IrfanView IrfanView 4.62 for Windows

by Irfan Skiljan

Avg. Rating 4.7 (847 votes)

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File Size 3.0 MB
License Freeware
Operating System Windows (All)
Date Added
Total Downloads 5,327,834
Publisher Irfan Skiljan
Homepage IrfanView

Publisher's Description

IrfanView is a fast, simple freeware image viewer and editor that supports all major graphic formats, including BMP, DIB, JPEG, GIF, animated GIF, PNG, PCX, multipage TIFF, TGA, and more. In addition, it features drag-and-drop support, directory viewing, TWAIN support, slide shows, batch conversion, and modifications such as color depth, crop, blur, and sharpen.

The IrfanView PlugIns package offers additional file formats and effects for IrfanView.

Latest Reviews


arossetti reviewed v4.62 on Dec 16, 2022

Still the best after all these years!


alexbosten reviewed v4.56 on Oct 28, 2020

best editing software here make the new software like adobe check this out
seo chicago il


thermoer reviewed v4.53 on Aug 9, 2019

On the whole, it's easy to use.


Frublo reviewed v4.53 on Jul 18, 2019

This version works stably.


XTRMNTR reviewed v4.53 on May 26, 2019

Simply the best


Hall9000 reviewed v4.53 on May 16, 2019

An absolute must for everyone.


Pkshadow reviewed v4.52 on Dec 13, 2018

Is good but wants to change file associations like .avi, .mid & .flv (sound/movie files come on man) to itself even when select in install to not associate. Have Winpatrol that alerts me to this and seeks permission to allow it to change. Ifranview you just go t uninstalled for trying to take over my files.


Ramone reviewed v4.51 on Mar 5, 2018



lylejk reviewed v4.42 on Mar 11, 2016

Just installed 4.42 64-bit a few minutes ago. At least this time many more of the plugins now work. Eventually, I want to complete not use 32-bit version; hope that to happen soon. :)


smuttinata reviewed v4.41 on Dec 1, 2015

Took longer to open and save photos. Had to go back to the 32-bit version.

Avg. Rating 4.7 (847 votes)
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Someone reviewed v on Mar 19, 2023



Bottom Line:


arossetti reviewed v4.62 on Dec 16, 2022

Pros: Fast, versatile, and easy to use. Love the option for a portable installation!

Cons: No cons that I can think of.

Bottom Line: Still the best after all these years!

Someone reviewed v on Jul 5, 2022

Pros: 555

Cons: 555

Bottom Line: 555


alexbosten reviewed v4.56 on Oct 28, 2020

Pros: best

Cons: services

Bottom Line: best editing software here make the new software like adobe check this out
seo chicago il


thermoer reviewed v4.53 on Aug 9, 2019

Pros: Quick and simple.

Cons: Occasional flashback

Bottom Line: On the whole, it's easy to use.


Frublo reviewed v4.53 on Jul 18, 2019



Bottom Line: This version works stably.


XTRMNTR reviewed v4.53 on May 26, 2019

Pros: Depuis plus de 20 ans, c'est la meilleures visionneuses d'image.
Merci Irfan

Cons: Nothing

Bottom Line: Simply the best


Hall9000 reviewed v4.53 on May 16, 2019

Pros: @Pkshadow.

Irfan gives you full control of the file associations. Just go in Option/Set files associations and you will see the full list with on and off assiciations.

Cons: None

Bottom Line: An absolute must for everyone.


Pkshadow reviewed v4.52 on Dec 13, 2018

Pros: Is good but wants to change file associations like .avi, .mid & .flv (sound/movie files come on man) to itself even when select in install to not associate. Have Winpatrol that alerts me to this and seeks permission to allow it to change. Ifranview you just go t uninstalled for trying to take over my files.

Cons: Is good but wants to change file associations like .avi, .mid & .flv (sound/movie files come on man) to itself even when select in install to not associate. Have Winpatrol that alerts me to this and seeks permission to allow it to change. Ifranview you just go t uninstalled for trying to take over my files.

Bottom Line: Is good but wants to change file associations like .avi, .mid & .flv (sound/movie files come on man) to itself even when select in install to not associate. Have Winpatrol that alerts me to this and seeks permission to allow it to change. Ifranview you just go t uninstalled for trying to take over my files.


Ramone reviewed v4.51 on Mar 5, 2018

Pros: Small and fast program that has a lot of basic features that an average user would need. With the added plugins, even better. Author continues to develop it.

Cons: Might have a learning curve to someone new to photo processing due to it's straight forward GUI.

Bottom Line: Recommended


lylejk reviewed v4.42 on Mar 11, 2016

Just installed 4.42 64-bit a few minutes ago. At least this time many more of the plugins now work. Eventually, I want to complete not use 32-bit version; hope that to happen soon. :)


smuttinata reviewed v4.41 on Dec 1, 2015

Took longer to open and save photos. Had to go back to the 32-bit version.


landfish reviewed v4.41 on Nov 30, 2015

I feel like Irfanview is part of the family it's been with me so long.
As stated below it's followed me onto every OS I've installed. and now on Win10
and still works perfectly.
If it came to my wife or Irfanview, well at this stage Irfanview can't do the washing up after I cook at night ......... but if one day........... well I'll say no more.

some guy

some guy reviewed v4.40 on Aug 8, 2015

jpeg jpg works fine on my end under windows 7 64 bit running IrfanView 64 bit runs flawless!


jogygeorge reviewed v4.40 on Aug 6, 2015

Not really sure why you cannot view jpg/jpeg files, but it works perfectly for me.

I have been using IV since the late 90s & never ever had a windows os without this installed. Works well, great speed, handles almost unlimited list of extensions, great feedback and consistent updates by the author.

I did read on the homepage that the 64 bit has certain limitations as not all plugins have not yet been ported, but I really don't care ... am extremely happy!

@Frank, My review was based on the 64bit! I used it and it worked perfectly on my Win7 Pro 64bit computer. I had no issues with jpeg/jpg files. If you say it has problems on "Some" computers, is it not likely that something else is not allowing IV to work well. There is no need to rate the program 1 if you know for certain that the problem exists only on some computers. IV itself has no problem. The problem is obviously lying somewhere else. Write to the author. He is very helpful and will assist in tracking down the problem.

Frank Holman

Frank Holman reviewed v4.40 on Aug 6, 2015

It's review of 64-bit edition. Yours observations about over 20 years using 32-bit edition are completely irrelevant. 64-bit edition, first time published 2 days ago, has a serous bug and doesn't support jpg, at least on some systems.


jay46 reviewed v4.38 on Jan 18, 2015

Primo application. Way cool. 15 years of Irfan's stuff and not one hiccup. Nearly the first program I install on a new box.

El Raton de los Datos

El Raton de los Datos reviewed v4.38 on Dec 23, 2014

I've been using this proggie for many ~years~, so I can say with confidence that it is best in it's class.


scf reviewed v4.38 on Nov 14, 2014

i highly recommend this, definitely worth the 4 stars!


balanceinmotion reviewed v4.38 on Sep 24, 2014

great tool

some guy

some guy reviewed v4.38 on Jun 23, 2014

light weight non bloat


RedDates reviewed v4.37 on Mar 21, 2014

excellent, so useful for me.


mikebratley reviewed v4.37 on Mar 11, 2014



chrispaul reviewed v4.37 on Feb 17, 2014



wharke reviewed v4.37 on Dec 16, 2013

IrfanView is one of those MUST install programs on my systems and it keeps getting better and better!


paulperry reviewed v4.36 on Aug 24, 2013

5 stars!


tomkelly reviewed v4.36 on Aug 22, 2013

great tool!


crosseyedlemon reviewed v4.36 on Aug 17, 2013

I have used this program for over a decade and it ranks as my favorite. I like that the developers have resisted the temptation to turn Irfanview into some bloated behemoth. It has racked up millions of downloads because it is a fast and effective way to handle the nuts and bolts editing tasks that the average user is looking to get done. I suggest Zoo take a closer look at the image edit menu because the program most certainly does have a crop feature.


NyaR reviewed v4.36 on Jul 4, 2013

Absolutely the best app to use as a standard viewer.


RWW reviewed v4.36 on Jun 29, 2013

As about a perfect piece of software you will find. Period.


Zootopia3001 reviewed v4.36 on Jun 29, 2013

All these years and still no crop button. Must hit CTRL-Y. Why?
3 1/2 stars for not much improvement since version 3.92. Just fanboy silliness requests added on to it and no 'real world' practical use additions.

Artem S. Tashkinov

Artem S. Tashkinov reviewed v4.36 on Jun 28, 2013

The image viewer.

some guy

some guy reviewed v4.36 on Jun 27, 2013

fantastic image viewer, been my favorite picture viewer for years, non bloat the best !


guti reviewed v4.35 on Nov 9, 2012

Simple, compact, fast, powerful, and with lots of supported formats.
Unfortunatelly it lacks a native x64 version.


Hall9000 reviewed v4.35 on Nov 8, 2012

This is one of those programs that are so good that one doesn't even bother to check out other similar programs. That's how good it is.


Andem reviewed v4.33 (Updated) on Sep 19, 2012

Irfanview is definitely a superior image viewer and one of the best free replacements to the built-in tool on Windows 7. It allows you to edit your images freely and easily without much fuss.

Highly recommended.


boaz reviewed v4.33 (Updated) on Apr 16, 2012

I have been using Irfanview for years, as my default Windows image/photo viewer. You can even do basic tweaking of images, and other effects.


eaves reviewed v4.32 on Jan 6, 2012

The best image viewing program that I've found. Sleek, efficient, robust and reliable.

I wish I could give this one a "6" rating.


NyaR reviewed v4.32 on Jan 2, 2012

Best image viewing program, faster and more comprehensive than default image viewer.


uzi reviewed v4.32 on Dec 19, 2011

While I personally prefer XNView over Irfanview, I must admit that both are excellent. Each has its own strength over the other. Irfanview is slightly faster, but less customizable. Both are very fast on a modern computer. Both have a lot of options. In some Irfanview wins, in others XNView wins.


66geo reviewed v4.30 on Aug 4, 2011


Mick Leong

Mick Leong reviewed v4.30 on Jun 21, 2011

Comodo Antivirus detected malicious item :Packed.Win32.MUPX.Gen@129019204" in ifranview_plugins_430_setup.exe. I wonder if this is false alert?

It would be good if the UI can be improved. For eaxmple zooming in/out always tends to recenter the image rather than using the current cursor position as the centroid for zooming. Panning the image is also very slow and tedious.


Sativarg reviewed v4.30 on Jun 20, 2011

NOTE:Several PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest versions:
Download from

Here are the changes from the New Release Notification page at the IrfanView Support Forum

IrfanView 4.30:

- Faster JPG loading! (Thanks to D. R. Commander for Turbo-JPG)
- New Paste options: Paste on left/right/top/bottom (Edit->Paste Special)
(see also the new option: Properties->Editing->Fit clipboard image)
- Changes in Open/Save dialogs (Recent folders box, View mode is remembered)
- Menu "File->Recent directories" removed (MRUDs are now in the Open dialog)
- New options in Canvas Size dialog
- EXIF + IPTC PlugIns merged into Metadata-Plugin
- New option in JPG IPTC/Comment dialogs: Allow placeholders
- New option in JPG IPTC dialog: Batch editing (if started from Thumbnails)
- New options in Capture dialog (send to Clipboard, Printer, new name patterns)
- Option to show Alpha channel for TIF/PNG/TGA files (menu: Image->Show channel)
- Option to show TIF alpha/transparency (for 32 bit RGBA images, Properties->Viewing)
- Added basic support for EXIF saving from Digi-Cam RAW formats to JPG
- The Effects dialog can be resized/maximized
- AltaLux Effect/PlugIn added (Image->Effects menu, Thanks to Stefano Tommesani)
- Option to set a tolerance value for "Auto crop borders" (Properties->Editing)
- New Advanced-Batch dialog: Crop width/height can be negative (crop from end)
- New option in batch rename dialog: Remember last rename counter
- Support for MPO format (Multi Picture Object, first 2 images can be loaded)
- Support for GLCD format (Formats PlugIn)
- DEL key now allowed in slideshow mode: delete current file
- New hotkeys: SHIFT + 1-3: Start external editor 1-3
- New hotkey: SHIFT + "." (point): Toggle slideshow modes: random/automatic
- [color=#FF6600]Several PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest versions:
Download from
- Some minor bugs fixed (ALT+F4)


gurgle reviewed v4.28 on May 17, 2011

I have tried xnview, acdsee an number of others and found this irfanview most suitable for viewing any kind of image, I can't see any problem with it after using it for many years on a daily basis, it did not support unicode some time ago but now it does, just perfect program as far as I am concerned. Thanks to the developer!


adh5 reviewed v4.28 on Apr 17, 2011

Great programm!


Woden57 reviewed v4.28 on Mar 23, 2011

Top notch program. Irfanview is one of the first programs I install in my new computers. Fast, easy and powerful.
Image viewer, converter, editor, renamer, and browser all in one.

This is one program that I wholeheartedly recommend for any windows user.


boaz reviewed v4.28 on Dec 18, 2010

Been using Irfanview for several years. I make it my default windows image file viewer.


TomWibbaert reviewed v4.28 on Dec 17, 2010

Good image viewer (just like all of them) but way too slow at opening images from explorer and image rendering.

Artem S. Tashkinov

Artem S. Tashkinov reviewed v4.28 on Dec 16, 2010

The best image viewer in the world. Period.

@some guy

It runs under Wine almost perfectly. In fact I'm running it under Wine, instead of using native Linux image viewers.

some guy

some guy reviewed v4.28 on Dec 16, 2010

my default windows image viewer could only dream of a linux version :)


JSawyer reviewed v4.27 on Jul 11, 2010

A "killer app"... Besides being really fast at viewing lots of formats. Hundreds of options for really exact demands, batch utilities, and features hard to find elsewhere like HQ Lanczos resampling and resizing (PhotoShop does only bicubic), PNGOUT to squash your BMPs nauseum.. ;) Thanks Irfan!


OnlyTemp reviewed v4.27 on Jul 6, 2010

This is one of the best free image viewer on the market. I also recommend you to take a look at FastStone image viewer. FastStone is also free and has a more friendly user interface but is slower than IrfanView.


Eeyan reviewed v4.27 on Jun 2, 2010

Irfanview just keeps getting better.......


Prospero424 reviewed v4.27 on May 21, 2010

For over a DECADE running...


arossetti reviewed v4.27 on May 11, 2010

Simply the best in its class for years running...


doctorsmith reviewed v4.27 on May 11, 2010

5 stars all the way .......................... what more can you say

Artem S. Tashkinov

Artem S. Tashkinov reviewed v4.27 on May 11, 2010

This is what I call a perfect software.


cltx99 reviewed v4.27 on May 11, 2010

I've been using Irfan view for years. I've also tried just about everything else out there. For the average user who likes simplicity and intuitiveness, Irfan view remains my choice.


coover reviewed v4.27 on May 10, 2010

Anyone that tells you that this freeware application is not a 5 has either not tried it or is lying!


UPieper reviewed v4.25 on Apr 25, 2010

@gawd: What about the "search file" function? Did you try that?


gawd21 reviewed v4.25 on Apr 24, 2010

No better than any other program! You can add a folder, you have to go through and add each picture! I am not spending hours to add every damned photo to this program.


auto reviewed v4.25 on Mar 27, 2010

One of my favorite apps ever. Highly recommended!


aruprc reviewed v4.25 on Dec 12, 2009

Try all but just keep coming back to this, the speed and simplicity is well worth it in the end.


Prospero424 reviewed v4.25 on Jun 18, 2009

Love this program. Been using it for, God, more than a decade now! Wow!

Only complaint I have is that it seems very slow to start up under Windows 7. You double-click an image and it take a few seconds to load up while it was instantaneous under Vista and XP on the same hardware with the same image files.

Can't really complain about that since Win7's not even out yet, but I thought it'd be worth a mention.

Update: this build seems to have fixed that problem! Excellent.


RWW reviewed v4.25 on Jun 17, 2009

The very best!


doctorsmith reviewed v4.25 on Jun 17, 2009

as always 5 big stars.
Irfan Skiljan is a champion, another 5 big stars for him


alanpalmer reviewed v4.25 on Jun 17, 2009

One of the best apps ever. Works perfectly as ever. The fact that it's freeware as well is a (large) bonus.


dikbozo reviewed v4.25 on Jun 17, 2009

Nearly 3,000,000 downloads and only 555 ratings! Step up here people. This is possibly the best freeware app, period. Works as advertised, fast, light and ever advancing in capability. No bloat, all meat, no filler. The hot dog of software.


Ryusennin reviewed v4.25 on Jun 17, 2009

Could never understand the "love" for so called "better" yet bloated alternatives like xnView and forth.

IrfanView is THE viewer of choice for Windows. And free, too.


Blaxima reviewed v4.23 on Jun 9, 2009

Could never understand the love for this app and I still can't.
MUCH better options out there and free ones too.


Marky09 reviewed v4.23 on Jun 5, 2009



roj reviewed v4.23 on May 8, 2009

I Was very fond of this once. XnView cleans its clock now. The problem is that it tried to be all things to all people and when software does that, the end inevitably follows.

THREE stars.

BTW, anyone who writes a review using the concept that people are too cheap to pay for software as a criteria is living proof that dinosaurs *still* walk the earth today. You know, the kind where the brain dies and the body finds out half an hour later...


ghostgeek reviewed v4.23 on Apr 21, 2009

IrfanView is a great program that has MANY features lacking in commercial applications. I find feature to create online "contact" sheets with thumbnails to be particularly useful.

Don't listen to "emanresU deriseD" and his one star review. It sounds like he needs to turn off the computer and get out of moms basement for a little fresh air once in a while. LOL!

emanresU deriseD

emanresU deriseD reviewed v4.23 on Mar 30, 2009

An overrated bugfest, favored by those who are too poor to afford to buy software and to upgrade their hardware.


Chocobito reviewed v4.23 on Feb 1, 2009

Excellent image viewer, is really fast, I use this until I find "Imagine" that its more fast (Seriously, Imagine is speed light). Aniways this software its very good, thanks to the autor for the great work.

PS: Don't take in important the comment of "emanresU deriseD", its a stupid Troll that don't know anything about good software.


Morningdove reviewed v4.23 on Jan 18, 2009

IrfanView is an excellent replacement for the Windows XP picture viewer.
-- Assign the desired file types to Irfanview. See note below.
-- In the Settings dialog, Misc1 tab, check: Start in full screen mode.
-- Also check: Only one instance of Irfanview is active.
-- Look through the full screen tab for other useful options.
Note: Make the file type reassignments using the Windows Explorer Options if you don't want to see the squished cat icon in front of all your files.

When you double click on a file in Explorer a full screen image will be quickly displayed. You may then use the mouse buttons to scroll through the folder. Press Escape when finished to exit back to Explorer.

These settings will not affect the normal startup and operation from the start menu.


mjm01010101 reviewed v4.23 on Dec 29, 2008

Artem Tashkinov

Did you pay the author? Because it isn't licensed for commercial installations.


darkpepe reviewed v4.23 on Dec 29, 2008

It's difficult to choose between XNView and this one... Thanks!

Artem S. Tashkinov

Artem S. Tashkinov reviewed v4.22 on Dec 23, 2008


I have never seen IV thumbnails crashing a single PC (and I administer around a hundred PC workstations plus PCs of my friends).

Don't you like those three tabs with Misc options? Then probably you have to use internal Windows images viewer - it has zero options.

IV has the only competitor - FastStone Image Viewer.


fenixproductions reviewed v4.22 on Dec 23, 2008

2Artem Tashkinov

> I have never seen IV thumbnails crashing a single PC (and I administer around a hundred PC workstations plus PCs of my friends).

Problems with thumbnails view were reported in Irfan's forum board by other users too. That's not only in my head.

> Don't you like those three tabs with Misc options? Then probably you have to use internal Windows images viewer - it has zero options.

Is it sarcasm? Or am I not allowed to criticize?

"Miscellaous" tab / page should be used only for options which does not fit anywhere or cannot be grouped at all. Three "Miscs" is just stupid IMHO. I am definitely not saying that having many options is wrong. Take a look on Azureus or Eclipse. Hundreds of settings but logically divided into proper sections. Easy to find and easy to handle. IV's configuration dialog is way too messed. I've been using Irfan for at least 5 years at this was always a trouble to find out something, even if I knew where had it been before.

> IV has the only competitor - FastStone Image Viewer.

So many people so many tastes. FS is good but *for me* it lacks one important thing: no freaking skins mode. Skinning is something OS should handle. Each application with fancy skins support only slows down your PC. I didn't choose SlanXP theme in vain. FS team should also write somewhere how to create your own skins if they can't implement native mode. That's all.


doctorsmith reviewed v4.22 on Dec 22, 2008

hard to beat, always a winner.

some guy

some guy reviewed v4.22 on Dec 22, 2008

non bloat been using it for years


rk05 reviewed v4.22 on Dec 22, 2008

It simply does every thing I need it to. While I've tried others, IV is simple, fast, and easy to use.


twosheds reviewed v4.22 on Dec 22, 2008

Absolutely superb - loads quicker than you can click and does everything I need of a handy picture viewer - for free! If I need more, I've got Photoshop.


Diam0nd reviewed v4.22 on Dec 22, 2008

It was my default viewer, until I bumped into ExifPro. Now I use EP by default AND have IV installed as well, for some cases.

But overall, Irfan is one of the best viewers on the market.


eek-1 reviewed v4.20 on Dec 14, 2008

Aside from being light-weight, it has...

- No zoom-lock.
- It cannot view images inside zip archive.
- Wile viewing an image in a directory, it cannot auto-start slideshow without having to re-select the directory and all images inside it.

I'm staying with ACDSee 5.


improvelence reviewed v4.20 on Sep 28, 2008

Awesome, simply awesome. Long time fan.


poisonu reviewed v4.20 on Sep 17, 2008

Superb media tool..........


sheppi reviewed v4.20 on Aug 4, 2008

Agree with steerpike, nothing more to say :)


steerpike reviewed v4.20 on Jul 29, 2008

An easy to use, versatile, and unbloated image viewer. A must have program for any PC


Diam0nd reviewed v4.20 on Jul 18, 2008

Excellent! XnView is good, but I'd never use it as my default viewer. IrfanView on the other hand is simply perfect.


ShawnSoulo reviewed v4.20 on Jul 17, 2008

The best keeps getting better.


robmanic44 reviewed v4.20 on Jul 17, 2008

That this remains freeware is a tribute to its publisher. It just works.


alanpalmer reviewed v4.20 on Jul 17, 2008

This is software of the highest order.


mjm01010101 reviewed v4.20 on Jul 17, 2008

Tell me what image program can install in under one second with all the features it has?

iview420_setup.exe /silent /desktop=1 /thumbs=0 /group=1 /allusers=1 /assoc=1 /assocallusers



turistas reviewed v4.20 on Jul 17, 2008

the best. nothing more.


1bigguy reviewed v4.20 on Jul 17, 2008

The best freeware viewer out there. Keep up the awesome work.


uyt reviewed v4.10 on Jun 9, 2008

This viewer is by far the best I've ever used - last 10 years it served me great. The whole point is that the guy is enthusiast who gives it for free – so he is not under pressure to fill his software with tons of useless “functionality” and end up with awful memory usage like so many commercial programs (that used to be good, but went so bad). Clean, simple, low resources usage… batch jobs, all the needed manipulations with the pictures… Simply great piece of software.


a_scapegoat4u reviewed v4.10 on Jan 15, 2008

I have IrfanView, PhotoFiltre, XNView, Picasa2, Photo Turbo Browser, PhotoScape, FastStone Image Viewer, as well as a few others. IrfanView (Browser) does become bogged down sometimes when I open a folder with lots of large images. So I use Total Commander with "thumbnail" view. And I have both XNView and IrfanView as plugins for Total Commander, should I happen to need more dealing with images than Total Commander can provide. Then only other complaint I have about IrfanView is the icon that is default for the program, and has been for years. The icon looks like some poor animal that has been run down by a neglectful/mean motorist--with tire tracks running across the midsection of the poor creature.


RWW reviewed v4.10 on Oct 16, 2007

Have tried the other viewers, always end up with Irfanview. Always excellent quality.


TGB72 reviewed v4.10 on Oct 16, 2007

I've been using Irfanview for 10 years and counting, amazing viewer. The only reason why I use Xnview too is because it use tabs what I found incredible useful (I would wish that Irfan include this feature in a future).
Regarding to the use of resources Irfanview it's ahead of Xnview but not by far, Xnview isn't a bloat app at all.


Ryusennin reviewed v4.10 on Oct 16, 2007

Come on Irfan, still no Unicode support.


alanpalmer reviewed v4.10 on Oct 16, 2007

I've used it for many years now for "quick" jobs. I've not found anything better and it's still as unbloated as ever.


mjm01010101 reviewed v4.10 on Oct 16, 2007

Invaluable for a quick viewing program. While acdc and xnview add bloat, irfanview still starts in under half a second!


KRome reviewed v4.10 on Oct 16, 2007

Been using for years. There is nothing as light-weight and feature rich as this. Plus, its freeware. It came with me from Win95, 98, 98se, 2000, xP, XP64, and now Vista 64.

Cant do without this.

Irfanview is to pictures as Foobar is to mp3.


Hot-Text reviewed v4.0 on Oct 5, 2007

i have IrfanView for 5 years and always current updated and get the PlugIns too!


improvelence reviewed v4.0 on Aug 24, 2007

If IrfanView was a sexy lady I would marry her.


h377r1d3r reviewed v4.0 on Jun 4, 2007

Sorry trying to figure out the tags :P
XnView is better
XnView is better


VelvetElvis reviewed v4.0 on Apr 28, 2007

There's a bug in this new version, where it opens
video files, even though file associations are set for graphics only, when viewing a folder's contents.
v3.x handles associations correctly.


mcclane reviewed v4.0 on Apr 28, 2007

a comment to the useless comment by "comeoffit".

- many people scream "bug" even if the problem is caused by the user (wrong settings) or if a program do not offer the specific feature or workwise: this is NOT a bug
- really cool people read first the help file and ask the program maker before scream: "bug"
- if you find a REAL bug in a software, report it to the program maker, for a fix, this IS useful for all of us

- last but not least: recommending a program like xnview as "solution" is really macabre. xnview is a best example for PLAGIARISM, see on irfanview homepage: "XnView has been stealing/cloning features and whole dialogs from IrfanView, for 7+ years)"
or, do you think, why xnview offers same print options as irfanveiw and why the print dialog looks similar, just by concidence?


comeoffit reviewed v4.0 on Apr 25, 2007

Indeed, the lack of a thumbnail caching feature kills its performance when that functionality is used--and the more images there are, the worse the impact.

I just printed a bunch of very simple images with IrfanView 4.00. They were all mangled on the printouts. IrfanView did something internally that utterly corrupted their final appearance. I tried different scaling settings (best fit vs. original size), and it kept doing the same thing. Then, I printed with XnView 1.90.3, and they came out fine.

Overall it's pretty nice for a freebie, and its speed in launching (not in thumbnail handling) is wonderful. But I can't put up with the problems I've found.

A response to mcclane (above):

I did not use the word "bug" anywhere in my post. Further, I see no reason why my comment should be derided as "useless"--I simply reported a very real problem that I encountered.

I also did not "recommend" XnView. I simply mentioned that printing worked fine for me with XnView, whereas it did not work well with IrfanView. Describing a simply reporting of facts as "macabre" is very odd indeed.

The help file? Funny. Is there one? One shouldn't need a help file simply to print anyway. I'm not new at this, and I am quite confident I did nothing wrong. IrfanView simply isn't perfect--and you shall have to deal with it!

The printing problem I had wasn't alignment or anything like that--it was a matter of the images being a total mess after printing. I can't even describe it--the image appeared as if it had been printed once, and then printed again on top of itself, in reverse and out of alignment.

How much can XnView "plagiarize" IrfanView anyway? IrfanView is closed source. If dialogs here and there are similar, why should I care? Oh, sure--I will use an application that works poorly for me, just because it might have been the first to create a dialog that another developer imitated. I'm more concerned about underlying functionality, not how the dialog looks. At least XnView prints properly for me. But thank you for being so concerned about my user experience.

I knew I'd be criticized after posting a semi-negative review of IrfanView. Thanks for proving me right.


horsecharles reviewed v4.0 on Apr 25, 2007

Never seen so many buggy / non-working / erroneous-version download links for one single's auto-install direct link for the plugins(main link has previous 3.99 version, most others have correct though zip version):


poisonu reviewed v4.0 on Apr 25, 2007

Have been using it since 1997....
Btw, don't forget to get the FREE Plugins addon...


doctorsmith reviewed v4.0 on Apr 24, 2007

4 hey, can't wait till 5 comes out.
what a little gem, absolutely brilliant.

make sure you get the plugins


The MAZZTer reviewed v4.0 on Apr 24, 2007

Kudos to the author, who took the time to address my reported bugs with Vista! :)


RWW reviewed v4.0 on Apr 24, 2007

The very best!!


JonNuttNTL reviewed v4.0 on Apr 24, 2007

The Best! nuff said ;-)


christoofar reviewed v4.0 on Apr 24, 2007

Recently switched to FastCapture Image Viewer for a while, but it just wasn't my cup of tea. It is good to be "back home" again! This is always the FIRST app I install after a reformat/new install of Windows. Thanks to the author for keeping it freeware!


Dsfargeg reviewed v4.0 on Apr 24, 2007

It was good back in its heyday, but nowadays it looks like a relict from Win98 days.
There are much better freeware image viewers/managers now, e.g. Xnview or Faststone Image Viewer.


Floodland reviewed v4.0 on Apr 24, 2007

This program is so "win98" that work faster than any other alternative, open any format on earth and does everything it suppossed to do. *Without* a bloated UI, free and bugless.
My only advice is to uncheck the instalation of Google Desktop offered during setup, as GD is the oposite: A resource hog, bloat, and useless software: The first software I don't like from google though...


mms911 reviewed v4.0 on Apr 24, 2007

This Is One Of The Best Image Viewers.


mjm01010101 reviewed v4.0 on Apr 24, 2007

There is a security issue with 3.99 so make sure you get this one.

Why does this app still rock? It opens in less than half a second, on machines 4 years old. You cannot beat that even with native Vista or XP image viewers.


Diam0nd reviewed v4.0 on Apr 24, 2007

the artist

the artist reviewed v4.0 on Apr 24, 2007

this proggie is so win98... if you can live with the aesthetically horrendous but also inefficient interface, it is good, but for eg it NEEDS context menus in Fullscreen.


horsecharles reviewed v3.99 on Apr 24, 2007

EDIT: ALL download links for plugins ONLY are broken-- all mirrors worldwide. Main program is available on FileHippo though.

Version 4.00 (Release date: 2007-04-23)

- Improved Vista compatibility
- New display option: Center image in window (Menu: View->Display options)
- Toolbar skin option added (Properties->Toolbar)
More Toolbar skins are available on the IrfanView homepage.
=> Users can send new Toolbar skins by email, Thanks guys!
- New Properties->Video option: Use DirectShow for playing (good for MJPG AVIs)
- New advanced batch option: Auto adjust colors
- "Enhance colors" can be now used on selections
- New EXIF dialog button: Show in Google Earth (if GPS data available)
- The EXIF dialog can stay displayed on screen
- Thanks to Dmitri Poguliayev for the new Vista icon!
- New Hotkey: CTRL + SHIFT + M = Show/edit JPG comment
- Several PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest versions:
Download from:
- Some bugs fixed (Start folder, RLE BMPs, ANI loading)


temp1 reviewed v3.99 on Apr 16, 2007

cool but no Unicode version :(


munga42 reviewed v3.99 on Feb 22, 2007

+can finally scroll properly in fullscreen, what took you so long..

-no caching of images=slow
-tries to open files it cannot and gives me a lovely popup.. (i dont like popups)


dzjepp reviewed v3.99 on Jan 29, 2007

This is a superb piece of freeware that has stood the test of time. One of the best image viewers available, it's the first thing I install on windows for viewing my images.


e.Myrcom reviewed v3.99 on Jan 27, 2007

Seems like whatever I may try, when it comes down to it I'm always going back to IrfanView.! Whether I'm resizing, cropping, colour balance or using an adobe plugin I'm going to be done faster and happier when I use IrfanView. It's still the best.!!

Vista Users :: v3.99 has been redone with a different installer that will work in Vista, plugins too. If you go over to the IrfanView Forum, choose the Vista forum you'll see the section to obtain the new installs for IrfanView and Plugins.
Forum is at;



polysius reviewed v3.99 on Jan 8, 2007

This program does everything! If you've ever used ACDSee many years ago before it got bloated, IrfanView is still much better (and without the bloat).

It is fast, supports every file type you can think of, has LOADS of very cool features and best of all: has great batch processing tools. I use it all the time to do tasks such as batch convert 1000 images to another format, with a different size, different washout colour, (the list goes on...) all in just a few clicks.

Can't recommend this any higher, you'd be stupid to miss it.


prm753 reviewed v3.99 on Dec 7, 2006

Excellent image viewer and converter. Converted a .tif file that other commercial image viewers/converters couldn't.


BogdanSHA reviewed v3.99 on Dec 2, 2006

Does not install on Windows Vista.


poisonu reviewed v3.99 on Nov 18, 2006

Have been using it since about 1996/1997....

Don't forget to get the Irfanview plugins (same version) to extend it's already great capabilities.



zridling reviewed v3.99 on Nov 17, 2006

I can't remember seeing a .99 update. Incredible.


boaz reviewed v3.99 on Nov 17, 2006

An extremely fast viewer. A single executable file, with no dll's (except for certain plugins). I use it for my default graphic file viewer. Has some basic tools, for tweaking graphics files (sharpen, blur, mosaic, bevel edge, brigntess & contrast, gamma, etc.). In addition, it can also creat slide show files.


mjm01010101 reviewed v3.99 on Nov 17, 2006

Great app, has a few issues with converting to jpg's and getting them under a certain size, but no biggie.


landfish reviewed v3.99 on Nov 17, 2006

5 stars, 5 stars, 5 stars, 5 stars,
what else needs to be said


Dreimanis reviewed v3.99 on Nov 17, 2006

i hoped for version 4. oh well, for me it's the best.


christoofar reviewed v3.99 on Nov 17, 2006

One of the very first apps I ever installed on my PC, & still the very first one I put in after a clean reformat.
The best!


demetrisk reviewed v3.99 on Nov 17, 2006

The best and fastest viewer (and light editor).

I use it since 1996 as the default viewer for all image files, and can't do without it.

A new set of icons and support for Unicode file names would be nice additions. :-)


molumen reviewed v3.99 on Nov 17, 2006

Was, still is, and will ever be the best choice!


styckx reviewed v3.99 on Nov 17, 2006

Still the leader, and still free.

Best image viewer Ever


tp reviewed v3.99 on Nov 17, 2006

thanks for another fine update


ZeRO9999 reviewed v3.99 on Nov 17, 2006

certainly the best of its category but the missing unicode file name support annoys me big time


constust reviewed v3.99 on Nov 17, 2006

Been using this since about 1996. Never felt the need for anything else to view images or do some quick and dirty editing.


darthbeads reviewed v3.99 on Nov 17, 2006

It just works. Period.


Diam0nd reviewed v3.99 on Nov 17, 2006

BEST viewer. EVER!

Todd 13

Todd 13 reviewed v3.98 on Aug 27, 2006

Outstanding! Every program should be as nice as this.


uzi reviewed v3.98 on Mar 25, 2006

An excellent piece of software.


TGB72 reviewed v3.98 on Mar 21, 2006

The best/fastest viewer out there, thanks a lot Irfan for add the "load thumbs from all subfolders" feature. The only thing that has pending is the addition of a thumb cache (really needed to handle dirs with more than 5000+ pictures)


petiot reviewed v3.98 on Dec 27, 2005

Irfan view is still a good soft. though it get bigger but not necessarily better. Some have said xnview is better i agree. But neither of those soft are better than cPicture. have a look at this gem.


baloor reviewed v3.98 on Dec 27, 2005

I still prefer xnview personally


dazed_00 reviewed v3.98 on Dec 27, 2005

I rated it 4. Irfanview's a great image viewer especially considering that it's freeware.

Some things that would need improvement:
1. No read-ahead option (decode next image in advance, for faster image rendering/browsing)
2. No cache-behind option (again, for faster image rendering/browsing.)
3. When viewing an image in an Irfanview window, it appears in the upper left corner of the screen instead of the center (which is more appropriate and should be default).


utomo reviewed v3.98 on Dec 26, 2005

I hope they improve the products:
1. We can browse the product by next and back with remembered zoom. now we always reseting the zoom.
2. better editor please.

I hope they also make the pocket pc version.


stephenbeta reviewed v3.98 on Dec 26, 2005

Irfan has done a great job as usual with build 3.98, I'm looking forward to it being compatible with Windows Vista though! :)


lookwhatifound reviewed v3.98 on Dec 26, 2005

best & fastest viewer for images. supports about all the formats. doesn't have a thumnail database yet though.

the only other thing that i want from it is better support for .swf or flash format. it would then get 101 out of 100.


pyridox reviewed v3.98 on Dec 25, 2005

Nice "FREE" viewer, with basic editing, converting, and slideshow tools. For the price, it's great!


RoSmecher reviewed v3.98 on Dec 25, 2005

very good image browser, however there are better ones out there that you can pay for.


Jose reviewed v3.98 on Dec 25, 2005

Any links to the 3.98 zip (standalone, portable) version?


Dreimanis reviewed v3.98 on Dec 25, 2005

great software. been using for ages. fast and does everything i need.


horsecharles reviewed v3.98 on Dec 24, 2005

I suggest BetaNews copy/paste-create this into a Latest Changes... as well update the plugin pack to same version from the present 3.97:

Change Log Version 3.98 {Release date: 2005-12-24)
- Option to support IrfanView by installing Google Toolbar and/or Google Desktop Search (OPTIONAL !)
- New Thumbnail window option: Load thumbs from all subfolders (CTRL+F)
- Alpha blending effect added for slideshow/fullscreen (Properties->Fullscreen)
- New options for fullscreen/slideshow: Set text position/alignment
- PlugIn for AFPL Ghostscript: PS, EPS, PDF formats (see Properties->PlugIns)
- Support for CGM/SVG formats : CADImage.DLL (Shareware, see i_plugins.txt)
- Support for HDR format (Formats PlugIn, thanks Kevin)
- New option for DigiCam RAW formats: Load half size image (Properties->PlugIns)
- New effects added: Sepia, Raindrops, Fragment etc. (Thanks to GENiEBEN :-)
- Option to set the start corner for crop and text-layout in batch mode
- New placeholders for Date/Time: %Y, %m, %d (see help file for examples)
- New placeholders: $M (multipage index), $d (directory name)
- Most of normal placeholders can be used for "/convert=" too
- Option to hide main window in Thumbnails mode (Properties->Misc 1)
- New lossless JPG dialog option: Set DPI value
- Set loading options for Ghostscript, MrSID, JPM: Properties->PlugIns
- New JPG save option: Reset EXIF orientation tag
- New advanced slideshow dialog option: Play in window mode
- Command line option for EXE Slideshow: /monitor=X (start on monitor X)
- Command line option: /dpi works now for /scan, /scanhidden and /batchscan
- New special INI options to hide caption/menu bar permanently (see FAQs)
- Support for 3GP format (Quicktime PlugIn)
- New hotkeys: Red eye, Fullscreen text, Direct print, Lossless JPG (see help file)
- Many PlugIns are changed/updated


the_root reviewed v3.98 on Dec 24, 2005

Best free program in any category there is, IMHO.


twosheds reviewed v3.98 on Dec 24, 2005

Quick. Very quick. Good. Very good.


SirMango reviewed v3.98 on Dec 24, 2005

Great software! Great to have an update after so much time, just in time for the Holidays too! I only wish I could view many pictures simutaniously with Irfanview - Thumbnails. Maybe there is? Drop me an email at if there is! Other than that, cheers to the software!


arossetti reviewed v3.98 on Dec 24, 2005

Simply the best at what it does. Easy to use on top of that. I've been using it for years, have tried a few others that aren't bad, but this is just...well...awesome!


BootBlock reviewed v3.98 on Dec 24, 2005

Nice and fast viewer, although I'm not a fan of the built-in media players though. An XP-look update of the icons would be good, but I use it for all my image viewing - so it's gotta be doing something right.


RWW reviewed v3.98 on Dec 24, 2005

Sounds like an echo but my experience is the same. Have tried some others and some were not bad but Irfanview is so easy to use and does a lot.


dejavu reviewed v3.98 on Dec 24, 2005

I use this magnific freeware for many years. This software never bother me! Happy Holidays Irfanview!


tosh9i reviewed v3.98 on Dec 24, 2005

I've tried over a dozen of different image viewers, and IrfanView is without a doubt the best.


mjm01010101 reviewed v3.98 on Dec 24, 2005

Awesome awesome awesome.
Glad the desktop search is optional.
Great work!


stopy reviewed v3.97 on Dec 22, 2005

very poor viewer


Palomino reviewed v3.97 on Nov 17, 2005

It's a good program and I have used it for years. This version is from April; there's no reason to post it again.


yusufjee reviewed v3.97 on Nov 15, 2005

It is very good program however i have moved to XNView now. You people should give it a try. ITs light weight yet very powerful.


RWW reviewed v3.97 on Nov 14, 2005

I have had absolutely no problems with Irfanview. Have tried most of the others, it is still the best.


foe reviewed v3.97 on Nov 14, 2005

What i do like is the speed. I click the shortcut, wham its open and ready to go. That's not smth i see much on my old p2. Ok it's interface could use some work but when u know your way around the program, well im flying here :) (keyboard shortcuts yay)
I read about the thumbnail caching speed story (some reviewer). ACDsee is shareware so wouldnt compare it with this. The thumbnail loading isnt very fast to me but its still faster than in Paint shop pro (which isnt freeware either of course) to give u an idea.
I gave my parents Xnview which is more suited for less-experienced computer people. I really like that 1 too.
I use xnview and irfanview , but because of the speed little jobs on pics get done with irfanview.


jcs83md reviewed v3.97 on Aug 15, 2005

Has problems with massive pics, otherwise great!


hobo05 reviewed v3.97 on Aug 11, 2005

I've used this program since 1999 or 2000. I was reading the comments on fileforum all the way back to 2002. I saw quite a few references from reviewers to other graphic viewers that I've never heard of except for ACDSee. It is true that I haven't used that many (as i discovered) viewers before, but that said, IrfanView has never made me feel the urge to look for anything else. It has all the practical functions I need for a viewer and oddly enough, I really like the plugin for the mp3 player. I do use winamp, but loading up winamp each time i want to listen to one single mp3 just takes too long, even wmp takes too long for me. IrfanView just pops up the second I click it. Obviously listening to music in general I use winamp, but IrfanView makes it a whole lot easier and quicker to just check out what that one single wav or mp3 sounds like. I can't (am not qualified to) counter any of the negative comments, but I can definitely backup the positive ones (and there are a whole lot of them!).


Lammikko reviewed v3.97 on Aug 4, 2005

Fast and nice but image explorer isn't so great and it's also apart from the main program. There are far better software to organize your image collection.


sparklet reviewed v3.97 on Jul 11, 2005

The statement from benZin and httpd.confused about performance are wrong. I opened a folder with some large pictures. The result was that IrfanView need 34 Second and FastStone 82 Second so IrfanView is more than two times faster than FastStone. But the GUI looks bad that's true.


httpd.confused reviewed v3.97 on Jul 8, 2005

Oh what a surprise, someone (that being "Kommentator") was rubbed the wrong way by my statement of fact, and resorted to name calling. How mature.

When I said that other packages were faster, I was referring to any one (and there are many) that caches and generally handles thumbnails better than IrfanView does. There are many; do your own homework.

^^Sparklet: I didn't compare IrfanView to FastStone; I compared it to ACDSee 7. I've never even used FastStone. I use ACDSee 7, and if it ever took anywhere near 34 seconds to load a folder, I'd remove it immediately. Full-featured applications like ACDSee cache thumbnails and provide much better performance than IrfanView does in that regard. In fact, rather than 34 seconds, ACDSee loads the thumbnails almost instantly, if the thumbnails are cached. (And when they're not cached, ACDSee is still much faster than IrfanView.)

So, no, I'm not incorrect.

Basically, I do agree that IrfanView is great as a simple image viewer, but for organizing and managing an image collection, it's terrible. Now, for the jackass who wants to chime in to tell me that IrfanView is only an image viewer, well, no--it does have basic image management features. But they suck. Deal with it.


benZin reviewed v3.97 on Jun 26, 2005

The interface is very old and ugly. This program is maybe not bad but I prefer FastStone Image Viewer, more powerful than IF, faster, etc... FastStone is better than ACDSee to, and it's a Freeware. Try it!


Ping reviewed v3.97 on May 21, 2005

This program rocks. It is amazing fast and small.
Best Image-Viewer out there. Nothing for editing but in viewing it's perfect!


yuting reviewed v3.97 on May 10, 2005

It's fast, simple and powerful. Includes screen capture. I've been using it for years and it's always the essential part of my Windows. The downside is the icons can be improved and it still doesn't support unicode filename.


mutara reviewed v3.97 on May 3, 2005

Simple, fast, stable, many file formats supported. What do I need more in an image VIEWER?


gleniator reviewed v3.97 on Apr 28, 2005

I use FreshView. It's very good in my opinion.
Check here:


allsiante reviewed v3.97 on Apr 23, 2005

"Increasingly bloated and terribly programmed (from my discussions with the developer it sounds like the code complete mess)."

Sounds like MS Windows, you know that one ? :P

Get lost, this is a fine piece of free software. Live with it.


oomingmak reviewed v3.97 on Apr 23, 2005

"Get lost, this is a fine piece of free software."

Yeah, it's so "fine" it can't even display common vector formats like Adobe Illustrtor .ai

The author should spend less time adding irrelevant audio functions and stick to the shortcomings of image display (the program is called Irfan VIEW after all.)

allsiante, this is a review site that invites end user comments. There is no rule that says people can only post their comments if they agree with your opinion. So my original comments are valid and still stand.

Live with it.


zridling reviewed v3.97 on Apr 23, 2005

Excellent program, stable, good feature set. I hope all who are using it have sent donations to the developer. He deserves to eat well for sharing this.


daver18qc reviewed v3.97 on Apr 23, 2005

I'm using it since 2000 and i still love it. Great piece of software and free on top of that.

Only thing that need to change is the screenshot on this page that looks like windows 3.1 ...


GhoS reviewed v3.97 on Apr 22, 2005

How can anyone call this bloated?? Its under a meg to download! Its the best darn image program out there for free and thankfully stays free. Kudos to the author for continuing to update this wonderful program.


emredondo reviewed v3.97 on Apr 22, 2005

A great classic.


wingo reviewed v3.97 on Apr 22, 2005

well i used to be a ac/deesee (can't even remember the name) fan back at version


mjm01010101 reviewed v3.97 on Apr 22, 2005

Awesome. Consistent quality releases. Donate to this dude!

edit: there seems to be some bugs with the installer. It's not creating a start menu when requested 100% of the time, and it's not launching when requested from the installer.


AntiochMedia reviewed v3.97 on Apr 22, 2005

FANTASTIC -- The Multiple Monitor Support Glitch is fixed! Previously you could only switch an image to full screen mode on your primary display -- now I can drag an image to my secondary display, hit enter, and full screen display!

I've used IrfanView for years - love it - and the fact that this update addresses the only trouble I've had with it cements my love for this program that much more! FANTASTIC Image Viewer / Batch Rename, Conversion and Batch Scanner program ...


Nikkie reviewed v3.95 on Apr 17, 2005

Fast , Small and covers a lot of formats .. Also , It's free . I have been using it on my win 2000 pc for a few years now .


sync reviewed v3.95 on Mar 29, 2005

The best viewer around, I've been using it for years and there's nothing easier or quicker.


CaLy reviewed v3.95 on Feb 25, 2005

It is very nice software !! Im using that since 96 and it is really great !!
I love it :)


bugmenot reviewed v3.95 on Feb 8, 2005

This program is especially pleasing to more advanced users for several reasons. The JPG features, for example, are superb: Lossless transformations let you rotate images without recompressing and losing quality. There are also options to preserve the JPG EXIF headers stored by digital cameras so you don't lose the timestamp when the picture was taken or the camera settings. The interface is very stripped down to make efficient use of available space. It also has practical single-key keyboard shortcuts like some Adobe products. It will be less approachable to beginners, however, because it lacks wizards, pretty icons, extra toolbars, and palettes.


Kommentator reviewed v3.95 on Jan 24, 2005

Could the "confused" reviewer please specify "the better packages out there"?


httpd.confused reviewed v3.95 on Jan 21, 2005

IrfanView is great for people who don't want to spend money, but it doesn't have the feature set or the speed (Yes, I did say "speed") of the better packages out there.


mancheeba reviewed v3.95 on Jan 20, 2005

This is the only choice for a viewer. Tip - get 3.80 for the simple fact it reads webshot picures. Absolutely the best, makes batch conversions a breeze and capture from twain nice and quick.


mr_flibble reviewed v3.95 on Jan 14, 2005

I've been using IrfanView since 1995 or so and nothing else...need I say more?


chinren reviewed v3.95 on Dec 10, 2004

This is the top file viewer! I mean it does all it says on the packet. It isn't meant to be a replacement for photoshop or anything. I have used it for years, and nothing else comes close.
Especially like the fact it keeps itself to itself, doesn't intertwine with windows, so you can easily get it going again with no reload after a reload of the microsoft beast. Superb!


S-e_R reviewed v3.95 on Nov 8, 2004

This program is a very good image viewer with a lot of plugins for different file formats and can open almost any type of file. I have been using it for longer than a year and I dont see myself using anything other than that program for my images and movie files.


zridling reviewed v3.95 on Oct 28, 2004

Robmanic, I use both CompuPIC and ACDSee 7 over Irfanview. Irfanview is good, but imo doesn't have the ease of use that those programs have. And it certainly doesn't have the features. For example, Irfanview does contact sheets well, but ACDSee does them much better, giving you more control. For basic editing, it's hard to beat PhotoFiltre when combined with Irfanview, that's for sure. A much better screenshot and comparison can be found at:


chimpypimpy reviewed v3.95 on Oct 28, 2004

Excellent as usual. An ideal program to associate with all of your picture files. Also try Photofiltre.


daver18qc reviewed v3.95 on Oct 28, 2004

Using it since 2001, hell of a good product, the only down side is all the config you need to do before it browse your pictures the way you want. Still i cant view an image without it, simply the best there is in my opinion.


Joco reviewed v3.95 on Oct 28, 2004

Freeware, fast, has some very handy basic features for image editing. I've tried some other images viewers I still prefer Irfanview as the best compromise.

The only complaint I have is that Irfanview also previews text files. In order to exclude this, you need to edit the extension list in the confog.


robmanic44 reviewed v3.92 on Sep 23, 2004

Is there anyone who doesn't use this? Why?


Erator reviewed v3.92 on Sep 14, 2004

I've used this program since 1999 I believe, and still think it is hands-down the best, fastest, and handiest image viewing tool out there.

A must for any PC user that handles images.


beast64 reviewed v3.92 on Sep 13, 2004

Well, this program is quite good, it's fast and doesn't consume a lot of memory, and the plug-ins make it even better, but I must say that the GUI is pretty lame, other than that is't very good. I think with a little work it can be the best. I'd give it 4.5 if there is such thing.


chasanc reviewed v3.92 on Aug 23, 2004

This is the Best image viewer program. Sopports many many formats and loads images fast. I love it.

Also it's free :))

It deserves five stars.


bleedingpegasus reviewed v3.92 on Aug 23, 2004

besides winamp, this is my most useful freeware! Got worry tho' of being bloated. Keep it on image only dude (altho no problem playing movie). utomo, Alt+PrintScreen --> Ctrl+V into ifrvanview, that's my way of screen capture. what else do u want?


JazzyTech reviewed v3.92 on Aug 23, 2004

The best,fast,free viewer out there. It *does* support screen capture. :)


QBgreen reviewed v3.92 on Aug 23, 2004

Discounting the new eBay jive, this program has been a staple for me for quite some time and will continue to. Fast, handy, and still free, it's a no-brainer for image viewing and light editing.


utomo reviewed v3.92 on Aug 22, 2004

It will be much better if irfanview also add more fetures such as:
Screen capture, look at what snag it have it will be very good if irfanview can have the good screencapture features.


bsr500 reviewed v3.92 on Aug 22, 2004

teh best! :)


JEdwardP reviewed v3.92 on Aug 22, 2004

As long as the bundled eBay rubbish remains OPTIONAL, this is still the best program of its kind, and still deserves five stars.


guevara reviewed v3.92 on Aug 22, 2004

One of the best, and free.
5 stars


star51L reviewed v3.92 on Aug 22, 2004

Yuting, for real? You are worried about the icon of the program? I'd be a little more concerned about the ebay crap it wants to install...still give it a 5, best of it's kind for free, and the ebay crap is an optional install.


shawkins reviewed v3.92 on Aug 22, 2004

Argh. ebay toolbar...


yuting reviewed v3.92 on Aug 22, 2004

Simple, effective. Have been using this program for a long time and it never fails. One thing the program can improve is its icons - needs a bit more professional art work!


dejavu reviewed v3.92 on Aug 22, 2004

No Coments!!! Great Tool!!!


g-smooth2k reviewed v3.91 on Jun 30, 2004

Great image resizing/viewing tool
EZ to use with simple interface
Best of all it is FREE


Heffel reviewed v3.91 on Jun 23, 2004

Excellent tool, but I too still prefer ACDSee Classic 2.4.3!


seelengarten reviewed v3.91 on May 2, 2004

Prima Arbeit! IrfanView ist wohl eines der wenigen Programme, das mich schon seit vielen Jahren überzeugt. Und das wegen der Funktionalität und seinen vielen Formaten. Schnickschnack wie Skins vermissen Solche, die den Gebrauchswert eines Programmes nur an ihrer Verpackung bemessen, weil sie mit dem Inhalt nicht viel anfangen können... Christian


CyberHobo reviewed v3.91 on May 2, 2004

Again, an excellent viewer and not too shabby editor.

The Faceless Master

The Faceless Master reviewed v3.91 on May 2, 2004

i still prefer AcdSee Classic (2.43) but this is definetly a VERY close second and gets the full five stars from me.


ssb reviewed v3.91 on May 2, 2004

Used to be a nice freeware app when no others existed. With its old silly interface, i prefer XNView or others.


bobad reviewed v3.91 on May 2, 2004

A very nice program, but as a quick photo viewer, it STILL has no full screen viewer with a 1 key exit. (like ACDSee, Firegraphic, or Cam2PC). That's 1 of the mysteries of the universe! As for all its many functions, there's nothing close to PhotoFiltre as a Freeware editor. FireGraphic and Cam2PC are better as pure, QUICK picture viewers (if you have a fast PC). I won't even talk about music and movie playing, as any good MP3 or movie palyer beats IrfanView. Irfan needs to decide what this program really is, and concentrate on excellence rather than pecking away at so many uses and doing nething particularly well.I'm waiting for IrfanView Lite, that's just a lightning quick, pure photo viewer. :)


guti reviewed v3.91 on May 2, 2004

Have discovered this nice piece of software with version 3.80. Now it has replaced my ACDSee 2.43 for me.


darkpepe reviewed v3.91 on May 2, 2004

Try XnView
I will stay with that one, freeware also.
Anyone that is willing to pay for such a program, try CompuPic! (Far better than ACDSee)


kljs reviewed v3.91 on May 2, 2004

One good viewer. 5 stars.


  reviewed v3.91 on May 1, 2004

Definitely doesn't deserve 5 stars from me, because some aspects of its design annoy me, but it's a fast and pretty well-featured viewer. I use it alongside ACDSee 5.0 just because it's so much faster.


TigerTou reviewed v3.91 on May 1, 2004

Without peer.


bsr500 reviewed v3.91 on May 1, 2004

Best image viewer (not to be mistaken as an editor).


daxno reviewed v3.91 on May 1, 2004

IrfanView is without any doubt the best image viewer out there. It's very fast, resizes pictures when viewing in full screen, very user friendly and simple to use, extremely stable, F.R.E.E (!), has some very handy options, ... (I can go on for ever). Now stop reading and start downloading !!! :-)


Perezoso reviewed v3.90 on Apr 19, 2004

Easy, powerful, fast, stable, free. Simply great.


marsovac reviewed v3.90 on Apr 18, 2004

IrfanView has really become THE STANDARD. For it's non-agressive installation (it does not mess your file associations, or windows built-in image manipulating options), with lots of hidden options,for manipulating multimedia files, being free and all... it really has been my favorite...
I must admit that uninstalling AC/DC and replacing it with IrfanView on every machine that I come across has become my habit.For image editing I use Photoshop, but all other jobs are nicelly done with this little program - wonder....


bsr500 reviewed v3.90 on Apr 17, 2004

This should not be treated as an editor, but more so as a viewer (for those of you that complain that it doesn't have alot of editing options). This is the best freeware viewer, and has a batch converter for converting image formats.


ManiaXe reviewed v3.90 on Apr 17, 2004

Excellent viewer and extremely fast.
I wish there was a way to disable the multi-monitor support though, since full-screen viewing now means centering the image to my desktop, which splits the image over two monitors.


CyberHobo reviewed v3.90 on Apr 17, 2004

An awesome viewer, and not too shabby editor. ICNET's Filter's Unlimited really adds to this image viewer/editor making it even more powerful. Just another fine example of European engineering! Will give it *****(*) stars when it has a redo function next to the undo button with a little history in between.


Dark reviewed v3.90 on Apr 16, 2004

Simple, robust, and it's free. An excellent program for quickly viewing images and doing minor touchups.


joske reviewed v3.90 on Apr 16, 2004

simply the best. now i can throw away my long-standing acdsee 3.2


e144539 reviewed v3.90 on Apr 16, 2004

One of my favorite programs
He hasn't updated the changes yet so...
- Improved print dialog
- Improved Contact Sheet option
- New options for Slideshow/Fullscreen
- New options for Batch conversion/rename
- New options for HTML export (Slideshow, Templates)
- New pattern/display options for: Slideshow, Fullscreen, Print, Insert Text,
Contact Sheet, HTML-Export, Batch Rename (use EXIF/IPTC values)
- Transparent PNG saving added
- New option: Canvas size (Create image border) (Image menu and Batch mode)
- New hotkeys: E = show EXIF info, CTRL+I = show IPTC info,
F4 = append current file to slideshow
- Option to start IrfanView in fullscreen mode (Properties->Misc 1)
- Selection: proportional resize possible (press/hold CTRL key down)
- New command line option: /multitif=(tifname,file1,...,fileN)
Example: i_view32 /multitif=(c:\test.tif,c:\test1.bmp,c:\dummy.jpg)
=> Create multipage TIF (test.tif) from 2 other files
- New command line option: /append=tiffile
Example: i_view32 c:\test.jpg /append=c:\test.tif
=> Open 'c:\test.jpg' and append it as (TIF) page to 'c:\test.tif'
- New command line options: /hflip and /vflip (horz. and vert. flip)
Example: i_view32 c:\test.jpg /vflip
=> Open 'c:\test.jpg' and flip vertically
- New command line option: /batchscan=(options)
See "i_options.txt" for an example
- New command line options: /jpgq=value; /tifc=value
=> Set JPG save quality; set TIF save compression
- New command line option: /wall=X
Example: i_view32 c:\test.jpg /wall=0
=> Set 'c:\test.jpg' as wallpaper (centered)
- New command line option: /contrast=value
Example: i_view32 c:\test.jpg /contrast=33
=> Open 'c:\test.jpg' and apply contrast (value 33)
- Support for DWF/HPGL formats. PlugIn: (Shareware)
- CTRL+T can be used for internal control-switch in the Thumbnail window
- CTRL+A hotkey changed to CTRL+SHIFT+A (File->Acquire)
- Multiple monitor support added (Slideshow/Fullscreen)
- ECW saving added to ECW PlugIn
- New options in Image->Info dialog
- Option to show a warning on ESC exit (Properties->Misc 1)
- Added options for silent install and uninstall (Check help FAQs)
- Most PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest versions:
Download from:
- Some minor bugs/features fixed/added


duvvuri reviewed v3.85 on Oct 23, 2003

Simply Great Tool for Image view, edit and Presentation!
Absolutely terrific graphics viewer and converter which works always and yet stays FREE year after year !


bbhermit reviewed v3.85 on Sep 3, 2003

I sent the author about a shel32.dll error in the slideshow, but he responded it was my Windows installation. Perhaps, but in 3 different installs? Apparently, this is a problem that occurs in other applications as well. Seems like there'd be a workaround for it. I also suggested that he add more selections to the copy/move function, which I see he implemented. Two thumbs up! I've used this program for umm,,, 4 years or so, and use it every day. It's handy for checking your internet folders for graphics that you've visited. And doubling the move/copy from 5 to 10, just makes it all that much better!! TYVM Irfan!!! :-)

The Second Maker

The Second Maker reviewed v3.85 on Sep 3, 2003

The proggy is great...BUT.....the screenshot is not Irfan, it's Avant Browser !!


christoofar reviewed v3.85 on Sep 3, 2003

One of the first apps I ever used.For simple graphics viewing, it simply can't be beat. It's fast and uses little system resources. And for it still to be freeware...a 6 !

The DataRat

The DataRat reviewed v3.85 on Sep 3, 2003

An absolutely terrific little graphics viewer, editor, and converter which improves all the time ...yet stays FREE year after year !


stevvie reviewed v3.85 on Sep 3, 2003

This is still THE best image viewer. I found this a few years ago and it's the FIRST program I put onto all my families PC's.


egg83 reviewed v3.80 on Jan 14, 2003

This is old news, but this is the best shell enhancement one can have for their PC. It does everything that it needs to do (view pictures and audio files) quickly and very well. 'Nuff said... 8^)


xippon reviewed v3.80 on Jan 13, 2003

I use it with Total Commander. Besides it can play broken divix.


breew reviewed v3.80 on Jan 13, 2003

Infran View: It fills the place of a quick viewer, its not the fastest or best. Its for getting and using graphics in mostly there orginal form with some manipulating abilities. Its free its one of thoes programs that unless you need big iron graphics programs for photo or graphics minipulation this will work fine. If You need a PSP or Photoshop this isnt it, If you need a GOOD basic viewer/converter/printer Get it.


bobad reviewed v3.80 on Jan 13, 2003

IrfanView is a pretty good program, but what is it really? A fast graphiss viewer? No. A graphics editor? No. A movie player? No. It's a schizophrenic little program that does a lot of things, but nothing well. When viewing pictures full-screen, you must press Esc twice to exit. Annoying!It has "thumbnails" and a "browser", which poorly duplicates what the Windows Explorer already has. Unnecessary!


randman reviewed v3.80 on Jan 13, 2003

Great program!!! Here's a link I found to the "All Plugins" file:


harleydee reviewed v3.80 on Jan 13, 2003

The best (and cheapest) graphics tool there is just got better !
Just wondering though:
- The IrFanview website doesn't mention version 3.80 (yet)
- i_changes.txt mentions updated plugins, anyone have a


bbhermit reviewed v3.75 on Jul 16, 2002

First of all, let me say, I've been using IrfanView for the past 3 years or so, and I love it! It has always been, the very best multimedia tool, and it's always been available for FREE!
This version, however, is apparently still a bit buggy, but I'm sure the author will straighten it out soon.
The Details:
I'm running a Compaq with a 700 duron processor, under Windows ME. Apparently, there's a glitch in the slideshow, as I got an error, in shell.dll or something of that nature, and the program quit. So, I downloaded 3.70 again, and no problems. Give it time, folks. That's the nature of a beta release, ya know?


Me2You reviewed v3.75 on Jul 16, 2002

DANGER! No 3.75 on the official IrfanView sites!!!


Somnambulator reviewed v3.75 on Jul 16, 2002

Red: the jpeg2000 format is propriety image format. you have to own a lisence to jpeg 2000 in order to save at the higher res's. at least, thats what ive always thought.but i do know that the jpeg2000 format is OWNED by someone/company, and thats why its never compeltely free


geekboy2000 reviewed v3.75 on Jul 16, 2002

The debate as to which is better will rage on, that's for sure. WB does seem to feel faster at *some* things on my XP system. For example, cascading menus seem to do so faster with WB than with an msstyle. On the other hand, the overall "snap" at which windows open, seems to be a bit slower with WB. I support all the software Stardock comes out with, and I like it, but one thing you can't argue, is that nothing has to be excluded with msstyles/StyleXP. More often than not, the little quirks in different apps, and the exclusions are what sends me back to a visual style. They're both 5 star apps in my book though. :)


abel reviewed v3.75 on Jul 16, 2002

Great program, much better than a lot of shareware progs, yet free! Nice interface, good features, very user-intuitive. A perfect 5!


RedBadger reviewed v3.75 on Jul 16, 2002

I don't know what is going on, this program claims freeware, but yet you still have to pay if you want the better features such as being able to save in jpeg2000 format for higher resolutions.


qualityorgansdotcom reviewed v3.70 on May 8, 2002

so good, it has become a STANDARD! If Microsoft Windows was this good we wouldn't need Mac!


dejavu reviewed v3.70 on Apr 21, 2002

It's getting better all the time! Five stars!


klumy reviewed v3.70 on Apr 21, 2002

Number 1 graphics viewer and editor on the freeware market!!


ABCStore reviewed v3.70 on Apr 20, 2002

I'd gave it 6 out of 5. Excellent FREEWARE


Me2You reviewed v3.61 on Dec 4, 2001

Probably the best actually-really-free app available today. AND the author responds to and fixes any quirks fast. Couldn't imagine viewing pics with anything else!


hutchisonqa reviewed v3.61 on Dec 4, 2001

This is a must have application. It is compact, intuitive, and extremely reliable. The price is right and the product keeps getting better with each FREE release.


zippy_the_pinhead reviewed v3.61 on Dec 4, 2001

The best freeware app in the world! One of the very few MUST-HAVES.


bur[n]er reviewed v3.61 on Dec 4, 2001

Great App!!! Has the speed of ACDSee with a lot more power through it's plugins. Just simply amazing for image viewing. Works well in 2k or XP for sure. Walks circles around win xp's built in image viewer. This is one of my MUST HAVE apps along with Winamp for all multimedia purposes.


bobad reviewed v3.60 on Dec 2, 2001

It's a nice, tight app...a real WIndows bloat fighter. But WHY IN HELL DO YOU HAVE TO PERSS "ESC" TWICE TO EXIT IN FULL SCREEN MODE? It just doesn't make sense. ACDSee and Slowview do this fine, and it's a nice feature for quick exits. Otherwise, very few complaints...especially for freeware! (


Stone_Cold_Asuka_Sohryu reviewed v3.60 on Dec 2, 2001

Eh, seen better, mind you I've also seen worse, that's why I gave it a three...


animespy reviewed v3.60 on Dec 2, 2001

It's such an awesome app.


NYC60 reviewed v3.60 on Dec 1, 2001

A perfect example of how good freeware can be. One of the two (XnView being the other) best free graphics apps of their kind.


XionZ reviewed v3.60 on Dec 1, 2001

free & under constant development & simply the best


tosh9i reviewed v3.60 on Dec 1, 2001

There's only one word to describe this program, "Perfect"


sal_undy reviewed v3.60 on Nov 30, 2001



Richard30ky reviewed v3.60 on Nov 30, 2001

this should be in the caint live without section,
i think i will marry it!!!


mrbee reviewed v3.60 on Nov 30, 2001

A rare case - this program is 100 free, and the best in it's class - far faster, lighter and feature-rich than it's costly counterparts. Very recommended as a Windows image viewer/soft editor.


masoud reviewed v3.50 on Nov 1, 2001



kano reviewed v3.50 on Aug 18, 2001

i love this program. i am in love with this program. i want to make love on this program. it's the best. :D!


roi_shlomi reviewed v3.50 on Aug 17, 2001

The BEST !!!


mrbee reviewed v3.25 on May 20, 2001

Based on ACDSee, but even better. Love it!

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