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K-Lite Codec Pack Mega K-Lite Codec Pack Mega 17.9.4 for Windows

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Operating System Windows (All)
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K-Lite Codec Pack is a collection of components needed for audio and video playback in DirectShow players such as Windows Media Player, Media Center, and Media Player Classic. It contains everything you need to play all common audio and video file formats. It also provides additional functionality such a thumbnail generation in Explorer. The pack has a very advanced installer which is highly flexible and has unique problem solving capabilities.

Latest Reviews


dorothyramey reviewed v16.9.8 on May 7, 2022

I still use it, despite the fact that there is new software on the market. The best


Sven123456789 reviewed v16.9.5 on Apr 9, 2022

Still using this after all these years. Never any problems


Magolit reviewed v16.6.2 on Dec 13, 2021

Once you download it, you forget about all the problems with codecs.


DorothyPWatkin reviewed v16.4.0 on Sep 8, 2021

Still great as ever. Def a piece of software thats a necessity for viewing all kinds of video formats.


johnk119 reviewed v15.4.4 on Apr 7, 2020

It's great it's a must for any new OS installation

terry riana

terry riana reviewed v15.4.4 on Apr 6, 2020

simple download application that is fast and complete easy


Sven123456789 reviewed v12.4.2 on Oct 5, 2016

so far so good with this update


nazui reviewed v12.3.0 on Aug 13, 2016



pcexpert reviewed v12.1.0 on Apr 22, 2016

Plays everything!


viewbowl reviewed v11.9.6 on Feb 26, 2016

I highly recommend Allavsoft to Download VideoMega Videos to MP4, WMV, AVI, FLV, MOV, etc on Mac or Windows.

Avg. Rating 4.5 (3,947 votes)
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Someone reviewed v on Mar 19, 2023



Bottom Line:

Someone reviewed v on Jul 5, 2022

Pros: 555

Cons: 555

Bottom Line: 555


dorothyramey reviewed v16.9.8 on May 7, 2022

Pros: universal software
easy to install

Cons: couldn't find

Bottom Line: I still use it, despite the fact that there is new software on the market. The best


Sven123456789 reviewed v16.9.5 on Apr 9, 2022

Pros: Still to go to software for all your video needs

Cons: none

Bottom Line: Still using this after all these years. Never any problems


Magolit reviewed v16.6.2 on Dec 13, 2021

Pros: Best


Bottom Line: Once you download it, you forget about all the problems with codecs.


DorothyPWatkin reviewed v16.4.0 on Sep 8, 2021

Pros: I immensely recommend Allavsoft to Download VideoMega Videos to MP4, WMV, AVI, FLV, MOV, etc on Mac or Windows.

Cons: Best codec pack! Must have

Bottom Line: Still great as ever. Def a piece of software thats a necessity for viewing all kinds of video formats.


johnk119 reviewed v15.4.4 on Apr 7, 2020

Pros: great player I've never seen or run into a file I can't play with it.

Cons: None

Bottom Line: It's great it's a must for any new OS installation

terry riana

terry riana reviewed v15.4.4 on Apr 6, 2020

Pros: the app download in a way that is very easy simple and nice

Cons: the download process is slow

Bottom Line: simple download application that is fast and complete easy


Sven123456789 reviewed v12.4.2 on Oct 5, 2016

so far so good with this update


nazui reviewed v12.3.0 on Aug 13, 2016



pcexpert reviewed v12.1.0 on Apr 22, 2016

Plays everything!


viewbowl reviewed v11.9.6 on Feb 26, 2016

I highly recommend Allavsoft to Download VideoMega Videos to MP4, WMV, AVI, FLV, MOV, etc on Mac or Windows.


manlord reviewed v11.9.0 on Feb 15, 2016

so so no bad i like to be use forever.


Sven123456789 reviewed v11.6.5 on Nov 9, 2015

Still rock solid


Sven123456789 reviewed v11.3.6 on Aug 4, 2015

Still great as ever. Def a piece of software thats a necessity for viewing all kinds of video formats.


pcexpert reviewed v11.3.0 on Jul 30, 2015

Best pack ever! Very reliable and their support staff is super friendly and helpful.


elopez17 reviewed v11.3.0 on Jul 23, 2015

Big disappointment with that adware they add to you.


manlord reviewed v10.9.0 on Dec 29, 2014

best of the best cdeks all my life using


eustachymaterac reviewed v10.9.0 on Dec 16, 2014

Best codec pack!


manlord reviewed v10.8.5 on Dec 4, 2014

using k-lite 10 years & more then all my user life !!!


andrzejikarp reviewed v10.8.5 on Nov 27, 2014

Best codec pack! Must have


scf reviewed v10.8.0 on Nov 14, 2014

i'll just have to give this one a big 4 stars, k-lite good as always.


balanceinmotion reviewed v10.7.5 on Sep 24, 2014



Antichrist reviewed v10.4.5 on Apr 25, 2014

I used this for a long time but recently switched to Kawaii Codec Pack because it's simpler and sets up MadVR well. That pack uses a lot more computer power where I can't even run MPC dual monitor, but if I want to use dual monitor I can just run a separate MPC-BE install and lose a bit of quality. I have to install Icaros and MediaInfo Lite separately now, but I like the change and would suggest that people try it. K-Lite is still great though, I've never run into problems with it!

Jeff Liu

Jeff Liu reviewed v10.4.5 on Apr 24, 2014

thanks for sharing this program!!


viperiii reviewed v10.4.0 on Apr 20, 2014

to use the advance features, u need the advance hardware combine with driver support as well, for old hardware / driver that cant support the advance features , then u can only use the slower "software rendering" method, 5 stars for this product !


mikebratley reviewed v10.3.5 on Mar 11, 2014

5 stars good


manlord reviewed v10.3.0 on Feb 12, 2014

?????? 10 ??? ?????? ?? ???? ?? ????? ?????? ?? ?????? ????????


nhatthanhxx reviewed v10.2.0 on Jan 29, 2014

have problems when playing video format WMV2 - google translate :(
vietnamese: có v?n ?? khi phát video có ??nh d?ng WMV2


garrisonaw reviewed v10.1.5 on Nov 20, 2013

I have been using K-Lite Codec Pack since Version 5 back in 2009, and I highly recommend it for anyone who works with different types of video files. Whether you are downloading different videos, or encoding your own videos, or you record your own using video cameras and/or phone cameras, the Codec Pack ensures you will have compatibility with virtually any video or audio content.

Version 10 has the added advantage of including both 32-bit and 64-bit codecs in a single installer, so it is no longer necessary to install the 32-bit and 64-bit versions separately.

Be sure to check their homepage regularly, as new updates for the Pack are posted whenever the various codecs are updated.


BANDIT- reviewed v10.1.5 on Nov 16, 2013

@shroom ... Nay wurriz Buddy.. lol .......... Someone musta listened tho.?

At least the installer now tells you which apps you need to
shutdown if you don't want to restart, so there's improvement :)

Nice to see we're back to 5* tho ... (~_^)


shroom reviewed v10.1.0 on Oct 30, 2013

@BANDIT- : Sorry but in this day and age, nothing apart from OS core updates should ask you to restart your computer (even Linux manages to update some core files without making you restart).
Even Nvidia drivers don't ask you to restart your computer anymore.
So codecs ? No.

At least the installer now tells you which apps you need to shutdown if you don't want to restart, so there's improvement :)


BANDIT- reviewed v10.0.5 on Sep 13, 2013

To Dock this Well maintained & "Dogs Bollix" codec pack a Star because it forces a Re-Boot is a bit Harsh to say the least. A bit like Removing Anti Virus S/w or perhaps after Windows Updates, To NOT Re-Boot is ridiculous..!! Changes have been made to System files & Reg keys during Install/Uninstall, so a Re-Boot is necessary. Read this "about" feature & look at the 8th point down the list under (General strong points:).

A forced Re-Boot is there for the unknowledgable & should be applauded..!!
I've never reviewed K-Lite before, "Till Now" .. (The Best) 5*


Sven123456789 reviewed v10.0.0 on Aug 29, 2013

Since discovering this software, it has done everything it states and I've had no problems with my os or any other program. For years I kept with Realplayer because it could play some video formats that WMP never did. Now thats been eliminated with this codec pack. If you have problems playing any video format, this will solve that problem..


shroom reviewed v10.0.0 on Aug 16, 2013

Great pack, too bad it forces to restart your computer upon uninstall of the previous version.


scmp reviewed v10.0.0 on Aug 14, 2013

Bom Bisurdo... O melhor de todos.....


westor reviewed v10.0.0 on Aug 14, 2013

THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


kerimachin reviewed v9.9.9 on Jul 22, 2013

top notch


kerimachin reviewed v9.9.5 on Jul 22, 2013

excellent! long time user here


pchuang reviewed v9.9.5 on May 31, 2013

Have been using k-lite mega for a long time and will continue to do so. Nothing less than 5 stars for this excellent software. Keep it up.


zackchan reviewed v9.9.0 on May 21, 2013

think you


Angelr32 reviewed v9.8.5 on Apr 17, 2013

8 year used.

some guy

some guy reviewed v9.7.5 on Feb 7, 2013

the best in it's class period !


wangsw reviewed v9.6.5 on Jan 6, 2013

Perfect post, thanks


eduardoeltortuga reviewed v9.6.0 on Dec 11, 2012

Great pack.


Andem reviewed v9.5.0 on Nov 19, 2012

Easy to install and caused 0 errors on my system. This is a fresh install of Windows 7 64-bit.


beatmakershq reviewed v9.2.0 on Sep 12, 2012

not bad.


bayuseta reviewed v9.2.0 on Aug 30, 2012

very good


Andem reviewed v9.2.0 on Aug 27, 2012

Excellent codec pack. Be careful if you already have another codec pack installed because it may cause errors.


CodecPack reviewed v9.0.2 on Jul 11, 2012



CodecPack reviewed v9.0.0 on Jul 10, 2012

v9.0.0 has a bug that causes it to give an install error on 32bit systems. A fixed version should become available soon.


shroom reviewed v9.0.0 on Jul 10, 2012

Would be perfect with a better installer.
Small upgrade to v8.9.7 but it still asks for an uninstall, and then I can't install v9.0.0 because I don't have 64bit registry keys on my 32bit Windows 7.


viperiii reviewed v8.9.2 on Jun 19, 2012

The Version 8.92 got a best compatibility with old Geforce Graphic Card, provided in the advanced option (volume normalization) and internal MPC hardware acceleration for VC-1 . (from: Peter Chua , computer hardware support, Malaysia)


shroom reviewed v8.7.0 on Apr 23, 2012

Excellent codecs pack.
But having to uninstall v8.6.6 and to restart the computer prior to install v8.7.0 was pretty annoying.


CodecPack reviewed v8.4.0 on Mar 16, 2012

You can fix that by using the Monogram AAC decoder.


menting reviewed v8.4.0 on Feb 27, 2012

since the last 2 or so versions of K-Lite, playing RMVB has been glitchy if you click to fast forward or to fast backward. The graphics will sometimes freeze up, and/or the audio will either be just static or no sound at all.


RaDi7 reviewed v5.9.0 on Feb 16, 2012

buen material pero no se donde descargarlo xd jajaja


Enlightenment reviewed v8.4.0 on Feb 16, 2012

Still the best !!!


Enlightenment reviewed v5.9.0 on Feb 16, 2012

Still the best !!!


CodecPack reviewed v8.1.0 on Jan 7, 2012

@Charlie Kilo
Creating file associations for WMP still works.

Charlie Kilo

Charlie Kilo reviewed v8.1.0 on Jan 5, 2012

--- Old review; no longer applies ---

Previous versions (for me at least) would've been 5/5. Maybe it's just my setup, but I find that K-Lite doesn't allow to set file associations for WMP anymore, just MPC. A minor annoyance, but enough for me to knock the newer versions off a point.

If anyone can figure out how to have K-Lite set file associations for WMP, or can offer some info as to why the change (or if this is in fact a program thing and not just my own PC) then please do comment. (My thinking is it's M$ and the DMCA goons out to "protect" its proprietary media player from playing FOSS codecs and copy-protected DVDs, and appease the 1% Big Media types who don't like the idea of XviD rips and ubiquitous mp3s. But that's just IMHO.)

Otherwise 4/5 -- 3.5/5, actually, for bundling the (optional) toolbar with the installer. It always dismays me to see great apps go the ad-supported direction. But still a great bundle (for now) despite the new slides towards crippleware.

--- end old review ---

EDIT: Am updating my review to reflect that K-Lite Mega DOES in fact allow you to set file associations for WMP. For some reason it wouldn't work under XP x64, but does under Windows 7 x64 (the 64-bit edition doesn't do that, but the 32-bit Mega pack does). 4.5/5 (half a point off) for the toolbar, even though it's optional and easily deselected. Thanks to @CodecPack for alerting me :)

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v8.1.0 on Dec 29, 2011

Avoid tl307, the downloads are not current & tl307 is a spammer.


viperiii reviewed v8.0.0 on Nov 27, 2011

This version got an improved support of old Geforce Graphic Card (under Windows 7)


ppscslv reviewed v8.0.0 on Nov 27, 2011

thanks for the updated version!


anvitasilva reviewed v8.0.0 on Nov 24, 2011

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viperiii reviewed v7.9.0 on Nov 10, 2011

This version 7.90 got a better compatibility with old Geforce Graphic Card. =)


rizki_yoist reviewed v7.9.0 on Nov 2, 2011

I love this codec pack since few years ago and I constantly upgrading it. Until today, I still stick on k-lite codec pack ver 700 with media player classic v1.5.0.2827... I'm not sure why but it seems newer version have a bug on the slow down button, especially when I slow down 2x or 3x, which only slow down the sound, and the video paused. In k-lite codec pack ver 700 with media player classic v1.5.0.2827 this problem does not exist.
One more thing, I used eeepc 900HA and I always use "overlay mixer" setting to make sure this netbook could play videos in 720p smoothly. Everything works nicely, except it disabled aero in windows 7 while playing videos, which increase loading time, so now I completely disabled aero just to make sure media player classic works faster. i hope you look forward in this issue.
But anyway this is still the best video codec and best media player that could exist in this planet. Thanks for the great work!


nagauraa reviewed v5.3.0 on Oct 17, 2011

very good


KliteCodec reviewed v7.7.0 on Sep 10, 2011

My first review is (below) but I'm going to have to change it now after a little more testing. Looks like I'm going to have to go back to version 7.1 of K-lite mega codec pack. Again, I'm using Windows XP Professional. Here's what KLMCP 7.7 is now doing wrong using MPC 6.4 (KLMCP version 7.1 works perfectly by the way)...

My standard desktop resolution is 1024x768x32 bits. In MPC 6.4, in "Options", "Playback", "Change fullscreen resolution" I have set to 1280x1024x32bits. Also, Right-click the video, go to "Video frame" and click "Stretch to frame" to set that option.

When I watch a video full screen now, by double clicking the video or pressing Alt-Enter, MOST of my videos are now no longer stretched to the edges of my screen. Almost all my videos are now severely letter boxed. Also, BIG PROBLEM, when I go full screen with the video the numeric keypad (arrow keys) now no longer work at all to manually stretch the video full screen. Ouch!!

Again, I'm going to uninstall version 7.7 and go back to version 7.1 because that still works perfectly with Win XP. I'll still leave my rating at 5 stars because of all the hard work you guys do!!

My original review is here:

I was using version 7.1 with no problems but I decided to give this one a try. Everything is great EXCEPT it now comes up with a pop-up saying that version 6.4 of Media Player Classic is going to be removed in the future.

I, and millions of people like me, are still using Windows XP Professional and have no intention of "upgrading" to Windows 7 in the near future. I use "full screen mode" (by pressing Alt-Enter, or double clicking the video) and also enable the option "Stretch to fullscreen" and MPC 6.4 (with Win XP) works PERFECTLY with these options and MPC-HD 1.2 and 1.5 do not.

I boot up my computer to 1024x768x32bits for surfing the web and everything else and then ONLY have MPC 6.4 change resolution to 1280x1024x32bits when I double-click a video and make it go full screen. When I stop watching the full screen video (by pressing the ESC key, or double clicking the video), again MPC 6.4 goes back to my standard 1024x768 resolution as it should PERFECTLY. However MPC-HD 1.2 and 1.5 do NOT go back into 1024x768 mode after I press the ESC key to exit full screen.

I guess what a lot of us are saying out here (bottom line) is PLEASE do not take away MPC 6.4!! There is ABSOLUTELY no reason for it!! Get rid of that pop-up that says something like "We are going to remove MPC 6.4 in the future". There is ABSOLUTELY no reason to remove it!! For Windows XP users MPC 6.4 works fantastically well and I (and others) hate how MPC-HD now has 4 different options now that we have to set to 1280x1024 when going to full screen mode and MPC 6.4 just has one option to set, "Full Screen resolution 1280x1024x32bits"..

Sorry for the long diatribe and I'm going to give you the full 5 stars because K-lite Mega 7.7 works great (and you allow us to uncheck the new toolbar option very easily), but PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE MPC 6.4 for those of us that use Win XP and still want to use it.



djb247365 reviewed v7.7.0 on Sep 2, 2011

This is definitely my favorite codec pack and I've been a very loyal user for quite some time now. However, I noticed something strange with the latest release of Media Player Classic. For some odd reason, when I customize the filters as I want them, they seem to disappear after the first time I set them up, so I have to go back and set things up again, so my videos will play as I want them to. Hopefully that will be corrected. Otherwise, it's a great codec pack, and works without a problem.


been reviewed v7.7.0 on Aug 29, 2011

Avast is reporting a problem with mpc-hc, suggesting it only be opened in a sandbox. I'm sure there's not a real problem here but excessive caution has led me to temporarily switch to VLC. Perhaps the developers could have a word with the Avast people?

btw to the person complaining about the toolbar ... yes it's a bit irritating but KL makes no attempt to force its installation nor to trick users into installing something they don't want. The toolbar is clearly presented as an option which it's very easy to decline.


CodecPack reviewed v7.6.0 on Aug 16, 2011

This pack is offered completely FREE and the developers put a lot of time into it. The toolbar is optional! Rating this a 1 just shows that you are an idiot who does not respect the hard work of others.


CobraPL reviewed v7.6.0 on Aug 15, 2011

Codec Pack - 4/5 (some issues in every release, but still best codec pack available)
Adding spyware: -1 star
Not mentioning about spyware on web page and changelog: -1 star
Seting spyware as enabled for installation by default -1 star

So 1/5 stars.

I agree that authors of this pack deserve money for they hard wok. So there is nothing wrong in donations or optional spyware BUT DISABLED during installation BY DEFAULT,

This software contains a Toolbar !

Proof: http://i1210.photobucket...CobraPL/NET/SPYWARE.jpg

To see such screen you have to uninstall codec pack first, THEN start installation. Upgrading causes such screen to not show.

Also please stop censoring information about spyware/toolbar in K-Lite Codec packs.

You are K-Lite fanboy? I hope unpaid one. Next time before you call someone a "troll" do some research first !


mike59 reviewed v7.6.0 on Aug 8, 2011

No toolbars here after update. There wasn't anything adware related in custom install.
Not sure where you got yahoo that toobar Cobra.

Edit: His post was removed. Just a troll.


mike59 reviewed v7.5.0 on Jul 28, 2011

Best codec pack!


Dr.No0oN reviewed v7.2.0 on Jun 29, 2011

I like it


CodecPack reviewed v7.2.0 on Jun 17, 2011

Report your problem on the K-Lite forum and you will get a solution!


viperiii reviewed v7.2.0 on Jun 16, 2011

Getting poorer support on FLV video playing..... Thumb down for this!!


Prospero424 reviewed v7.0.0 on Feb 28, 2011

Using DownThemAll, I never see download speeds lower than a megabyte per second with the Mega pack. Not even on the day of release (like right now). I just tried it again and got 2MBps both times.

Just use a download manager.

Anyway, I don't see any big changes for the 7.0 milestone. Probably just as well.


deda reviewed v7.0.0 on Feb 28, 2011

I agree witk @baki_princ. At least on three first days, download is very slow, but only in BN.


baki_princ reviewed v7.0.0 on Feb 28, 2011

why everything on this site is fast exept k-lite? how is even possible that same server sends every file fast but this one last 4 yrs send so slowly?


CodecPack reviewed v6.9.0 on Jan 31, 2011

No problems at all with FLV files here.

If you have a problem, go to the CodecGuide forums and you will usually get a solution within 24 hours.


stevvie reviewed v6.9.0 on Jan 30, 2011

this actuall STOPPED some FLV files from playing with sound. I uninstalled this and installed shark007 codecs and the .FLV files played WITH sound.


baki_princ reviewed v6.8.0 on Jan 14, 2011

why this file is always slow to DL?


lehenryjr reviewed v4.2.0 on Dec 29, 2010

I would recommend to any one using video and audio editing to download this pack; it's outstanding and so far I've found that it fixes a lot of codec issues with Windows Live Movie Maker.

I hope this helps...

Until next time,
Larry Henry Jr.


lehenryjr reviewed v6.7.0 on Dec 29, 2010

I would recommend to any one using video and audio editing to download this pack; it's outstanding and so far I've found that it fixes a lot of codec issues with Windows Live Movie Maker.

I hope this helps...

Until next time,
Larry Henry Jr.


tickleonthetum reviewed v6.6.6 on Dec 21, 2010

I changed to Win7Codecs but started getting BSODs so have come back to KLMC... the best there is!

That'll teach me to be unfaithful!


pedromoreno reviewed v6.6.6 on Dec 13, 2010

Satanic edition?

Still very good software.


davidtrung reviewed v4.1.0 on Nov 28, 2010

that's good


dannyboy832 reviewed v6.6.0 on Nov 25, 2010

Excellent program, works well on win 7

The Mega is unneccessary.

Just get standard

The Seeker 11

The Seeker 11 reviewed v6.6.0 on Nov 24, 2010

@Orbiting235 Care to tell us what's wrong with it specifically?


Orbiting235 reviewed v4.1.0 on Nov 24, 2010

Still just as awful as ever. Stick with the CCCP instead since it's VASTLY better than this hodgepodge mess of a pack.


Orbiting235 reviewed v6.6.0 on Nov 24, 2010

Still just as awful as ever. Stick with the CCCP instead since it's VASTLY better than this hodgepodge mess of a pack.


bohumil14 reviewed v6.3.0 on Sep 7, 2010

buen post gracias por esto


mylop1212 reviewed v6.3.0 on Aug 29, 2010

good! I very like it!


nickfong reviewed v3.8.0 on Aug 14, 2010

GOOD JOB ~~~!!


wulv reviewed v6.2.0 on Jul 14, 2010

@ Eltortuga, with CoreAVC installed you can't have thumbnails for all filetypes or explorer crashes. If you don't use CoreAVC uninstall it and your problem will be fixed or deselect thumbnails in install.


Eltortuga reviewed v6.2.0 on Jul 14, 2010

I love K-lite Mega Codec but it has been crashing Windows Explorer excessively. I either have to disable thumbnail view or uninstall K-Lite. I even reinstalled Windows XP but to no avail. It's the best when it works but I can only give it three stars this time.


ale5000 reviewed v6.1.0 on Jul 10, 2010

@Epsi: DivX H.264 decoder and CoreAVC both have problems with thumbnail, if you set ffdshow for decoding H.264 you will probably fix the crashes.


Epsi reviewed v6.1.0 on Jul 8, 2010

Last time just going into a folder with mp4 files crashed my windows explorer. with this one mkv files crashes it. And the only solution is yet again to disable thumbnails... so annoying...


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v3.6.0 on Jul 1, 2010



Prospero424 reviewed v6.0.4 on Jun 7, 2010

"I could give a ff about an interface... Other than ac3filter and quicktime alt, you don't NEED codec 'packs'... I'm only interested in if it plays the video when I ask it to."

Yes, I already know that *you* prefer a standalone player. That's fine! But do you really not recognize that there are circumstances under which OTHER people would prefer a codec pack? Really?

I simply don't understand why people run around rating down programs they admit are good just because they prefer a different approach. It comes across as fanboyism.

I don't see what's "bloated" about the install process. The express install works fine for most configurations, and I'm not really sure what anyone would want to take out of the custom installation process. If you want a lighter package, don't use the "mega' version.

But I hear you about problems with older hardware; it can be a pain for some people (myself included). However, I've found that all of the compatibility and performance problems are solved simply by choosing the regular version of MPC during install rather than the Home Cinema version. Easy. That way it won't try to use hardware decoding features that may be unsupported or buggy under certain configurations and the renderer it uses by default is more stable.


anomoly reviewed v6.0.4 on Jun 4, 2010

Counterproductive? That's like saying you can't listen to your music unless it's made into a music video and you are in your own home theater. I could give a ff about an interface, it's the content and playback that is all that matters. dumba**
Other than ac3filter and quicktime alt, you don't NEED codec 'packs'.
Doesn't matter if it can stand on it's own or not (that's a bonus). I'm only interested in if it plays the video when I ask it to. Nothing wrong with klite (other than being a bloated install process to your hd). I only ever installed it to play a few video formats, nothing else.
Plus mpc has crashed my system several times recently as they started not supporting older hardwares and whatever. I switched from the older amd cpu to a ht'd intel but I prefer simplicity, and having my player tell me when it has updates is way better than hunting them down and manually installing them from the internet.


Plumber reviewed v6.0.4 on Jun 3, 2010

Prospero is 100% correct. This is a well-put-together codec pack to free you from player dependence. (Who uses just one player anyway? I thought it was a law to keep VLC installed for "when all else fails".)


cowticket reviewed v6.0.4 on Jun 2, 2010

Some programs you cannot go without. This is one of them.


Prospero424 reviewed v6.0.0 on May 31, 2010

Mplayer (as well as SMplayer, KMplayer, etc) for Windows is very nice, but it has a different purpose.

The entire point of using a codec pack is to allow underlying multi-format support for YOUR CHOICE of software player rather than working with only the bundled interface.

This codec pack includes ffdshow, which uses a lot of the same libraries as mplayer does for decoding.

It all depends on what you're after. Rating this codec pack down because you prefer a standalone player is more than pointless; it's counterproductive.


Noldster2k reviewed v6.0.0 on May 30, 2010

been using it for 5 years!


anomoly reviewed v6.0.0 on May 28, 2010

You should try mplayer for windows.
It updates itself perfectly which negates the bs of having to search the latest klite release.
1. OpenSource Software
2. Cross-Platform: Windows, Linux, MacOS
4. More than 192 Video- and 85 Audioformats supported natively (that is: without additional software)
5. 100% Stand-Alone: No Plugins, Filters, Codecs or whatever needed
6. Several Front-Ends available: SMPlayer, MPUI and many more.
7. No dependency on DirectShow or other proprietary technologies (huge difference to most players on Windows)
8. Several video renderers supported (Overlay and OpenGL on Windows)
9. Good playback performance


CodecPack reviewed v3.4.0 on May 14, 2010

The 32-bit version of Media Player Classic is recommended along with 32-bit codecs.

This 64-bit pack is for use with Windows Media Center and Explorer (for thumbnails).


roman313 reviewed v5.9.0 on May 6, 2010

K-lite with MPC THE BEST !


ale5000 reviewed v3.4.0 on May 3, 2010

@mherv: You can still use Media Player Classic 32bit when the 64bit version have problems.


mherv reviewed v3.4.0 on Apr 26, 2010

sorry to be negative, but i am using K-lite 64 (version 3.3) and anterior for quite a while an a small machine (aspiron 1410 - Celeron 743)with media player classic home cinema 64, and i must say 2 things :
a) sometimes the movies will not play normally but in accelerated mode (without sound)
b) when the computrer is quite busy, the movies stop and start periodically when at the same moment they would work fine with windows media player. So for sure their footprint is too large.
I am not a fan of windows mediaplayer, and i prefer to use media player classic, but on these occasions i simply have no choice.
I didnt try v3.4 yet, but i have beed upgrading many times without successs until now, and i really think that there is still much work to do to improve the 64 bits codecs.
however, i guess that people running a powerful processor would not experiment the problem.


sn0wy82 reviewed v5.9.0 on Apr 18, 2010

Excellent codec pack, simply couldn't live without it! Never had a problem with it 5/5


DannyVeyt reviewed v5.9.0 on Apr 17, 2010

The best codec pack there is, and a very knowledged and friendly guy, clsid.


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v3.3.0 on Mar 11, 2010



Virtual_ManPL reviewed v5.8.0 on Mar 11, 2010



soqrat_80 reviewed v5.7.0 on Feb 12, 2010



Enlightenment reviewed v5.7.0 on Feb 10, 2010

I've been using K-Lite Mega Codec pack for so many years that I can't remember when I first started using it. I install K-Lite Codec Packs on all of my / friends / family computers. If you don't know what codec collection to get, most people will likely pick a far worse collection than K-Lite. Don't waste your time with other codec collections!

I recommend K-Lite Mega flavor for 32-bit Windows. If you have 64-bit Windows, then you need to download that special flavor of K-Lite.


WhiteZero reviewed v5.7.0 on Feb 10, 2010

The only codec pack I've used for years.


pcexpert reviewed v3.2.0 on Feb 4, 2010

The best. Works as it should. Extremely flexible. Superb support.


pcexpert reviewed v5.7.0 on Feb 4, 2010

The best. Works as it should. Extremely flexible. Superb support.


cacoila reviewed v3.1.1 on Jan 14, 2010

muito bom


gang43998 reviewed v5.6.1 on Jan 10, 2010

if the sysytem has a C-media Audio Driver exz: CM6501,install the official driver and turn on the 7.1 virtual mode .there is a problem results as soon as I "reset all the configuation" of decoder&filter ,the system audio_ctrl was badwork

1:double click do not work
2:audio property had six needless wrong installations
3 etc
EX me,My english is poor


mjrsl reviewed v3.1.1 on Jan 8, 2010



CodecPack reviewed v5.6.1 on Jan 6, 2010

Read the K-Lite F.A.Q. and you will find a solution for your problem.


Epsi reviewed v5.6.1 on Jan 6, 2010

seems there is a bug in here somewhere. everytime it tries to render a thumbnail for a mp4 file it crashes my Windows Explorer under Vista. Not very nice!


ckasprzak reviewed v3.0.0 on Dec 28, 2009

Allows me to play everything in Windows Media Player 12 w/out a hitch.

Xbox 360 steaming of .mkv files is lacking in quality right at the moment working the groups in the forums to correct this issue.


erez reviewed v3.0.0 on Dec 12, 2009



CodecPack reviewed v5.5.1 on Dec 12, 2009

That error is actually a bug in InnoSetup (or rather a flaw in Windows 7). It is not the fault of the codec pack. It is supposed to get fixed in next release of InnoSetup. You can work around the issue by removing the /verysilent switch.


chaox reviewed v5.5.1 on Dec 12, 2009

unattended installation still buggy on k-lite 5.5.1. i used /verysilent /norestart command.
and i got this error message, screenshot :

i had tried many unattended switch combination, and got the same error.


otby reviewed v5.5.0 on Dec 11, 2009



CodecPack reviewed v5.4.4 on Dec 2, 2009


To download Apple movie trailers you need to install QT Lite.


moheb_sam reviewed v5.4.4 on Nov 23, 2009

Guys I need help....
I had the previous version of KLM codec, with which i could save/download the quick time movie trailers from I recently installed the 5.0 version. I am not able to do this anymore... Please let me know if there is something i need to do with the options in KLM code itself?


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v5.4.0 on Nov 5, 2009

@ BURAOT - use movie player like MPC-HC or KMP, instead on audio player WinAmp forced to be movie player... ;p
because all in one programs in most cases are s***...


BURAOT reviewed v5.3.0 on Oct 30, 2009

I Nid Help, any fix for ActiveMovie window poping up in my winamp , since version 2.0 of this codec ive been experiencing it, OS XPSP3 Winamp 5.56, Winamp Plugin VID4WA v.2.6.4


CodecPack reviewed v5.3.0 on Oct 29, 2009

Report your problems on the Codec Guide Forum and you will get excellent help.

DirectX errors should only occur when your DirectX installation is b0rked. Not really the fault of the pack.

Your Winamp problem is caused by the VID4WA plugin. Remove it.


anomoly reviewed v5.3.0 on Oct 28, 2009

Keep getting directx errors and refuses to play subs of any kind.
Extracted KMPlayer with UniversalExtractor & it works portably even with hd mkv's & subs


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v5.3.0 on Oct 28, 2009

@ ckc6162 - happy now ? ;D


ckc6162 reviewed v5.1.9 Beta on Oct 11, 2009

Why not update media player classic to 1.3.1249?

some guy

some guy reviewed v5.1.9 Beta on Oct 9, 2009

simply the best period!


tipstir reviewed v5.1.8 Beta on Oct 8, 2009

Supports my Hauppauge Media MVP Server always supports AVI DivX.


ale5000 reviewed v5.1.6 Beta on Sep 29, 2009

The site is "up" again.


sn0wy82 reviewed v5.1.0 on Sep 26, 2009

It seems the website has been suspended, i hope this does not mean the end of the codec packs!!! I couldn't imagine using anything elese.


ghostaliaz reviewed v5.1.0 on Sep 18, 2009

I love (K-Lite Mega Codec Pack) it is simply the best video codec package ever made in my eye's & believe me I have used several, but they will never be able to compete with ( K-Lite Mega Codec Pack) because it is the best. After installation you will be able to play any file in any media player & I mean that, It even let's me play quicktime files like mp4/mov/.264 in windows media player or windows media center or any other player, I love the creator that made this. Where can we donate money because I would donate money to whom ever made this codec pack because it is the best ever created & it helps me in so many way's. I just wish that they would make a Apple Mac OS X version also because they are the best at it & it takes not even a lot of resources , but I am using an Intel Quad Core with 4 GB of DDR3 memory ,so that may be the reason, but I do use it on my parents old laptops & desktops & this codec pack works like a charm. Try it out people you will not be sorry!


single013 reviewed v5.0.5 on Aug 10, 2009

in 5.0.5, has some wrong with playing some FLV type files


mjm01010101 reviewed v2.6.0 on Aug 5, 2009

Where's my Wok? I could go for some Pho or Thai right about now!


Havokdan reviewed v5.0.0 on Jul 31, 2009

Beware with spams below. Best of Codec pack.


Balderstrom reviewed v5.0.0 on Jul 28, 2009

Love Joe.M's review. Paranoia is Golden. K-Lite is packed with innoSetup, I believe since they first started. Found the KLM back when they were @ filesharingplace and version 1.ish. Some people swear by other packs, this one has always worked for me. And MPC (Media Player Classic) is easily one of the best Movie/Video players around.

If you don't rely on the unholy beast that is iTunes, you may want to check out QuickTime alternative @ (which used to be available in the KLM). There's a small update to 5.0.0 btw, 5.0.3 ;-)


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v5.0.0 on Jul 13, 2009

@ dhry - jealous ?!

5/5 for me...
you simply cant find better codec pack then this...


pcexpert reviewed v5.0.0 on Jul 13, 2009



shroom reviewed v5.0.0 on Jul 12, 2009

That "crap" like dhry said works extremly fine for me.
Some should learn to use a computer and/or test before writing.


Prospero424 reviewed v5.0.0 on Jul 12, 2009

It works for every version of Windows, it has an uninstallation routine that actually WORKS, and it gives you the best combination of speed, quality and flexibility out there, even if it's not quite as elegant a solution as a standalone player like KMPlayer or VLC (both of which I like and rate highly here).

Don't listen to the noobs who are still listening to the outdated anti-codec-pack propaganda from half a decade or more ago. This pack is refined, it's up to date, it's powerful, and it's reliable.


4122 reviewed v5.0.0 on Jul 11, 2009

Some people really hate this codec pack, but I have been using it for a long, lomg time and because it is the only codec pack that has always consistently worked for me with no bugs or hosing of my system it is the only codec pack I trust and will use.

Five stars because it's always been awesome for me and not rated to 'retaliate' against any previous reviewer.


bellemannen reviewed v5.0.0 on Jul 11, 2009

Installs in few seconds on vista sp2. Does what its supposed to do, and no nagging and other adware following the package as toolbars etc.


Turas reviewed v5.0.0 on Jul 11, 2009

compensating for "dhry's 1" since i find k-lite quite usable. doesn't create problems and allows to watch all content that i need. cheers turas


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v2.5.0 on Jul 7, 2009

Woks great on Windows 7 x64...


CodecPack reviewed v2.4.5 on Jun 22, 2009

Please ignore all those spammers with their nonsense comments. reviewed v4.9.0 on Jun 16, 2009



pcexpert reviewed v2.4.0 on Jun 13, 2009

Can't live without this for playing my files in Windows Media Center.


pcexpert reviewed v4.9.0 on Jun 13, 2009

Excellent as always.


CodecPack reviewed v4.9.0 on Jun 11, 2009

Works great on Windows 7.


CodecPack reviewed v2.4.0 on Jun 11, 2009

Works great on Windows 7.


CodecPack reviewed v4.8.5 on May 20, 2009

If you can see things and hear things, then it means playback is working. What else did you expect it does?

You seem to have no clue what the purpose of the Registry is. If you think that adding information to the Registry is bad or wrong, then you are just another stupid n00b. Its purpose is to store settings and component registrations. For example installing a DirectShow filter results in several added keys. All changes that the pack makes serve a specific purpose. All changes are also correctly undone when uninstalling.


robmanic44 reviewed v4.8.5 on May 20, 2009

This program makes significant changes to the system registry without any real benefit that I can see or hear.


dsfsdrewr reviewed v4.8.0 on May 18, 2009



wyzwyk reviewed v4.8.0 on May 11, 2009

I've used a few others but K-Lite Mega Codec Pack has been the best to date. There is a pretty awesome assortment of codecs in this pack including the Real Player alternative. Nice!


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v4.8.0 on May 1, 2009

Awesome, it contain all what you can ever needed in your life time... ;)


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v2.3.0 on May 1, 2009

Awesome !!!

@ dietrkk - who cares who create it... good that this pack works too ;)


Sahan reviewed v4.8.0 on Apr 30, 2009

codec pack is the BEST!!!


dietrkk reviewed v2.3.0 on Apr 29, 2009

pcexpert, you need to get out more

isnt that the same x64 gabest directvobsub codec that Shark007 released because nobody else could come up with a stable version?


pcexpert reviewed v2.3.0 on Apr 29, 2009

Works great on Windows 7 RC1.

And it works much better than the crap the linked to.


UJM reviewed v2.2.2 on Apr 19, 2009

@alo23 ... you don't know what your talking about, the K-Lite codec pack is the most comprehensive codec pack available, the guys who put it together know their stuff, I've used it for years without problems or conflicts so if you had to format your drive your system is probably borked, not the codec pack!


johnk119 reviewed v4.7.5 on Mar 29, 2009

Best Codec pack available


pcexpert reviewed v2.2.0 on Mar 27, 2009



pcexpert reviewed v4.7.5 on Mar 27, 2009



Nefarious reviewed v2.1.0 on Mar 24, 2009

Great with MPC HomeCinema 64bit, rating 4/5 because I'd like it to work with quicktime/realtime in MPC-HC but apparently it doesnt.


ripfuel reviewed v4.7.0 on Mar 5, 2009

This is the very best codec pack out there as far as I am concerned! I can't judge the others because I never got a chance to even try them. I look at things this way....if the program does the job right, hey why fix a problem that is not broke? Keep up the great work guys!

North Carolina
(Deep South)


AmigaPPC reviewed v4.7.0 on Feb 26, 2009

Propably the best codec pack on the World :)


kholdstare reviewed v2.1.0 on Feb 23, 2009

yep they sound like total newbs. have been using this pack for the past 3 years and never had anything happen with it that i had to format my pc. it plays every video and audio format out there


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v2.1.0 on Feb 22, 2009

alo23 = typical brainwashed "Vista Codec Package" n00b user...
dont feed the troll...


alo23 reviewed v2.1.0 on Feb 21, 2009

This pack has way to many flaws. It often leaves people needing a format. My recommendation is to avoid this like the plague. Worst Codec Package ever made, It creates too many problems.


pcexpert reviewed v4.6.2 on Feb 18, 2009

This codec pack is excellent. It does what it needs to do very well and is highly flexible.

I help many people to fix their computers and always recommend this pack when my customers have trouble playing videos. I frequently get e-mails from very satisfied users thanking me for giving that recommendation.

The authors of this pack are also involved in the ffdshow and Media Player Classic projects. They are very knowledgeable and always helpful with providing a fix in case of problems. If you got a problem, go to the Codec Guide support forums and you will get a solution very quickly.

I highly recommend this pack.


pcexpert reviewed v2.0.0 on Feb 18, 2009

This codec pack is excellent. It does what it needs to do very well and is highly flexible.

I help many people to fix their computers and always recommend this pack when my customers have trouble playing videos. I frequently get e-mails from very satisfied users thanking me for giving that recommendation.

The authors of this pack are also involved in the ffdshow and Media Player Classic projects. They are very knowledgeable and always helpful with providing a fix in case of problems. If you got a problem, go to the Codec Guide support forums and you will get a solution very quickly.

I highly recommend this pack.


shahidil reviewed v4.6.2 on Feb 18, 2009

Compatibility with Windows 7 ?


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v2.0.0 on Feb 14, 2009

VistaUser = typical brainwashed "Vista Codec Package" n00b user...
dont feed the troll...


VistaUser reviewed v2.0.0 on Feb 12, 2009

complete crap. Most users have switched to the Shark007 codecs unless you prefer formatting your machine often, then Klite is for you.


CodecPack reviewed v2.0.0 on Feb 12, 2009

Excellent. An absolute must for Vista x64 Media Center.


CodecPack reviewed v4.6.2 on Feb 12, 2009


Yes, this pack is compatible with Windows 7.


Yes, if you upgrade it will use the installation settings from your current installation. So it will only update the components that you have installed.


frankwick reviewed v4.6.2 on Feb 12, 2009

I have an older version with a custom install of only a handful of codex loaded. Will the new version upgrade ONLY the codecs I have installed?


obbi reviewed v4.5.3 on Feb 6, 2009

thank you


italiano_200016 reviewed v4.5.3 on Jan 19, 2009

Mady @ MariaM love for ever


Hank.Riker reviewed v4.5.3 on Jan 17, 2009

Excellent as always. I don't know how the developer/developers keep motivated but we all benefit because of it.

I've been using this Codec pack for many years now, it's the best.

I congratulate them on yet another excellent release.


MerolaC reviewed v4.4.5 on Jan 3, 2009

What can i say?....
Every time i get a new version, it runs even better!!!
Like "simko"
"Flawless Victory!"


simko reviewed v4.4.5 on Jan 1, 2009

flawless victory :)

Simply the best out there in what it does.


mjm01010101 reviewed v4.4.5 on Dec 31, 2008

meh. I hate rebooting.


horsecharles reviewed v4.4.2 on Dec 19, 2008

This should almost be payware-- what other app gives you so much, while working seamlessly on everything from win98 to present?


deda reviewed v4.4.2 on Dec 19, 2008

English isn't my native idiom.
traumadoc@ try install first the codecs and only after this the affected program. I had this kind of problem with PowerDVD. I uninstalled both, and ran the codecs first, and I've got no problem.


dzjepp reviewed v4.3.4 on Nov 26, 2008



mjm01010101 reviewed v4.3.4 on Nov 25, 2008

Does the job. My PC can't handle full screen HD/H.264 though... :(


photonboy reviewed v4.3.1 on Nov 18, 2008

Works fine. No issues.

Confirm it's working, then install a piece or several pieces at a time until you figure out the offending codec or application. Maybe you should get the Full version and not the Megapack. Most people are fine with just FFDShow and Haali.

That piece of software has issues and you might be able to run it and change it's settings so it doesn't interfere (hard to be specific without knowing which program.)

Also, if you install manually, you might not even need that piece of software.

If you are still stumped, install VLC (and KMPlayer without external codecs). These will play most video and not affect anything else.

Ain Soph Aur

Ain Soph Aur reviewed v4.3.1 on Nov 14, 2008

OMG! i love it... :D


traumadoc reviewed v4.2.5 on Oct 27, 2008

Anyone able to help with an issue?
I have an HP Pavilltion dv9815nr laptop with built-in webcam. After installing this version my HP Webcam preview in My Computer fails with "creation of video preview failed" ...
I've had this issue with other programs - uninstalling the offending program repairs the problem. I have tried different drivers, etc. What sort of file would cause the video preview to fail?
Can anyone provide some assistance on this ? I want the programs I have installed that cause this video preview problem and I want things to work properly :)


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v1.5.0 on Oct 25, 2008

Still THE BEST !!!


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v4.2.5 on Oct 25, 2008

Still THE BEST !!!


Nighted reviewed v4.2.5 on Oct 21, 2008

Finally they've added MPC Home Cinema to these distributions! Outstanding work K-Lite team ! :)


viperiii reviewed v4.2.5 on Oct 21, 2008

A stable final version.
work fine with my ATI RADEON 2600XT latest 8.11 catalyst driver and SAMSUNG LCD display..


dzjepp reviewed v4.2.5 on Oct 20, 2008



cynical66 reviewed v4.1.7 on Sep 26, 2008

help! i cant play avi file properly. wut i got is sound but no pics come out..happen only to avi with more than 2GB size


mjm01010101 reviewed v4.1.7 on Aug 23, 2008

Kapersky is a great V detection engine EXCEPT, it has the highest rate of false positives for legit software.

Scan with any other AV engine and K-lite always comes out clean.


CodecPack reviewed v4.1.7 on Aug 21, 2008

The installer itself is protected, not its contents. It does not contain any malicious content. All the millions of satisfied users can confirm that it is 100% clean.


joe.m reviewed v4.1.7 on Aug 20, 2008

Okay I got two big issues with K-Lite. The name K-Lite came from the site which brought us all Kazaa Lite. It made its codecs available using the name K-Lite some time ago.

Secondly, my Kapersky anti-virus scanner complained about. Now I know you might think I got a false positive, No that's not it.

It seems Kapersky does not like when some archives (Zip files) have additional embedded Zip files that are password protected. Upon seeing this I tried to open the nested password protected zip files in the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack and it kept asking for a password. I tried opening these files on my Linux box so that I would not get an unexpected surprise.

Kapersky believes you should never blindly trust locked files that you have no clue at what they are or what they do. There could be a very undesirable file or files inside. Even if it was Microsoft I would urge caution. There is no reason to have locked files within a free codec unless isn't really free (i.e. adware, spyware). We'll never know and I not willing to find out on my XP box.


anomoly reviewed v4.1.7 on Aug 19, 2008

414 was crashing my pc. Switching to MPC home cinema portable videos played fine.


mjm01010101 reviewed v4.1.4 on Aug 10, 2008

Fairly hard to release an update pack when they constantly revert to older versions or remove components due to technical or legal issues, combined with regression testing the hundreds of versions.


Trgiaol reviewed v4.1.4 on Aug 9, 2008

Great pack, I just wish they'd release update packs instead of full releases all the time


skapig reviewed v4.1.4 on Aug 9, 2008

Great pack, but have been having a problem lately with the MediaPlayer Classic window sometimes not openning while the video procedes to play (audio can be heard and the ffdshow icons are visible), forcing me to end the task. Then will work fine.


CodecPack reviewed v4.1.4 on Aug 9, 2008


You problem is most likely caused by the drivers. So you should try with the 8.6 one.

There is a support forum on the codecguide website. That is a good place to get help.

K-Lite doesn't develop the individual codecs. They only assemble the package.


viperiii reviewed v4.1.4 on Aug 8, 2008

This 4.14 version got a bug (slightly jerking picture display) on my ATI RADEON 2600XT card, when viewing the AVI MOVIES. The latest Catalyst 8.7 driver was installed during the testing of this version of K-LITE CODEC..

My system config:
1Gb DDR2 800 memory,
Gigabyte ATI Radeon 2600XT 256Mb GDDR3,
Vista SP1.
500Gb Western Digital Hard Disk SATA x 2 (RAID)
Catalyst 8.7 was installed.

I still prefer the version 4.00 of K-LITE Mega Codec with stunning display quality.. I am not sure whether it is deal to the graphic driver issues, or the CODEC issues. previous i was using the CATALYST 8.6 driver together with version 4.00 of K-LITE Mega Codec installed.

(hope the K-LITE developer will take note for my little issues). Perhaps, The K-Lite Codec developers take into the following considerations when developing the codecs,

the so called the "COMBINED OPTIMIZATIONS"

1. AMD processor and latest ATI Graphic Optimizations.
2. AMD processor and latest NVIDIA Graphic Optimizations.
3. Intel Processor and latest ATI Graphic Optimizations.
4. Intel Processor and latest NVIDIA Graphic Optimizations.
5. LCD digital display optimization.
6. Digital display (DVI) optimization.
7. Hi Definition Video optimization.
8. Common optimization. (only for older graphic card)

K-Lite for the BEST!


asmithz reviewed v1.4.0 on Jul 31, 2008

64-bit :)


CodecPack reviewed v4.1.0 on Jul 29, 2008

@ Bouvier

Then you are very unlucky, as this pack works perfectly fine for almost everyone. If you need help solving your problem, this is a good place to get help:


Bouvier reviewed v4.1.0 on Jul 29, 2008

I installed this bunch of crap, and now all my media files' audio are out of sync.


Jeordie reviewed v4.1.0 on Jul 28, 2008

CCCP is a communist community codec pack. You would have to be retarded to call it bloated. It's not going to take over with system resources and bog down your system at all, if your computer can't handle 46.6 MB of data, then there is something wrong with you. The nice thing is you can deselect all you want, so it technically can't be bloated. Also, the communist community codec pack is way outdated and never gets updated and fixed like k-lite. If one release this year is up to date enough for you, good, but you are wrong, so gtfo. 24-1-2008 is the last release of CCCP and that can't hardly be considered up to date, new versions of divx and many things are included. CCCP can't find a competent communist it seems to setup their forums, wiki or anything else. Yet K-lite is doing great with releases. There is no comparison in quality/community/less communism as k-lite, they don't take the time to make a comment where they are protected by anonymity to advertise, because they don't need it like CCCP.


viperiii reviewed v4.0.0 on Jul 9, 2008

Promise to deliver better picture quality when U viewing the AVI movies..

(tested on a decent ATI graphic card and Samsung LCD monitor)
Keep on improving K-LITE CODECs.. but there are still a lot of space for improvement, keep it up!!)


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v4.0.0 on Jul 9, 2008

@ elitegangsta - how CCCP can be better like KLCP have all things like CCCP have...

stop with idiotic CCCP propaganda...

CCCP dont have encoders like KLCP have... than stfu with comparison this codecs packs...


elitegangsta reviewed v4.0.0 on Jul 8, 2008

it's ok, bloated in a few respects, not always totally up-to-date, does not clean and refresh current codecs. CCCP is a much better alternative (Combined Community Codec Pack) check it out.


CodecPack reviewed v4.0.0 on Jul 8, 2008

AC3Filter 1.50a is a buggy ALPHA version. That is why the pack still includes the latest stable version.

Those who think this pack is too large should check out the much smaller STANDARD version. Don't waste your time with outdated CCCP crap.

And since all the KLCP packs are fully customizable you can also just select the stuff you want/need.


pihug12 reviewed v4.0.0 on Jul 8, 2008

Why don't upgrade AC3Filter 1.46 to AC3Filter 1.50a ?

Great pack anyway !


aruprc reviewed v4.0.0 on Jul 7, 2008

Good job......


mjm01010101 reviewed v4.0.0 on Jul 7, 2008

I like even numbers.


shroom reviewed v4.0.0 on Jul 7, 2008

I usually rate this 4 but since theartist's made a superb review I'm rating this 5.


Marucins reviewed v4.0.0 on Jul 7, 2008

**thartist** You've...


thartist reviewed v4.0.0 on Jul 7, 2008

It's not like they've made ANY MAJOR CHANGE THAT JUSTIFIES THE 4 AS A VERSION NUMBER. Baaaad, baaad numbering.

Its just a very regular update as every other. 3.9.9 or 3.9.10 if they want, or 3.10.0 should be. Not 4.0.

Low rating penalty this single time for misleading. Nothing is new here.


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v3.9.5 on Jun 19, 2008

Still THE BEST !!!


outofspace reviewed v3.9.5 on Jun 4, 2008



ModderXManiac reviewed v3.9.5 on Jun 3, 2008

It still lacks a few codecs that I require, but I'll leave that for the forum.

In terms of codec packs, this is as good as they come, it's bug-tested to the extreme, it has a gigantic community, and it's flexibility is golden.

With this pack you can; Play flash content(swf or flv) in Windows Media Player, as well as play Quicktime/Real/diVx/xVid, and tons more.

For those of you who love Movie Maker, this allows you to import virtually any video into it.

For anyone who's a media nut, get this pack; the playback quality kills KMPlayer, and the stability of Videolan on Windows is still iffy, and can't play nearly as much as this allows.

The Best.


Havokdan reviewed v3.9.0 on May 12, 2008

ask in the forum oficial


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v1.3.1 on Apr 16, 2008

Perfect !!!
K.O. others codecs pack xD


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v3.9.0 on Apr 16, 2008

Perfect !!!
K.O. others codecs pack xD


madmike reviewed v3.9.0 on Apr 16, 2008

One word: Excellent!


H4cko reviewed v3.8.0 on Mar 24, 2008

Best codec pack i ever used!


pihug12 reviewed v3.7.5 on Feb 6, 2008

"It really sucks that CoreAVC was removed."
+1 => 4/5

But it stills the best codec pack !


Prospero424 reviewed v3.7.5 on Feb 6, 2008

Awwwww, man. It really sucks that CoreAVC was removed. That was a massive part of why I used this pack.

I know it was inevitable since it's not free or open, but it still sucks since it's by far the most efficient software h/x264 decoder.

Hang on to 3.7.0 if you have it, folks.


nohead reviewed v3.7.5 on Feb 5, 2008

I've been using it since 2-3 years. It just gets better...


CodecPack reviewed v1.3.0 on Jan 28, 2008

Now also supports playback of .flv files.


viperiii reviewed v3.7.0 on Jan 24, 2008

Getting better support for LCD display, ATI Radeon 2600XT with the ATI Catalyst 8.1 driver in Windows VISTA x64 environment. Best and better ever! Highly recommended. Good Job, K-Lite Team! Hopefully got more improvement in the future version.


CodecPack reviewed v3.6.5 on Dec 31, 2007

@vcorvinus, if you would bother to look at the options given during installation then you'll find a MPEG-2 (MP2) audio decoder amongst it.


vcorvinus reviewed v3.6.5 on Dec 31, 2007

works well when it works. wish it had a MPEG-2 audio decoder.


wchisme_2000 reviewed v3.6.2 on Dec 28, 2007

K-LITE cann't play PMP files...

the artist

the artist reviewed v3.6.2 on Dec 23, 2007

IF this or any codec package causes instability to your system then you're an... "unlucky fella" (to not say "an idiot").
I don't have any use for that extra stuff it carries, i just install in the "playback only" preset and that way i always have a player that plays whatever sh*t i throw at it. it always works like a charm.

5 greens from me.


tannenwheel reviewed v3.6.2 on Dec 23, 2007

if you are unable to fix the instability that a codec package could cause, your are also unable to manually & consciously build up a codec system without a package. it makes no sense to warn people who could easily fix such problems. makes no sense to warn people who wont achieve any "playback" without a package or without just following instructions to manually install codecs which would be just as risky. makes no sense to warn people who dont use directshow players, as mythic instability wont affect them, except maybe on thumbnail extraction. so you are just into the warning for the feel of it. dont fart near open fire. also avoid any computer usage, to ensure system stability.

i am rating it just 4 cause i am missing some magic tools to manage and overwiev stuff. the installer-like thing is neat, but not so grown up.


meteecee reviewed v3.6.2 on Dec 23, 2007

what does this offer that you don't get with ZOOMpro.

i rated this for potenyiall


CodecPack reviewed v3.6.0 Beta on Dec 14, 2007

@viperiii, if you report a possible bug, you need to be way more specific.

This version is working great for me.


viperiii reviewed v3.6.0 Beta on Dec 14, 2007

produce weird sound of this version of K-LITE, recommend other versions than this version.


wchisme_2000 reviewed v3.6.0 Beta on Dec 13, 2007



viperiii reviewed v3.5.9 Beta on Dec 11, 2007

The latest version with improve latest hardware and dual core support!! yeah!! Hopefully can improve some more in the near future like SSE and SSE2 optimization.


sx66gns reviewed v3.5.9 Beta on Dec 7, 2007

Great pack , say........where's the Linux version?


osric reviewed v3.5.9 Beta on Dec 7, 2007

No we are going to have vista's successor pretty soon - XP SP3 ;)

why hello there

why hello there reviewed v3.5.9 Beta on Dec 7, 2007

32-bit OSs are extinct? You must be joking. And if you honestly believe that Vista's successor will be out by mid-2008 or early-2009, you must be insane.


ketxxx reviewed v3.5.7 on Dec 2, 2007

Truely great stuff. Theres no need for any other words. As time moves on it would be nice to start seeing more native 64bit video and audio codecs, though. XP64 is now actually quite good out outshines its 32bit brother, and while I hate it for its system resources hogging, bloatyness, and general design that makes it look like a 6 year old made it, Vista64 is also around folks. So like the dinosaur 32bit OSes are essentially extinct now, Microsofts next OS (which MS have said themselves could be ready to go as early as mid 08 early 09)is also likely to be 64bit only.

why hello there

why hello there reviewed v3.5.7 on Nov 22, 2007

I love it... It serves me well and gives very few problems.

Just a slight modification on what simko said: I'd generally suggest not updating just to update (i.e. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"), but do check the release notes to see if a security fix has been included in the update (i.e. "Something may be broken without you knowing").


simko reviewed v3.5.7 on Nov 22, 2007

well you want the best codec pack well this is the best imo using used it since it began.

And if it aint broke dont try to fix it meaning if everything works you shouldnt update the already installed pack.

If something doesnt work make sure to only update that part just a tip.


horsecharles reviewed v3.5.7 on Nov 22, 2007

Yeah, other codec packs have also removed QTA- which btw changed name to QT Lite.
Also, since Apple has made it even tougher to sub QT when using iTunes, i've gone back to QT... It will stay until iTunes no longer needed.

I trust K-Lite to add/remove stuff as they see fit-- usually done after widespread experiment / feedback / clamor anyhow; as well Mega Codec Pack contains so much that it makes very little sense to downgrade this product whenever some single item/feature is removed. I mean, think about the large quantity of codecs + individual apps & tweaks...all the work involved here:

to get such a plethora of varied & independent products to even install together, much less co-exist...factor in their never-ending stream of updates + possible new candidates to add, as well the work with so many tweaks; all in an end product that plays nice with just about every hardware driver in existence & every Windows version from 98 to Vista.

To maintain this product at its present quality and expansion levels(and as well keep it freeware)-- is not something i would wish on my worst enemy.

The top rating of 5 seems very inadequate for K-Lite actually.


ModderXManiac reviewed v3.5.3 on Oct 26, 2007

As far as I know, they removed Quicktime Alternative from the pack so they wouldn't face possible lawsuits against Apple for modifying their software.

Great pack, it really goes to show how capable FFDShow is, and what it's becoming...It might get to the point that it could play every popular format(it almost already does), and then they could publish it and make a killing...but then would kill diVX entirely.

They keep up with updates well on everything except new MPC mod.

I was using KMPlayer and VLC for awhile and reviewing this low, but both are very sloppy handling, buggy, and video quality is NOT as good.


olavinto reviewed v3.5.3 on Oct 26, 2007

The best and very complete codec pack. It's a shame that they removed QuickTime Alternative.

Note that QTA was removed because Apple demanded it. So it is not coming back. Complain to Apple instead of dropping the points here!


Somnambulator reviewed v3.5.3 on Oct 26, 2007

havent installed 3.5.3 yet but havent had any probs with previous versions. docking 1 point b/c they removed quicktime alternative some time back and the point of the mega pack was to have EVERY codec in 1 installer.

put QTA back in and it's back to a 5.

also the codec fixer tool is 5 stars by itself...


horsecharles reviewed v3.5.3 on Oct 26, 2007

Somn Doesn't install Flash either.. deduct another point... oooh.. no Shock either... no Unagi... ROTF

Auto, you ignorant slut! it's VCM9: http://download.microsof...f6c328/wmv9VCMsetup.exe

And it IS listed by KLite, both in Setup(select Lots of Options category) AND in G-Spot(look in Start/Programs/Klite/Tools/GSpot/System/List Codecs & .../scroll to bottom of page......

Joop: yeah, IF you install more than one codec pack you may get conflicts-- you'll get duplicate & multiple different codec versions... to boot installed in different locations.
You never specifically cited K-Lite for causing any conflicts within its installed packages.

Lhdal you're having either: porn malware issues or incorrectly configured/installed hardware.

Sheesh... is this a great country or what??? Folks freely allowed to post stuff like that without fear of retribution.

Enjoy your freedom fries w/ your next burger guys!!!


duntuk reviewed v3.5.0 on Oct 22, 2007

best and NO process overhead... (this does NOT install a bunch of useless codecs--as some *unexperienced* users may have noted... even though it allows you to install just about any codec, the DEFAULT installation is super slim)

if you want to play High Definition formats 720p or 1080i, you'll need x264 support (which this has; it uses CoreAVC which is the fastest/best for decoding this format)

and auto78900, your review has NOTHING to do with how this program performs... just because you can't find certain info this doesn't justify a negative review on the program... rather it should reflect a review on your personal inabilities on using google.
(here is what you're looking for, listed on the developer's site:


cap.ahab reviewed v3.4.5 on Oct 12, 2007



auto78900 reviewed v3.4.5 on Sep 25, 2007

It still does not tell u if it has this codec in it.
Its windows "media video 9 Professional".

I really need this codec.


horsecharles reviewed v3.4.5 on Sep 19, 2007

Never a single bug or conflict on various systems from 98 to me to 2k to xp to vista.... don't listen to fearmongers....
and don't install any other codec packs either-- that will/may cause problems.


joopbraak reviewed v3.4.5 on Sep 16, 2007

MPC is still being developed, just not by Gabest.

There is already a fixed version available:

Ffdshow and MPC (6 MB together) is all you need to play like 99 % of video's available on internet. Actually I don't even install Fakeplayer alternative nowadays, because it's hardly being used anymore. Slowtime alternative you can install if you want to watch mov files as well. But that is not included in this pack either.
Codec packs often cause problems because of conflicts and all the codecs installed of which 90% you never gonna use. And updated versions of seperate components are not included immediately
(and you will have to download and install the whole codec pack again).
A use only MPC and Ffdshow (the SSE version) and never have problems watching video's (and I watch alot).
Anybody saying Ffdshow or MPC is a terrible piece of software doesn't know what he's talking about.

Look on Doom9 or Free-Codecs for more info.


echohead reviewed v3.4.5 on Sep 16, 2007

its good to see that people are finally seeing ffdshow for the terrible piece of software that it is. now if everyone would just realize how outdated and buggy media player classic is, we'd be in good shape...

but other than ffdshow and MPC, this is a great no nonsense codec pack. the next version should have quicktime alternative back in it!


Canuckistani reviewed v3.4.5 on Sep 15, 2007

That's ffdshow. Geeze, like watching video under water. Just uncheck or change anything that that says ffdshow and choose Gabest for MPG and Haali for TS/PS. Silky smooth. Probably, the ffdshow pack has been "optimised" for dual core and Vista. Well, you know that can't be good. But, that's the beauty of KLMC: Choice and a clean uninstall / reinstall if you change your mind about which filters you want to use.


lenon.c reviewed v3.4.5 on Sep 15, 2007

some mpg files can't be played , show up no sound or jump .
I found out that was cyberlink's fault , it's all right when using ffdshow to decode mpeg-2


CodecPack reviewed v3.4.3 Beta on Sep 14, 2007

That bug is present in the internal AVI splitter of MPC. The K-Lite Codec Pack uses the standard Microsoft AVI splitter by default. So there is no need to worry.

MPC is open source, so there is a big chance someone will fix this bug very soon.


mjm01010101 reviewed v3.4.3 Beta on Sep 13, 2007

All should note that media player classic has a serious remote execution security vulnerability, so any codec package that uses it might be affected:

AFAIK MPC development has been abandoned, which means k-lite might need to change their default media player.


hRLE reviewed v3.4.3 Beta on Sep 8, 2007

This codec pack is far the most complete pack except maybe ACE Mega CodecS Pack. But the newest ACE Mega CodecS Pack version is very, very old and it's development has been stoped. So, K-Lite Mega Codec Pack is the best codec pack. You will find everything that you need. I gave it a high rating becouse of it's development, the new version ships about, twice a month.


lhdal reviewed v3.4.3 Beta on Sep 7, 2007

No sound in AVI's


Zygi reviewed v3.4.0 on Sep 4, 2007

My tv tuner shortcut program (in tray) even that the real tuner program was closed was using some codecs and i have had access errors in K-Lite Mega Codec Pack installer - turning that Leadtek Winfast Wizard off from tray fixed that.


lumaan reviewed v3.4.0 on Aug 31, 2007

*Just install Unlocker then right klik on the file that you cant replace and "unlock" it ;) I use this program when I cant replace/delete files in use by some program and I dont want to make a restart to make it "unlocked".*

K-Lite Mega Codec Pack i have been using for some years now, and always gets back to it if I try other codec pack's... Got what I need.


horsecharles reviewed v3.4.0 on Aug 31, 2007

Any dll that can't be registered MUST be in use by either browser or by some background app... in the case when you don't have some media app obviously running of course.

Try over-installing in Safe Mode.


Canuckistani reviewed v3.4.0 on Aug 31, 2007

Yeah, it's always a good idea to uninstall the old version, reboot and install. I've found that often when there are problems installing the culprit turns out to be an internet video that doesn't close cleanly and leaves a process in memory space even after the browser is closed. Sometimes I have seen one instance of MPC and an instance or two of Firefox still running as processes in Task Manager. No way the codec pack will install under those circumstances. Can't really blame the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack installer for that and it is good that it is so well behaved and doesn't force an install. That would be really bad.


Skawt reviewed v3.3.9 Beta on Aug 30, 2007

Issues like this happen with various Windows systems, and I have not found an exact cause for it. I always got hit by something similar with the Quicktime Alternative portion. It simply means that something is in use and it can't be overwritten.

Unfortunately, when you get stuck by one of these, the only real solution is to do a complete uninstall of the K-lite codec pack, reboot, and then install the new one. That usually resolves the issue for me.


hurzx reviewed v3.3.9 Beta on Aug 29, 2007

@ wchisme_2000

Confirmed. I got exactly the same issue. Could not install and it rolled back...


Matt714 reviewed v3.3.9 Beta on Aug 29, 2007

wchisme_2000, have you made sure that Windows Media Player, Firefox, and the like are closed ?


wchisme_2000 reviewed v3.3.8 Beta on Aug 27, 2007

C:\Program Files\K-Lite Codec Pack\filters\

Unable to register the DLL/OCX: RegSvr32 failed with exit code 0x3.

Click Retry to try again, Ignore to proceed anyway (not recommended), or Abort to cancel installation.
??(A) ??(R) ??(I)


MerolaC reviewed v3.3.8 Beta on Aug 24, 2007

Just, the best free codec pack out there... Simple, fast and it have all for everything what you want to do in video, sound or both!
The best thing is what you can take more advantage from Windows Media Player 11 because it give to it more formats support!
But, if you don't like Windows Media Player, you can install the included player... Windows Media Player Classic which is more better and Stable than MSoft thing and it support even more formats.
And it has more features!
What more can i say?
Download it and prove it all yourself.

A must have :D


vcorvinus reviewed v3.3.8 Beta on Aug 24, 2007

Actually, improvelence, codec packs are a great idea. You could install codecs one-by-one, on an as-needed basis, but with a good codec pack, you don't have to worry about compatibility, stability, or configuration issues. Someone else does it for you.


outofspace reviewed v3.3.8 Beta on Aug 24, 2007

classic !


improvelence reviewed v3.3.8 Beta on Aug 24, 2007

Codec packs are a bad idea unless you are an extreme novice. Only use this if you have no knowledge of codecs and filters whatsoever.


styxchan reviewed v3.3.8 Beta on Aug 24, 2007

best nothing more or less


christ999 reviewed v3.3.5 on Aug 17, 2007

the best


CodecPack reviewed v3.3.4 Beta on Aug 16, 2007

There are some incompatibilities between QuickTime and some NVIDIA drivers.

Selecting "Safe Mode (GDI only)" in QuickTime preferences solves the crashes.


baki_princ reviewed v3.3.4 Beta on Aug 16, 2007

All I know is that since they remove quick time I cannot watch trailers on neither with QT lite, neither with QT pro ...Opera and IE7 just crashed....I install th eold version KLite mega codec pack 2.1.5 and it`s same problem...


weitaohd reviewed v3.3.3 Beta on Aug 15, 2007

no password


luyi7338 reviewed v3.3.3 Beta on Aug 15, 2007

I dont know the pasword too..


wchisme_2000 reviewed v3.3.3 Beta on Aug 14, 2007

password???what password???


tinkerdill reviewed v3.3.3 Beta on Aug 14, 2007

Simply the best.


CodecPack reviewed v2.2.9 Beta 2 on Jul 19, 2007


QT Lite is not equal to QT Alternative. It is a similar pack, but based on the latest version of QuickTime.


mjm01010101 reviewed v2.2.9 Beta 2 on Jul 19, 2007

again, people. Stop pushing QT lite. it's dead. It has vulnerable code (i.e. uses old quicktime elements that have vulnerabilities in them.)
Your choices now are to either use Quicktime or not use quicktime. I choose the latter, I hate the format and pretty much everything about apple.


tuneslover reviewed v2.2.9 Beta on Jul 14, 2007

I Love it.


anomoly reviewed v2.2.9 Beta on Jul 14, 2007

The whole point of k-lite is so you don't have to run to multiple links to get media accessibility-running....
As popular as this is it should by now have an autoupdate feature for just the components that need it. 5 million downloads-alright already

The Seeker 11

The Seeker 11 reviewed v2.2.9 Beta on Jul 14, 2007

Install this and QT Lite and you'll be set.


christ999 reviewed v2.2.9 Beta on Jul 14, 2007

The best codec pack


mjm01010101 reviewed v2.2.9 Beta on Jul 13, 2007

QT alternative [lite or regular] is no longer under development, and contains the quicktime flaws as reported recently.

Otherwise, I've had good success with MPC/this codec pack, but I will def check out your routine. It does concern me that mpc development has pretty much dried up, and I have had it crash on me a few times (but so has almost every app I've ever used)


runningfool reviewed v2.2.9 Beta on Jul 13, 2007

installing KLCP actually creates 2 un-fixable bugs in media player classic...if youre watching a video in MPC and then double click on another video without first closing MPC, it locks up forcing you to ctrl+alt+del MPC. the other bug causes MPC to randomly not remove itself from memory...ive had as many as 8 mplayerclassic processes running at once because of this.

k-lite is way past its prime, development on media player classic has all but ceased, and there are so many mindless ffdshow fanboys out there that its probably not safe saying anything bad about that unnecessary garbage piece of software.

think about this for a second...are you really going to need THIS many codecs? are the annoyances of media player classic really worth putting up with, just so you can save about 5MB of memory?

instead of downloading KLMCP, try this:
1) download and install real alternative lite, and quicktime alternative lite-
2) download and install the MSFN codec pack (only 6MB, and only codecs youll actually use)-
3) download and install KMPlayer (THE best media player)-
4) download and install foobar2000 (best music player, by far)-
(custom silent installer, includes plugins)

this might seem like a lot to install, but in reality its much more memory efficient than k-lite. i was a KLMCP for years...then i wised up. try the programs i listed, and tell me im wrong.


mjm01010101 reviewed v2.2.5 on Jun 27, 2007

I'm bummed about the removal of quicktime alt.
Quicktime, as shown on their page, is such a pain to make "not suck" especially on a mass group of machines (domain,)

The latest version isn't updating for us, either, it just repeatedly says an update is available, but it never goes away.

In terms of bloat: Real is King, but Quicktime/Itunes is closing in. I never could get MPC to play wmv files reliably, so it's always unchecked when I install it.


simko reviewed v2.2.5 on Jun 27, 2007

Best codec pack out there as simpel as that.


Prospero424 reviewed v2.2.5 on Jun 27, 2007

It's interesting that they removed a few of the MPEG decoders from the "mega" codec pack, but I guess some of them were kind of redundant and the wide range of choices could be confusing to some first time users. Besides, they're still in the MPEG Pack.

I'm just glad they kept the Gabest decoder in, because I just cannot get the Cyberlink decoder to work with my Radeon 8500, even with hardware acceleration disabled, and I have problems with some transport streams and other MPEG2 files when using the ffdshow decoders. Good decision on the K-Lite team's part.

And it's actually CoreAVC that handles most modern Quicktime files, by default, and that's a good thing. It's far, far more efficient than Apple's own decoder for Windows.

Still the best.


Gus_Valentine reviewed v2.2.5 on Jun 26, 2007

Yes, they stated on their website that Apple asked them to remove QT Alternative, but then FFDShow can play .mov files, as well as almost all other media types. And, this codec pack is the most complete and up-to-date there is, period.


CodecPack reviewed v2.2.5 on Jun 26, 2007

Another lamer that rates something that he/she has never used.

CCCP only support the most common formats. K-Lite plays many more formats (such as RealMedia, flac, musepack, etc) and works perfectly fine. Furthermore, KLMCP also uses the latest versions of Haali Media Splitter and ffdshow tryouts.


maxstep reviewed v2.2.5 on Jun 26, 2007

Bluntly - C.R.A.P. Use cccp with updated haali media splitter and latest ffdshow tryouts - flawless playback of ANY file you can imagine.


Prospero424 reviewed v2.2.0 on Jun 14, 2007

You know, I really was skeptical about them removing Quicktime Alternative, but after trying the instructions on their site on how to install Apple Quicktime without having to worry about it running crap in the background or interfering with other A/V components, I have to reluctantly admit that it works better. CoreAVC does the decoding for .mov files in DirectShow (MPC, Zoom Player, etc.), anyway, so the only media the actual Quicktime will be handling is Quicktime streaming web content.

It's just a bit of a pain, even if it takes only two or three minutes. Quicktime Alternative is still great software in this regard. But I understand that not everyone with a website can afford to hire their own lawyers to fend off Apple's lawyers.

KLCP is still the best solution out there for Windows HTPCs when combined with Zoom Player (or whatever other player you prefer).


tinkerdill reviewed v2.2.0 on Jun 13, 2007

why did they remove QT Alternative? legal problems?


Porkape reviewed v2.2.0 on Jun 13, 2007

I love this pack but it does not have QuickTime Alternative anymore. I'll upgrade for now and see if I miss it, otherwise this still gets 9 Thumbs Up from me.


flibberyGiveIt reviewed v2.2.0 on Jun 13, 2007

This, Firefox, my firewall and Admuncher are the
only programs I try to keep up to date.
(And XP, but I'm still runnig XP SP1 so....)


eddie reviewed v2.2.0 on Jun 13, 2007

It is listed there...


RWW reviewed v2.2.0 on Jun 13, 2007

Yes! Mrtech and I have the same question.


mrtech reviewed v2.2.0 on Jun 13, 2007

This is a great package, but just wondering why it's now listed on anymore??


h377r1d3r reviewed v2.1.5 on Jun 6, 2007

@runningfool this is not the place to showoff you frustations mate with irc. some irc channels are quiet, some are not.

klmcp is simply the best:
1. easy to install
2. easy to upgrade
3. has all the codecs you would ever want
4. checks for broken codecs

what else do you want? if you prefer stand alone player for the cost of choppy playback(don't even argue here) use vlc

btw. mpc - what's your problem with that??? it does need stand alone codecs, that's the way it was written. it is like saying cars are stupid cause they need fuel... wtf ?!?


bigmama reviewed v2.1.5 on Jun 5, 2007

best codec pack

(dead link?)


Prospero424 reviewed v2.1.5 on Jun 5, 2007

Anyone implying that ffdshow is somehow "bloated" simply doesn't know what they're talking about. For what it does - decode every format I'm aware of including .flv - it's TINY; about 4MB. And it's about as stable as it gets. The only compatibility problems that anyone seems to have with it these days are usually due to either a woefully out-of-date/broken Windows install or to outdated/broken display drivers.

It does NOT interfere with other codecs if it's properly configured, which is normally done automatically by KLPC, and customized incredibly easily even if it doesn't. Ffdshow includes a drop-down menu where you can tell it exactly what formats to decode and what formats not to decode. If you prefer, say, a different h.264 decoder, you just set the h.264 preference in the config utility to "disabled". It's not rocket science, and KLCP even includes application whitelist functionality as an option. New builds are released regularly because they're adding features, refining support for newer formats like VC-1 and FLV, and generally improving the software. The fact that ffdshow is maintained so vigorously can only be a GOOD thing.

Additionally, there is no better decoder/utility for AC3/DTS and other high-def audio formats than AC3Filter, especially if reliable and highly-configurable digital (SPDIF) pass-through to, say, a home theater receiver is a concern.

As for Media Player Classic, there's a reason the KLCP puts a check box next to it during install. If you prefer a different player and don't want MPC taking up that grand total of 4MB on your hard disk, simply uncheck that option during install and use whatever directshow-compatible player you want. I happen to prefer the free version of Zoom Player.

For best compatibility, I suggest selecting the Gabest MPEG2 decoder during installation unless you're using Vista or you use Media Player Classic as your main player, which uses this codec internally. The other reason I suggest it is that it's one of the few free MPEG2 decoders that has a usable auto deinterlacer, which comes in handy when playing back 1080i and other interlaced formats. The only downside is no hardware acceleration, but almost all computers in use today have enough CPU power for MPEG2 that it's not really a rational concern. (Also select the TS splitter and Gabest PS splitter during installation if you plan on watching High-def content from PVRs/Tivos)

As I mentioned in my previous review: this package is simply the best option out there for a Windows-based HTPC. It's amazingly versatile and zealously kept up to date. The inclusion of the latest CoreAVC h.264 decoder, which performs and looks even better than almost all hardware-accelerated decoders, just makes the choice that much easier.


CodecPack reviewed v2.1.5 on Jun 4, 2007

ffdshow doesn't use much memory. Perhaps with high resolution video, but that is because of the huge size of the decompressed video data that needs to be send to the video renderer for each frame.

And I don't know where you get your facts, but ffdshow was created by a single person. At this moment it is maintained by a group of people. But I think you are confusing the IRC stuff with the people behind CCCP.

ffdshow mainly uses libavcodec as its decoding library. Guess what KMPlayer uses...


runningfool reviewed v2.1.5 on Jun 4, 2007

this pack is composed of 3 parts (excluding real and quicktime alternative)- the codec pack, ffdshow, and media player classic.

the codec pack was originally created by users of the kazaa variant k-lite (hence the name) because some videos needed rare codecs in order to be played. if you actually still use kazaa or like encoding videos using seldom-used codecs, then this codec pack is for you.

ffdshow -EDIT- is maintained -EDIT- by a group of people who spend most of their time trolling around on IRC channels so they can tell people codecs are stupid. basically they became frustrated at the progress of the divx codec (because everyone knows the only way divx became the most popular video format on the web was by having a s***ty codec in the first place and decided to write their own *better* divx decoder. but there were 2 problems with this: first, by fixing the almost-impossible-to-notice problems with divx, ffdshow introduced a whole new set of decoding problems. second problem is that the fanboys who created ffdshow decided it would be a great idea to try and make their program decode everything. its kind of like if a plumber fixed the dripping faucet in your kitchen but put a giant hole in the middle of the floor. sure theres a hole, but hey your sink doesnt drip! what a great idea! instead of loading a tiny codec into memory, lets fill up way more space with an unnecessary program! oh, and having ffdshow and the codec can degrade or even break the decoding of a video. but dont worry, ffdshow isnt unstable. i mean its not like they release a new beta build every week or anything. oh, wait.

finally, theres media player classic. low memory usage, plays almost every audio/video format, simple, small, easy. except that it needs external codecs or ffdshow to play a lot of those formats. and sometimes for no reason it uses close to 60MB of memory. and sometimes you have to ctrl+alt+del to manually remove it from memory. and it has difficulty mnaging ffdshow and codecs together.

heres a fun little test! install k-lite mega codec pack. use the "lots of stuff" preset. open a video in media player classic. now click on another video, with the first one still running. and watch media player classic crash.

you wanna be able to watch any video format? download kmplayer, real alternative, quicktime alternative, and MSFN codec pack. saves space, no problems.

P.S. i gave it a 2 because real/quicktime alternative both actually work.

P.P.S. i have asked for support help in several IRC channels having to do with ffdshow, codecs, and media player classic. i was either ignored for hours, told kmplayer was stupid because it is written in Delphi (yes im serious) or told that my problem with media player classic wasnt possible. oh and if you do a wikipedia search for kmplayer, youll find a whole list of codecs that it uses...none of which are libavcodec.


h377r1d3r reviewed v2.1.0 on Jun 4, 2007

The easiest to use, most effective and problems free codec pack.

Just install and forget... well set it up and forget.


Prospero424 reviewed v2.1.0 on May 23, 2007

If you're running a Windows-based HTPC, I really do think this package offers the best playback quality, versatility, and performance of any other solution, especially if you dabble in video conversion yourself and/or regularly play back high-def, open-format media like MKV files.

There's options for EVERYTHING, but the defaults are all very wisely chosen and the detection of and compatibility with other software that might be installed seems to be very thorough, both of which traits are extremely hard to find in most packages of this complexity.

I've used it on XP and Vista, now, and there's really no easier way to install and update components like ffdshow, the Haali splitter, Media Player Classic, Quicktime Alternative, Real Alternative, and even the latest version of the CoreAVC h.264 decoder!

Like I said: for a Windows HTPC, this is the best. The only piece of software I add is Zoom Player, which I prefer over MPC and others.

Keep up the great work, guys! It's amazing how you keep all the packages so current. Nothing else supports so many formats or performs as well for high-def playback.

PS: there are several options for MPEG2 decoding with hardware acceleration enabled by default in this package. I suggest choosing the DScaler MPEG2 decoder during installation unless you're running Vista.


dzjepp reviewed v2.1.0 on May 22, 2007

Awesome. I playback almost everything (90%) with ffdshow. I just ditched media player classic (the player I've used for the last 3 or so years) for kmplayer (I don't install mpc anymore with k-lite).

MPC is pretty much dead so I had to look for an alternative. And man, kmplayer simply rocks! I was going to use vlc but I think kmplayer matches it in terms of usability and the vast number of features.

Long live k-lite, kmplayer and vlc. :)


mjm01010101 reviewed v2.1.0 on May 22, 2007

So Mega radical tubular with a Spoon!


Vagman reviewed v2.01 on Apr 25, 2007



CodecPack reviewed v2.01 on Apr 22, 2007

Which ones?

It works fine for me on Vista Home Premium.


studio308 reviewed v2.01 on Apr 21, 2007

On Vista there's problems. Sometimes codecs don't register in system and players stay confused.


mjm01010101 reviewed v2.01 on Apr 20, 2007

lol. Yay for fixing stupid typos! :)


andy2004 reviewed v2.00 on Apr 20, 2007

One of the best codec programs out there, yes there are a few installation problems with the new version, which i've been told they are going to fix on the next released, the new tracker codec is in the wrong folder, LOL, hence the reason is says missing when in finished, this is the only error I personally found, and told them about on their forum


mjm01010101 reviewed v2.00 on Apr 19, 2007

A few errors on install.


dzjepp reviewed v2.00 on Apr 19, 2007

If you noticed the comment in the changelog for the previous version, a future version will again support win9x according to said comment.


CodecPack reviewed v2.00 Beta on Apr 18, 2007

Indeed. CCCP is only comparable to KLCP Standard, which is also "lightweight". Full and Mega have a different purpose.


LRN reviewed v2.00 Beta on Apr 18, 2007

Awesome pack. It requires some knowledge to install it properly though. You have to know what options you should to check and what you should not.

About CCCP: CCCP is, IMHO, more specialized. It is an "anime community" pack and lack some features. It is not bad, just not FULL or MEGA ;)


kronix2 reviewed v1.71 on Apr 14, 2007

kbyron is correct; it doesn't support "all" versions of Windows so the description needs to be modified. Anybody who uses a codec pack probably has better sense than to run 95/98/ME/NT, in any case.

This is the best codec pack, but be prepared to mix and match decoders and splitters if something goes wrong.


mikeyx11 reviewed v1.71 on Apr 14, 2007

No software works on ALL versions of Windows. "All Versions" generally means all currently supported versions. Anything prior to Windows 2000 is getting really old, and wouldn't be much good at playing most of the stuff that K-Lite Mega Codec Pack is for anyway.


Canuckistani reviewed v1.71 on Apr 14, 2007

Holy crap, kbyron. I have a very nice Pentium 233 Mhz Windows For Workgroups 3.11 machine I use as a print server. It still rocks but it won't play HDTV transport streams, ya know? *shakes head in disbelief*. K-Lite is the standard for high resolution playback and you can pick and choose how it installs. I'm not a big fan of ffdshow so I have to pick my codecs individually. Even if I screw up my choices the box will still run and I can uninstall without penalty at any time. Play with the best or die like the rest. Uh-huh.


Marth reviewed v1.71 on Apr 13, 2007

And if you are still running one of those dog-ass old OS', you shouldn't be b****ing.


kbyron reviewed v1.71 on Apr 13, 2007

I'm not too happy about BetaNews telling us that K-Lite's Mega Codec Pack 1.71 works for all versions of Windows. It does not. Be warned: You need at Windows 2000 to run this version.


mjm01010101 reviewed v1.71 on Apr 13, 2007



horsecharles reviewed v1.71 on Apr 13, 2007


This version of the codec pack does not support Windows 98/ME/NT4.


Users of these old Operating Systems don't need to worry. There will be future versions of this codec pack that will work on these old versions of Windows!!!!!!!!!!!!


mengo reviewed v1.70 on Apr 5, 2007

actually i have some problems with this 1.70 version, my explorer crashes now and then, when playing embeded videoclips, i might go back to version 1.69 where i didnt have the problem. I still give it a 5 thou, since this is the first problem i ever had with this codecpack


gnovak1 reviewed v1.70 on Apr 4, 2007

I have just this to say:


Canuckistani reviewed v1.70 on Mar 29, 2007

Such a weird thing since the 1.69 release. I can't get sound for a .ts file if I disable the internal MPEG PS/TS/PVA filtre in Media Player Classic but they now play flawlessly in Windows Media Player 9.0. This without ffdshow. Well, the internal filtre is just fine and it amuses the heck out of me. Stability, choice and excellent performance - what more could you ask for? BTW, CodecPack, you do need to install fresh if you have DVD ripping and conversion software that use codecs included in K-Lite. Errors are rare but they do happen. Of course it has nothing to do with K-Lite itself and an uninstall/reinstall takes less than two minutes.


CodecPack reviewed v1.70 on Mar 29, 2007

Vista comes bundled with its own DVD decoder, so by default this pack does not install yet another one. But if you don't like Microsoft's decoder, simply select another decoder in the pack.

This pack does not have an advanced updated method because:
(1) It takes too much time to create and maintain such a feature.
(2) It requires dedicated server(s) with lots of bandwidth.
(3) Such a feature does not give you full access to improvements in the installer itself (better install procedure, profiles, settings, cleanup and conflict avoidance)
(4) Etc.

So in short:
(1) Don't expect this pack to ever have an auto-update feature.
(2) So stop whining about it.
(3) Don't use a pack but install individual codecs if you want small updates.
(4) Or don't update every single time a new version comes out.

Btw, it is not needed to uninstall first, unless the installer prompts you to do so.


bigmama reviewed v1.70 on Mar 29, 2007

best codec pack

clean & safe

no bugs, no crashes, no problems

5 out of 5


Orlando reviewed v1.70 on Mar 29, 2007

No problems here either. The best codec pack out there by far! Please don't concentrate to much on Windows Vista because neither myself, my family or friends will "upgrade" to Vista. I've already convinced them not to, mostly because of all the DRM infection crap Microsoft has put into it. From my perspective, we don't need an "auto-update" feature either like one or two mentioned below. We can already download/update as little or as much as we want to from BetaNews. Just keep the codec pack clean and simple like it is now. As always, great job guys and thank you!!!


SamppaX reviewed v1.70 on Mar 29, 2007

hparra... Not a bad idea. I used Zoom player one day and it had Updater that updated some well known codecs. So how about adding that feature to this codec pack.. That would be awesome. So first time installers would download newest pack and then others just update existing codecs. This may be hard / time consuming thing to do but... well ideas are always welcome, right? :D

But I'll still give this pack 5 starts because : " No problems Here "


hparra reviewed v1.70 on Mar 29, 2007

This is my favourite codec pack, however I am only giving it a 4 because I miss a feature to make updates smaller and easier, instead of having to remove and reinstall the full set of codecs every week or so. A smart autoupdate feature would make this, if it isn't already, the best codec package available. Thank you and keep up the good work!


minc3d reviewed v1.69 on Mar 28, 2007

Would have given a 5 but last time I tried this pack (1.68 I believe) the DVD codecs for Vista are pretty pathetic. Any changes for Vista and DVD playback in this release?


Bachalor reviewed v1.69 on Mar 28, 2007

Hi. You can install it over a existing 'older' version.


laurince reviewed v1.69 on Mar 27, 2007

Very good stuff, but a question:

Should I uninstall the old version before installing a new one? or just override?



mjm01010101 reviewed v1.69 on Mar 27, 2007

dzjepp same. It's been happening for a while, also.


dzjepp reviewed v1.69 on Mar 27, 2007

It's a fabulous codec pack, but I seem to always have a problem getting this from BetaNews right after it's released. It's like the BN mirrors don't update this file fast enough. Strangely enough this isn't a problem with the majority of files hosted here.


bigmama reviewed v1.69 Beta on Mar 23, 2007

the best codec pack out there
Nothing else. 5 is the smallest rating i could give.
this program worths at least 10 stars


shdwstar reviewed v1.67 on Mar 7, 2007

ffdshow isn't buggy...
ffdshow rocks and is the best filtering codec i've ever seen.
if your having problems with it, theres a phrase my aunt likes to say.
"this computer never works right, it only does what i tell it too." --ahem user errors ;p


CodecPack reviewed v1.67 on Mar 7, 2007

@ ModderXManiac,

Visit the Codec Guide support forum for instructions on how to play .mp4 files without ffdshow.


ModderXManiac reviewed v1.67 on Mar 7, 2007

Excellent pack, been using since v1.3; I just hate the way it's going with FFDShow, it's very dependent on it for decoding, and that's a bad move because it's simply buggy and does NOT integrate with video editing and some video players well.

If anyone can recommend another way to decode .mp4, let me know. I know for certain quicktime alternative could do this because that codec is in the quicktime libs, but I wouldn't know how to go about doing that.

Normally gets a 5 from me, but FFDShow doesn't cut it. 4/5


horsecharles reviewed v1.67 on Mar 7, 2007

Very pleased with performance on Vista so far...


mikeyx11 reviewed v1.67 on Mar 7, 2007

This is the best codec pack I've ever used. It's easy to install, contains pretty much all the codecs you will ever need and is easy to configure. If there's something you don't want/need, then just de-select it during install.


mjm01010101 reviewed v1.67 on Mar 6, 2007

Working link.


CodecPack reviewed v1.66 on Feb 27, 2007


The Codec Guide site has a support forum where you can submit your bug reports and get help.


ffdshow has recently got a new option to restrict its usage to specific applications.
Report your problems (in more detail) at the support forums. I am sure there is a solution for it.


mikeyx11 reviewed v1.66 on Feb 27, 2007

How can something be bloated when you have the choice of only installing the things that you want?

This is an excellent codec pack and has everything I need, plus more. Don't give something a low rating just because you won't personally use everything it contains.


Blaxima reviewed v1.66 on Feb 26, 2007

I had used this for awhile but with programs like VLC, KMPlayer and Gom player that have most codecs built in to them, packs like this become useless. The only encoding I do is with wavpack in EAC so all the codecs that come with this are useless to me and honestly to most people in general.
QT alternative is the only one I use now from K-lite.

I'm rating it a 3 becuase its not bad, just too bloated with things will never use


ModderXManiac reviewed v1.66 on Feb 26, 2007

I've been using this on-and-off since version 1.3, and recently I've been trying other codec packs, and none are as complete as this, none are as stable either.

I tryed alternatives because the FFDShow filter still has serious bug issues with integration into applications(such as windows media maker, sony vegas, After Effects, and MPC itself). If there's a separate codec in the pack that can render mp4 files, someone please let me know because I refuse to use FFShow until it becomes more stable with integration. Would decoding mp4 with quicktime alternative do the job? I'm thinking it would.

Usually gets a 5 from me, but dependence on ffdshow for playback has me giving it a 4.


kbyron reviewed v1.66 on Feb 26, 2007

Up to now there have been no problems installing the Mega Codec Pack. With version 1.66, however, it hanged my system when it came time to register files.

My beef is not with the program itself, but the lack of a link on Codec Guide's web site to report problems.

I think it is about time to find an alternative to K-Lite's programs.

some guy

some guy reviewed v1.66 on Feb 26, 2007

I love the k-lite is the best out their but I hate their method of updating. If you developers are reading this please make a self check update only new files, that are needed not the whole package deal feel like I'm dealing with Nero....


Pensador reviewed v1.65 on Feb 25, 2007

QuickTime and RealOne are bloat ware. Viva K-Lite Mega Codec Pack!


Zebbie79 reviewed v1.65 on Feb 23, 2007

A very nice codec pack. I like it!


jpm01 reviewed v1.65 on Feb 21, 2007

Complete pack and which does not make the PC unstable


CodecPack reviewed v1.65 on Feb 6, 2007

@ModderXManiac, the pack contains several alternative decoding filters that can be used instead of ffdshow.


mjm01010101 reviewed v1.65 on Feb 5, 2007

The last version of full screwed up playback on some of our PC's with quicktime installed.

They really need to point this to a torrent or something. Yes the speed of the download is part of the package. Every release it's dog slow.


ModderXManiac reviewed v1.65 on Feb 5, 2007

I've been using this since version 1.3, and I always come back, I've always given it 5/5, until now.

The dependence it has on FFDShow is pathetic, so many videos I play require FFDShow, which in turn generates stability issues in video editing software and system-codec reliant players like MPC and WMP. FFDShow filters are not the way to go, they strip alot of functionality from players and are NOT STABLE.

oh, and cubanresourceful, Videolan beats this.

Until FFDSHOW proves itself worthy by integrating better, 3/5. I'm using Videolan for all my playback needs, the only thing I can get out of this is codecs for transcoding.


cubanresourceful reviewed v1.65 on Feb 5, 2007

Nothing can beat this codec pack. END OF STORY!


Antichrist reviewed v1.64 on Jan 30, 2007

I've been using this Mega Codec Pack for a long time now, and there just isn't anything bad to say about it. It should be installed on everybody's copy of Windows. Unless they don't have a sound card and never watch any multimedia. If you still have Real or Quicktime official versions installed, take off that bloatware, install this, and use Media Player Classic, then delete your shortcuts to Windows Media Player. You won't need it anymore. You might want to put WinAmp on too, though.


godzila reviewed v1.64 on Jan 22, 2007

wery best


maximum reviewed v1.63 on Jan 3, 2007

K-Lite/MPC trumps the wizards at Microsoft Media. Using the middle mouse scroll to adjust the volume, what a coup!

15 Stars out of 15.


Macross74 reviewed v1.63 on Jan 3, 2007

Great collection of codecs, only one you need


Dreimanis reviewed v1.63 on Jan 2, 2007

the website says it's already compatible with vista. so update, betanews.


chenggn reviewed v1.62 on Dec 22, 2006

every every good!


BadIronTree reviewed v1.62 on Dec 18, 2006

always the best


moda106 reviewed v1.61 on Nov 26, 2006

As far as codec packs i view this as one of the best howevr i have a question for you non noobs and experiences users of such packs and encoding of video. WHich codecs should i choose to install to both be able to play virtually all video and audio formats and have the fastest encoding speed using cce etc. My current specs are 3.3ghz pentium 2gig ram. Conversion from xvid to dvd format as well as avi or other formats. thanks in advance for your reply.


peterj1978 reviewed v1.61 on Nov 20, 2006

I have tried tons of codec packs over the years, also the well known VLC player, even stuck with grabbing the codecs i used one by one for a time but when i tried this out i just loved it.
First i was suspicios of malware and the likes like so many other packages came with for a few years ago but this one just keeps working great.
I can't even remember one media file that i tossed at this package that didn't play so far.

If you haven't tried these codec packs yet i can only recommend you give it a shot.


Richardky reviewed v1.61 on Nov 19, 2006

good stuff .. i would give a 10 if could :)


idsanity reviewed v1.61 on Nov 19, 2006

freakin' noob, I'm so cool, I know better than you.


CodecPack reviewed v1.60 on Nov 2, 2006

Only n00bs use DivX to decode Xvid. Experts use ffdshow. KLCP allows you to CHOOSE which decoder you want to use. It allows you install just the things that you want and nothing more. No need to find and install everything separately.

If you think this pack contains too much stuff, then take a look at the STANDARD version of the pack.


benZin reviewed v1.60 on Nov 2, 2006

Beuh, that's a piece of s***.
Codec packs are EVIL :

« Why do I need the DivX decoder from DivX Networks and a build of the XviD decoder?
The DivX decoder will decode XviD »

If I could put zero, I'll do it.


FourEffingsAche reviewed v1.60 Beta 2 on Oct 26, 2006

Love the codec pack - it plays everything that i've ever wanted to play back (except YouTube - which is proprietary).

Definitely a must have tool.


lenon.c reviewed v1.60 Beta on Oct 25, 2006

real activex won't work on some pages!
why? options?
it's all ok when using Real Alternative...


CodecPack reviewed v1.60 Beta on Oct 20, 2006

If you would submit a small sample to the devs, then they can fix it for you.

The pack allows you to choose from 7 different MPEG decoders. None of those work on your files?


bmj2006 reviewed v1.60 Beta on Oct 19, 2006

The PVR has its own mpg encoder builtin.
Playback with the MPG decoders from K-LITE give me a bad picture.
My PVR is digital and in my PC.


tickleonthetum reviewed v1.59 on Oct 18, 2006

This is a great pack of codecs, and is one of the first things I install after XP itself. To be able to play .rm and .mov files in WMP is great. Being untied from the bloat that is Apple Quicktime and RealMedia is heavenly. It works flawlessly and is highly recommended.

It's my PC and I have the right to decide what goes on it and not, KLMCP gives me back my rights!


Domingo reviewed v1.59 on Oct 7, 2006

Been using these for years and have never had ANY issues. Just because all of those codecs are there doesn't mean you're supposed to install them all. I just install the playback codecs, MPC, and the 2 alternatives. That's all most people need and this is an easier way to get it than installing all of those by themselves.


tinkerdill reviewed v1.59 on Sep 21, 2006

Won't download! GRRRR!!!!


zridling reviewed v1.59 on Sep 20, 2006

Well that depends. If all you do is watch the occasional avi file, then yes, you don't need this pack. However, if you do any video editing or converting, you'll WANT this, and NO, it will not trash your system. Keep the FUD to yourself.


TheLurker reviewed v1.59 on Sep 20, 2006

What a great way to Trash your machine..!

Install tons of Codecs that you shouldn't need -- that can cause all types of havoc.

Keep the updates coming..!

Keeps Tech Support busy.

to zridling:

if you do any Serious Video Editing -- You wouldn't NEED this #*&$(#$ crap -- as you would have the Proper codecs already installed via the Required applications. Take it from someone who Constantly deals with the *Effects* of installing these Packs...!


mjm01010101 reviewed v1.59 on Sep 20, 2006

I get a questionmark and Q logo on embedded quicktime movies in FF now.

Trying this site:

IE works fine.

On another system I had trouble registering a vsfilter.dll file, even after a reboot, but the quicktime playing works fine above.


moda106 reviewed v1.58 on Aug 31, 2006

what is the best codec pack for not only viewing but that deliveres the fastest encoding speed and performance using cce or other encoders?


bobad reviewed v1.58 on Aug 31, 2006

K-Lite Mega has never left me in the lurch. I can always play any movie, and I run across quite a few. I use the Mega exclusively so I'm not always downloading and installing CODECs. But it's upgraded so often that I'm always downloading and installing CODECs. Oh well, I guess it's for the best. I REALLY appreciate the change log on every release. That's very professional. It's amazing that so many software developers just dump their software on download sites with no change log.


ricktendo64 reviewed v1.58 on Aug 31, 2006

Didnt 1.57 Just come out a few days ago?
But I gotta love it anyway...
Keep up the good work. :-)


peteryee reviewed v1.58 on Aug 31, 2006

i have probs with overinstalling 1.58 over 1.57; needed to uninstall 1.57; then install 1.58; codecs still the best! thanks for the good work


mjm01010101 reviewed v1.58 on Aug 30, 2006

I like it, but there should be one, small tweak (and Yes I know it's customizeable, hence why I still give it a 5)

The WMV function for default playing should be turned off. Media player classic has a LOT of trouble with these filetypes, be they DRM or not.


acsmax reviewed v1.57 on Aug 21, 2006

Not I liked very this version, finishes it version (1.56) not presented me problems, always I installed package complete and I function everything perfectly, to put in this finishes version had removed codecs of LIGOS (that they are excellent in my opinion) and archives in format MPEG had presented problems when to be added for writings in program CYBELINK POWERPRODUCER 2 Gold (thing that never happened me), conclusion, I was with version 1.56


CodecPack reviewed v1.56 on Aug 9, 2006 which uses 27 different virus scanners says it completely clean. You got infected some other way.

If it does not prompt to install the old version first, then it is obviously not needed to do so. It only prompts when there have been major changes.


mjm01010101 reviewed v1.56 on Aug 9, 2006

This version did not prompt for removal of a previous version.


MarlinT reviewed v1.56 on Aug 9, 2006

Another great release.


photonboy reviewed v1.56 on Aug 8, 2006

I'm constantly impressed with the updates. They've done an incredibly great job. In fact even though I'm quite an expert and like to tweak I don't even touch the default installation settings.

I like the update packages which are great for those with slow download speeds, but what would really be amazing is an autoupdate option similar to Microsoft Update. Perhaps even only the specific code that has been altered can be updated even further lowering the download size? I don't think it would be that hard, in fact I'd be willing to purchase this just to get that feature.

I generally aggre with the removal of BSPlayer, and as a Zoomplayer WMV Pro user I have little reason to use it myself. WMP Classic is great but for my part needs color controls to tweak the saturation. I doubt I'd have purchased Zoomplayer if it had this feature.


danielshimizu reviewed v1.56 on Aug 8, 2006



FlipmodeBG reviewed v1.56 on Aug 8, 2006

BS Player removed? Duh...


BobTheVeg reviewed v1.55 on Jul 28, 2006

Better than other codec pack I tryed.


stopbuggingme reviewed v1.55 on Jul 28, 2006

this is awesome


njeske reviewed v1.55 on Jul 27, 2006

Love this codec pack. Never had any problems with it. Someone put up a mirror!!


RWW reviewed v1.55 on Jul 27, 2006

This is a great thing! I've used it several times on other peoples' machines when they complained about poor or erratic media player and/or CD performance and it solved it every time.
Have used Betanews always and this was the second time ever that I could not download. Popularity does that. I appreciate this package.


ModderXManiac reviewed v1.55 on Jul 27, 2006

Is this the most downloaded piece of software on Betanews? I've been looking around and this appears so, inspite of the size of this, it's incredibly popular.

I've been using this since version 1.27 and I'm 100% satisfied. Only thing to complain about is the poor codec switching performance on Media Player Classic, but that's not developed by the K-lite team so I'm not gonna gripe.


cip2kro reviewed v1.55 on Jul 27, 2006

perfect as always!


Axe56 reviewed v1.55 on Jul 27, 2006

Great codec pack =]


tinkerdill reviewed v1.55 on Jul 27, 2006

Great Pack!


mjm01010101 reviewed v1.55 on Jul 27, 2006

Usually this pack works well, but now everything in windows media player and Media player classic for me is blank/corrupt.

edit: reboot fixed it. weird, that was a first.


giwo reviewed v1.55 on Jul 27, 2006

I've yet to experience a single problem with this Codec pack now after years of using it.

I do wish they had incorporated these changes into 1.54 as I *just* finished downloading it, but I really can't complain, as any update so far has been a welcome one.


Zerbe reviewed v1.55 on Jul 27, 2006

Best codec pack there is.


ModderXManiac reviewed v1.54 on Jul 27, 2006

Is this the most downloaded piece of software on Betanews? I've been looking around and this appears so, inspite of the size of this, it's incredibly popular.

I've been using this since version 1.27 and I'm 100% satisfied. Only thing to complain about is the poor codec switching performance on Media Player Classic, but that's not developed by the K-lite team so I'm not gonna gripe.


Zygi reviewed v1.54 on Jul 27, 2006

Look at what roymccoy said, thats exactly my thoughs and review. Its best codec pack eva!


Winsent reviewed v1.54 on Jul 26, 2006



sQin reviewed v1.54 on Jul 26, 2006

best codec pack you can find


roymccoy reviewed v1.54 on Jul 26, 2006

-I've used about every single codec-pack there is out there, and after many years back and forth, always been something missing, or it hung up/ crashed for unknown reason! No need to go into details...
-Well, now, after a hole lot of blood and tears I'll tell you right away: There is definately no better pack of codecs than K-lite Mega Codec Pack!
-Reliable, effective, and the most complete pack of codecs you'll ever find. And it's FREE!!!

-So a big huge THANK YOU, to everyone that's make this codec-pack a reality, and aviable to the people!


mjm01010101 reviewed v1.54 on Jul 26, 2006

Today is the 25th/26th, and it's out, and good as always!


single013 reviewed v1.54 Beta 2 on Jul 11, 2006

oh,my god,i am very sad,today is 24 july,but why the 1.54 is not put out? my english is poor,sorry, waiting for it......


MarlinT reviewed v1.54 Beta 2 on Jul 5, 2006

Pretty much all you need in terms of a codec pack, with none of the spyware involved. I'm waiting for this 1.54 to get out of BETA and than I'll download it but it looks good so far!


anarkhy reviewed v1.53 on Jul 1, 2006

there is a bug in this version, when you try to load a file with subtitles appears a green line on the movie


hobo05 reviewed v1.53 on Jun 1, 2006

omg....a reason for voting this low and uninstalling it was 'cuz they promoted firefox and google? where do u work man? microsoft or yahoo, cmon now, just tell everyone right now. even if u don't like firefox and google, it would be an ad hominem to rule this product out just cuz of that


cip2kro reviewed v1.53 on May 28, 2006

lol. uninstaling a great application because of the CORECT advertising on firefox and google. Haha.. I love firefox and google. I love klite. Best combo ever.


Mandeep reviewed v1.53 on May 18, 2006

best codec pack available, with the new pack im able to watch hd content on my laptop which makes me very very happy.

and to the user below...i hope you die a fiery death


Tenoq reviewed v1.53 on Apr 27, 2006

extremely well wrote:
"Correct me if I'm wrong please..."

You're wrong. Default settings include Real Alternative and Quicktime Alternative, and the plugins work fine with browsers.


Zygi reviewed v1.53 on Apr 25, 2006

OMG extremely well you made my day :DDDD Thats most stupid thing i have seen in ages :))))
Best codec pack to date - 5/5, period


ModderXManiac reviewed v1.53 on Apr 24, 2006

"1. does not contain real alternative"

What are YOU smoking?

Very well tested, quite stable, I'm glad they updated MPC, the version in 1.52 had serious stability issues with codec switching that this deals with.


FlipmodeBG reviewed v1.53 on Apr 24, 2006

Mega Pack includes the Real Alternative.
And if you select Default Profile during the installation, you wont get any issues regarding QT or any other format.

extremely well

extremely well reviewed v1.53 on Apr 24, 2006

Great pack with only 2 minor issues from my eyes: 1. does not contain real alternative (but does contain quicktime alt). 2. You gotta be very careful during install for it to recognize quicktime format..default DOES NOT, not even for Playback only profile (last time I checked). Correct me if I'm wrong please...


styxrtp reviewed v1.53 on Apr 24, 2006

Additional generic positive comment!!!


horsecharles reviewed v1.53 on Apr 23, 2006

And the collective admiration-fest continues: XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO


mjm01010101 reviewed v1.52 on Mar 13, 2006

Good stuff, however did not prompt for removal of previous k-lite for some reason this time.

Is there anyway to unattend it and have it not make a start menu?

edit: As noted .pls files broke with this update. KNowing k-lite crew, this'll be fixed within 24 hours.


eddie reviewed v1.52 Beta on Mar 6, 2006

garbriel: Nope, simply install over top of it. That's how I do it anyway and I have no problems.


garbriel reviewed v1.51 on Mar 5, 2006

Great codec pack !
But how can I update the pack from 1.49 to 1.51 ?
Do I need to unistall previous one ?


karmak reviewed v1.51 on Feb 26, 2006

Since 1.16 K-LMCP is my favorite. I tested 1.51 (1.48),but the 1

Winamp media file still none can open. Compared with the 1.38 the new

(peculiar in current low-files) are very unlifelike (and this straining after

effect causes to much distortions).
So I stay cheeriest with the the 1.38 for highest picture quality

(realistic,undistorted). The development should focus again this

benchmark -the fidelity of the 1.38! That was/is superior to all the



jon8rfc reviewed v1.51 on Feb 21, 2006

I've been using K-Lite codec packs for well over a year (maybe 2?) and have never had any problems. Ever since the start of the project, I've only ONCE had a video file that wouldn't play, and needed some off-the-wall codec for it.

This is one of my necessity programs that I carry on my ipod for when I'm working on computers. I am a firm believer of Real-codecs versus RealPlayer (prior privacy issues), and love the idea of quicktime codecs.

It's one of my most-trusted and top-rated downloads.


tohjg reviewed v1.51 on Feb 20, 2006

ms should have tis codec pack inside their windows installer. lol


tremens reviewed v1.51 on Feb 20, 2006

The BEst!!!!

the unattended option is fantastic. Nice having all your codecs integrated on your XP cd. I do quite a few windows reinstalls, so this is a blessing.


ModderXManiac reviewed v1.51 on Feb 20, 2006

For those of you ignorant fools who jump to conclusions and call this a crappy codec pack, just like all the others. Allow me to rebut with some actual facts.

K-lite Codec Pack is NOT your ordinary codec pack. Strenuous testing under multiple user environments, well experienced developers who actually listen to user requests and resolve all issues ASAP.

This goes through test after test, you just can't compare this to other codec packs. For those of you who think it's better to install all codecs yourself, FYI, the most commonly used codecs in this pack are programmed by Codecguide themselves, and I'm sure 99% of dedicated users will tell you just how reliable they are, let alone the stability and reliability of the whole pack in general.

Until Videolan is quite stable(I'm beginning to get aggravated with MPC), I will continue to forgo the use of this pack to it's fullest, I don't know about you guys, but I'm quite the media fanatic, and this pack is overwhelming with abilities.


McCrap reviewed v1.51 on Feb 20, 2006

Still the best, but i'm wondering how they are providing BSPlayer without the adware.


horsecharles reviewed v1.51 on Feb 19, 2006

Extra primo good!!!


eddie reviewed v1.50 on Feb 14, 2006

pdh: Why not try the K-Lite Codec Pack Lite or Standard if the Mega Codec PAck is too large for your liking?


pdh reviewed v1.50 on Feb 11, 2006

The pack has declined in quality as it has gotten bigger.

The quality of XviD, is lower than a few updates.
FFDShow assumes the role of being the only decoder even when you deselect it in the options.
When you click on the option NOT to disable DivXG400, it disables it anyway, in a way as to criple its use even, when I uninstall the whole codec pack, and reinstall DivXG400.

The main problem is that the codecs within the pack itself are broken compared to their prior versions.


TheBeastH6 reviewed v1.50 on Feb 10, 2006



aashay reviewed v1.50 on Feb 10, 2006

I have never had a single video related problem after I started using it a year ago. It bl**dy rocks!!


Zygi reviewed v1.50 on Feb 9, 2006

First i was using they K-Lite without ads and spyware, then i tried they codec pack, even that i never liked codec packs at all, but now i'm sure i won't install anything else - it's masterpiece :P


joeshmoe7 reviewed v1.50 on Feb 9, 2006

The only codec pack i'd ever touch. Its awesome.


dzjepp reviewed v1.50 on Feb 9, 2006

One million downloads! Wow! Anything else come close to that at BN? :>


ModderXManiac reviewed v1.50 on Feb 8, 2006

For those of you ignorant fools who jump to conclusions and call this a crappy codec pack, just like all the others. Allow me to rebut with some actual facts.

K-lite Codec Pack is NOT your ordinary codec pack. Strenuous testing under multiple user environments, well experienced developers who actually listen to user requests and resolve all issues ASAP.

This goes through test after test, you just can't compare this to other codec packs. For those of you who think it's better to install all codecs yourself, FYI, the most commonly used codecs in this pack are programmed by Codecguide themselves, and I'm sure 99% of dedicated users will tell you just how reliable they are, let alone the stability and reliability of the whole pack in general.

The best.


bobad reviewed v1.50 on Feb 8, 2006

Simply the best. Nothing important is left out.


Zygi reviewed v1.50 Beta on Feb 6, 2006

I recommend it to all my friends :D Its so good :P


age9990 reviewed v1.50 Beta on Feb 5, 2006

It's the greatest I have ever met.


Dennis87 reviewed v1.50 Beta on Jan 31, 2006

This is the best codec pack ever!!!


joeshmoe7 reviewed v1.50 Beta on Jan 31, 2006

still awesome!


protowall reviewed v1.49 on Jan 21, 2006

best codec install program


jonspencerbx reviewed v1.49 on Jan 20, 2006

Simply great! The best codec pack ever! I play every media file I throw at my computer now!


Shadowtech reviewed v1.49 on Jan 19, 2006

An amazing collection of codecs, definitely worthy of a 5-star rating and beyond.


Macross74 reviewed v1.49 on Jan 19, 2006

Great stuff!


nicobarengo reviewed v1.49 on Jan 19, 2006

No more installing 4 millon codecs separately.


mjm01010101 reviewed v1.49 on Jan 19, 2006

Let's get this software rating up to 4.9! :) Truly deserves it!


ModderXManiac reviewed v1.49 on Jan 19, 2006

Another good review ^^


ModderXManiac reviewed v1.48 on Jan 17, 2006

I think the people whom reviewed before me pretty much covered the goodness this pack has to offer.

Just so long as Videolan is unstable, I'll continue to use this pack, and forever use QA, another great work from the authors of this pack.


Zygi reviewed v1.48 on Jan 16, 2006

Best codec pack in town at the moment, altough i'm still wondering why they moved to ffdshow, because in the past most problems with movies were from ffdshow, but i trust them - they know whats best for us, i think ;)


joeshmoe7 reviewed v1.48 on Jan 16, 2006

I love it.


mjm01010101 reviewed v1.48 on Jan 16, 2006

Great pack.


fair_is_fair reviewed v1.48 on Jan 16, 2006

I have Mega Codec Pack installed on three machines. I never have a problem playing any kind of video.

There is nothing worse than searching for and installing a plugin or codec to play something. Or worse yet, installing another player. I've got better things to do with my time.

If you want a hassle free download that does it all - this is the baby.

MCP is updated constantly. Which can be bit of a pain if you want to keep up.


giwo reviewed v1.48 on Jan 16, 2006

The original K-Lite Codec pack came around as a direct result of the work to remove spyware from Kazaa (thus the K-Lite name). Several people involved in that community decided that rather than try to help dig up random codecs for downloaded movies from all over the internet the best of those codecs could be consolidated into one easy-to-find pack.

I have been using this pack since it's inception, and have never had a single problem, and never found a file I could not play. The Mega codec pack and the inclusion of QTA and RPA have only made the best better.

All around this is an awesome codec pack with a devoted team that keeps it constantly up to date. Best of all, it's absolutely free with no unwanted malware.


Metshrine reviewed v1.48 on Jan 16, 2006

so, according to infinitejones, you are not supposed to post your experiences in a review on this site. I am sorry, but that is BS. If a user has a problem, they should be clearly allowed to post it here and not be hounded by people like you. A review page should not be limited to JUSt positive reviews. If a user has a problem, let them post it so others arent limited to JUST good experiences.

I, personally, have no use for codec packs, I keep a separate folder with each codec that I would need on my pc, should I ever have to reinstall the OS on my computer. This solves my need for a codec pack. Codec packs often cause more problems than need be and can leed to conflicts, especially if an unknowing user selects something like the matrox G400 video fix, which would result in flipped video playback. I will rate it a neutral 3 for the effort, but I still feel it unnecessary


anna21 reviewed v1.47 on Jan 15, 2006

Impressive app cannot go without it.

(Best of the Best)


infinitejones reviewed v1.47 on Jan 14, 2006

Zen Warrior, I'm sorry you had problems and please don't take this the wrong way, but don't you think it's more likely that given all the other great reviews for KL Codec Pack, it's more likely that the problem is with something specific to you, rather than with KL Codec Pack itself? I've been using it for years, including the QT Alternative and Real Player Alternative, and I've never had a problem. Try re-installing with all the standard options and see if you have more luck. You'll definitely appreciate not having to have QT and Real Player bloatware installed...


ZenWarrior reviewed v1.47 on Jan 11, 2006

Clearly others have had great success with this, but it left me without both RealPlayer and QuickTime capabilities. Therefore, just uninstalled. RealPlayer and QuickTime reinstalled. (Bummer. And, I do hate spoiling good reviews.)


mjm01010101 reviewed v1.47 on Jan 4, 2006

10 stars, which roughly works out to 5 golden betanews bars.


Mastertsung reviewed v1.47 on Jan 4, 2006

The K-Lite Mega Codec pack has been my preference out there for a while now. I have yet to find anything as complete as this one.


dzjepp reviewed v1.46 on Dec 22, 2005

Thank you again to the good folks at k-lite software. This codec pack keeps getting better and better!


cip2kro reviewed v1.46 on Dec 22, 2005

By far the best codec pack available! Don't rate a product based on other products or without testing it!


ModderXManiac reviewed v1.46 on Dec 22, 2005

Bootblock, your claim is false.

K-lite is not any ordinary codec pack, so don't go whining if you don't have a clue what you are doing upon installation.

Kudos and more kudos to


joeshmoe7 reviewed v1.46 on Dec 22, 2005

It's good, i use it to only install the codecs i need, and never had any problems.


A_T reviewed v1.46 on Dec 22, 2005

Excellent download. When you install you have the option to select exactly what you do and don't want - so if you're too lazy to check and it messes up your system don't come back here whinging "Oooohh I hate these codec packs....".


tremens reviewed v1.46 on Dec 22, 2005

I've used this pack for quite some time on a good number of systems without issues. The installation is completely customizable, you can only install ffdshow and the Alternatives, if thats all you need.

Whenever I reinstall Windows for a novice user, I use the playback preset and haven't had any reported issues.

Video playback just works if you use this. Most people don't understand what a codec is, let alone trying to seek out individual ones they need. This is a one stop shop for all your video codec needs.

There's alot of crappy codec packs out there that probably do cause problems, but sorry fools. This isn't one of them.


BootBlock reviewed v1.46 on Dec 22, 2005

What he said.


WhiteZero reviewed v1.46 on Dec 22, 2005

I love how Orbiting234 gave nothing at all to back up his rating other than hallow insults. I doubt he even downloaded this pack.

Anyway, K-Lite is probably the cleanest Codec Pack around. It dosent install any "junk" of any kind onto your system, just all the codecs you'll ever need.

I've NEVER had a problem using K-Lite's Codec Packs (but some minor issues with other packs).

It's pretty sad how many users around here will just copy-and-paste these crap reviews into everything without even trying them.
Truly sad.


mjm01010101 reviewed v1.46 on Dec 22, 2005

Wish the FFDshow icon would be disabled/hidden by default. It's silly and distracting.

edit: BootBlock (above me) you realize that functionally ffdshow and rpa and QTA are doing the same exact things to your computer as this mega codec pack? YOu just advised people to install three separate codec packs, which can also introduce their own problems, instead of one.

IMO this product is quality as long as you practice safe computing and uninstall, optionally reboot, reinstall newer version.


horsecharles reviewed v1.45 on Dec 1, 2005

Had forgotten, still having fatal gspot problems-- though this is on a testing & troubleshooting system. I suspect the fault lies w/ this system, rather than w/ the app-- even though it's been acknowledged as an app bug.


SirMango reviewed v1.45 on Nov 30, 2005

I never had any issues with this codec pack. This is a really great pack for new computer users who want an all-in-one codec pack that will let them play nearly all formats instead of individually downloading the codecs (quicktime, real, divx, etc)

I only wish there was an auto-update instead of downloading 30+ MB each time, oh well, atleast the setup remembers your previous installation settings.


horsecharles reviewed v1.44 on Nov 29, 2005

This latest release seems the best & most stable yet of the 1.4x series-- to wit re detecting/handling broken codecs, uninstalling cleanly, stability on win9x, not allowing the Alternatives to be installed concurrently w/ their competitors...


bobad reviewed v1.44 on Nov 28, 2005

The experts say to install CODEC's as needed. I tried that for a long time, and I often found myself scrambling for a CODEC to play a movie clip. No more! K-Lite Mega may use the "scattergun" approach, but since I have been using it, I have not found many (or any) movies that I can't play. I notice no ill effects from loading the whole package. Other favorite features of K-Lite Mega, is they update often, and they include Media Player Classic. Give them 10 points out of 5!


Zygi reviewed v1.44 on Nov 28, 2005

Quote ModderXManiac "And as for the Windows 98 comments, put your money where your mouth is, Windows 98 beats the living crap out of Windows XP in performance, and now with native NTFS isntallation abilities, it will be usable for years to come."

Are you joking ? NO ??? Then you're dumbest person i've ever met (on net). Windows 98 isn't even OS, its just add-on to MS-DOS !!! It's very easily hang-up with dos apps, not mention old hardware support, bad memory management, slow and old network component. I remember times, when MS was still afraid of leaving dos times, and they had to keep 9X kernel, instead of moving to stable and better NT kernel, because of compatibility with older apps. I love my XP except some eye candy quirks (that i've turned off anyway). XP/2000 is good step ahead, instead of keeping dinosaur like 95/98/me, they all work on the top of the DOS !!! They can't be named as a OS.

Ontopic: K-Lite is best codec pack period.


x-ray reviewed v1.44 on Nov 28, 2005

Yes, an compnet auto-update that patches the stuff at reboot of your pc, great codec pack, no probloms what so ever


GimieGimieGimie reviewed v1.44 on Nov 28, 2005

As good as ever, but with this many updates, the company should seriously consider an auto-update feature in thier program cuz c'mon, K-Lite is turning into another Azureus if this carries on ;)


ModderXManiac reviewed v1.44 on Nov 28, 2005

BadIronTree, we oughtta start talkin' some deals :D

Best of the best, there is no other codec pack that delivers quality like this.

And as for the Windows 98 comments, put your money where your mouth is, Windows 98 beats the living crap out of Windows XP in performance, and now with native NTFS isntallation abilities, it will be usable for years to come.


mjm01010101 reviewed v1.44 on Nov 28, 2005

Man these guys are freaks about keeping their software updated... :)


BadIronTree reviewed v1.43 on Nov 21, 2005

OMG windows 98? why not 95 or 3.1
if your pc is so crap that you cant install win xp
throw it out of the window...
if you cant pay 150 $for the windows pirate it for god sake :P

ps: this codec pack is best
ps2: i have 24 pcs from 1000 mhz to 1500 tha i want to donate...
or i will pay you something to move them out of the building and throw them in the garbages...


ThumperZ1 reviewed v1.43 on Nov 15, 2005

For the person still running Win98, the latest version of quicktime alt does not support Win98, the last one that does is QTAlt 1.52, so you probably have to install everything seperately.


Zahrek reviewed v1.43 on Nov 15, 2005

Very Good stuff

If they could only change the icons of the Media Player as those aren't really pretty!

But still 5 stars as it does the job perfectly


Shrekmachine reviewed v1.43 on Nov 14, 2005

QTA seems to be defect in the archive. And some sluggish/distorted fragments with wma AVI.
So this time only a 2 star rating


zridling reviewed v1.43 on Nov 14, 2005

Am I the only one who NEVER wants to hear another complaint from someone still using Win98? Dude, upgrade that jurassic system, and stop complaining about lack of support. Win98 is so... 8 years ago.


horsecharles reviewed v1.43 on Nov 14, 2005

v1.42 froze my win98 system while: uninstalling previous version & also while installing 'without' uninstalling previous version, as well as when running the gspot info tool.
I suspect, since it'd been a while since the last update, that the issue lay with previous changes in codec location from klite folder to windows system and back again in earlier releases.
v1.43 installed flawlessly, no issues to report, except for the gspot tool still freezing mid-scan.
All in all, the best codec pack by far: Da, da, da, da, dum-- can't touch this!
BlackHo*: everytime one of the dozens upon dozens of components gets updated-- yeah, small upgrades would be nice, but i'm real grateful for the constant updating & free price: it must be a huge project to track down all the third-party apps(including ones not included), test them on all platforms, work on the Alternatives.... I wouldn't want to be in his shoes, that's for sure.
zridling: oh, you disappoint me so much with that-- in light of your usual insightful commentary. I knew comments like that were on the way, just didn't expect from you(insert sad smilie)!
Hey, i'm a hip dinosaur!! I have several systems, each multi-booting(& actually looking to go strictly to 64bit & nothing else).
If the author sees fit to continue supporting 98, then he needs that pertinent feedback. In fact, if you read between my lines of the 'gap between updates'=haven't been using 98 all that much...
Peace, brotherman.


Blackhole8746 reviewed v1.43 on Nov 14, 2005

OK great but how often do they expect us to download this? It's updated like every week


eviljolly reviewed v1.42 on Nov 11, 2005

You're thrilled about Win98 support? I guess it's ok and all, support is a good thing, but damn it's time to upgrade. Anyway, great codec pack, it's all I use.


ModderXManiac reviewed v1.42 on Nov 10, 2005


And now for my typical support post...KLMCP RULEZ!!!


Zygi reviewed v1.42 on Nov 10, 2005

To ModderXManiac: you have to live with that, world move on and win9x is no longer supported by more and more programs as i speak, it's too old, got old hardware support, many things are just made bad, i won't change xp to anything like 95/98/me i have used them long enough to know they bad sides. They network code is bad, any program can hang up your comp (because of direct dos access to cpu), they memory management is very bad, not talking about many other small things that pissed me off in them, like changing my drives letters with every new drive. They only pros is they work faster on old comps, but its not totaly true, because xp just need enough of ram, the rest is just setup, turning some things off and its better.


JeRrYFaR reviewed v1.41 on Nov 10, 2005

Perhaps they stopped because Win9x hasn't even been supported by Microsoft in years?! Hmmmmmm..

I decided (XP) to test the theory of the post below with broken codecs when they installed 1.41 so I did just that (after uninstalling 1.40 and deleting folder before-hand) and I have had no problems at all..

This is still one of the best collections of codecs since sliced-bread..


ModderXManiac reviewed v1.41 on Nov 10, 2005

"In the previous version uninstall could freeze on Windows 9x if ffdshow was installed
Because of the problems with ffdshow on Windows 9x systems, the installer will no longer allow ffdshow to be installed on those systems "

Ohh great...So that means they've stopped
developing and debugging FFDShow for Win9X?!?
There has to be a way around...

Bad move, k-lite...bad move...


s.h.a.r.p. reviewed v1.41 on Nov 10, 2005

i've been using this pack for quite sometime now, and it has been hit or miss with me. i usually try to keep a few older versions handy in case a new one screws up...and so far, i'm thinking i need to go back to the last version i had. most of my oft-used video formats aren't playing, and now it seems that the quicktime plugin for firefox isn't working as well either.

this is a great pack, and i love how it keeps getting updated to keep with the latest versions of all the codecs, but i'm just not totally satisfied with this release. here's hoping the next one will solve my remaining issues.


ModderXManiac reviewed v1.40 on Nov 7, 2005


A must have for any media fanatic, if you want the best playback possible, some nice players to mess around with, a worthy replacement to Quicktime and Realplayer, all in a very easy installing software pack, then this is perfect for you.

A must have for anybody, this is up there with OpenOfficeOrg,, and CCleaner. ^^


zee7 reviewed v1.40 on Nov 7, 2005

This is one of the first things I install to a newly reformatted machine. K-lite has everything you need to get your audio and video groove on.

Sunnytexas, it's called "Mega" for a reason; if you need a smaller version, just download the "Full" release --- it's about half the size. Here's a link for ya:



sunnytexas reviewed v1.39 Beta 7 on Nov 5, 2005

This codecs mega pack is close to excellent. I have noticed that when you stream thru the internet that there is rebuffering behavior happening and there are no plug in's for Classic Media player 6.4.? It would be nice to have a Media Player Alternative to Microsoft's Media Player. Also, does this package have security issues that need to be addressed - like microsoft's media player security flaws? Over all, this package gets thumbs up from me!!!
Note: I would try reducing the Package size in mb's! 79.8 mb's is pretty large in size??


olavinto reviewed v1.39 Beta 7 on Nov 1, 2005

Complete: Includes everything you might need and works very well. Only codec pack that hasn't cased me any problems.

The only thing I'm still waiting for 1.39 final is DivX 6...


mjm01010101 reviewed v1.39 Beta 7 on Nov 1, 2005

Right up there with open office on number of betas! ;)


ModderXManiac reviewed v1.39 Beta 7 on Nov 1, 2005

NEw Media PLayer Classic, WOOHOO!!!

A must have codec pack for every media fanatic(like myself). This has been tested over AND over again, no problems with the pack whatsoever.

Just waiting for the final release of 1.39...


sunnytexas reviewed v1.39 Beta 6 on Oct 31, 2005

Even though this software is a beta version. The quicktime file associations need to be fixed. There souldn't be any file associations there because the Media Player Classic sets them. The user name and serial number needs to be changed in quicktime!!

Over all this Beta Version seems to work fine.


dzjepp reviewed v1.39 Beta 6 on Oct 25, 2005

This is the best, most updated codec package you can download. These guys really know their stuff. These new beta versions heavily center around ffdshow. You can play HD content from QT (via mp4) and others. This package will even detect if other codecs are broken on your system. You can even disable other codecs after install, if you find any of them to cause trouble.

Excellent package.

BTW, you can use qt alternative with itunes.

Taken from

Using QuickTime Alternative and iTunes together:

1. Uninstall QuickTime Alternative (or the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack). 2. Install iTunes. It will also install QuickTime. 3. Go to the Windows control panel (a.k.a. configuration) and click on add/remove programs (a.k.a. software). 4. Uninstall QuickTime 5. Install QuickTime Alternative (or the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack).


LeXTeRiTY_X reviewed v1.39 Beta 6 on Oct 25, 2005

Excellent package saves using the original bloatware versions, although support for QuicktimeVR would be really appreciated.


citizen420 reviewed v1.39 Beta 6 on Oct 25, 2005

too bad the QT alternative dosent work with the latest itunes


FlipmodeBG reviewed v1.39 Beta 6 on Oct 25, 2005

Another beta...
When will be the full version released?


Sybs reviewed v1.39 Beta 5 on Oct 19, 2005

It's no big deal,
If you want the full pack, then dowload this and don't install the QT and Real alternatives.


SamiChang reviewed v1.39 Beta 5 on Oct 18, 2005



mjm01010101 reviewed v1.39 Beta 4 on Oct 13, 2005

Even more important to use since Apple appears to be really losing quality control with quicktime.


Canuckistani reviewed v1.39 Beta 4 on Oct 13, 2005

I really like the new codec clean-up routine during install.


tremens reviewed v1.39 Beta 4 on Oct 13, 2005

no problems at all with this release. Grade A Meat!!

ffdshow performance back to its best


ModderXManiac reviewed v1.39 Beta 3 on Oct 10, 2005

The upcoming final of 1.39 is having many drastic changes, in performance mainly, and many changes in FFDShow.

So these beta releases are strictly test builds, but still work very well.

Just stick with 1.38 in the meantime. Which is downright flawless.


cubebomb reviewed v1.39 Beta 2 on Oct 10, 2005

Best codecs EVER!!


tremens reviewed v1.39 Beta 2 on Oct 10, 2005

better than cole(because it includes quicktime alternative, real alternative, bsplayer, and MPC, all other inclusions comparable), better than all others i've seen as far as update frequency. can choose one codec or all of them at installation. provides presets such as playback only(no encoders). never had to put any effort into playback after installation besides making ffdshow play the formats i want and minor tweaks. with one installation, no need for real player or quicktime. doesn't install crap into startup or shell extensions. i'd like to hear explanations of negative posts.

if you use Nero, cole makes a plugin pack for it that is wonderful.

PS this is still a rough beta IMO and this build 10062005 of ffdshow is s***ty. use celtic druid's for x264 support.


witch3r reviewed v1.39 Beta 2 on Oct 10, 2005


look "Cole2k Media - Codec Pack Advanced"


l_p_4_7 reviewed v1.39 Beta 2 on Oct 10, 2005

Hunk of junk? What are you on about? This is simply the best codec back available.


cemcd reviewed v1.39 Beta 2 on Oct 9, 2005

What a hunk of JUNK!


Monyet reviewed v1.39 Beta 2 on Oct 9, 2005

Simply the best! +++²


jofin reviewed v1.39 Beta 2 on Oct 9, 2005

I have used this pack for about two years and have never encountered any problems. The codecs have always taken care of everything and never let me down. The installation is simple and straight forward and the extras in the pack work like a dream.
Excellent all round and I am sorry that the person below has marked it down because of its icons!


eviljolly reviewed v1.39 Beta 2 on Oct 9, 2005

A 2 because of the icons? Give me a break, cosmetics of a program should only be a point or two off. You can change that to whatever you would like anyway. Blame Media Player Classic for that though. If you don't like the functionality talk about that also. Sorry I just don't like it when people rate programs poorly simply because of frustration.

This program provides a nice clean installer and a complete set of all codecs needed for most movies. I don't personally use large icons so that's not a problem for me. Media player classic is nice for those movies that hang up in BSplayer or Windows Media Player. I've used K-lite codec pack for a long time, and found it to be more complete than any other packs out there. Keep up the good work.


jojosupp reviewed v1.39 Beta 2 on Oct 9, 2005

Wow, the icons this program uses look like total crap when you have large icons enabled on your desktop. Unacceptable. Thanks for making my media file icons look terrible.


brotherS reviewed v1.39 Beta on Oct 8, 2005

Again, lovely! Works perfectly with Zoom Player - please don't use Windows Media Player, that's ugly :-p


riel reviewed v1.39 Beta on Oct 7, 2005

This is the defacto in easy to use software!
Just remeber to uninstall any old versions before installing a new one.
With Media Player Classic I can watch anything I can throw at it, even HD.


waves reviewed v1.39 Beta on Oct 7, 2005

Love this pack! Been a user since I found it at 1.19.

Wondering if other people are having issues playing the HD vids from like I couldn't get the HD vids to work.


cros13 reviewed v1.39 Beta on Oct 7, 2005

K-Lite Mega Codec Pack rocks... period.


JeRrYFaR reviewed v1.39 Beta on Oct 6, 2005

Never had a problem w/ the codecs from K-Lite. Been using it since the beginning.. but a beta? hmmmmmm

Still deserves high marks.


midfingr reviewed v1.39 Beta on Oct 6, 2005

Very useful for anyone that uses media on their computer. So you don't have to install those other programs like RealPlayer and QuickTime - yikes.

Storm Codec. Was the only thing I understood from a few comments down. Looks interesting. Anyone tried it?


ModderXManiac reviewed v1.39 Beta on Oct 6, 2005


Features BS PLayer and Media Player Classic, that play EVERY codec featured in this pack.

Flash/Quicktime/Winamp Tv and Audio streams/Divx/Xvid/H.264


A must have.


BogdanSHA reviewed v1.38 on Sep 21, 2005

There are other 2 versions witch are smaller than this. But this is the most complete! Yey!


Zygi reviewed v1.38 on Sep 20, 2005

To napisz chociaz pod jakim wzgledem sa lepsze tamte ? Ja ich uzywam od dawna i nigdy nie bylo z nimi problemow, to najwazniejsze. :D Pozdro

Great codec pack, i recommend to everyone !!! Never ever had any problems with it :D

PS. @fareware - they're big because they include real and quicktime alternative, plus most codec packs you may never seen, but you don't have to install everything !!!


witch3r reviewed v1.38 on Sep 20, 2005

Kiedys to i moze bylo dobre ale teraz sa juz lepsze produkty...

wpierw przeskoczylem na StormCodec ale teraz jade na swietnej zabawce Cole2k Media - Codec Pack Advanced !

Polecam :)


fareware reviewed v1.38 on Sep 19, 2005

yeah,it's great,but isn't it too big? i hate something that big,do you guys know mplayer-k&k?if you try it, you will love it.but it can't play stream media automatically,what a regret!


JeRrYFaR reviewed v1.38 on Sep 19, 2005

For the moment? Try forever at the rate this thing is going..


waysie reviewed v1.38 on Sep 19, 2005

The best for the moment.


Doraemon reviewed v1.38 on Sep 19, 2005

Why don't they implement QT 7 into the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack? I think it's not beta anymore... It's frustrating because they alredy use it in the QuickTime Alternative application.


ModderXManiac reviewed v1.38 on Sep 19, 2005

The best.


integrii reviewed v1.38 on Sep 19, 2005

Best codec pack on the net. I always be sure ot have the newest one. Thanks to the authros!


JazzyTech reviewed v1.37 on Aug 24, 2005

After testing various codec packs a few years ago, I found this one to be the most complete, and system friendly. Has all the codecs I need and more. 5 stars for a the best codec pack.


pjlasl reviewed v1.37 on Aug 24, 2005

Can't say enough about how great this pack is! I have been using it for almost 6 months now, and have officially said goodbye to WMP10. BSPlayer and Media Player Classic have taken its place...keep up the excellent work!


tremens reviewed v1.37 on Aug 23, 2005

The guy that says stay far away from codecs packs is an idiot. Every dll is not loaded on windows startup. I've used this pack for quite some time, on many different systems, and NEVER had issues. Stop blaming your poorly maintained systems on quality software.

One of the best packs out there


ModderXManiac reviewed v1.37 on Aug 23, 2005

You guys are hypocrites, rating any codec pack horribly when you've never even used them.

This is a dependable, rock hard codec pack. It saves me alot of time and hassle, since it has all I need in one simple software pack.

It gets better and better with every release.

Also, the updated FFDShow was much needed.

I recommend this to ANYBODY who wants the best playback possible, without the hassle of keeping track/ installing all the codecs individually, the makers of this suite do that work for you! All ya have to do is update!

Ignore the hypocritic comments, as there will always be someone bashing something since people are so ignorant to realise the truth and come to a civil agreement.


mjm01010101 reviewed v1.37 on Aug 23, 2005

Indispensable. I needed to uninstall and log off and then log back on to install this but it worked great.


CodecPack reviewed v1.36 on Aug 16, 2005

@PedroHSI, go to options -> filters, and enable the internal mpeg-2 decoder.

@improvelence, giving it a low rating just because it's a codec pack is total bs.


PedroHSI reviewed v1.36 on Aug 15, 2005

Since 1.35, an ActiveMovie window pops up when watching DVD with Media Player Classic. With 1.34 all works fine, without this annoying window. Is there a way to prevent it from popping up?


improvelence reviewed v1.36 on Aug 15, 2005

Haha...everyone knows the type of "computer user".... that codec packs are made for.

If you know anything about codecs, or wish to learn...stay as FAR away from codec packs as possible.

Dont say I did not warn you.


horsecharles reviewed v1.36 on Aug 15, 2005

I think a certain reviewer is suffering from lossy of the brain & also deserves a 1-- the you're number one salute?

Blackhole, if you don't want WMP affected, then don't let Klite touch it or anything related-- don't let it install media player classic, nor even the wmp vcm9...

Anyhow, i certainly hope ALL/EACH your components are top-notch, state of the art & in mint condition-- otherwise your lossless time & money efforts & expenditures are going to waste.


SorenMD reviewed v1.36 on Aug 13, 2005

Hmmmm... Blackhole rhymes with...

Just ignore the complete ignorance that is Blackhole8746. Why would you need the bloatware that is Windows Media Player after the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack installs Media Player Classic? Very simple. You don't. I have not used Windows Media Player, Quicktime, or Real Player for years. K-Lite plays everything you can throw at it including DVDs. Keep up the excellent work.


SamppaX reviewed v1.36 on Aug 13, 2005

Best of Codec Packs...
No problems... Just have to tweak some settings
& you are ready to go watch your movie with NO problems... =P


wingo reviewed v1.36 on Aug 12, 2005

nice to have on the installer cd. never look for anything else these days. this is usefull for all techie's.


Zygi reviewed v1.36 on Aug 12, 2005

To Orbiting234, thats only one moron here and thats surely you !!! Most ppl out there call me computer expert, and i used to install codecs seperate, because codec packs were pill of junk, causing conflicts installing the same codecs (old DivX and new DivX 5). This all changed when i tried K-Lite Codec Pack, and with Quick Time and Real Player Alternative its best codec pack. Don't rate if you haven't used it at least once and i see you haven't used this codec pack but still you rate it - ignorant and easy way......
I 100% agree with "hobo05", i haven't good experiences with codec packs because of Nemo in the past.... But i don't bash them maybe that changed. There is absolutely no one problem with these codec pack, its realy great !!!


Mafukie reviewed v1.36 on Aug 12, 2005

Great software, I've been using this Codec pack eversince it came out.


integrii reviewed v1.36 on Aug 12, 2005

A must have for any fresh-install. Plays DVDs, all Movies from warez, and adds codecs for WMP to play ANYTHING. Love it! 5/5


shroom reviewed v1.35 on Aug 11, 2005

Learn to use a computer before reviewing softwares Orbiting234.
Nice codec pack, never had a single problem so far :)


hobo05 reviewed v1.35 on Aug 11, 2005

I've used it since it was still affiliated with kazaa lite. This is by far the best codec pack out there, but you gotta love those ppl who bash on a software they haven't even tried on a misguided crusade to save their poor fellow "laymen". Just classic...The reason ppl make codec packs are so ppl DON'T have to download individual codecs. And for this codec to achieve that purpose, I don't understand why ppl are bitter about that. If you have a specific problem, list it and justify it in a review, don't bash on it cuz you've used Nemo Codec Pack (or something) and got pwned.


BogdanSHA reviewed v1.35 on Aug 10, 2005

I am a "complete moron" and I use this as I do with my computer: every day!! Never had any problems chief!!! You are definitly a moron :P


Bachalor reviewed v1.35 on Aug 10, 2005

Really fine, this package. I need it after newinstal. of WINDOWS-XP. It help me, thanks


ModderXManiac reviewed v1.35 on Aug 9, 2005

Many needed updates, very good. It was well worth the wait.

Best codec pack, without a doubt. Each version is twice as good as the last.

Just remember, the best pre-selected configuration for flawless playback is "Power User 1".



horsecharles reviewed v1.35 on Aug 9, 2005

Agree with Zygi-- and this feature is very valuable:

"Is now able to detect and uninstall even more codec packs"


Zygi reviewed v1.34 on Jul 21, 2005

I haven't liked codec packs, because they almost always cause conflicts. I changed my mind when i tried K-Lite Codec Pack, its best you can get, no conflicts, best and up to date codecs and programs.


ModderXManiac reviewed v1.34 on Jul 5, 2005

Best codec pack on the 'net.

As you can see, it has the updated versions of BSplayer(1.32 w/ fixed mpeg4 playback), Real and Quicktime alternative, ffdshow.

And for those of you whom were intrigued by "Winamp alternative" a few weeks back, it isnt needed. This codec pack features a "shoutcast plugin" which lets you listen to winamp streams with almost any media player including MPC, WMP 2,9,10, BSplayer, etc.

Want to gain full control of your flash files? Stop, start, rewind,forward, pause; this codec pack enables you to play Macromedia flash files in all those media players I listed above, with exception of Winamp and BSplayer.

The best pre-configured installation mode is Power User-1

The best codec pack, period. Its gets better all the time.

As for Staff_Tech01,

This enables Windows Media Player, even from version 2 on Windows 98, to play files for whatever codec this supports. Flash, divx, xvid, quicktime, real, shoutcast, dvd, ANYTHING. In fact, WMP is the best player to use with these codecs. This just includes alternatives.


waves reviewed v1.34 on Jul 5, 2005

Dude, you are supposed to review it after you use it:P

This is an awesome all-inclusive pack, very handy for any of your n00b friends. MPC is awesome, so powerful and so small. And no more Realplayer or quicktime, w00t.


Aires reviewed v1.34 on Jul 5, 2005

K-Lite Mega Codec Pack? How mega can this be when it includes the _crappy_ unofficial version of ffdshow??


Staff_Tech01 reviewed v1.34 on Jul 5, 2005

I will give it a 4 just because it sound cool to me. Anytime you are able to get rid of RealCrime and QuickCrime I will applaude that. But I have to admit I am not very familiar w/ this codec pack. Does it allow these files types to be viewed in Windows Media Player or it's own stand alone player of some sort.


horsecharles reviewed v1.34 on Jul 5, 2005

Fairly significant update-- several upgrades & some new stuff........


wingo reviewed v1.34 on Jul 5, 2005

well i used to go for the other light pagackes of this but it's simply easier to take this megapackage.

i simply select which codecs i want, since i istall @ other places i definately need this.

it also have the realplayer and quickplayer which some ppl need.


FlipmodeBG reviewed v1.34 on Jul 5, 2005

No DivX 6.0! Why? Is it because it's not free?


brotherS reviewed v1.34 on Jul 5, 2005

Did you really uninstall the old version first? Try again and check the installer options, never had a problem!


zee7 reviewed v1.33 on Jun 17, 2005

Robust and solid. It plays almost any media file you throw at it. K-lite is the only codec pack I use and recommend.


foxtyke reviewed v1.33 on Jun 13, 2005

It never fails... someone asks me for a copy of a media file because they saw it on my machine and then turn around and say it won't play on their machine.

That's when I tell them to go and download the K-Lite Codec Pack preferrably Mega or Full. After they download and install the pack, I never get told my media file won't play on their machine again.

Complete, Comprehensive and Robust... K-Lite Mega Codec Pack is the best codec pack I've ever used and is now the only pack I use and recommend for Windows.


mjm01010101 reviewed v1.33 on Jun 12, 2005

Glad they removed Windows media. It never worked reliably.


FlipmodeBG reviewed v1.33 on Jun 12, 2005

Simply the best codec pack in the world !


hobo05 reviewed v1.32 on Jun 9, 2005

If codec packs are for nOObs than so is everything else that is made for convinience. You can say windows xp or red hat is for nOObs, why not just use DOS or start from circuit board wiring/soldering to make music and pixels move on your screen? Don't let pride get in the way of this really well compiled Codec Pack


horsecharles reviewed v1.32 on Jun 4, 2005

Have to agree with ModderXManiac & Bobad...

Case in point-- GSpot, one of the utilities included in this codec pack, lists 250 loaded codecs / filters w. detailed info:

Heck, I'd consider myself a first-class n00b for even considering manually/individually installing/tinkering...unless if maybe i was in the business; but still, the last poor review misses the point:

this is a review area for the general public & advanced users(not for a particular industry niche), for how a program simplifies their daily lives / how it compares to others within its specific category; panning a utility because its entire software category is supposedly not needed serves no purpose.


bobad reviewed v1.32 on Jun 1, 2005

Excellent! CODEC packs are for people that have a life, and don't have time to play with a bunch of downloads, installs, and uninstalls. Everything I have ever tried to play with this CODEC pack plays, and I get no errors or stability problems. What more can you want?


ModderXManiac reviewed v1.32 on May 31, 2005

To NyaR

Yes, maybe codec packs are for n00bs. But you cant beat the simplicity and time you save installing codec packs like these, instead of doing it the "expert" way, wherein there is alot of room for error.

Just shutup man, you rate the program on more than just your opinion. YOUR the n00b here.

Anyway...Best codec pack around. Definitely worth the download. Wanna play Flash and Quicktime files in WMP? This will let you do that!!!


NyaR reviewed v1.32 on May 31, 2005

codec packs are for noobs


l_p_4_7 reviewed v1.31 on May 17, 2005

Best codec pack.


dwby reviewed v1.29 on Apr 20, 2005

Love this, keeps getting better and better!

Some versions of the program/codec may be unstable or have some bad bugs in it.


horsecharles reviewed v1.29 on Apr 19, 2005

I hereby & officially put in a request for an explanation of why some default setting is changed, a file version downgraded-- right here, right alongside each listed change...

EDIT: thanks dawby-- yes, for instance as with the latest XVidCore....
But it would be nice for those of us not up on the latest minutiae of every single codec, to save time hunting down the info...


mjm01010101 reviewed v1.29 on Apr 19, 2005

Because of the frequency of releases of the integrated components I've started using this version rather than real player alt/QuicktimeAlt/K-lite full. So far so good. WIll save me time in deployment at work, also, although I won't always be on the latest and greatest.


NyNe reviewed v1.28 on Apr 10, 2005

i'm kinda wondering why it downgrades things
i love the pack though, i just dont understand ffdshow (whatever it's called) it never works for me (or didnt last time i tried with 1.25)


horsecharles reviewed v1.28 on Apr 10, 2005

Yeah, acs... and directly above that box is one scrollable line with 7 different install categorY levels-- default, power, etc.
But like faja says, it's better to line-item check everything one by one-- for instance, i did not allow the VOB downgrade.

FYI for those of you possessing the latest Xvid Xcore update released this month, re-install it, as this downgrades a couple of its files.


faja reviewed v1.28 on Apr 10, 2005

acs, if you read while installing, it gives the option to install or not install now.


Dennis87 reviewed v1.28 on Apr 9, 2005

This is the best codec pack!


acs reviewed v1.28 on Apr 9, 2005

BS Player has removed.Why?


theheff reviewed v1.28 on Apr 8, 2005

Great codec pack. Plays everything under the sun.


BuFu reviewed v1.27 on Mar 31, 2005

simple the best!!!


Blaxima reviewed v1.26 on Mar 27, 2005

Ususally codec packs are a bad thing but this one you really can't live without. If you've ever had problems playing files that you know are good you'll never have another problem after installing K-Lite. No need for the crapy Real player or the always wanting to load itself Quick Time. With this codec pack you can play those files through the media player of your choice. Comes with the best video player too(BS Player).
I highly recommend this one.


anti00Zero reviewed v1.25 on Mar 11, 2005

some realy stupid bugs or problems were in the earliest version but the 1.2x is realy good :))


tuncerd reviewed v1.25 on Mar 11, 2005

It is the most succesful codec pack. I have never had a problem with it and i think it is a "must have" software for all windows users.


horsecharles reviewed v1.20 on Mar 3, 2005

Has to get a 5-- no major bugs, & because of the plethora of inclusions... it has no other competitor remotely in the ballpark.


dzjepp reviewed v1.20 on Mar 1, 2005

The best.


LiNUS|X reviewed v1.18 on Feb 12, 2005

its great! it includes some nice small apps. so, its my new favorite! you need it, trust me.


Domingo reviewed v1.18 on Feb 4, 2005

It's nice to have everything in one package, but I prefer ffdshow and the 2 alternative packages. Ffdshow is simply the best for normal codecs and configuring settings...but it IS definitely not for beginners. I know that if I ever have anyone who has playback issues on their PC I point them to this pack. Not as good for power users, for it's the best for everyone else.


betabetabeta reviewed v1.17 on Dec 29, 2004

Simply the best codec pack. Just install this and VLC player and you wont need anything else.


bourgeoisdude reviewed v1.17 on Dec 25, 2004

Great--has everything. Only thing I can find wrong--and it's not really wrong--it'll just take an hour and a half to download with dialup...


zridling reviewed v1.17 on Dec 24, 2004

I rely on this software and it's been a boon to me, but the only thing you have to watch is its tricky replacement of QuickTime. Just say "No" to that dialog query if you don't want Apple's QT automatically removed from your system every time this updates.


pvolk reviewed v1.17 on Dec 24, 2004

The best most complete and updated codec pack ever. Works like a charm and its easy and convenient!


lzvk25 reviewed v1.16 on Nov 5, 2004

Finally you can forget about searching for individual codecs and configure them, plus you get 2 excellent media players for free. Just run the executable and start playing your movie files. It's even great with the new weird formats like 'mkv' and 'ogm'. Great collection indeed !!! :D


muppet reviewed v1.15 on Oct 31, 2004

This is an excellent, well supported codec pack. It has sane defaults for the average joe user, but you can tweak it to exactly your needs if you're that type of person.

The only gripe I have is that you can't later install/uninstall invididual items, you have to do a full uninstall and then reinstall. Really though this is an install once and upgrade every couple of months package.

I hope they continue to keep this updated, it's very handy!


cooldude7273 reviewed v1.15 on Oct 27, 2004

Best codec pack ever!


agent2killa reviewed v1.13 on Oct 20, 2004

the best codec pack'll never need other


themafia_69 reviewed v1.13 on Oct 17, 2004

ok well i used to use ffdshow which used to work great, but then i got a high quality music video and the words were out of sync, and i knew i didnt just download a 100mb out of sync video then i uninstalled ffdshow and installed the mega codec pack and it worked perfectly, this is truely the only codec pack you will ever need (as of now) hehe


zridling reviewed v1.13 on Oct 16, 2004

They fixed the sound in the realmedia files, and if you check their FAQ section, setting the output options to System Default also fixes any video playback problems with realmedia files. Way to go!


cooldude7273 reviewed v1.13 on Oct 16, 2004

Best codec pack ever!


Dapple reviewed v1.13 on Oct 15, 2004

The only codec pack you will ever need , and Media Player classic is the best.


Richardky reviewed v1.13 on Oct 15, 2004

The Best


robmanic44 reviewed v1.12 on Sep 27, 2004

Incredible, just incredible. The improvement in my system sound was beyond belief. I had to quickly reduce the volume. If you can put this on your system, do so.


DarthVeda reviewed v1.12 on Sep 25, 2004

Best Codec pack.

Finally an option to boost audio for AC3 videos. I used to use Virtualdub to boost the volume for the movies. this should be make that easier.


zridling reviewed v1.11 on Sep 11, 2004

This truly is an all-in-one solution and it's kept up to date. Easy to install and maintain, I don't compute without it.

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