program is the best of the lot. There have been some glitches along the way, but problems were tended to in a timely fashion. I give it top grades.


DudeBoyz reviewed v6.0.4.0 on Jul 29, 2009

I'm still seeing problems when ripping disks that the 5.x versions handled fine.

I've reported this to them, but have yet to see a fix for it. Something they changed in going to the 6.x codebase seems to have been a rather notable step backwards.

I like that it is free, but I would like it even more if it worked as well as it did in the 5.x series.

It's a tough call but I'm going with a rating of 3 instead of higher because they have had the trouble reported directly to them more than once, but the problems are still there.

It's frustrating to see a great tool start to lose traction like this one. Bummer. I hope they get it fixed.


catchpole reviewed v6.0.3.6 Beta on Jul 24, 2009

Works well and it's free. i don't need any expensive apps because i don't copy DVD's all day/all night


DudeBoyz reviewed v6.0.2.2 on Jun 28, 2009

DVDFab HD Decrypter is the FREE version of the DVDFab product environment.

But that free functionality is included in a package that includes "Trial / Demo" versions of the key commercial offerings by Fengtao Software Inc.

So sometimes I have to remind myself that I'm judging ONLY the free features of the host application. In version 6, it's even more important because there seem to be some substantial changes to the host application, and not all for the better. If I was rating the standard retail version of the DVDFab product, I would rate it lower than the free offering. I do not think that DVDFab 6 is necessarily a positive step forward.

That said, there are issues with the host environment that trickle down to the free portion of the program and as a result, I don't feel comfortable rating this product a 5. It takes longer to do some operations and some other operations that I have previously come to count on no longer function quite the same way, if at all.

For version 6.x to choke on projects that worked fine in version 5.x - that can be pretty annoying. I can't give this version of the app a 5, and a 4 is pushing it right now. I hope they do some bug squashing - and fast.


danho001 reviewed v6.0.2.2 on Jun 26, 2009

I've been using DVDFab HD Decrypter for over a year now -- ripping roughly 1200 DVDs. It works great. However, there are some caveats:

1. v6 is slower -- 20-30% or so.

2. (v5) DVD incompatibilities. Sometimes you need to rip a DVD using a different make/model of DVD drive. I use a mix of Sony, Plextor and LG drives so I never have to use PathPlayer.

3. Success -- about 95% of the time. The other 5% of the time I need to use RipIt4Me (along w/ DVD Decrypter).

4. Multi-Rips. DVDFab can rip multiple DVDs at a time. In my test system I rip 6 simultaneously.

Overall an excellent program.


DudeBoyz reviewed v6.0.1.9 Beta on Jun 23, 2009

Thankfully, this update handled things just fine. I most often choose the FULL DISC and it provides a nice, clean rip. I can then use DVD MovieFactory, Nero Recode or DVDShrink to process the decrypted files. DVDShrink is still a great little app for going from DVD-9 to DVD-5, or simply stripping off everything except the core film if you want. It works quite well.

I'm glad this Ripper app is out there and I'm glad it's still free.


DudeBoyz reviewed v6.0.1.0 on May 18, 2009

Version 6 ripped most dvd's without any issues. However it choked big-time on an OLD title called The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen. Version with Path Player enabled ripped it just fine. No read errors at all.

Version 6 does have PathPlayer enabled by default, which is a tad slower, but having it on by default (it was off by default in 5.x) means there are likely to be a lot less "What is this pop-up telling me to turn on PathPlayer" type of comments. However, it didn't seem to help in terms of ripping the title mentioned above.

I still do not like the forced reboot, and even though you can turn off the "Phone Home" stuff, I really do think they should be off by default after install. This initial Version 6 is just not working for me as well as the Version 5 series has, so I have to rate it down.

It just isn't working right in all cases, and frankly, I miss the stark interface that HD Decrypter FREE had in version 5. I'm not liking what I'm seeing so far when I compare it to version 5. I'm not sure what they were trying to accomplish with version 6 but all it really has done for me is push me back to version 5.

Rating it a 3 for now - and I think that might be a generous score, at this stage. I'll keep testing it and any new releases of v6 and see if it improves.


SueAmma reviewed v6.0.1.0 on May 16, 2009

@catchpole: ??? Version 6 has only been available for 2 days.


alohanela reviewed v6.0.1.0 on May 16, 2009

Indeed. This is no longer freeware. It appears that versions have become shareware with a 30 day time out. :-(

Their website points to a 5.XXX version as freeware, which will become increasingly obsolete.


Morningdove reviewed v6.0.1.0 on May 15, 2009

The download from this site is NOT the freeware version!

UPDATE MAY 24: The website "FREE STUFF" page has been changed and now lists v6.0.1.0 as the free HD Decrypter. Current version from website will run as freeware.


catchpole reviewed v5.2.5.0 on Apr 18, 2009



DudeBoyz reviewed v5.3.2.0 Beta on Apr 15, 2009

Wish it did not have to reboot after install. But other programs do it, and I'm not marking them down for it either. It is Windows we are talking about here, and even if you do some lame Windows Update and get one file, you may need to reboot. Argh.

That said, it's still free and works like a charm. It does due BluRay, though not as much as AnyDVD HD, but again, it's free. There are other free tools available for BluRay I believe, as some have posted before.

It does give cleaner rips on many titles than AnyDVD does, this judged from pulling the VIDEO_TS folder into DVDShrink, but AnyDVD has improved their ripping tool and it's nearly up to the level it needs to be to compete with DVDFab on that feature.

Given all of that - it is a great value - then a rating of 5 is again earned, imo.


sn0wflake reviewed v5.3.2.0 Beta on Apr 15, 2009

The only DVD ripper program on my PC because it just works flawlessly :) Ripping a DVD takes between 10 and 20 minutes depending on the size and physical quality of the DVD.


FixXxeR reviewed v5.2.3.2 on Apr 11, 2009

Where is the latest release of this program? Does it support the latest BRD protections? Does it support the latest protection in standard DVD? Nope? Thanks, but I will have to pass on this one. This is why I do not use freeware, they come in fast and leave just as quickly. This program has stopped receiving updates for quite some time while new protections are being developed and cracked by other contenders. Anyone remember DVD Shrink and why many programs have to "fix" their code to work with it? Why not just better your product instead of worrying about one freeware program which stopped receiving updates years ago.


dbbard reviewed v5.2.3.2 on Feb 15, 2009

Downloaded the program today. It works great for discs encoded for my region (Australia ,Region 4), but takes 2-4 hours to rip a disc from the US


DudeBoyz reviewed v5.2.3.2 on Jan 22, 2009

Just downloaded the app, installed it and ripped Geisha and Davinci no sweat. It's fast, capable, constantly updated and still 100% free.

It does have a no-wait nag screen, but that is such a small issue in comparison to what this program brings to the table, I can't justify knocking it down all the way to a 4.

If the nag screen had a delay - say 30 seconds or 60 seconds, then I'd have an issue worth a larger hit on the score. But all you have to do is a single click right when it starts up and you are golden.

Use DVDFab HD Decrypter (free) to simply rip the full movie to your hard disk and process with DVD Shrink (the very last version of that awesome utility) and you should be good to go.

DVDFab HD Decrypter works FANTASTIC as a ripper, and given that it is completely free, I can hardly imagine why someone might give it a low rating, especially since the "Dial Home" feature can now be turned off / disabled.

Please keep up the good work.

PS - Don't forget to enable the Path Player function - this version still needs that active when I rip The DaVinci Code.


DudeBoyz reviewed v5.2.3.0 on Jan 9, 2009

Outstanding! Free!

And you don't need to pay a subscription fee neither. :)

Best free DVD Ripper out there. Choose Full Disc, rip it to your hard drive and then take the output from this app, pull it into DVD Shrink and you are all set. Nice...


BruddaMan reviewed v5.2.2.2 on Dec 27, 2008

i like the final version. it is easy to rip dvd disks with it but it should have better support for the blue rays disks. after reading here i rip with this free one and use dvdshrink to do those files to my liking and its free too.


pyridox reviewed v5.2.2.2 on Dec 26, 2008

This program is great. I was using the free decrypter part of this, along with DVD Shrink for quite a while to back up my kids DVD collection. Then I sprung for the gold version, which has the DVD Shrink functionality built-in. The author updates frequently, as new DVD anti-copy schemes come out. He also addresses any bugs in the software. Some people think the updates are a pain in the @ss, but that is necessary to keep up with the latest DVD copy protections.


BruddaMan reviewed v5.2.2.0 on Dec 18, 2008

works good and its free. awesome.


boaz reviewed v5.1.0.0 on Oct 11, 2008

This program does a good job of what it is intended to do. Rip (decrypt) a DVD to a folder on the hard drive. Once you have it decrypted, you can use the program of your choice (e.g. DVD Shrink).


DudeBoyz reviewed v5.1.0.0 on Oct 11, 2008

This app works perfectly in nearly all instances. It provides VERY CLEAN rips, with no goofs on subtitle entries, etc. that would get in the way when you suck the rip into another program.

This is NOT a sloppy program - it doesn't make assumptions for header data. It creats the data to spec, with no loose ends or lame straggler fields that should have been truncated properly.

It's a free DECRYPTER. If you want an application to process that ripped media, then there are plenty out there to do that.

The free version, which we are supposed to be rating here, has two options - Full Disc and Main Movie.

Other functions, such as Split, Clone, Merge, etc. are not part of this free package.

So, that said, if you start this program, insert your media and do a FULL DISC rip to your local hard drive, then you are good to go.

You can then use ANY application you want to process the ripped media.

I personally use DVD Shrink. It works very well, even after all these years.

You can use Nero Re-Code or some other commercial app if you wish. No harm, No foul.

If we were reviewing the GOLD or PLATINUM version of the program, I could maybe understand some of what was criticized, but given that this free app doesn't even contain those features, I don't see how those criticisms are relevant.


catchpole reviewed v5.1.0.0 on Oct 10, 2008

well buy one then ryan


DudeBoyz reviewed v5.0.9.5 Beta on Sep 23, 2008

Still as good as ever. 100% free and I can't seem find any new problems with it. Stable and functional. Load it up, rip your stuff, close it down and you are good to go.

It really does seem to make a nice, clean rip too. No anomolies like phantom audio tracks that don't really exist, wacky subtitle listings and stuff like that. The output seems well structured and standards compliant.

If you already have post-processing apps that you like to use and only want a good, solid and simple decrypter, then I think this is about the best out there.

I'm a big fan of DVD Shrink from way back and it does a great job working with the processed media that DVDFab HD Decrypter provides.

It's all good. :)


catchpole reviewed v5.0.9.5 Beta on Sep 23, 2008

Whoaa, previous rating was 3.4
Now it's 4.0
Thanks for fileforum, at last they did something.


catchpole reviewed v5.0.9.0 on Sep 13, 2008

It also comes with full HD-DVD and Blu-Ray support (Removes AACS).


DudeBoyz reviewed v5.0.9.0 on Sep 11, 2008

Great tool, excellent value, and no more PHONE HOME to worry about.

I agree that if they are not able to process HD-DVD and BLU-RAY, they should change the name back to DVDFab Decrypter.

AnyDVD has the best HD-DVD / BLU-RAY support that I can seem to find on the web, so if you need those features, you may need to fork out the cash (a lot of cash) for AnyDVD.

But, for a free ripper on regular DVD's, this thing is incredible. You may want to choose the "Always enable PathPlayer" function so that you won't get prompted if it finds the stronger type of disk protection that may need that level of analysis.

I think they have it turned off by default to save time, as most of the disks don't need that extra level of processing.

It only adds a little bit of time to each ripping operation, and I think it's worth enabling it so you don't have to bother with the possibility of being prompted if you want to use that feature on a particulare disk.

It does not find out if a title needs that feature until it spends a bunch of time working on the rip, so that time will be wasted. By enabling PathPlayer, you basically save yourself time in the long run, I think.

DVDFab Decrypter + DVD Shrink = Heaven... :)


CyberDoc999 reviewed v5.0.8.8 Beta on Aug 31, 2008

Are they ever going to support Blue-Ray?


Metshrine reviewed v5.0.8.8 Beta on Aug 27, 2008

I am now a registered user of DVDFab Platinum. I have to say, I am glad to have this application around for the occasional backup I have to do with my discs. It works great in conjunction with AnyDVD which removes the protections which this cannot out of the box. The full program, despite its nagware, will receive a 5 from me, however, the freeware version (the one currently being listed) receives a 4 due to said nagware.

Summary: If you want a ripper that does what it does and gets out of the way, this can't be beat. A great tool for the DVD Ripping arsenal.



DudeBoyz reviewed v5.0.8.8 Beta on Aug 26, 2008

This beta (5088) installed over 5085 and did not modify any of the settings, so Auto Update and Auto Error Reporting were still disabled. I'm also glad that the installation did not require a reboot.

For testing this version, I set it to "Always Enable PathPlayer" before ripping Geisha and DaVinci and both were fully decrypted without any prompts related to PathPlayer. I just set that option and clicked Start and before I knew it, the rips were done.

Processed the rips with DVDShrink like I usually do, and it all worked out great. I rip a DVD to the hard drive one time, then do a Re-Author in Shrink and burn the ISO to a blank disk, almost always a DVD5 since single layer disks are noticeably less expensive than dual layer.

The end result is a single DVD5 that contains the following:

Core Movie
Single English Audio Track
Single English Sub-Title

With those options there are no menus, no ads, no warnings, no executables, no extras - nada. Just pop the backup into your player and it auto-starts right into the movie, which is excellent when the young ones decide its movie time.

Plus, the original disk is tucked away on the shelf and safe from harm, so you shouldn't have to pay for the same movie twice.

Making and using a backup copy instead of using the original disk is one way you can protect your investment, especially if you have kids.

I don't understand why someone would want to take a chance with the original when it is so simple to make a backup. Once you have made that backup, you can use it in any player you want. You do not need to hook your computer up to your TV just to skip the ads.

There is no need to lug an expensive laptop around just so your kids can watch a DVD in your car. Spend the $50 USD on a portable player, slap in the backup and away you go.

I do factor in value - I think it is important. So, it's a fantastic value, it doesn't alter your "Phone Home" settings and it doesn't require a reboot after installation.

Unfortunately, it does have a Nag Screen, but at least it is a NO-DELAY Nag Screen, so you can click on it as soon as the dialog pops up and move right into the program. If there was an annoying delay that you had to deal with, like 5 or 10 seconds, I think I might dock it a point because of that.

This oft-updated app remains free and it does what it does very well. Taking all of that into consideration, I feel comfortable with a full 5 star rating.


catchpole reviewed v5.0.8.8 Beta on Aug 26, 2008

now it's 3.3 while yesterday it was 3.4
hope that fileforum will find out who has created multiple accounts and ban him.


catchpole reviewed v5.0.8.5 on Aug 18, 2008

wonder who keeps givin 1/5 because rating is getting lower, oh well. simply the best.


DudeBoyz reviewed v5.0.8.5 on Aug 18, 2008

UPDATE: The interface thing seemed to be just some sort of setting glitch that I think I caused when I was doing all the beta testing. I uninstalled the app, used CCleaner and EasyCleaner and then rebooted, reinstalled 5085 fresh and it came up properly. I should probably do a ghost restore from an earlier point to make sure it's all cleaned up on that other machine, or maybe I'll do a fresh install. I do tons of testing of video, audio, network and other drivers, plus I test AnyDVD HD and DVDFab products as well as others from BetaNews. All that to say, I think the fault is mine, not the apps.

However, that Path Player thing is a bit annoying. It isn't until you are some way into the process that it notifies you that Path Player is needed, and then it starts the whole process over after you OK it.

You can choose to enable Path Player by default, but then it would slow down EVERY rip so I guess I can see why it is not enabled by default. But I did wish it did not take so long to detect.


Excellent value. Frequently updated. But I'm starting to notice some unfamiliar behaviors, possibly a result of that new "Re-Write from the Ground Up" thing they are touting.

Tested it with Geisha and DaVinci Code and it worked just fine, though it did flag me to use "Path Player" on DaVinci. It did make a 100% working rip though, so no problem there.

It has a nag screen - always bad - but at least it is a NO DELAY nag screen.

Also, I don't think I've noticed this before, but for some reason it defaults with the DVD to DVD dialog minimized and the DVD to MOBILE section maximized. I'm not sure if it is a change on their end or something stupid I did, but would someone else be willing to start up and tell me what dialog configuration is the default?

Thank you.

Note - I did have Memorize User Interface Options selected.

I'm going to do some uninstalls and reinstalls and see if I'm goofing or if this app has a bug or two. If they do have a bug or two, it will be a drop to 4 points instead of five, I think.


coover reviewed v5.0.8.5 on Aug 18, 2008


You are correct. I never thought I'd see a good rating from you on this application. While I rate this a 5, a 4 is an honest rating. Congratulations to you and, yes, it is a good thing that the automatic reporting of failure for the application has been changed.

Edited to answer DudeBoyz question ...

I have had the "Gold" version installed on my Desktop for a couple of months (I thought I'd give back something to the software author for his good work), so I could not directly answer your maximized - minimized question. So I decided to install the "free" version on my laptop. After installation and after getting past the nag screen by clicking that I wanted to use the free version rather than the 30 day trial of the shareware, I found DVD to DVD maximized and DVD to Mobile minimized. So, evidently, what occured to you is not the default situation.


CyberDoc999 reviewed v5.0.8.2 Beta on Aug 9, 2008

Where is the HD support....
I tried this with my Blue Ray and it fails on ALL Blue Ray movies!!!!!
at least anydvd can rip Blue Ray!


Metshrine reviewed v5.0.8.2 Beta on Aug 7, 2008

WAY TO GO DVDFAB! I will now upgrade this to a 4 as I've said I would all along. This is a very big step in my books. Nagware aside, I might end up purchasing the full fledged product of this now after some further testing is conducted.

Yes, the nag screen is annoying, which is why this will only get a 4. It didn't deserve a 1, but a privacy issue (regardless of intent) is unacceptable to me and as such I rated it a 1. Automated communications are a big no-no in my book.

If you want a freeware ripper, this cannot be beat in that arena. It does remove protections, while not all of the blu ray protections, BD+ has only been done by slysoft. But thats ok as I can use slysoft to remove what DVDFab does not :)

Good job fengtao. I now commend thee.

PS. I bet you guys never thought you'd see a 4 star rating from me on this :)


DudeBoyz reviewed v5.0.8.2 Beta on Aug 7, 2008

UPDATE: I'm a bit confused about the GPL Open Source point.

On their website, it is mentioned that only the DVDFab Mobile product uses open source code,

That is not the same product as the one we are reviewing here, right? This is only about DVDFab HD Decrypter, is that not correct?

If so, would it not be acceptable to move those reviews out of the DVDFab HD Decrypter entry and into one for the actual DVDFab Mobile product?

Here is the link:

Here is the quote at the bottom:

GPL/LGPL Disclaimer

DVDFab Mobile Option uses several GPL/LGPL modules, like FFmpeg, x264, xvid, liba52, faac, lame, etc. DVDFab Mobile Option is compatible with GPL/LGPL license, and thanks for the help of open source community.

CHANGE LOG: Beta (August 7, 2008)

New: Added option "Run report program when DVDFab crashes" in "Settings -> General" window. Although it doesn't collect personal information and helps us to improve DVDFab, user can disable it so that DVDFab will not access internet automatically when DVDFab crashes.

New: Updated language files.

Fix: A crash problem when using "Internal" preview.


Here it is! They FINALLY added an option to disable automatic error reporting!

No more phoning home!

All you have to do is uncheck two boxes in the GENERAL area of the COMMON SETTINGS dialog. Those two options are:

- Run report program when DVDFab crashes
- Check for new version automatically

That's all there is to it! Just tested it and it works like a charm. Awesome.

So, all we have left is a no-delay nag screen, but that seems a very minor annoyance compared to the other issue.

But, with one click of the mouse, you are in the main program, so I do not think it is worth docking them a point when that is the only remaining issue with this 100% free application. Small price to pay, I guess, at least to me.

Now, as far as stability, I've been ripping hardcore on two of my 3 machines and there appear to be no issues, crashes, glitches, etc. The Da Vinci Code, Memoirs Of A Geisha and all the rest have been processed with no problems at all on both my internal and external drives.

In fact, I don't seem to be able to recall any stability issues with any 5.x version of DVDFab HD Decrypter. I don't think I have experienced any stability issues at all in any version in quite some time.

If my memory is not clear on that and I have missed something, I hope someone will bring it to my attention. So, that said...

It remains a stand-alone application that only loads into memory when you start it, stays there while you rip a disk and then leaves out of memory when you exit the program. So, it does not consume any system resources at all after you run and close it.

The resulting rip to the hard drive is fully decrypted, meaning you can use just about ANY application you want that is capable of handling DVD Video files.

You can use whatever DVD player software you want and you can use any post-processing application you want. You can play it, shrink it, trim off menus, remove the credit sequences and just about anything else your apps may be able to do.

There should be no limitations other than those that may exist in your software application.

So, given that this program is still completely free, and now allows you to block any outgoing data with two simple mouse clicks in the appropriate check boxes, I believe it indeed deserves a full rating of 5 out of 5.

It is an incredible value, appears rock solid stable (as most releases of this app have been all along), and is frequently updated to keep pace with the latest titles.

I'm certainly glad that this program is available to everybody via a simple download.

Well done, indeed!


catchpole reviewed v5.0.8.0 Beta on Aug 6, 2008

no problems with ripping
love open source.


dwby reviewed v5.0.8.0 Beta on Aug 6, 2008

Frequently produces bad rips which cannot be processed with compliant DVD software (DVD Rebuilder PRO).

It has also made the Hall of Shame list for its role in stealing open sourced work. Good job DVDFab. Stealing is as low as you can get in the programming world.

p.s. stealing open sourced work and not following the licenses and backing up DVDs you own are TWO totally separate things.


Metshrine reviewed v5.0.8.0 Beta on Aug 5, 2008

Nagware and reporting home which cannot be disabled. This free software is quite capable but I cannot rate it higher than this due to the two reasons above. Sorry. 1/5


DudeBoyz reviewed v5.0.8.0 Beta on Aug 5, 2008

This is so frequently updated it's amazing.

What I really like about DVDFab HD Decrypter is that all you have to do is start the program, rip the disk to your local hard drive, and then shut the program down. That's it.

You end up with an unprotected version that you can process and view with just about ANY application you would want to.

You don't have to keep a driver loaded that eats up memory and resources, and you don't have to worry about incompatibilites.

You rip the disk to your hard drive and that's it. You can use Video Studio or any other video apps if you want, you can use Nero Recode and/or DVD Shrink to pick and choose what parts of the movie you want to keep and what parts you dont.

Get rid of all those warnings and previews, foreign sound tracks, credits, whatever - DVD Shrink offers a fantastic Re-Author feature for handling all of that.

Heck, if you have kids you can easily remove the menus so that when they put the disk in the player, it starts right away. 3 or 4 year olds may not be the best at navigating the menus, after all.

It seems very stable ( just ripped Geisha and Last Samurai again with no crashes ) and incredibly easy to use. Plus, you get all this for the Low-Low price of FREE! Three Easy Payments of NOTHING, and if you act now, we'll even shave off one of those payments making it an even better bargain... heh... I just watched one of those Ron Popeal flavor injector informercials, so had it in my mind.

Anyway - Rip it once, and you're done. How much simpler and straight forward do you get?

I am still uptight about the feature that dials home when it has a failed rip, which is rare, but still. Remember though - the ONLY time it sends ANYTHING back to the DVDFab folks is when you have a failed rip. You can uncheck the "look for updates" feature, and that should be about it. If you never have a rip failure, then no "Phone Home" information is ever sent. Besides, you can easily block it with a software firewall - but I do think you should not have to.

DVDFab needs to give users of its free program the ability to prevent ANY information being sent, even if it is only bug-fix related data. There's really no excuse for not providing users with that feature.

Yes, the new nag screens are a pain and very irritating, but a single click gets you past it right away. There is no countdown before the button can be clicked.

If DVDFab HD Decrypter would eliminate those two things, I think I'd be rating it a solid 5 of 5, but until they do, 4 is the highest that they deserve.

Also, it scores a 4 because of a couple of reasons. First, it is 100% free, and second, there are fewer and fewer apps of its kind out there, and I'm not sure if there is any other up-to-date freeware at all. DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink can still rip all standard DVD proections, but they can't handle the newer and different types. So DVDFab HD Decrypter is, in my opinion, an important entry in the marketplace. It does what very few apps do, and it does it for free.

If they ever decide to eliminate the free version of this app, I think we'd be pretty screwed, and certainly, I would not rate it very high.

Right now it is an OUTSTANDING value. I sure hope they keep it that way.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie reviewed v5.0.7.6 on Aug 2, 2008



catchpole reviewed v5.0.7.6 on Aug 1, 2008

No crashes here



tech939 reviewed v5.0.7.6 on Jul 31, 2008

Very unstable, after trying many older version, this version still crashes easily after scanning the dvd.


Metshrine reviewed v5.0.7.6 on Jul 30, 2008

1/5 For the same reasons as before. Installed, tested and verified. Both issues still present and prevalent.


coover reviewed v5.0.7.6 on Jul 30, 2008

Some rate this lower because of nagware and it sending impersonal information back to the author. But it is easy to use and it simply works.


TarrantM reviewed v5.0.7.6 on Jul 30, 2008

I just use it for ripping my DVD collection to the hard drive of my HTPC before using Handbrake to convert it into a H264 mkv file for Vista Media Center and it does the job like a champ.

I haven't tried using any of it's other functions so I haven't encountered any of the nag screens that others lament.

For DVD decryption and ripping the content to a drive, this is the best application I've encountered, and the fact that the functionality is free is just gravy. It's been stable and hasn't crashed a single time and does the job I need it to do. So I'm giving it a 5.


iknowyouknow reviewed v5.0.7.6 on Jul 30, 2008

Does whats needed and does it well:)


DudeBoyz reviewed v5.0.7.6 on Jul 30, 2008

Looks like a very quick bug fix. Ripped Geisha and another disk no sweat, so it appears to be working as well as the previous release.

I'm glad this thing is free, and I'm glad they are working on it actively.

I just use this app to rip the disk to the Hard Drive and then use the final release of DVD Shrink ( to process it. It works extremely well. Then I use ImgBurn to burn the ISO to disk and wala, it's just that easy.


DudeBoyz reviewed v5.0.7.5 on Jul 29, 2008

Nagware Screens and Phone Home features are legitimate concerns and I can understand why some may give it a lower rating because of that.

With reviews, I try to look at the larger picture and factor in some of these additional things when determining a rating:

- It really is one of the few remaining apps of its kind available for download that is updated frequently. DVD Decrypter, RipIt4Me, DVD Shrink and others have either been discontinued completely or are very seldom updated.

- That the company producing this app recognizes the higher density HD-DVD and Blu-Ray formats are part of the overall optical market, much like DVD+R Dual Layer and DVD-R Dual Layer have been, and my philosophy on format support matches theirs.

- That even with a no-countdown nag screen (you don't have to wait to click the button to move beyond that screen) and full HD-DVD / Blu-Ray support, DVDFab HD Decrypter is still 100% Free, making it an excellent Value.

- As a stand-alone application that starts, processes and exits out of memory, it has very few, if any, compatibility issues.

Hence, I feel it deserves a higher rating that some others might. But I am still not willing to overlook obvious problems like the two mentioned above. I am a fan and supporter of the application, but choose not to be blindly loyal and automatically give it the highest rating. DVDFab HD Decrypter is a flawed, but valuable application, and that is what my rating reflects.


Metshrine reviewed v5.0.7.5 on Jul 29, 2008

No hidden reasons. I do not work for a software company competing with this product, I do not work in the software industry at all. Nowhere near that industry. Those two reasons listed are absolute no gos in my book. Again, you fail to understand that YOUR rating scheme does not equate to everyones rating scheme. If you feel you have to rate this a 5 simply to counter me, so be it, skew the ratings. Not my choice nor my care. I rate this as I FEEL it deserves.

Now, I will continue to rate this a 1 until both issues are rectified as they are perfect reasons to rate this a one. This also represents my final response to your posts as it does nothing but detract from the products other reviews.

This is otherwise a capable ripper, but the two faults listed previously still hold true in this version. I refuse to support any program that has features even remotely resembling these. 1/5


coover reviewed v5.0.7.5 on Jul 29, 2008

Yes, I agree that one should not rate a software higher to counter the low (in this case, illiogically low) rating of another. This freeware, of course, has defects, but not ones that should cause the rating to be lowered from a 5. The fact is, this software is easy to use and simply works well. That, for me, is enough to rate it a 5.

My previous remarks regarding rating it a 5 to counteract another persons rating simply meant that I would continue to rate this software a 5 (if it deserved it) at each opportunity (every time a new version was announced). If I don't, and if others do not, the illogical rating of some certain people, who apparently have hidden reasons to rate this software lower than it should be rated, will make this excellent software appear poorly. My 5 rating is genuine.

Now, about DVDFabs faults. They have been listed here. I have mentioned them in the past. The "Nag" is unfortunate, but it does not disable the software. If you want to change "freeware" to "nagware", I'm OK with that. And the software reporting failure to remove copy protection to the software authors is certainly not something to lose sleep about. It simply alerts the author that the software needs to be changed to work, and gives information on why it did not work with the specific disk. This is one of the things that has made DVDFab the best software of its kind.

Now I do understand why someone might drop the rating a point or two for the two problems above. But to rate this software a 1?


ShawnDevin reviewed v5.0.7.5 on Jul 29, 2008

I've found this program useful to make a playable backup of a dvd that had gotten too scratched up to use anymore. I used another tool to set the drive speed down to 2x, copied the dvd to the hard drive, and re-burned to a new, unscratched dvd. Though I hear tell a hand crankable scratch remover works well too (haven't tried it yet).


DudeBoyz reviewed v5.0.7.2 on Jul 28, 2008

I do not agree with scoring an app high just to offset someone else scoring it low. If that is the only purpose of a post, I feel it should be removed because it detracts from the integrity of BetaNews itself.

We are supposed to rate apps as fairly as we can based on the specific build being offered, and I think the site would be well served if people focused on that instead.

So, that said, there do not appear to be any obvious differences between this version of DVDFab HD Decrypter and the last. You start it up, rip the disk and shut it down. No muss, no fuss, and it stays out of the way. Then, as mentioned earlier, you can use the final release of DVD Shrink (free) and the current release of ImgBurn (also free) to create a working backup.

It still has an opening nag screen that requires a user to click a button to get to the main program. But more importantly, as far as I can tell, DVDFab HD Decrypter still does not provide a way for users to disable automatic error reporting when reads end up failing. I do not consider that to be spyware or even harmful, but not allowing users to disable ANY "Phone Home" functions is just NOT acceptible to many users out there, and that is understandable.

Yes, you can block DVDFab HD Decrypter via a software firewall like Zone Alarm, but I honestly don't think you should have to.

If this product was not so frequently updated and was not free, I could not justify giving it a very good score, even if it is one of the last surviving decryption programs out there.

But given what it does offer and the fact that it is still 100% free, I feel comfortable scoring it a 4. I think though that if we had the option of scoring it a 3.5, I'd feel better giving it that rating instead.


coover reviewed v5.0.7.2 on Jul 28, 2008

Gotta continue rating this a 5, if for no other reason to counter Metshrine's illogical rating of 1.

Metshrine? He prefers the shareware (meaning it will cost you something) AnyDVD. AnyDVD is good and usually works. But this software is far more reliable even in the free version. Of course the free version of DVDFab is limited. You'll have to use the freeware DVD Shrink to reduce the file size that the free DVDFab produces, and DVD writing software to write the copied DVD, but it's all relatively easy.

And yes, Metshrine, DVDFab will suggest that you upgrade to their shareware version so you don't have to use Shrink and writing software, but the "nag" is not offensive.

DVDFab, free or shareware, is simply better software than any other DVD copying software.


DudeBoyz reviewed v5.0.6.0 on Jul 16, 2008

Cyberdoc - it says the HD Decrypter (free version) does indeed support Blue-Ray:

"DVDFab HD Decrypter (July 15, 2008)
DVDFab HD Decrypter is a simple version of DVDFab Platinum. It copies entire DVD movie to hard disk, and removes all the protections (CSS, RC, RCE, APS, UOPs and Sony ARccOS) while copying. It also comes with full HD-DVD and Blu-Ray support (Removes AACS)."

Bumped to a 4 rating because it's about the only constantly updated freeware ripper left, and they do have support for HD and Blu-Ray at no cost.


CyberDoc999 reviewed v5.0.6.0 on Jul 15, 2008

I own a Blue Ray drive and dvdfab has NO Blue Ray
but anydvd does....


Metshrine reviewed v5.0.6.0 on Jul 15, 2008

1/5. Privacy violation along with new nagware status. This is otherwise a good program and I would even recommend it if it werent for those two MAJOR flaws. Any program that has either of these two flaws is a no-go in my book. Sorry folks, time to drink water and drive on.


coover reviewed v5.0.6.0 on Jul 15, 2008

Hey Metshrine,

We haven't heard from you yet. I suppose you'll rate this your usual 1. I'm still waiting to hear from you for your suggestion as to which software you prefer (that is, the software you profit from when it's sold). If it is better than DVDFab, we want to know about it, and I'd like to test it. If it is, indeed, better than DVDFab, I'll even give it a good review. But if it is as I suspect, lousy software selling for a price well above it's value, I'll report that, too.


Banquo reviewed v5.0.6.0 on Jul 15, 2008

Still a great program, and Metshrine is still whining.


Metshrine reviewed v5.0.5.0 on Jul 5, 2008

1/5 for the sole reason of it being nagware and a privacy violation. It is capable otherwise, and would be an OK solution if I didn't already use a better program which although unsupported as of a year or so ago, still works and can backup a DVD when I require it.


Reverb reviewed v5.0.5.0 on Jul 4, 2008

Continues to be the premier all-in-one DVD ripping application (DVDFab Platinum). Copies DVD to DVDR or to IPod/Zune/Creative/other portable media players.

Extremely user friendly will have you backing up your DVD movies even if you've never used a DVD ripper before.

The free version lacks the ability to rip DVD to portable media player and comes with a nag screen.
However it is constantly updated to deal with the ever-changing copy protection schemes on newer releases. And yes, despite what Metshrine will have you believe this is the best FREE DVD ripper out there right now. Since Metshrine is unwilling to pay for one you will find him constantly bashing DVDFab despite the fact that he continues to use it. But don't take my word for it...
Read ALL the user reviews of check the DVDFab Forums.

All the really good rippers cost $$$ pick DVDFab Platinum or Slysoft.


DudeBoyz reviewed v5.0.5.0 on Jul 3, 2008

Metshrine, I just don't think you are being fair or objective, and that is to the detriment of this site.

Refusing to even factor in value when making ratings for this product and your fave program AnyDVD, truly does undermine any credibility that you might believe you have.

In addition, you consistently rail against users who feel that there are stability and compatibility issues with AnyDVD and don't even allow for the possibility that their observations might be valid. You go through insisting that AnyDVD is without flaw, not even allowing that there may be bugs in the program.

And finally, you downgrade the software on the SPECULATION that someday it may no longer be free. It's just not fair, dude. It's not.

A rating of 3 - even I could understand that - but always giving this FREE app a 1 and conversely giving AnyDVD a 5 each and every time would seem to show a long-standing pattern of bias, and I just don't think that is fair to users or the site.


coover reviewed v5.0.5.0 on Jul 2, 2008


Just curious ... what freeware application to copy DVDs do you recommend? And how do you rate it?


Metshrine reviewed v5.0.3.0 on Jun 13, 2008

Not sure why the author chooses to treat their loyal userbase like this. Even a warning that the nag was coming and the freeware version would soon be discontinued (which it will, just wait). Nagware + the privacy violation makes me rate this a 1 because neither is acceptable in the modern age. Used to be quite the capable ripper, but I wouldnt touch it anymore.


Seng reviewed v5.0.3.0 on Jun 9, 2008

Well, here's the benefit of using more than one OS: I have a plethora of totally free software available for Linux and/or Mac OSX at my disposal. When a company makes it inconvenient for software to be used, or they change the features, there will always be a free alternative available.


donpacman reviewed v5.0.3.0 on Jun 7, 2008

"2 seconds"

All this crying over 2 seconds!


DudeBoyz reviewed v5.0.3.0 on Jun 7, 2008

Edit For Donpacman: - Hey, 2 Seconds? According to JT, we've only got 4 Minutes To Save The World!!!

Original Post:

Man, I hate to slam a formerly great product, but need to be honest and admit that Metshrine has a very valid point.

The ONLY really good thing remaining about this release, besides the fact that it does work well to do a full rip to the hard drive, is that it doesn't cost you any actual cash.

But the DVDFab guys have completely changed-up their business model, decided to no longer honor the Free Lifetime Upgrade should you opt to purchase the Gold or Platinum version, and broken out the conversion to portable device formats as a seperate $20 add-on, again, for the Gold and Platinum versions.

The product has had that forced error message thing for a long time now, and they don't seem interested in removing it.

And the fact that this has become "Nag Ware" is so readily apparent that it can't be overlooked. I mean, it is In Your Face apparent.

So even though this is still technically free, it is not the same product it used to be. Yes, it still rips great, but man, they have really made it difficult to stomach, free or not.

From what I can see on their web site, it costs users $40 for Gold plus $20 for the portable device support seems awful steep, but it's about the only way to get rid of the Nag Screens.

It's hard not to slam it for being a bad value. If you could get the whole setup for $29 again, that would seem more reasonable, but $60 USD for the Gold/Mobile and $70 USD for the Platinum/Mobile is just way too high.

Sadly, it seems there are only two players left in the "Backup your legally purchased DVD's" crowd, and both of them are really going to cost you some cash if you want all the features.

I fear that soon DVDFab will no longer offer a free decrypter, and the day that happens is really going to be a complete let-down.

But as it is now, it's still a let-down.


Metshrine reviewed v5.0.2.5 on May 30, 2008

Nagware at its finest. Now I get nagged and forced to send error reports I dont want to send. Thanks to the author who truly puts their users first.


donpacman reviewed v5.0.2.5 on May 29, 2008

Excellent "FREEWARE"

2 seconds of screen is all this crying about??

"2 seconds"


Eeyan reviewed v5.0.2.2 on May 26, 2008

If as reported it uses nag screens it is not Freeware, should be reclassified to Shareware or Nagware.
1 Star


Claude reviewed v5.0.2.2 on May 24, 2008

A wonderful program. The best DVD ripper on the market.


DudeBoyz reviewed v5.0.2.2 on May 24, 2008

EEYAN - it almost sounds as though you have not actually tested it. Have you downloaded it and checked for yourself exactly what it does do? I think it is important to try something out before reviewing it, if you can.

That said, I think calling it NAGWARE or ADWARE would be more appropriate than SHAREWARE, but do agree it should no longer be called FREEWARE, at least in my opinion.


I'm still concerned that it FORCES an error report message to be sent out from the users machine if a rip fails. All they need to do is provide a checkbox in the configuration that allows the user to disable this feature if they wish to, and that entire issue / problem would go away.

Yes, smart users can use a software firewall and try to block the message, should an error occur, which is not that common, but users should not have to.

Sadly, I also must admit, the new nagware screen that appears each and every time you startup the program is a very obvious step backwards.

It's annoying enough to some that clicking on any function other than Full Disc and Main Movie now results in a pop-up nag dialog (the other features used to simply be greyed out), but that full-on unsolicted nag screen at each startup really should cause the designation of this app to be changed from Freeware to Nagware.

Minor quibble - it would be better if you did not have to do a system restart after installation of the free edition of this program, even if you do not install the burning engine.

I have been a big supporter and fan of this product for quite some time, but in fairness, even I have to recognize and acknowledge these isues.

With that said, it is still just about the only free ripper out there, and it is consistently updated.

A user can simply use it to rip the entire contents to disk and then use the still very cool DVD Shrink to customize it how they wish.

In my opinion, it is worth trying for that alone. Free, up-to-date DVD Decryption. Simple, to the point, and gets the job done.

But if a 3.5 score were possible, that's what I would give it, for the reasons mentioned above.


Skyfrog reviewed v5.0.2.2 on May 24, 2008

Works great, no complaints. It is in no way spyware either.


Metshrine reviewed v5.0.2.2 on May 24, 2008

The new nagware setup combined with a phone home feature truly show what the author of this otherwise ok program thinks about their userbase. If i werent for these two major issues, I wouldnt have a problem with this software.


Banquo reviewed v5.0.2.2 on May 23, 2008

Every time a new version comes out Metshrine jumps on to post another negative review, what a crybaby troll. Funny why if he hates it so bad he doesn't just stop trying it and quit posting reviews. His moronic rantings aside, this has worked great for every one of my DVDs.


anomoly reviewed v5.0.1.5 Beta on May 8, 2008

I'm using the portable version (not the free one) and it comes in handy for those dvd iso's which are corrupted and unplayable but still readable.


CharlieGimbert reviewed v5.0.1.5 Beta on May 8, 2008

Nagware or not, still love my free version! Others can go and buy anydvd if they want. And it not "phone home" don't listen lies people.


Metshrine reviewed v5.0.1.5 Beta on May 8, 2008

Nagware at its best. That, coupled with no more lifetime upgrades and a crippled trial version, make me rate this a 1. It still phones home automatically on error and gives you no option to completely disable the report. I am sorry, but this software is going down hill fast.


Winkler reviewed v5.0.1.5 Beta on May 7, 2008

eh? whats wrong? all it do is just asks if you wanna use free or trial version. still same old dvdfab +

* New: Rewritten A/V sync engine for "DVD to Mobile"
* New: Increased converting speed up to 20% for "DVD to Mobile"
* New: Added profile for iriver X20, for "DVD to Mobile"
* New: Updated language files
* Fix: A freeze problem if PathPlayer is enabled when opening DVD like "The Orphanage" (US)
* Fix: Solved A/V sync problem on following DVDs:
* Enchanted (US)
* Good Luck Chuck (US)
* Knocked Up (US)
* My Cousin Vinny (US)
* Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (US)
* Ratatouille (US)
* Stardust (US)
* Stargate SG-1 Season 6,7 (US)
* Zathura (US)


DudeBoyz reviewed v5.0.1.5 Beta on May 7, 2008

Wow. Is this product heading in the wrong direction or what?

Nagware? In addition to forced dial-home error reporting on failed rips?

For anyone considering the retail version, now you have to face the fact that you no longer get free lifetime upgrades.

Now the only thing this product has going for it is that it still doesn't cost you any money to get the basic ripping-only capabilities.

Heck, I'd rather just use this free version and DVD Shrink instead of upgrading to their retail version.

Yeah, it still does what it says it does, but man, all the rest of this stuff is turning out to be a bummer.

Man, that's just too bad. :(


Genital.Joe reviewed v5.0.0.0 Beta on Apr 27, 2008

Nagware = Recycle Bin.

If you want to nag, wait until the end of the trial period. Loved v3, liked v4, dumped v5.


Metshrine reviewed v5.0.0.0 Beta on Apr 26, 2008

1/5. This program has now obtained new nagware capabilities. The release of this version is an obvious attempt to solicit money for their premium products, which this one doesnt even let you test out. This product used to be a worthy choice of a dvd ripper, minus its auto-sent error report, now its just crap and nagware, as pointed out below.

It still has automated errors, despite its new error facility. I would rate this lower if I could as this program no longer is able to be considered a serious contender. Releasing programs just to make a quick profit off your users is pathetic. That, and now they removed the lifetime upgrade option (after 8 May), so as to continue to solicit money from their "loyal" user base.


Winkler reviewed v5.0.0.0 Beta on Apr 26, 2008

Registered, very weak changelog???

* New: Brand new user interface, more easy to use
* New: All-in-one installer for DVDFab Platinum/Gold/HD Decrypter. User can try any one, then decide which one to buy
* New: Added "Customize Split" mode to allow user to customize a DVD-9 onto two DVD-5 discs
* New: Titles are listed by playback order now, if PathPlayer is enabled
* New: Created "dvdid.xml" file when copying DVD, so that Windows Media Center can retrieve cover art and movie info from internet automatically
* New: Added option "Copy Original IFO Files" in "Clone" mode
* New: Added option "Move icon to system tray when minimized" in "Settings -> General"
* New: Added option "Check Now" to check new version immediately in "Settings -> General"
* New: Added option "Supported by Device" and "Zoomed by Source Aspect" in "Advanced Resolution Settings", for "DVD to Mobile"
* New: Added option "Send IFO Files" in "Settings -> Info" by using new Report program. No need to use email program anymore
* New: Crash report can be sent by using new Report program too
* New: Updated language files
* Fix: A freeze problem if PathPlayer is enabled when opening DVD like "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead" (US)
* Fix: Angle button may be shown when playing multi-angle title


y0himba reviewed v5.0.0.0 Beta on Apr 25, 2008

This is now Nagware.


Registered reviewed v5.0.0.0 Beta on Apr 25, 2008

strange, i wrote a review, but it's been deleted?


Banquo reviewed v4.1.2.0 on Apr 3, 2008



Metshrine reviewed v4.1.2.0 on Apr 2, 2008

I would love to use this program to rip my dvd's, however, there is still the issue where if I encounter an error I will have an automated report sent out about it. All I want is a way to completely disable this. This program is otherwise fairly capable (although the free version is highly limited).


Winkler reviewed v4.1.2.0 on Apr 1, 2008

im happy with my free version. quote from Reverb :
"Is the author of DVD Fab in some way forcing you to use this for ripping DVD's?"


djurbino reviewed v4.1.2.0 on Mar 25, 2008

This is shareware, not freeware.

It's full of cripled "features" that just launch "this feature is only available in the commercial version" messages.

If you want to call it freeware, make all of the functions available, or remove the ones that are not available.


Ted reviewed v4.1.1.6 Beta on Mar 23, 2008

DVDFab is great. I downloaded and opened the program and it did what I wanted. I now have my DVD on my hard drive where I want it. It is easy to put it on my MP3 player from here.

My first trial was a success so I am happy.


Reverb reviewed v4.1.1.6 Beta on Mar 22, 2008

I don't know what kind of personal vendetta Metshrine has against this application but for everyone's sake including your own get a life! Is the author of DVD Fab in some way forcing you to use this for ripping DVD's? If you don't like the software don't use it!

I have recommended DVD FAb Platinum to 2 more people so far and they are very satisfied with it's capabilities. I cautioned them about the error reports sent upon failure; one said he didn't care and the other said she'll just unplug her ethernet when using DVD Fab but neither went running for their tin foil hats!

This is a very capable ripper which is constantly updated with all DVD protection schemes making it an excellent alternative to Slysoft. Very simplistic interface so even novices will have no problem backing up their discs.

Matshrine: Try DVD43 or get a job and pay for Slysoft apps if you are unhappy with DVD Fab.


Metshrine reviewed v4.1.1.6 Beta on Mar 21, 2008

Still sending automated error reports. Confirmed once again.

Otherwise a capable ripper although the "free" version has several limitations that can only be alleviated by purchasing the program.


Vantorax reviewed v4.1.1.6 Beta on Mar 20, 2008

I use it all the time to transfer movies from DVD to my iPod for business trips. Easy to use and works as advertised.


Banquo reviewed v4.1.1.0 Beta on Mar 18, 2008

Works great, and I don't care if it sends error reports or not. Anyone that makes that big a deal out of nothing is a paranoid nitwit or has something to hide.


jcorque reviewed v4.1.1.0 Beta on Mar 18, 2008

No problems or errors running this software. Does exactly as advertised.


Metshrine reviewed v4.1.1.0 Beta on Mar 17, 2008

Still an automated error report. Still a 1/5


anonymouscowturd reviewed v4.0.6.5 Beta on Feb 21, 2008

Works brilliantly. No fuss. And a nice easy to understand GUI.


coover reviewed v4.0.6.5 Beta on Feb 20, 2008

Ah Metshrine ... the application has now been fixed in a way that I am sure you will like. The error report is now sent ... get this, you'll like it ... by email! It is no longer sent automatically. And guess what? Your machine, if it is properly patched, will tell you that an application is trying to send an email and will ask you if you want it sent! If you don't, it won't.

Now that's not everything you want. You want some option to stop the application from sending anything. But it's a start.

Seriously, this application works as well or better than any other application I've used in the past to copy DVDs, and it works easily for even the casual user. To me, it's a 5. heck, it's better than a 5.

Ok, Metshrine, the ball is in your court. Is it still a 1? Probably. By the way, which application DO you recommend? Are you reporting your income from that application to the tax authorities?


Metshrine reviewed v4.0.6.5 Beta on Feb 20, 2008

Still the same issue. Forced error reporting. I will continue to rate this a 1 because I feel this is worthy of it. If you dont like/understand my rating, please learn that reviews are based on a users opinion. Opinions vary per person since they are PERSONAL.


coover reviewed v4.0.6.2 on Feb 7, 2008

Metshrine ... be fair. Even if you believe the error report it sends back to the author is a serious problem (it isn't), your grading this a "1" is not fair. Take two points off, if you must, and make it a "3", but a "1"? A "1" means that the application is a complete failure, that it doesn't work or that it contains a virus, that it IS a major security problem. This app is not even a minor security problem. The only information sent back to the author is the name of the DVD and the problem the software had in clearing the copy protection. I think it's a "5". You think it's less, that we all know. But a "1"? No way.


Metshrine reviewed v4.0.6.2 on Feb 7, 2008

1/5 for an error report which cannot be disabled. Otherwise, quite a capable ripper.


Winkler reviewed v4.0.6.2 on Feb 7, 2008

DudeBoyz, it send error report, not any personal information. and funny thing, my DVDFab have not send any error reports. anyone else? and metshrine, you said "I use website watcher, its not hard to know when a page changes." so are you using website watcher for tracking any new DVDFab version???


Skyfrog reviewed v4.0.6.2 on Feb 7, 2008

Works great, despite the fear mongering certain members are trying to spread.


DudeBoyz reviewed v4.0.6.2 on Feb 7, 2008

Metshrine is right about the FAILURE related Dial Home feature.

As much as I like this product, and believe me, I do, that single "feature" is an unacceptable breach of user privacy.

Some of us are aware enough to use a firewall app that can block such outgoing attempts, but it is likely that there are many, many more users out there who don't know about such things. They just trust the software to do its thing, not even knowing that it sends detailed error data home on a failure. Heck, not that many even have firewalls installed, I'd guess.

It's still better than AnyDVD, imo, not only because it is free but because it is a simple EXE that doesn't get in the way like apps that use a system driver type of model.

I rip with DVDFab and simply close that app, open it with DVD Shrink and do my thing. Next thing you know, you have a result with no copy protection to get in the way and one that just about any app can then process.

DVDFab doesn't sit in the background interfering with other drivers or apps. You just run it and close it when done, without having to leave anything resident in memory that might cause trouble down the line. So if you want, you can do your DirectCD or other packet writing stuff and not have to worry about compatibility issues.

I'm glad DVDFab is free and I'm glad they didn't try to make you pay to get HD-DVD and/or Blu-Ray support.

Developers, please keep up the good work, but please modify the app so the user can deactivate the phone home feature on failures.


Reverb reviewed v4.0.6.0 Beta on Jan 31, 2008

I am a longtime user of Slysoft products. I bought a Zune and was looking for a good DVD->Zune ripper. CloneDVDMobile would do it..sort of..the resulting file had to be re-converted by the Zune software.

I was told DVDFab Platinum version would do it from another Zune owner - I purchased v4.0.5.0 and as promised, it did convert a full DVD movie to the native Zune WMV format. I rate this program a 5 because it is an all-in-one solution for copying DVD movies to DVDR as well as to mobile devices. It is extremely user friendly so it's perfect for noobs. It's a little slower than Slysoft CloneDVD (40 minutes), DVDFab took 1 hour 36 minutes with same title but this software has way more features and a better interface. It's also a lot cheaper.
DVDFab Platinum - $49.99 USD.

Slysoft equivalent:
AnyDVD (required for protected discs)
CloneDVD (for copying DVD to DVDR)
CloneDVDMobile (for copy movies to Ipod, Zune etc)
Total for all 3 - $142 USD.

FYI DVDFab Platinum version DOES NOT phone home except to check for new version, which can be disabled in the options menu. I have verified this with my Firewall.


Banquo reviewed v4.0.5.5 on Jan 23, 2008

If you don't want it dialing out simply go into the options and tell it to use a proxy. Put in the local address of your machine. Issue solved.


DudeBoyz reviewed v4.0.5.5 on Jan 23, 2008

A firewall like ZoneAlarm can be a good compliment to a NAT hardware firewall because it not only can protect the machine from incoming requests, but it can monitor apps like this and prevent unwanted OutGoing requests, such as the dial-home attempts in apps like this.

It can be surprising to see just how many apps will try to arbitrarily access the internet. It's not just new version checking, so it is good to be able to deny those programs access to the net.

OK, all that said, just used this to decrypt a movie, use DVD Shrink (still an awesome app) to re-author the thing so it starts right away when you pop the disk in. Makes it easy for young kids to put a disk in and just start watching without having to navigate complex menus or watch previews and such. The patience of a 4 year old may not be nearly as forgiving as an old geezer like me, for example. :)

The program is so simple and straight forward and only takes up resources when I run it. As soon as you close the app, it gets out of the way. I do like that better than a driver level solution. The less that is loaded in the background, the less that can go wrong and/or bog down your system.

BTW, in response to a post below, this app is 100% free. No key needed.

Some of us just like to have choice in the matter of dialing home. Matter of principle for some, I suppose.

I just wish they would suck it up and make the change so that the user can select whether or not error logs on failed decryptions are transmitted back to the home base.

It would be an easy fix that would probably foster a lot of goodwill with their customers.


Winkler reviewed v4.0.5.5 on Jan 23, 2008

Use your firewall to block the "phone home" feature.
What are you afraid of ? That the developpers see you're using a stolen key ? lol


photonboy reviewed v4.0.5.5 on Jan 23, 2008

I agree with DudeBoyz.

Part of a complete Internet security package is to have a Gateway which uses NAT (Network Address Translation). If you aren't aware, you don't need, and shouldn't even have running, a software firewall if you have hardware protection (Microsoft OneCare take note). You can google "firewall test" and see if you are protected. Learn how to use your software or hardware firewall.

For example, my Gateway from Bell Sympatico has both the Ethernet (wired) and Wireless networks built in. You read your manual, then type in the correct address into your Internet Browser to access the Gateway's setup page. (Also, if you aren't using the Wireless you should DISABLE it. If you are, you should use whatever security it recommends.)

Sorry to go on, but I hope this helps someone.


DudeBoyz reviewed v4.0.5.0 on Jan 22, 2008

I'm torn.

This is flat out one of the best Fair Use products out there, and a lot less complicated and troublesome than some of the alternatives out there.

However, there is simply NO EXCUSE for trying to FORCE a dial home whenever a failure error occurs. That needs to be a user selectable option.

I simply don't understand their stubborn attitude about this. It's baffling.

Still, a great product, especially if you use a good two way firewall to prevent it from dialing home regardless.


Metshrine reviewed v4.0.5.0 on Jan 12, 2008

Programs like this should be forbidden from being allowed to be distributed. No server communication should occur without the users expressed consent.

Winkler, with all due respect, I could care less if you believe me. That is not something that is going to keep me up at night. Now, cue Charlie Gimbert or one of your other nicknames to rebunk my comment :)


Winkler reviewed v4.0.5.0 on Jan 10, 2008

Metshrine? Soldier? No wonder that things ain't going well in Iraq..LOL. No, seriously, i doubt everything that you are saying metshrine.

(oh and by the way Metshrine, i work for KGB and Pope is my father)


andrewbmoore reviewed v4.0.5.0 on Jan 10, 2008

I've used this program several times to backup my original DVDs. Only needs a few simple clicks and my DVD is copied to my PC. Program is robust, easy and well done. Best of all, the free version does all I need it to.


Metshrine reviewed v4.0.3.6 Beta on Jan 5, 2008

Not an RIAA or slysoft employee, actually a soldier in the military, but thanks for guessing. I can't stand programs, and won't rate them above a 1, like this that give you no option to disable any server communication which should be optional, not mandatory. 1/5


mromeo reviewed v4.0.3.0 on Dec 28, 2007

This program and DVD shrink are a winning team. I have yet to find a DVD, BlueRay, or HD DVD I can not backup.


Metshrine reviewed v4.0.3.0 on Dec 28, 2007

Still phones home on errors even after several reports to the author that this should be made optional. 1/5 for an otherwise capable ripper.


dougau reviewed v4.0.3.0 on Dec 26, 2007

I think most of the people who give DVD backup software a bad rating on beta news have ties with the MPAA. Its free and it makes a backup of your expensive DVD's. enough said.


coover reviewed v4.0.2.0 Beta on Dec 14, 2007

There has to be some way to filter out the guys who give this application a bad rating. Their objections to this product are either false or downrate it for flimsy reasons. Yes, it does "phone home", but not for nefarious reasons (and if you don't understand the word "nefarious", look it up). At most, this should downrate the application 1 point to a 4. The report back to the software's author is nothing more than a log of problems that may have occured while it removed encryption. In this way, the author can improve the program. For example, see the fpllowing in the program change log ..."New: Added support for a new CORE X2 protection as found on "Next", (R2, Czech)" If the program had not "phoned home", the author may never have known he needed to make a change.

Why are they downrating the program? The only thing I can figure out is that they have some financial stake in some other program or, perhaps, in the DVD Recording Industry, and the sucess of this one (they believe) hurts their pocketbook.


Nahkanunna reviewed v4.0.1.6 Beta on Dec 6, 2007

"Rated one for stealing source code and using them without getting permission. e.g. CPRM cracking, AACS 'support'"

Oh really, how can you tell?

It would be nice if all the "fanboys" of other products would stop spamming the comments (well it's a kids thing I suspect) and would concentrate to the functionality of the program.

It really doesn't help to rate a program 10 times as 1 because it calls home for example...

This program has worked well since the late 3.x versions, before that it hung occasionally. 4.x version have been really good.


dwby reviewed v4.0.1.6 Beta on Dec 5, 2007

Rated one for stealing source code and using them without getting permission. e.g. CPRM cracking, AACS 'support'...


DamageJackyl reviewed v4.0.1.4 Beta on Nov 28, 2007

This cant get any higher than a 1 due to the huge privacy violation which cannot be turned off. If it could be turned off then I would still give this a 3 for other blaring problems with the program. Sorry.


coover reviewed v4.0.1.4 Beta on Nov 27, 2007

Tinderkill and Metshrine ... my comment on your comments ... so what! Yeah, it calls home. And it sends no information which can hurt you or me. The only information sent is an error report ,,, when the application fails to correctly work.


tinderkill reviewed v4.0.1.2 on Nov 27, 2007

calls home. 1/5


kD371kNf reviewed v4.0.1.2 on Nov 21, 2007

Great free DVD decrypter. Works on the most stubborn DVD's for me.


Metshrine reviewed v4.0.1.2 on Nov 18, 2007

Still an automated error report with no way of disabling it. Still a 1/5 from me.

I would use this program to compliment AnyDVD when backing up my dvd's, but unfortunately I dont use programs which force me to report information back to the developer. AnyDVD's bluray+ crack is easily disabled via the options dialog for those who would complain about it.


Winkler reviewed v4.0.1.2 on Nov 16, 2007


"DVD to Mobile" feature uses a lot of of open source libraries, like FFmpeg, x264, xvid, liba52, faac, lame, etc. DVDFab is compatible with open source GPL/LGPL license, and thanks for the help of open source community."

and dwby, do you realize that this is free version of DVDFab?


anomoly reviewed v4.0.1.2 on Nov 16, 2007

It works. No complaints.
dwby: If I run out of tp can I borrow your book?


dwby reviewed v4.0.1.2 on Nov 16, 2007

Sorry wrinkler. But I am not any of those guys you mentioned. And do no only use AnyDVD for my DVD backups (as you might think i have something to do with Slysoft). I use a multitude of programs. I dislike how DVDFab uses open sourced programs. I have also looked it up. Yes, DVDFab HD Decrypter also uses work derived from open sourced programs. It seems the author of DVDFab is known in the DVD scene for copying other peoples work.

If the devs decided to own up and stop copying open sourced programs or at least followed the licenses then I wouldn't rate it a 1. I would actually rate it a 3/4.

Stealing is very bad and low in my book.

EDIT: Winkler, I know this is the freeware version. But this version STILL uses the source code from open sourced programs.


coover reviewed v4.0.1.2 on Nov 15, 2007

Just to make it clear, this is the free version of this software. It has fewer functions (that is, it will do less) than the shareware version. The freeware version will make a file on your hard drive of the dvd with the decryption removed. You will then have to use some other software or softwares to reduce the size of the file (if you are using 4.7 GB DVD blanks)and to write the file in the proper form to your DVD blank. Free and retail software to "shrink" the file and to write the file is easily found and easy to obtain.

Since I do not use the shareware version, I cannot verify, but I believe the shareware version will reduce the size of the file and write it to a blank. You can check with the distributor of the software for verification of this.

I have found this to be excellent software. The only valid objection to using this software that I am aware of has to do with the software "phoning home".

Evidently, when the software actually fails to decrypt a DVD, the software sends an error message to the software's author, detailing the problem. Information supposedly sent is the name of the DVD and the cause of the error. The author then uses this information to make changes to the software so that it actually can decrypt that particular DVD. That is what makes DVDFab such a good tool. It is constantly updated to defeat every new attempt by the DVD manufacturer to stop decryption.

The fact that the software "phones home" is not enough, in my opinion, to downgrade it. If you don't like it, don't use it. But I do like it. And I use it. A big 5 ....


rotjong reviewed v4.0.1.2 on Nov 15, 2007

Some fixes were made. Good work on that. The software is useful and freeware. For its usefulness for SD DVDs I'll give it a 3.

Winkler, I would welcome BetaNews checking out who is who because this is the only name I use on this site. I have nothing to hide. Your believing Methsrine's delusions just because he said so is simply sad. Don't blame me for his issues.

I do not work for Slysoft. I do not represent Slysoft. I do not receive anything for free from Slysoft. I'm a paying customer and purchased the software years ago just like everyone else has to. The conspiracy theories and lengths that people will go to in order to nullify a person's differing opinion simply astounds me.


Winkler reviewed v4.0.1.0 on Nov 14, 2007

This is getting really out of hands, SlySoft is really trying to make DVDFab look bad, dwby aka metshrine aka Rotjong aka (same guy)....can't Fileforum do anything? Or maybe they are getting free editions from SlySoft?

and by the way dwby:

"DVD to Mobile" feature uses a lot of of open source libraries, like FFmpeg, x264, xvid, liba52, faac, lame, etc. DVDFab is compatible with open source GPL/LGPL license, and thanks for the help of open source community."

dwby, this is free version of DVDFab


dwby reviewed v4.0.1.0 on Nov 13, 2007

After reading around I see DVDFab and DVDFab Platinum have some open sourced work in them. Stealing is not something I condone so this will always be getting a 1 from me until the people at DVDFab fix this and stop stealing from open sourced programs.


Metshrine reviewed v4.0.1.0 on Nov 13, 2007

1/5. You cannot disable the error report which is sent automatically. This is in contrast to the new key downloading feature from slysoft for the BRD+ crack which can be disabled via the options dialog.

No higher ratings from me until this option is added to this otherwise good program.


DanielCarver reviewed v4.0.1.0 on Nov 12, 2007

Doom9 also says on their site : DVDFab Decrypter - simple ripper that's always updated to handle copy protection by disc corruption mechanisms.

and this :

AnyDVD HD supports MKBv4 titles, and handles BD+. Now, that doesn't mean BD+ is cracked. You still need a BD+ capable player to play the decrypted disc.


rotjong reviewed v4.0.1.0 on Nov 12, 2007

DVDFab is a decent product that I essentially only use for testing purposes. It has some flaws now and then but they generally get fixed on a fairly timely basis.

The new look is interesting and definitely is more polished than the old one. The new icon is really inconsequential although some people dislike it a great deal. The PathPlayer technology is definitely interesting and is a step in the right direction in handling the new structural protections. Of course a feature as complex as this will take tweaking before it is 100% full-proof and will cause problems now and then with newer releases. It's a positive change and has worked fairly well so far.

As far as I have seen DVDFab HD Decrypter cannot handle AACS MKBv4 for HD-DVDs or BD-DVDs. As of yet the only people who have proven they can successfully handle MKBv4 is Slysoft. Even the Doom9 folks haven't said they have overcome MKBv4 and I am sure they are working on it and will succeed given time. I would think if DVDFab could handle MKBv4 that it would have been prominantly noted in the release notes which it hasn't been.
MKBv4 is AACS which is unrelated to BD+.

I'm not a huge fan of DVDFab but I'll still give it a 3 for its usefulness and the fact the freeware version still exists.

It's amazing to see how many people can post reviews of programs w/o actually reviewing it and giving the program an amazingly poor rating...

Edit: This is the only name I use when visiting this website. Please ignore the paranoid fanboys who claim that all the people who disagree with them are the same person.


Metshrine reviewed v4.0.0.8 Beta on Nov 7, 2007

1/5 for an unneeded error report. If the author wants errors reported, give us the option. The idea is nice but the implementation is horrible. A single option would be the saving grace for this application.

By the way, AnyDVD is not a backup solution. Its a driver-level solution that removes protections and other nasties on dvd's. Comparing the two is like comparing a grocery store bug spray to an exterminator. If you cannot copy something, dont blame anydvd, blame the program you are using. If its dvdshrink, its far too old and outdated to work on newer dvd's.


dougau reviewed v4.0.0.8 Beta on Nov 7, 2007

Not a bad program if you need a one click solution to rip a DVD to your iPod or just to make a quick backup. As far as Any DVD goes it and this program are two different animals in the way they work. I use both for different situations. That said DVDFab has been able to properly copy... I mean backup some recant titles that Any DVD hasn't.


Metshrine reviewed v4.0.0.5 Beta on Nov 2, 2007

This application, while good in its operation, cant be taken seriously due to the error report, which is not needed to receive bug reports (anyone can post to a forum or send an email), that is sent automatically on a failed copy. 1/5 for a feature which by all means should be optional.


Adrian79 reviewed v4.0.0.5 Beta on Nov 2, 2007

best free proggie~ best proggie overal goes to slysoft's anydvd.


DamageJackyl reviewed v4.0.0.0 Beta on Nov 1, 2007

This program sends out error reports without any way to disable them. User beware.


cap.ahab reviewed v3.2.1.0 on Oct 12, 2007

a wonderful program.

firewall the error reporting.


Metshrine reviewed v3.2.1.0 on Oct 10, 2007

1/5 for the error reporting feature which cannot be disabled (unlike the windows one which can be quite easily). This contradicts an email from the author about it being made optional and as such, my rating is now lowered back to its original.


Methsrine reviewed v3.2.1.0 on Oct 10, 2007

I have no problem with error report. Stop using Windows if you have problem with error reports.


Metshrine reviewed v3.2.0.8 Beta on Oct 8, 2007

I really wish they would add an option to disable automated error reporting to this otherwise outstanding program. 1/5 due to the privacy issue.


Changed to 3/5. Just got a response from the author that this MIGHT be fixed in the future. Lets hope.


Methsrine reviewed v3.2.0.8 Beta on Oct 8, 2007

Way better than SlySoft products and no problem with error reports.


PC_Tool reviewed v3.2.0.8 Beta on Oct 8, 2007


Thank you for the HandBrake suggestion.

Best *EVER*.

Kicks AutoGK's a** 6 ways from Sunday.


boaz reviewed v3.2.0.6 Beta on Oct 8, 2007

An excellent, FREE alternative. This is a great replacement for the old, & no longer updated, DVD Decrypter.


DetroitBaseball reviewed v3.2.0.6 Beta on Oct 5, 2007

A good app with frequent updates but AnyDVD and CloneDVD from Slysoft are the best.


fatray reviewed v3.2.0.6 Beta on Oct 2, 2007

Keeps up to date and never fails for me ever. This is the number one FREE Decrypted you can't buy. LOL.
Using the free version makes me urn for more, I find myself Decrypting with this then using DVDShrink to cut out the useless stuff. Then it's sent to AutoGordonknot for my Media Center PC.
I think I'm gonna buy the full version of DVDFab.


Metshrine reviewed v3.2.0.6 Beta on Oct 2, 2007

A. I will continue to rate this as I FEEL it deserves, not how YOU feel it should be. No alterior motives, just my honest opinion.

B. I should not be REQUIRED to unplug my network cable to copy a dvd without worrying about a program sending data back because it "seems like a good idea".

This software is a good program, but this one MANDATORY "feature" is unacceptable. I really dont care if others feel I shouldnt rate it as such because of it, but I am not here to please people. A review site is for your OPINION of a program, and in my opinion, this one feature makes this program lose all of its merit. Until an option is included to disable automatic reporting, this application continues to receive a 2/5 from me.


coover reviewed v3.2.0.6 Beta on Oct 2, 2007

You want error reporting disabled? Error reporting is one of the features of this application which makes it so good. When the software author learns his software will not decrypt any particular DVD, he modifies the software to defeat the new problem that the DVD maker has added to that particular DVD. Without modification, you would not be able to copy the DVD.

"OK" you say, "I knew that!" But i don't want anybody to know I'm copying DVDs and now the software author knows that someone at (or whatever your IP identification is) is copying DVDs and he might actually tell somebody (perhaps by force of law). I don't know the author, but the above scenario is unlikely, particlarly because his nation island has no laws making the software illegal. But you are still worried. You have three options. Option 1 - set your firewall to not allow DVDFab to access the internet or 2 - Disconnect your computer from the internet while you are using DVDFab. Option 3 - In "Common Preference" under "General", click on "Network" and then on "Manual Proxie Configuration". Put in something that won't work, and the application will never be able to "phone home". In fact, just to cover yourself, do all three and you certainly will not ever have any of the problems you fear.

Can you disable error reporting? Of course you can!

Now lets not see any more of those bad scores, at least because of error reporting. Because if you do, I will know that you have a ulterior motive to score this application poorly.

The software is a 15 on a scale of 1 to 5.


Skawt reviewed v3.2.0.6 Beta on Oct 1, 2007


If you're referring to \Software\DVDFab\HDDecrypter\Generic with the two keys "AutoCheckNewVersion" and "CheckOtherDecrypter", that's for version checking. We already know about those. There is a hard-coded function of the software that has nothing to do with the registry which calls home to the software publisher whenever there is an error in decoding. It sends home the information about the DVD you are trying to decrypt. And this "feature" cannot be disabled.


_Shorty-dammit reviewed v3.2.0.6 Beta on Oct 1, 2007

Actually, there are two registry settings to do exactly what you want to do. Love how you just assume things.


Metshrine reviewed v3.2.0.0 on Sep 27, 2007

This program phones home on error during a dvd decryption. There is still no way to disable this, and the authors dont show any intent on enabling a way to do so. Other than that, a good program, but nothing higher than 2/5 from me for this "feature" being mandatory.


Skawt reviewed v3.1.8.0 on Sep 11, 2007

Normally a very straightforward, easy to use DVD extractor application. Works very well. My quibble concerns the issue with it calling home during DVD burning errors - not version checking (two separate situations).

Once they make this function user-configurable, I will change my rating.


CharlieGimbert reviewed v3.1.8.0 on Sep 5, 2007

Simply the best, F the rest.


Metshrine reviewed v3.1.8.0 on Sep 5, 2007

I just did a search of my registry using Windows 2000, Windows XP Pro and MCE 2005, and Windows Vista and found no keys relating to error reporting. For that matter, there were no keys in the registry for DVDFab besides the ones to uninstall the program and the ones in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT (shell commands). So please, prove me wrong and show me these keys. I also run ZoneAlarm Pro, but that shouldnt be REQUIRED to block something that shouldnt be mandatory in the first place.

I just installed this program again and found no way to disable this error reporting feature which is verified again today to be there in This program will receive 5/5 when an option is added to disable this.


ddro, those entries have to do with VERSION CHECKING, which I've repeatedly said is NOT what I am complaining about. My issue is with error reporting on dvd copy failure.


ddro reviewed v3.1.8.0 on Sep 5, 2007

Added for Metshrine: in the registry under
look at the two keys "AutoCheckNewVersion" and "CheckOtherDecrypter" Change both these values to 0 and it will no longer "phone home."
To those few who keep referring to this as spyware: it is not! It reports a problem to the author and I agree it might be nice to have an option to shut this off in the program itself, but it is trivially easy to shut off and took me about 1 minute to do so. Search the registry for the name of the program. Change the value of the registry keys that report problems to 0 (false) from 1. If you care about security, you should be running a firewall other than the XP fireall. On your firewall, don't authorize any messages sent out from this (most excellent) program. Now, can you stop your complaining and just take these simple steps?


Metshrine reviewed v3.1.7.9 Beta on Sep 5, 2007

This program, as of my update this morning, still causes error reports to be sent out on a dvd copy failure. I rate this a 2/5 until they add an option to disable this functionality. This program would otherwise get a 5/5.


Metshrine reviewed v3.1.7.6 on Aug 31, 2007

This software phones home automatically, as can be verified by several reviews below and through routine use of the software, when an error occurs during a dvd copy. I will increase this rating when an option is added to allow this to be disabled. This software is otherwise a great and will get its full rating when this option is added.

I will continue to upgrade this program in hopes that the dvd which I use to test this error will one day not result in information being sent back to fengtao.


bobad reviewed v3.1.7.5 on Aug 28, 2007

Good software. Works well. If you want to block the online check, any firewall will easily accomplish this.


boaz reviewed v3.1.7.4 Beta on Aug 27, 2007

This is a great program. A great replacement for the old & retired DVD Decrypter. Plays nice with DVD Shrink, and or Nero Recode (developed by the original author of DVD shrink). The author keeps DVDFab Decrypter constantly updated, which is a good thing, as the schemes always change.

Latz !

Latz ! reviewed v3.1.7.2 Beta on Aug 26, 2007

Works great, no problems at all. Goes very well with a program called Handbrake that can convert the ripped files into xvid or h.264 format.


improvelence reviewed v3.1.7.2 Beta on Aug 25, 2007

5/5. Works like it is supposed to.


coover reviewed v3.1.6.2 on Aug 13, 2007

The best

Alex Stevens

Alex Stevens reviewed v3.1.6.0 on Aug 12, 2007

Excellent program, haven't found a DVD yet it has a problem with. Completely stable on my machine, even if it did crash I don't care about error reporting. It helps them improve the program, who cares if they know the title of the DVD you were using. They need to know so they can fix the problem with it. The people whining about it are a bunch of paranoid babies.


Registered reviewed v3.1.6.0 on Aug 11, 2007

very very good,

I tried ripping Invincible (heavily protected)

with anyDVD then looked at the files with VOBBlanker, and DVDRemake pro and found VTS 3 had problems (authoring problems) which tells me that AnyDVD failed to remove all the structure protection completely.

however I tried DVDFab platinum and to my surprise no problems at all, then I tried ripping it and taking out the comercial (bypassing the need to use VobBlanker or DVDRemake pro) and to my surprise it did a lovely job, and vobblanker reported that the DVD structure was perfect, no errors at all,

so I'm very pleased how this product is coming along, and further more, I an so astounded how well this program can remove commercials and still maintain perfect dvd authoring on the disk structure, which has allowed me to not bother using vobBlanker or DVDRemake pro,

the only gripe really is, AnyDVD does seem to have a small edge in keeping up with the very latest protections found on DVD's, but not by much, and that gap is slowly getting closer, further more i feel that DVDFab may intentially take the extra time needed to make sure that there update releases doesn't brake any features that are already present, which I find AnyDVD does do a lot,

looking at the AnyDVD change log, one can see a pattern forming where they do break things quite a lot, which perhaps they should test there updated version a little bit first before releasing like DVDFab does,

and if this is the case, then perhaps this is why DVDFab is always a little behind AnyDVD.

also giving the extra features that are now present in DVDFab I feel slysoft will start to full behind soon, SlySoft is a encryption bypasser only,

where as DVDFab has grown into a full fledge, ripper, converter, editor, and DVD re-author.

if I could I would give even more points

I can only hope that DVDFab continue there excellent reliability (unlike at the beginning of the year where they did have some bad bugs and issues which I thought would never of been fixed, but they finally have) and DVDFab has become a powerful, and versatile program,


burfadel reviewed v3.1.6.0 on Aug 11, 2007

This programme has been checked by all the security companies, and anti-spyware companies. There was no surprise that they didn't find spyware, nor classify it as spyware due to the alleged reporting facility. The only internet access I've seen though is the version check, which can be turned off!


Uriel reviewed v3.1.6.0 on Aug 10, 2007

The freeware version works like a charm. It works so well that I decided to get the platinum version.


coover reviewed v3.1.6.0 on Aug 10, 2007

Excellent as always


Banquo reviewed v3.1.5.6 Beta on Aug 10, 2007

Excellent program, works fine. No, it's not spyware either despite what a certain annoying troll says. He's even using Bugmenot to post this time; is he too afraid Betanews might spy on him if he signs up, or is it because he is actually posting under dozens of names trying to bring the score down. Maybe he's an MPAA plant trying to scare people away from the evils of copying their own movies; or just idiot.

As others have pointed out the bug report is so they can fix any issues that may come up with certain movies. No one cares what movies you have, and even if they did they don't know who you are. There is absolutely no personally identifiable information sent. If you think that's a violation of your privacy then don't use the program, but don't call it spyware and give it a low rating just because you're a paranoid doofus. Error reporting is not spyware.


burfadel reviewed v3.1.5.6 Beta on Aug 8, 2007

If they gave you the option to disable it, most people would. Fact is, the only way the programme can become better is if they know what disks don't work and how so, so they can work on improving its capability and adding new features. This information cannot be used legally, and its not personally definable information. Most people that complain here are probably the same ones that disable the Windows error reporting system then complain the problem is never fixed (if they don't know about it, they can't fix it). The privacy issue surrounding activating Windows and other programmes is actually far more invasive than the information sent by this programme, so if you complain about this FREE progamme in that regard, you must be running an illegal copy of Windows, Office and other programmes, so I guess your worrying is a little understandable!

Now you obviously haven't heard of cookies, and you disable them many websites won't work - and you certainly won't be able to use this one!

hmmm, buy anything online at all? pay for your bills online? actually as far as to say, you have power/water/gas/telephone/internet? all these companies have your personal information, and whether you like it or not the information IS shared with other companies. If you don't think it is, you're naive.

So if you're worried about this programme, you would have to be running a Lindows, using a solar power computer, living out in a park somewhere, and just writing stuff to a friend who post on your behalf hey?

Alex Stevens

Alex Stevens reviewed v3.1.5.6 Beta on Aug 7, 2007

Excellent program, been using it for a while. No problems at all.

Really dipthong, just shut up and quit being an idiot troll. The error report is only used to improve the program, nothing personal at all is sent and it's really a non-issue for everyone except tin foil hat wearing lunatics. More personal information is sent every time you visit a web site like this, nobody cares what DVDs you have.


tinkerdill reviewed v3.1.5.6 Beta on Aug 7, 2007

hey DipThong, why don't you just stfu.


coover reviewed v3.1.5.6 Beta on Aug 7, 2007

Another update and another 5. If I don't rate this one, the spyware wingnuts will contunue to rate this as a 1, driving down the score for a wonderful piece of software that actually works.

And why the downrating? Supposedly because they think it's spyware, when, and I'm guessing here, it is actually because this freeware is easier to use and does a better job than the shareware they are promoting (under a different name, of course). After all, you can't make a profit selling an inferior product when you can get the better product at no cost at all.

Latz !

Latz ! reviewed v3.1.5.6 Beta on Aug 7, 2007

Great program, and it's not spyware despite what the raving nut below keeps screaming. Run an antispyware program of your choice and see if this is picked up. It won't be.

Spyware is computer software that is installed surreptitiously on a personal computer to intercept or take partial control over the user's interaction with the computer, without the user's informed consent.

Learn what those big words mean before you start spreading false allegations next time.

By the way, m0user, DipThong, crosscut, bugmenot, and Metshrine are very obviously the SAME person. Look at the date of their posts, all giving it a 1 rating and making the same stupid claims. Betanews needs to crack down on this crap, idiots like this are skewing reviews and ruining the site.


coover reviewed v3.1.5.5 Beta on Aug 6, 2007

Well, well, well ... you guys who have been screaming "spyware" may finally have a way to solve your problem. I'm not sure this wasn't available in earlier versions, but I decided to poke around a bit with the new version,, and when I clicked on the 4th button from the top right, I found "Common Settings". Clicking on Common Settings, I found several options including "Check for new version automatically".

My guess is that if you uncheck this box, the application will no longer attempt to "call home". Gee, it isn't and wasn't "spyware" after all.

Great Application at no cost. But most folks will have to find a way to shrink the converted file down to fit on a standard 4.7 GB DVD Disk. I still use DVD Shrink 3.2 (also available at no cost -you'll have to look around to find it), but commercial software such as Nero 7 Ultra's "Recode" will do the job just as well.

Or you could purchase the retail version of this software which will shrink the DVD code to size and actually support the guys and gals who write it. By the way, I have no stake in this software or the company that distributes it. I am simply an appreciative user, who likes to be able to "backup' my legally purchased DVDs


Uriel reviewed v3.1.5.0 on Jul 29, 2007

Excellent. Does what it proclaims. DVDFab picks up where Nero Ultra Edition and Roxio Copy & Convert refuses to venture.


A_T reviewed v3.1.5.0 on Jul 20, 2007

Good program - and not malicious in any way. Although commercial DVD producers might not agree. ;)


Canuckistani reviewed v3.1.4.5 Beta on Jul 11, 2007

What a bunch of hogwash Metshrine. A bug report is NOT spyware. Lots of programs, very respectable programs, have the same feature. Don't believe me? Well, ask these folks:
Does the job and does it very well. DVDFab and RipIt4Me are all you need to make perfect copies every time.


Metshrine reviewed v3.1.4.5 Beta on Jul 10, 2007

Hey guy, even one of your self-proclaimed fans of this program admits there is a feature in here which is spyware-like. It sends data, on error, about the disc being copied or ripped to the creator. How is this not a violation of privacy? With no way to disable the "feature", its spyware at its finest. How is this not spyware? I suggest you read what reviewers are talking about before posting.

By the way, I do not work for any sort of media endorsing company so unless you have proof, leave your claims to yourself. My claim about error data being sent is proven simply by using the program. Your claim about me working for the media companies is FUD since you have no proof to back it up.


burfadel reviewed v3.1.4.5 Beta on Jul 10, 2007

Quite frankly, if it is true they send reports then consider this. You turn it off, a copy fails, then you'll cry 'oh this failed to burn my dvd and they haven't corrected it'. How are they supposed to correct something if they don't know there's a problem? If it only makes a report of a failed copy and sends it, then its not spyware, as its purely designed to improve future versions of the product. Even though you can turn off reporting in Windows, you have to activate it, oh wait, that DOES send personal information. Oh shock horror gasp, oh and what about activating any other product? in all these examples the collection of information is to protect the property rights, or to improve the product for YOUR benefit. So stop whingeing about little things, it sounds like you have something to hide. Are you a DVD pirate scared that you will be found out or something?

Firstly, I think the last few reviewers are from movie studios or other companies that hate the fact that this programme actually works. Its so suspect especially since they have not given proof. The only thing this programme does is check for updates at the beginning, which would trigger a firewall event. If you turn the update off, then it won't happen. Also remember that unless the firewall has built in allowances, firefox, Internet explorer, even windows media player will trigger it!

This is a great programme, and basically the only one that decrypts stuff properly. So if you don't use it, its your loss, you're stuffed!

Now the spyware thing about this app is absolute crap, it was mis-information given by companies because unlike the threats of court action like the could give against the maker of the old dvd-decrypter (which does not do many of the new protection types), dvd fab decrypter is free from such threats. It does check for new versions automatically, but thats all it does! It does NOT send personal information and its NOT spyware. Where do people get that crap information from anyway? if people solely believe this as spyware please give proof that it is. Oh thats right, every good antivirus, antispyware, etc thinks this programme is ok, because it is!

Read in to this carefully, unlike the fakers who previously posted, research it! hey, even write away to the makers of adaware and spybot etc. and ask them, they'll tell you its clean. The programme scans tell you its clean. Its actually kinda cool that it does the job so well, even with HD disks that these companies are scared and puttig in dodgy reviews! :D


boaz reviewed v3.1.4.0 on Jun 27, 2007

Excellent DVD ripper. I have used it on many occasions, along with DVD Shrink, and it has worked perfectly for me.

I agree with "shybear". the program is free, and kept current. DVD Decrypter is old, and doesn't support the later protection schemes, this is a nice replacement alternative.

You can always go for a different $hareware ripper like AnyDVD, if you feel that strongly about the error reporting.


shybear reviewed v3.1.4.0 on Jun 27, 2007

It's Free.


tinkerdill reviewed v3.1.3.6 Beta on Jun 25, 2007

that error information, i did block it in my firewall so no problem with that


DudeBoyz reviewed v3.1.3.6 Beta on Jun 25, 2007

It sends information whenever a failure occurs during the decryption process. That "feature" cannot as of yet be turned off or disabled.

It is technically not Spyware, but it is something that needs to be changed so the users can turn it off.

That said, this version seems to work just as well as the previous version with regular DVD's. Keep up the good work. :)


coover reviewed v3.1.3.6 Beta on Jun 25, 2007

Thanks, Burfadel! You said many of things I've been thinking.

This software is safe. None of the legitimate Anti-Spyware programs flag it. It is definitely not spyware.

The software itself just works. And this version is free. Sony hates it because it works and they can't find a way to stop the authors from distributing it. The writers of costly software that is supposed to do what DVDFab does, but frequently does not, hate it because people have no need to purchase their software.

Basically, if you want to backup your personal DVD collection, get this software and keep it updated, and it will do the job.

By the way, I do not know the people who write and/or distribute this software and have absolutely no financial interest in it. I just use it,


burfadel reviewed v3.1.3.6 Beta on Jun 25, 2007

It doesn't contain spyware. That was a myth created by DVD companies and copy protection software companies because this programme works so well. Another programme, DVD decrypter, was closed off a couple of years ago after a very serious threat of court action against its writer.

DVDfab have the advantage that the laws where its made are different, so that type of threat doesn't work. The only threat they can apply is one that invokes fear, that it contains spyware.

It does check the web to ensure the latest version is used (this can be disabled), so it may invoke a firewall response. If the firewall doesn't recognise antivirus programmes their update system will invoke the firewall as well, and if you block it just means your definitions will become out of date.

Antispyware & anti-adware programmes such as Trend Internet Security, spybot, adaware, Defender, the list goes on, all pass this programme, and for the exact reason that its safe!


DudeBoyz reviewed v3.1.3.5 Beta on Jun 21, 2007

I don't think it is truly Spyware, but it is a feature they need to allow you to turn off. There is simply no excuse for not being able to turn it off.

That said, this new version seems to work well on the protected disks I'm testing it on.

Don't have access to my buds Blue-Ray this week, so can't test those, but for normal DVD's, it seems to work great.


siryak reviewed v3.1.3.5 Beta on Jun 21, 2007

Great program, and there is no spyware like the reviewers below are trying to make you believe.


tinkerdill reviewed v3.1.3.2 on Jun 12, 2007

Simple to use. Block it in firewall and that's it.


DudeBoyz reviewed v3.1.3.2 on Jun 11, 2007

I'm a huge fan of the program, but they do need to REMOVE that "report errors to home automatically" code. There is no doubt about that. It should not be there. Users should always have the option to disable that feature.

That said, the new version continues to work very well with even the toughest protections, allowing for backups of your legally purchased disks, and it does so FREE, so is an excellent value.

Alex Stevens

Alex Stevens reviewed v3.1.3.2 on Jun 11, 2007

Works perfectly fine, there is no spyware. Pay no attention to the idiot MPAA trollboy who is posting reviews using multiple accounts.


boaz reviewed v3.1.2.9 Beta on Jun 8, 2007

This decrypter is great. The program is free, and it plays nice with DVD Shrink, Nero Recode, ImgBurn. The author keeps it updated, and is responsive to user input.

If it will quiet down the whiners, perhaps the author will implement an error reporting option.


DudeBoyz reviewed v3.1.2.9 Beta on Jun 7, 2007

They really do need to remove the automatic sending of any data, even if it is limited to error data. That type of feature just shouldn't be in there, in my opinion - at least not forced.

That said, with RipIt4Me gone, this is about the only up-to-date free alternative out there, and it does the job very well indeed.


MickyFoley reviewed v3.1.2.9 Beta on Jun 7, 2007

I hope, betanews bans all the bugmenot accounts for ever. Before the last good review from coover, all reviews were done by one shameful user. Say thanks tu, that enabled this damn action of weakness.

To the app itself: freeware, no spy/adware, tiny & do it's job very well! Just make sure, that you have the space for ripping your dvds & enjoy!


coover reviewed v3.1.2.9 Beta on Jun 7, 2007

I'm starting to think that you folks reporting this as spyware have a financial stake in some of the shareware applications that attempt to do the same things that this application does for free. The only problem is that most of the shareware applications don't do the job as well as this one.

Spyware it is not. Good Freeware it is.


boaz reviewed v3.1.2.8 Beta on Jun 5, 2007

This is still an excellent ripper, and the price is right. A great replacement for the now old & defunct DVD Decrypter. The author uses the "crash" information to fix/update the program. The program is FREE, and he has the right to implement the crash reporting, and you have the right to choose not to use it.

Just rename "CrashRpt.dll" to "CrashRpt_dll", that should stop the reporting, if you are that paranoid. Or simply block the program with your firewall.


MickyFoley reviewed v3.1.2.8 Beta on Jun 5, 2007

What's New:
- New: Added support for new AACS protection as found on HD-DVD "Matrix 2 and 3" (US).

To all, that are talking from spyware:
Maybe you are using internet explorer & surfing to spywaresites or download the program from anywhere else? Because This program is 4 free, no virus and no spyware are included. If you know how to do: Take ollydbg & disassamle the source ;) You'll see nothig that could be a spyware in any ways!


c17fm reviewed v3.1.2.8 Beta on Jun 4, 2007

first this has no spyware/adware nothing 100% clean
its gets the job done for FREE!!and has better features than any dvd highley recommened


DudeBoyz reviewed v3.1.2.6 on May 31, 2007

New version is more stable than the beta. Great stuff.

I don't see how you can rate an excellent FREE decrypter as a 1 score. It don't crash much if at all and is $79 cheaper than the competition. :)

This app is a GODSEND I tell you - a GODSEND!

How anyone can rate this thing less than a 3 is beyond me. Yeah, the dial-home thing is annoying and should not be there.

But come on - a ONE? It works and it is FREE! Can we try to be a little realistic here?


coover reviewed v3.1.2.5 Beta on May 29, 2007

DudeBoyz has an excellent point regarding the error messages information sent back to the software authors, and, generally, this information should not be sent without consent of the sender. But it is totally understandable why the author wants this information sent.

The DVD manufacturers continue to attempt to confound anyone trying to write software that allows the consumer to backup their legally purchased DVDs. Sony, for example, seems determined to find a way to stop any Fair Use copying (ironic, since Sony developed the home video tape recorder - both Beta and VHS - and went to court to keep them legal).

DVDFab HD Decrypter is one of the software titles that helps the consumer copy a legally purchased DVD. Sony, and the RIAA has been fairly sucessful in closing down or buying out software authors that have been producing DVD copying software, RipIt4Me is a very good example. But they have been unsucessful in closing down DVDFab HD Decrypter.

The main reason is the author's location, on an Island that does not have any law preventing him from writing and distributing this software. But on that Island, the author cannot easily get the information required to continue to revise his software so that it continues to work, no matter what changes the DVD manufacturer makes in their copy protection.

And that is the idea of the error messages being sent back to the author. If the software fails to make a copy, the author wants to know tbat and wants to know why so that he can fix the problem. And that, by the way, is also the reason why the updates continue at such a rapid rate ... they must or the software will no longer work.


DudeBoyz reviewed v3.1.2.5 Beta on May 29, 2007

Ongoing updates continue to make the program better, but perhaps a bit more testing before releasing each update would be worth looking into.

That said, It is interesting to see how quickly they were able to add support for increased HD and Blu-Ray capacities and still keep the program at a reasonable size.

I do wish that development of parallel processing was a higher priority, simply because those larger formats take more time to decrypt and dual cores are becoming fairly common in the enthusiast market.

I have emailed the creators repeatedly expressing a bit of a concern about the "send error messages home" feature, but the replies I get are non-committal at best. I do wish they would simply give users the OPTION of having that data sent or not having it sent when an error occurs. Forcing that data to be sent by default with no way to turn that option off in the program itself continues to seem wrong, at least to me. Yes, it ONLY happens when there is an error in the processes, but still...

All in all though, excellent work, and thanks for keeping it free.


darkpepe reviewed v3.1.2.0 Beta on May 27, 2007

Nice one! Don't know if it works with HD material, but doesn't want any money like the platinum or gold version does :)

Please update the screenshot, it shows a 2.x version!


burfadel reviewed v3.1.2.0 Beta on May 26, 2007

I just want to point out to the previous reviewer, your review was only about complaining about an earlier review, you said nothing of the programme then give the lowest score for the programme itself. Why give it such a low score? can you at least elaborate why? You have every right to write what you think, and score what you like, but it is good to write why you give a low score as the programmers would look at these comments from time to time to see how they can improve their programme. Saying its crap alone won't do any good.


DudeBoyz reviewed v3.1.1.6 on May 22, 2007

It is odd that when it generates an error message during the ripping process, it automatically sends the error code information to the DVDFab folks. I wish they would allow that feature to be turned off if you want it to.

Yes, you can block it via the firewall, but it just doesn't seem right to force that feature to be on and not give the user choice about turning it off.

That said, this is an outstanding app that proves you don't need to pay a dime to decrypt DVD's. Unlike Slysoft, these folks recognize that HD and Blu-Ray are NOT some super-fancy thing that deserves a surcharge. Like Dual-Layer, it's just really an increase in capacity, and nobody should have to pay extra just to decrypt that.

The program is not perfect, but it handles almost all of the disks out there and those it doesn't get are usually handled by the next update, which thankfully are fairly regular.

Outstanding ongoing effort. Please, continue the great work and thank you for not making this payware. You guys rock!


tinkerdill reviewed v3.1.1.5 Beta on May 18, 2007

DVDFab HD Decrypter is great but why does is wanna go to internet? There's no update option so what is the reason? I can block it with my firewall but still....


burfadel reviewed v3.1.1.0 Beta on May 9, 2007

Excellent programme! This version is fine, i don't see it as limited as it does exactly what the name suggests (a decrypter). Its limited only in the sense that it doesn't recompile the movie on to a smaller DVD, burn it on to another disk, make you a cup of coffee... etc! as the the normal DVDfab. The screenshot is way out of date, thats from the old version 2. Version 3 is far superior!


rotjong reviewed v3.1.0.0 Beta on Apr 25, 2007

The free version is highly limited and has all the Gold/Platinum features disabled but it does what it is advertised to do and has fairly frequent updates to deal with any issues that arise.

Even though I prefer other programs over DVDFab's offerings for numerous reasons I can still write an unbiased review.

On a side note, the reviews and stats should be merged between DVDFab HD Decrypter and DVDFab Decrypter, IMO, since from now on the free version will only be released as DVDFab HD Decrypter. It's the same old DVDFab Decrypter plus support for HD-DVD and Blu-Ray.


ladylust reviewed v3.0.9.6 on Apr 1, 2007

I use this for anything DVD shrink initially cannot do. 99% of the time it will do the job and then I just shrink the Fab directory with Dvd shrink. Works like a charm... Netflix I love you.


dwby reviewed v3.0.9.6 on Apr 1, 2007

God there are some idiots on the internet. The 'phone home' connection is to check for a new version. If you want you can disable that aswell.


siryak reviewed v3.0.9.6 on Mar 31, 2007

I scanned with both Ad-Aware and Spybot and found no keylogger.

This is the best decrypter I have found. This coupled with DVD Shrink and you are good to go. I usually try DVD Shrink first since I use that anyway to Shrink it down to fit on a single layer, but if DVD Shrink can't decrypt it DVDFAB can.


burfadel reviewed v3.0.9.6 on Mar 31, 2007

I don't care what people say about this decrypter, its the best one available!

I only use the decryption part with the free version. Its interesting about the keylog claims (that is sending the ID of the DVD being decrypted). If people were doing things legally then they have nothing to worry about. Also I must add that it cannot be used for any legal purpose as its not in the disclaimer. I remind people of the legal issues Google is having at the moment logging the IP and what people search for in their search engine! The information the DVD fab decrypter people get from the keylogger is only the disk information IF the claims are true!

If people say 'I'm not going to use any software that logs any information' then THEY CANNOT USE ANY WEB SEARCH ENGINE. Thats their loss! At least software on the computer can be blocked from sending information, you can't block what the search engines record! at that information is significantly more private.

The free version at least, doesn't seem to have the keylogger, but I could be wrong. Either way I don't care!


wanderer2005 reviewed v3.0.9.6 on Mar 30, 2007

I haven't heard anything about a keylogger but the software does phone home. When decrypting a DVD movie, a log will be transmitted to their servers. The log includes details on what DVD was decrypted. Fentago, makers of DVDFab Decrypter, states the log is only used to get a "feel" of what DVD movies are being decrypted - supposedly for marketing purposes. My firewall, Comodo Firewall Pro, alerted me that DVDFab Decrypter was trying to connect to the Internet. When I blocked the connection, DVDFab Decrypter refused to decrypt the movie.


DudeBoyz reviewed v3.0.9.6 on Mar 30, 2007


I backed up my XP Home system (SP2) and installed the version of DVDFab Decrypter and the Comodo Firewall Pro application and did the full reboot so the firewall could take effect. It seemed to block everything I started that tried to access the internet.

So, I put in my legally purchased copy of the DaVinci code, started up DVDFab Decrypter and ran the backup.

It backed up the disk without any trouble. The firewall gave no indication that it tried to access the internet at all.

I unplugged the network cable and did another backup. It worked without any problem in that situation also.

I'm not sure where that Phone Home claim came from, but it sure isn't turning out to be true for my system using the exact same software.

What is this stuff about phoning home? Please provide specific links so we can make sure it isn't FUD, k? Thanks

Anyway, here are my original comments:

AWESOME! Works great.

Hey, they also have a free HD / Blu-Ray version on their site:

If you have HD or Blu-Ray, you may want to snag it. It's also



BB88 reviewed v3.0.8.6 on Mar 26, 2007

I think it's only a false alarm:


Pkshadow reviewed v3.0.8.6 on Mar 10, 2007

Little I trust some things as this shows up as a Key Logger when atempting to install.
I guess the old adage is what seems to be too good to be true usually is.
Vendor Description
aSpy - the universal program-spy which allows you to watch a user work on the computer in your absence. It is intended for latent supervision of a computer. Carries out the following actions: creates a key log, remembers opening and closed applications, watches ClipBoard content, takes screenshots.
Key Logger : (Keystroke Logger). A program that runs in the background, recording all the keystrokes. Once keystrokes are logged, they are hidden in the machine for later retrieval, or shipped raw to the attacker. The attacker then peruses them carefully in the hopes of either finding passwords, or possibly other useful information that could be used to compromise the system or be used in a social engineering attack. For example, a key logger will reveal the contents of all e-mail composed by the user. Keylog programs are commonly included in rootkits and RATs (remote administration trojans).


DudeBoyz reviewed v3.0.8.6 on Mar 2, 2007

Fantastic app for those in search of a simple interface. It's free, handles almost all the protections out there for DVD's and doesn't interfere with other elements of the system.

Kudos for the continual updates. Don't pay for other apps if you don't have to. This should get the job done. There is also RipIt4Me, if you need more configuration options.


nikia25 reviewed v3.0.8.0 on Feb 22, 2007

This software smokes, I used it for the always difficult sony products. Used it for Open Season and it worked like a champ. I am a fan of DVD Decrypter but since it is no longer being updated it has a hard time with the newer encoding. You can use this along with DVD Shrink and PSP 9 to create quality MP4 Files or stand alone to just burn DVD's


ntegra reviewed v3.0.5.5 on Jan 22, 2007

Expressline, can you email me that free version of DVD FAB 3??


DudeBoyz reviewed v3.0.5.5 on Jan 11, 2007

Absolutely fantastic. Handles the Ballad of Ricky Bobby, DaVinci code and all the latest. How freakin' cool is this? No need to pay one thin dime for any other app when you have this one and RipIt4Me.

Thanks much to the author. Way to go.


Expressline reviewed v3.0.5.5 on Jan 11, 2007

Works well


GanetMarV reviewed v3.0.5.5 on Jan 11, 2007

Changelog for
* New: Updated language files.
* Change: Improved copy protection removal engine.
* Change: Improved DVD reading speed.
* Change: Updated VSO burning engine.
* Change: VSO driver is signed now for Vista.
* Change: Improved 18x speed writing.
* Fix: Error 400 when copying DVD in certain cases.
* Fix: Error 300 when copying DVD in certain cases.
* Fix: A/V sync problem in certain cases for "DVD to Mobile".
* Fix: A crash problem when there is no source for "Main Movie".
* Fix: Failed to write when selecting DVD folder for "Write Data".
* Fix: Real-time burning speed doesn't displayed.
* Fix: A problem that some DVD content cannot be opened.
* Fix: Several minor problems.


dlc149 reviewed v3.0.5.0 on Jan 9, 2007

Great program, I used DVD Decrypter 3.5.2 but this program is far better removes all incryptions


rpatel09 reviewed v3.0.5.0 on Dec 31, 2006

to expressline, id appreciate the same favor. my


lemonbalmbess reviewed v3.0.5.0 on Dec 29, 2006

to Expressline-----
I like the freeware portion and would love to have the platinum version if yur still giving.


VelvetElvis reviewed v3.0.5.0 on Dec 16, 2006

Does what it's intended to do very well. Replaces the venerable DVDDecrypter, which in its day was top of class, but can't handle some of the newer protection schemes.


DudeBoyz reviewed v3.0.5.0 on Dec 16, 2006

DVDFab DECRYPTER is 100% free, but all it does is decrypt. If you want anything else, you can buy the Gold or Platinum versions.

But as a ripper and only a ripper, it is outstanding at what it does. It works with less problems than AnyDVD does and does it for FREE.

Yeah, maybe they could leave out even the mention of other features, but it is NOT nagware. It just decrypts and that's it. It doesn't ask you for more money or anything like that.


smarterthanyou reviewed v3.0.5.0 on Dec 15, 2006

This isn't freeware at all. It's a feature limited trial version of the product.

Freeware means that you get the full version of the product with absolutely no limitations whatsoever.


Expressline reviewed v3.0.4.0 on Nov 28, 2006

If anybody wants the DVD Fab Platinum Verison i will e mail it to them for free this works great


DudeBoyz reviewed v3.0.4.0 on Nov 28, 2006

I freakin' love this app. Why? Cause it's FREE and it rips my legally purchased DVD's. Version could not successfully rip the copy of the DaVinci code that I just bought, but this version,, handled it no problem.

All I want it for is to decrypt my DVD's, and that's what it does. Much less of a hassle than AnyDVD too - no driver to load - just run the program.

It ain't perfect, but it works great.

I think ROJ is being too harsh on the thing. I mean, instead of charging $29.99 or $39.99 for the full-deal, they GIVE US this free app. I think that buys them a bit of leeway, at least with me.


roj reviewed v3.0.4.0 on Nov 27, 2006

I don't do begware. Keep the inactive Platinum menus out of the free product. You want to advertise? Fine. Do it on your website.

Not on my time.

THREE stars for a product that does its job but a slap to a dev who has resorted to begware bordering on crippleware.


1uk3 reviewed v3.0.3.5 on Nov 1, 2006

Seems good. Used to use DVD43 but am running Vista x64 now and DVD43 won't work with it. This seems fine with Vista x64. :)


sarrik reviewed v3.0.2.5 on Oct 13, 2006

I think it's the "Platinum" version that you have to pay for. This one is definately free. I think you get to use some of the features once and then it disables them but you can always rip a whole disc. At which point you can use Shrink or something like that to fiddle with the content.

Still works well for me and according to the change log has more protections and fixes.
Apart from maybe needing better info while ripping is in progress, there's not much wrong with it.


awx reviewed v3.0.2.5 on Oct 13, 2006

kbsoftware, this is actually freeware. It requires no money nor does it stop working. The 3.x version has added a bunch of new features to the freeware version and it has the paid-for features visible but disabled.


kbsoftware reviewed v3.0.2.5 on Oct 13, 2006

"All of our software is distributed as shareware. You can install and try them for 30 days."

The license on betanews needs to reflect this.

Nice program, but now that they are charging for it if enough people download it, DVDFab will find itself getting attention from mpaa which will be very bad for them.


ballyhairs reviewed v3.0.2.5 on Oct 13, 2006

Could be nice if I could have the output as image file (iso, img, nrg... etc) till then 3 is all I can give, anyone knows a software could do that with removing all the protection?


ripfuel reviewed v3.0.2.5 on Oct 13, 2006

I rate this program a 5 only because it has pulled through in the past when others would not. I have used this software to back-up my original dvd's when some of the other ripping tools would not do the job. This version seems to be pretty good as well, but I still however rate SlySoft's AnyDvd as the #1 DVD Ripper in the world. These guys update all the time & they have never let me down to date after over a year of steady use. DvdFab is a good program to use for the beginner, it is point & shoot.


Mystiqq reviewed v3.0.2.0 on Oct 3, 2006

As long as theres no spyware/whatnot and it rips/"cleans" DVDs to harddrive, im happy. Not sure where this sudden "hostility" is coming from, since to me it seems to do the same thing as before.


roj reviewed v3.0.1.8 Beta on Sep 30, 2006

The new final is out. It's gone from begware (the last release) to crippleware.

To hel with them.

ONE star.


sarrik reviewed v3.0.1.5 Beta 2 on Sep 26, 2006

The previous version I tried was very useful. It allowed me to backup two movies which couldn't even be played on my PC, let alone ripped by Shrink or DVD Decrypter.
This version works fine for me, and has more features enabled, such as "Main Movie" or a check for removing DTS audio automatically from "Full Disc" mode.
I tested this with an older DVD (2003) and it worked fine in Main Movie mode without nags.
So it gets a 4 unless I find something amiss later on.


DudeBoyz reviewed v3.0.1.5 Beta 2 on Sep 25, 2006

Oops - something not workin' right now.

Previous versions of DVDFab Decrypter seemed to work better without conflicts/hassles. But I guess that is what testing new features and tweaking code prior to a final release is all about.

BTW, the key for me is to get the disk ripped to the hard drive - sans protection - so I can process it with other apps, usually DVD Shrink.

If you don't use DVD Shrink for ripping (cause its copy protection removal code is no longer updated), it still works EXCELLENT as a re-authoring application.

My only real expectation from DVDFab Decrypter (Free Version) is to get the protected disk that I own ripped to my hard drive with the protection removed. Beyond that, I'm not going to be all uptight about it, well, cause it's free. :)


kbsoftware reviewed v3.0.1.5 Beta 2 on Sep 25, 2006

It's not freeware anymore but trialware.
So I guess that means shareware not sure.


wanderer2005 reviewed v3.0.1.2 on Sep 23, 2006

I was using an earlier version of DVDFab Decrypter (version and it worked fine. However, when I decided to update to DVDFab Decrypter,I discovered something very eerie. The new version requested that I send info about the movie I was trying to decrypt to their mail address. The program refused to continue until I send the e-mail. That's why I give this new version a 2.


roj reviewed v3.0.1.2 on Sep 22, 2006

Now heading down the road to BegWare. Half the menu items are disabled and pop up a begware screen saying to check out the Platinum version.

You want to flog your other product? Fine. Do it on your website and not on my time. Get this extra non-functioning crap out of the proggie.

THREE stars for a a product that's becoming begware like so many of the rest.


anomoly reviewed v3.0.1.2 on Sep 22, 2006

free is good
dvdshrink is garbage. use nero vision instead if you want easy dubs


DudeBoyz reviewed v3.0.1.0 on Sep 20, 2006

So far, so good. Backed up my store bought Memories of a Geisha, which DVD Decrypter can't do without the assistance of RipIt4Me, and DVD Fab Decrypter did it in 16 minutes straight to the hard drive ready for processing by DVD Shrink if I feel the urge.



Canuckistani reviewed v3.0.1.0 on Sep 20, 2006

It does what it says it does with little fuss. However, the commercial product DVDFab Platinum is far more powerful. A fully functional freeware and a commercial upgrade that is actually worth the money compared to the freebie. These guys have got things worked out just about perfectly.


dynospectrum reviewed v3.0.0.1 Beta 9 on Sep 15, 2006

Best free DVD ripper since DVD Decrypter. Beta9 (09/14/2006)
- New: "Main Movie" copy mode is available now.
- New: "Remove DTS Audio" option in "Full Disc" copy mode.
- New: "Check for DMA automatically" feature.
- Fix: Recognize more than two DVD drives on Windows 98/ME.
- Fix: A crash problem in certain cases.
- Fix: Several minor problems.


mahlerscom reviewed v3.0.0.1 Beta 9 on Sep 15, 2006


NYC yesterday: 40,000 CD/DVD's confiscated as the largest "pirate" ring in the US was taken down by authorities.

What's that got to do with DVDFab?

Nothing - yet.....


-Lord- reviewed v3.0.0.1 Beta 8 on Sep 11, 2006

I give it a 3 beacuse of its limitations. While it does do what it claims (so far anyway), the one drawback I find is its inability to go from DVD to ISO. Additionally, the free version only allows for ripping to DVD9 in file mode only. Once done, if you don't burn to a DVD9, you will have to shrink to 5. Everything else (including ripping straight to DVD5 without having to shrink afterward) requires the Platinum version which is not free. If you're going to pay for anything, buy AnyDVD and run that in the background while using DVD Shrink which has decryption functionality built in, a deep scanning mode, and shrink ability all in one... and can save to ISO.


dynospectrum reviewed v3.0.0.1 Beta 8 on Sep 11, 2006

Best free DVD ripper since DVD Decrypter. Beta8 (09/08/2006)
- Fix: Error 400 when copying DVD in certain cases.
- Fix: A crash problem when opening DVD folder in certain cases.
- Change: Improved UI elements.
- Fix: Several minor problems.


uberfly reviewed v3.0.0.1 Beta 7 on Sep 8, 2006

Does the job and is free. DVDFab (the full app) has always been good at getting by the latest protection, so this has a solid well established foundation.

pyridox - DVDDecrypter stopped being updated after the author was sued by Sony. Don't badmouth the author - that app rocked (and still does) before it was whacked.


mjm01010101 reviewed v3.0.0.1 Beta 7 on Sep 7, 2006

hbkh, never say never. They used to say the same thing about Russia and now it has more strict copyright laws. China is cracking down as well.


hbkh reviewed v3.0.0.1 Beta 7 on Sep 7, 2006

mjm01010101: Seeing that they are based a china, I'd guess never.

Works great btw.


mjm01010101 reviewed v3.0.0.1 Beta 6 on Sep 7, 2006

Nice app. Strange interface anomalies. oh well.

when will the DMCA hit it though?


pyridox reviewed v3.0.0.1 Beta 6 on Sep 7, 2006

DVDFabDecrypter works pretty good, for a FREE decrypter. It's sort of a replacement for the old "DVD Decrypter", that has not been updated in about 2 years, Newer Sony encryptions have come about since the departure od DVD Decrypter.

At least the author of DVDFab updates the product, and fixes bugs occasionally.


YinCh reviewed v3.0.0.1 Beta 6 on Sep 7, 2006

mahlerscom, ENGLISH please !!!


bufftbone reviewed v3.0.0.1 Beta 6 on Sep 6, 2006

Here's a solution that'll restore your system to new. It does mean using some primitive ways but it'll work. First create a bootable floppy in DOS (Use google to help you find out how to do it). Once you've done that reboot the computer with your floppy in the drive. After everything is done, you'll see the following on the BLACK screen:


simply type the following: format c: /q
answer Y to any of the questions and let it do it's thing.

Done! No more freezing.

Now, on to the quick review of the actual, Decryper software.
No locking up, freezing, blue, black or green screen of death. Worked like a charm. Not to shabby. I'm going to keep it on my system for when I may need!


arossetti reviewed v3.0.0.1 Beta 6 on Sep 6, 2006


The answer is simple. You have no clue what you're doing.


mahlerscom reviewed v2.9.8.3 on Aug 25, 2006

I'll change that rating if.

...anyone wanna tell me why this computer that USED to run this program easily is freezing. I've also tried DVD Decryptor as well.

I'm wondering if any of the new news of 32bit and 64bit Vista Blue Ray HDTV blocking is trickling down into security updates of 32bit WindowsXP Home Edition SP2? Something that already gone and went "unnoticed", know what I mean? That language Microsoft uses with the bottom line (like the geniune XP update).

I am using Cyberlink DVD Player 3.0 and that "validated" my my DVD drive and conformed it to playability, a software not on the computer last year.

The one thing I did notice now and then is that despite getting the entire video to DVD (remember this computer is freezing as of tonight), a Sony DVD +/- R and into a Sony DVD player (from 2003) that plays those formats is not easy. In fact not one DVD I've made will play in the standalone DVD player...any ideas?

I've got some catching up to do.

....Remember Cool Edit Pro by Syntrillium? They are the only company right now I can remember that had no problem installing their software on multiple PCS FREE so long as one bought copy was registered, heard it direct from them vocally too.

All for now.

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