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Mozilla Firefox is a free and open source Web browser descended from the Mozilla Application Suite and managed by Mozilla Corporation. Firefox is the second most widely used browser.

To display web pages, Firefox uses the Gecko layout engine, which implements most current web standards in addition to several features that are intended to anticipate likely additions to the standards.

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Monkey_Punch reviewed v83.0 on Nov 17, 2020

I can customize and hack the crap out of FF to this day and can't say the same for other mainstream browsers. Can't say I notice much speed improvement on the front end but my machines are Ivy Bridge so maybe a bit long in the tooth to realize the new improvements. Mem use does seem to be lower on my machine so that's always a plus. Still, we have to wait until FF 84 before we can realize Rust 1.47's improvements and FF85 before the rest of what they intended to improve in FF83 (WARP). By then the MASSIVE Rust 1.48 release should be helping improve FF perf. At least I hope.


Monkey_Punch reviewed v82.0.1 on Oct 27, 2020

Feels more responsive on my old machines but a lot of code in FF seems to have prevented LLVM 11's performance boost for being actualized. In fact, perf went down a bit on some artificial benchmarks. It looks like *only* by FF84 will we see Rust 1.47 be pulled in. This will hurt FF numbers, perf and user experience for another 2 months.


Monkey_Punch reviewed v81.0 on Sep 21, 2020

With Mozilla having suffered a huge employee base culling due to Covid sapping the global economy and workforce, it's forced them to really put a finer point on what matter most: a solid, fast browser experience. 80 was a look at things to come. 81 seems to have polished the improvements. 82, I see, has finally switched over to using LLVM 11-rc2....but not Rust 1.46? Come on Mozilla. That would make the Linux folks SUPER happy and help with Android a lot. I guess we'll have to wait until v83.


kstev99 reviewed v80.0 on Aug 27, 2020

Still the most customizable browser, period. Although some customization has been lost with the the XUL extensions now not allowed, It is still my favorite browser.

Everyone seems to be using Google Chrome these days, but I refuse to install Google spyware on my system and use a browser that will not allow a REAL Bookmarks Sidebar


Sven123456789 reviewed v80.0 on Aug 27, 2020

Allot of the minor browsers I have use in the last few years either aren't updated or not compatible with some websites. I've tried all the big boys. Chrome, Edge, Opera, whatever version of IE still exits. I still come back to the mozilla browsers as my main choice. Still have Pale Moon as a backup browser but Firefox is my main browser again.


Monkey_Punch reviewed v80.0 on Aug 27, 2020

It's not perfect and has gone in some questionable directions but it's return to form is welcome. Mozilla sticking to waht works and not trying to reinvent the wheel is a good idea going forward. It's been held back by the fact that LLVM 10 hates it but looks like the prospect of moving to LLVM 11 for v82 is going to be a huge performance win across all platforms. All the work that Martin Stransky did for Linux folks is very welcome. Should only get better from here!


Monkey_Punch reviewed v78.0.2 on Jul 9, 2020

Still my go to browsers, especially on my Android. Yes, it is battery hungry on Android but hoping when 78 ESR is released it'll be better and faster! Snappier than 77 was on my old work PC. 80 is going to be a HUGE boon for Linux folks. Good job Mozilla.


Monkey_Punch reviewed v77.0 on Jun 2, 2020

Still a solid browser and you always know what you're getting. Would like to see it built on Clang 10 and Rust 1.43 by 78 but doesn't look like it will. Bummer.


Monkey_Punch reviewed v75.0 on Apr 6, 2020

Slug Coordinator is a twonk.


Slug_Coordinator reviewed v74.0 on Mar 11, 2020

Update the Screen Shot of the Current Programs the Image is years outdated.

Avg. Rating 4.0 (9,234 votes)
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Monkey_Punch reviewed v83.0 on Nov 17, 2020

Pros: Still the most open and modular out there.

Cons: Should really be leveraging Rust 1.47 and LLVM 11's perf improvements by now.

Bottom Line: I can customize and hack the crap out of FF to this day and can't say the same for other mainstream browsers. Can't say I notice much speed improvement on the front end but my machines are Ivy Bridge so maybe a bit long in the tooth to realize the new improvements. Mem use does seem to be lower on my machine so that's always a plus. Still, we have to wait until FF 84 before we can realize Rust 1.47's improvements and FF85 before the rest of what they intended to improve in FF83 (WARP). By then the MASSIVE Rust 1.48 release should be helping improve FF perf. At least I hope.


Monkey_Punch reviewed v82.0.1 on Oct 27, 2020

Pros: Snappier page loads.

Cons: Still not leveraging Rust 1.46/1.47 and all the best of LLVM 11.

Bottom Line: Feels more responsive on my old machines but a lot of code in FF seems to have prevented LLVM 11's performance boost for being actualized. In fact, perf went down a bit on some artificial benchmarks. It looks like *only* by FF84 will we see Rust 1.47 be pulled in. This will hurt FF numbers, perf and user experience for another 2 months.


Monkey_Punch reviewed v81.0 on Sep 21, 2020

Pros: Still the best for privacy and securty.

Cons: Have to wait until FF82 for LLVM 11 performance benefits.

Bottom Line: With Mozilla having suffered a huge employee base culling due to Covid sapping the global economy and workforce, it's forced them to really put a finer point on what matter most: a solid, fast browser experience. 80 was a look at things to come. 81 seems to have polished the improvements. 82, I see, has finally switched over to using LLVM 11-rc2....but not Rust 1.46? Come on Mozilla. That would make the Linux folks SUPER happy and help with Android a lot. I guess we'll have to wait until v83.


kstev99 reviewed v80.0 on Aug 27, 2020

Pros: Not Google Chrome
Has a bookmarks sidebar
Very customizable through about:config or userchrome.css

Cons: Not sure I like the direction Mozilla is going. Seems they try harder every day to be a Google clone

Bottom Line: Still the most customizable browser, period. Although some customization has been lost with the the XUL extensions now not allowed, It is still my favorite browser.

Everyone seems to be using Google Chrome these days, but I refuse to install Google spyware on my system and use a browser that will not allow a REAL Bookmarks Sidebar


Sven123456789 reviewed v80.0 on Aug 27, 2020

Pros: Best of all latest browsers

Cons: Been down this road for awhile, but allot of the old add on's dont work for some time now. But still, enough newer ones work that make this my primary browser

Bottom Line: Allot of the minor browsers I have use in the last few years either aren't updated or not compatible with some websites. I've tried all the big boys. Chrome, Edge, Opera, whatever version of IE still exits. I still come back to the mozilla browsers as my main choice. Still have Pale Moon as a backup browser but Firefox is my main browser again.


Monkey_Punch reviewed v80.0 on Aug 27, 2020

Pros: Still the best open source browser.

Cons: Being held back by trying to make it what it's not.

Bottom Line: It's not perfect and has gone in some questionable directions but it's return to form is welcome. Mozilla sticking to waht works and not trying to reinvent the wheel is a good idea going forward. It's been held back by the fact that LLVM 10 hates it but looks like the prospect of moving to LLVM 11 for v82 is going to be a huge performance win across all platforms. All the work that Martin Stransky did for Linux folks is very welcome. Should only get better from here!


Monkey_Punch reviewed v78.0.2 on Jul 9, 2020

Pros: New add-ons are increasing after the "great purge."

Cons: Still stuck on LLVM 9 and Rust 1.43. Should have been moved to LLVM 10 by now. 10.0.1 is about to be released. Tsk tsk.

Bottom Line: Still my go to browsers, especially on my Android. Yes, it is battery hungry on Android but hoping when 78 ESR is released it'll be better and faster! Snappier than 77 was on my old work PC. 80 is going to be a HUGE boon for Linux folks. Good job Mozilla.


Monkey_Punch reviewed v77.0 on Jun 2, 2020

Pros: Working so much better for Linux. Windows version has lost a bit of perf recently. Could be due to still not being on Clang 10 and newer Rust.

Cons: Could be faster given the version number.

Bottom Line: Still a solid browser and you always know what you're getting. Would like to see it built on Clang 10 and Rust 1.43 by 78 but doesn't look like it will. Bummer.


Monkey_Punch reviewed v75.0 on Apr 6, 2020

Pros: Still has great add-on support

Cons: Score a bit lower on some artificial benchmarks.

Bottom Line: Slug Coordinator is a twonk.


Slug_Coordinator reviewed v74.0 on Mar 11, 2020

Pros: Pros, Firefox has made me move to Waterfox far superior...........

Cons: Con's it wiped out many plugins I use thus stopped using it and went to Waterfox.

Bottom Line: Update the Screen Shot of the Current Programs the Image is years outdated.


Monkey_Punch reviewed v70.0 on Oct 22, 2019

Pros: Getting faster with every iteration and still runs well on my old clunky E6510 @ Win 10 X64. Although FF70 only got a minor perf bump from Rust 1.37 and LLVM 8.0.1, FF71 is moving to LLVM 9.0.0 and, if we're lucky, Rust 1.38 so it should see a good perf improvement as well. Still needs to work on the JavaScript speed to match Chrome but who gives a fornicate about JavaScript anyway.

Cons: Needs some work in a few performance areas.

Bottom Line: Maybe not as fast as Chrome in a few benchmarks but certainly runs circles around Chrome on my Android in terms of *NOT* suffering browser hijacks and other issues. Works well for what I need and still gettign faster with every version.


Pkshadow reviewed v68.0.1 on Aug 1, 2019

Pros: All new code written in Rust with no more Netscape code to be found in it now.
Big leap in code and Firefox gets more stable every release.

Cons: Not enough info for going into Firefox's guts from About:Config to be able to turn off things like the new Recommended Addons (which you can).
This info should be out so people do not need to go to the Support Forum to find the answer.

Using other browsers that are built using Firefox code can be less secure and are not released at the same time nor are security updates/fixes.

Bottom Line: Not sure why this is up as 68.0.1 was released July 18.
Am thinking since the beta version of 69 is in the last faze of testing it will be released shortly.

For Extensions there are more than enough alternative ones to be found built by other Developers that are more secure and does not crash Firefox with their buggy old code as it used to.
Most older Extensions/addons were abandoned by their Developers and were not getting fixed or updated as Firefox progressed with forward thinking code and fresh ideas.

For XP users sorry but you should not be out on the net as you are a hazard to other users with a non-supported OS.
Should be kept for playing older games or running older programs.
Linux is a Viable alternative to XP.
Please install it and consider other net users.

The cloud backup is a Option only. You do not have to use Sync at all as it is not a backup. Sync is for transferring data from 1 device to another so that they are the same. Thus is named Sync.
If wanting backup use proper backup software to do so.


Monkey_Punch reviewed v68.0 on Jul 9, 2019

Pros: Fast AF.

Cons: Could always be faster.

Bottom Line: Being that Mozilla doesn't make add-ons and if your precious add-on isn't yet updated, complain to the author, not Mozilla. Giving 1 star for this is idiotic. Like complaining about lack of driver support for XP. Get over it.

68 is a nice perf improvement over the 60.x ESR series. Webrenderer is nice perf improvement too.


Slug_Coordinator reviewed v67.0.1 on Jun 6, 2019

Pros: None ... There is no PROS anymore absolutely None its bloated its slow it shreds all backups and wont let you go back and restore as you once had. Stop forcing a Cloud Backup my Data stays on MY PC as well as my Files period.

Cons: Since 52.01 its gone down hill. Most of the Addons I use for various things no longer were allowed to remain and the Installation deleted it all. I could not go back because it screws up saved book marks and passwords.

Luckily the last backups i manually made were still in tact passwords, bookmarks etc.,

Now I use Waterfox while its updated they dont just wipe out old Addon's it has the latest security and enhancements without the crap the original Firefox has become.

I will never go back to Raw Firefox for anything there was absolutely no reason not to give warning. Also with other Firefox releases you use to be able to uninstall / reinstall the older version nope not after 52.01 all backups, all passwords files are zapped because of the way it re complies things and the new layout sucks.........

Bottom Line: Get Waterfox faster, lets you keep you original Addons Firefox Downloads had which some are important or useful in backup, protection, etc., Were done here Mozilla and thanks for deleting virtually all original addon downloads ......


ankur9 reviewed v67.0.1 on Jun 4, 2019

Pros: Much faster than other browser
Browser opening time is lower than google chrome

Cons: Some time it updates automatically.

Bottom Line: a good browser.


Monkey_Punch reviewed v67.0 on May 20, 2019

Pros: Fast on my crappy old laptop and it just got faster with 67.

Cons: None.

Bottom Line: I noticed certain sites load much faster on 67 than with 66 and before. CNN loads in 1.5 seconds whereas before it took about 3 seconds. And I'm using a 7+ year old laptop. 68 should be even faster. Thanks Mozilla.


Monkey_Punch reviewed v66.0.5 on May 8, 2019

Pros: Still the best

Cons: Stick with one compiler

Bottom Line: Still my go-to browser. Still customizable right down to the CSS code or via about:config.


Monkey_Punch reviewed v66.0.2 on Mar 27, 2019

Pros: Easy to tweak and lock down. Doesn't spy out and target you with ads like Chrome.

Cons: Pick a GD compiler and stick with it!

Bottom Line: Still my go-to when all else fails or is just trying to make money off me.


toshibawhite reviewed v66.0.1 on Mar 27, 2019

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Monkey_Punch reviewed v65.0.1 on Feb 15, 2019

Pros: Still open source and getting faster with each version.

Cons: Built with Clang now. Benchmarks show Clang still has a lot of catching up to do to gcc or VS2017. Printing can sometimes be hit or miss but I guess it depends on the web site and how it's coded.

Bottom Line: I still trust Firefox far more than Chrome or Opera. You can still customize it but certainly much of the power tuning is being hidden in about:config rather than the Options menu. While it has become a tad more naggy recently, you can always turn off the nags as before. The Android version still needs work to be faster but I don't get browser hijacks like Chrome. Chrome is killing Firefox in speed on Android but no surprise as it's a Google product.


bigspud reviewed v64.0 on Dec 26, 2018

Pros: better than other browsers

Cons: spyware checks for update
nagware keeps to asking to update
huge memory consumption
not recommended for weak machines

Bottom Line: spyware, nagware and bloat.
just a typical modern browser.


methuselah reviewed v64.0 on Dec 10, 2018

Pros: still a decent browser with decent privacy

Cons: version 64 loses RSS feeds

Bottom Line: overall a good browser.


Monkey_Punch reviewed v64.0 on Dec 10, 2018

Pros: Still the most widely used. (Pssst...Chrome's numbers reflect Android usage not so much desktop usage). Fanboys won't admit it but it's a fact Jack. If it wasn't for Andoid, Chrome would already be relegated to the annuls of Also Ran browsers.

Cons: Printing support needs a lot of work. It's often mangled or not formatted very well. I don't like the new autoupdater. Unless you know how to get into the config editor, you cannot turn it completely off. Geez, is everyone going the way of forced autoupdates?

Bottom Line: Still better than a kick in the pants and poke in the eye.


dr_white reviewed v62.0.2 on Sep 28, 2018

Pros: Didn't try to eat my face.

Cons: No use now that its just a copy of Chrome.

Bottom Line: Used to be good, now its chrome with a skin.


bigspud reviewed v61.0.1 on Aug 7, 2018

Pros: fast piggy

Cons: huge resource hog
had to use userchrome mods top get it looking better.
now has sufficient addon and api support.
solved high cpu use on youtube,
67% on a i7 cpu, it was the chat frame, so i used ublock to
block the whole chat frame. cpu still a little high compared to chrome, but tolerable.

Bottom Line: still not as good as


cltx99 reviewed v59.0.2 on Mar 29, 2018

Pros: good

Cons: a few

Bottom Line: I went a bit overboard with my first review. After using 59 for a while I like most everything about it. As time went on, I found FF to be rather slow in page rendering, slow to load my home page, some sights not loading photos and sometimes freezing. Overall, Slimjet is a better performer, but it's so damn ugly that I don't like using it. FF is good looking, but doesn't live up to all the hoopla and propaganda that preceded it.


cltx99 reviewed v59.0 on Mar 14, 2018

Pros: Very good

Cons: none

Bottom Line: 59 is well designed and responds well. It's easy on the eyes and also quite fast. All in all, I'm quite pleased. It seems that FF has won me back. Well done.


devchatterjeeseo reviewed v58.0 on Jan 28, 2018

Pros: Big improvement!

Cons: None!

Bottom Line: As an SEO professional, browser speed is crucial. I am also testing and tweaking constantly. Interesting to see all future updates.



Aegis69 reviewed v57.0.1 on Dec 1, 2017

Pros: very very fast

Cons: not too many

Bottom Line: Fortunately I was able to find alternatives to most of my old addons, and once I did that and got them all configured things are working pretty good. FF feels like a real, professional browsing product now, although its still very slow on Android compared to the competition. The real problem is the neglect FF gave to its user base, they should have improved the speed literally 5 years ago, but they were too busy integrating pocket and 15 other things no one asked for. Mozilla is probably dead within a year, but I can finally say that FF is a real broswer again.


Sven123456789 reviewed v57.0 on Nov 16, 2017

Pros: None

Cons: Its over

Bottom Line: The slide continues. With 57 most net users will move on to prob chrome or like me, other mozilla/gecko clones. RIP FF


bigspud reviewed v57.0 on Nov 14, 2017

Pros: it works

Cons: chrome clone
hardly any usefull addons
slower than v56

ver startup mem

57 -no addons 15s 302MB
56 -no addons 10s 222MB
56 -26 addons 7s 345MB

Bottom Line: yes
i need 26 addons to fix ff
now they really forked it up
and cant be fixed
bc the old addons wont run


Zootopia3001 reviewed v57.0 on Nov 14, 2017

Pros: .Cleaned up code/engine, MUCH better.

Cons: Some broken addons... for now.

Bottom Line: BIG improvement since version 50, a version that started making Firefox sluggish for me, this vastly new version 57 resolves the problem I was having. No stuttering live streaming, no browser sluggishness. It's fast and snappy.

However, this version breaks a LOT of addons. Until either Video DownloadHelper or KeepVid Pro comes out with a compatible update, I can only give Firefox 4 stars for now, and thus can't use as main browser. I need an ad blocker (AdGuard works just fine) and a video downloader, those are the only two addons I truly really need.


landfish reviewed v57.0 on Nov 13, 2017

Pros: non

Cons: heaps

Bottom Line: I'll stick with 56.02, 57 looks and feels terrible ... when will they learn.


Aegis69 reviewed v56.0.2 on Oct 25, 2017

Pros: Its Dead

Cons: Its Dead

Bottom Line: Firefox had an edge at one point due to a robust addon community, but they just killed that completely. So the browser is 100% dead, time to move on from this corpse.


Sven123456789 reviewed v56.0.1 on Oct 9, 2017

Pros: Still fast browsing wise

Cons: Most complete themes from the old days no longer work.

Bottom Line: version 56 was o.k. but this update to 56.0.1 killed my fav theme. I also fooled around with version 57. Wow, that killed all my add on's. Including an important one called classic theme restorer. Like allot users, I'll move on from Firefox now.


cltx99 reviewed v56.0.1 on Oct 8, 2017

Pros: non

Cons: loss of add-ons is not good.

Bottom Line: Looks like FF is going backwards not forward.


Aegis69 reviewed v56.0.1 on Oct 6, 2017

Pros: fast

Cons: all extensions will be gone soon

Bottom Line: Sorry firefox I cant follow you this time, the change is too big and losing all my addons is just not acceptable for the speed increase, which honestly you should have been working on speed 4 years ago, now its too late. If they are just going to turn themselves into Chrome, then why wouldnt I just use chrome? The whole reason I was using Firefox is because its NOT CHROME!

Waterfox is working fine for now, I'll stick with it as long as I can.


Picasso reviewed v54.0.1 on Jun 30, 2017

Firefox is the best browser imho but it's not as fast as Chrome I'm sorry to say.


psycros reviewed v54.0.1 on Jun 29, 2017

Mozilla has turned Firefox into a painful joke.

* Same filenames used for 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
* Install process that tries to install 90's-era background monitor. Puts a shortcut on your taskbar without asking.
* Bloat, bloat and more bloat. Nodody gives a damn about Pocket, "reader mode" or the other garbage. Thankfully it can all be disabled with a little bit of tweaking.
* Change for change's sake has driven off many of the best addon developers.
* Default UI is a copy-n-paste of Chrome. Thank god for Classic Theme Restorer..but how long until idiots at Mozilla decide to break it?
* Breaks about a third of e-commerce sites I've visited over the past six months.

So if FF looks just like Chrome, has driven most of the best devs to Chrome and its slower and breaks more sites than Chrome...why not just use Chrome? After well over a decade of championing FF I have switched to Chromium as my primary browser out of necessity. I don't use anything that requires a Google login so Chromium is the closest thing I can find to what FF used to be.


cltx99 reviewed v54.0 on Jun 18, 2017

Working very well, indeed.


anonswgeek reviewed v54.0 on Jun 17, 2017

running fine on my 3 year old PC - latest Windows 10 build 64-bit, 16GB RAM, SSD. i tried this new build of Firefox for a week, before that i tried Chrome. both run fast enough. I think firefox is running faster with this new v54. Before this i had XP running and firefox froze when 2GB memory limit was reached. hence my upgrade to 64-bit Windows. good job Firefox way to go!! ignore the last 2 reviwers, pair of ???? haha


LakotaElf reviewed v54.0 on Jun 17, 2017

Have to agree here, Firefox has become a bloated piece of junk that definitely does not work correctly. The took out the good stuff and put in the code that just simply does not work correctly. One idea I had and it seems to work well, get a build before Firefox 50 and it seems to be ok, but still can be slow. I got rid of all firefox browsers, it is not worth the aggravation it gives you and you hope when you install their newest it will be fixed and work correctly. Maybe all of us live in Fantasy land too long, time to move on, Firefox is a has been and now it is time to go to another until it breaks down also. Even Cyberfox is slowing down greatly and does not work correctly as it should all the time. Sad, the fox is a has been in all new builds.. (:


Zootopia3001 reviewed v54.0 on Jun 15, 2017

I've tried and tried and tried to resolve recent Firefox issue of stuttering animations, like on Bing homepage if they have an animated daily wallpaper, or with videos, including live streaming like on Xfinity TV. Issue happens on both Win7 32-bit and Win10 64-bit, both being Duo Core Intels with decent graphics cards (one AMD and one Nvidia). My best result at trying to resolve the issue was on Win10 64-bit with installing 32-bit FF, but still falls short on performance. Somewhere between versions 45 and 53, something got messed up by the Mozilla developers. Firefox ESR 45 works just fine, but an upgrade to FF 52 ESR or even 53 monthly build brings the debilitating issue. I highly doubt the issue has been resolved with this new monthly release, and I also highly doubt the Mozilla developers even care, and suspect they do know of the issue. Chrome, Edge and even Maxthon does not have the issues mentioned.

Because of this, I have dumped FF on Windows 7 and only keep FF 32-bit as a standby browser on Windows 10 64-bit.


cltx99 reviewed v53.0.2 on May 8, 2017

My home page is appearing again instead of a blank page and after dozens of times of installing and uninstalling, because of assorted problems, it finally seems to be working well, so far. If it starts screwing up, I have WaterFox waiting in the wings.


Lsavagejt reviewed v53.0.2 on May 6, 2017

Wouldn't know. Haven't used Firebloat in about a year.


kstev99 reviewed v53.0.2 on May 6, 2017

Firefox has abandoned its faithful users and had decided to become a clone of google chrome. The one thing that made this browser stand out was the ability to customize it and use add-ons that were extremely useful to get things done. Now about 80% of the current addons will not work since they are dropping support for XUL/XPCOM, Goodbye Firefox, hello WATERFOX


Zootopia3001 reviewed v53.0.2 on May 5, 2017

Been having black screen flashes and flickering within the browser with the recent Firefox update on two PCs, was rare, but happening nonetheless. Hopefully this release fixes it, being they state it also has stability fixes.

3 stars because of the recent stability issues mentioned, 4 1/2 stars if this update fixes the issue.


smuttinata reviewed v53.0 on Apr 30, 2017

Version 53.0 - So slow and draggy and took forever to open webpages. Had to go back to ESR 45.7. Very disappointing.


cltx99 reviewed v53.0 on Apr 22, 2017

Waterfox is doing very well and firefox is not. The latest is that my home page does not come up and I get a blank screen. This has been the case with at least the last three "upgrades" of FF. I doubt that FF will ever be right again. FF has s*** the bed.


kstev99 reviewed v53.0 on Apr 19, 2017

Sorry Firefox, Ive used you faithfully since you rose from the ashes of Netscape's collapse way back when. I have endorsed you faithfully to my friends, and you have always been the most customizable browser EVER.

NO MORE. With your announcement of discontinuing support for XUL/XPCOM it seems that a lot of the add-ons I have come to rely on will no longer be supported. I just don't like the direction that this browser is moving and it is time to go our separate ways. I have tried Pale Moon, but eventually settled on WATERFOX. All of my add-ons, bookmarks etc. migrated perfectly to my new default browser.

Thank you Firefox, good luck with your new Chrome Cloning strategy., I hope it works out for you, but I'm afraid the one thing that made you great is gone, and you will soon meet the same fate as Netscape.

Roman Pillow

Roman Pillow reviewed v51.0 on Jan 24, 2017

Monkey Punch, you have to remember that a fresh install will *always* perform better than an existing one with addons and accumulated garbage of use over time. Overall, Mozilla is doing pretty average to what the should be.


Monkey_Punch reviewed v51.0 on Jan 23, 2017

When they first started releasing 64-bit builds of Firefox, I jumped on the band wagon. It ran so much better on my 64-bit OS. I remember testing it against the 32-bit version with Peacekeeper and Speed Battle. Way back, I was amazed when my old clunker scored 600-800 on Speed Battle. Today, Firefox 51 scores in the low-to-mid 1300s. So, for all the haters and complainers that say performance sucks on Firefox, it's nonsense. The benchmark numbers speak for themselves. You guys must have such a munged up system that you're your own worst enemies.


Monkey_Punch reviewed v50.0 on Nov 15, 2016

Why waste time with 32-bit anymore? 64-bit screams. The past couple versions bumped up performance on my old clunker and FF50 is no exception. 51 will be built against an updated VS2015U3. Testing the 51 beta shows even more of a performance boost on the same hardware. Go Mozilla.


Aegis69 reviewed v50.0 on Nov 15, 2016

As of FF50, it behaves like a modern browser should, it launches fast and it Finally uses lower memory. Keep in mind these are the ONLY TWO THINGS people give ANY crap about, which is why Chrome won. Its an incredible shame that FF spend the last 10 versions trying to shove in crap we didnt want, give us an interface we didnt ask for and generally ignored its users. They are finally getting it right, but its waaayyyy too late now to ein back its users.


cltx99 reviewed v49.0.2 on Oct 25, 2016

FF was my default browser for a number of years. Then it stopped working. After countless updates, installations and stuttering, frozen screens, FF 49,02 came along, I installed it, there was some kind of reset and everything worked fine. Hope it stays that way.


anonswgeek reviewed v49.0.2 on Oct 21, 2016

Firefox is my main browser but recently i had a problem with it - some pages i had open froze. i switched over to Opera, a chrome base browser and had the same problem! but this time it was reported as web page crash. Reason for these problems - Windows XP only uses a max 2GB memory. wtf. a browser needs 2GB?? lol. Firefox is now the only browser that is updated for Windows XP, all the others don't support XP anymore. My solution other than upgrading to Windows 7 is to have another browser open in addition to Firefox. I am thinking the older original Opera 12.18 browser. its not a memory hog like the other browsers. Hopefully i don't run out of memory again..


Assirius reviewed v49.0.1 on Sep 24, 2016

Got a problem in recently bookmarked links, just disable in about:config setting it to false


cltx99 reviewed v48.0.2 on Aug 29, 2016

If you get off on staring a frozen screen, then this is the browser for you.
My rating: 0


kstev99 reviewed v48.0.2 on Aug 25, 2016

The most customizable browser, PERIOD.
Great Browser!

Most of all it IS NOT Chrome spyware that won't even include a bookmarks sidebar that users have been screaming for the last 4 years


Lsavagejt reviewed v48.0 on Aug 4, 2016

Switched to Cyberfox.


Monkey_Punch reviewed v48.0 on Aug 3, 2016

A marked improvement over 47. I am more excited about 49 which, in my benchmarks, shows a performance improvement of over 30% using Speed Battle. They're switching to VS2015u3 for the compiler so even more performance should be realized. Factor in forthcoming Servo Engine inclusions and WebRender2 and we'll see some needed performance boosts. Still my browser of choice.


Lsavagejt reviewed v47.0.1 on Jun 29, 2016

It's alright, although recently they've added a bunch of bourgeois junk like "Hello", "Pocket", Primetime Content Decryption Module provided by Adobe, Incorporated, and of course a plugin for Windows "Photo Gallery.
Fortunately these things can be disabled without impairing essential functionality.


Monkey_Punch reviewed v47.0.1 on Jun 28, 2016

Still works well for me. Faster with each release. Electrolysis should speed things up considerably. Future engine update is going to scream too. Chrome who? Yeah, forget that spyware trash. No issues with Add-ons. I have 32-bit alongside 64-bit for those 32-bit plugins which have not caught up.


Picasso reviewed v47.0 on Jun 8, 2016

Chrome is faster but Firefox is overall the better browser.


smuttinata reviewed v46.0.1 on May 5, 2016

Try 46.0.1 and it was so slow and draggy. Slow everything down on my PC with 16-GB ram. Had to go back to 42.0.0 - the best one for me.


kstev99 reviewed v46.0.1 on May 4, 2016

Best thing is that it's not Chrome spyware. The most customizable browser, period.


Zootopia3001 reviewed v46.0.1 on May 4, 2016

Don't know what everyone else is doing wrong, but FF works fine for me overall. However, I prefer to use Mozilla's FF Extended Service Release browser instead, it offers more stability over regular releases to the public.
More info on FF ESR.....


So far FF ESR 45.1.1 is working great.
4 1/2 stars (with Classic Theme Restorer addon)


wyldmn reviewed v46.0.1 on May 4, 2016

Still a good Browser.


Aegis69 reviewed v46.0.1 on May 3, 2016

The ONLY 2 things people care about, speed and low memory usage, and Mozilla Continually refuses to do anything about firefox being a slow memory hog, while every other browser especially Chrome have done amazing jobs in those area. **** you firefox, you deserve your sad death.


Aegis69 reviewed v46.0.1 on May 3, 2016

This project is pretty much dead thanks to massive mismanagement at Mozilla. Lets all just say one last goodbye and move on to something else.


roymccoy reviewed v46.0 on Apr 26, 2016

Firefox 46.0 is the first version that works properly for me since beta version 43.0b2.
Every release in between have had problems on certain sites where various links and thumbnails/ previews would not show correctly, or made Firefox freeze or crash all together.

So far no problems, it's no slower then before, and all my plugins are compatible as well..


pacman2004 reviewed v45.0 on Mar 8, 2016

Vers 45 just released craches a minute after it is loaded


TGB72 reviewed v44.0.2 on Feb 19, 2016

Just tested v44, and it's a disaster

1 tab open, firefox consumes 464mb of memory
same page in srware iron (crome), 175mb of memory

Besides the memory hog, it has problems to load and work properly with a ton of websites (ie, imagevenue) this problem is more pronounced with every new version

Firefox is not an option anymore


cltx99 reviewed v44.0.1 on Feb 9, 2016

I'd give FF a -1 rating if I could. I'd been using FF as my default browser for years until FF 43.0 came along. I installed 43 on my four computers expecting FF performance that I've been used to. All I got from the new FF versions was stuttering performance that ended up with FF freezing on all computers. I went back an installed pre-43.0 versions and their performance was just as bad.

So, I uninstalled FF and went back to Google Chrome and SlimJet. Both are working fine. I just installed 41.0.1 and got the same crappy performance and freezing. After so many years with FF, I'm at a loss to understand what happened. Has anyone else out there had the same problem?


krgood reviewed v43.0.3 on Jan 6, 2016

In relation to past releases, 43.0.3 seems to have a lag when mouse clicking on any item. The scrolling seems to stall for 2-3 seconds. When changing URL's,
I will frequently get "not responding" messages and if I wait for FF to respond, it will be as long as 2 minutes. I loaded the latest version of Chrome, went to the same URL's and tested scrolling action and had no delays or hangs. Wonder what has happened in this latest release of FF??


smuttinata reviewed v43.0.3 on Jan 6, 2016

Mozilla Firefox for Windows (32-bit) 43.0.3 is so draggy and hogs memory so much in so little time; I have to go back to 42.0.0.


Monkey_Punch reviewed v42.0 on Nov 3, 2015

For many, their countless 32-bit plugins won't be recognized save for Flash which has a native 64-bit version. Emphasis on the word native. For many, many years, Firefox has only been 32-bit so developers only made 32-bit NPAPI plugins. NPAPI is old tech and more secure plugin architecture exists. So, plugin devs may just take some time to play catch up and make 64-bit NPAPI plugins.

As for performance, I'm seeing a 12.857% increase when testing using speed-battle.com tests. Not having plugin support for everything doesn't affect me since I have both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions installed so if something requires a plugin, I just use 32-bit. Works for me.


smuttinata reviewed v41.0.1 on Oct 9, 2015

version 41.0.1 is so draggy, I have to go back to version 40.0.3.


Sven123456789 reviewed v41.0.1 on Oct 9, 2015

Monkey, ur the troll. Just because only a few geeks like yourself use firefox anymore and can't take a negative review you post bs likes yours. Stop wasting your time troll and get a life.


Monkey_Punch reviewed v41.0 on Sep 24, 2015

Sven123456789 is a troll.


egg83 reviewed v41.0 on Sep 22, 2015

Use this browser daily, have had no crashes thus far, Flash works on all sites visited, extensions and plugins work with no problems. Render pages well, am satisfied!


Sven123456789 reviewed v41.0 on Sep 22, 2015

Not good


ComputerLuvr reviewed v40.0.3 on Sep 4, 2015

Many of my clients use this browser on a daily basis.
As an IT professional I highly recommend it.
I also use it on a daily basis and do not find it consumes a lot of memory at all.


Herzel reviewed v40.0.3 on Sep 4, 2015

EXCELLENT browser.
Been using this for years without having any issues.


inkowyouknow reviewed v40.0.3 on Aug 28, 2015

Constant updates..Script crashes...Wondering when it will all end and when it does will it result in a usable browser or not


TGB72 reviewed v40.0.2 on Aug 26, 2015

Just tried v40 and it's seriously buggy, render problems, instability, memory hog, you know firefox.


plasticpig72 reviewed v40.0.2 on Aug 17, 2015

With regret I have to score this so low, despite having used it for years. The memory issue are just ridiculous and try as I might, I cannot resolve them.


Keverin reviewed v40.0.2 on Aug 17, 2015

For watching a 1 hour Youtube video using html5, it consumes about 1 GIGAbyte of memory...... For christ sake, is that what the call "optimizing" at Mozilla ?


Blaxima reviewed v40.0.1 on Aug 16, 2015

I've been using Cyberfox since Opera has moved to being a chrome clone and been reasonably pleased. Lately it seems each new release is becoming more and more resource hungry. Version 40 doubles the memory consumption when watching Youtube videos and it is noticeable. Videos stutter and the browser becomes very sluggish


ShahinD reviewed v40.0 on Aug 11, 2015

It seems they release new version every hours


Monkey_Punch reviewed v40.0 on Aug 11, 2015

I've finally switched to the 64-bit version of Firefox which was supposed to go green with v40 but has been pushed to v41. So far, 40 has been running very well and responsiveness of 64-bit is way faster than 32-bit. I can't go back now. No crashes so far and my extensions are running just fine. v41 is going to get a decrease in memory usage and v42 is going to benefit from the updated performance of SQLite Win win. And for all the people running out of memory: You are running a 64-bit OS right? It is 2015.


CyberDoc999 reviewed v40.0 on Aug 11, 2015

I switched to Cyberfox 64 bit way better


-Lord- reviewed v38.0.6 on Jun 9, 2015

Has turned into an enormous memory hole. After 15-30 minutes of this app being open, consumes nearly a gig and a half of memory and becomes choppy and intermittently unresponsive.


sn0wflake reviewed v38.0.6 on Jun 9, 2015

After switching to Google Chrome back in 2009 I haven't looked back once. Google Chrome offers stable, secure, frequent, features, ease-of-use, updates, to the browser itself.


Sven123456789 reviewed v38.0.5 on Jun 5, 2015

Not good


TC17 reviewed v38.0.1 on May 17, 2015

I have been a devoted Firefox supporter over the years, but it has gotten so bad lately that I can't even stand to use it anymore. I don't know what their problem is, but its so laggy with every update the past year. I have a high end desktop computer.

Today I installed Chrome which I haven't installed in years. Its so much smoother and actually has nicer addons. Plus it has built in PDF printing which is a huge plus, as all the addons for Firefox never seem to print the pdf out correctly.


TGB72 reviewed v37.0.2 on May 4, 2015

v36 and 37 are very unstable, rendering is getting worst with every new version, also memory and cpu usage are very high in comparison with previous versions.


Monkey_Punch reviewed v37.0 on Mar 31, 2015

Performance seems to have slipped a tiny bit. I think this is partly due to the EME work not being fully baked and some other GFX related work as well. We'll get an even faster SQLite in 38 so hoping they fix the performance drop in that version. Working well for me on older hardware.


Zoroaster reviewed v36.0.3 on Mar 22, 2015

36.0.4 is out (0.four)
Security fixes for issues disclosed at HP Zero Day Initiative's Pwn2Own contest (like 36.0.3 but improved, I hope)
Still my default browser, will be I guess as long as I will be able to remove/disable all new extra gadgets.


anonswgeek reviewed v36.0.3 on Mar 21, 2015

36.0.3 is out. don't know what happened to 36.0.2


anonswgeek reviewed v36.0.1 on Mar 6, 2015

hopefully this release won't have the problem i've been encountering whereby FF does not close..it still stays in memory as shown in task manager and then reports its crashed and has to close after about 30 seconds.


Aegis69 reviewed v36.0 on Feb 24, 2015

Holy crap when did Windows 36 come out? fantastic!


Monkey_Punch reviewed v36.0 on Feb 24, 2015

I know I've said it a million times but the work that went into many of the previous versions of FF was great. This one has *tons* more performance fixes, updated SQLite that does 20% more work using the same CPU cycles, full HTTP/2 support, fixes to reduce memory use. I admit some of the issues from 35 and before were bugging some but I feel this version has squashed most if not all of the issue. The only complainers are those still using XP. Guys, seriously, it's time to get off of XP.


anonswgeek reviewed v35.0.1 on Jan 26, 2015

i get quite frequent hangs using 35.0 and have to close FF using task manager. but i think this may be a Java problem too. anyway i've upgraded to this new 35.0.1 and hopefully this problem is gone forever. wishful thinking maybe.


plasticpig72 reviewed v35.0.1 on Jan 26, 2015

I have to agree with others here. The pages hang so frequently that it has become completely unusable. I have tried everything to resolve the issue, but the issues exist on all 3 computers I use.


Monkey_Punch reviewed v35.0.1 on Jan 26, 2015

Working fine for me. Fixed a few bugs: https://www.mozilla.org/...fox/35.0.1/releasenotes/


Sven123456789 reviewed v35.0 on Jan 13, 2015

The slide continues.


Aegis69 reviewed v35.0 on Jan 13, 2015

Keeps getting worse and worse with each release, people are barely paying attention to this project anymore. I wish they would focus on performance instead of trying to make it look like chrome, and adding all these pointless social media features that people can get with addons. The browser is getting slower and more bloated all the time, security issues are now obtrusive instead of transparent to the user, and simple things like typing in a chat box on sites like facebook and youtube stall the browser so bad that it almost has to be killed and restarted. Everything about the browser is headed in the wrong direction now, so sad.


robmanic44 reviewed v34.0.5 on Dec 3, 2014

The latest Firefox will not render pages properly and I have to update my security system manually.


Monkey_Punch reviewed v34.0.5 on Dec 1, 2014

Had to fiddle with the default search engine stuff to put Google back from Yahoo taking over. Other than that, works for me.


john446 reviewed v33.1.1 on Nov 17, 2014

its too good http://swcky.com/


DaComboMan reviewed v33.1 on Nov 10, 2014

Happy 10th Birthday Firefox!
Still looking good!!


DaComboMan reviewed v33.0.2 on Oct 29, 2014

So far so good!


landfish reviewed v33.0.2 on Oct 28, 2014

gets 5 stars from me

@ bruno1972 ..... fake, it's 2014


kstev99 reviewed v33.0.2 on Oct 28, 2014

I've used both, and this browser doesn't resemble Chrome in the slightest, except maybe the rounded tabs.

Don't know how anyone can call it a clone of Google Chrome.


bruno1972 reviewed v33.0 on Oct 14, 2014

fake. windows 33 is a myth - use windows 7 or 8


DaComboMan reviewed v33.0 on Oct 14, 2014

No complaints here.


Sven123456789 reviewed v33.0 on Oct 14, 2014

Not good


Orhin reviewed v32.0.3 on Oct 4, 2014

Another month, another loss of market Share! People, get rid of that Google bought peace of garbage Mozillaware which are these days followers of lobbies like the ads and the DRM industry!

Seamonkey is the true open source way to go, not a carricature like "Googlezilla Firechrome" !


Monkey_Punch reviewed v32.0.3 on Sep 24, 2014

Just a security update to fix a vuln. It would take Microsoft a month to fix a vuln in IE so Mozilla's got your back as usual. Didn't break my Adblock Plus or FlashGot.


Orhin reviewed v32.0.2 on Sep 22, 2014

Firefox Australis is a Chrome clone disaster which is equal as worse as the new Opera chrome Clone!

One recommendation .. Uninstall it!


LakotaElf reviewed v32.0.2 on Sep 18, 2014

Wow I was told this was the best and fast, I am finding that not to be true at all and it is certainly not fast, stalls, freezes up among other things. I use windows 8.1 and this browser is not what I thought it was, it is literally a piece of junk, what was good is now not....I can not give it a 0 so a 1 star will have to do, they have a lot of work to do on this, a whole lot before I will use it again.


Sven123456789 reviewed v32.0.2 on Sep 18, 2014

Not good


Zootopia3001 reviewed v32.0.1 on Sep 16, 2014

Came back to FF, FF 31 ESR actually. Classic Theme Restorer gets me back to that classic look and feel. I really like v31 ESR. Much snappier than Pale Moon. Pale Moon developer is going down a different fork rather than going to FF 31 ESR base(from FF 24 ESR) and I highly doubt it will turn out well.


Orhin reviewed v32.0.1 on Sep 14, 2014

Australis was and always will be a stupid imitation of Google Chrome! The new Firefox discards customizability for a Chrome like simplicity - Just horrible! Getting back customization with add-ons is just lame.

F*ck Mozilla for ruining something great! As long as Mozilla is happily driving the Chrome train, the only real alternative is Seamonkey. This browser shows that customization is no thing of the past and that devs still care for more advanced users.

This, Mozilla Firefox developers will never understand, because there new role model is now Chrome.

Why Mozilla can not be happy with the status as Geek's browser?


FatBastard reviewed v32.0.1 on Sep 12, 2014

Firefox is the only major browser that hasn't gone 64-bit. It's about bleeping time!


cltx99 reviewed v32.0 on Sep 4, 2014

The "new face" of FF is OK, but the browser itself has gone downhill. I downloaded FF 32 and it was erratic and often crashed. So I went back to PaleMoon and problems were solved, including having the "old" interface. What a shame to ruin a good thing.


bruno1972 reviewed v31.0 on Aug 6, 2014

fake, windows 31 doesnt exist. use windows 7 or 8 instead


bigspud reviewed v31.0 on Jul 30, 2014

the dialogue boxes for options and addons are way too big for screen, cant resize them, makes this version useless, v26 displays boxes okay, so its just sloppy coding. mozilla too busy trying to copy chrome, they need to scrap thia australis crapware.


yoetama reviewed v31.0 on Jul 24, 2014

feels less agile, only a few comparisons with other browser plugins are also the same.


Blaxima reviewed v31.0 on Jul 23, 2014

and so it begins, sponsored/ad space tiles. This version has tile space for sale hard coded into it. It also has, like Chrome and all it's clones, a big Google search bar on the the new tabs page.

I'm taking back that star I bumped the previous Australis version


Blaxima reviewed v30.0 on Jun 19, 2014

Well I've finally been able to get some scripts(stylish) that have restored most of the functionality I had before which aided in workflow. I've had to remove a few plugins though as they are now useless thanks to Australis.

All and all I see no improvement and certainly don't consider taking styling ques from chrome as one either.

I now won't be as harsh as my previous ratings but to use this as is would be quite a let down.


Hergest reviewed v30.0 on Jun 10, 2014

Firefox *was* the best browser, but since v.29 it is rubbish. Like many, I downgraded, which I consider an upgrade.
I've now installed the Firefox ESR, to get security fixes for a while without picking up the new rubbish UI.


Monkey_Punch reviewed v30.0 on Jun 10, 2014

Seems a little snappier in rendering pages but that's about it. Seems to have lost some performance compared to version 29.


Sven123456789 reviewed v30.0 on Jun 10, 2014

Not good


traumadoc reviewed v29.0.1 on May 11, 2014

In my opinion, version 23.0.1 is the most appealing. I have tried each major release that has come in the time since. 23.0.1 has the best interface and usability. Every version after that screwed around with putting this icon here or there, changing ease of access to downloaded items, clearing bars, moving bars, etc.

Mozilla needs to get a grip and understand not to move things from where people expect them to be. Functionality is one thing, but making people search for something that "was always right there" is moronic.

They figure, "hey, it's free." Well that's the wrong attitude.

Go back to Firefox 23.0.1 folks.


LakotaElf reviewed v29.0.1 on May 10, 2014

They ruined it, I uninstalled it, will never go back to Firefox....


cltx99 reviewed v29.0.1 on May 10, 2014

Excellent browser, with forward looking, easy to use changes. Personally, the new design suits me just fine. Some of my extensions were not working in previous FF releases. They've finally come to life. Well done!


kstev99 reviewed v29.0.1 on May 10, 2014

OK, first of all I'll have to remove my foot from my mouth. I said I would never use Australis. I tried Chrome and just couldn't live with it. After giving this new Firefox try, I actually LIKE the Australis interface.

Firefox is still TEN TIMES more customizable than chrome, and with the right add-ons to help, I think it's a keeper. I have been using Pale Moon for more than a year, and this actually seems faster and more responsive than the latest version of PM. The new SYNC works great!! I can open Firefox while at work, and like magic....all of my bookmarks, add-ons and prefs are the same as on my home computer. I fought using the Australis interface as much as anyone, but give it a try. Mozilla hasn't taken away your customization, you still have about:config and with 3rd party extensions, customize it about any way you like

Artem S. Tashkinov

Artem S. Tashkinov reviewed v29.0.1 on May 9, 2014

The worst "upgrade" in the entire Firefox history.

Firefox has lost its appeal, for now I'm _upgrading_ to Firefox 24.5 ESR, and when the next ESR release comes out, I will upgrade to Seamonkey.

There's no way I'm downgrading from Firefox 28 to Crapfox 29.

Autstralis could have been made an option, a new skin, with an option to use the classic Firefox UI with all its customization. Instead Mozilla stripped us of our choice and customizability. Let their UI "designers" burn in hell.


Sven123456789 reviewed v29.0.1 on May 9, 2014

Not good


halc reviewed v29.0 on May 3, 2014

FF 29.0 still the best, but the new UI in it's default state is not for power users: takes too much space, offers too little configurability, breaks workflow and needs 3rd party add-ons.

Thankfully Classic Them Restorer (from Mozilla add-ons page) helps a lot.

Now wait for all the add-on makers to update their code...

Other than that, for heavy lifting, customizability and overall use, FF is still the main browser, although Chrome is also very capable.


LakotaElf reviewed v29.0 on May 2, 2014

Very unhappy with it, to me they ruined it, nothing but junk now, not easy to use, many of the extensions were gone, junk, sorry but I uninstalled it and will not go back. They ruined it with this Australis junk....


ali4ek reviewed v29.0 on May 1, 2014

I simply love the new Australis interface, please keep it.

One minor comment is I'd like to be able to move ALL buttons, including back/forward and reload.


TGB72 reviewed v29.0 on Apr 30, 2014

from 11 addons I only have issues with one that promise an update in order to work with v29+. I really like the new interface but it's not true that it uses less memory, its the opposite, its using around 20MB more than esr 24.5. I didn't notice big difference in terms of speed and rendering between v24.5 and v29.
@Artem S. Tashkinov
According to FF the new esr will be v31
I think that the worst versions were between v25 and v28. v29 seems pretty stable


BooM13 reviewed v29.0 on Apr 30, 2014

With the new update and mine interface Firefox was the best of all browsers

Artem S. Tashkinov

Artem S. Tashkinov reviewed v29.0 on Apr 30, 2014

Firefox 24.5 ESR to the rescue!

Too bad, the next ESR release will be based on Firefox 32 with this God awful UI.


chaswill reviewed v29.0 on Apr 30, 2014

Yep, I let it upgrade this morning and went running straight for V24ESR. Back to normal. What are those FF people smoking?


Blaxima reviewed v29.0 on Apr 29, 2014

The claim is that the new interface simplifies things and well, it is simply awful.

First off, the unmovable menu/apps button is on the right side of the toolbar. Reading right to left is unnatural in most languages.

Speaking of the menu, it's more designed for finger painting than anything else. Drag around large icons and you have your menu. BUT the useless bookmarks menu only goes one layer deep meaning no cascading, it just opens the manger to get into sub-folders. Such a complete waste of time.

Honestly, I could go on and on as to how this lack of customization impedes work flow and browsing habits but what's the point? Chrome is infesting every part of the web and that's all there is to it.

Fortunately there is a plugin that can restore alot of the old functionality but it seems like a waste of time to be releasing updates that people want to revert rather than improving the core of the browser.

Palemoon, here I come


geomelen reviewed v29.0 on Apr 29, 2014

Well I just got the new FF Australis interface page and, to tell you the truth, it really doesn't look that bad. Actually it might take a little time to get accustomed to but it seems okay. The whole problem is that we are accustomed to do things a certain way and when change and new technologies arrive we resent the fact that we might have to "start all over again" and that's understandable. As part of our learning habits that is not unusual at all. Changes and innovation are usually difficult for us to accept and "learned habits" is just part of our psychological traits on how we think and act so, if you really think about it, after awhile, getting accustomed to the new FF is really no big deal. Sure we've lost a few things that we liked on our homepage, but can you imagine if we still had the "original FireFox" and all that "old technology"??? Let me put it this way, I can remember the first car I had a 1963 Chevy Impala and no AC. Do you think that I would change my 2012 Lexus GS 350 for the "old, trustworthy and beauty" of the Impala??? Yeah, it's a nostalgic felling I guess and I loved that Impala but you get the idea. I got over it and I'm sure that you will too. Technology and innovation has it's sacrifices but the positives out weight the lost.... so I welcome you Australis and thanks FireFox for a job well done.......


Sven123456789 reviewed v29.0 on Apr 29, 2014

Wow. This is beyond bad. Tried for a half hour to even somewhat figure out the new horrible interface and set up. Jump the shark is officially add FF to its list. Really sad to see how bad this has become with the last few versions. But this is way past bad.


landfish reviewed v29.0 on Apr 28, 2014


The "Classic Theme Restorer" add-on helps


TGB72 reviewed v28.0 on Mar 22, 2014

I'm using firefox 28 right now, and I've to say that is the first time that I want to move to another browser. This version is highly unstable, 2 crashes in less than an hour with only a few tabs open. Right now I only have this tab (fileforum.betanews) and it's consuming 405.624KB, this is a big issue, I'm thinking to downgrade to v24 or use another browser like palemoon or qupzilla until this is not fixed.


bigspud reviewed v27.0 on Feb 7, 2014

fast and stable, now stop changing the ui.
10 stars to to the extension and stylish makers that make it possible for me to modify ff so i can fix all the ui problems that moozilla thinks we need.
still the best browser by far.


landfish reviewed v27.0 on Feb 4, 2014

Being one of the first to complain about the missing "browser.download.useToolkitUI" it's only fair I'm one of the first to thank the powers that be for putting it back


Zootopia3001 reviewed v27.0 on Feb 4, 2014

If you liked version 24, you can get an Extended Support Release here...

I for one don't care to be Mozilla's beta tester with Final versions in between Extended Support Release versions. Firefox 24ESR is currently at v24.3 with today's update.

4 stars(for v24ESR) when compared to Opera, Chrome or Internet Explorer 9. Would be 5 stars if not for all the tinkering(unneeded bells and whistles), ridding of options that used to be and lousy interface(IMO) for Windows Vista on up.


roj reviewed v26.0 on Dec 23, 2013

I am sick of the azzclowns who develope this browser making continual changes to the API and interfaces so that add-ons break with new versions. Get your heads out from between your buttocks and stabilize the architecture permanently. At this point in time you're no longer teenagers spinning code in mommy's basement; develope the application accordingly.

To the devs:

I'm a long-time Firefox user and I'm tired of your BS - have a clue or get one installed.

ONE star.


Zoroaster reviewed v26.0 on Dec 12, 2013

@landfish : the imbecile is a Mozilla narrow-minded idiot.
Firefox has decided to become an upstart crow, they want to look fancy and have abandoned their heritage as well as the users of always in order to look nice in the galleries of new-comers.
Just choose Pale Moon browser, like I did, like more and more users do. It is faithful to the spirit, the flexibility and the users of what remains the only Firefox we like.


landfish reviewed v26.0 on Dec 10, 2013

It appears in v26 that we can't have the simple download window anymore in Firefox, the about:config "browser.download.useToolkitUI to true" trick doesn't work now. You can click on the useless download icon to make a window open, that has other rubbish on it that isn't needed. That's ok except for the fact you have to do this every time, it wont just open automatically.
Who is the imbecile who goes "Now I just had a good idea, why don't we ......."


Zootopia3001 reviewed v25.0 on Oct 29, 2013

Got tired of the 'Oops, well that was embarrassing' crash notifications from Firefox 24. Went back to Firefox 17.0.8 ESR for now and all is well and fast. Maybe Mozilla will have all the bugs worked out in a few more Firefox 24 extended service release versions.


Monkey_Punch reviewed v25.0 on Oct 29, 2013

It's been a while since I reviewed but with 25 being released, I had to post up my experiences. It has improved leaps and bounce since 20-23 were released. Memory usage is way down (and with version 26, memory usage will drop through the floor on image heavy pages (https://blog.mozilla.org...les/2013/10/Images2.png) and in general) and speed/rendering is near instant. This should hopefully now cause less crashes due to memory pressure on 32-bit systems. They really hit a home run with this version. I look forward to the next version even more.


PaulWilliams reviewed v24.0 on Sep 23, 2013

Thank you TC17 disabling lastpass fixed the problem. I was wrong it wasn't Mozilla's fault. Google Chrome is still slightly faster that's why I'm only giving version 24 a 4/5.


Zootopia3001 reviewed v24.0 on Sep 20, 2013

Still the best browser, though Firefox is slowly ruining a good thing... The taking away of some options(i.e: Javascript), and the 'new & improved' this and that, such as the new download window function that I had to go into about:config to set back to the way it was before. Not really all that much speed improvement since v17ESR, but it is slightly noticeable nonetheless. From here I think all Mozilla will be able to do is cosmetic, probably to a point of eventually ruining Firefox. I think it's all downhill from here with all their constant need for tinkering.

Gone from 5 to 4 stars for the above mentioned.

UPDATE: Sometimes when I open Firefox 24 it says it had crashed prior and offered to open up the prior sites I had open. Thing is, it hadn't crashed. Now looking forward to Firefox 24.0.1.


TC17 reviewed v24.0 on Sep 17, 2013

Still the best browser. Your crazy if you actually think Chrome is better. Even the addons are better for Firefox.

To the person below mentioning the delay startup. I'd be willing to bet you are using Lastpass? I have that problem too, but its the authors of Lastpass that are at fault for that, not Firefox.


PaulWilliams reviewed v23.0 on Aug 14, 2013

I've been a loyal Firefox user since the beginning, but version 23 was too much for me to accept . Every time I open version 23 the program becomes unresponsive for at least 30 seconds. The only time I've had a similar problem was with the download manager after try to save a file. The program would become unresponsive for 10 seconds and then starts up again. Maybe there's a option in about:config to minimize the unresponsiveness, but I've lost patience. Firefox still has some positives, great extensions and lots of configurability, but I need better. For the last few weeks I've been using Chromium/Chrome and have been mostly happy. Chromium is faster, but lacks Google Chrome's Print Preview and Automatic Updater. My only complaints are a minimalist layout, annoying sign-in requests and difficulty switching search engines. I hope this will give Mozilla a wake up call.


Uriel reviewed v23.0 on Aug 7, 2013

Looking more and more like Google Chrome with every build. Google's paychecks to the Mozilla staff are taking effect.

Output Overboard

Output Overboard reviewed v23.0 on Aug 7, 2013

I've used Firefox for years but Chrome is leaving it far, far behind.
Still, I don't like the pushiness of Google sticking Chrome everywhere you look.
Firefox seems to take up the niche title formerly owned by Opera.
A fine browser is one that does what YOU want.
Firefox is still good.


Sven123456789 reviewed v23.0 on Aug 6, 2013

For me, this is the version that proves to me that ff has jumped the shark. Every new version does something to annoy me. First you had the tab bar now located on top. Than the download window disappear (I don't want the download button on toolbar). Now with this version, you can't remove the tab feature at all like older versions. Not to mention all the updates mess with my add on's.


Monkey_Punch reviewed v22.0 on Jun 28, 2013

A marked improvement in speed over 21 and earlier versions. 23 has even more speed improvements going into it as well. Hope they can figure out the blurred font thing for those who are experiencing it. Not affecting me though.


TC17 reviewed v22.0 on Jun 25, 2013



FatBastard reviewed v22.0 on Jun 25, 2013

Firefox needs to go 64-bit


Jack5 reviewed v20.0.1 on Apr 23, 2013

Downloading a pdf file after opening it in Firefox gives error, otherwise Firefox is good


methuselah reviewed v20.0 on Apr 2, 2013

ver. 20 working much faster on Win7. Haven't tried that version on Linux and Mac yet today...


Sven123456789 reviewed v20.0 on Apr 2, 2013

Noticed some changes this time around, feature wise. Also, the couple sites that used to lock up, no longer do that. So it looks like those problems have been resolved.


bruno. reviewed v19.0.1 on Mar 1, 2013

they better concentrate on windows 7 first, most users dont have windows 19.0.1 yet....lets hope it doesnt crash all of the time


xsnred reviewed v19.0.1 on Feb 28, 2013

Waterfox is the ONLY way to go.


FatBastard reviewed v19.0 on Feb 20, 2013

I've switched to Pale Moon x64 and never looked back!


-Lord- reviewed v19.0 on Feb 20, 2013

I agree with grum.. where's the effing 64 bit version???
waterfox for me too


grum36 reviewed v19.0 on Feb 20, 2013

Instead of upgrade the version number like this Software of s*** (gogole chrome ) it 'll be nice to have a great x64 browser, I use waterfox


gatorfan95 reviewed v19.0 on Feb 19, 2013

Very clean update. It broke none of my current add ons.


Music4Ever reviewed v18.0.2 on Feb 5, 2013

No useful changers and annoying their shrinking user-base & me with piddling changes -


Zootopia3001 reviewed v18.0.2 on Feb 5, 2013

A Facebook update. Yay.
Whatever Mozilla. Version 17 was not affected. The new v18 Javascript engine in relation to Facebook is the reason for this update(crashes). The only reason I haven't gone back to version 16 is because version 17 has plugin container security support for HTML5. Maybe by version 30 there will be a reason to update from version 17.0.1. Also, apparently there's been no fix for the v11.5 Adobe Flash crashes in Firefox either, so it's Flash v11.2 still for me. I may not update Flash again either.


-Lord- reviewed v18.0.1 on Jan 21, 2013

I prefer FF over IE.. of course. As of late, however, the rapid fire updates, no 64bit version, and the 18.0.1 update have really turned me off. In the latest update, I am now having printing crashes, and on one Win8 machine it totally drags the system down to nothing.

Sadly, Mozilla has gone the way of so many others who start out with something terrific and then either goes to bloatware, or total s***t


bruno. reviewed v18.0.1 on Jan 20, 2013

Microsoft should slow down with Windows 18.0.1, many people are still on Windows 7 albeit Windows 8. Firefox is okay


SineWave reviewed v18.0.1 on Jan 18, 2013

I'm almost forced to say, since I was a long time Firefox supporter, that for the first time ever I've gone back to v16.0.2 that worked well for me. I'm a scumbag for not even trying this 18.01 version probably, but v17 gave me some issues with memory consumption [memory leaks, obviously], and it made my other apps "hickup" in the background. I've noticed this 100% CPU overtaking by Firefox 17.01 more than a dozen times. I would like to know if the issue has been resolved in this new version? I will for the first time give it 3, though. I don't like where this is going... it feels fishy. I'm on the verge of trying out Chrome. After so many years. Sad. They should pull themselves together.


nilst2006 reviewed v18.0 on Jan 9, 2013

With version 17 i lost an important addon to me. It wasn't compatible. No, i will not upgrade to version 18. I am tired of that as soon as i find an addon that really works the way i wan't Firefox kills it.... :(

Therefore i rate FF 18 to 1.


Music4Ever reviewed v18.0 on Jan 8, 2013

Agree with Zootopia3001 100% - I am really thinking of moving away from Firefox after using it for many years & defending it robustly on here & elswhere due the issues mentioned by Zootopia3001 - If I'm moving on I'm sure others must be thinking the same way. There is always a future speed increase on the horizon, this time in version 20 while all the time Chrome continues to tighten it's grip.


Zootopia3001 reviewed v18.0 on Jan 8, 2013

@Monkey_Punch, You're missing the point. The constant breaking of add-ons with each new release eventually drives people away from Firefox. The developers of these add-ons don't have the resources that Mozilla has, hence the delays for an add-on fix. Add-ons are what made Firefox popular. If they are going to break every single month, then eventually people will look elsewhere for a browser...Hint hint... Chrome. Also, it IS a problem with Mozilla concerning the CONSTANT breaking of add-ons. Nothing should be THAT constant, including a new version number every month just to follow Chrome's lead. Apparently Mozilla is content with being a follower now.
At the moment, I'm holding off on Firefox 18. This really is a leap forward, but am concerned with coming issues with the new script engine. Given the constant breaking of add-ons, I feel I must rate this browser lower to a 4 for now.

UPDATE: I broke down and updated to v18. I'm not seeing the big improvement in speed. Firefox 18 was over-hyped, and I fell for it as well. Up to 26% increase in speed my butt. Barely 4 stars. Any more broken add-ons to come and it will be 3 stars.
Further update:..... When multitasking with other programs Firefox 18 is slow and cumbersome as compared to Firefox 17. VERY noticeable sluggishness in comparison. This is what happens when you rush products out just for the sake of getting an update out to compete with Chrome's constant version updating. 3 stars.


gatorfan95 reviewed v18.0 on Jan 8, 2013

Update: I don't want to start a flame war here, however, I am tired of the constant whine about FF breaking add ons. What part of "Mozilla doesn't write the add ons" isn't in your native language? It is not Mozilla's fault the authors of the the extensions and themes do not update them. Criticize FF based on running it with no add ons if you want to, but don't criticize it based on using 25-30 add ons whose authors don't keep up with the changes.

I am usually on the same page as Music, but on the issue of add ons I have to disagree. The only add on I have regular issues with is the Theme "Aeon", but as I said earlier, the author catches up in a day or two of each release. In fact it was fixed today (Jan 9). That being said, to be honest, I don't use a lot of extensions, Ad Block Plus, NoScript, Tab Mix Plus, Fox Clocks, Calculator and a couple of others which the authors update regularly, so perhaps it doesn't impact me all that much. I wouldn't use Chrome on a bet for reasons I have stated in my reviews of that mess.

@ roj 17.01 was a security update. If you don't like installing the betas as they come out, wait for the final version.


Monkey_Punch reviewed v18.0 on Jan 8, 2013

It's pointless to continue to whine about the rapid version releases. Who cares. I care that the final product is fast, stable, and works with the sites I visit. As someone who actually beta tests Firefox and reads (and submits to) Bugzilla, I know what immense performance improvements went into 18. These improvements were the result of the Memshrink and Snappy projects over the course of a year. New tools are being built to make Firefox even faster and we'll see some of that in version 20. Did you Extension/Add-on break with a new version? Why not complain to the Extension / Add-on author and not Mozilla. The authors, not Mozilla, are supposed to use the latest SDK and even Mozilla makes the SDK work at least two version of Firefox AHEAD of time. Overall, 18 is a major speed boost over the previous versions and my add-ons and extensions work just fine.


Music4Ever reviewed v17.0.1 on Dec 8, 2012

Works very well here, unfortunately time moves on & the idiots of this world are being catered for more & more, you only have to look at Windows 8 to see that -

But for me Firefox is still the least intrusive browser there is I with a bit of tweaking runs as I want it.


roj reviewed v17.0.1 on Dec 3, 2012

And now 17.01.

SOD OFF Mozilla.

ONE star for a BS development strategy run by fratbois.


tontito reviewed v17.0.1 on Dec 3, 2012

LOL, o wonder how you can even use internet with sutch knowledge...

"i think its so buggy because nobody has windows 17.0.1 yet, most consumers are still stuck with windows 7 or windows 8...."


FatBastard reviewed v17.0.1 on Dec 2, 2012

They still haven't fixed the cleartype bug :(
And a couple of days a ago Mozilla announced that they would stop developing the 64-bit version of Firefox: http://ars.to/UoR8Sn
I've given up on Firefox.
Now I use palemoon: http://www.palemoon.org/


Ryusennin reviewed v17.0.1 on Dec 1, 2012

Hardware acceleration still broken since 17.0.


HeilNizar reviewed v17.0.1 on Dec 1, 2012

I will wait for version 77.0 to come out, wont take long to get there :P
Its more like little kids developing this thing now.


gatorfan95 reviewed v17.0.1 on Nov 30, 2012

Fixed the issue I had with the Tools menu in the previous release. Seems fast and stable so far


Zootopia3001 reviewed v17.0 on Nov 23, 2012

I find this update completely unnecessary minus the security fixes. Good to know that the new Social API 'feature' is optional and was disabled in about:config by default.
The 'click-to-play' feature for plugins is a mixed bag that doesn't meet my expectations. Different sites behave differently with this feature, not standardized at all, so I disabled the click-to-play feature.
Still the best browser out there. Firefox 18 is the big release I'm waiting for. Tried Chrome again and still a disaster IMO. Been that way since Chrome 8. Too bad the folks at Mozilla think that they need to copy Chrome's constant version updating. Will seem real silly when they get to version 50 something, if not already silly now.


roj reviewed v17.0 on Nov 22, 2012

Getting REALLY tired of the far too frequent and often pointless upgrades which break plugins like PlainOldFavorites and TabMixPlus. ZillaLand has gone back to the ridiculous motto of "development so fast it's almost out of control". Dev your code, test your code THOROUGHLY and come out with timely point releases on a quarterly schedule barring emergencies - REAL ones - with a new full release yearly. Version 17? Really??? If Chrome wasn't such a clusterDuck and actually HAD plugins I'd almost be inclined to give it a go and I won't use that PigInAWig known as IE. Stop harassing your users ZillaLand - you're a HUGE pain in the azz.

THREE stars for a BS dev strategy.


FatBastard reviewed v17.0 on Nov 21, 2012

I like Firefox but this version (17) enables Cleartype by default and that's HORRIBLE! !!

The only way I know to disable Cleartype in Firefox 17 is to disable hardware acceleration in the advanced settings.

If it wasn't for all this my rating would be 3/5


gatorfan95 reviewed v17.0 on Nov 21, 2012

Not sure what is going on here, it disabled several of my addons, which is to be expected until the authors of the add ons catch up to changes in the new releases, however when I try to open anything from the "tools" menu, nothing happens, zilch, zip, nada. No add ons, nothing. went back to 16.02 and everything works fine.


robmanic44 reviewed v17.0 on Nov 21, 2012

Certainly an improvement over 16.02, but I worry about the direction Firefox is heading.


Tallpaultn reviewed v17.0 on Nov 20, 2012

@Bala7--That's close to being the stupidest question I've ever heard as Sen. John McCain would say... I would suggest you put your brain in gear before opening your mouth... Mozilla Firefox version 17.0 works great so far!!


Bala7 reviewed v17.0 on Nov 20, 2012

"for Windows 17"
where get I get Win17 ?


Music4Ever reviewed v17.0 on Nov 20, 2012

No problems, still the best browser by a long way.


Sven123456789 reviewed v16.0.2 on Nov 9, 2012

Still the best. Nothing has made me change from that view. Chrome, u kidding, a browser with no features. Guess thats for the young kids. IE hasn't been good in a decade. Tried to warm up to Opera, still don't like it. With tons of add on's and themes/personas including the must have of all- Adblock, I can't see ever using those other browsers. any problems I ever get evolve around adobe flash. So I don't blame Firefox for that. Flash has been crap since adobe took it over. As for speed, its not even an issue anymore. They all are the same speed. So it comes down to feature to me. And bar none, Its firefox. You want a Firefox and Thunderbird combo, Seamonkey also is very good. Same code as this..

some guy

some guy reviewed v16.0.2 on Nov 4, 2012

stopped using 16.02 FF due to high memory usage and not responding was using 2 gigs of ram during a Google image search and locked up, went back to Using Opera 12.02 seems faster and less ram and now has adblock plus plug-in


gatorfan95 reviewed v16.0.2 on Oct 29, 2012

Basically a security up date. It did, however fix the addons it broke in ver 16.0. Bruno is a troll, no point in responding to him.


robmanic44 reviewed v16.0.1 on Oct 14, 2012

This seems to be a step backward from some of the 16 betas. I think the move back to 15.01 should have been permanent.

Artem S. Tashkinov

Artem S. Tashkinov reviewed v16.0.1 on Oct 13, 2012


What a "review"!

Idiocy prevails!


tontito reviewed v16.0.1 on Oct 12, 2012

3 seconds here :P


Zootopia3001 reviewed v16.0.1 on Oct 12, 2012

Actually took an extra day for Betanews to put it up. It was available yesterday. You'd think that Mozilla would have taken the extra step to contact the sites that make the browser available for download to put the fixed version up ASAP. Not everyone leaves auto-update checked in the Firefox options menu.

As a speed guide, I've found that the Betanews site itself is a good test for browser speed, especially when clicking the 'View All Reviews' link here. On this topic alone it takes 40 seconds for the whole Firefox review page to finally load on my system(XP, 3.2GHz CPU, 2GB RAM). Not good. Hopefully the new Javascript improvements in Firefox 18 will remedy that. ABC News comments page load is another load drag, if the comments are many. For this I am now giving Firefox only 4 stars.

UPDATE: I've now found that it was Ghostery that was causing the incredibly slow load times here at Betanews, as mentioned above. Only took 10 seconds to load with Ghostery disabled for Betanews. Now I'm pondering getting rid of Ghostery. Back to 5 stars for Firefox.


Music4Ever reviewed v16.0.1 on Oct 12, 2012

There was a security problem with 16.0 so they pulled it reverted to 15.01 fixed it then re-released it.

(there was a problem in the matter-anti-matter flow system that caused gravometric distortions in the space-time continuum - I ended up back in 2003 until they sorted it)

@Zootopia3001 - I have had issues with Ghostery causing issues though only on some sites this being one of them, the problem does not occur with DNT+ but that don't block as many trackers either? BTW This issue does not occur with Ghostery on Linux either -


Sativarg reviewed v16.0 on Oct 11, 2012

After an initial error with the download caused by a faulty cache entry on my system I have the V16.0 installed and i did not loose any of my favorite add-ons. I am not sure why I was not able to get this version at the homepage link above. that link sends me to a page with Version 15.0.1 as the latest and only version. Perhaps updating is regional and my region is not ready yet?

Check this out: Command Line in the Firefox 16 Developer Toolbar - YouTube


gatorfan95 reviewed v16.0 on Oct 9, 2012

FF screwed the pooch with this version. It broke too many of my add ons to be usable, I went back PM 15.2 until they get it sorted out.


Sven123456789 reviewed v16.0 on Oct 9, 2012

Sad to say, but FF has jumped the shark. Latest version I can't get multiple sites to work. Including Youtube or Ustream. Always some issue with flash and other plug ins. Which doesn't seem to effect IE or chrome. So, saying goodbye to this browser.


Zootopia3001 reviewed v16.0 on Oct 9, 2012

Seems the only real improvement is incremental garbage collection activation. However, I've had that turned on manually a couple of versions ago via about:config. Maybe there was an improvement to its garbage collection feature. Still the best browser out there though.
@Monkey_Punch: BTW, SPDY v3 was introduced in Firefox 15 from what I've read, another feature I already had manually activated in about:config before Mozilla decided to activate it in a prior version upon upgrade/install.


Monkey_Punch reviewed v16.0 on Oct 9, 2012

Fast and only getting faster. Rockin' the new SPDY v3 support too. Looking forward to 18 as it has MORE speed performance updates going into it. Killing Chrome in the numbers (speed-battle.com).


Music4Ever reviewed v16.0 on Oct 9, 2012

Just updated, certainly snappier than 15.x, leaves Chrome in the weeds, that's for sure. It must be frustrating to create add-on's for Firefox as each release breaks them, my two favorite themes don't work & now I'm left with probably the worst looking browser in the entire world - FF default.

Edit: Whats the point in trying to give a decent evaluation when FileForum let people like Bruno continue to post, if that was done on a thread on BetaNews the person would be banned - Pointless -


Mirage_Etoile reviewed v15.0.1 on Oct 8, 2012

I noticed that it crashes but I discovered that the cause it's in the plugins .
Try to disable the useless ones then it should work perfectly .
Ever a great browser .


gatorfan95 reviewed v15.0.1 on Oct 3, 2012

Small security up date

@ PaulWilliams: If you are using something like Nightly Tester Tools to force add on compatibility, you are probably correct. I have had no crashing issues after a month of use.


gatorfan95 reviewed v16.0 Beta 6 on Oct 3, 2012

Gets better with every release.

@ bruno70: After months of giving this very good browser bad ratings because you didn't like the syntax Beta News used, you finally give it a rating it deserves? Your arrogance and hubris are beyond comprehension.


robmanic44 reviewed v16.0 Beta 5 on Oct 1, 2012

This is the best Firefox browser I have used. Many small but annoying problems are fixed. Speed seems faster as well.


egg83 reviewed v16.0 Beta 5 on Sep 27, 2012

Since Firefox 14, the improvements have been noticeable, esp. in the areas of speed and page rendering. As usual, high marks for this browser!


Monkey_Punch reviewed v16.0 Beta 5 on Sep 27, 2012

It's amazing the leaps and bounds in performance improvements made to Firefox since 13.0 was released. I've been following the betas and fixes going into 16 and they are amazing. The profiler work, SPDY v3.0, pipelining, leak fixes, etc is some of Mozilla's best work. Wish they would have had this work done a long time ago but better late than never. Now if only Adobe would fix their crashy plugin.


Music4Ever reviewed v16.0 Beta 5 on Sep 27, 2012

Seems faster & snappier than 15.01- Looking good -

@Bruno7- 15.01 is still the final - Your past stupid comments render any of your reviews totally invalid. (a name change perhaps?)


gatorfan95 reviewed v16.0 Beta 5 on Sep 26, 2012

First of this series of betas I've tried. Good stuff as usual.


Tallpaultn reviewed v16.0 Beta 3 on Sep 15, 2012

Mozilla Firefox 16.0b3 performs great. Mozilla changed the UI format back so that it is decent. Thanks Mozilla UI developers. Please don't mess around with the UI anymore. That FF icon & the info. message in the top left hand corner of the screen was absolutely ridiculous, unnecessary & had to go...


Music4Ever reviewed v15.0.1 on Sep 7, 2012

Not had any issues & used it for a few hours, a good browser.


PaulWilliams reviewed v15.0.1 on Sep 7, 2012

Firefox 15.0.1 keeps crashing on me. Noticeably faster than 14.0, but unstable. Maybe it's one of the extension I'm using.


KenH reviewed v15.0 Final on Aug 31, 2012

Using v15.0 with 20 extensions and v15.0 seems to render faster than previous ones. I don't think it's my imagination. Great work Mozilla!


Tallpaultn reviewed v16.0 Alpha 1 on Aug 29, 2012

I have been using Firefox 16.0a1 (32bit) most of the day on WinVista SP2 & it is somewhat faster than 15.0 Final & runs very smoothly. Haven't had any glitches so far. I recommend users give it a trial run. Thanks Firefox Development Team--keep on keeping on.


UPieper reviewed v15.0 Final on Aug 28, 2012

Hey bruno, the number after your name reflects your IQ, right? ;-)


Music4Ever reviewed v15.0 Final on Aug 28, 2012

No problems, running well, gets better with each release!

Bruno is it possible to make such brainless comments & still access the Internet?


Zootopia3001 reviewed v15.0 Final on Aug 28, 2012

With the release of version 13, I felt startup time lagged considerably, even more so with profiles. That's fixed with this version. Overall, snappier than the prior two releases.


egg83 reviewed v15.0 Final on Aug 28, 2012

Seems like with each successive release, this browser gets more responsive and quicker. All my browser extensions work, no problems with page rendering (surprisingly, IE still has problems with a few sites, unreal!). My only issue is with the rapid number changes with the versions, guess developers want to catch up with Chrome, I guess :}


gatorfan95 reviewed v15.0 Final on Aug 28, 2012

I am very impressed with FF 15. Pretty much stopped using Pale Moon except to check out new releases.

Benevolent Dictator

Benevolent Dictator reviewed v15.0 Final on Aug 28, 2012

I have just created an account so I could put a comment here. Usually I would not do such a thing, but I'm still high a little bit so voilà. Anyway to all the people who comment on bruno70 comment: common buddies! it's not even worth replying, lets keep focusing on postive things! :)
Sins I'm beeing asked to type in my review, I would like to explain that my reasoning to award this Mozilla Firefox version and Mozilla Firefox in general for stars is that allthough I regard it very highly I still believe that there is some room for improvement and there allways be.
Sincerely yours.


Stevefarrell reviewed v15.0 Final on Aug 27, 2012

Your a moron Bruno07. If you cant understand the naming then you really are stupid.


Monkey_Punch reviewed v15.0 Final on Aug 27, 2012

The best keeps getting better and better. Alas, stupid Flash plugin still seems to be a problem for some. Not Mozilla's fault though. Hope Adobe gets it together.

Some nice browsing speedups from SPDY v2 (v3 coming in Fx 16!), Pipelining (if you enable it), and from gobs and gobs of performance fixes from the Snappy project. Many big performance increases will be coming with Fx 17. Good job Mozilla guys!


gatorfan95 reviewed v15.0 Beta 6 on Aug 22, 2012

@Bala7, Bruno has been corrected ad nauseum and continues to post his crap about Beta News sending out nutty versions of Windows. He's a troll. As for my illiteracy? I wont comment, I hate flame wars, but you sir don't have a clue what my education level is. Got it?


Bala7 reviewed v15.0 Beta 6 on Aug 22, 2012

bruno70 is NOT a troll. The poster is merely literate. The use of proper English is something you degenerate high school dropouts will never understand.


Music4Ever reviewed v15.0 Beta 6 on Aug 22, 2012

@gatorfan95 do not feed the Trolls - I've been guilty of that lately, they probably can't comprehend anyway ;-) ~

(Never argue with an idiot, they drag you down to their level and beat you with experience)

@Bala - Bruno70 is a Troll of the highest order and probably finds its amusing to write silly reviews - Your alter ego perhaps? I think he/she should be banned from posting.


Tallpaultn reviewed v15.0 Beta 5 on Aug 16, 2012

Gatorfan95, I got a big chuckle out of your comment to Bruno70. Struck me as very funny for some reason.

Keep on keeping on Mozilla Firefox Development Team!! Kudos...


gatorfan95 reviewed v15.0 Beta 5 on Aug 16, 2012

@Bruno70 I had hoped Beta News had removed you to stop your trolling, but it appears not. I'd explain it to you again, but it would be a waste of breath. If you dont know what the hell you are talking about please dont give a good program a 1 star rating out of sheer ignorance


Music4Ever reviewed v15.0 Beta 4 on Aug 11, 2012

@gatorfan95 - Agree, I've found the gap between Pale Moon & Firefox has closed significantly since version 14 to the extent I now use FF - FF keeps getting better & streets ahead of the auto-spy Chrome.


CyberDoc999 reviewed v15.0 Beta 4 on Aug 11, 2012

Maxthon with a chrome skin is perfect


gatorfan95 reviewed v15.0 Beta 4 on Aug 10, 2012

I've been using Pale Moon for quite some time now and I've been quite happy with it. I decided to give Firefox another try when it hit 15 beta 2 and I must say it looks like they've caught up with Pale Moon. Couple of little irritations customizing the Menu Bar, Navigation Bar etc, but hey it's beta right?

@ WAI. You work for Google or what? I suggest all of you Google apologists out there read this.


If you want Google spyware on your machines, be my guest. But don't tout that piece of spamware/spyware as the best browser around, it isn't close.


Tallpaultn reviewed v15.0 Beta 4 on Aug 9, 2012

I have been using Firefox 15.0 since it entered beta 3 on WinVista SP2 Duo-Core Computer & it is performing remarkably well to be a mid-stream beta browser. Mozilla is improving the browser on an ongoing basis & I look forward to each new release & the improvements being made. Keep up the good work, Mozilla Firefox team!!


dailytopup reviewed v14.0.1 on Jul 21, 2012

The well known browser company,Mozilla is all set to come up with its new version of firefox web browser known as Mozilla firefox 14.With better mouse performance and identity features, firefox 14 also include enhanced security.Also the provision for secure google search is also made by automatically switching on HTTPS. While using shared and public Wifi our data will feel protected.The google search suggestions and the searched results will be provided through a secure website but the users will not be to feel any difference in their search.HTTPS searches in the browser are only supported by the Google in their search engine but it is ensured by Mozilla that the provision will be available for other search engines too in the future.


SineWave reviewed v14.0.1 on Jul 20, 2012

OK, this is becoming to look good. I was using v3.6.28 until recently because all this versions and shi* told me something is wrong, nothing else. However, I must say that so far, this works really nice and faster than my beloved 3.6. I have not experienced as much crashes as I expected, too. Just one in about 20 days. Nice work.

Two digressions, though. IMHO

Toolbar icons that are just grey now look terrible in my system, since I use white letters on dark background like every other normal, ergonomically conscious person should. Yes, I know, people are not conscious in many ways, even though it's been proven a zillion times that we see the white letters on the dark background much easier than the black letters on the white background. The thing is - computer is not paper! And if we could make black paper, we could see those letters easier, too. Anyway, I liked the toolbar icons in v3.6 the best so far and I want them back. Don't be as stupid as Microsoft to introduce stupid GUI changes just for the sake of it. What looks good is good. Don't rectify what's good already.

Second. I wish they stopped changing the version numbers like that. It's completely stupid! For me, this is version 4 of Firefox. If you catch my drift... I also think this version confusion is not helping Mozilla in any way, on the contrary, it looks like the company is going down or something...


SineWave reviewed v3.6.28 on Jul 20, 2012

Bruno70, you're and idiot. Second time. LOL


Music4Ever reviewed v15.0 Beta 1 on Jul 18, 2012

@WAI - What do you have to do 'to keep up'?

I can only wonder what browser you use as Chrome has updates on BN on an almost daily basis.

(if you look in (hidden files) ‘Users/You/AppData/Local/Google' you will probably find lots of old Chrome versions that are still there)

You don't have to use the beta versions of FF just as you don't have to use the Chrome Devs-Alphas-Betas etc. but if you don't what are you doing on a Beta site?

I can only assume you are a Googleite & have not used FF recently as you give it one star, it's certainly worth more than that whoever you are?

'Browser War' - Who would be in that I wonder?

Firefox has improved immensely this last couple of months & it takes seconds for an update should you require it.


WAI reviewed v15.0 Beta 1 on Jul 18, 2012

@Music4Ever, i've had my share experiences with Firefox, Chrome, Maxthon, and sadly Opera yes i mention that browser to. yes i know this is the beta version but still Firefox isn't going anywhere with there fast releases. Chrome is where it's at and i do use Maxthon as well which won the Acid3 Browser test like 2times i think so far. Chrome is simplistic where as Firefox is and it not for some users out there. think of it as Chrome is Windows and Linux is Firefox. not many users use Linux. I like Chrome cause it saves everything to my Google Account. Now i've seen Firefox done something very very similar but i just prefer Chrome over anything else right now. I am no FAN of Google really so. though after using Firefox sometime today i will give it a better ranking. still though i would recommend Chrome over anything for now.


gatorfan95 reviewed v14.0.1 on Jul 17, 2012

havent heard from dumbo70 in awhile I had hoped Beta News had banned the troll. Rated 5 stars, as usual, just to counter his BS


FatBastard reviewed v14.0.1 on Jul 17, 2012

Still a good browser but nowadays Chrome is a no-brainer.


asaenz reviewed v14.0.1 on Jul 17, 2012

OMG when they get to version 20, 30, 40 they're going to have that many versions listed here? Anyway great browser and used daily. If they can't list the latest changes at least a link.


Sven123456789 reviewed v14.0.1 on Jul 17, 2012

Still the best browser


Renaak reviewed v14.0.1 on Jul 17, 2012

If you're that stupid you clearly shouldn't be using a computer online and most likely contributing to various botnets.


Music4Ever reviewed v14.0.1 on Jul 17, 2012

Best FF release yet.

FatBa - Why do you say that? You mean if you have 'no brain surely? Another one with an inbuilt 'Herd Instinct'


Music4Ever reviewed v14.0 Beta 12 on Jul 11, 2012

Seems sorted now, faster than version 13.x - The final should be great.


egg83 reviewed v14.0 Beta 12 on Jul 11, 2012

Seems stable and quite fast at browsing, had no rendering problems, works well! Still my no.1 browser!


Monkey_Punch reviewed v14.0 Beta 11 on Jul 6, 2012

I found 14b9 and 14b10 to be a bit shaky with rendering but to me 14b11 seems really solid and renders instantly. Noticeable improvement over the earlier betas and likely what Mozilla wanted 13 to be.


Music4Ever reviewed v14.0 Beta 10 on Jun 29, 2012

No problems apart from occasional slight stuttering loading some pages usually on first start page, then seems OK.

Firefox has made big changes since 13.x to the extent that I'm not able to notice much difference between FF & Pale Moon anymore.

Not sure how it can mess a system up to be blunt?

@robmanic44 - Why not just revert to version 13 you were happy with & leave the beta's alone?

Artem S. Tashkinov

Artem S. Tashkinov reviewed v14.0 Beta 10 on Jun 29, 2012

The best web browser in the world. Period.


robmanic44 reviewed v14.0 Beta 9 on Jun 29, 2012

This version has totally messed up my system. I have no choice but to leave Firefox for good and go with Chrome.


Monkey_Punch reviewed v14.0 Beta 9 on Jun 26, 2012

@SexyCow It's disingenuous at best to say Firefox is copy/pasting Chrome. Chrome would not even exist if were not for Firefox. Chrome very blatantly rips off Firefox code, reworks it, and then calls it their own product. What a joke. I tried Chrome once and it sucked. Spyware ridden garbage. Enjoy letting the Google marketing machine sell you off to the highest bigger.

Firefox 14 is a slight improvement to the slightly shaky start of Firefox 13. I mainly use Seamonkey but it's based on *exactly* the same codebase as Firefox. That being said, I did experience some crashing of Firefox after the first week of use. Some were simple things like scrolling a mouse or jumping to another tab. Really dumb, really random. As mysteriouly as the crashes came, they mysteriously went away.

I've been running all the 14 betas since they went live and the one thing I notice is an improvement in rendering speed. I haven't had any crashes with the 14 betas so far and the issues with crashing on Flash content has been fixed both of Mozilla and Adobe's end.

All in all, improving quite nicely and smoking Chrome in all speed tests on speed-battle.com. Just sayin'.


Music4Ever reviewed v14.0 Beta 8 on Jun 20, 2012

Mrs/Miss/Ms Cow: I really wonder if you have installed this or if your windows installation is corrupt or full of junk as Firefox continues to improve with each release. It also works fine on my 27" display.

From version 13 FF has improved in speed greatly, & I have no issues either in Windows or with version 13 in Linux & can only wonder why you do ~ (I'm intrigued: What browser do you actually use?)

Great browser!


SexyCow reviewed v14.0 Beta 7 on Jun 18, 2012

Getting worse with with every new version, the UI is going down the drain, the speed ain't increasing but decreasing, the logical layout is being undressed for these gadget smartphones, and they just copy&paste all the rest from Chrome.
The bugfixing guys all work independently, resulting in every 1 bug fixed introducing 5 new bugs,
They may be glad the addon developers are keeping a part of their userbase at bay, but most of these are shifting to Chrome also.

2 points for at least trying to keep up.

2 points for at least


EMDEE49 reviewed v16.0 Alpha 1 on Jun 9, 2012

I use this on a 64 bit win 7 Dell Laptop at work without issues. I use FF V16.a1 64bit exclusively with J.D.Edwards and it is insanely fast and stable...

Keep up the great work........getting better


Bonobi reviewed v16.0 Alpha 1 on Jun 9, 2012

Wow, it runs very smooth and fluid. No problems at any of the sites I visit either.


Sven123456789 reviewed v16.0 Alpha 1 on Jun 8, 2012

Been having some slow down probs with Firefox 13. Also some sites aren't working either. So I saw that this 64 bit version which I never saw before and its been great so far. Very fast, and so far no problems with any of my usually sites. I'm running a 64 bit windows 7 pc. Maybe its time more 64 bit programs are released. Lord knows, I've had a ton of software problems since I got this pc.


gatorfan95 reviewed v13.0 on Jun 4, 2012

I'm happy with it. I am a die hard FF fan but have been using Pale Moon for some time now. This compares very well to Pale Moon 12.1. If there are no significant differences between this and the 13.0 update to Pale Moon when it comes out I may be back to FF full time. Definitely a 5 star program.


Sven123456789 reviewed v13.0 on Jun 4, 2012

Still the best browser on the market.


Music4Ever reviewed v13.0 on Jun 4, 2012

No problems either on two Windows 7 PC's & on my old DELL laptop running XP.

Great release!


Monkey_Punch reviewed v13.0 on Jun 4, 2012

@bigspud: *JUST* upgraded to 13 *FROM* 3.6???? Really? REALLY? Troll much? You waited 10 versions to upgrade and you are wondering why you are having problems? It's like complaining about upgrading from Windows 3.1 to Windows 7 64-bit and blaming the OS. If you didn't keep up with the newer versions after 3.6 and are having problems that's your fault chump, not Mozilla's.

Firefox 13 final is running like gangbusters on my old Pentium M 2.26MHz laptop and XP SP3. Big performance win with this version.


bigspud reviewed v13.0 Beta 7 on Jun 1, 2012

tried upgrading from 3.6, now ff unusable.
these new versions are even worse than ie.
i guess google millions$ payment to mozilla means they are steering the ff ship, which is sinking fast.


Music4Ever reviewed v13.0 Beta 7 on Jun 1, 2012

This has to be the best thing that's happened to Firefox in years!

One hundred billion stars ~


SineWave reviewed v12.0 on May 31, 2012

Still using 3.6.28 as all of these updates are quite confusing, and 3.6.28 works great. Until this storm calms down, I'm going to be using 3.6.28. I don't even want to try v12.

I do expect that hardware [VGA] acceleration will bring it up to speed, but there are probably many bugs to squash before this version becomes as reliable as v3.6.

It's a bit sad. To say the least. As if aliens infested Mozilla? LOL Three stars for the effort... but I'm not going to advice anyone to upgrade from 3.6. On the contrary - I will highly advice against it.


Music4Ever reviewed v13.0 Beta 6 on May 30, 2012

Looking very good, I abandoned Chrome some time ago based on their increasing desire to know just about every aspect of my life.

A brief flirtation last week with Chrome has not changed my mind but rather reinforced my opinion that FireFox is the best browser there is.

Will be even better after the final & PaleMoon clean it up even further.


VelvetElvis reviewed v13.0 Beta 5 on May 27, 2012

Love this browser, and have for years, but disappointed that Mozilla has drank the Google KoolAid regarding releasing minor improvements as full-point releases. Going from v2 to 3 to 4 was a Big Deal, now it's .


Monkey_Punch reviewed v13.0 Beta 5 on May 24, 2012

I commend Mozilla for supporting old OSes for as long as they did but the bi-product was that all the other browsers didn't have the legacy Achilles Heel that Firefox et al did and started to gain in speed and performance. Beginning with this version, Mozilla finally decided to cut the cord and dump the legacy support so they can finally crank up performance. I hope it's not too little to late as they should have done this probably back in the Firefox 4 days. 13 is shaping up to be fast and lean and I notice with this 5th beta how much so as compared to version 12. Hope the Mozilla folks can reclaim the performance crown and win back all those who have fled to Chrome and other browsers. Benchmarks I've seen so far are very, very promising.


robmanic44 reviewed v13.0 Beta 4 on May 18, 2012

This beta has made a ton of progress. It's much more friendly and now supports my security system. It also supports all my extensions.


Assirius reviewed v13.0 Beta 4 on May 18, 2012

Still the best absolutely .
Its power lies in its frequent updates !


robmanic44 reviewed v13.0 Beta 3 on May 11, 2012

The problem I have with this version is the failure of my system security to auto-update when it's installed.


TROLL reviewed v9.0.1 on May 8, 2012


you dont able clear form search history that check greyed forever



TROLL reviewed v10.0.2 on May 8, 2012


you dont able clear form search history that check greyed forever



Bala7 reviewed v13.0 Beta 2 on May 3, 2012


or ... just use Palemoon.


Uriel reviewed v13.0 Beta 2 on May 2, 2012

Since Firefox depends on marketers for their bread and butter, they seem to be developing the browser to meet the of those where their source of revenue comes from. This means that those who value their privacy will have to fight harder to protect it. I have ditched Firefox for the Pale Moon spin off.


TGB72 reviewed v12.0 on Apr 30, 2012

6 tabs open without flash content, 48% of CPU usage and 312MB of memory consumption, I'm user of firefox since v1.5 and I saw the downfall since v4 to this crap, I'm really tired of it, I think I'll try opera or be back to FF v3.6.20 since I dislike chrome too.


Blaxima reviewed v13.0 Beta 1 on Apr 30, 2012

Welcome to the new silent update. no thanks

Pale Moon fortunately will not be following suit


Blaxima reviewed v15.0 Alpha 1 on Apr 30, 2012

v15? hahahahahaha


robmanic44 reviewed v12.0 on Apr 26, 2012

This browser doesn't need a review, it needs an exterminator. My security system wouldn't auto-update, backup software was non-functional and system cleaner didn't work.

Mozilla can have this back with a loud NO!


DudeBoyz reviewed v12.0 on Apr 24, 2012

I'm frustrated with these rapid releases.

In part because things that worked perfectly in v3.6.x do not work - either at all or in part - in 12.

Adblock Plus in 3.6 works incredibly well. But in 12, even with that option unselected to allow certain ads through, there are a Bunch of ads that get through. I will check out Google News and ads that do not show up on 3.6.x show up in 12. Same thing for YouTube and many other channels.

The skin I use, Past Modern, does not work with 12 either.

TabMix Plus works differently, as does Custom Geometry - and I seem to lose some functionality.

I really dig Firefox. v3.6.27 works GREAT for me. Why do they have to go and break stuff that works?


gatorfan95 reviewed v12.0 on Apr 23, 2012

Fast and clean. Firefox may be catching up with Pale Moon finally.


Monkey_Punch reviewed v12.0 on Apr 23, 2012

Wow, noticeable improvement in speed and loading of pages. Want even faster rendering? Go to about:config and enable SPDY. This is also the last version that will work on Windows 2000 and older OSes. Can't wait for Fx13. Major speed and performance boost coming. Woot!


asaenz reviewed v12.0 Beta 6 on Apr 19, 2012

Would be nice if people that complain about websites not displaying correctly would post a couple here to test out. FF is my primary browser and I have no plans of changing soon. Look forward to using 64-bit version that isn't nightly version.


gatorfan95 reviewed v12.0 Beta 6 on Apr 18, 2012

I gave this a try and I must admit, on my Win 7 64 bit system it rocks pretty well. Seems as fast or faster as the latest Pale Moon Version.

@Bruno........you are not even worth calling a troll.
@ Blaxima....I'm not sure what you are on about. I visit many, many graphics intensive pages, including those with an assortment of videos. I have never seen this FF broken image icon you are talking about.


Uriel reviewed v12.0 Beta 4 on Apr 4, 2012

If Roboform doesn't start supporting the Blue Moon browser, I'm gonna have to drop Roboform as well.


McAleck reviewed v11.0 on Mar 17, 2012

Firefox is a goner. They just can't keep up with Google's development pace because they're not used to it. The fact that they've decided to push out new releases as frequently as Google has taken a serious toll on Firefox. Instead of getting better with each release, it's just becoming worse.


Blaxima reviewed v12.0 Beta 1 on Mar 16, 2012

"top lighting speed"?!?! I'm thinking people that are fapping over this browser really aren't testing the others.

It's (supposedly) at version 12 and all of the issues I've always had with this browser remain with any improvements to them being only slight at best. A perfect example of something that irks me is that stupid broken image icon that ff put all over a page until it is able to load them. Other browsers don't and just load the images faster. It's not uncommon for me to go to a video and image intensive page and see all (that means IE too) the other browsers have loaded the page while ff is still replacing that icon with the image.

Chrome really has surpassed this but I wouldn't touch that vanilla spyware anymore


PaulWilliams reviewed v11.0 on Mar 14, 2012

I hate to say it, but version 11 is a big step back for Firefox. In the few days I've been using it, webpages that loaded perfectly on Firefox 10 are now loading incorrectly. I would have learned to accept it if it only happened a couple times, but it's happening all to frequently. This version has serious problems and should have never been allowed out of testing. I'm going to switch back to Firefox 10.0.2.


dejavu reviewed v11.0 on Mar 14, 2012

The Troll is trolling!!! :-)
About my default browser: every version new add-ons with problems!


gatorfan95 reviewed v11.0 on Mar 14, 2012

oh for God's sake bruno70, are you really that stupid? It's not Windows 11, it's Firefox ver 11 for Windows. Where do trolls like you breed?


Music4Ever reviewed v11.0 on Mar 14, 2012

Seems faster & I haven't had any issues.

For more info on enabling SPDY go:- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SPDY


Monkey_Punch reviewed v11.0 on Mar 13, 2012

Yup, 11 final was built last night and will go live today if not already. If you download and install it and it has a Build ID of 20120312181643 you are good. In terms of speed, it seems snappier. You can finally turn on SPDY with this version. No issues installing over 10.0.2 for me.


Music4Ever reviewed v11.0 Beta 6 on Mar 6, 2012

I like the direction FF is going, it can only get better.

There is a great add-on that actually prevents just about all tracking, it makes very interesting viewing even if you are not paranoid - http://www.abine.com/dntdetail.php

I have no connection with this writers of this add-on, I actually saw it a couple of weeks ago on a UK PC magazine forum I frequent.


kstev99 reviewed v11.0 Beta 6 on Mar 6, 2012

Great browser. The last BETA ran fine on my computer,so I'll give it a 5 but I recently started using Palemoon. It's hard to beat for overall speed . I wish more Chrome users would give it a shot like Input Overload. I doubt that you would want to go back. Mozilla browsers remain the most customizable of any.


DaComboMan reviewed v11.0 Beta 5 on Feb 29, 2012

Can't be that buggy.
Used previous version without issues.


gatorfan95 reviewed v11.0 Beta 5 on Feb 29, 2012

I give it a 5 for what it does and out of years of loyalty.......Palemoon is much better on my Win 7, 64 bit machine however, for those of you who dont want to wait until version 13. Glad to hear they might switch to a better compiler and drop support for 2000 and XP Sp1. But I've heard this before and been left hanging.....Palemoon until then


carlvui reviewed v10.0.2 on Feb 19, 2012

I see Mozilla is trying hard and I wouldn't contest the fact it has many great features I have always liked, but it seems the development environment is either unwilling or have difficulties to follow Mozilla's new development philosophy and market policy of releasing a brand new main version in every six weeks, not mentioning, they are still buggy and need a lot of fixes.

Upgrading to v10 now, I would lose three main and useful extensions of my Kaspersky internet security softpack, moreover even the latest Java Console 6.0.31 and many other minor extensions in the add-ons as they are not compatible with FF and Mozilla disables them all.

It seems Mozilla doesn't mind upsetting or even losing a a considerable part of its most dedicated and loyal user base if the their business interests of advancing Firefox's features and technologies requires such a scarifies.

No problem. I still appreciate and like FF, but I have a fill of their bugs and headless hasty development project and now as I have to choose between my IS softpack and FF, I opt for my Kaspersky IS soft and I will see where to go as there are always more choices; Chrome, Opera or even if everybody thinks I am an idiot, I will turn back to IE if it is necessary.

I know, that no one is forcing me to use cutting edge that might have compatibility issues, but yes they do if they cease to deliver security updates and go to kill the old one. At this moment I am using v3 until I get security updates or it works and then let me see something else. Many thanks for the nice v3 Mozilla, and good bye now.

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v10.0.2 on Feb 19, 2012

Hugh G. Rection - I doubt that very much, they do say if you have to brag....

Where are these idiots coming from - As for FF getting better, looking forward also for later versions.

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v11.0 Beta 3 on Feb 19, 2012

Pale Moon is still faster & smoother on a half decent PC, good to hear MZ are ditching the old Win versions - Pity it's not yet though.

Until them I will continue to use PM which is far better than Chrome which I used & defended for some time.

As for the reviews from 'TROLL' I can only wonder if He/She ever attended school.


Monkey_Punch reviewed v10.0.2 on Feb 17, 2012

Huge Erection / Hugh G. Rection....really? Of course, it's some 15 year old. Or just Bruno70 double-trolling. In any case, this is just a minor update to fix a couple issues and one security bug. I keep reading lots of good news coming down the pipe for version 13 though. Can't wait.


reddy.shyam reviewed v10.0.2 on Feb 17, 2012

Hugh, It just means Firefox 10.0.2 for Windows. They just write it the other way around.

Hugh G. Rection

Hugh G. Rection reviewed v10.0.1 on Feb 14, 2012

I agree with Bruno70.
What the hell is "Windows 10.0.1" when Windows 8 has
not even been released as a beta version yet?


Sekypapa reviewed v10.0.1 on Feb 13, 2012

Much better and faster than the previous - I like it :)


tontito reviewed v10.0.1 on Feb 11, 2012

Betanews need to unallow less intelligent people from posting in here...

I really enjoy this version, tomshardware tests are saying that even v9 beats chrome :)

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v10.0.1 on Feb 10, 2012

Pale Moon much better, sorry chaps. You know it;s true.


Monkey_Punch reviewed v10.0.1 on Feb 10, 2012

This point release just reverts one thing that a few people were having a problem with, nothing more. But on another note related to speed or rendering, if there are those of you out there in Chromeland smokin' the ganj stating that Chrome is leaps and bounds faster than Firefox, try enabling Pipeling (you know, the feature that's been around for 6+ years) in Firefox (Chrome is developing their own similar technology called SPDY). Go to about:config, set network.http.pipelining to true, restart Firefox. Clever tricks to make Chrome *seem* like its rendering faster does not make it a faster browser.


kb3grz reviewed v10.0.1 on Feb 10, 2012

I like using Firefox however this version 10.0.1 has a bug it always checks your extenstion compatabilty on start up and it hijacks you homepage even though you have it set in the browser options.


TROLL reviewed v11.0 Beta 2 on Feb 10, 2012

browser war rulez :-)


Monkey_Punch reviewed v11.0 Beta 1 on Feb 6, 2012

Some real good fixes are going into v11 onward and those of you advocating Waterfox and others will be pleased to hear that Mozilla *officially* will kill support for Windows 2000 / Windows XP SP1 from version 13 onward. They are moving to a newer compiler that will GREATLY boost the performance of Firefox. About time. So, like, yay and stuff.


grum36 reviewed v13.0 Alpha 1 (Nightly) on Feb 4, 2012

i enjoy the x64 version since firefox 4 speeder than x32 but where are the aurora, beta and rc x64 !!!!!


Sven123456789 reviewed v10.0 on Jan 31, 2012

Unfortunately, 1 plug in i use allot (real player download) doesn't work. Everything else is fine. As for spammer Blaxima, go back to using mosaic, its about ur speed.


egg83 reviewed v10.0 on Jan 31, 2012

Have noticed the improvement in speed since the 8.x versions, overall, seems to be heading in the right direction. All my Firefox extensions work fine, rendering of sites is not problematic. Hope to see the improvements keep coming!!


Blaxima reviewed v10.0 on Jan 31, 2012

I really wish Opera would work on the sites that this and Chrome do so I can stop needing 2 browsers.

With Google's draconian views on privacy I'd rather this or Pale Moon be my number 2 but in spite of the glowing sentiments here, this browser simply does not perform nearly as well as the other 2. Page loading times and resource consumption have always been an achilles and wild version number jumping aside, they still are.


Monkey_Punch reviewed v10.0 on Jan 31, 2012

Just installed 10.0 final and it's running fine. Glad to see that Mozilla decided that beginning with 10.0 they will mark as compatible all plugins/addons even if they are not built to run with 10.0. Now, all the whiners with their obscure plugins can quit complaining that it's Mozilla's fault their plugin developers hasn't gotten off his or her respective posterior and updated the plugin...in 3 years. Mozilla, it's taken you long enough but better late than never.


pfg reviewed v10.0 Beta 6 on Jan 25, 2012

Firefox is now ten years ahead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monkey_Punch reviewed v10.0 Beta 6 on Jan 25, 2012

The amount of increased performance Mozilla has been squeezing out of Firefox since 6.x is amazing. 10 is very polished 9.0 as far as I can tell. 11 on up is where the new features start getting merged. But I have to admit that they are holding back the performance of Firefox by continuing to keep in support for ancient OSes like Windows 2000 or earlier. I've seen what Pale Moon can do when the legacy cruft is trimmed out and it's truly what the Mozilla devs should consider doing to stay relevant in the performance arena. They caught up well enough to Chrome in terms of performance but because they continue to maintain legacy compatibility, they'll never beat Chrome. Hey Mozilla devs, drop support for anything older than Win2K and take a hint from the Pale Moon devs and you'll get back all those users you lost to Chrome.

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v10.0 Beta 5 on Jan 19, 2012

Hope when 10 goes final Pale Moon release it in eventually, if you like FF you will LOVE Pale moon esp. under Windows. (its true)


niknetpc reviewed v10.0 Beta 4 on Jan 12, 2012

Best just got better! Now waiting for bruno70..;)


Monkey_Punch reviewed v10.0 Beta 4 on Jan 12, 2012

I don't see or feel the speed increase from 9.0 to 10.0 as I did going from 8.0 to 9.0 but it seems a little snappier overall. Most of the stuff they wanted to improve and put into 9 that wasn't fully baked is going into 10. Looks like the add-on compatibility mode *might* be turned on by default for this version. All those whiners whose ancient and dead add-ons the developers are no longer updating or supporting will allegedly work in some capacity. Overall, it seems Mozilla has finally gotten Firefox to where it'll render benchmarks of my-browser-is-faster-than-your-browser war irrelevant. Now if they would just fix the damn issue with printing blank pages that have a SWF image/anim I'd be happier (see bug 590951).


harryrai reviewed v10.0 Beta 3 on Jan 6, 2012

i just downloaded the latest version... it rocks..
performance ok...but cool

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v10.0 Beta 3 on Jan 6, 2012

The best FF available at the moment, sorted most of my major issues the 9.xx, still prefer Chrome but FF is still nice.

Still managing to be nicer in 2012 made it so far :-)


bigspud reviewed v9.0.1 on Jan 1, 2012

this is just junk, no wonder everyone is switching to chrome.
i think google paid $300 million to mozilla so they would sabotage firefox.
mozilla needs to go back to v3.6 and just do minor tweaks.


ghosten reviewed v12.0 Alpha 1 - Nightly Build on Dec 26, 2011

what a nice experience with this nightly! thank you Firefox people....perfect! top lightning speed and reliable


outofspace reviewed v10.0 Beta 1 on Dec 25, 2011

we're waiting for Firefox 232....

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v10.0 Beta 1 on Dec 23, 2011

BTW Version 9 has had an incremental update to 9.0.1. Unusually this has not broken extensions & themes.


martylynn72 reviewed v12.0 Alpha 1 - Nightly Build on Dec 23, 2011

This version for an alpha is pure blazimg fire with no problems so far on my home built quad core AMD. Runs stable. Adobe Flash works fine.


HeilNizar reviewed v12.0 Alpha 1 - Nightly Build on Dec 23, 2011

v12 Already? Hahahahahahahaha


Eeyan reviewed v10.0 Beta 1 on Dec 22, 2011

Just downloaded this version (v10 B1) It seems crisper and snappier than v9.


reddy.shyam reviewed v12.0 Alpha 1 - Nightly Build on Dec 22, 2011

Excellent! A 64bit finally straight from mozilla. Nice! Looking forward for the stable version.


TROLL reviewed v12.0 Alpha 1 - Nightly Build on Dec 22, 2011

No reviews yet.


Terumo reviewed v9.0.1 on Dec 22, 2011

To Uriel
Well ther you go, Chrome have don a better job that Firefox then.
Chrome is the best anyway.


DrTeeth reviewed v9.0.1 on Dec 22, 2011

Reasons for using Firefox, in no particular order:-
1) Extensions
2) Bookmark sidebar so bookmarks always visible (unlike Chromium - I don't use Google-branded release)
3) I do not have to click mouse to activate the bookmarks sidebar or main window (like with IE)


TC17 reviewed v9.0.1 on Dec 22, 2011

Still my favorite browser.


Sven123456789 reviewed v9.0.1 on Dec 21, 2011

9.0.1 sent out just a few hours after version 9 was released. Curious. Either way, still the best browser out on the market..


PaulWilliams reviewed v9.0 Final on Dec 20, 2011

I've loved Firefox for a long time, but after a while I got irritated with it's instability so I turned to Google Chrome. Chrome is acceptable, but overly simplistic and lacks customization not to mention Google's aggressive marketing. Firefox's best features are it's Extensions, Live Bookmarks, Clean Interface, Access to Advanced Settings and Speed. I can't get used to any other browser and I've tried them all.


Uriel reviewed v9.0 Final on Dec 20, 2011

Still the best browser. The only reason Google Chrome popularity is increasing is because of all the sneak installs that come with freeware.


Monkey_Punch reviewed v9.0 Final on Dec 20, 2011

Still the best and not ripping off code to enhance their browser. Yeah, I'm looking at YOU Google. Please report @Bruno to the Betanews people or just tell Betanews to fix the Syntax of the file forums so syntax Nazi's like Bruno will write proper reviews.


Sven123456789 reviewed v9.0 Final on Dec 20, 2011

Still the best browser out there. No browser comes close as far as add on's and features. Speed, really dont difference between and of the top browsers.

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v9.0 Final on Dec 20, 2011

In all fairness & because I did a C image last night installed this version of FF. It's a pretty good browser (edit: no it's not) but as a Chrome fan I still feel it's losing points with each release to Chrome. Maybe they need to start again with a blank sheet?

It would be churlish to say or rate FF as rubbish as it's not, (edit: yes it is) but i can see why Chrome is adding users & FF is losing them. Chrome can be fully setup in less than 5 mins, FF takes some time as does my old favorite Opera.

For whatever reason Chrome does to me to have the edge on speed, neither is it as clunky, my home page http://www.bbc.co.uk/news crashed on several occasions, I haven't had this with Chrome as long as I can remember. M developers need to get a grip & visit the planet earth. I did give it 3 stars but after living with FF this morning that has gone to 2 stars.

It will be interesting to review FF next xmas as if they don't pull something out of the hat sharpish I see FF going further downhill which would be a shame as competition is always a good thing & I don't even count IE.

@bruno70, what are you on?


HeilNizar reviewed v9.0 Final on Dec 20, 2011

Well said sir, Firefox developers spoiled it big time.


tontito reviewed v9.0 Final on Dec 20, 2011

Hey smaragdus, how long have you been spreading that crap reviews without testing new versions?

Are you writing just to increase your post counts?

A lot of things changed since version 6 and 7, maybe you should try before reviewing anything else...


smaragdus reviewed v9.0 Final on Dec 20, 2011

The guys from Mozilla ruined the best browser ever with version 4 so I was forced to switch to SeaMonkey (which uses the same great Gecko engine but allows more customization and the GUi is not ruined).

Firefox has been crippled in every possible way since version 4 (the beginning of Firefox downfall):

- preposterous version numbering- it is absurd to release buggy versions without thorough testing, it is absurd to try to catch up with Google Chrome version numbers, it is absurd to torture add-on developers- most of them develop add-ons in their free time so they cannot keep to this crazy release contest with Google Chrome and as a result many add-ons turn out to be incompatible with every new Firefox version.

- removal of everything useful, for example- RSS icon from the URL bar. The classic Status Bar has been removed and replaced with the terrible add-ons bar (the +(close) button is just idiotic, the visible bars could be customized from Options menu). So users are given no options to customize the browser. Firefox developers (Asa Dotzler and the like) are deaf to users’ opinions, suggestions and feedback and it seems that their target group is not the power users but the ignorant masses (an example of their absurd logic- only 10% of Firefox users use RSS feeds, so then let’s remove it entirely from the URL bar with no option of enabling it, which will have only one effect- those who has been utilizing it will suffer while those who have never been aware of what RSS means will most likely not notice the difference at all).

- imitating other browsers’ GUIs- copycatting from Opera and Google Chrome will not make those who prefer Opera and Google Chrome like Firefox and switch to it. On the contrary, those who have been using Firefox for years will be disappointed since one of the reasons of choosing Firefox has been its GUI. As a result of the GUI change Firefox lost its identity.

- removal by default of http:// – this is sheer idiocy since it prevents users from copying/sharing/saving/publishing the exact URL address of a web page.

- with every new release Firefox becomes more and more resource-hungry, less stable and slower.

I can elaborate more on Firefox collapse but I don’t have the time. In brief- Firefox looks like Opera/Google Chrome now but performs much worse- it starts slower, loads pages slower, crashes often, it has been stripped of functionality and customization options, with every new release there is a large number of add-ons that would not work being incompatible, and has adopted a ludicrous version numbering (for less than a year the version number doubled- for 7 years of development Firefox has reached version 3.6+ and for 9 months it accumulated to 9/10) that does not illustrate the actual development.

Before version 4 I recommended Firefox to everyone and installed it to my friends’ machines. I do this no more.


lovenuke reviewed v9.0 Final on Dec 20, 2011

Thanks for sharing all useful links..


Prospero424 reviewed v9.0 Final on Dec 20, 2011

It may technically be the final build, but it still installs as a beta. This is confirmed by the "you are running a beta" welcome screen post-installation.

It's not "final" until it hits the main Mozilla download page.


ali4ek reviewed v9.0 Beta 6 on Dec 19, 2011

Released 9.0:


Jammerdelray reviewed v9.0 Beta 6 on Dec 14, 2011

Going to try the new beta out, was experiencing blue a few blue screens, nvidia driver crashing (latest one) which only happens when firefox 9 beta 5 was running, I'm guessing a bug with hardware acceleration.


Monkey_Punch reviewed v9.0 Beta 5 on Dec 9, 2011

Chrome, Chrome, Chrome. Really? SO much better? I tried it and I didn't see what all the fuss was about. Clever algorithms to make it *appear* the page is loading faster than it actually is is just snake oil to me. Sure, it's easy to steal the features of firefox and make a *better* browser when you've got tons of highly paid programmers doing the work. It's easy to make a *better* browser when you can fully see what's in someone else's code and fix what's wrong and stuff it into your browser and call it progress. The fact of the matter is Firefox is a bit late to the speed and performance game but it has caught up with Chrome. Firefox is a totally different model of development than Chrome so quit complaining. To all the naysayers who say Chrome does not copy or steal from Firefox code: why is Google *SO* hell bent on finishing an HTTP Pipelining solution (something Mozilla browsers have had for, oh I dunno, 5+ years) before Firefox 9 goes gold? You do the math. Firefox is still my browser of choice. Bruno's real name is Gil Masen.

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v9.0 Beta 5 on Dec 9, 2011

Too little too late, nothing like as fast or as easy to setup as Chrome.

Expect to see FF losing more ground to Chrome in the coming months as FF struggles to find its way which it lost a year or so ago.

@bruno, what are you on about?

@Monkey – Regardless of your defence of FF it is losing ground & looking at any graph it’s pretty obvious that this is going to continue.

As you say Chrome does load faster, for whatever reason is not relevant, the fact that it does this is sufficient for the majority of users that have no knowledge of programming. Let’s see how things are in maybe a years’ time, that fair I think.

Your spirited defense of a sinking ship is fair dink-um. Oh & BTW If I want to complain I will, OK?

Roman Pillow

Roman Pillow reviewed v9.0 Beta 5 on Dec 8, 2011

It's getting better where it needs it the most, under-the-hood optimizations and speed. Great !


elopez17 reviewed v9.0 Beta 5 on Dec 8, 2011

would Adobe Flash Player work with beta 9 ?


niknetpc reviewed v9.0 Beta 5 on Dec 8, 2011

MOZILLA FIREFOX (v9) 9.0 Beta 5 - FOR WINDOWS - (For Bruno70) :)


johnk119 reviewed v9.0 Beta 4 on Dec 6, 2011

people they're allowed to call their revisions anything they want either use them or don't... and it doesn't mean it's for windows 9 it means its the 9th version... it's nice to see such an educated person out there


HeilNizar reviewed v9.0 Beta 4 on Dec 1, 2011

Mozilla has gone wild with their versioning conventions :D


robmanic44 reviewed v8.0.1 on Nov 28, 2011

This browser doesn't coordinate well with my system security program. The browser is just fine, so I'll have to check with my security folks to see what's up.


jenusi reviewed v7.0.1 on Nov 25, 2011

dump firefox, get chrome at www.google.com/chrome


DudeBoyz reviewed v3.6.24 on Nov 22, 2011

3.6.x (now at 24) still works great on just about everything. All my plugins/addons remain functional and in tact and browsing each and every day is a pleasure. I like me some status bar!

I really don't like that Mozilla has taken on the Chrome schedule It's not only a mess for plugin/addon writers and the like, but for anybody trying to get their company to actually consider Firefox as an option.

Hope I don't have to leave 3.6.x anytime soon.


Monkey_Punch reviewed v9.0 Beta 2 on Nov 17, 2011

Works fine for me on XP and Win 7. And now, to get rid of Bruno70: Contact the Betanews team and get his account removed. He's either Noam Chomsky or a Noam Chomsky's favorite student. In any case, the only way to get him kicked off is to write to Betanews and get him removed.


bataraja reviewed v9.0 Beta 2 on Nov 17, 2011

I still can not believe that the world is so full of ret***s! Come on! Windows 9? Really? Folks, turn on the brain before you comment on this piece of software! This is a beta 2 version of Firefox 9 for Windows 7/2000/2003/Vista/XP! And btw, nice work you guys from Mozilla! ;)

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v8.0.1 on Nov 17, 2011

Nice but still losing ground to Chrome.


Bala7 reviewed v9.0 Beta 1 on Nov 10, 2011

*** off topic alert ***
In our age of Twitter and rap music it's very sad how American En has been butchered. A testament to the abysmal standards throughout the American public school system. Confusing uses of grammar, poor syntax, poor understanding of verbs proceeding proper nouns and we have what I suspect are American born posters illiterate of their own language.


borisf98 reviewed v8.0 on Nov 7, 2011

Two bugs that see immediately with new version

1)On installation, theme switched to default. If this is intentional than it is bad idea.
2)Firefox process does not stop when browser window get closed. Very annoying and inconvenient when restarting Firefox after updating addons.

Also I do not remember Firefox to take so much memory from the start. What is going on with memory management?


Sven123456789 reviewed v8.0 on Nov 7, 2011

So far so good. All themes and add on's worked. Still the best browser out in about. Though allowing spammers like Bruno to voice bs is a little annoying.


Monkey_Punch reviewed v8.0 on Nov 7, 2011

To anyone wanting to spew against Bruno70, he's a troll who is just pointing out the fact that the syntax of the sentence "Mozilla Firefox (v8) for Windows 8.0" does make it *sound* like it's for Windows 8.0. Although the rest of the 99.999% of us understand that it is not for Windows 8.0 but Firefox 8.0, we score it accordingly. It's just the user Bruno70's way of downrating for the sake of downrating until Betanews fixes the syntax mistake.

As far as the final of 8.0 is concerned, it's running great here. All my addons work fine. Maybe addon developers finally got the hint that they should keep up work, eh?


jeck reviewed v3.6.22 on Nov 4, 2011

I never had any real problems with v3; I believe I was using v3.6.18 when I first upgraded to v4.01.

The only reason I upgraded was to see if v4 would handle heavy flash environments better than v3. V3 does handle Flash well, but in heavy Flash environments, at least for me, it tended to slow down and degrade a lot. V4 does handle the heavy Flash environments better than v3 and is faster overall, but v4 has problems.

Firefox v3 is the most stable and reliable browser I've ever used and I had no problem with my add-on extensions with v3 either.

v3 is still my favorite and I highly recommend it. If they can make the newer versions as stable and reliable as v3 then they will once again have a great browser, but they haven't achieved that yet.


jeck reviewed v5.0.1 on Nov 4, 2011

Firefox is my default browser; I won't use IE and I won't use Chrome. IE is still IE with all of it's problems and doesn't hold a candle to Firefox, no matter the version, and it MS so you know they're being nosy. Chrome I've heard works very well with Flash, but it's still the nosiest browser out there then add the fact that it's not configurable. I have Opera installed, but only use it for certain things. I've also tried Apple Safari and oh yeah it's fast, but there are just some facets of Flash it just can't handle and of course it's not at all configurable.

So, that brings us back to Firefox; I upgraded to version 4.01 from version 3 as v3 handled Flash pretty well, but in a heavy Flash environment it tended to slow down and degrade a lot more. V4 seems to be able to handle the heavy Flash environments much better and is much faster overall that v3.

My one complaint with v4.01 is that it crashes quite a bit usually when there is a lot of page switching going on. Other than that is great.

No change with v5; it still crashes with heavy page switching. Other than that I have not problems with it.


asaenz reviewed v8.0 Beta 6 on Nov 1, 2011

Some versions are already being prepared for Win 8 (touchscreen version that might be released in 2012) but I don't think that is the intent here. Currently using Ver 8 with no major problems and using Nightly ver 10 (allows for real 64 bit installation) with no major problems other than a few addons not working.


aszure reviewed v8.0 Beta 6 on Nov 1, 2011

@Bruno You are a retard. It's v8 of Firefox, not Windows 8


egg83 reviewed v8.0 Beta 4 on Oct 21, 2011

Have been using this version since it was in alpha stage, and I think they got it right on this version. Virtually all my extensions work, is far more responsive performance wise, and is not such a freaking memory hog as the previous versions. Now they have a true contender in the browser wars!


DaComboMan reviewed v8.0 Beta 4 on Oct 21, 2011

A-1 for a beta that doesn't behave like one.


Tallpaultn reviewed v8.0 Beta 3 on Oct 14, 2011

I've been using Mozilla Firefox 8.0b3 since it came out earlier today & I must say I'm very impressed--it works great for a beta version. It Is by far the smoothest running version of Firefox on my WinVista SP2 that I've used & I've tried almost every version that Mozilla has released. Resource usage is low & my add-ons are working as expected also. Thanks & please keep up the good work--looking forward to future releases...


StormChild reviewed v8.0 Beta 3 on Oct 13, 2011

@WebWarp: have you seen my post right before yours? 8.0 is the version of Firefox, and it runs under Win2K to Win7 (Win8). I'm using Firefox 8.0 beta, and I just like it.

8.0 is the version of Firefox, right? ;))


WebWarp reviewed v8.0 Beta 3 on Oct 13, 2011

Great - But not for windows 8.. Don't know why publisher has written so...??


StormChild reviewed v8.0 Beta 2 on Oct 9, 2011

bruno70: you're a dumb*ss, aren't you? The 8.0 is the version of Firefox, you know - I assume you will post your misunderstandings here @ fileforum in the future, but I don't know, why is it good for you?

Back to Firefox v8b2: faster and more stable than the previous releases with one-two minor bugs, so for me it's 5/5.

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v8.0 Beta 2 on Oct 9, 2011

Not worth the effort of downloading let alone installing. Does not get any less clunky. had it's day. Time for you all to move on.The Fat Lady is about to sing.

BTW RE: bruno70', Is this man for real? He seems to live in some sort of parallel universe where others understand what he is talking about because I don't.


DoHickey reviewed v9.0 Alpha 2 (Nightly Build) on Oct 7, 2011

No ((((( traumadoc ))))) I was saying what I said because I am getting tired of people coming into this forum & making the statement that they don't have windows 9 and so on & so on. If you don't understand that reasoning, I can't help you. So just shut up & take your trolling a** someplace else.


Bala7 reviewed v8.0 Beta 2 on Oct 7, 2011

Changes for 8.0


SuzzyWoozy reviewed v8.0 Beta 2 on Oct 7, 2011

Don't bother download, go get version 10.0a1 (early alpha tough, available on FileForum), which works just the same but at least you have the chance to experience the latest "innovations".


Aegis69 reviewed v8.0 Beta 2 on Oct 7, 2011

Ok so no version of 8 will start for me on any computer.. do I have an addon that it doesn't like or something?


westor reviewed v8.0 Beta 2 on Oct 7, 2011

What the **** any changelog for the 8.0 beta 2 is not available ?


Luc72 reviewed v7.0.1 on Oct 7, 2011

Nothing of special... again after installing or removing an addon the browser should be restarted..


cricri_pingouin reviewed v10.0 Alpha 1 (Nightly Build) on Oct 3, 2011

I'm not normally the kind to complain about something as intangible as version number, but this is becoming ridiculous.
I just upgraded to 7. Now, there's 8 beta available, fair enough. 9 alpha as well? Oh, hum, okay, I'll just ignore it as usual. What, there's 10 alpha as well?
Way to confuse the consumer.
Also the reason I prefer Firefox over Chrome is the abundance of addons, but the runaway version number train doesn't give a chance to keep their compatibility tag up to date, and if you patch them manually, it's at your own risk.
To conclude: ridiculous. If the sole purpose is to overtake Chrome in version number, why bother with standard increments: just call the next one v69 and give addons developers a break.


UrieI reviewed v7.0.1 on Oct 2, 2011

This browser sux, bloatware and spyware is what you get.


Ryusennin reviewed v10.0 Alpha 1 (Nightly Build) on Oct 2, 2011

No better, no worse than the last six versions. It's increasingly bloated, but it's functional AND it now passes Acid3 -- at long last!

Bart Welson

Bart Welson reviewed v7.0.1 on Oct 1, 2011

Their "Better Memory Management" has stumbled into the same pit as their previous "Tab Isolation" and "Full Hardware Acceleration" new feature LIES.

People do not like to be lied to. Definatelly not if it becomes a habit.


tontito reviewed v7.0.1 on Oct 1, 2011

People still try to put it down but it is getting better.

I have also noticed the memory optimization.

It seems more people have they eyes open: http://lifehacker.com/58...net-explorer-9-and-more


soldier1st reviewed v7.0.1 on Sep 30, 2011

Firefox finally got better. Version 4,5 were terrible but Version 6 was decent but 7 is even better.


robmanic44 reviewed v7.0.1 on Sep 30, 2011

Firefox seems to have lost direction. This version is, at best, usable. It's certainly not very intuitive and my system indicates an increase in resource use. The users have shown a great deal of patience, time for Firefox to put up or shut up.


Blaxima reviewed v7.0.1 on Sep 30, 2011

So they have to release a bug fix just a couple days after this supposed major release. What a pathetic attempt to not look like the new kids on the block and keep pace with Chrome's stupid version numbering scheme.

How bout a true portable version and not one made by a third party that still leaves folders all over the host computer?

50% improvement in memory consumption? Prove it because my test certainly can't. Check out many of the independent test and you'll see how this browser consistently finishes behind the others

With all the version numbers floating around the differences are hardly noticeable. It looks and feels outdated

I apologize if this review is somewhat hostile but Mozilla and some of its user base tend to be the most aggressive in trying to pull the wool over our eyes


UrieI reviewed v10.0 Alpha 1 (Nightly Build) on Sep 30, 2011

FF is bloatware and now they have a new alpha and beta release every single day.
FF is dying - RIP!

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v10.0 Alpha 1 (Nightly Build) on Sep 29, 2011

FF builds will be overtaking Chrome soon. Strange how the Chrome knockers haven't noticed this. FF = Clunky garbage.


ONISURGE reviewed v10.0 Alpha 1 (Nightly Build) on Sep 29, 2011

Let's just get version 20 up here already.


roj reviewed v7.0 on Sep 28, 2011

OK, here's the thing:

This five week "major release" cycle is complete rank stupidity and BS. It breaks add-ons unnecessarily, plays havoc with corporate installation strategies and is indicative of an unsustainable dev strategy created by 13 year olds.

Stop The Nonsense.

Have major revisions that ARE major revisions a couple of times a year at most and shoehorn the rest into point releases. I don't give a damn about your marketing posturing and neither does anyone else with a functional brain.

ZillaLand, you're NOT doing yourself any favors in either ConsumerLand or CorporateLand.

I'm going to give this release a ONE. It actually merits a FIVE because it is excellent code but it's getting a ONE because the "management" behind it (and I use the term extremely loosely) needs to get their heads from between their collective buttocks.


pfg reviewed v7.0 on Sep 27, 2011

After opening two windows packages and can not connect.
Needs work and I think eventually that the version 3 which is good.


HeilNizar reviewed v7.0 on Sep 27, 2011

When are they going to start releasing portable version without having to use clumsy ones made my portable-apps and others?
Its 2011, portable please.
2 stars less for that.


DoHickey reviewed v7.0 on Sep 27, 2011

Not available at the real firefox download page yet. It still wants to give me the 6.2 version. Is Mozilla just being slow to update the download page or what. For me the 7 beta out did the 6.2 in every way. I'm waiting till I can get the final 7 from Mozilla directly.


Monkey_Punch reviewed v7.0 on Sep 26, 2011

Don't see much of a change between the last beta and this final version. Finally nice and polished and using far, far less resources than before. Too bad the Mozilla guys didn't use that memory leak finding program many versions ago as it would have kept more folks in the Mozilla camp. Still, maybe this version will bring 'em back. Worthy of a 5 star rating.


penguin22 reviewed v7.0 on Sep 26, 2011

As a Firefox user that switched to Chrome as my primary browser around version 3.5, this version if the milestone marker that has officially made me switch back. It makes me very happy that I can finally give Firefox a 5 rating as for some time I could not consciously do so.

I know people have complained about the rapid version number increase, but what Mozilla has been able to do as a result is consistently improve the issues that affect users the most; performance being the biggest improvement that 7 brings.

I still do use Chrome for a quick search here and there, but Firefox with some very useful extensions, a session manager that never mysteriously loses my data (using Tab Mix Plus for this), support for RSS bookmarks, bookmark icon synchronization with Xmarks, more intuitive Download Statusbar, etc., is home for me.


Sven123456789 reviewed v7.0 on Sep 26, 2011

All my add on's made it over. And I have noticed an increase of speed while browsing. First increase I have seen since probably 3.5.


Sativarg reviewed v7.0 on Sep 26, 2011

FirefoxFuture releases
Firefox BETA Version 7.0 @ wikipedia
* Vastly improved memory use(up to 50% better) and increased speed[43]
* Added a new rendering backend to speed up Canvas operations on Windows systems
* Bookmark and password changes now sync almost instantly when using Firefox Sync
* Added support for text-overflow: ellipsis
* Added support for the Web Timing specification
* Added an opt-in system for users to send performance data back to Mozilla to improve future versions of Firefox. This can be enabled by installing an add-on
* Fixed several stability issues

Mozilla Firefox Beta Release Notes
Please see the complete list of changes in this version. You may also be interested in the list of changes in the previous version.

Firefox 7 is lean and fast | Nicholas Nethercote
Nicholas Nethercote
Mozilla Corporation

Mozilla takes Firefox version numbers to the next level… by removing them | ExtremeTech


OAKsider reviewed v7.0 Beta 6 on Sep 23, 2011

Still the finest browser around (thanks a lot to extension developers)... but I think Mozilla, or a few key people there, are starting to go insane (see: version naming scheme).


Monkey_Punch reviewed v7.0 Beta 6 on Sep 19, 2011

Oh snap, 100% on Acid3 Test since the last beta!? Not that Acid3 is a big deal but glad the Mozilla team finally got in line with some of the other browsers that score 100%. Very noticeable speed improvement over Beta 4 and 5. Mozilla needs to stop trying to copy what Chrome devs are doing with version numbering because it is just dumb. Add-on devs who aren't keeping up on the SDK...well, don't go blaming Mozilla if your add-ons don't work. Complain to the Dev of you Add-on because the newer SDK has some great features. Keep it rockin' Mozilla team.


kstev99 reviewed v7.0 Beta 5 on Sep 9, 2011

Keeps getting better and Faster! Very stable. Memory usage is a lot less than previous versions.
Looks great with the QSQ theme, but that's just a personal preference.


TC17 reviewed v7.0 Beta 5 on Sep 9, 2011

Far better than Chrome is. Chrome is so lame it still doesn't have a "print preview" that EVERY other browser has had since they were originally released.

Also, this is a beta version of Firefox, not a final version.


nvic reviewed v7.0 Beta 5 on Sep 9, 2011

Using v6 currently. Good browser, but update frequency is ridiculous. Once every 3-6 months is reasonable for major updates, but once every 6 WEEKS?

Half my addons have to be forced to run because makers can't keep up with them.


pfg reviewed v6.0.2 on Sep 7, 2011

Version 6,0,2 Cannot view Add-ons


Sativarg reviewed v3.6.22 on Sep 6, 2011

{{("Mozilla Firefox (v3.6) for Windows")}] 3.6.22
Mozilla Firefox (v3.6) build 3.6.22 for Windows
or any thing but
"Mozilla Firefox (v3.6) for Windows 3.6.22"


TROLL reviewed v3.6.22 on Sep 6, 2011

Windows 3.6.22 is never released just Windows 3.11


nilst2006 reviewed v7.0 Beta 3 on Sep 1, 2011

Once a good browser. Now: with all new versions, every 6th week, it has become a pain in the ... !


ali4ek reviewed v7.0 Beta 3 on Sep 1, 2011

Amazing browser, faster and better than Chrome and Opera.

Still no alternatives to at least the following extensions:
Tab Mix Plus


ecvogel reviewed v6.0.1 on Aug 31, 2011

Getting aouyed at the please upgrade to 6 and now 601. I had to take 6 off because most of my plugins do not support 6 yet...


Monkey_Punch reviewed v6.0.1 on Aug 31, 2011

An update for: Revoked the root certificate for DigiNotar due to fraudulent SSL certificate issuance (see bug 682927 and the security advisory). Works well for me.


StormChild reviewed v7.0 Beta 2 on Aug 27, 2011

Updated from 6.0 to 7.0b2 - works like a charm. It gets faster with every release, plus the memory footprint gets lower, so don't be a troll - give it a try! 5/5 as usual.

man friday

man friday reviewed v7.0 Beta 2 on Aug 26, 2011

Been less and less impressed with each release, getting slower as it goes


French_Pastiches reviewed v7.0 Beta 2 on Aug 26, 2011

Fine... as usual


Banquo reviewed v7.0 Beta 1 on Aug 20, 2011

I have used Firefox since it was called Phoenix, but it's time has come and gone. The people in charge at Mozilla have become desperate trying to get this aging program caught up with other modern browsers, and they aren't even coming close.

The rapid releases and throwing sensible version numbers out the window, the continued memory and stability problems and the horrible excuse for an interface they brought out in 4.0 are just a few of the issues.

I gave Chrome another shot last week and after a few days of tinkering with it and installing the extensions I want I said farewell to Firefox and removed it from my system.


sjc001 reviewed v7.0 Beta 1 on Aug 19, 2011

This is already obsolete with version 9.


alshawwa reviewed v7.0 Beta 1 on Aug 19, 2011

bruno man grow up will ya


dannyboy832 reviewed v8.0 Alpha 2 (Aurora) on Aug 19, 2011

Moron, its typed misleadingly but anyone with *some* intelligence understands.

9.0 alpha is better.


djb247365 reviewed v9.0 Alpha 1 (Nightly Build) on Aug 19, 2011

Actually, I'm running this in a "portable" setting, and so far, so good. No issues whatsoever, and my add-ons work perfectly, despite most of them not being technically compatible with this version. I notice somewhat of an increase in speed with each upcoming version, and this one is no exception. So far, Firefox 9 is very quick and for me, it's very stable. It can only get better from here.


traumadoc reviewed v9.0 Alpha 1 (Nightly Build) on Aug 18, 2011

DoHickey, are you REALLY that much of a moron? You really ARE THE ONLY person that has this reading inability. It's called "two lines of text" and not "one continuous line. Nobody but you is stupid enough to believe there is a Windows 9 or anything else. The rest of us have brains. I guess 'god's" brain to you is still "Beta."


DoHickey reviewed v6.0 on Aug 18, 2011

I had to go back to version 5.1 after one day of 6.0 use.
It was clunky and hung up on the oddest little things. Using the 5.1 is very quick to respond. I will stay with the 5.1 until they tweak the the 6.0 to fix issues. I know I can't be the only one having this problem or the only person still using Windows XP because of financial reason a new system or computer is out of the question..


DoHickey reviewed v9.0 Alpha 1 (Nightly Build) on Aug 18, 2011

OK beta news, please fix the wording of this information. Mozilla Firefox (v9) for Windows 9.0 Alpha 1.
A better way is to say Mozilla Firefox version 9 alpha-1 for windows.
There are people that have nothing better to do than to say dah! I don't have windows 9. Read it and see that they have a point about the wording of this. It's stupid and you have been told before about this wording situation.The same goes for the other Firefox beta's that you are listing. The wording is the same as this one, like someone got hit with a stupid stick while typing it out.


sjc001 reviewed v8.0 Alpha 2 (Aurora) on Aug 18, 2011

It is already obsolete with version 9 out...... Why bother?


sjc001 reviewed v9.0 Alpha 1 (Nightly Build) on Aug 18, 2011

They have to be joking.... How dumb do they take us for?


Monkey_Punch reviewed v3.6.20 on Aug 16, 2011

Bruno70, you're and idiot.

some guy

some guy reviewed v3.6.20 on Aug 15, 2011

bruno70 hey Einstein this is not a operating system


Monkey_Punch reviewed v6.0 on Aug 15, 2011

6.0 ups the game in terms of both speed, performance and memory usage. More HTML 5 support is nice, at least for Win 7 users. It does score a lower HTML5 score on XP but I am guessing Win 7 has many things XP doesn't as is why Win 7 scores higher. This is what Firefox 5 should have been like. Still, a welcome improvement. Keep up the good work Mozilla.


UniversityofKentucky reviewed v8.0 Alpha 1 (Nightly Build) on Aug 5, 2011

Keep in mind this is an alpha. my biggest complaint is a lag during scrolling. others have posted similar comments on mozilla's site. other than that, it runs fast and quite well. stability (as expected) is not 100%, and it has crashed on rare occasions. 4/5


Sativarg reviewed v6.0 Beta 4 on Aug 2, 2011

Why is some one posting versions of Firefox here using this confusing syntax ?

see my proposal in the Discussions

My rating here is purely an attempt to offset the negatives resulting from misunderstandings.


Monkey_Punch reviewed v6.0 Beta 4 on Aug 2, 2011

No change from beta 3. Running stable for me and add-ons work fine.

Please write to the Betanews crew and get bruno70 kicked off. He's obviously a spambot.

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v6.0 Beta 3 on Jul 26, 2011

I notice memory use has lowered greatly, which was a major issue in the previous version.

bruno70, is some kind of apelike creature that has evolved sufficiently to type.


Monkey_Punch reviewed v6.0 Beta 3 on Jul 26, 2011

@TraumaDoc: Bruno is purposely giving it a bad review using the usual troll tactic for confusing the title of the file for the version of Windows. It's intentional.

Beta3 seems to be ok with my extensions and add-ons and no change in terms of bugs or issues. Works for me.


traumadoc reviewed v6.0 Beta 3 on Jul 26, 2011

They are finally doing some reasonably good work on this new version.


Fake! Its Windows 7, there is no Windows 6.0

Dude (bruno70), you can't be serious, right? You are drunk or just lacking any IQ? It's version 6 of the program - this has NOTHING to do with the version of Windows. Windows 6? Nobody but YOU thought such a stupid thing !!


Aegis69 reviewed v6.0 Beta 2 on Jul 18, 2011

Impressive speed gains over 5.0, both in launching and rendering.

They might yet keep me from moving to chrome if these performance enhancements keep on coming.


Monkey_Punch reviewed v6.0 Beta 2 on Jul 18, 2011

Hmm, HTML 5 test score has gone down from Beta1. What is going on here Mozilla? Dis-implementing something not yet stable? No issues for me though and works well with my addons (AdBlock + and FlashGot).


TomK2542 reviewed v6.0 Beta 2 on Jul 18, 2011

Link is broken again.


PaulWilliams reviewed v5.0.1 on Jul 16, 2011

Mozilla Firefox is a very good browser, but occasionally crashes and displays web-pages incorrectly. I've tried all the browsers and they each have their own problems, not one is completely usable. Google Chrome is Firefox's greatest competition, but it has some serious faults (Print Preview, Pop-up Blocking, Password Exporting and Opening File Types by Default). They don't have Google's money to burn, but they make due with what they have. I hope Mozilla's accelerated release cycle improves it's stability and usefulness. I'm not ready to abandon Firefox just yet.


psypress1 reviewed v3.6.19 on Jul 12, 2011

FF3 is still the only version that many of my extensions and external apps like FDM will work correctly with, despite devs claiming they've been updated for v4-5. I'm not positive who to blame for this, but considering how slow and crash-prone FF 4 and 5 are, I suspect its Mozilla's failing. I'll run 3.x till I can't anymore. Its sad how most apps are getting worse with every new version. Frankly I've yet to see anything that FF 4 or 5 offer that's worth upgrading for.


dejavu reviewed v5.0.1 on Jul 12, 2011

Mozilla Foundation...and my Add-ons?


Monkey_Punch reviewed v6.0 Beta 1 on Jul 12, 2011

Good improvement over 5.x in terms of speed and has more HTML 5 spec additions. Scores higher on the HTML5 test which is good. Sofar, stable for me. @acey99, the HTML5 spec is not complete. Last call for revisions was May31st, 2011. Why are you complaining about lack of HTML5 completeness? It won't be determined as "complete" by the W3C until 2014. Parts of HTML5 are stable but the changes are ongoing. Jeez!


DaComboMan reviewed v6.0 Beta 1 on Jul 11, 2011

Download link not working.


TomK2542 reviewed v6.0 Beta 1 on Jul 11, 2011

Link not working


acey99 reviewed v6.0 Beta 1 on Jul 11, 2011

Love my FF, BUT...
the more oft updates, the new versioning & the lack of NEW HTML 5 features is pissing me off.
I mean get on the ball here guys, get all the HTML 5 stuff working then add new stuff.
Fix The memory leaks.
you're be hind Opera & Chrome for HTML 5 support, & almost IE 10.


DoHickey reviewed v8.0 Alpha 1 (Nightly Build) on Jul 8, 2011

Whomever is in charge of posting these programs on here needs to stop using this form of heading. It draws more flies than dog poop on a hot day.
If you don't know what I'm talking about, just read the heading & think of windows version numbers. I for one am tired of reading the stupid comments about it.


Zero-Point reviewed v8.0 Alpha 1 (Nightly Build) on Jul 7, 2011

Trolls will be trolls.

Edit: ...because there's other, more meaningful comments about Firefox...


gerry_g reviewed v5.0 on Jun 28, 2011

FireFox is no longer a "product". It depends upon add-ons that don't keep pace with the fast major version release cycle Even "compatible" add-ons seem to give you blank URLs in the address bar. I had to go back to 3.6.18 just to stay working.


robmanic44 reviewed v5.0 on Jun 24, 2011

How do I hate thee. Let me make this easy. I don't like anything about thee. You're like a very bad Google Chrome.


Jazz150 reviewed v5.0 on Jun 24, 2011

I am a writer and was disappointed that spellcheck in English is missing from the latest version. I rely on it and it's annoying that it is not available.
Please add this as an option ASAP.


carlvui reviewed v5.0 on Jun 24, 2011

They disappoint me.
V4 was just released and already disposed, gets no more updates or fixes.
Here comes V5 just immediately after V4 by forcing users to install newer and newer versions. V6 and V7 is just going to be released soon, and of course V5 will be abandoned by Mozilla in no time.
What the hack do they take users for?

Mozilla states it requires more than 512MB of RAM but in reality consumes a full 1 GB of RAM. And not only simply buggy i.e. works with incident but capable to mess up the whole computer.

Now, that does it. I uninstalled it again.
My suggestion, wait until Mozilla comes to their senses and starts playing fair.

some guy

some guy reviewed v3.6.18 on Jun 21, 2011

DudeBoyz you are completely right I will stick with this as long as they keep supporting it, all my plug-ins work again ! that's really will I use FF the plug-ins.


dejavu reviewed v5.0 on Jun 21, 2011

Now Official:



mfarmilo reviewed v5.0 on Jun 20, 2011

This is the Release Candidate. That means it MIGHT be the final release, unless something drastic happens that forces them to build a second one. It's due to go final this week.

However, I give it FIVE stars since it's an excellent program, and marking it down to 1 star (like some) just because it's not necessarily the final would be stupid. You mark the program according to how good it is, not according to how well fileforum got it right in labelling it.


Ramp4me reviewed v5.0 on Jun 20, 2011



dannyboy832 reviewed v5.0 on Jun 20, 2011

Can people stop trolling.

OK, its not for 'windows 5.0'
OK, its only an RC, but who cares, mozilla RCs are as stable as finals anyway.

The thing about internet arguments is, even if you win, you're still retarded


traumadoc reviewed v5.0 on Jun 20, 2011

Dude, if you REALLY think you are so smart and know so much more than everyone else, why don't you be smart enough and download your English release from the directory you show us and install it - then find out what the hell version it is - it's not so difficult to see the "you are running the beta version" or something or another that gets loaded on the first start page of the program. THIS IS A DAMN BETA FOLKS - THE final version HAS NOT BEEN RELEASED!!! Don't install this and then come complain that something doesn't work. This is still BETA!!


Reviewing 5.0 (Jun 19, 2011)

4 all of user stating FX 5 Final is a fake; u r kindly invited 2 ck out ftp://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/releases/5.0/win32

Choose the language u do prefere n u'll get the final FX 5 release.

That's all up 2 u folks.



Sativarg reviewed v5.0 on Jun 19, 2011

RE: claims of fake or beta...
I unpacked this file to one folder and Firefox Setup 5.0b7.exe to another folder and used Freecommander's (Synchronize folders) and found significant changes with newer dates. This is, imho, very genuine and I appreciate it being available here.

My review:
Wow this is a major improvement over Mozilla Firefox (v4) for Windows

I have found functionality for all my add-ons that are currently incomparable with v5 either in the new version or in other add-ons. I have had no lagging or crashing. Seems to load a bit faster than Mozilla Firefox (v3.6) for Windows. Seems to open multiple tabs a bit faster than Mozilla Firefox (v3.6) for Windows
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Professional Build 2600
Service Pack: Service Pack 3
LOL from: File:
Thanks for your interest in Firefox 5

We aren't quite finished qualifying Firefox 5 yet. You should check out the latest Beta.

When we're all done with Firefox 5 it will show up on Firefox.com.


juanito1968 reviewed v5.0 on Jun 19, 2011

2 Trauma Doc:


Built from http://hg.mozilla.org/re...elease/rev/7b56ff900c2a
Build platform
Build tools
Compiler Version Compiler flags
d;D:\mozilla-build\msys\mozilla-build\python25\python2.5.exe -O e;D:\mozilla-build\msys\builds\moz2_slave\rel-rel-w32-bld\build\build\cl.py cl 14.00.50727.762 -TC -nologo -W3 -Gy -Fdgenerated.pdb -DNDEBUG -DTRIMMED -Zi -Zi -UDEBUG -DNDEBUG -GL -wd4624 -wd4952 -O1
d;D:\mozilla-build\msys\mozilla-build\python25\python2.5.exe -O e;D:\mozilla-build\msys\builds\moz2_slave\rel-rel-w32-bld\build\build\cl.py cl 14.00.50727.762 -GR- -TP -nologo -Zc:wchar_t- -W3 -Gy -Fdgenerated.pdb -wd4800 -DNDEBUG -DTRIMMED -Zi -Zi -UDEBUG -DNDEBUG -GL -wd4624 -wd4952 -O1
Configure arguments

--enable-application=browser --enable-update-channel=release --enable-update-packaging --enable-jemalloc --enable-tests --enable-official-branding

mozilla-release - changeset - 68331:7b56ff900c2a
summary | shortlog | changelog | graph | tags | files | changeset | raw | bz2 | zip | gz
Automated checkin: version bump for firefox 5.0 release. CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO50_2011061514_RELBRANCH FIREFOX_5_0_RELEASE FIREFOX_5_0_BUILD1
author ffxbld
Wed Jun 15 14:16:21 2011 -0700 (at Wed Jun 15 14:16:21 2011 -0700)
branch GECKO50_2011061514_RELBRANCH
changeset 68331 7b56ff900c2a
parent 68326 f1acd88f828e
child 68332 399c17274099
pushlog: 7b56ff900c2a
Automated checkin: version bump for firefox 5.0 release. CLOSED TREE a=release

mozilla-release - pushlog
From: To:
summary | pushlog | graph | tags | files | bz2 | zip | gz
Page 1
Changes pushed with changeset 7b56ff900c2a
Push date [To Local] Changeset Patch author — Commit message
Wed Jun 15 14:46:29 2011 -0700 8402d25cc890 ffxbld — Added tag FIREFOX_5_0_BUILD1 for changeset 7b56ff900c2a. CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO50_2011061514_RELBRANCH
399c17274099 ffxbld — Added tag FIREFOX_5_0_RELEASE for changeset 7b56ff900c2a. CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO50_2011061514_RELBRANCH
7b56ff900c2a ffxbld — Automated checkin: version bump for firefox 5.0 release. CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO50_2011061514_RELBRANCH FIREFOX_5_0_RELEASE FIREFOX_5_0_BUILD1


darrylp reviewed v5.0 on Jun 19, 2011

Cannot believe that the day after Adobe release an Acrobat update which finally integrates Acrobat X into Firefox 4, Firefox 5 is released and Acrobat X is no longer compatible!


DaComboMan reviewed v5.0 on Jun 19, 2011

Works just sparkling fine on my notebook.


hugh750 reviewed v5.0 on Jun 19, 2011

stay away from firefox 5 beta
i tried it on my laptop it has windows xp home edition on it and every time i rebooted it i would lose my desktop, to get it back i would have to close my laptop to put it into sleep mode then log back in.
after i uninstalled firefox i was able to get into my desktop


Juhandra reviewed v5.0 on Jun 19, 2011

If firefox loses its userbase, it's because of FAKE finals you jacks spread.


FixXxeR reviewed v5.0 on Jun 18, 2011



Please note that this link says:

"hanks for your interest in Firefox 5
We aren't quite finished qualifying Firefox 5 yet. You should check out the latest Beta.

When we're all done with Firefox 5 it will show up on Firefox.com."


Uriel reviewed v5.0 on Jun 18, 2011

Simply outstanding. Very fast and better than the competition. I'm certain that within a couple of years, Firefox will blow away the competition hands down. It's the way of the future!


reviewer reviewed v5.0 on Jun 18, 2011

bruno70, they perhaps they could have worded the title better.
as say
Mozilla Firefox (v5) 5.0 for Windows

They were obviously referring to Firefox 5.0 and not Windows 5.0.

Oh and Firefox 5.0 is not officially as Mozilla cannot really block the ftp.mozilla.org like thy can with releases.mozilla.org and the release can still be pulled before the release date of June 21 as pulled releases before release has happened before.

Thanks for your interest in Firefox 5

We aren't quite finished qualifying Firefox 5 yet. You should check out the latest Beta.

When we're all done with Firefox 5 it will show up on Firefox.com.

New Doraemon

New Doraemon reviewed v5.0 on Jun 18, 2011

To traumadoc: I can't believe that you're so blind. Firefox states that it's a beta because it's a WEBSITE link. It still loads the beta page of their website but that doesn't mean that the application is actually a beta. Probably they'll update the link when the release is offcial so you will install the same EXE file and NOT show that it's a beta. Also, there's no feedback button in the browser, so...


JethroB reviewed v5.0 on Jun 18, 2011

v.5.0 18-Jun-2011
Add me to the list upset by the lack of BETA identification

Bart Welson

Bart Welson reviewed v5.0 on Jun 18, 2011

1 star for being lamejacks spreading beta products labeled as finals in your sruggle with MajorGeeks for being the biggest crapsite in file spreading.


Lsavagejt reviewed v5.0 on Jun 18, 2011

It hosed my AVG Link Scanner and KIS virtual keyboard. Mozilla aught not bandy words about like "Final". If it's the "Final Beta" then they should say Final "Beta". Whers are the "Site Favicons", and if Firefox "Final Beta" integrates so "elegantly" with "Windows" antivirus software, then again, why is it incompatible with AVG and KIS, or does Mozilla mean "Windows" as in "Windows Security Essentials", and not security software running on "Windows"? Arrgh, Avast ye scallywags!


DudeBoyz reviewed v5.0 on Jun 18, 2011

I'm still not able to get past losing the Status bar, and not all my plugins / addons / extensions work with anything past 3.6.x

I'm not sure that version 3.6.x won't be sufficient for some time to come. I still like the thing better than Chrome, but the more Firefox starts working and looking like Chrome, the more reason I have to just switch all the way over to Chrome.


borisf98 reviewed v5.0 on Jun 18, 2011

They warn people that 5.0 will break some websites' functionality and it does.


TROLL reviewed v5.0 on Jun 18, 2011

Come on put download links. Not just fake.


DoHickey reviewed v5.0 on Jun 17, 2011

This build works fine for me.
And I have heard enough from people talking about Windows 5.
Come on people get a grip on your brain.
It's just how it's worded in the description, get over it already.

June 20 at 11:09 PM eastern time
Download link on this site pops up a window that says this. 550 Permission denied. I tried several times with different browsers.
Also after installing (fresh install not upgrading) And after a restart. I have some troubles with flash presentations not loading.


mgsetzer reviewed v5.0 on Jun 17, 2011

@anon2402 You're probably joking... this isn't for the mysterious windows '5'... windows 7 is just fine.


Pkshadow reviewed v5.0 on Jun 17, 2011

Ok, my fault here, sorry forgot that Betanews & others get the final release URL before they/Mozilla changes the install restart splash page.

Have deleted the post I had up saying splash screen tells me this is a Beta release.


eMbAh reviewed v5.0 Beta 7 on Jun 16, 2011

What is the reason to use this over Aurora?


davidtb reviewed v5.0 Beta 6 on Jun 15, 2011

Here's a plus for Major Geek's site. They put the program out there and they omit the comment boxes.
I get the impression you people have no idea what you're saying, and have too much time to say it.


Orbitration reviewed v5.0 Beta 6 on Jun 15, 2011

Against my usual better judgement.. (:) )
I started my current version with : firefox -p
and made a new profile and took the checkmark out of the Don't Show on Startup box.

Then I chose a Custom Install option and renamed the install folder to Mozilla Firefox5 to keep my working version working.
I copied my working profile with its addons to the new profile folder, and when I started up version 5, it installed all but 3 of my addons !
It works fine apparently, I'm rather impressed .

The functionality and look are about the same as my 3.5.19 version, also, and with a little Customizing the placement on the toolbars, is virtually the same.


anon2402 reviewed v5.0 Beta 6 on Jun 15, 2011

it's for Windows 5.0. Too bad. I wanted to upgrade, I have windows 7. Mozilla should consider who they are developing for. Windows 5.0 is not too widely used..

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v5.0 Beta 6 on Jun 15, 2011

My preferred browsers are Chrome & Opera with no extensions as any extension(s) will slow your browser down. I recently bought 'Ad Muncher' so I don't need browser ad blockers anymore.I had another play with Firefox & to perfectly be honest it's OK.

FF isn't the way I like a browser to be, but out of the most popular browsers out there now there isn't a bad one & I think its now down to personal preference. Whatever floats your boat!

Have I changed my mind? - Yes, it seems so.


CyberDoc999 reviewed v6.0 Alpha 2 (Nightly Build) on Jun 11, 2011

mark my words
soon chrome will be the most used browser
I still like ff

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v6.0 Alpha 2 (Nightly Build) on Jun 10, 2011

Took back the negative review as it's an OK browser I prefer Opera & Chrome. But I'm not going to pull FF down just because 2 idiots pull Chrome down. I've used it extensively & I think all 3 browsers are down to personal preferences.


pjafrombbay reviewed v4.0.1 on Jun 3, 2011

It pains me to say this but I agree with SlapShot. I have been a loyal Firefox user ever since it was released. However it has become almost unusable (on Windows 7 Home Pro). Its got nothing to do with extensions or memory leeks or whatever, it just seems to be lousy code.

Well I've made the switch to Google Chrome (on both PC's) and I can see no reason to return. Chrome is still not as good as Firefox was when it was at its best.

Somehow I feel very sad, like an old friend dying.

Addendum: I've just installed Firefox 5 Beta 3 and it seems to be running much better than the stable version 4. Lets hope it continues to do so.



tontito reviewed v5.0 Beta 3 on Jun 2, 2011

This is soo much less pain in the a** then IE9.

Love it


butthead reviewed v5.0 Beta 3 on Jun 2, 2011

@Input Overload: how about stopping the trolling? Mozilla is finally on track with quicker release cycles. The most trustworthy free software browser, 5 stars.

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v5.0 Beta 3 on Jun 1, 2011

Clunky garbage, not a patch on Chrome or Opera. Losing market share as Firefox can't find which direction to go in. Many 'new'' features are either 'borrowed' from Chrome or Opera.

It had its day as every dog has, but with FF this was yesterday.

djb247365 - 'It may not be as quick as Chrome'. You are dead right there.

@ Butthead, those are my opinions using several browsers with my work & based on empirical evidence & not dreamed up but those who never even install software they 'review'. if you don't like my opinions when they conflict with your narrow minded fixed herd like outlook - Tough, your options are limited.

Now go and bugger off as I will write a review I bloody well consider to be honest & truthful & my opinion, just as you wrote your misguided opinion.

Learn to live with the fact it's OK to disagree with others, it killing them that's wrong.

I stand by my review. how you tried all the main browsers very recently? - I have!


reviewer reviewed v5.0 Beta 3 on Jun 1, 2011

bruno70, not a fake as perhaps they could have worded the title better.
Mozilla Firefox (v5) for Windows, Firefox 5.0 Beta 3
or better
Mozilla Firefox (v5) 5.0 Beta 3 for Windows.


djb247365 reviewed v5.0 Beta 3 on Jun 1, 2011

Say what you want about Firefox, for me, it's a really complete and functional browser. There's some pretty nice features and lots of customization options with all the different extensions and themes. It may not be as quick as Chrome, but it's fast enough to get through my daily browsing, so definitely no complaints there at all.

So far, so good with this Beta 3 version. I've actually tried the Aurora (6.0) and Nightly (7.0) builds as well and they worked just as good without any problems. I would stay away from 64-bit builds though, because I tried those too and they weren't too stable for my liking.

Phat Esther

Phat Esther reviewed v5.0 Beta 3 on Jun 1, 2011

Windows 5 = XP


alshawwa reviewed v5.0 Beta 3 on Jun 1, 2011

Phat Esther

Reviewing 5.0 Beta 3 (Jun 1, 2011)

Windows 5 = XP

windows 5 is not xp parrot , windows 5 is 2000 , windows 5.1 is xp :)
but the post has nothing to do with windows 5 it didnt mention windows for unless if you dont have common sense reading it , firefox v5 for windows version 5 beta3 , so if opera v11 for windows version 11.1 means that there is windows 11.1 BH


reviewer reviewed v7.0 Alpha 1 (Nightly Build) on May 30, 2011

Just so people know, This is NOT even close to being a actual 7.0 release as it is just a Nightly build that get updates each day (sometime unstable depending on checkins that day), something a real release does not get (check for updates in "Help->About Nightly" to see what I mean). These nightlies can have problems as for example there was a brief patch in May28 build that was later backed out but caused problems for user who used the May.28 build as many Extensions did not work properly that day. I ended up reverting to May27 nightly for a couple days in order to use my extensions.

This is why the Trunk and branch nightlies were using codenames before (Namoroka for 3.0.*, Shiroteko for 3.5.* branch nightlies for example) as it helped greatly in keeping people (and websites like this one) from jumping to conclusion that these are stable build material when it may not even remotely be. Mozilla for some reason reverted this practice during development of Firefox 4.0 and now sites like these are jumping the gun.

The new process of development is a bit different and faster now.

Originally Fx 5.0 was on Aurora branch and Fx 6.0 was on Nightly. Then Fx 5.0 was recently moved to Beta channel and the Fx 6.0 was moved to Aurora while the (potentially unstable) Nightly (which this is) continued as Fx 7.0 currently.

If any of you are serious about testing these current Nighty builds then see forums.mozillazine.org/viewforum.php?f=23


reviewer reviewed v6.0 Alpha 1 (Nightly Build) on May 30, 2011

StormChild, this was NOT a 6.0 release as it does not exist and this was just a nightly build in the Nightly directory when it was posted then. It does not exist now as the 6.0 moved to the Aurora channel while the 5.0 went from Aurora channel to Beta channel.

This was just a classic case of "jumping the gun" where the poster of this so called 6.0a1 upon seeing a newer version number and posting it hoping to be seen as the first. These nightlies test builds used to use their codenames so as to prevent this misunderstanding but Mozilla decided to revert this practice as of during the then 4.0 development.

The only release newer then 4.0.* right now is the 5.0b3 for beta testing.


Blaxima reviewed v5.0 Beta 2 on May 28, 2011

Fact \noun \?fakt
1. knowledge or information based on real occurrences
2. a piece of information presented as having objective reality

So how pray tell Overboard is it a fact when the facts of independent tests have Opera, Chrome and even Safari scoring better?

It doesn't seem to matter what iteration, be it v4, 5, 6 or 7(they're all the same) they all perform adequately but clearly not better than the competition. It's slower, less functional and it still uses more memory having multiple processes running.

If there weren't better alternatives available then this would be a 3 at best. Considering it steals ideas from the others and NEEDS a dedicated user base to create functionality that is standard in some competitors.


Blaxima reviewed v7.0 Alpha 1 (Nightly Build) on May 27, 2011

It simply does not perform as well as Opera, Chrome and even Safari (for windows, if you can believe that).

Version numbers aside, this is the same ol' lemon.


Aegis69 reviewed v7.0 Alpha 1 (Nightly Build) on May 27, 2011

What the H is with the freaky numbering system? First Ubuntu turns to crap, now FF is going strange? Pretty soon I'll have to start using Win7 to get away from all the nonsense, thats ironic.


djb247365 reviewed v7.0 Alpha 1 (Nightly Build) on May 27, 2011

Actually 7.0 is working great for me, no issues and it's quick enough to get my work done. The only issue I have, is the Xmarks extension not synchronizing as it should. That will probably be fixed when that extension gets it's next update. Other than that, my other add-ons work great and I have no problem using this 7.0 Alpha build. Mozilla should've never gone the route of Google, in releasing major browser versions every few weeks. That's rather ridiculous. Every major version should have major changes. There are no major changes here, only minor, which is why I still consider this the same as Firefox 4

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v7.0 Alpha 1 (Nightly Build) on May 27, 2011

Looks like they are trying to catch Chrome up with versions. I wonder if those who complained about Chrome versions do the same with Fireflop?

I have really gone off Fireflop, you might as well use IE9.I see they keep stealing ideas off Chrome & Opera.

Clunky & slow.


alcaholjunkie reviewed v7.0 Alpha 1 (Nightly Build) on May 27, 2011

Not had many problems with nightlies, always use them. ^_^

bruno, the "7.0 alpha 1" is the FireFox version number, not windows version number.. -_-


Frazzled reviewed v3.5.16 on May 24, 2011

Firefox 4.0 Has worked pretty good, except that they didn't bring forward from 3.5 the 'STOP' or the (X) Button ! I find this quite annoying when the odd web sight loads offering to scan your computer for you and you decide to use the Task manager to close Firefox ,then you restart Firefox And Firefox 4.0 Reloads the Same problematic page and There is NO 'Stop' in 4.0 it makes for an interesting 20 minutes trying to get Firefox 4.0 back going again! I'm going to see if I can get back to Firefox 3.5 without loosing everything!?

Output Overboard

Output Overboard reviewed v5.0 Beta 2 on May 23, 2011

The best - FACT! Getting better day by day.
Maybe too complicated for 51 year old effete British punks.


StormChild reviewed v5.0 Beta 2 on May 23, 2011

bruno70: you have proven your unworthiness. Reviewing without understanding is dangerous... Firefox is the best, so rate it about its usability and functions, and not about your misunderstanding!!


StormChild reviewed v6.0 Alpha 1 (Nightly Build) on May 23, 2011

bruno70: you're not too clever, eh? You wrote a review just to prove you're not understanding this is Mozilla Firefox v6.0. And you have rated it like sh*t, dumb*ss!


linjinhuan reviewed v5.0 Beta 2 on May 23, 2011

I was simply browsing for relevant blog articles intended for my project research and My partner and i happened to stumble on yours. Many thanks for this helpful material!
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SlapShot reviewed v4.0.1 on May 22, 2011

FIrefox has become a complete disaster. Shame on Mozilla for releasing this


PaulWilliams reviewed v4.0.1 on May 21, 2011

I understand people's frustration, but overall it's a very good Internet Browser for Windows 7 and a definite improvement over version 4.0. I've tried them all, but ultimately I keep coming back to Firefox. Internet Explorer 9 is still slow, Opera 10 doesn't have many add-ons and Google Chrome (My 2nd Choice) lacks customization and doesn't have a working Print Preview feature or a NoScript equivalent.

I suppose I have to forgive the fact that they stole most of the GUI design from Opera and it's not quite as fast or crash proof as Google Chrome. It's strength has to be that it's reasonably fast, very customizable and has many excellent add-ons (NoScript is my favorite). As long as it keeps improving and they don't rush it to market like last time, I'll continue using it. If not then I'll keep trying alternatives until something better comes along.


SteveJohnSteele reviewed v5.0 Beta 2 on May 21, 2011

Wow is this fast :-)

Compared to FF4 - FF5 (Aurora) feel 15-20% faster.

Most noticeable speed improvements in switching tabs, forward and backwards, scroll page.

Artem S. Tashkinov

Artem S. Tashkinov reviewed v5.0 Beta 2 on May 21, 2011


is actually lying:



DaComboMan reviewed v5.0 Beta 2 on May 21, 2011

Better than ever! Even Chrome!

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v5.0 Beta 2 on May 21, 2011

Lost thier way & can't find the way home. Very disappointing, no wonder people are moving to Chrome in droves this is to frankly a piece of junk. No stars.


carlvui reviewed v4.0.1 on May 17, 2011

It seems the new Mozilla development project is the typical example of the "trust in the mechanism" .
Careerists, aggressive, unscrupulous, overly self confident managers make business plans and they plow through users, critics and even their own developers.

The old saying haunts: " to make something good, first everything must be battered down."
They grew ignorant and arrogant, flexing muscles until the word Firefox drops out the dictionaries. It won't happen in a day but surely will, I think.
Very good, go on Mozilla and we will see. You are full of it.
I regret I ever used your browser.


fraksion reviewed v4.0.1 on May 12, 2011

Mozilla isn't even considering all the negative reviews users give on its forum. They just lock the threads now like here: http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/questions/797148

Users complain because FF4 hangs, crashes and lags to typing or actions. It feeds on RAM, over 1 gb in the same PC where 3.6 works flawlessly. I could even accept that I'm on 6gb, but it crashes for no reason at all. And while with the interface changes ppl may become used to (personally I don't care because I use gestures) the browser perfomance has gone downhill. Mozilla get your s*** together, you are turning ppl away.


nilst2006 reviewed v5.0 Beta 1 on May 6, 2011

Too resourcehungry ! Still don't respect if You tell it not to send crashreports, it still nag You about it if it crashes. It doesn't remember where You downloaded pics last time (if You clean all history). Have nagged Mozilla about it, they do nothing. Have asked them to make a lite version. They do nothing.


DaComboMan reviewed v5.0 Beta 1 on May 6, 2011

I find 5 to be faster than 4 in startup and page rendering.
Almost twice as fast as Opera 11.10

Guess it depends on your OS and computer.


Blaxima reviewed v5.0 Beta 1 on May 5, 2011

It may look like Opera and mimic aspects of Chrome but it sure doesn't perform like either.

Still slow and still resource hungry. I don't notice any improvements in this version from the last and the last version ranked only slightly ahead of IE9 in most independent test. That puts it behind Safari and well behind Opera and Chrome.

Not even the rhetoric of zealous fans will save this browser if this is how it is going to progress.

3 stars but I'm docking it one for having multiple processes running


DaleScience reviewed v4.0.1 on May 5, 2011

Firefox 4.00 and 4.0.1 for WIN NT STILL has SERIOUS problem:
HANGS the Browser window until restarted

when any applic such as Mail executes an Add or Insert File Attachment
immediately produces error disabling window (inaccessible 'beeps' until restart..

"Filepicker was unexpectedly closed by Windows"

Note that using Internet Explorer v9 does not experience this problem

Please FIX or I need to revert to V3.15 as I insert and attach files daily so now I need to run two Browsers since I installed firefox V4


asaenz reviewed v5.0 Beta 1 on May 5, 2011

Briefly tried it and it seems to work okay so far. Version numbers, in the past, have been mainly a reflection of difference of browser engine. Barely in beta stage at this point ... I believe it states that when you start it up ... so it is basically in an Alpha stage for now and they are requesting some useful feedback on some new features one of which is called channel switching to and from Aurora/Beta.

update: wow it does use a lot of memory just for sitting there without doing anything except waiting for me after I start it up and let it sit for an hour or so.


Zero-Point reviewed v5.0 Beta 1 on May 4, 2011

"Gets to look more like Opera all the time." Fixed.


uberfly reviewed v5.0 Beta 1 on May 4, 2011

Version 5??? WTF?

some guy

some guy reviewed v5.0 Beta 1 on May 4, 2011

wow 4 & 5 have a complete GUI copy of Opera but other then that still a great browser


Kimoeagle reviewed v5.0 Beta 1 on May 4, 2011

I find it annoying to read of those who are expressing displeasure at how Mozilla chooses to number their versions of Firefox. What difference does it make??!! The important thing is: DOES IT WORK??!! And, does it work well?? All of the browsers have come a l-o-n-g way from Kaleidoscope, and we have not had to pay for the countless hours of development that went in to the products. Get a grip, WebWarp. Get a grip, Aegis69. Focus on what is truly important!!! I have been trying Aurora for several weeks now, and am VERY impressed. I trust that Firefox V5 will be the same - if not better- browser.


WebWarp reviewed v5.0 Beta 1 on May 4, 2011

Please explain the problem in a rapid version numbering, I cannot see the problem, its a decision made for a reason (probatly the same as chrome's).
And just to correct you, the Mozilla Foundation is not a company ...

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v5.0 Beta 1 on May 4, 2011

Gets to look more like Chrome all the time.


Aegis69 reviewed v5.0 Beta 1 on May 4, 2011

Ok what the hell are these idiots doing? If its an incremental version, like 4.2 or even 4.5, fine name it as such. WHAT IS THE POINT of raising the full version number every three weeks now??? Who is running that damn idiot company???


craigun reviewed v4.0.1 on May 2, 2011

Best version of FF yet, and it is fast!


Hergest reviewed v4.0.1 on May 2, 2011

Hate the new interface. I gather it can be tweaked to make it look normal again, but why is it so hard to do? I need several add-ons to achieve it.

Love FF3; sticking with that.


TC17 reviewed v4.0.1 on May 2, 2011

Despite the outright blatant lies by some here, Firefox is NOT slow. In fact I would say its faster than Chrome. Just the other day I noticed a web page that had a lot of graphics on it, and Chrome was jerky scrolling, yet I tried Firefox on that exact same page, and it was as smooth as could be. (I was only using Chrome to see what was improved on it).

Chrome is so lame, the last version I tried, still didn't have the basic ability to print preview a page. That is just pathetic.


grizzlyadams reviewed v4.0.1 on May 2, 2011

Their big mistake was changing stuff that didnt need changed, and ignoring all the things that DID. Wheres the ability to disable those retarded hotkeys that F up everything you typed?? Why is everybody copying Chrome, the browser that does nothing except spy on you?? Stupid, stupid Mozilla.

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v4.0.1 on May 2, 2011

Clunky, slow, every dog has it's day and FF has been overtaken in usability by Chrome. I removed this piece of junk & now use Chrome & Opera both superb.

More like Fireflop. Total bloated crapware, if you have a brain avoid it.

BTW It is, try it slow. try it on a fast 100 MegBit connection, then try Chrome, that's a proper test.

FF = Crapware at it's very worst.


Aegis69 reviewed v4.0.1 on May 2, 2011

For those complete morons complaining how the addons no longer work, hey have you tried google?




mytake4this reviewed v4.0 on Mar 27, 2011

Changing the rating up to 5 from 4. Apparently I was wrong about the page rendering. I had the NoSquint add-on set to change both font and whole page to say 120% which is wrong. Reset it to font (text) to 100% then ZOOM both Text and Page to ___% which for me most pages at 145% look fine and it works just fine. I was getting an improper text alignment and tried the Disable NoSquint and tested the page rendering and it sill looked off. Well, it likely had recalled the settings in Firefox, so my re-test was in error. Sorry Firefox Mozilla team, as I dead wrong, and the FF4 is rendering correctly set as from when downloaded, or using NoSquint set the way I just described above.

All said and done, I think the new Chrome10 is still going to be tough competition for Firefox. I have several add-ons making FF4 as good, if not a better choice, but many people never tweak a browser, so Chrome may be a better pick for them. I altered the toolbar setup and now after using just a row for bookmarks and one for tabs, have something as compact as Chrome -- will other people do this? Once tweaked, with wonderful add-ons, I am not 100% happy with Firefox 4.


Plumber reviewed v4.0 on Mar 25, 2011

I made the mistake of updating from Fx 3.6 to Fx 4.0. I hate it.

Speed improvements? Where? I don't notice page loading having improved. I do notice that whenever I open a menu in my bookmarks, the saved favicons get loaded one-by-one, which never happened with 3.6. The icons slowly bleed into view. It's annoying. I don't see a faster startup speed. I do see plugin-container.exe devouring CPU, same as always.

The theme I used with 3.6 no longer works. I'm not a fan of the Fx 4.0 default theme, especially since it doesn't work well with my preferred Tab Mix Plus tab color setup.

I use lots of extensions. Literally 80% of them stopped working with Fx 4.0. This is so fun to deal with every time I install a major update. No, seriously, I love it.

I also "love" how I no longer have a status bar. I didn't have anything of value there, really! Those 6 extensions I had that used the status bar--BAH!--who needed them? Away with Fire.fm, NetVideoHunter, and the rest. The new "Add-on Bar"? Not the same.

Lost extensions. No improvements. Crap interface. Time to look for an alternative.


carlvui reviewed v4.0 on Mar 24, 2011

I think Mozilla just managed to kill themselves with the release of v4.
Why an earth did they have to do this after a successful march ahead with v3?

The best thing in FF3 was, that it was different from the others.
Now they copy Chrome, FF4 has become Chrome.
If so, then let it be Chrome.

FF4 is buggy, slow and needs 512MB of RAM and 200MB of hard drive space.
Chrome is faster, not that buggy and needs 128 MB of RAM and 100 Mb of free disk space.
Easy to make decision which one will be installed on my PC.
Instead of upgrading to FFv4 I will install Chrome.


anonswgeek reviewed v4.0 on Mar 24, 2011

was working fine for a day or so..then a crash in file picker dialog box..i prefer Opera, its quicker.


Hall9000 reviewed v4.0 on Mar 24, 2011

Worked great for a day. Now not only crashes but freezes to hell. Where is the damn zero rating! Before you asked, I'm not the only one having this problem.


bigspud reviewed v4.0 on Mar 23, 2011

extension hell, going back to 3.6.
extensions are what make ff, non compatable extensions should disabled with update to v4, i dont have time to go through 30 extensions to find out which one broke ffv4. hope fully by ffv4.1 extensions will be updated.


F1Racer reviewed v4.0 on Mar 23, 2011

Great update. Really tidy new look and more room too. Best browser just got better.
Get this and the NoScript and ReadItLater addons and you have a nice setup.


more10s reviewed v4.0 on Mar 23, 2011

Great browser!
if you experience memory leaks, make sure you don't run Adblock 1.3.3...there is a severe memory leak going on if you use Adblock 1.3.3 with Firefox 4, just google "firefox 4 does not release memory when adblock is enabled".


asaenz reviewed v4.0 on Mar 23, 2011

Main thing that bothers me at the moment is its memory usage ... hope a memory leak wasn't reintroduced. When I have 4+ GB of memory on my computer I might not worry about it as much but I have to be careful with my 2 GB.

update: those of you considering leaving 3.6x for this might want to wait because either it or the addons aren't working properly and you're better off staying with something that works well unless you enjoy beta testing.


DaComboMan reviewed v4.0 on Mar 22, 2011

No crash issues here (never had any with betas either).

@jeffdavison, try loading in safe mode.

Just super!


Alpha258 reviewed v4.0 on Mar 22, 2011

Works much better with online apps than Chrome! Speed is about the same with normal web browsing. Awesome!!


jeffdavison reviewed v4.0 on Mar 22, 2011

Not ready for final release...Crashes immediately when trying to open. Tried an automatic upgrade from within 3.6.15 and a fresh install after a complete reoval of the old version. Still can't get the dog to bark....stillwon't load and still only shows the crash report. Went back to old version which worked and still works perfectly. V4.0 is still BETA as far as my experience tells me....very low ratring becuase it won't even load and start with out a fatal crash........ on a tangent note, what's taking Minefield so long???????


SoundMix reviewed v4.0 on Mar 22, 2011

IE9 has MUCH better security and is better in most other areas as well.


westor reviewed v4.0 on Mar 22, 2011

Good, Firefox 4 is looking very nice!


Uriel reviewed v4.0 on Mar 22, 2011

The best browser ever. It's open source compared to Google Chrome spyware and IE 9. My "Google Sharing" extension is broken for now, but like many other extensions and skins, we will have to wait for updates on them.


kstev99 reviewed v4.0 on Mar 22, 2011

Wouldn't use any other browser.


mfarmilo reviewed v4.0 on Mar 21, 2011

As usual, a truly excellent program.


PaulWilliams reviewed v4.0 on Mar 21, 2011

It's an improvement. It does seem faster and more accurate. The color scheme is nice, but nothing special. I can see that they copied the Drop-down Tab at the Top Left from Opera, not very original. Nothing much to dislike about it for me, but not exceptional either. For waiting so many months I expected something more creative. Still Infinitely Better than IE9.


Calc_Yolatuh reviewed v4.0 on Mar 21, 2011

More of the same, ever since 3.0

Plus: Tabs on top, easily discoverable single menu button, better isolation of plugins/extensions. (XP netbook)

Minus: First crash ten minutes after installing (already filed on it), poor download manager, bad CPU usage, awful sync experience, turns out memory and rendering are worse than 3.6 after all.

UPDATE: Downrated to a 1. Many small things are broken, for example Alt key does not summon the menu in Fullscreen mode. More difficult to intentionally open the same tab twice. Awesomebar is worse than ever. Password pop-up is still a password pop-up even if it non-modally obscures content at the top of the page now. Unfortunately it is not possible to disable the tab bar.


NightFright reviewed v4.0 on Mar 21, 2011

Finally, Firefox also catches up with the recently updated Chrome and IE. It's definitely faster than before, by much actually, and gives you much more space for website viewing (just like Chrome already did ages ago).

What I like much about this new version is how addons are handled. While I preferred to keep copies of the addons on my hard drive in case I needed to reinstall, now you just go to the addons tab, type in the name of your addon and you have it right away, no need to browse through the website any more. This is as easy as it can get. Also, the ability to sync settings is a huge help if you are working at more than one workstation throughout the day/week.

I was a little disappointed that the download manager really did not change at all, it is still a separate window popping up when you download something and not as well integrated into the GUI as you have it in Chrome. Still, if you install the "Download Statusbar" addon, you get this problem fixed easily (if it bothers you).

The only REAL bummer is the poor font rendering when using hardware acceleration. While you could turn it off to get back the sharpness you know from 3.6.x releases, you would lose the main advantage of the new version. Actually, IE9 has the same issue since it has something to do with Direct2D. While this problem already got addressed with some recent Windows update, it seemingly didn't help much since it still exists. Something Microsoft has to fix, so you can't blame Mozilla for this.

Max rating for this still. With the font rendering fixed, it will finally be fully enjoyable.

Artem S. Tashkinov

Artem S. Tashkinov reviewed v4.0 on Mar 21, 2011

It's the final release.

It will be officially announced on March 22.

(Actually RC2 = final)

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v4.0 on Mar 21, 2011

I'm very impressed. Big improvement on v3. On a par or higher with Chrome as far as my somewhat crude speed testing shows. Got FF as default at the moment.
Some nice extensions etc. Maybe a bit high on memory use but as memory is cheap it should not be an issue unless you have an old PC you can't add RAM too but with a little housekeeping it should run fine.

It's got to the point as I see it, Chrome, Firefox & Opera are all decent browsers, all with their strengths & weaknesses. You take your choice.


ye110mann reviewed v4.0 on Mar 21, 2011

Compensating for the last two negative ratings. If you want 64-bit get Minefield.


Gazer_XXII reviewed v4.0 on Mar 21, 2011

Yes, there is a 64bit version of Firefox. It's called Minefield.


rjparker1 reviewed v4.0 on Mar 21, 2011

I like Firefox, however it becomes bloated with all those add-ins.

I switched to chrome. I still have the same amount of add-ins.. But my question is Firefox TRUE 64-bit yet?

Chrome is still 32-bit I know, but if Firefox isn't 64-bit I am not switching. I still try it, but nothing seems to get better..


FatBastard reviewed v4.0 on Mar 21, 2011

Chrome is a good browser but Firefox is still the best IMO.


Zoroaster reviewed v4.0 on Mar 21, 2011

Firefox 4 Final = Firefox 4 RC2 (up to the checksum)
I've always liked Firefox, for sentimental reasons, but as far as my system is concerned, this version 4 is not faster, and when compared to Opera 11 is slow.
The improvements over 3.6 I notice are faster starrtup, much better RAM management, greatly improved GUI, common operation center for extensions, skins, plugins, scripts, userstyles. Not a revolution, but remains Number 1 in terms of privacy and security, should it be a NoScript extension which has no equivalence on other browsers. Hardware acceleration on old systems is not handled to the top, even disabled, on full-screen video here. Version 4.01 is expected soon, hoping issues will be corrected.


DoHickey reviewed v4.0 RC1 on Mar 16, 2011

I have a couple of issues with this release.
I have several entries for the plugin-container listed in my task list.
The add on page is really slow and seems to take a lot of resources while it's up.
The one that really bothers me is when I clear history it launches adobe acrobat reader. Then the reader doesn't show up, It just sits in my task list.
Otherwise it's fast and not all that bad looking either.
I do miss seeing the status bar at the bottom.
Because of the issues I have I rate it a 3


mytake4this reviewed v4.0 RC1 on Mar 13, 2011

This is a very good browser. I moved the address bar down to the bottom, now called an add-ons bar and have more space, with almost as much window room as Chrome. That is almost. Since Chrome now has most of the extensions I do need, and is simply faster and leaner, with more window space, I have moved it to the top of my list, and use FF4 less now. Sure, FF still has more extensions, which is a good thing, and SeaMonkey even has email app included, but Chrome is not simply slicker. I found an extension for adding double click to close a tab, a neat little reminder add-on, AdBlock, a Yahoo mail watcher, so I am pretty much happy with Chrome now. I recalls the site settings for last size used, is real fast to start-up, and is solid - no crashing.

When not using Chrome, FF4 is a great second choice now. And SeaMonkey is nifty, but I am running T-Bird with Lightning so....


Prospero424 reviewed v4.0 RC1 on Mar 11, 2011

Complaints about it not being at the top tier as far as performance are valid, even if I think they're occasionally misguided (prioritizing synthetic benchmark performance over all other considerations), but I honestly don't get the complaints about Mozilla "not innovating". The tab grouping, sync, and addon subsystem all have clear advantages over the competition and the features often represent industry firsts.

I've been using Firefox 4 as my main browser since beta 4, and while it was really rough initially (see previous review), I'm very happy with the way it's turned out.

Performance, while not the best, is more than adequate. Multi-tab resource usage is among the best available. It's second to none in features and extensibility with an addon architecture more powerful than any of the other browsers out there.

The only thing still missing is sandboxed tabs processes. Combine this feature with NoScript and something like Web Of Trust and you have a level of security that even Chrome can't touch. Chrome's "NotScripts" is decent, but it's not as mature or comprehensive as NoScript simply because Chrome's addon subsystem isn't as powerful and doesn't allow some of the more fundamental security measures available under the Firefox implementation.

Firefox is my main browser and Chrome is a backup that I use a couple of times a week as a browser for visiting guests and for (rare) really performance-intensive web applications. I like them both, but Firefox is still the king as far as I'm concerned.

I actually like Chrome a LOT, but there are four big reasons why Firefox remains my main browser:

1. Tab Syncing
2. NoScript
3. VideoDownloadHelper
4. DownThemAll

No amount of extensions I can currently install for any other browser can replicate the functionality they offer.

Some people (who are usually a bit odd) take the whole "browser war" personally, and turn reviews into part of their little crusade. It's easy to pick these people out, and it's easy to tell that they're rarely worth listening to.

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v4.0 RC1 on Mar 10, 2011

Every dog has it's day & FF was at the top but no longer. To be honest after actually installing FF again (A rare thing on this site to actually 'INSTALL' a program you review) it's a piece of junk. Ugly, clunky, IE8/9 'gasp' is a better choice.

I use Opera/Chrome devs & I've had all three running this week, yes FF4 as well. Firefox was good but time moves on, & time has left version 3 & 4 well & truly behind.

Unless you like a plethora of memory hogging, browser slowing crappy extensions, which moronic cretins think makes them 'Power Users'. Some hope!

This time next year I predict Chrome will be the most used browser, maybe behind the herd instinct of IE users who don't know how to change their browser if given a bar of gold.

I work in an interesting facet of IT & see the changes from the inside out..

Prospero424, likes to hear himself talk but knows bugger all.

asaenz, What you running a 286?


UniversityofKentucky reviewed v4.0 RC1 on Mar 10, 2011

I'm using 4.0b13pre, as well as the new RC on Win7 64-bit without problem. Chrome is slightly faster, but (the gap (particularly for javascript) is closing fast. Both chrome and ff have made major strides for non-IE browsers. I use both.


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v3.5.16 on Mar 10, 2011

Get a Avira or at least Avast...


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v4.0 RC1 on Mar 10, 2011

But could start faster, especially on cold startup

Also Opera ripped menu from Mozilla, not Mozilla from Opera.


asaenz reviewed v4.0 RC1 on Mar 10, 2011

Been using FF for years and don't have any plans of changing soon but I do have other browsers on my desktop in case I need them including a version of Chrome and Opera. If every program I had running used 200k to 400k I would soon run out of memory and be using a rather sluggish computer which shouldn't be the case with modern computers. Sometimes program code is poorly written with loss of efficient logic, poor use of routines, and/or a bad choice of compiler so there is room for improvement once the basic program is debugged and operating as intended. Examples that comes to mind are utorrent and CIS that use memory efficiently and I'm inclined to use them over others and my computer runs fast and with "snap" because the memory isn't congested.


Blaxima reviewed v4.0 RC1 on Mar 10, 2011

My review was actually of this release so my comments remain the same but I always laugh when I see pompous remarks like d***justice's that never fail to show who the real moron's are. and d***, you're(not your) the moron

Reviewing 4.0 RC1 (Mar 10, 2011)

also this is 2011. if your still complaining about a computer program using too much memory your a moron

Artem S. Tashkinov

Artem S. Tashkinov reviewed v4.0 RC1 on Mar 10, 2011

Blazingly fast, a must upgrade for all 3.x users.


OAKsider reviewed v4.0 RC1 on Mar 10, 2011

Still the best browser with the best add-ons and a damn fine interface. I don't know why people mind all the betas, it is exciting to see the progress with each release, as long as there aren't any show-stopping bugs (I didn't notice any) and add-on developers can keep pace. On memory use, I trust the Mozilla team and, as said, there's typically plenty of RAM to spare these days.

Example of Firefox excellence (my browser right now). Stratiform, Omnibar, Barlesque, Tabs in Title Bar (style or userChrome mod), etc. http://i.imgur.com/SiUij.png


dickjustice reviewed v4.0 RC1 on Mar 10, 2011

love firefox but have found it too slow on certian websites that other browsers load faster and i don't know what people do with there PC when they have flash crashing on firefox.

also this is 2011. if your still complaining about a computer program using too much memory your a moron


HeilNizar reviewed v4.0 RC1 on Mar 10, 2011

Firefox is no longer just a browser, it's a life style, I love it and can't even imagine using something else, the best browser EVER.
I just hate how much memory it uses.


robmanic44 reviewed v4.0 RC1 on Mar 10, 2011

This browser is a joke, and not a funny one! Whoever wrote this should report to the rack.


FatBastard reviewed v4.0 RC1 on Mar 10, 2011

My favorite browser!


Blaxima reviewed v4.0 Beta 12 on Mar 10, 2011

Uses more memory than Chrome and Opera(which is using too much lately).
Renders slower than all the other browsers.
Has a new process(plugin-container) that runs along side it.
Nice interface though it's a rip of Opera.
Has a nice new status bar though it's a rip of Chrome


DudeBoyz reviewed v3.6.14 on Mar 4, 2011

This browser with a series of good, established plugins / addons gives a pretty solid browsing experience. Not perfect, and I'm not happy with some of the changes they are forcing into the 4.x series, but for now 3.x is doing ok.

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v3.6.14 on Mar 3, 2011

I haven't had FF on this PC for a while so to be fair I duly downloaded it, added Fasterfox, a few themes, and Adblock+.

I can understand why others like it but to me it seems clunky & ugly compared to the two browsers I usually use, Opera & Chrome.

Fortunately we are all different & FF was as fast as anything I've used, so I think it's getting down to personal preferences with the top browsers. I removed FF & am sticking to the browsers I have on. Nothing wrong with FF though!


kstev99 reviewed v3.6.14 on Mar 2, 2011

The best, most customizable browser ever!

Although I am now using Version 4 Beta 12.

It's close enough to final version to be very stable and adds some nice features. Tried Google Chrome at work, hated it. Besides there are trust issues with a browser from a company that relies on advertising revenue and tries to sneak a toolbar into nearly every shareware/freeware installation.


butthead reviewed v4.0 Beta 12 on Mar 2, 2011


1. Tabs on top, page loading indicator, single button system menu, Panorama, Sync are not examples of Chrome copying, but Opera copying and Panorama is not copying anyone, it is a completely new approach.
2 Add-ons setup without restart are available in Firefox 4 if the extension is written with Jetpack. The reason Chrome and Opera does not require restart is because their extensions are of simpler type.
3. Acid3 is by no means a benchmark how the browser will fare in rendering real web pages, also read: http://limi.net/articles/firefox-acid3


SineWave reviewed v3.6.14 on Mar 1, 2011

The only thing that bothers me in FF, and it's quite specific so not really a shortcoming for just like 99% of the people, is that it doesn't show some pictures [buttons, backgrounds... I don't mean pOrn.. it shows it alright :)] when I change the colours to my preference - white letters on black background. It only started to happen since v3.6 I think, but I'm not sure.

Regarding v3.6.14 in general, I can swear I experienced some nice speedups, again in everything from startup time to rendering.

I also install FF without even thinking to all of my clients and nobody complained about it, ever. The only problem is - some sites still need IE to use them properly, but in my view - that's their problem and they should recompile their s***ty HTML code for FireFox compatibility. I mean, everybody knows that MS is still trying to push their own version of HTML... so they could have monopoly, of course, what else...

Everybody is pursuing monopoly and proprietary formats of all kinds, just to try to squeeze out every last cent out of poor people in the end.

Anyway, FireFox and a few essential plugins rule. There's no need pondering much about it. I only wish they invest more time into smashing all the bugs and into optimising the code as much as possible. It still consumes too much memory in my opinion. Way too much. It can't work on an older PC with 128 MB RAM [for example] properly. Why using so much memory for a few pages [on tabs]... beats me.



roj reviewed v3.6.14 on Mar 1, 2011

While it on occasion can be glitchy and the plugin architecture is unsustainable from a corporate point of view, this remains my personal preference and the best pick for an enthusiast who loves configurability and privacy. It's biggest problem is also its greatest asset: plugins. They make an otherwise lacklustre browser a worthwhile experience.

FIVE stars.


ukexpat reviewed v4.0 Beta 12 on Mar 1, 2011


You can move the tabs below the menu bar and toolbars


tickleonthetum reviewed v4.0 Beta 12 on Mar 1, 2011

This new version of Firefox is shaping up nicely. Unlike others, I don't like the new interface. I prefer my menus at the top, then a toolbar, then the tabs, and finally a fixed status bar at the bottom. However, I'm sure the extension makers will have one to put it all back where it belongs!

For a beta this is pretty good, there are the odd crashes, and memory usage is a bit high, but the days of programs running in KB of memory are long gone and as we demand more and more features and support so the programs will get bigger.


UniversityofKentucky reviewed v4.0 Beta 12 on Feb 28, 2011

68MB here. Seems fairly stable. Not perfect on html5, but that's a working draft according to the w3c. Follow this link to see how many hard blockers are left.



lang999 reviewed v4.0 Beta 12 on Feb 28, 2011

features from old browser is removed.
And its not that fast compared to IE9 beta.


Slavic reviewed v4.0 Beta 12 on Feb 28, 2011

I am glad that Firefox developers eventually were able to re-invent the Chrome interface, for instance, I was waiting for the right place of URL link preview since beta 6 (about half of year!). Tabs on top, page loading indicator, single button system menu, Panorama, Sync are another examples of good Chrome re-invention. I only can wish developers to discover the process-per-tab feature, add-ons setup without restart and solve the last 3 tests of Acid3... Seriously, better late than never, but it's too late for me, I switched to Chome some months ago :(


DaComboMan reviewed v4.0 Beta 12 on Feb 28, 2011

No memory problems here (uses much less than Chrome).

Running just fine.


sn0wy82 reviewed v4.0 Beta 12 on Feb 28, 2011

Excellent browser- flash seems to crash less and all my add-ons (10+) seem to now be compatible.Also had no issues with memory leaks which proved an issue with previous beta builds. Cant wait for the final release!


HeilNizar reviewed v4.0 Beta 11 on Feb 21, 2011

OMG, its memory hungry, 200 - 300 MB???? WTF


cltx99 reviewed v4.0 Beta 11 on Feb 9, 2011

After using Chrome for a long time, I noticed that on my three computers Chrome began to slow down and render pages slowly, after working perfectly for a long period. So, I tried FF 4.10 and now FF 4.11. Needless to say I'm very pleased with performance and extensions. I also downloaded the latest Chrome 10 beta and it's as bad as it was before, but not quite as good as FF. Hats off to the folks at Mozilla, they've done a good job and I assume are making a strong comeback. I must admit though I miss Chrome when it was working like a finely tuned engine.


mfarmilo reviewed v4.0 Beta 11 on Feb 8, 2011

An excellent browser as always, and version 4 seems to be coming along very nicely. A number of addons are already compatible, and more should be updated as the release draws nearer.


ghammer reviewed v4.0 Beta 11 on Feb 8, 2011

Beta 11?


Banquo reviewed v4.0 Beta 11 on Feb 8, 2011

Seems the same as beta 10. I'm sticking with Firefox 3 as long as I can.


egg83 reviewed v4.0 Beta 10 on Jan 26, 2011

Have used the betas for a while, have had some rendering problems on certain sites, but not a huge deal. Also had a few extensions that were inoperable, I can get that too. Has been in beta stage for a long time, thought it would have gone to final release. Am starting to wonder about Firefox......


Banquo reviewed v4.0 Beta 10 on Jan 26, 2011

How the mighty have fallen. Was it really necessary for them to blatantly copy Opera's interface? They should have concentrated on fixing the memory issues and performance instead of trying to be a UI copycat, Firefox 3 had a good interface already but now it's ruined.


smanofsteel76 reviewed v4.0 Beta 10 on Jan 25, 2011

Not a bad browser but there is not enough here for me to switch from Google Chrome. Even on Windows, Google Chrome is like a mini operating system for the internet which comes complete with notifications, extensions, apps, themes, sync, and more. Firefox 4 seems to be playing catch up but Chrome still has more stuff going for it. I also hate restarting after installing extensions. LONG LIVE GOOGLE CHROME!


CobraPL reviewed v4.0 Beta 10 on Jan 25, 2011

The Best !


SteveJohnSteele reviewed v4.0 Beta 10 on Jan 25, 2011

10 Betas!
and how many RCs I wonder?

I like Firefox but I wish they would get on with it.


zapatero reviewed v4.0 Beta 10 on Jan 25, 2011

It still has a printing bug. When a text page is printed to PDF, it produces a graphical PDF, very large and non-searchable.


DudeBoyz reviewed v4.0 Beta 10 on Jan 25, 2011

I'll be sticking with Firefox v3.x for a long time, it looks. No status bar - how's that a good thing? I use it all the time, and so do many addons. It's incredibly useful.

Second, version 4.x changes the design of the browser in a way that I'm just not happy with. I'm not a Chrome guy - I'm a classic layout guy. I use the Past Modern theme and it's very space efficient and looks great. I don't need to have a total redesign shoved down my throat.

Also, constantly changing the code in a way that makes addons incompatible time after time is really getting annoying. Version 4.x just breaks too many things to be immediately useful to me.

And even though this is Beta / RC 10, it's STILL noticeably less stable than the 3.x line.

As with a few other releases lately, it's just not ready for prime time - and I don't think it will be for a few more stable releases. Maybe 4.5 would be worth revisiting, but for now, 3.x with great addons like NoScript, Adblock Plus and Flashblock is plenty good enough.

I use CCleaner to manage my cookies in conjunction with Firefox 3.x and find that works well for privacy. Hopefully it will stay capable until 4.x gets on its feet. I'm not anxious to make the leap to 4.x, but know in time it will probably be forced on us in order to get better support for HTML5, SVG and some other improving technologies. I just want 4.x to really be better before I have to make the leap.


darthbeads reviewed v4.0 Beta 10 on Jan 25, 2011

Cybercreep999 doesn't like it? I'm sold!


CyberDoc999 reviewed v4.0 Beta 9 on Jan 18, 2011

buggy ..... avoid


xpplus reviewed v4.0 Beta 9 on Jan 18, 2011

True Firefox 4 Beta 9 is extra slow
Firefox 4 is ugly to Vista and win 7 ugly Themes »

right now is Firefox 3.6.13 faster than Firefox 4,
yes hope Firefox when it comes out faster and more stable


Keverin reviewed v4.0 Beta 9 on Jan 15, 2011

ugly, slow, full of memory leaks, all the bugs that were there 10 years ago still are.


Sjamaan reviewed v4.0 Beta 9 on Jan 15, 2011

Fast as ray of light., low memory ussage and no major bugs so far. Best version of FF so far and the best browser for my needings beyond any doubt.


ballyhairs reviewed v4.0 Beta 9 on Jan 15, 2011

It uses a huge number of memory.
They should concentrate on making it fast, small, functional.. etc
And not kill computers with g** eye candy sh**


cltx99 reviewed v4.0 Beta 9 on Jan 15, 2011

Tried it on my LGE500 laptop. Seemed buggy. Not overly impressed. Probably would be better on my Dell Studio XPS desktop. Extensions seemed to be screwed up.


lang999 reviewed v4.0 Beta 9 on Jan 14, 2011

eats up all of ur ram


sn0wy82 reviewed v4.0 Beta 9 on Jan 14, 2011

The only browser I'll ever use. Dislike Chrome far to ugly with a lack of useful addons. IE would never be my first choice nor my last!


klavc reviewed v4.0 Beta 9 on Jan 14, 2011

I would really like and Firefox really needs to get a full sandbox as Gogole Chrome and Adobe Reader have.


thartist reviewed v4.0 Beta 9 on Jan 14, 2011

Betanews could spew an article on whether Firefox is too late or not.
Btw, excellent if a little boring.


smanofsteel76 reviewed v4.0 Beta 9 on Jan 14, 2011

Chrome is still better! Firefox 4 is too little too late.

Snow Queen

Snow Queen reviewed v4.0 Beta 9 on Jan 14, 2011

Mozilla development team, and especially UI designers should be dumped.


finnlayer reviewed v4.0 Beta 8 on Dec 31, 2010

fire fox is ok browser, it sticks on webpages and freeze on them, crashes a lot when it does this, but i encounter problems on explorer and chrome freezing on web pages. I use at lest the 3 browsers, when you have Mal ware effecting on one, them you can use the other to help you get on the web, i think the blab on browsers wars is stupid one, the amount of space on hard drives today, would it kill you to use more or a lest have plenty than just one. if your not happy then there is apple safari ..


Firenze reviewed v4.0 Beta 8 on Dec 21, 2010

Time is ripe for switching now that the biggest value of FF (AdBlockPlus) is getting ported to much better browsers Chome and Opera.


MikeTechno reviewed v4.0 Beta 8 on Dec 21, 2010

This is a good browser for sure, but Firefox seems to be falling farther and farther behind Google's Chrome and Opera in terms of real innovation. Firefox is no longer the leader when it comes to innovation and advancement when it comes to web browsing. They aren't really pushing the envelope like they use to. It seems like they have gotten way too conservative and lost their edge to the competition. Chrome wins on speed and Opera wins on features and innovation today. Where does that leave Firefox? Even the Minefield alphas still lack any real creative innovations yet it seems. Sadly, the Firefox developers don't appear to be anywhere near as aggressive or as gutsy as they use to be in terms of leading the pack and pushing the web browsing technology envelope. All the excitement in this space now seems to be firmly split between Chrome and Opera.


zapatero reviewed v4.0 Beta 8 on Dec 21, 2010

Still produces a huge-graphical PDF when printing to PDF a text page. Chrome is better for me.

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v3.6.13 on Dec 10, 2010

Still a decent browser, Most of the PC's I care for have it installed & the owners are more than happy.


sn0wy82 reviewed v3.6.13 on Dec 9, 2010

The only browser I'll ever use!


FatBastard reviewed v3.6.13 on Dec 9, 2010

Loooove this browser :)


robmanic44 reviewed v4.0 Beta 7 on Dec 2, 2010

I'm loving this. Firefox with no addons or extensions is something I wish was permanent. It's always been the weak link in this browser anyway. The only reason I don't give it 5 stars is its a beta.


LakotaElf reviewed v4.0 Beta 7 on Nov 14, 2010

I am sorry, but I do not see much about this firefox4 that I like, I took it out of my computer. When they removed the status bar that totally ruined it for me. I also found the url bar was quirky but it is a beta. I did not see it as much faster than firefox 3.6. I am going to move on, all this browser war junk is getting more than boring now.


Slavic reviewed v4.0 Beta 7 on Nov 12, 2010

For me, the best FF4.0 beta was Beta 3 (it's still available on filehippo.com): no Sync, no Panorama, simple single-column menu on Firefox button and the status bar where it has to be (!). Unfortunately, after that beta developers have chosen the wrong road. It's still possible to make available the previous UI and make all excessive features optional, but I heavily doubt in that...


Prospero424 reviewed v4.0 Beta 7 on Nov 11, 2010

MUCH improved from the beta 6 as far as speed. I'm seeing across-the-board gains in perceived responsiveness, startup speed, and rendering speed on every machine I've installed it on.

The status bar (at the bottom of the browser) has been permanently removed. You can still bring up an "add-on bar" at the bottom, but it has reduced functionality. Because of this major interface change, you need to keep an eye out for extension compatibility issues. I ran into some MAJOR showstopping ones before I got things ironed out.

Direct2D rendering is finally good enough for daily use by most people with compatible hardware. And the new addons browser is finally working.


belylal reviewed v4.0 Beta 7 on Nov 11, 2010

Firstly, it's better than the previous versions.
Add-ons didn't really work for me, it's not much faster than previous versions, it's visibly slower than Opera and/or Chrome...and, it started laging after a while, but then it could have been just the site I was on at that moment (Facebook)...
Better than the previous versions, any, but for me, not good enough to be my primary browser...

Yours Truly

Yours Truly reviewed v4.0 Beta 7 on Nov 11, 2010

Mostly I like what I see and experience in the freshly released Firefox 4 beta 7; however I do not care for where the Firefox Button (button with sub-menus) is placed. I'd prefer to see the Firefox Button and the Tab Bar be combined to save space (then that extra space could be allotted to web page viewing). If not the Mozilla organization, then I am hoping that someone will develop an extension to do just that, combine the Firefox Button with the Tab Bar, and reclaim wasted space to be used for the view port area.


DoHickey reviewed v4.0 Beta 7 on Nov 11, 2010

Where did the progress bar go?
I've looked all over in the view settings and in the options & can't find it.
I also want the stop button on my toolbar & can't find that either. Oh never mind, I found the darn stop button (on the other side of the url bar) what is it doing over there?. Plus I don't want the refresh & stop combo.
Surfing is fast, but the add on pages take forever to load.
At least download helper works with this one.
With all the things I have said in this posting, I still give it a 5.


DACWILSOL reviewed v4.0 Beta 7 on Nov 11, 2010

Default browser now. Renders all sites correctly. Speed is improved.


TC17 reviewed v4.0 Beta 7 on Nov 11, 2010

Much better than Chrome


mlazzaro reviewed v4.0 Beta 7 on Nov 11, 2010

Running very fast to me. All my addons are updating to version 4, only echofon stop working in this version.

Bart Welson

Bart Welson reviewed v4.0 Beta 7 on Nov 11, 2010

Still as slow as before, horrible UI, snail load times, good options removed and replaced by junk.


RitoSwan reviewed v4.0 Beta 7 on Nov 11, 2010

The fleeding userbase is right, Firefox is a dying cow.


CyberDoc999 reviewed v3.6.12 on Oct 28, 2010

this is very fast


dejavu reviewed v3.6.12 on Oct 28, 2010

What happened? More and more slow! Chrome or opera on horizon with same add-ons and bye FF!

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v3.6.11 on Oct 19, 2010

Lagging further behind Chrome on speed, although the future might change that. Still a nice browser & unbeaten with extensions & themes. Although for sheer speed it looks like Opera is the tops, my brain don't support milliseconds though.


krakokainer reviewed v3.6.11 on Oct 19, 2010

this browser is kickass yo


SuzzyWoozy reviewed v3.6.11 RC3 on Oct 15, 2010

come on guys! even Internet Exlorer 9 is faster than this!


CyberDoc999 reviewed v3.6.11 RC3 on Oct 14, 2010

this is a nightly build


jorgosch reviewed v3.6.11 RC3 on Oct 13, 2010

Did they fix the bug in this release that no history was shown or used as suggestion in the location bar?


soundchazer reviewed v4.0 Beta 5 on Sep 10, 2010

It is not ready yet... it behaves more like an alpha than a beta. Several pages that I visit will not load correctly (if at all), it crashed on me twice in one day, it mucks the cookies (I went back to 3.6 only to discover I had to clean my cache and certain cookies since I lost access to yahoo mail and gmail).

Oh... and this is a CPU and memory hog... would take a constant 25% of my CPU processes.

I'm baffled with all of these issues this is called a beta.


JeremyP reviewed v4.0 Beta 5 on Sep 8, 2010

All pages I went to were blank, and when Firefox was loading I got an error about an internal network security error.

Don't think I'll be running this Beta, thanks.


CyberDoc999 reviewed v4.0 Beta 5 on Sep 8, 2010

videos do not load

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v3.6.9 on Sep 8, 2010

No problems with ESET SS here, good browser but not as good as Chrome.

Robmaniac44, I thought you were using 'Seamonkey', if you can't find a good browser for Windows, I think your problems are not the browsers. Just a thought. :-)


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v3.6.9 on Sep 8, 2010

Thats ESET problem not Mozilla...


Prospero424 reviewed v4.0 Beta 5 on Sep 7, 2010


I've seen that many, many times before, and it's always been something in the user profile that causes it. Once you create a new user profile for Firefox, the problem goes away.

I've never had the problem on my own system, so I'm not sure exactly what causes it, but I've seen it on plenty of machines I've worked on.


Close Firefox and then start it again. The problem will go away.


LOTS of major changes in beta 5 over beta 4. Kind of surprising, actually. New download status behavior, new drop-down interface, hardware rendering now enabled by default if supported, and new font rendering.

So far, I haven't had any stability problems, but the hardware rendering system still has a few bugs to work out. For instance: videos embedded on web sites often don't render properly, even when they're not even playing.

I can't really decide if I like the new font rendering system or not on Windows. It's just... different. I guess time will tell.

Most of my extensions have progressed to the point that they at least offer nightly builds on their websites that work with these betas, and more are being updated every week. So nice, steady progress on that front.

Tab candy is nifty, but needs to be refined before I'll use it on a regular basis. Looks promising, though. And that kind of innovation is part of what keeps me coming back to Firefox.

Performance improvements over 3.x are slight, but noticeable. It's not gonna be the fastest kid on the block no matter what, but that's not really important to me as it's certainly fast enough.

If this were a final build, I'd give it a 4 because of the bugs and idiosyncrasies to be worked out. But for a beta, it's remarkably stable and usable, and I find it to be a big improvement over the 3.6 versions.


Galifray reviewed v4.0 Beta 5 on Sep 7, 2010

This is getting to be a bad habit. Every beta of Firefox 4.0 has the same issue when I try to upgrade. It crashes instead of upgrading. So every restart enters a repeating loop of start the upgrade, check extensions, crash, ask for error report, close down and repeat. Yeah, it's probably something to do with using the 32-bit version (because of Adobe Flash) on Windows 7x64, but still...


craigun reviewed v4.0 Beta 5 on Sep 7, 2010

I'm happy with the way Firefox is heading! This is so much better then the current version 3.6.


ye110mann reviewed v4.0 Beta 4 on Aug 29, 2010

Hopefully, this isn't the beginning of another bloatware. The list of unnecessary or inferior new "features" is increasing.

But the worst are the constant crashes. It may be the GPU acceleration which I enabled.


mancubs reviewed v4.0 Beta 4 on Aug 24, 2010

i am a newbie to fire fox ,i have got sick and tired of explore so it means that fire fox is going o be my browsers now it kinda rocks for me have tried all the others too,


XXXXXXX reviewed v4.0 Beta 4 on Aug 24, 2010

cgmark-Thanks for the Info!

Also check this page about D2D and links to test it out:

Firefox 4 Beta 5 running Beautiful!


Kelson64 reviewed v4.0 Beta 4 on Aug 24, 2010

I have never been a big fan of add ons, so what I want in Firefox is a fast, smooth and secure browser with good built-in features. Firefox 4 beta 4 is certainly fast.

The app tabs feature is working a bit better with this new version. Firefox now remembers your app tabs after you close the browser. However, I still don't see a way to "lock" a tab, preventing me from browsing to another site on that tab.

My biggest problem with Firefox at this point is font smoothing. I am not the youngest guy in the world, and I don't have the best eyesight. Firefox by far renders fonts the worst of any browser I use. I'd really like Firefox to implement a font smoothing feature, so that it gives us old guys a chance to actually "see" text on websites. I run websites for a living, and I simply can not use Firefox for browsing/updating my own sites. This makes Firefox a less viable option of my default web browser.

But overall I am very pleased with everything else about Firefox 4, Beta 4 right now.


cgmark reviewed v4.0 Beta 3 on Aug 13, 2010

If you have windows 7 you can enable gpu support so the gpu will handle scrolling, fonts, animation, video, etc

To enable D2D and DW support in Mozilla Minefield:

* Point your web browser to: about:config
* Agree to the warning message if presented
* Search for value: gfx.font_rendering.directwrite.enabled
* Set gfx.font_rendering.directwrite.enabled to true (left click it)
* Search for value: mozilla.widget.render-mode
* Set mozilla.widget.render-mode to 6
* Restart Minefield


CyberDoc999 reviewed v4.0 Beta 3 on Aug 12, 2010

Wow this is a big cpu pig
now I need a new computer just for this


ahjefri reviewed v4.0 Beta 3 on Aug 11, 2010

Nice UI but is not to the level of Opera UI,

Where is the new tab button, Missing in action,, or what,

Plugins container uses so much CPU, keeps my laptop fan working all the time, this is also in version 3

other than most of extensions do not work, it is a step forward ,

I still found opera 10.6 is nice experience, it simply rocking fast.. while others still lagging behind including chrome, IE not even in the picture.


conan1873 reviewed v4.0 Beta 3 on Aug 11, 2010



CobraPL reviewed v4.0 Beta 3 on Aug 11, 2010


so most extensions will not work.
Is that clear ?


jorgosch reviewed v4.0 Beta 3 on Aug 11, 2010

Thanks for the heads up... no extensions, no update.


Kelson64 reviewed v4.0 Beta 3 on Aug 11, 2010

Honestly, there's no reason to bother with this beta. Firefox has always been about the add-ons, and none of them really work with beta 3. The new app tabs are still not working properly. Ultimately, this is just a basic browser, and therein lies its weakness . . . as it doesn't perform as well as other browsers on the market.


UniversityofKentucky reviewed v4.0 Beta 2 on Aug 10, 2010

Acid3 test scores 97/100 for FF 4.0 beta2. FF 3.6.8 scores 94. So improvement there. Note Chrome scores a perfect 100.


TC17 reviewed v4.0 Beta 2 on Aug 9, 2010

I'm really sick of every update of Firefox breaking its addons. Every time it breaks all the addons. There is no excuse for this. It does it whether its a beta or not, any minor update, and your screwed out of your addons.


robmanic44 reviewed v4.0 Beta 2 on Aug 8, 2010

I like the fact that there are few extension offerings. I would like it if this were permanent.


Frankie122 reviewed v4.0 Beta 2 on Aug 5, 2010

It is faster, and more stable too.


robmanic44 reviewed v3.6.8 on Aug 2, 2010

In addition to its many other problems this browser has contaminated my ESET Smart Security so that it will only update using Mozilla Firefox. I've reported this issue to ESET and am waiting for an answer.

I wouldn't use this browser if they gave it away with a goldmine.


vortal reviewed v4.0 Beta 2 on Jul 28, 2010

Agree with the other comments here.
FF4 is shaping up nicely and damn it is quick.
Really want my addons now, LastPass is working but not others.
Good bye Chrome :)


sn0wy82 reviewed v4.0 Beta 2 on Jul 28, 2010

Finally Firefox is developing into something worth using. The only downside is the slow pace of developers making their addons work with it!


Aegis69 reviewed v4.0 Beta 2 on Jul 28, 2010

Wow, that renders fast. C'mon addons!

Lee Wilkerson

Lee Wilkerson reviewed v3.6.8 on Jul 28, 2010

I've been using and updating Mozilla for about a year now, and with one exception (v3.2 I think) It works just great. Better'n iexplore any day.


Kelson64 reviewed v4.0 Beta 2 on Jul 27, 2010

This is improving, and I like app tabs feature. However, I might be doing something wrong. Whenever I shut down the browser, the app tabs disappear. Aren't they supposed to be permanent? Also, if I have an app tab open, if I click on a bookmark, shouldn't it open it in a new tab . . and not where the app tab is? The only thing I don't like is that the app tabs do not seem to be permanent at all. Of course, I may be doing something wrong .. and if so, please enlighten me!


jorgosch reviewed v4.0 Beta 2 on Jul 27, 2010

Lots of useless reviews and fanboys. Still, it's Firefox, but Firefox is nothing without plugins.


CobraPL reviewed v4.0 Beta 2 on Jul 27, 2010

It is nice. Of course addons do not work YET, but browser itself works like a charm.


borisf98 reviewed v3.6.8 on Jul 26, 2010

No problems now. But you have to do clean install of Firefox and all extensions. Especially if you used Lastpass. When you install and uninstall some extensions,, problems with crashes will start to come up. So clean install is recommended.

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v3.6.8 on Jul 26, 2010

Stable, fast, free & heaps of extensions & themes. One of the best.


anomoly reviewed v3.6.8 on Jul 26, 2010

No issues at all period.
Hey roj. IE misses you.
How do you spell QA? Is this a trick question?


roj reviewed v3.6.8 on Jul 26, 2010

Oh look, another "golll-eee I frakked up again" update, a day after the last "golll-eee I frakked up again" update.

And it's STILL doing the "server not found" BS - on 7 (SEVEN) machines, five different users and three different version of Windows. The problem has gone on for year with successive releases - that's long enough and almost as stupid as the memory leak that plagued the browser for two years.

Can you clowns even spell QA ) of course fangurlz like anomoly can't even read and understand so the question is rhetorical for them)?

ONE stars for a dev team that clearly needs to get it in gear.


sld reviewed v4.0 Beta 3 Preview on Jul 25, 2010

The 1 star is for the lousy software reviewer. b3pre does NOT mean beta 3 preview, it means pre-beta 3 build i.e. Minefield nightly build. beta 2 isn't even out yet, please do not mislead your readers.


cgmark reviewed v4.0 Beta 3 Preview on Jul 25, 2010

Notice it says PREVIEW
A preview is an early version of a beta revision


onawim reviewed v4.0 Beta 3 Preview on Jul 25, 2010

Personally, I think others are just trying to mar the product. Firefox is a good browser and when version 4 is released, it will showcase a good product even better. 5 stars and keep up the work.


XXXXXXX reviewed v4.0 Beta 3 Preview on Jul 23, 2010

This is a nightly build and it is not ready for prime time. I still rate it a 5 because the program is still in developing stages but it is the best of the best browsers.


mfarmilo reviewed v4.0 Beta 3 Preview on Jul 23, 2010

I'm giving 5 stars because this is an excellent program. But what idjit saw fit to put a PREVIEW of beta 3 up here, when mozilla haven't even released beta 2 yet ? You're getting folks posting serious reviews on this based on an assumption it's the latest beta, and it's NOT.


ye110mann reviewed v4.0 Beta 3 Preview on Jul 23, 2010

Beta 2 isn't even out yet. Stop posting pre-releases! I'm running the first build of Beta 2 now. App tabs are here but they don't yet eliminate the navigation bar so they're of limited use. Would be nice if there was an option to always hide the nav bar when at a specified URL like mail.google.com. I don't really need the tabs to be open all the time. Also would be nice if when I type in the nav bar, bookmarks get prioritized. Would like to run bookmarklets from the nav bar too. In general, Mozilla needs to a lot of work with navigability.


Blaxima reviewed v4.0 Beta 3 Preview on Jul 23, 2010

Still extremely slow on start up and renders slower than other browsers. It also seems to have more page rendering issues then it used to.

Despite what blind fans say, this browser is clearly trying to play catch up with much better pieces of software like Chrome(- the security issues) and Opera. If this is the best Mozilla can do, then it's time to hit the bricks. Either that or dump more money in to promoting like they have done in the past because it surely doesn't go in to producing


UniversityofKentucky reviewed v4.0 Beta 3 Preview on Jul 23, 2010

Slava - though i have a 64-bit os, i don't see the utility of a 64-bit browser (or word processor, for that matter). I have never used MS IE 64-bit browser, and generally use FF 32-bit browser. This FF beta seems to run quicker. I do look at Chrome from time to time b/c of the speed, but do most serious work with ff.


Slavic reviewed v4.0 Beta 3 Preview on Jul 23, 2010

The version 4.0b3pre is in fact the trunk build, i.e. version in development which has not reached beta status yet, it's planned as public beta some time later, around 6th August. For me, most prominent feature of upcoming b3 is the Windows x64 version, which already works very smooth, but has lack of plugins yet, I hope they will be added soon. Available here:
Upcoming beta 2 is in 1-2 days before release after QA tests, link to build 1 is here:
Very promising!


saadsaleem reviewed v3.6.7 on Jul 22, 2010

Just make sure that you delete your complete history and off-line files if you are unable to open Gmail or render other sites properly.


roj reviewed v3.6.7 on Jul 21, 2010

Input Overload:

Jackass, just because YOU never had the issue doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Anyone with any experience in IT knows that - even neophytes. Just where does that leave you?

In any event you'll note that the changelog for this release includes fixes for "stability issues", a useful euphemism for "we frakked up yet again". You'll also note that others had the "Firefox sits there with its thumb up its azz and its mind in neutral trying to load a page" issue with the previous release, specifically the one I flayed.

Kids today...

FOUR stars for finally getting it right... after messing up yet again.


xsnred reviewed v3.6.7 on Jul 20, 2010

The only problem I have had with FF is that a page will not load , just sits there trying to load. If I hit the stop button and reload, the page comes up. I try the same page in Chrome and no problem. Chrome is certainly faster but FF is my browser of choice. I just loaded .7 so I'll see what happens there. If anyone can tell me why I get that slow load, would be much appreciated.


maddy143ded reviewed v3.6.7 on Jul 20, 2010

keeps messing my system,,,, keeps on crashing while running GM scripts, for no apparent reason.
the same script is running alright in Chrome, FF 3.5.1.

3.6.6 was a dud, lets hope 3.6.7 is better.

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v3.6.7 on Jul 20, 2010

From my point of view not quite as fast as Chrome 6 but an excellent browser that keeps getting better. One of the best!

roj, I suggest you purchase 'PC's For Dummies' as I have never had any dropped sites or other problems you have. I can assure you it's either your ISP or you don't understand PC's.

rog:- P.S. You seem a very angry person & as I'm from the UK the term 'Jackass' means nothing to me. The problems you have seem ongoing as it's not with just one or two builds you are having issues. I spend my working life in server rooms and I assure you the problem is yours. Wrap the PC up take it back to the shop (Store to you) & tell them you lack sufficient intelligence to own a PC. Hopefully after a few minutes conversation with you they will agree & give you a refund.


Zoroaster reviewed v3.6.7 on Jul 20, 2010

No problem, fast 'n' smooth. Comments like those of roj always stun me. I've been using Firefox since version 2.x, I've never-ever encountered roj's tribulations :) Not one crash, with 80 extensions and all traditional plug-ins...
I think some users should take care of their computer before blaming the world and the others :)


soldier1st reviewed v3.6.7 on Jul 20, 2010

awesome as always.


ye110mann reviewed v4.0 Beta 1 on Jul 15, 2010

Works perfectly for me. Disable add-on compatibility check and edited the userChrome.css to move the tabs to the title bar, giving me an extra line of web content. Still waiting on other promised features like app tabs and possibly a file browser.


roj reviewed v3.6.6 on Jul 12, 2010

Once again the twits at ZillaLand show their inconsistency. This is a problem that resurfaces every couple of point releases, gets righted mysteriously and then recurs two or so releases later again.

What problem is this?

Firefox will sporadically and for no apparent reason suddenly start dropping sites. It will claim that sites are not available but if refresh is done four or five times (or the browser dumped and reloaded), the sites will magically come up. In fact it did that just now posting this review. 3.0 used to have this problem. It went away with 3.5. Now it's back.

This was also in evidence a couple of point releases ago and was "fixed" until the current release. Before that, it was in evidence several releases prior and was again mysteriously "fixed". The changelog never ever iterates what was fixed. This is repeatable on different networks using different machines and completely highlights Firefox's ever present flaw and nemesis:


I am sick and tired of seeing this browser fall on its azz due to poor development practices and testing.

Anyone for .7?

ONE star for repeated stupidity.


uberfly reviewed v4.0 Beta 1 on Jul 10, 2010

Holy crap. I imagine they took Opera to their developers and said "make it look EXACTLY like this"...


Sven123456789 reviewed v4.0 Beta 1 on Jul 8, 2010

Visually, this is terrible. If this is the direction they are going in, than they have jumped the shark for sure. Like Windows vista/7, this trend towards min. buttons and toolbars is totally annoying. I'll stay with the 3. series and never upgrade to this version.


fudgetunnel reviewed v4.0 Beta 1 on Jul 8, 2010

Broke all but one of my extensions. Feedback didn't work. Uninstalled within 5 minutes.

Not ready for human consumption.


mfarmilo reviewed v4.0 Beta 1 on Jul 7, 2010

Excellent program, I've been using it for years and it just keeps getting better.

I'm a little surprised by Hilbert's comments. The only thing his rant achieves is to show that he doesn't have a clue about how addons work. Addon makers themselves include within the addon a range of Firefox versions the addon will work in. When Firefox loads addons on startup, it will block an addon if it doesn't explivitly say it can run in this version of Firefox. Of course the addons he's trying won't work in version 4. That's because the writer of the addon hasn't included version 4 as 'working' so Firefox refuses to run it. It's just plain daft to blame Firefox for that. It's up to the addon writers to release new versions that support Ver 4.


SteveJohnSteele reviewed v4.0 Beta 1 on Jul 7, 2010

Good but still needs work.

Sidebar for everything... History and Favorites open in sidebar - BUT downloads STILL open in a separate window - imho all these need to open in sidebar (or tab) - add to that source code (and several others I haven't thought of)

Each tab in separate process, as well as plugins.

The ability to pause everything (flash, gif, sound etc) on tabs that are not currently being viewed.

I sort of agree with Hilbert concerning addons.
Perhaps some 'go-between' layer would allow better backward compatibility.
Browser / compatibility layer / Addons

Andy Dean

Andy Dean reviewed v4.0 Beta 1 on Jul 7, 2010

Hilbert why not have a rant at the extension makers for not keeping up.
Overall this version is running fine, a little faster than previous versions and I love the tabs at the top :)


Hilbert reviewed v4.0 Beta 1 on Jul 7, 2010

UPDATE (original post at end):

@mfarmilo: Re my criticisms of Firefox 4 beta.

Unfortunately, I'm all too familiar with how add-ons work in Firefox; moreover, how Mozilla has implemented versioning control within Firefox is fundamental to the problem. Suffice to say, except in rare circumstances, versioning should be ignored in Firefox or at most, the program should only issue warnings when users install earlier-version add-ons. (And I don’t need any spurious lectures on security or of program stability as they're not germane to the fundamental points I'm making here--security is a totally separate argument altogether and programming APIs should be stable standards subject to well regulated change control processes and not jumping about like lotto ball numbers.)

Let's look at the Mozilla Firefox add-ons problem holistically, in such an approach we're not interested in how add-ons actually achieve what they do--as that is a matter of engineering detail--but rather we should focus on how the user perceives and reacts to the outcome which they're supposed to deliver. Now, in the broader context of the PC environment, consider how these issues affect the viability of Mozilla's flagship product, Firefox:

1. Can you seriously imagine what users would say or do if Microsoft brought out a new version of Windows which would not run most of the user's programs? There'd be utter outrage and rightly so. Witness Vista--even when a small percentage of programs failed to run on it, the consequences were sufficiently bad to affect Microsoft's bottom line. The question has to be asked as to why Firefox is so special--so fickle or so fundamentally different that it cannot comply with the expected user norm, as does MS Windows.

1.1 In the absence of any better reason I've heard so far, I'd contend that the incompatibility issues, inter alia, either result from fundamental design flaws or limitations in Firefox's design/architecture--or the lack of foresight in the initial design thereof or it's that Mozilla keeps changing its mind, or it's both. Is Firefox a design failure, directionless or both?

1.2 Even if Firefox and its plug-ins/add-ons are free then users' and IT staff's time usually is not. Simply, users will not tolerate being continually mucked about in this way.

1.3 Making excuses for Mozilla simply because it's perceived to be the underdog in the long running war with Microsoft simply doesn’t hold water, it never has. Bad design is still bad design, bad coding is still bad programming no matter who does it. And here we're all ill served by Mozilla making every new version of Firefox incompatible with previous ones, especially so given the long time Mozilla has been producing Firefox.

2. From the program's inception, Mozilla has failed consistently and repeatedly to code into Firefox certain key features that are and have been a vital part of Internet Explorer's specification/function for years. Effectively, Firefox's implementation of Web browsing is a poor and substandard experience to that offered by Internet Explorer simply by virtue of it using only a subset of IE's key functions. When Mozilla decided to downsize the ailing bloated Netscape, its minimum specification should have been 'all the key operational functions of IE 5' and some icing on the cake to entice users away from IE. What Mozilla actually gave us with Firefox wasn't even all the cake let alone any decent icing! We did however get lots of anti-Microsoft propaganda and hype (even if MS well deserved it).

2.1 One case really stands out: I'm specifically referring to the fact that in every edition/version of Firefox to date including the new version 4 beta, Mozilla failed to include the key function to save a Web page as a single (archive) file, specifically Internet Explorer's 'Web Archive, single file (*.mht*)' format, the MHTML/MIME HTML, RFC 2557, which Microsoft correctly and adroitly incorporated within Internet Explorer 5 as far back as 1999--long before Firefox saw the light of day!

2.2 With respect, if at this late juncture of the browser debate, the reader fails to understand the significance saving a Web page to a single archive file, then perhaps he or she shouldn't be in this discussion. [In this information age where increasing data entropy is of concern for many--especially archivists, librarians, researchers and dare I say even students, it simply does not make sense to save a Web page as multiple files spread out over different directories so as to easily get lost or be separated in transport or in the archiving process; or for parts--files--to get gobbled up by duplicate eliminators and cleaners etc.] Incidentally, as well as IE, the Opera browser also incorporates saving Web pages as MHT files as a native inbuilt function and it has done so for quite some considerable time.

2.3 Ordinary users have very little conception about how a Web page is stored in bits and pieces and usually do not understand why when they sent a stored page across a network or the Internet that it usually displays in some very broken fashion if at all--nor should they need to as the problem ought not exist. Instead of leading by example and contributing to further development of RFC 2557 standard--which incidentally is sorely needed--Mozilla has chosen abrogate its position of power and responsibility by ignoring the issue altogether. Clearly, Mozilla couldn’t care less about such users; presumably it does not perceive them as part of its geeky market, which only further attests to the common belief that Firefox is not a browser for the ordinary user but one written by geeks for geeks.

3. Yes, I can hear '…but there's Firefox add-ons for MHTML' roar from here. Correct, there's add-ons UnMHT and Mozilla Archive Format (MAF/MAFF) for Firefox. However, this is the thrust of my point--neither of the latest versions of these add-ons works in the Firefox 4 beta. Almost every time Mozilla updated Firefox, point version or otherwise, users who wanted to save Web pages in single archive files were thwarted, they simply couldn’t use Firefox until the add-on writers had graciously rewritten their products. Essentially for users who use MHTML files, Firefox was unusable, and quite often it was so for long periods. Before UnMHT came upon the scene there was an inordinately long period where 'Mozilla Archive Format' was not updated at all which left its users who updated Firefox high and dry, the only viable option left was for them to revert back to IE which they usually did

3.1 Mozilla's failure to incorporate such a key function into Firefox was an unacceptable policy decision as it left users vulnerably exposed to a part time add-on/extension writer who had insufficient time to adequately develop the product. Moreover, it's also a clear failure of Mozilla's policy of 'we-can't-get-a-big-bloated-program-to-work-properly-so-let's-build-a-small-one-by-leaving-key-functions-out-and-then-leave-users-to-the-vagaries-of-part-time-add-on-writers. Heaven forbid, is this really the best way to develop key software in the 21st Century? I think not.

3.2 Right, I accept that Microsoft was initially responsible for the problem by giving Internet Explorer away 'free' and thus undercutting the viability of other browser manufacturers. Nonetheless, Mozilla has perpetuated the problem and it must accept much of the responsibility for it. It has never acknowledged the serious limitations of its present add-ons development methodology--at least to ordinary users--nor has it taken adequate and prudent steps within the development process to overcome such limitations, it blithely goes on its merry way with an attitude of hang the concerns of ordinary users. This attitude is especially abhorrent in recent years given now that Mozilla's financial viability is reasonably well assured.

4. For many thinking IT people, Mozilla's Firefox was potentially a godsend as it offered great potential for escaping the clutches of the buggy virus-prone Internet Explorer. However, in practice, this often turned out not to be the case.

4.1 Many IT departments, Help Desks etc. found that Firefox compatibility issues and ongoing updates to be a major operational and deployment headache and they continue to do so. These issues are not just hypothetical problems but rather ones of considerable operational significance that have a substantial affect on the operation of an IT department. Here's a short and incomplete list:

* As stated, Firefox broke and continues to break plug-ins and add-ons whenever it is upgraded. This problem represents significant deployment and maintenance costs for such operations.

* Firefox has ongoing compatibility issues--a la the MHT/MHTML problem. Moreover, it's very questionable whether recent changes in Mozilla's development policy with respect to add-ons etc. will solve the broader problem of what is to be included with or excluded from Firefox's inbuilt functions.

* Firefox obfuscates users' data files, thus it's difficult for users (and time consuming and costly for IT staff) to trawl through Firefox's user-file detritus to find lost data or to transfer it to other programs. (In the real world of daily IT operations, this is a much bigger problem than most geeks and Firefox aficionados would ever suspect.)

* Even the seemingly simplest of issues has become a significant issue for many IT departments. For example, Firefox 'Bookmarks' are not directly interchangeable with those of IE's 'Favorites', nor are they directly exportable to IE's format (and to a degree they are obfuscated when the 'Bookmarks' file is examined by other programs, text editors etc.). Whilst Firefox has an importer and backup for 'Bookmarks', it has no export function--as is the case with so many programs whose programmers arrogantly assume that their program is the definitive one from which no one would ever need to export data. Again, to solve these problems users have had to resort to various add-ons that usually break every time Firefox is updated.

4.2 Instead of Firefox being the best solution for many IT departments it has become more trouble than it is worth, thus more often than not, the choice has been to remain with troublesome, virus-prone Internet Explorer--but it's a product whose plug-ins rarely broke! Even now, I know of organizations that continue to use the dreadful IE 6 simply because zealots and geeky programmers at Mozilla prefer to give development time over to their own interests in preference to that of the ordinary hapless user. It's quite a disgrace really, the fact that Mozilla thinks and works in this way means it's done the computing industry a significant disservice.

5. To make matters worse, Mozilla often does not fix well know problems, even serious bugs that its programmers have known about for years still remain within Firefox. For example, the well-known and annoying bug in Firefox's printing where printed pages contain badly formatted data and or where only a few pages of say a dozen or so of those displayed are actually printed, is still present in the new Firefox 4 beta. Here's a current example of this printing problem which I came across whilst testing the Firefox 4 beta. It's a common enough Web page in which one would not expect to experience a printing problem:


The Web page only prints to about half way through the displayed screen content (for me it printed up to the end of the sentence which ends '…where paint is not to be removed').

5.1 I personally have referred this problem to Mozilla on occasions over recent years and I know others have too, yet this serious Firefox bug still remains ignored by Mozilla's developers and has done so for far too long. This is such a major bug, that for some IT departments, it alone is considered serious enough to have Firefox banned on the grounds that it does not meet the fitness for purpose criteria, which essentially means that it does not work in a key and vital area of its functionality. Again, it's just another instance of where zealot Mozilla geeks prefer to work on their own more popular agendas rather than fix key (but boring) issues which are important to ordinary users. BTW, current versions of Opera all print the aforementioned page without difficulty.

6. If you think I'm overstating the case then you solitary programmers and computing types should think again. You simply have not worked in a Help Desk or IT department where Firefox updates are just dreaded, as dozens of users will experience plug-ins and add-ons that afterwards will no longer work. Nor have you felt the wrath of management when things suddenly fail to work after a Firefox upgrade, or of the effects on the morale of IT staff when your accounts department fails to pay overtime or consultant's fees incurred in rectifying Mozilla's f%#@-ups.

Firefox is not a standards-setter but rather a poor follower. Except in areas where its geeky programmers want to lead it, Firefox leads only from behind and it always has. Opera for example has always been a much better leader; even though it's not a market leader, but it's usually the one from whom others including Mozilla have regularly pinched new browser ideas. Unfortunately for many ordinary users, machinations over Firefox updates and add-ons will be of little or no concern as Firefox remains without sufficient enticement to make them change from Internet Explorer.

I've been a longstanding critic of Microsoft for many years so it's been hard for me to write such critical words about a product that ought to have eaten IE for breakfast years ago. That's a fact, believe it as you may[1].

What I find so disconcerting is why so many users and programmers alike are so thankful for such small mercies. Why is it that so many are prepared to continually put up with software that has been so badly engineered, both functionally and ergonomically, which if it were any other product other than software, would be the subject of consumer legislation and lemon laws--but when given a minor paint job here or there--it is then perceived by them as a major breakthrough or advance in the state of the art? It is little wonder that we remain mired in MS Windows security issues and such whilst there's so little critical debate over this issue of software quality. When it comes to software, it is as if the Internet has forced us all into a consensus of accepting that the lowest common denominator will actually do, it's effect is as if we'd been weened forcibly off the notion that software quality and the performance of software actually does matter.

Furthermore, it's been thus for a long time. In September 1994, SciAm published a seminal article by W. Wayt Gibbs on the problems of software development, 'Software's Chronic Crisis - Trends In Computing'. This perceptive and insightful article, which ought to be compulsory reading for all within the software industry especially developers, explores the problematic depths of software development, and it is just as relevant today--probably more so--than when it was written some 16 years ago. All Mozilla Firefox development issues to which I've referred are encapsulated therein, issues are so concisely explained that even Firefox's developers should have little difficulty in understanding them:


Key issues and problems have changed little since then, if anything they're worse now than they once were. Since this article was published we've witnessed the whole vulnerability debacle of Microsoft's Windows and Internet Explorer with their seemingly-endless number of security holes not to mention thousands of bugs, ongoing fixes and of course paid upgrades which automatically propel users into the next level of the same. In practice it seems we've learned little or nothing since then, even supposed mavericks such a Mozilla have fared little better, for they've just produced more of the same with cherries on top.

An original September 1994 issue of this SciAm takes pride of place in the computing and programming section of my bookshelf where it remains a constant reminder and leveler whenever I get too excited over software that the industry purports to be new and wonderful with bells on top. Perhaps BetaNews/FileForum's readers could do worse than to place copies in their own libraries.


[1] I don't believe anyone would have the stamina to consecutively read another post of mine, but the proof is here: http://www.betanews.com/...lorer-6-ills/1265215653

P.S.: it seems I've been dueling with @mfarmilo previously, he's also the recipient of this other long post about Microsoft (URL directly above). Perhaps we should meet for coffee one day, I'm sure we'd get along famously. :-)



Here's my uninstall feedback comments to Mozilla:

"Plug-ins/Add-ons, as usual, are broken AGAIN!! What the hell's wrong with you all at Mozilla that every major and many minor versions of Firefox have been incompatible with earlier add-ons??? You've been screwing up the add-ons for years. This time it's a record--of the 9 common widely-used add-ons that I've tried on Firefox v4--NOT ONE single one has worked!!





Why are many of you other reviewers so content and happy to score broken goods so highly? No wonder the quality of software is in such a bad state.


zapatero reviewed v4.0 Beta 1 on Jul 7, 2010

Using it since yesterday, no problem so far. Good.


belylal reviewed v4.0 Beta 1 on Jul 7, 2010

This version of Firefox is just as fast as Opera or Chrome, but better. It just feels better, more professional. Add-ons still not working but the way this is going that won't be a problem in the future. I've been using Chrome for a while now and it's great, compared to this version of Firefox though it's just to minimalistic, too simple. Firefox gets the job done just as nicely and just as quickly without being minimalistic.
Firefox is back on track with this one...


pjb reviewed v4.0 Beta 1 on Jul 7, 2010

Nice update from the previous B1. Works really well, especially using the tip from thartist via KillerZ123 - addon's work ok. The only ones I have had to disable are Xmarks (as it won't sync) and Tab Mix Plus (as it causes my tabs to become irregular sizes)


DaComboMan reviewed v4.0 Beta 1 on Jul 7, 2010

Noticeable speed increase.

Don't care much for tabs on top but at least they've kept an option to keep them as before.

Can't wait for final version!


tontito reviewed v4.0 Beta 1 on Jul 7, 2010

nilst2006 that really looks like a stupid comment.

test the software then comment.

I whish i could delete your comment...


Diam0nd reviewed v4.0 Beta 1 on Jul 7, 2010

A lot better than before.
But the design looks almost exactly like Opera. I mean, all browsers looks very similar these days, but here even the coloring, buttons, etc looks EXACTLY like Opera. Lame ;/


cool_guy reviewed v4.0 Beta 1 on Jul 7, 2010

Beautiful and sleek design. The new revamped UI is absolutely beautiful. Looks awesome on Aero Well done! We need something like this for Thunderbird. I have placed the tabs at the bottom as they seem to be better matching the Aero UI in my own opinion.

Can't tell on Windows 7 whether there are any start-up performance improvements due to superfetch misbehaving. Every time you start Windows (sometimes it would take FF 1 second to start literally and sometimes 7 seconds). 5 stars from me but pay attention on the start up speed or the score will go down.


nms04 reviewed v4.0 Beta 1 on Jul 7, 2010

ugly and slow as hell!


thartist reviewed v4.0 Beta 1 on Jul 6, 2010

ADD-ON COMPATIBILITY: disable add-ons compatibility check under about:config by adding add new boolean 'extensions.checkCompatibility.4.0b' and set to false. Restart FF.

Credit to KillerZ123, works perfect for my addons.


xsnred reviewed v4.0 Beta 1 on Jul 6, 2010

I read a good review over at Lifehacker which some good screen shots too. My jury is still out on this new build. Redesigning the UI is all good I guess, but I hope it will be as functional as 3.6. I have been a big fan of FF but lately I have been using Chrome a lot because of the clean interface and speed. I like simple and FF4 doesn't look clean and simple. I'm sure it will be extremely functional for the business community that needs all the makeover you're going to get. I'm only giving it a 1, but then again I haven't tried it yet. Sorry, don't like betas.


smaragdus reviewed v4.0 Beta 1 on Jul 6, 2010

An awful course of development of both Firefox and Opera, why should they copycat the terrible piece of wood called Chrome? Firefox 4 does not look good. I am not apt to correct its terrible design with the use of themes. The tabs are anti-ergonomic. It seems that Firefox and Opera will force me to make either Safari or K-Meleon my default browser. A great disappointment.


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v3.6.6 on Jul 3, 2010

@ ZenWarrior - delete Mozilla folders in Documents, should helps...


Stevefarrell reviewed v4.0 Beta 1 Candidate on Jun 30, 2010

I tried this beta 1 until I discovered that the public beta 2 is available. Its called 4.0b2pre. Now just hoping they include the GPU acceleration in the next build. This new build is certainly faster than 3.6.6 but most of my addons are incompatable.


TheDevilHimself reviewed v4.0 Beta 1 Candidate on Jun 30, 2010

Now I have tried Mozilla Firefox 4.0 beta 1 for a couple of days, and it works perfect, its fast and smooth, no s*** here. I use a medion Akoya mini computer and I haven't noticed any problems at all. Normally I use Google Chrome latest beta version and I like it so far, but this new Mozilla beta version is good and I will shurely continue for a couple of days more.


rstat1 reviewed v4.0 Beta 1 Candidate on Jun 29, 2010

@b0mmel I'm pretty sure the UI is still a work in progress. Which means its gonna look unpolished.
Note that this isn't even 4.0 Beta 1, its a candidate build to be labeled Beta 1 should it pass the necessary testing.


lucianct reviewed v4.0 Beta 1 Candidate on Jun 29, 2010

the UI in windows7 could have been better. the strata40 and stratabuddy addons do a lot better job with firefox 3.6 than firefox 4.0b1 without any addons


b0mmel reviewed v4.0 Beta 1 Candidate on Jun 29, 2010

Seriously underwhelmed. The interface looks very unpolished, the browser is slow to start and lags when scrolling on many sites. Feels like driving a 20 year old worn out car. Tested it only on a netbook, but Chrome 6, IE9 DP 3 and Opera 10.60 all perform excellent on it.

I realize this is Beta 1 but I expected a lot more.

Actually 1 star but I'll give it 2 for the sake of the old times.


elitegangsta reviewed v4.0 Beta 1 Candidate on Jun 29, 2010

Nice operation, seems pretty stable on my system. Top tabs need to shift left about 4 pixels, only flaw i've noticed so far. I'm liking the new interface though, nice and clean.


pjb reviewed v4.0 Beta 1 Candidate on Jun 29, 2010

Works well, tried it this afternoon.
Add-ons tend not to work at the moment, but that is down to the provider.
Am sure add on updates will arrive shortly.
The GUI is ok, would like to see the first tab flush left with the rest of the left interface,


xsnred reviewed v3.6.6 on Jun 28, 2010

I, like DaComboMan, have tried every browser out there but I always come back to FireFox. That doesn't mean it is the best, it means it's the best for me. I read all the bad reviews about crashing and what nots but I very rarely have a problem. I use it mostly at home and don't need 45 tabs opened and then complain that it crashes. To clarify something, I do like the other browsers and think they perform to what the makers say, but I like Firefox for me.


borisf98 reviewed v3.6.4 on Jun 25, 2010

You can put all plugins into "out of process" block with just one change in about:config.
Since I installed Flash 10.1, I have not seen any crashes or crash logos due to Flash. It is a huge deal.

Could be faster. It is plenty fast for normal use, but you do not want to be slowest browser on the net.
Problems with some JavaScript applications. I had to block Disqus talkbacks because it crashed Firefox all the time. Engadget.com used to freeze for 20 seconds every time article opened.


ZenWarrior reviewed v3.6.4 on Jun 24, 2010

I've not been able to start Firefox without it immediately freezing since updating to 3.6.4. Goodbye, Firefox.

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v3.6.4 on Jun 23, 2010

I used to be an Opera user for years but moved to Firefox a few months ago & it just keeps getting better. A great browser.


UPieper reviewed v3.6.4 on Jun 23, 2010

V3.6.4 is much better than previous 3.6.x versions as far as memory consumption is concerned


DaComboMan reviewed v3.6.4 on Jun 22, 2010

Have been testing all latest releases from Opera, Maxthon, Google Chrome and Safari but still keep coming back to Firefox. Allways a dynamite browser!


FatBastard reviewed v3.6.4 on Jun 22, 2010

This is the best browser. Fäck chrome !!!


bopb99 reviewed v3.7 Alpha 5 on Jun 15, 2010

Find this release very interesting with the speed improvements they have done. Can't wait for the final version.

Oh please.
You find it boring, whoehoeboehoe...

It's a normal UI for a browser.
That it doesn't gets flashier constantly is something you will have to live with.
Besides, it's better than Chrome's or IE's UI.

About the addons, they also check for the version number. That's why there is that message about saying you need firefox.


thartist reviewed v3.7 Alpha 5 on Jun 14, 2010

hmmm this alpha5 looks as boring as firefox always did even with the new glass.
i'm holding my expectations till the 4.0 new interface is implemented.


juanito1968 reviewed v3.6.4 RC1 on Jun 3, 2010

This is not RC1; is the Build # 6 of the Beta release.
Check http://releases.mozilla....ightly/3.6.4-candidates/ and/or http://ftp.mozilla.org/p...ightly/3.6.4-candidates/ for any further information.
FileForum or Mozilla mistake?


fudgetunnel reviewed v3.6.4 RC1 on Jun 2, 2010

Yes, RC1 still has the memory leak.

Try this:

Start fresh browser.

Crt-alt-del > Windows Task Manager> Processes> Firefox.exe (and plugin-container.exe)

Note memory usage.

Open 5 Youtube videos in seperate tabs. Play for a few minutes.

Close all tabs.

Note memory usage now.

Both the Plug-in Container and Firefox executable will remain bloated.



Zoroaster reviewed v3.6.4 RC1 on Jun 2, 2010

So far so good. New separate processing threads for browser plug-ins (Adobe Flash, Apple Quicktime and Microsoft Silverlight to start with) reveals itself by means of a 'plugin-container.exe' localized in the Mozilla Firefox folder, and works at this time perfectly well. Strange to read a flash file and see the firefox.exe cpu rate stay way down.... whilst 'plugin-container.exe' is doing the hard work! Nevertheless, total cpu usage for firefox.exe + plugin-container.exe when reading a flash file was lower than for firefox.exe alone on version 3.6.3.
Splendid, crossing fingers for more positive experimentation.


alanladd reviewed v3.6.4 Beta 3 on May 19, 2010

Would love to rate Firefox 3.6.3 however, I can't as Firefox will not open for me. My previous version (don't ask because I don't know and I uninstalled it) worked fine but I decided to update. Went for 3.6.3. Installed but will not open. Uninstalled 3.6.3 and downloaded 3.5.9 but that won't work either. Am about to give 3.7 alpha a go but I'm not holding out much hope. GIVE ME BACK MY FIREFOX - I hate to slowness of IE.


borisf98 reviewed v3.6.4 Beta 3 on May 17, 2010

I am reporting on Firefox 3.6.4b4. Do not install it. Day after I installed it, Firefox stoped working. It went to offline mode and stoped functioning.


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v3.6.4 Beta 3 on May 8, 2010

@ ubermann - no memory leaks anymore...
Firefox has now the best memory management... :)

etc... ;)


ubermann reviewed v3.6.4 Beta 3 on May 7, 2010

Still Memory leaks?
I gave up on firefox since 3.x


4122 reviewed v3.6.4 Beta 3 on May 6, 2010

Very stable....even with the latest beta version of Flash. I'm not experiencing any of the stability problems Borisf98 is even though I'm running a bajillion extensions myself.

Maybe I'm just lucky.

Vivek Kowshik

Vivek Kowshik reviewed v3.6.4 Beta 1 on May 5, 2010

A print bug that I had pointed out in version 2.x has now reappeared in 3.6.3. Almost any website which is spread over multiple pages, gets completely disoriented and has missing sections and blank pages for no reason, when printed to a pdf document. This is immediately visible when we see the preview of a page. Increasing the zoom factor causes more of the contents to get lost.
This is a big problem when we need to store a pdf for future reference. It appears there is very little attention being paid to the printing ability of the browser these days, and more time being spent on just about everything else.


Galifray reviewed v3.7 Alpha 3 on Apr 26, 2010

After a long absence from using Firefox, I decided to try out the latest build. I found it funny that Mozilla's Add-ons Site kept telling me that I needed Mozilla Firefox to install add-ons. Amusing, if only for the comedy of being told on Firefox that I needed Firefox, and YES, it was with the few add-ons that were supposedly for use with 3.7 a4. Even with Nightly Tester Tools installed I got the same message about needing firefox. Though oddly, I could install the same extensions and themes via the add-on dialog and search that is part of the browser. Oh, I like the new settings, especially the privacy setting, but... Firefox is banished from my computer once again.


borisf98 reviewed v3.6.4 Beta 1 on Apr 25, 2010

Not under any circumstances update to 3.6.4beta or any version with plugin container. Mozilla should not be pushing it. It is not ready. Also do not install latest Flash betas and release candidates. I had my Firefox crashing twice per hour. I thought it was because of one of my 80 extensions and gazillions of scripts I installed. But it was not the case. After I downgraded to Firefox 3.6.3, removed Adobe Shockwave, and uninstalled latest Flash, problem seemed to be solved. Knock on the wood.


softapo7 reviewed v3.6.4 Beta 1 on Apr 24, 2010

This one is fast, faster than Chrome or Opera. Best thing out there.


fudgeworth reviewed v3.6.4 Beta 1 on Apr 23, 2010

Still has memory leak.

Try this:

Start fresh browser.

Crt-alt-del > Windows Task Manager> Processes> Firefox.exe (and plugin-container.exe)

Note memory usage.

Open 5 Youtube videos in seperate tabs. Play for a few minutes.

Close all tabs.

Note memory usage now.

Time to fix this fellas.


budzis reviewed v3.6.4 Beta 1 on Apr 21, 2010

-> Uriel

Google Chrome is open source too.


Uriel reviewed v3.6.4 Beta 1 on Apr 21, 2010

The main problem concerning Google Chrome is that they have a lot of data about you. They do record everything. Forever. In many ways, the information they have paints a more complete picture of you than even your best friend would know about you. So if you forget when your friend's birthday or what their favorite color is, give Google a call. They will tell you. Firefox, on the other hand, is open sourced. Experience programmers check the code all the time and know it is safe.


mjm01010101 reviewed v3.6.4 Beta 1 on Apr 20, 2010

On a 3+ year old system upgraded with a 1.5 year old processor, 4 GiB RAM, Firefox is using 90 MiB after 1 hour of use. I've visited about 60 sites, have 6 extensions installed, and have used it heavily. I use Firefox constantly. I wouldn't mind if it used 10x the memory it uses now. After all, *that is what memory is for.*

CPU wise I can't get it to crack 10% unless I load say a video on youtube. It then cracks about 30-40% in 1080p. Again, this is what I expect. I'm not running the latest and greatest hardware here, so I know it only gets better with better hardware.

I do have a concern with the new plugin-container process. I never had issues with plug-ins previously. Why would I want a process simply to monitor the behavior of the plug-in? If a plug-in crashes on a particular site, I simply no longer visit the site. My plug-ins are more important across all the sites I visit than the sites I visit. Thankfully I don't see crashes with plug-ins. I removed java years ago from my personal systems because it's simply too insecure and bloated. I am seriously considering removing Flash, because I do want to progress the standards-based ideals of html5. But for now it stays, lazy I suppose.
4.7 stars, rounded up to 5.


glassdesigns reviewed v3.6.3 on Apr 6, 2010

I love this browser because I have it customized just the way I like it. Unfortunatly its performance just keeps getting slower. Due to the slow performance I find myself using Chrome more and more. Chrome might not have the extensions I have grown used to in FF, but this is a compromise I have been willing to accept in order to gain performance. Come on Mozilla, if Chrome can run smoothly, why can't FF. Two stars for you, for lack of keeping up with the compatition.


dotnetnightmare reviewed v3.7 Alpha 3 on Apr 6, 2010

3.7a4 is the current alpha I am reviewing. The launch speed is dramatically improved and page rendering is fast! I used this in side by side comparison with chromium and F.F. was faster at loading web sites! I hate chrome {DISCLAIMER}. FF has a better visual appeal and those that use Windows 7 want an attractive interface. I have nightly tester plugin to force install omnibar and new glasser (SzymekPL version) and with Midnight Glass Aero 7 theme from DeviantArt, this is stunning. Speed, Performance, Appearance, Stability, from a browser that is aged and mature in development. Nothing is ever this good. Maybe they could develop my next wife.


uberfly reviewed v3.6.3 on Apr 5, 2010

I stick with Firefox due to its plug-in community, and the 3.6 release FINALLY fixed a many year old packet protocol bug. It's memory usage infrastructure though has got to change. If you leave Firefox open for a few days, memory usage swells to 400 + meg causing sluggishness and stuttering in the browser. Opera on the other hand can sit for a week and rarely pass 20.


Meeky reviewed v3.6.3 on Apr 4, 2010

Slow as molasses, memory leaks everywhere (as a test, go ahead and leave a tab open overnight and see the memory rise for no apparent reason), more crash prone than 3.5.x versions, etc.

Mozilla seems to be going backwards with their browser. Suffers from too many programmers and not enough quality control. When Chrome gets more polish and extensions, I'm dumping Firefox.

Oh and a tip: If you want a faster Firefox experience, try Pale Moon. It's like Firefox but for people whose computers are newer than their college bound children.


Sativarg reviewed v3.6.3 on Apr 2, 2010

If you havent taken the time to GOTO
Firefox Features page you should do and really have a good look around you may find out some things you had missed. Just yesterday I wanted to zoom in om a graph JPG and I though what was that pluggin I saw once... Today I went to the features page and found:
Full Zoom
Visit your favorite news page and read the caption under the picture—or view the picture itself in a size you can see. An elegant new zoom feature lets you swoop in and see entire web pages. They scale in the way you’d expect them to, with all the elements of a page’s layout expanding equally, so you can zero in on what matters.
LOL its been there for a while now and I didn't even know D'oh!


mjm01010101 reviewed v3.6.2 on Mar 25, 2010

No memory issues, ever. uses about 100-200MiB typically, which is fine on systems with 2+ Gigs RAM. No other browser has the extensibility that Firefox, and trust me I try out the alternatives CONSTANTLY. I have given up on Opera until they get an extensible architecture like most decent browsers. MY INTERNET, MY WAY.


sammCA reviewed v3.6.2 on Mar 25, 2010

This 3.6.2 seems to have fixed a performance problem with alpha blending (background darkened) and temporarily overlayed DIV boxes/images.


borisf98 reviewed v3.6.2 on Mar 24, 2010

Finally Firefox starts normally. Now it takes 3-4 seconds, before it took 9-10. Menu does not freeze anymore. But it started to crash much more often. Nevertheless, looks like they fixed most of bugs in this version.

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v3.6.2 on Mar 24, 2010

No memory problems here. borisf98 with 70 extensions it of great wonderment to me how Firefox even manages to start up. Still can't make my mind up which I prefer either Opera or Firefox, I can't stand Chrome.


Prospero424 reviewed v3.6.2 on Mar 24, 2010

I haven't seen any actual EVIDENCE of (a clean install, no add-ons) Firefox having a memory leak since the 2.x versions, just lots of supposition. Firefox 3.5+ actually performs VERY well compared to other browsers as far as memory usage if you normally keep more than a couple of tabs open.

Police your add-ons, police your add-on, police your add-ons. Can't say it enough.

Mozilla's busy working on multi-process/sandbox browsing as we speak. That should help the situation with poorly-coded add-ons, or at least make it a lot more transparent.

I like Chrome and Opera (especially Opera Mini) and even IE8, and I use them all daily, but I always come back to Firefox.


verdecove reviewed v3.6.2 on Mar 23, 2010

Memory problems. Leaks memory like I have never seen it before.
I close FF and if try to reopen it for another session and it tells me I need to close it first.


Lsavagejt reviewed v3.6.2 on Mar 23, 2010

Ff leaks memory so badly that I had to install CleanMem, which is an excellent tool, but still, one shouldn't have to use a memory tool just to run a browser. Maybe it's some of the extensions I use which are the culprits. I don't know how to determine that, none the less, I can only give this a 4.

Then again, no browser that I know of today deserves a 5.


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v3.7 Alpha 3 on Mar 21, 2010



ukexpat reviewed v3.7 Alpha 3 on Mar 18, 2010

Folks, it's an ALPHA, that's even earlier than a beta, so it is bound to be buggy and break extensions...jeez...


CyberDoc999 reviewed v3.7 Alpha 3 on Mar 18, 2010

They win a prize for the a very buggy alpha
and they break alot of web sites
worst alpha ever!


stevvie reviewed v3.7 Alpha 3 on Mar 17, 2010

ALPHA 3? but Alpha 4 is here already and it's the WORSE one yet. More and MORE addons are broken. There's more USELESS stuff being added and messed with EVERY time they do a nightly build. OHH and it's still MILES slower and Incompatible than Opera NOW. At this rate they will have almost none of the great addons working by the RC and thats what makes firefox great, The addons.


Kelson64 reviewed v3.7 Alpha 2 on Mar 3, 2010

Let's not forget that this an Alpha - and Firefox alphas have traditionally not been that good. This is especially true when compared to Opera's recent Alpha release, which blows Firefox's Alpha right out of the water.

Firefox is still going to have its dedicated users. There's no question that it is a good browser. The question is whether Firefox 3.7 will gain in the speed and stability areas. If they don't, this browser could be in some trouble. But as I said, this is an Alpha. It's too early to tell.


JeremyP reviewed v3.7 Alpha 2 on Mar 3, 2010

I'm on 3.6; changelog for this noted the plugging of many memory leaks, yet to my mind it is even worse; at times, with 6 or 7 tags I have gone well over half a gig, closing all but one, nothing is released. This is clearly a factor in slowing down Firefox; I am loth to use another browser as I like and am used to the interface.


DaComboMan reviewed v3.7 Alpha 2 on Mar 3, 2010

Mozilla may drag behind with regards to latest Opera but an opinion/review is wanted here on an Alpha which i find quite good on my OS!

Can't wait for final version!


stevvie reviewed v3.7 Alpha 2 on Mar 2, 2010

This used to be the best browser by far. But the lately it's getting slower and more pages don't show correctly and more plugins don't work or don't work as they should. Plus Opera 10.5 has upped the game and is more compatible and FASTER by far than firefox, come on Mozilla


robmanic44 reviewed v3.5.8 on Feb 27, 2010

It's really sad. I've used this browser for many years and it was definitely the best. Now I won't touch it. I call it the update a day browser. I get warnings from NOD32 when I try to install it. I can and do ignore Windows warning messages, but when I get warnings from NOD32, I pay attention.


LakotaElf reviewed v3.5.8 on Feb 18, 2010


Quite right, it was do to Ghostery extension and I have removed that and all worked properly. But this was not evident in the beginning, it took a bit to find it but I did with the help of others on the Mozilla website. So Ghostery was removed and all works alright now. Just to say, some extensions are quite problematic at best, so all should be aware of that...


JEdwardP reviewed v3.5.7 on Feb 14, 2010

When I experienced the problem described by reviewer LakotaElf, it was due entirely to a buggy extension (Ghostery, in my case), rather than with Firefox itself.

Otherwise, it has been, and continues to be, the best browser I've used on both Windows and Linux, and continues to best both IE and Opera.

Phat Esther

Phat Esther reviewed v3.7 Alpha 1 on Feb 12, 2010

Please make sure that the Web address (URL) is correctly spelled and punctuated, then try reloading the page.

213 20100208231821

500 Unknown command.


dwight_stegall reviewed v3.7 Alpha 1 on Feb 11, 2010

This is in responce to what someone said above about "What's the point? They announced 3.7 was dead."

During the releasing of FF 3.6 I talked with the head of Firefox on their IRC Channel (who's name escapes me at the moment) that 3.7 wasn't necessarily dead. He said they hadn't made any decision about what to do with it. Evidently they decided to proceed with it. :)

I like this Alpha2pre. It runs like a race car.


xkronite reviewed v3.7 Alpha 1 on Feb 10, 2010

3.6 ? 3.7 ? 4.0 ? All I can say is thing FLIES !! Once you get past the few minor add-on "incompatibilities" it blows 3.6 away. In fact it appears even more compatible with previous add-on's than the switch from 3.5 to 3.6. A little User Agent tweaking here and a little force install there - and NO issues AT ALL ! Can't wait to see the final cut - Awesome job guys !


stevvie reviewed v3.7 Alpha 1 on Feb 10, 2010

but Alpha 2 has been available a fewdays, so whats with the alpha1 links ?


mfarmilo reviewed v3.7 Alpha 1 on Feb 10, 2010

Another one confused here. I too read just the other week they were going straight to 4.0 now, and 3.7 had been dropped.


Banquo reviewed v3.7 Alpha 1 on Feb 10, 2010

What's the point of this, they just announced that there would be no 3.7

some guy

some guy reviewed v3.7 Alpha 1 on Feb 10, 2010

first woot


robmanic44 reviewed v3.0.17 on Feb 9, 2010

The only truly functional version of Firefox. The 3.5 versions are are a joke, and not a funny one. I prefer to use it without addons which are the source of most of Firefox's problems. I'm waiting for a Firefox that has the necessary addons pre-loaded. If you want choice go to a candy store. I want a browser that works right from the box.


borisf98 reviewed v3.6 on Feb 8, 2010

I am taking down all complains from earlier post. They were caused by buggy extensions and not by Firefox itself. However I want to add some more complains.

1)Firefox starting time is way too long. I have decent processor and memory RAM. So 6-10 seconds to open a program windows without loading first tab is almost unacceptable.

2)Many extensions conflict with each other. It is about time to force testing them for incompatibility.

3)Before installing extension, and I have about 70 of them, I want to know how much it will slow my browsing experience that I may be able to find alternative one that hogs less resources.

Still, I do not see myself quitting Firefox. IE does not have any extensions. Chrome reports 100% of what you do to Google. Opera looks ugly. I have left with hope that Mozilla will start making more than slight improvements that it has done so far.


Casper75 reviewed v3.6 on Feb 4, 2010

It was somewhat hard for me to actually rate this but I have been a FF user for years & I've always looked forward to new releases of the browser only to be disappointed with it's speed & performance, There is also the problem of the memory leak issue which has been around for a long time & yet Mozilla has failed to address this issue. As for customisation Firefox dose do well with many add ons & themes available & that's the only reason why I'm giving it my rating.


Alexander-GG reviewed v3.6 on Feb 2, 2010

What's up with Mozilla addons page? I can't reach it about 5 days for now. I can not install adblock plus from the official homepage as well.


nms04 reviewed v3.6 on Jan 24, 2010

better than 3.5 ... but i realy can't see the point to use ff as my primary browser ... way to slow (ever tried to invite up to 800 facebook friends to an event by using ff??? it's slow as hell!) ...
my browsers of choice
1. opera
2. chrome
3. ff
4. ie


MikeTechno reviewed v3.6 on Jan 22, 2010

I'm still having a hard time being impressed with this browser. Firefox keeps releasing new versions of this program but with very few actual, visable, noticable advances in technology in them. I just don't see this program advancing much at all over the past eight months (from a usability standpoint), while its competitors appear to be advancing significan'tly. I STILL don't see anyone interating a screen capture feature the way Maxthon 2.x has been able to do now for well over a year. (Easily one of the most useful features ever built into a browser!) Why exactly should I be using FF religiously again? Somebody remind me. This program just feels dated relative to its competitors today.


catchpole reviewed v3.6 on Jan 22, 2010

IE/Opera fanboys goin crazy


dhry reviewed v3.6 on Jan 22, 2010

Haha. Just in case you didn't know, "It Broke My Plugins" whiners, you can add extensions.checkCompatibility.3.6 and extensions.checkCompatibility in your config to force all plugins to load into any version, betas included. I use this and every beta and RC of FF 3.6 successfully loaded every single one of my 15-odd plugins, including OpenDownload. It definitely loads slow on my Core2Duo with a WD Black SATA drive, but for some reason with exactly the same plugins and version on a slower laptop, it loads in about 2 seconds instead of the ten it takes on the desktop. I'm still trying to make sense of that, but great browser nonetheless.


mdmower reviewed v3.6 on Jan 21, 2010

- Well recognized on the web, so almost all web pages render correctly (web devs actually make code allowances for Firefox to render correctly... yes even Firefox isn't perfect when it comes to standards interoperability).
- Too many add-ons to shake a stick at.
- Personas are a neat addition to make standard.
- Live bookmarks
- Content (blocking) policies for XUL devs

- The browser is quite slow to load (with and without all add-ons disabled)
- Browser requires restart when add-ons are installed, updated, disabled, or enabled.
- Whole browser runs as a single process, so one bad website can cause a whole session to crash.

- To the user looking for a screen capture utility, try the FireShot add-on for Firefox.


FatBastard reviewed v3.6 on Jan 21, 2010

Internet Explorer is sooo twentieth century...


roj reviewed v3.6 on Jan 21, 2010

Holy Crap!

It didn't break a single one of my nine plugins, including the Black Stratini skin (I like my FF to be as much like IE in appearance and functionality as npossible without the drawbacks).

Be Still My Pounding Petunia Patch!


It killed two extensions.

TWO stars for the same old half-azzed BS.


anomoly reviewed v3.6 RC2 on Jan 21, 2010

Other than the google sharing xpi. & the user agent switcher xpi (iphone 3.0), Opera blows ff away. I like opera cause it allows for site specific preferences. With FF, it's all or nothing. Plus FF portable uses tons of resources just sitting open on a blank page.
Personas (one-click skin changer) for FF is nice too. Too bad it can't compete with opera. Just wish I could get the google sharing xpi to work for opera. I switched from google to yabigo (yahoo, bing, google) search. FF has it's uses. Too bad they are so few. Oh yeah, all my (3) addons broke in 36rc2 so still at 357 portable

Jen Smith

Jen Smith reviewed v3.6 RC2 on Jan 18, 2010

Noticeably smoother performance over 3.5. Seems pretty solid, been using 3.6 since beta and have yet to have any issues with it. No compatibility issues with any of the addons that I'm using. Still fairly weak with Windows 7 integration though, but not a critical issue for me. For me, still the best and most flexible browser out there.


taxis reviewed v3.6 RC2 on Jan 18, 2010

- stable
- open source
- user-friendly
- reasonably efficient (slower than Chrome, but faster than IE)
- add-on concept allows individual trade-offs of simplicity and functionality

- no preconfiguration for high privacy (e.g. preconfigured to send data to Google to obtain automatic search suggestions), no help for the technically naive user on privacy threats and settings related to privacy
- misleading advertisement (suggesting you don't have to worry about security once you switch to Firefox, "100% Bio" ads in German language)
- compatibility of add-ons with newer versions not yet solved


robmanic44 reviewed v3.6 RC1 on Jan 15, 2010

There's just no compelling reason to run Firefox in Windows. Setup and configuration time is a huge negative. Addons, addons, I don't need no stinking addons.

The people who write Firefox seem to have no idea about what people use a browser for anyway.


anonymouscowturd reviewed v3.6 RC1 on Jan 11, 2010

Much better than beta 5, which was very crashy. This one seems far more solid. Now all we have to do is wait another couple of months for all our personal favourite addons to be properly updated. Addons. Firefox's greatest strength and its greatest weakness.


Prospero424 reviewed v3.6 RC1 on Jan 8, 2010

When I'm browsing on a netbook or an older or underpowered notebook or other mobile device, I prefer Chrome. Hands down. When I'm browsing on a modern desktop or desktop replacement laptop, I prefer Firefox. Hands down.

When using contemporary mid-to-high end hardware, (almost) every browser out there renders most pages near enough to instantly that the benchmark performance of individual browser versions really only matters to geeks and dedicated webapp users. There are exceptions, of course, although I can't imagine they're all that widespread.

I like the improvements they've made to 3.6, which I've already detailed in my reviews of earlier builds. But the Windows 7 jump list support as well as tab thumbnail previews are still GLARINGLY absent from this release candidate. Mozilla really have fallen behind their competition in this regard, and I know the architecture supports these features because I've seen them tested in nightly builds. So if these features don't make it to the already-delayed 3.6 release, I'll begin to have serious concerns about whether or not the Mozilla team can keep up with the rapid-fire pace of browser development these days.

I know they're working on a complete revamp of the interface, but they've had almost a year to get jump lists and tab previews working for Aero. Because of this, excuses would only wear paper thin at this point. They need to get some features that are tangible to the AVERAGE end user out the damned door or they're going to be perceived to be treading water no matter how many improvements they make under the hood.

Anyway, performance is good, features (aside from the glaring exceptions above) are top-of-class, extensibility is second to none, and integration with/support for major web sites and enterprise services is second only to Internet Explorer.

And while Chrome has many of the extensions made popular with Firefox, the plugin back-end of Chrome simply isn't powerful enough (yet) to implement some of the more advanced capabilities offered by Firefox plugins like NoScript, which still make Firefox the most secure browser in the world when used properly.

Still the best all-around browser unless performance is a major concern. Hopefully I'll be able to give the final release a 5. I was expecting just a bit more from this RC.


CobraPL reviewed v3.6 RC1 on Jan 8, 2010

"Very advanced" and "better" Opera 10.50 fails, as always, to handle correctly Country Story game on Facebook. FF and IE8 work ok. So, simply, Opera does not handle all webpages correctly - especially if flash is on them.


WhiteZero reviewed v3.0.17 on Jan 6, 2010

It's 3.5.7, not .17


LakotaElf reviewed v3.5.7 on Jan 6, 2010

I have no idea why Firefox does this, but the problem I have with it, is when I close it down, it does not close at all. I have to shut it off via the task manager. Most generally I will have to do this 3 times out of 5 or others things like ccleaner will not clean it out, thinks it is open yet and it is. This seems like a simple thing to fix, however, I am no expert, but it is becoming now a annoyance as it has been going on for several update they have made. Anyone have any idea why?

This is the only browser that I have experienced this phenomena with.

So I can only give it a three star rating. I am not sure it even deserves that, but I do like Firefox. I must say, Flock browser is looking good these days.


maddy143ded reviewed v3.5.7 on Jan 5, 2010

i have been using FF lately, but only to play mafia wars or other zynga games. as most of my extentions require grease monkey. nothing else works.
other then that my numberone browser is opera. i have about 10-15 tabs open in opera at any moment, and never have i seen it hang or crash due to that. firefox/ I.E. and even chrome use similar resources to just open one or two tabs vs. operas 10 or more tabs. i just wish that opera had better Flash and other media integration then i would remove all other crap orm my desktop.
i have been using opera since 2000 and i will probably use till 2020. and more.
how people can keep praising Firefox or chrome as fastest is beyond me. i have a 512k dsl connection, and most of the time i receive around 55kbps dl speed for torrent and all. in this net scenario when i open my opera with all its tabs (usually not less then 10) it not more then 40 - 50 secs to open all of them . and as for tabbed browsing opera had tabbed browsing even when there was no Firefox.
enough about opera. its after all the best.
Firefox 3.5.6 was the slower then 3.5.5 so will see if 3.5.7 has any improvements. other then that its actually a hassle to find and install all those add ons to just make the browser work as i want it to. if we all had so much time it would be better to design our own browser. why cant the designers of FF build it in such a way that it actually i don't have to install a add on if i want the FF optimized and use less resources. i mean if they can build a browser surely they can add the same optimizations done by Firefox optimizer?


Zero-Point reviewed v3.5.7 on Jan 5, 2010

Midnite12, let's not get ahead of ourselves--Firefox has NEVER crashed for you, AND you've been using it since day ONE?!

In any case, I find it amusing how barebones Firefox is; you really need an addon for every feature. Case: you need an addon to give it performance. They might as well have kept it at Phoenix v0.2 (I can't remember exactly which I started using it at, 0.2 or 0.3, maybe 0.1). That really was barebones, although it was zippy--out of the box.

I don't use Firefox as my primary browser (Opera), but I keep it around for rare circumstances where Opera fumbles. I am using it less and less by just going to those sites with IE, though. My main reason: addon management. If I am not going to really gain any features without addons I might as well use something already installed and widely available.


biggman15 reviewed v3.5.7 on Jan 5, 2010

Wow! that really helped! Thank you!
My firefox has been running sluggish lately, and I think you just saved me from having to do a clean install!


Aegis69 reviewed v3.5.7 on Jan 5, 2010

For those of you complaining about Firefox speed, startup or whatever, try this addon;


Check the 2 boxes, and hit the button, Its automatic after that.

How a $50million a year company could have missed this simple optimization is beyond me.


alexdalarge reviewed v3.5.7 on Jan 5, 2010

Firefox is so slow now a days I don't bother using it. The only good thing it ever had was extensions, now Chrome has got them I don't think I need to open Firefox again. If you want to test betas try Opera 10.5..
Fastest browser about. Unstable at the moment, still don't crash as often as Firefox though.
I won't be downloading this or updating Firefox..
Firefox is the new IE.. Everyone and their gran is using it.

@ Midnite12 Firefox isn't the fastest, Opera 10.5 is. Do your research. As for the most secure, I'm ROFL. Try looking up Secunia browser vulnerabilities and then say that xD


MikeTechno reviewed v3.6 Beta 5 on Dec 30, 2009

Firefox is falling farther and farther behind now every week it seems. With Opera now out with their very advanced 10.50 pre-beta release and Google Chrome continuously moving forward all the time, Firefox has a long way to go to catch up. I'm even using the pre-beta release of Firefox 3.7a1 and there is nothing in there that even comes close to what Google and Opera are doing already. Not sure why Firefox has fallen so far behind but unless they start paying attention to what the competition is going and make some effort to answer their advancements, they are going to be left in the dust.


Alpha258 reviewed v3.6 Beta 5 on Dec 21, 2009

I have been using Chrome for a good while but I still have to come back to using FF because it is a smarter browser. While Chrome is fast, its still a bit like a top athlete that had no real education.

When designing websites putting localhost in the address bar of Chrome make it foolishly do a Google search for localhost when FF does the right thing and bring up my Xampp menu. Chrome portable has since been deleted from my usb memory stick and FF has earned its place.


MichaelDHam reviewed v3.6 Beta 5 on Dec 20, 2009

I know it is still in beta and as for what I use Firefox for it WILL NOT load game on my Facebook account as the 3.0 still ...also 3.5 version got to get worse in it's regenerations that went forward. I like Firefox and will keep trying these beta's till they I hope get it right..it is speedy and that is good..when they get the loading of games from freezing up...then I will go back to it ...if not...will have to try others and yes..even IE whatever version it is...for a more permanent browser.


anonswgeek reviewed v3.6 Beta 5 on Dec 18, 2009

working great here too. swicthed back from Opera. this beta version seems much better than beta 4. its fast.


mjm01010101 reviewed v3.6 Beta 5 on Dec 18, 2009

Yeah this version is working great.

FF-->Chrome-->FF. I go back and forth. Two great browsers.


Midnite12 reviewed v3.5.6 on Dec 15, 2009

As of today, 3.5.6 is still Beta, but should be final by tomorrow or soon after. I fail to understand why some of you state that FF crashes, since I have never, ever experienced that and I've been using FF since day one!!
Perhaps something in your Windows settings is causing that.As for the Ad ons, only use the important ones and that will keep FF lean. Want to reduce the amount of system resources FF uses, install Firefox Ultimate Optimizer and see the difference.
This is still the best, fastest, most secure and reliable Browser available, bar none!!


the_root reviewed v3.5.6 on Dec 15, 2009

This is still a Beta.


MichaelDHam reviewed v3.6 Beta 4 on Nov 30, 2009

The 1st time I used it on Facebook, especially in games online it froze up and still does. Also rendered the wheel on my mouse to be useless when scrolling. Other than that, it's speed was really nice. Hope Mozilla patches this one soon. I really like Firefox, just not this one "yet"...yes I know it is BETA.


4122 reviewed v3.6 Beta 4 on Nov 30, 2009

UPDATE TO BELOW: GreaseMonkey was just updated to work with 3.6. Upping my rating to a 5. I'll be back later to adjust if necessary.

Great piece of software. I'd be using it now except GreaseMonkey doesn't work right even with tweaks thus one star deduction from the rating.

Everyone should quit using Nightly Tester Tools & start using Addon Compatibility Reporter. It provided functionality to report back to the Mozilla team which add-ons are working & which ones aren't.


mjm01010101 reviewed v3.6 Beta 4 on Nov 30, 2009

Would be great if greasemonkey worked. And yeeeeeeeeeeeeaah I mean without the tester tools or extension tweaks.....


xsnred reviewed v3.6 Beta 3 on Nov 18, 2009

Here is the definition for Beta for those who complain that this kind of software is crap.

Preliminary or testing stage of a software or hardware product.


DaComboMan reviewed v3.6 Beta 3 on Nov 18, 2009

With "Nightly Tester Tools" add-on, all of mine work just fine.


mjm01010101 reviewed v3.6 Beta 3 on Nov 18, 2009

This beta:
- Started in safe mode the second time I launched it.


dhry reviewed v3.6 Beta 3 on Nov 18, 2009

This build of beta 3 disabled almost ALL my addons, despite the fact that I set extensions.checkCompatibility to false. Not good. Went back to beta2 (which seems pretty stable)

I agree with previous reviewer; I'm a new convert to Firefox Preloader. Thanks for the tip!

Edit: Installed "Nightly Tester Tools" addon. Restarted FF build 2. Upgraded to build 3 from within FF. Restart. Addons disabled once again. This build is BROKEN. Going back to build 2 until they fix it.

Edit 2: For those interested, I got the following solution from a developer, which worked. "The preference has changed so that it only applies to a specific application version. You would need to set extensions.checkCompatibility.3.6b to false to disable compatibility checking for the Firefox 3.6 betas. Alternatively, you can install the Add-on Compatibility Reporter[1] extension which will set the preference
for you and also allow you to report incompatibility to the add-on author. See http://kb.mozillazine.or...ompatibility#Background for examples of preference names for other versions."

Upgrading to 5 stars again.


gawd21 reviewed v3.5.5 on Nov 16, 2009

I love FF, but this is the worst version that I have ever used. It crashes, and is slow. After closing my tabs, I closed the browser and when I reopened FF, it opened all of my tabs back, each in a new window. Come on people, this is getting to be to much. I will go back to 3.0.15.


us3r reviewed v3.6 Beta 2 on Nov 16, 2009

Firefox is getting worse and worse every release. Even normal web browsing is getting painfully slow with the latest releases. I like the extensions and all the customization stuff, but this fk turtle is too fk slow to browse the web. Even Internet Explorer is better on that field.


robmanic44 reviewed v3.5.5 on Nov 13, 2009

By attempting to be all things to all people Firefox has become nothing to anyone. The last version, 3.54, crashed my system. They desperately need to make this browser leaner and meaner. That means eliminating many of the addons.

I'm currently using Seamonkey which has fewer choices, but is very fast and much easier to use. They have eliminated Turbo and that was an excellent choice.


Galifray reviewed v3.6 Beta 2 on Nov 11, 2009

After years of using Firefox, I left it behind when Safari and then Google Chrome came out. I am mentioning that so you understand my point of view. I decided to try Firefox 3.6 beta 2 and to see for myself if my issues with Firefox had been solved.
The verdict, no, my issues since 3.0 have not been solved. They are, in fact, worse. I don't need nor want a corporation to be my nanny telling me where I can or cannot go and what extensions I can or cannot install into the browser.
Sure, many won't mind or may like having their hands held, but not me.


CyberDoc999 reviewed v3.6 Beta 2 on Nov 11, 2009

If you install Firefox Preloader it will start up faster than any other program !
it takes a half of a second to start on my computer now....

starts up slower is a thing of the past


mjm01010101 reviewed v3.6 Beta 2 on Nov 11, 2009

If you're running the 3.6 beta 1, you will be automatically updated to beta 2 and for subsequent releases after that. If you're running the 3.5.5 stable version, you will be automatically updated to the 3.6 final once it's finished.

I honestly don't understand how this could confuse anyone."

Perhaps because Mozilla has never "automatically updated" people to new point revisions previously? There was no automated upgrade from 2.0 to 3.0 or 3.0 to 3.5, the user has always had to manually install it or request it on prompt. The only automated installs have been 3.0.x or 3.5.x


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v3.6 Beta 2 on Nov 11, 2009


@ Blaxima - dont forget that Firefox in OPEN SOURCE !!!
thats why you see ALL bugs...
you will never experience this in Opera or IE... because they are CLOSE SOURCE... and you even dont know kow many bugs was there...

thats why you argument is invalid...
but you probably not understand because you are Opera fanatic fanboy...


Prospero424 reviewed v3.6 Beta 2 on Nov 10, 2009

If you're running the 3.6 beta 1, you will be automatically updated to beta 2 and for subsequent releases after that. If you're running the 3.5.5 stable version, you will be automatically updated to the 3.6 final once it's finished.

I honestly don't understand how this could confuse anyone.

(mjm01010101: Mozilla does indeed automatically update to point releases, just not immediately. They give corporations and other controlled environments a good long while to migrate first before they basically "end of life" the old point release by pushing out the new one. If you were still running a 2.x version, for example, you would indeed be prompted by the automatic updater to migrate to 3.5.x at least once. Mozilla is planning on releasing 3.6 as an automatic update to 3.5.x immediately upon release (as they do for minor releases) because there are no major interface or architecture changes. FYI...)

Firefox has the most vulnerabilities REPORTED most of the time simply because it's the most actively developed open-source browser out there. Believe it or not, this is a good thing. Heck, the guy who ran the study being quoted even said he runs Firefox personally and that there's no reason to switch or to consider Firefox "less secure" than other browsers.

Besides, if you run Firefox with NoScript, you're far safer than you would be with ANY other browser. I'm not aware of any other browser that lets you control scripting and code execution privileges on a per-site basis like it does. Highly recommended.

Anyway, the Beta 2 seems to have fixed a couple of little bugs I noticed with Beta 1, including a really annoying one where the Firefox window would just disappear completely on startup unless you were opening Firefox maximized. Also, the Windows 7 taskbar thumbnail previews for open tabs seems to work much better now.


Blaxima reviewed v3.6 Beta 2 on Nov 10, 2009

Why does FF keep getting a separate download for each release while all other programs just get updated?

Well someone said I was making things up in regards to my complaints towards this over hyped piece of steaming tripe. So then I offer this http://www.computerworld..._44_of_all_browser_bugs


jendal reviewed v3.5.5 on Nov 6, 2009

Firefox 5/5
Internet Explorer 2/5
Chrome 5/5
Opera: 3/5


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v3.5.5 on Nov 6, 2009

@ Blaxima - a looser you are...
or simply Opera troll, giving 5/5 for Opera and only 1/5 for Fx, funny...

Opera is slower than Fx and use more ram... Chromium now is the fastest and Opera is only faster than IE...
stop f**ging about it, its true...
look test etc, even betanews have it...

Fx like Opera or even Chromium is the same secure...

but whatever I will told you you will still give 1/5, because you are Opera fanboy...

@ roj - so report bug on bugzilla, lulz...


KayNine reviewed v3.5.5 on Nov 6, 2009

Well... I used Opera even before it was free, and I think I'll always will. But occassionly I also fire up Firefox, as well as Safari. I'd say: if it's not Internet Explorer, it's a good browser. Well... Chrome is a different chapter... I haven't decided yet wether it is to be trusted or not. Still I gave it a try and am not convinced at all by it's usability.

But for the other three (FF, Opera, Safari): they are good and on par, every one has it's advantages and disadvantages, we're not living in a perfect world. Choose by your liking, but rate fair!


Prospero424 reviewed v3.5.5 on Nov 6, 2009

So far I haven't seen the usual obnoxious Opera fanboys who basically come here just to rate down Firefox provide a SINGLE piece of evidence that shows Opera is faster and/or more resource efficient. None. They haven't even bothered to make up the usual sort of travesty of a weighted benchmark. They must be getting desperate.

You guys know that you CAN prefer one browser and still admit that another is good, right? These are web browsers, not football teams.

Anyway, actual benchmarks performed by neutral parties have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Firefox's resource usage is on par with all of the other major browsers, even though this wasn't always the case; Firefox version 2.x was a PIG. They have also shown that it's about in the middle of the pack as far as performance - below Safari and Chrome but ahead of Opera and Internet Exploder. I'm not just talking about Betanews' own browser benchmarks, I'm talking about pretty much EVERYBODY'S benchmarks. You can dismiss people who actually, you know, recognize reality all you want, but it won't change the facts, especially when you provide no evidence at all other then your personal convictions to bash this browser.

I use Chrome, IE8, and Opera (under Unix) on a daily basis, but Firefox is and will probably remain for the foreseeable future my mainline browser simply because I have more control over its capabilities and because it is so widely supported by software and internet services. While I like these other browsers (yes, even IE8), I find myself missing features/add-ons of Firefox when using them and switching between one of them and FF out of convenience or frustration.

But really, I don't even feel I need to convince anyone. The fact is that it's pretty darned easy to distinguish between the usual sort of measured reviews mixed with constructive criticism and the spittle-flecked rantings of single-browser fundamentalists who seem far, far less interested in actually reviewing software than they are in territorial urinating.


roj reviewed v3.5.5 on Nov 5, 2009

Crashes sporadically when closing with multiple tabs open, Dumbazz error - typical "memory at xxx cannot be read" even after clearing all cookies.

Can you say "3.5.6"? Yes, boyz and girlz, I knew you could.

ONE star for poor QA.


madmike reviewed v3.5.5 on Nov 5, 2009

Troll my a rse ,lol well you cant knock firefox too much, it got people away from IE - which is a good thing. This updates doesnt seem better or worse, but I thing the future for F/Fox looks a tad shaky as Chrome - The B`stad child of Google is gathering pace.


mjm01010101 reviewed v3.5.5 on Nov 5, 2009

404: Page not found after installed.
Firefox: we'll update you, it may not be a quality update, but we'll update you anyways.


Sven123456789 reviewed v3.5.5 on Nov 5, 2009

Fact- Blaxima is a troll. If u took the time to test this browser for real, not just spewing ur bs, You would see its one if not the best browsers out there.


Blaxima reviewed v3.5.5 on Nov 5, 2009

My testing and overall impression still remains the same as it always has and that's in spite of all the (false)claims and rhetoric FF is resource heavy, slow and not feature rich. The plug-ins are still great but I credit the community for making them and thats only because FF lacks those features out of the box. Honestly, FF is the Apple of browsers, all hype but in reality tripe.

If people would actually give some of the others a REAL chance you would see how this piece hampers your browsing experience. IE is not what it once was, Chrome is a snappy bare-bones browser and Opera is a feature rich one.

In the end all the rhetoric does is hurt people who cheat themselves of something better thanks to their blind brand faith.

EDIT @Sven123456789, you mean the way you did with Chrome, Norton, VLC, etc.? Da Derp Dee Derp Da Teetley Derpee Derpee Dumb


Prospero424 reviewed v3.6 Beta 1 on Nov 1, 2009

For whatever reason, the actual Firefox interface (in Windows, at least) in version 3.5 - window and tab management and the responsiveness of buttons, etc. - always seemed a lot slower than 3.0 even if the underlying rendering engines were faster. This was true on every machine I tried it on be it a slightly aged Athlon X2 Windows XP system, an obsolete Pentium 4 system, or a brand new quad-core beast running Win7 x64.

This 3.6 Beta seems to have not only fixed that, but to have improved the responsiveness notably even over version 3 and the older 2.x versions AND the rendering engines have been improved. Sure, it still starts up slower than the competition, but that's a price I'm willing to pay for the extra features I rely on. It's more than fast enough on my modern machines, and resource usage is comparable to the most highly-regarded competition, now.

Some of my add-ons have been updated, most haven't. But that was easily fixed by just installing the Nightly Tester Tools add-on and clicking on "Override all compatibility" to disable the version check. Update: Mozilla has released their own extension called "Add-on Compatibility Reporter" that offers this same functionality (enabling extensions that haven't been updated for new versions) along with automating the problem reporting process for individual add-ons. Great idea, and it seems to work fine.

The interface improvements they added for Windows 7 will be nice when complete, but they still need a little work before 3.6 is ready for a final release. For instance: most of the time the thumbnails of the tabs that are supposed to pop up from the Windows 7 taskbar when hovering over the Firefox icon degenerate into blank placeholders after a few minutes of activity, and Firefox has to be restarted to get the true thumbnails of your open tabs back. The ctrl-tab tab switching mechanism seems to work flawlessly when enabled in about:config, though.

Also, the new mechanism for updating the user about out-of-date plugins (rather than just add-ons) is something that has been sorely needed, and something that the other major browsers need to get on top of. Mozilla's back end for this functionality is going to take some time to develop, though. There's a lot of popular plugins that they don't track yet.

Bart Welson

Bart Welson reviewed v3.6 Beta 1 on Oct 30, 2009

Same s*** in a different bottle.


CyberDoc999 reviewed v3.0.15 on Oct 29, 2009

I still use it.......
3.5 does not work with my computer


smarterthanyou reviewed v3.0.15 on Oct 28, 2009

Why is this version of Firefox still being developed? Considering Firefox is used by very few businesses and is used mostly for personal use there is no reason to continue to fix bugs once a new version (like 3.5 or 3.6 for example) comes out. Firefox is the best web browser ever invented, but three stars for an useless update.


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v3.6 Alpha 1 on Oct 28, 2009

but stlll waiting for speed improvement, especially startup & AJAX & CSS


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v3.5.4 on Oct 28, 2009

hedley = typical operaf** troll

some guy

some guy reviewed v3.5.4 on Oct 27, 2009

funny you said that I just tried to log in with fire fox 3.5 under linux Ubuntu 9.04 and it FAILED to allow me to put my user and pass word in. The only reason I use Fire Fox is because of the twits at Opera still don't get the concept of adblock+ if they would put such a system in Opera my mind would be made up. I find Opera to be more stable on most site's like Digg.com and so on. No fan boy here he who makes the better browser wins...


bittermann reviewed v3.5.4 on Oct 27, 2009

@hedley...wow way to nitpick!

Opera certainly has a LOT more issues than you can shake a stick at...

As usual stable, fast and all the add-ons you'll ever need. Can't wait for version 3.6.


hedley reviewed v3.5.4 on Oct 27, 2009

First load after upgrade is slow for all browsers.

well i dont have this kind of problem in Opera Browser


gundamboyzack reviewed v3.5.4 on Oct 27, 2009

The download is for 3.5.4 Beta 3...
Once again we jump the gun.


wyldman reviewed v3.5.3 on Sep 10, 2009

First load after upgrade is slow for all browsers.
Firefox always rocks.

And yes I use several other browsers.


Zoroaster reviewed v3.5.3 on Sep 10, 2009

True Love. Remember that movie with Grace Kelly and Bing Crosby? I accept the laughs for the comparison, but more I live with Firefox, more I love. Some softwares are like that, not only you don't get fed up, but you actually appreciate them more and more. Firefox is a fantastic browser, providing freedom, security, quality, speed. Firefox must certainly love ma as well!


TomWibbaert reviewed v3.5.3 on Sep 9, 2009

I wonder what it all needs to take a full half a minute on its first load.


mjm01010101 reviewed v3.5.3 on Sep 9, 2009

If you don't like Firefox, why are you continually using it?


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v3.5.2 on Aug 25, 2009

@ Sephiroth... - Fx is now faster and uses less memory than Opera...

and who cares about passing Acid3... its only static benchmark like 3DMark...

and you are Operaf** like I can see, because giving 1...
nice fanboy we got here...


Sephiroth... reviewed v3.5.2 on Aug 25, 2009

Why FF its so slow in the last release?, old version work fine but not anymore. And when FF will pass Acid3?

@Virtual_ManPL: I not fan of anything, I use FF until the last version that work really slow in my machine, and not say anything about Opera in this comment, you did this, if you can't tolerate one star, screw you! I tell the true.


GerritWittesaele reviewed v3.5.2 on Aug 24, 2009

3.5.2 is a huge step forward regarding resposiveness, but still
it suffers from the royal pain in the a** Adobe.


Crusader reviewed v3.5.2 on Aug 20, 2009

Each new version is better. Very fast and easy to use. Great navigator.


nugro reviewed v3.6 Alpha 1 on Aug 11, 2009

greasemonkey doesn't work :( but expected of an alpha, no hiccup so far.
excellent piece of software, deserve 5 stars but i still prefer Opera.
now just where is the cosmestic change?

enable smooth scrolling on advanced option, d'oh


Prospero424 reviewed v3.6 Alpha 1 on Aug 10, 2009

Seems just a bit quicker than 3.5 in Windows 7 on my system. Also, it fixes the only real complaint I had about 3.5, which was the lack of responsiveness of toolbar buttons during heavy I/O activity. Really annoying...

Once my plugins are updated for 3.6, I'm going to make the switch whether it's released as final or not.


Sven123456789 reviewed v3.6 Alpha 1 on Aug 10, 2009

So far so good. Used this for a few hours. Adblock worked, so thats always an important add on to have. If i have one minor gripe, the scrolling on a webpage using ur mouse seems a little touchy in this version.


commander2001 reviewed v3.6 Alpha 1 on Aug 10, 2009

runs nice and fast love it so far


robmanic44 reviewed v3.5.2 on Aug 5, 2009

Just keeps getting better and better.


elitegangsta reviewed v3.5.2 on Aug 4, 2009

Been working excellent as always from Mozilla on my systems at both home and office. Windows Vista, 7, and XP tested. Highly recommend and have found nothing to complain about yet.

Fast, stable, light, clean, simple to use, renders pages excellent, customizable, fairly secure. What else is there to want?


anomoly reviewed v3.5.2 on Aug 4, 2009

This review is for the portable version 352. Minimized or open it uses ~ 70MB. I was not impressed with the dailymotion video At All. Quality was not even as good as utube. I use ff portable only for the torbrowser. K-meleon ccfme 096.3 blows ff away with half the mem usage and half that when minimized, & k-meleonccfme is portable by default. Also there was no way to block flash in ff port which in k-meleon I block by default.
Very nice browser but just a tad bloated? K's not perf but works well for the most part.
Efficiency will always win.


mjm01010101 reviewed v3.5.2 on Aug 4, 2009

3.5.x had had a few serious bugs in it. It was the first time FF had crashed on me in a long time, and I also got "Firefox is still running now quite a bit."

Strange because I ran the RC's for ~5 months without issue.

This is sad. Don't tell me to rebuild my profile. I worked hard to get my profile where it is today.


robmanic44 reviewed v3.5.1 on Jul 30, 2009

I'm using this as my default browser. It's the first time I've done so. Very fast and easy to configure.


us3r reviewed v3.5.1 on Jul 28, 2009

This browser is so slow. If not the add-ons I would switch to other browser long time ago. Firefox 3.5.1 has terrible performance on Windows XP. It runs a little better on Win 7 but not that much. I'll try Chrome 3 for some time. If it proves stable and functional enough I will switch for good. I just can't stand the slowness of Firefox anymore.


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v3.5.1 on Jul 22, 2009

@ ailef - for me update works...


roj reviewed v3.0.12 on Jul 21, 2009

Having used 3.5x, I can say that this version has a HUGE bug where sites that are interactive (such as online ordering sites, banking sites or art galleries) time out and drop connections CONSTANTLY. 3.51 does not exhibit this extremely annoying behavior.

My advice:

Get off this broken platform and upgrade.


THREE stars for a product that I didn't realize was as defective as it is until I experienced an alternative from the same devs.


ailef reviewed v3.5.1 on Jul 18, 2009

hey firefox people ! it's when you want to fix the update for vista x64 !
always the same thing, the update never stop trying update but is not able to, when will u fix that ? in 10 years ??


Sativarg reviewed v3.5.1 on Jul 16, 2009

Mozilla to release urgent 'chemspill' Firefox update next week

View the release notes

Description of Release

This is a chemspill release which will address a critical bug found in Firefox 3.5. We are taking a few ride-along fixes as well.
Specific Plan for 3.5.1

We need to verify bug fixes, especially the fix for the bug that prompted this release bug 503286. In addition we will go through the usual checks for our maintenance releases: smoketests, basic functional tests, l10n spot checks, and updates checks.

Test Results

* Verifications: nearly all completed
* Smoketests and BFTs: PASS
* l10n Spot Checks: PASS
* Updates: Pass(beta)
Thanks for helping us beta test Firefox 3.5.1


Jammerdelray reviewed v3.5.1 on Jul 16, 2009

Pros: Rock Solid, Lightning fast (250% faster than 3.0 version), tracemonkey engine executes JavaScript fast as well, Private Browsing is awesome, tons of great new features and more granularity in privacy cleaning and the list goes on of all the excellent features.

Cons, Conflict with steam, Tracemonkey engine exploit (3.51 fixes this)


Jtaylor83 reviewed v3.5 Final on Jul 12, 2009

3.5 is a pain in the butt. New changes to the tools menu which it sucks: Clear browsing history to Clear Recent History and the new private browsing which I'm about to test it.

Firefox is not a resource hog, it's buggy and it's junkware. I don't like the new features. Email Mozilla and tell them to change it back or else you'll switch back to IE8.


Alexander-GG reviewed v3.5 Final on Jul 12, 2009

It's not so good as it was expected. A bit faster than 3.0.11, but not as fast as was announced. Slow start up time. Page rendering is at the top as always. But speed? Opera is still in beta, but it's much faster. i think, the final version of Opera will beat the Firefox in all aspects. Using both - FF (as default browser) and Opera.


starwars97 reviewed v3.5 Final on Jul 10, 2009

Firefox is so wrost ever! Internet Explorer 8 rules!


alshawwa reviewed v3.5 Final on Jul 8, 2009

still the best " in my opinion" , you cant judge who is better than who if you cant feel the deference , on my machines , firefox outperforms the others " chrome safari IE 8 and opera" i dont do benchmarking , but its based on the websites that i frequently visit , with firefox they render faster load faster and its doesnt crash.


Ozon reviewed v3.5 Final on Jul 4, 2009

Sure is fanboy in here. I have to laugh at the benchmarks vs. real usage. Sure, the benchmarks makes it look fast but that's on vanilla Firefox and we all know damn well nobody uses vanilla Firefox. How about they add the top 5 or 10 addons to see the real world difference? Firefox hogs memory, hogs CPU, the tear away tabs idea were taken from Chrome and Opera and implimented in a clucky way and worse of all, you can't turn it off, Flash makes the browser crawl to a standstill, auto detect unicode encoding sucks and throws up blocks even when you have the necessary fonts installed, the Find As You Type feature on the Firefox site has a screen shot of the Next and Previous buttons and when you actually use it, it's some crappy bar with no features except the text field, etc.

Look, this browser is good but don't just ignore some of its shortcomings just because you happen to use it. That's just plain dumb.


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v3.5 Final on Jul 3, 2009

Hmm, no changes compared to RC3...
but still for me the best browser...

customizable with addons is AWESOME !!! xD

P.S. Why ppl still taking about memory problems...
Firefox have the BEST memory optimization (finally...), based on tests and my experience...

2GB is STANDARD in todays PC, tomorrow will be 4-8GB...
who cares when other browser can eat 50MB memory lower...


Sativarg reviewed v3.5 Final on Jul 2, 2009

I hate to do this but so far I have lost all my Gmail passwords and two other passwords for forums I visit as a result of updating to 3.5. I strongly suggest that any one updating from a 3.0x version use the Password Exporter 1.1 or copy down all of your important passwords before updating. In fact I wish I had backed up my profile. I know better and yet I did not simply copy the profile to a safe place. My fault.

I am voting 3/5 because I believe caution is needed with this update and perhaps a lower rating will help make that point.


Blaxima reviewed v3.5 Final on Jul 1, 2009

Well I don't see any change in this "final" from the last RC which means yet again in my testing this uses far more memory and more importantly higher cpu load (as the image in my last post shows). Honestly, it has always and still does feel pretty sluggish to use.

@ Aegis69-
It's funny you should quote half of my sentence and exclaim that I shouldn't add useless posts because a simple click on your name shows nothing but your spamming of the other browsers with (once again) assertions they use massive amounts of memory (neglecting cpu load) through no tests of your own. I don't know about you but I use my computer and not one in some test lab so the results I get matter to me most (hence my "useless post earlier).

It's easy to see when school is out for the summer but Aegis69 my friend, you've still got a lot to learn.

You were tasteful in your response but just to let you know, a portable version is not a modified version. All that is done is an exe is created basically by copying some regestry keys and that exe runs along side the unmodified program and creates a profile folder locally (ie a usb stick). Therefor the problems that are expressed are issues with the core not the portable exe. Since I use Opera Portable it was only fair to compare it to Portable Firefox.


Prospero424 reviewed v3.5 Final on Jul 1, 2009

The memory usage issue is kinda silly, because by any measure out there Firefox no longer uses EXCESSIVE amounts of memory unless there's a serious problem.

But I may as well report my own results. I compared memory usage on my Windows 7 x64 install with a fresh install of Opera 9.64, Safari 4.530.17.0, and Chrome I opened up 12 tabs from the most common sites I visit (I usually have about 8-15 tabs open, so I settled on an even dozen). These sites include a couple of heavy flash sites (YouTube and Last.fm), a couple of text-heavy sites (long threads on forums like Fark and technical forums), a couple of commerce sites (like Newegg and Amazon), a couple of news sites (like Ars Technica and CNN) and a couple of software download sites (BetaNews and Download.com)

Firefox 3.5 Final - 139,444KB
Opera 9.64 Final - 160,732KB
Google Chrome - 258,556KB
Safari 4.530.17.0 - 154,252KB

But here's the kicker: this was with SEVENTEEN extensions and TWELVE plugins installed in Firefox 3.5: Personas, Weave Sync, and a bunch of some of the most popular extensions and plugins.

And Firefox still runs faster than Opera, though a bit slower than Safari and Chrome, though Opera, Safari and Chrome do start up MUCH faster (this is still Firefox's Achilles' heel, and probably always will be)

Your mileage, of course, will vary. Everybody uses a different set of websites and a varying quantity of open tabs on a regular basis, but I did try to get a good spectrum of classes of sites and I think 12 open tabs isn't unusual by any reasonable measure.

Side observation: Opera was the only browser that didn't let me simply drag my open links from a Firefox address bar to its own address bar. I had to manually copy and paste.

Anyway, these are all excellent browsers, and I rate all of them highly, here. Firefox is simply my favorite, and it just happens to use less memory. Honestly, memory usage isn't something I think about anymore unless it's ridiculous (I remember Firefox version 2 using over half a gig of memory with just a few tabs open after a few hours!). I'm much more concerned with features, responsiveness, and ease-of-use.

The minor problem I described below is still present, unfortunately, but I can live with that for now.

Otherwise, version 3.5 has given me everything I hoped it would. And the new version of Mozilla Weave with ID support is incredible.

The best got better.


bigmama reviewed v3.5 Final on Jul 1, 2009

1 Opera
2 IE
3 FF
4 Safari
5 Chrome


Casper75 reviewed v3.5 Final on Jun 30, 2009

Whenever their was a major release of Firefox & the speed of the browser was mentioned as one of the exciting new features I was extremely disappointed because it just wasn't true but FF 3.5 has totally restored my faith in the browser, I love the private browsing feature which is on all the time & the speed has improved a great deal & it leave FF 2 & 3 for dead. As for the problem of memory use I have had no issue in relation to this what so ever & nearly all my extensions work fantastic so if you are someone who has ditched Firefox in the past then maybe you should give it another try.


DoHickey reviewed v3.5 Final on Jun 30, 2009

I rate it a 4 just because of a customization issue.
The new tab icon on the tab bar can not be removed.
You can not close the current tab if only one is open, without creating a new tab & then closing the first one. Hiding the tab bar does is not a fix for this. Before clearing my private data I have always closed all tabs, just a a safety practice to make sure everything is cleared. Now I have extra stuff to do that I didn't have to deal with before.
Those are the only issues I have with the 3.5 version.


jspratjr reviewed v3.5 Final on Jun 30, 2009

Nothing special


coover reviewed v3.5 Final on Jun 30, 2009

Better than Google Chrome 3 ... Chrome 3 has rendering problems and the Chrome Bookmarks Bar must be left open in order to access Bookmarks. In addition, the Firefox installer allows you to see that the installation is actually taking place. Chrome's installer does not.

Better than Opera ... While Opera render's properly, and, in fact, does most things very well, it does not have an option (as Firefox, IE 7 and 8, Safari, and even Chrome does) to open automatically to more than one "home" page. Yes, with Opera, it only takes a couple of clicks more to get those pages in tabs, but IT DOES TAKE A COUPLE OF CLICKS MORE to actually do so. Without the ability to open multiple home pages, Opera is an inferior browser.

Better than Safari? ... maybe, probably, I haven't really given Safari a fair examination. In the brief time I've spent with it, i don't like it.

Better than IE? ... Actually, i like both IE and Firefox. IE has it's advantages, Firefox has it's advantages. I guess it really amounts to whether or not you actually hate Microsoft and whether or not you like and use Firefox extensions. The extensions are really Firefox's strength and it's weakness. Why a weakness? Because the extensions are not written into the browser or approved by Firefox, and they seem to break every time an update is made to the browser. Updates are frequently made to keep the browser secure, but sometimes Firefox users, afraid that they'll lose their favorite extension, decide not to update. That can be a fatal mistake.


dejavu reviewed v3.5 Final on Jun 30, 2009

And in the end....
1º Firefox (great job in 3.5)
2º Opera
3º Google Chrome


anonymouscowturd reviewed v3.5 Final on Jun 30, 2009

Testing Firefox 3.5 final against Opera 9.64. Both Vanilla installs on a clean XP SP3 Virtual machine.

Tabs opened (and in this order)

Firefox memory usage 94,300K and increasing CPU fluctuating between 0-20%
Opera 92,072k cpu fluctuating between 0-2%

Close Reddit.com
Firefox 99,192K cpu fluctuating between 0-40%
Opera 53,448k cpu fluctuating between 0-9%

Close Digg.com
Firefox 102,368K cpu fluctuating between 03-19%
Opera 53,664k cpu fluctuating between 0-2%

Close Slashdot.com
Firefox 90,888K cpu fluctuating between 03-25%
Opera 52,276k cpu fluctuating between 0-2%

Close Reuters.com
Firefox 87,016K cpu fluctuating between 0-20%
Opera 52,188k cpu fluctuating between 0-5%

Close CNN.com
Firefox 81,980K cpu fluctuating between 0-33%
Opera 52,188k cpu fluctuating between 0-8%

Close Fileforum.betanews.com
Firefox 79,028K cpu fluctuating between 0-11%
Opera 46,708k cpu fluctuating between 0-8%

Close bbc.co.uk/news
Firefox 70,136K cpu no fluctuation
Opera 46,569k cpu no fluctuation

These figures are from windows task manager only.
I don't know why cpu is fluctuating so much on Firefox, maybe it's because it's downloading the blacklisted sites in the background?
Either way Firefox still consumes more memory than Opera whichever way you cut it. No doubt Aegis69 will throw another kiddy tantrum about this.
Anybody care to do a similar test with the Opera Betas?


Joco reviewed v3.5 Final on Jun 30, 2009

Wow! It's fast! So far working better than 3.0.11, some Add-ons no longer work but I guess they will be updated in a near future.


Vexii reviewed v3.5 Final on Jun 30, 2009

Very nice and fast. 5 stars


egg83 reviewed v3.5 Final on Jun 30, 2009

Waited till final release came, am testing, performs very well. Noticeable speed increase while surfing, no rendering problems thus far. Private browsing mode is nice. A few plugins are broken, but probably will be fixed ASAP. Great job, Mozilla!


Aegis69 reviewed v3.5 Final on Jun 30, 2009

Response to Blaxima who says "For me I could care less what some links say..."

Ok so you are gonna ignore all the evidence like a religious person?? Great. If you have nothing to contribute to the discussion, then buzz off and don't bother voting.


AlphaBetaGamma reviewed v3.5 Final on Jun 30, 2009

It's faster for me than 3.0.11 on Vista x64, and Adblock Plus and NoScript work fine, so what's not to like?


mjm01010101 reviewed v3.5 Final on Jun 30, 2009

An excellent release.


Prospero424 reviewed v3.5 RC3 on Jun 28, 2009

Didn't notice any difference between this and the previous RCs, but I did notice something that didn't happen with the 3.0.x versions that I hope they fix before the final release:

With all three of these RCs, clicking on certain parts of the interface (folders on the bookmarks toolbar, for example) doesn't work while the browser is performing some activity, such as loading a page. You have to click several times or wait for the browser to finish whatever its doing, THEN click the button you want.

Now, this may not seem like a big deal, but it gets REALLY annoying after a while, and the problem is substantially aggravated if you're using older hardware.

As I mentioned: this never happened with releases previous to the 3.5 builds, and it happens now with all three hardware and OS combinations I use on a daily basis.

Please fix, Mozilla! 3.5 is fantastic, otherwise.


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v3.0.11 on Jun 26, 2009

@ TC17 - no1 cars what do you will use...
and changing Firefox to IE... HAHAHA...
I will understand to Opera or Chromium, but IE... LMAO...


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v3.5 RC3 on Jun 26, 2009

@ Prospero424 - https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/
you should report it...

IMO better than Opera, Chromium and Safari...

the LOWEST overall memory usage, yep its true if you use build from Mozilla, not others modified builds...

and see by yourself not opening only 3 tabs... but in OVERALL statistic when surfing...

FASTEST than Opera in AJAX & JS due to now engine with JIT, but it will be probably changed due to Opera 10 introduce Carakan engine and Opera will be boosted up ;)

but nvm memory usage (I have 2GB RAM for something, not for doing nothing...) and speed less or more... [but I dont negate the lower RAM usage and faster browser are better)

Mozilla Firefox for me is powerful because of the addons like:
-Adblock Plus
-Personas for Firefox
-Session Manager
-Yes popups

and of course Opera innovations like:
-Fast Dial
-Mouse Gestures Redox

I cant browse without it ;)

But still Firefox have the largest time startup when you are opening the first time browser after PC restart...
Its SHAME !!!

Peace !!!


Blaxima reviewed v3.5 RC3 on Jun 25, 2009

Seeing as some people feel name calling is an appropriate response I will try another approach. It really doesn't get any simpler than testing things for yourself.

My portable Opera 10 beta build 1589 (which is not a MS product) vs. a barbones(ZERO plugins)portable FF 3.5 RC2.
Both just opened with the same 3 pages and no browsing on any of the pages.

Notice not only the memory usage but the cpu usage as well and like I said this is before any browsing which sends FF much higher because of the way it caches pages.

For me I could care less what some links say because it's my computer and my usage that ultimately affects me

Firefox just doesn't have the usability of Opera without the need of plug ins which more times than not creates incompatibility with new builds and of course higher memory consumption. Page rendering for me was the only advantage FF had over Opera but that hasn't been the case for sometime now.


mjm01010101 reviewed v3.5 RC3 on Jun 25, 2009

Firefox Achilles heel IS the extensions and themes system, and I agree they have NOT done a good job communicating this to developers and end-users how these changes to basic operation can and will effect system stability or upgradability.

I have had extensions effect functionality of the browser.

Having said that, I've seen the same happen to Microsoft Outlook and Word far, far more often, to the point of corrupting files like normal.dot and the .NK2 file within Outlook.

You have to take some degree of responsibility when you design extensible and open platforms. I think Mozilla has improved, but it isn't as good as they can get.

So I'm rating this a 4 this time, but overall my average of Firefox is probably 4.9. It is just so much more powerful with ABP, noscript, greasemonkey, to name a few, that this instability is WELL WORTH IT. I still never see crashes in Firefox, the cause of a crash is java, and even then it's rare.

As for the memory use: I can confirm Opera uses 6MB less than Firefox with my sample tabset open.

But on a 6 gig 64-bit system, that is .1% difference. I would have to open hundreds of instances of firefox for it to make a measurable impact on my system. Opera can't block scripts like FF can, block ads granularly (only by static file,) it can't customize Craigslist with image previews like I can with greasemonkey, it can't customize Google Reader with 4 different customizations.

I don't understand this memory argument issue when we're talking a less than percent difference in browsers, and DECREASING over time!


anonymouscowturd reviewed v3.5 RC3 on Jun 25, 2009

Aegis69, there's something seriously wrong with you. That "moron" that you referred to doesn't mention MS at all in your quote. Quite how that makes the person an MS shill in your mind is anyone's guess.
Have a cup of tea and chill out. He's talking about a browser not your mum. Get over it.

Back to the review. This release still takes up way more memory than Opera and most definitely still feels slower to use benchmarks or no benchmarks.
I'll stick with Opera and carry on using Firefox for development only because Firebug is so useful.


zapatero reviewed v3.5 RC3 on Jun 25, 2009

I do not see many changes. Somewhat faster for loading pages, memory use is as high as always (187 MB at this moment), not that this matters much to me. It does not work in many financial and banking pages. I use it because of the extensions.


GezusKryst reviewed v3.5 RC3 on Jun 25, 2009

I don't know about performance, and did you really time it to see if you go those improvements? But the memory usage is much better.

IE8, with its separate processes for each tab, almost seems like a step backwards. Every tab takes an additional 20MB of memory on my system, and more when pages are loaded into them.

Firefox is staying pretty lean, even with multiple tabs open.


sn0wflake reviewed v3.5 RC3 on Jun 25, 2009

A million times better than any other browser.


sturgess reviewed v3.5 RC2 on Jun 22, 2009

It's a five, fast and stable, been using it since betanews supplied the link yesterday. I've been everywhere, and it has not failed me once, a smashing browser.


wilson389 reviewed v3.5 RC2 on Jun 21, 2009

From a novice user point of view, I am pleased and satisfied with the layout rendering and the performance of this release. I do not find any big flaws so far, but there are a few issues I would like to mention about.

Although Firefox 3.5 has DNS prefetch by default, the feel of performance improvement is not as obvious as the Firefox 3.0 with "DNS prefetch" add-on. I also noticed that the browser may have problem in rendering tables in forum. The contents in the table are shrinked and compressed to one side. Some minor issues.......I like the icon of Firefox 3.0 better than the new icon of Firefox 3.5.

The multiprocess in the future releases sounds wonderful to me, I 'm looking forward to this feature.


9kkd02p3p2 reviewed v3.5 RC2 on Jun 20, 2009

All this talk about incompatible add-ons was true. But not any more.
Mozilla has created Jetpack to deal with this.


Prospero424 reviewed v3.5 RC2 on Jun 20, 2009

First off, I'd like to say that anyone who's had an extensive career in the IT industry knows that those - regardless of claims they may make to experience and expertise - who respond with name calling and insults rather than addressing valid, politely-made points are almost invariably not to be listened to. The "fanboiz" stuff is almost always a case of psychological projection.

Second, tabbed browsing in Firefox is NOT an add-on. No, they weren't the first to implement it, but is that really important at this point?

Thirdly, if there is, as so many "experts" here like to claim, a way that Mozilla should have implemented the add-on system that preserves flexibility and power while never "breaking" any third-party software WHY HAS NO ONE ELSE BEEN ABLE TO DO THIS? If it's as easy as you suggest, why don't you go out and do it? I suspect most people with pretensions to expertise here wouldn't have the first clue as to how to even begin to answer that question.

Yes, occasionally breaking add-ons causes problems that I have complained about right here in the past (I mention it in my reviews of Firefox 0.8 in 2004 and of Firefox in 2008), but the fact is that no one here knows how bad the alternative could have been. And personally attacking the developers over something you almost certainly know little or nothing about is, at the very least, dishonest and counter-productive.

I agree that the performance improvements have been overblown by many in the tech journalism field as well as some reviewers, but that's not to say that they're completely unnoticeable or nonexistent. It's just that the improvements are only visible to most people in certain environments. In this case, it's usually in media-rich implementations, which are increasingly important to most people. But no, the performance improvements aren't exactly going to blow your doors off unless you use a lot of webapps.

I'm still not aware of any credible source who's been able to prove that these latest versions suffer from a "memory leak". Yes, the browser will often use more memory over time. This is normal behavior as long as it's not allowed to interfere with the performance of other application during nominal use and, of course, as long as the memory usage isn't unreasonable with regard to the tasks being performed. As I've pointed out before: Firefox still uses less physical memory with more than a few tabs open than other browsers (like Safari and Opera and Chrome), yet nobody accuses them of having "memory leaks". This has been confirmed by independent sources like Browser World, Slashdot, and Cybernet. But it's only fair to note that memory usage inconsistencies can be and often are caused by add-ons, so always be on the look-out for that.

Anyway, it's perfectly fair and beneficial to point out ways in which Mozilla could improve Firefox. They've still got some work to do, and these suggestions and complaints are a part of what these reviews are all about. But constant (and sometimes baseless) harping and moaning laced with personal invective isn't going to improve ANYTHING.

Oh, and "innovators" spearhead things like (as pointed out above) Jetpack: https://jetpack.mozillalabs.com/ and Weave: https://labs.mozilla.com/projects/weave/


Blaxima reviewed v3.5 RC2 on Jun 19, 2009

I just have to respond here to some of these ill informed posts. Most of the add-ons make this browser more usable but it also makes the slow loading Gecko engine even slower. Whats worse is that a good majority of the add-ons achieve usability that is taken from another browser that has such features out of the box already. This is why it is better to customize through ini's and custom buttons rather than an add-on system which impacts performance. Don't get me wrong, there are a few very useful add-ons.

Despite all the rhetoric around here the performance difference is not all that noticeable and neither are the claims of the fixed memory leaks. Stability seems to becoming more of an issue.

Innovators invented tabbed web browsing, imitators use add-ons


univofky reviewed v3.5 RC2 on Jun 19, 2009

TP, this is not the ideal solution, but it is a solution. Take one of your addons, like Save Image in Folder 1.2.6. Use IE to download the .xpi file. Unzip this file. Open "install.rdf" and change MaxVer to 3.5. Rezip all files back and make sure extension is .xpi. Using FF, File, Open and open the xpi file. Installation will proceed normally for the addon mentioned above (I just tested it). Your mileage will vary. I tried to explain earlier that sometimes the fault lies with the xpi and not the browser. The source code for FF is beyond me and I can't explain why .xpis sometimes fail regardless of changing this variable.


roj reviewed v3.5 RC2 on Jun 19, 2009

I have to say a lot of people are behaving like the typical ZillaLand fanboiz, right down to the "let me read with what I sit on instead of what my eyes are mounted in".

I like the browser.

I use it daily.

It's my browser of choice.

It's architecture was "designed" (I use the term extremely loosely) by a bunch of 13-year old wannabe propellerheads and is neither intelligent nor sustainable, a FACT highlighted by the broken plugins with each point release.

The fact that the browser has come as far as it has is VERY laudable given its inherent disadvantages BUT IT'S TIME FOR A CHANGE.

ZillaLand needs to get its head out of the ground and actually DEVELOPE an architecture.

I've worked in this biz for 20 years and have participated in more software projects than most of you have underwear and the current road is NOT the way to go.

Of course, the average system acumen level as evidenced by the replies here is pretty much in common with those who developed the architecture to begin with (about as deep as the average teaspoon) so it's not surprising that we get l33t l1ttl3 boi gam3r responses.

The senior members here however will note, recognize and acknowledge the truth.

THREE stars for a browser that has achieved what it has primarily by brute force developement rather than intelligence nd no amount of rhetoric, regardless of source or tone, is going to change that simple, blatantly obvious and utterly undeniable FACT.


tp reviewed v3.5 RC2 on Jun 19, 2009

I quickly noticed the performance increase.. And much better plugin readiness from the last major release.. Only 11 of my 45 addons aren't ready.. Enough that I won't be rolling back... These are the addons that I will miss:

- Histogram Viewer 1.1.0
- LogMeIn, Inc. Remote Access Plugin
- MeasureIt 0.3.8
- Save Image in Folder 1.2.6
- Yet Another Smooth Scrolling 2.0.20

I just have to chime in response to roj (his post is above me how appropriate). It is possible to be a know it all without bashing regular users just because they are not high and mighty developers like you boast to be. Somehow I knew that giving a simple opinion was going to arouse the likes of you...

Update in response to univofky : I did find the tweak to disable compatibility checking..(adding boolean 'extensions.checkCompatibility' = false in about:config) It seems to work fine and I will just use that and re-enable it periodically until things catch up...


Sven123456789 reviewed v3.5 RC2 on Jun 19, 2009

Pretty good. I can see the speed increase. So far no problems to report. Like usual, and its not the browsers fault, only 7 of my 14 add on's came over. But the all important adblock worked.


4122 reviewed v3.5 RC2 on Jun 19, 2009

I love the ability to add extensions and customize my browser to operate the way I wanted it to. Remove the ability to use addons and extensions one may as well use IE, Opera, or Chrome.

If you still want to use Firefox and don't want to use any addons you can do that, too. Just don't try to take away my addons which make my browsing experience very enjoyable.


MichaelDHam reviewed v3.5 RC2 on Jun 19, 2009

Installed RC 2 and have *not* had a problem at all, did have it shut down in 3.0.10 version once due to a website problem I believe but seemed to work better in 3.0.11 and all since including this one. I was a devoted IE fan till a friend got me to give Firefox a shot and not will not use anything else. These RC's are ready for final release in my eyes and my opinion. All that seem to have the problems seem to be here and there for the most part and the world as to with electronics
is not perfect in all cases and depends on the individuals set up for the most part.
Firefox is alway a KEEPER! Hopefully the full release will be soon!


Sammo reviewed v3.5 RC2 on Jun 19, 2009

My favorite browser. I recommend Tete's build for faster performance - http://www1.plala.or.jp/...009/en-US/software.html


mjm01010101 reviewed v3.5 RC2 on Jun 19, 2009

As far as I'm concerned this is RTM quality, and has been for months.


UniversityofKentucky reviewed v3.5 RC2 on Jun 19, 2009

TP, this is not the ideal solution, but it is a solution. Take one of your addons, like Save Image in Folder 1.2.6. Use IE to download the .xpi file. Unzip this file. Open "install.rdf" and change MaxVer to 3.5. Rezip all files back and make sure extension is .xpi. Using FF, File, Open and open the xpi file. Installation will proceed normally for the addon mentioned above (I just tested it). Your mileage will vary.


waffull reviewed v3.5 RC1 on Jun 18, 2009

Must speedier.. Looking forward to a final release and hope that better gmail 2 is updated:) Can't give it a 5, after all, it's only an RC:)

DoHickey... You can set ff to not show the tab bar if you only have one page open (Tools --> Options --> Tabs --> Uncheck: Always show the tab bar)

That may solve part of your problems and also give you more screen real estate:)


DoHickey reviewed v3.5 RC1 on Jun 18, 2009

So far only 3 things I do not like about this version.
I can't seem to remove the new tab button from the tab bar.
If only one tab is open I can't close it to bring up a blank, I have to open a new tab & then close the first one.
A couple of sites wouldn't work, the weather radar wouldn't loop.
I have all of the plug ins required to do this.

Other than those 3 little things, it's not bad at all & it's fast.
Good work Moz

PS. Thanks Waffull, but I like having a blank page up before I clear personal data. So if I can't clear the page & have a blank, I have a problem with it.
The current version does this & I'd like it to carry over to the new version.


mfarmilo reviewed v3.5 RC1 on Jun 18, 2009

Excellent program. I downloaded this build myself straight away yesterday when I saw it here. But looking on the Mozilla forums today they're currently saying the final RC1 has still not been released.


Prospero424 reviewed v3.5 RC1 on Jun 18, 2009

All but one of my ~20 add-ons worked even with the preview (beta 99) build as well. That's a MUCH better ratio than past milestones had.

Speed's great, no compatibility or rendering problems. No crashes under Windows 7 64-bit or Windows XP 32-bit.

As far as the add-ons architecture debate: yes, Mozilla has historically had problems with "breaking" add-ons with milestone updates. Could they have done a better job? Sure, and I've criticized them for exactly that right here on BetaNews in the past. But the fact is that neither you nor I know the specific technical hurdles they were facing, and pretending you do for the sake of argument is a bit sanctimonious.

The fact is that no other browser has an add-on/extension system NEARLY as diverse or powerful as Firefox does, nor are they nearly as consistent across platforms. Opera has a few good ones, but the sheer volume and raw capability of them isn't even close. Google Chrome says they're gonna have them sometime in the indefinite future, and they still don't even have a usable Linux version. So criticizing Mozilla for not doing what NO ONE else has been able to do also seems a bit unreasonable.

But if you really think the architecture could or should be designed to make any plug-in authored at any time in the past or the future work FOREVER, that's not just unreasonable, that's stupid. But perhaps that's not your contention.

Not a perfect browser, and not the fastest browser, but definitely the most capable and flexible. I only use other browsers as backups these days.

Oh, and BTW. This version installed right on top of Firefox 3.0.10 while the betas (including the preview) installed in a separate directory in case you wanted to go back to the old version without reinstalling. So perhaps we won't be seeing an RC2 after all despite the implications of the "RC1" title. Also, the "about" page simply reads "Version 3.5". It doesn't even note that it's a release candidate. I thought that was interesting.

mfarmilo: http://en-us.www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/3.5/whatsnew/


4122 reviewed v3.5 RC1 on Jun 17, 2009

I have to be the conflicting opinion here. I upgraded from v3.0.10 first to v3.5b99 and now v3.5 RC1 and all 27+ extensions I am using are working perfectly.

I have to commend the extension authors this time around getting their products in shape for the v3.5 release ahead of schedule.

TIP: Make sure to visit http://addons.mozilla.org and manually check for updates to your extensions. I found at least three had silent updates that did not bump the version number, but did bump the maxversion in the extension's code.

P.S. These ratings are to rate the browser itself not the extensions. If you have a complaint about extensions there are other places to do that.


Mumoto reviewed v3.5 RC1 on Jun 17, 2009

lol, Roy that's like saying "Make Windows vista applications work on Windows 3.1"

Ofcourse new versions of Firefox will BREAK addons, if you have problems with that use the older versions or tell the addon-developers to come off their lazy asses and update their addon.

Furthermore 3.5 RC1 seems to be a hell of a improvement over 3.0.1

emanresU deriseD

emanresU deriseD reviewed v3.5 RC1 on Jun 17, 2009

Roj is absolutely correct. The continual breaking of extensions and plugins has ALWAYS pissed me off. It's a ridiculous state of affairs. Users end up reliant on freeware authors who may never update their software.

Note to the confused: This IS a review of the browser, not of extensions. It's Firefox that has such a lousy extension update system.


roj reviewed v3.5 RC1 on Jun 17, 2009

As per normal, it breaks plugins. That is a MAJOR Achilles Heel in the FF "architecture" (I use the term loosely) and speaks volumes as to its lack of sustainability.

How about you guys in ZillaLand actually deal with that issue permanently for FF 4.0?

To those who do not have the acumen to comprehend the trivialities known as "backwards compatibility" and "architecture", let me spell it out for them in Mister Rogers terms:

A Point Release Should Not Break Plugins.

Hell, even new releases should not break the plugins of the previous release, especially since (unlike operating systems) there are not seven year intervals between those releases.

THREE stars for a good browser with a half-assed architecture.

Let the flaming begin - I'm sure the "Faithful" will now get their panties in a bunch over the undeniable and obvious.


The extension "architecture" IS part of the browser and when it falls on its ass, as it invariably does, THIS IS the place to showcase that criminally repeated stupidity.


Juhandra reviewed v3.5 RC1 on Jun 17, 2009

Beats the other browsers by a mile.
Slick, configurable as you like, fast, and stable.


Vimes reviewed v3.5 RC1 on Jun 17, 2009

Excellent browser. Well supported with an impressive choice of plugins which, imo, make this the browser of choice. Although Chrome is now starting to use plugins it will take a while before they mature. I do like Chrome but it is the plugins for FF that make me keep coming back to use it.
If only Opera would develop a plugin system similar to FF, rather than the widgets it uses, it too would be on my short list of browsers to use.


sn0wflake reviewed v3.5 RC1 on Jun 17, 2009

Best browser ever. I use it at work and at home. The Read It Later plugin makes it easy to bookmark sites and access them at home and at work. Adblock Plus removes all kinds of ads. It really makes websites load faster and makes them look like the webdesigner intended to.


kindbud1 reviewed v3.5 RC1 on Jun 17, 2009

come now, shallot. don't be an operatard.


shallot reviewed v3.5 RC1 on Jun 16, 2009

Or just use Opera...It has everything you need built right in...You don't need to maintain Gazillion addons and extensions which makes FF usable...


Sammo reviewed v3.5 RC1 on Jun 16, 2009

I basically love Firefox and have been running the 3.5 betas with really good luck. This RC1 will not even start up at all. Not ready for prime time. Because of this I give this release just 1 star.


Aegis69 reviewed v3.5 RC1 on Jun 16, 2009

Install MR Tech Toolkit to make your addons compatible, it might not work with all of them but it worked fine with mine.


Att: Sammo

Start Firefox in safe mode, disable a few extensions till you find the one casing the problem. FF 3.5 RC1 works perfectly, you'll find its an addon causing problems.


dink reviewed v3.5 RC1 on Jun 16, 2009

Most of my add-ons are incompatible with the rc. Gonna have to go thru the same thing again as I did when FF3 first came out. Not happy about this. Hopefully this will be resolved before the final release


mjm01010101 reviewed v3.5 RC1 on Jun 16, 2009

Sweet. This means 3.5 release likely in the next 1-3 weeks.


UniversityofKentucky reviewed v3.5 RC1 on Jun 16, 2009

3.5b99 is running flawlessly. Much faster, accepts most add-ons, resolves pages nicely... I was hoping Mozilla would counter the speed of Google Chrome and it looks like they have. Bravo!


keir reviewed v3.0.11 on Jun 13, 2009

wow. I think it did close for no apparent reason once last night, but although it's early days it looks like in the memory I like I've had for so long I can't remember when it started is finally gone, or at least much improved.


mjm01010101 reviewed v3.0.11 on Jun 12, 2009

It's you.


Prospero424 reviewed v3.5 Beta 99 on Jun 12, 2009

This is the first version of the 3.5 development builds that I've felt perfectly comfortable using on a daily basis. The past betas just weren't "done" enough.

No problems with rendering, improved performance, especially on Java-heavy sites, and all my vital add-ons (most really popular ones) are working.

Also, I like the little (and big) interface and aesthetic changes they've made.

It actually uses LESS physical memory than Chrome does with more than a few tabs open, even if the tabs aren't separate processes like they are in Chrome (which I like and rate highly here). And now Firefox's performance is at least comparable, even if Chrome is still a bit faster.

Input Overload

Input Overload reviewed v3.0.11 on Jun 12, 2009

As I write this on Firefox it's using around 3400 meg of Memory & very few CPU cycles. I was an Opera fan for many years & moved over to Firefox a few months ago. Firefox is a great browser & 3.5 will be even better if the beta's I've tried are anything to go by.


jafo818 reviewed v3.0.11 on Jun 11, 2009

TC17 obviously it's your installation or extensions... I've used Firefox 1, 2, and 3 extensively and never had the 99% CPU problem you describe.


alcvanamelsvoort reviewed v3.5 Beta 99 on Jun 10, 2009

I've been a Firefox fan since version 1.0 but would change immediately to Chrome if it worked with Lastpass and Xmarks or similar. I find no improvement in speed or memory, none whatsoever.


mjm01010101 reviewed v3.5 Beta 99 on Jun 9, 2009

No extension issues (I have 7 common ones installed.)
No rendering or performance issues. Extensions in Firefox bring me far more functionality than any other browser, so I don't even really bother anymore. Loading a page with no ads versus loading it .09 seconds faster, I'm going to go with no ads.
Never could get multiple tabs as a homepage in Opera. Their help system was ghastly, as well.

alcvanamelsvoort (above) You GOTTA be smoking something if you don't think there are speed improvements to Firefox since version 1. Load up 4 tabs for a homepage in FF 1.0, and 4 tabs for a homepage in 3.5pre and tell me there isn't a difference in loading the pages and responsiveness between switching tabs.


methuselah reviewed v3.5 Beta 99 on Jun 9, 2009

b99 feels a little faster than beta 4. (although that might be due to some 3rd party extensions not being updated yet.) Adblock+ and NoScript goth working, which are the most important ones for me.


reidyn reviewed v3.5 Beta 99 on Jun 9, 2009

I would have preferred to be able to award a solid 4 1/2. This is a better browser than 3.0 and as explained by the Foundation, the overhauled Javascript engine and several other internal changes have warranted a .5 version leap. Quite a feat, to improve the Javascript performance by 250%.

To address a couple of remarks below, I too am disappointed that the extension writers didn't just go ahead and set "maxver" to 3.5 final after the extensions related code had been totally nailed down (beta 3 or 4, I forget). That would have prevented so many extensions from appearing to break when in reality they will work fine. Mine all did. That's the extension authors' faults, more so than Firefox, though I wonder if it might be possible in the future to do something like what Google is doing and arranging for extensions to work independent of what happens in the browser along the way. Go get the Ngihtly Tester Tools extension and use it to force them all to work in the meantime. That's quite easy and it does the trick.

As for performance, let me be more precise than the reviewer directly below me. At least with respect to Javascript performance, it goes like this: IE is very distantly behind the rest of the pack. Opera is actually next to last but still well ahead of. Firefox is somewhat ahead of Opera. Chrome and Safari are running neck and neck vying for #1, but final Safari 4.0 and the latest Chrome dev build has Chrome ahead by a nose. Both are quite a bit faster than everything else. I really don't have objective performance figures for overall page rendering. Various reports put all of the browsers fairly close together on that. As for responsiveness, subjectively I'm giving that to Chrome, followed by Opera, then not terribly far behind is Firefox, and IE is well behind. I don't know where to place Safari because it feels kinda fast one day and kinda slow the next. Firefox is much more responsive with no extensions than it is when you do as I have and load it up with a ton of them.

With memory usage, I totally disagree with the poster below. I've seen others conduct memory usage testing, and I've conducted my own, with interesting results. Firefox is actually pretty much leading the pack over a typical usage session for memory usage. Safari, in my testing, was much higher on memory usage than everything else, and the rest all fell somewhere between Firefox and Safari. I kind of expected Opera to be at the top and didn't find this to be true.

Firefox is still king of the hill with respect to extensions, as no one can even touch its current ecosystem. I'm personally using Chrome most of the time because of the raw performance (responsiveness, rendering, javascript) but when I'm not using Firefox I seriously miss the extensions that I've come to enjoy. Furthermore, Firefox has an unparalleled bookmark management system with a fantastic inclusion of tags. I'm waiting for the others to catch up in this respect. Because of this, and the XMarks server sync addon, I'm still using Firefox as my primary bookmark manager. I just wish I could sync with the others more easily.


Nehemoth reviewed v3.5 Beta 99 on Jun 9, 2009

Build 99 no beta 99


coover reviewed v3.5 Beta 99 on Jun 9, 2009

As usual, Firefox's major weakness reared it's ugly head on this version ... half the extensions do not work. This is extremely common with all Firefox updates. Eventually, the extension writers will catch up with the browser writers, but it won't happen immediately.

The browser is still a memory hog, which, I guess is ok if you have lots and lots of extra memory, and it is still a bit slower than Google and on par with Opera and IE in speed.

If this is your favorite browser, I'd guess it will stay your favorite browser. Nothing seems broken except several extensions.


arvind reviewed v3.5 Beta 99 on Jun 9, 2009

Been using Beta 4 for a while now.. but damn, this version is really fast!


Jammerdelray reviewed v3.5 Beta 99 on Jun 9, 2009

Very fast, lots of new features and standards compliant, stable. Also can't wait for the RC!


DaComboMan reviewed v3.5 Beta 99 on Jun 9, 2009

Can't wait for the official RC !

Only a few extensions fail to work.
Speed is excellent (page rendering), at least at par with Opera 10.


TC17 reviewed v3.0.10 on Jun 8, 2009

I'm very close to totally giving up on any Mozilla product. For years now, Firefox has had the problem of 99% cpu usage. And its not all flash content causing it either. Yet it NEVER gets fixed. It will work fine for a while, then it will start acting up, and it doesn't matter whether its in XP or Vista. Its extremely annoying and I think I'm going to start using some other browser... probably IE8.


TGB72 reviewed v3.5 Beta 4 on Jun 4, 2009

Same resource consumption than v3 and little more faster than previous versions. Opera 10 beta1 is way more fast and it consume less memory..
Loading warp.net without flash plugin demmand 42MB of RAM with FF, same site with Opera 10 loading all the flash stuff took 36MB and even with the animation Opera load that site faster.
Anyway FF still being a great browser (compared to GC or IE), and his strongest point are the plugins, I still keep it for plugins like Scrapbook.


statm1 reviewed v3.5 Beta 4 on May 29, 2009

Oh come on Mastertech.. Do you even know why the ACID3 test was made? The author purposely picked things that no one really needs to have right now to be in that test. ACID 2 was necessary. But ACID3 is just where we should head to not automatically be.

All current (Windows) browsers right now IE8, Chrome 2/3, Firefox 3/3.5, Safari 4, Opera 9.6/10, they are all standards compliant browsers, because they all support CSS 2.1. IE8 is the only one of those, to my knowledge, to support every single aspect of CSS 2.1. The ACID2 nor the ACID3 does not test every single aspect of the 2.1 spec.

And since HTML5 and CSS3 are not a final standard yet its alittle hard to support them fully since the specs kinda change.


Mastertech reviewed v3.5 Beta 4 on May 12, 2009

Standards support my ass, Firefox still does not pass Acid 3!



roj reviewed v3.0.10 on May 4, 2009

Ever since the .9 release, I've been getting myriad "cannot connect" errors on multiple different machines under both XP and Vista. When you look the error up, you get some trite nonsense from ZillaLand claiming a firewall setting is at fault. Guess what? I don't run a firewall.

Get off your azz and fix this nonsense, ZillaLand. It's clearly something you did wrong since .8 as when I revert to .8, all is sweetness and light. We know .9 was a mess and .10 was supposed to clean up said mess.

Get a bigger broom.

THREE stars for an extremely annoying BUG.


Virtual_ManPL reviewed v3.5 Beta 4 on May 1, 2009

Work like hell with JIT default enabled !!!

@ nilst2006 - than report bug...

@ anomoly - and we browsing net with minimized browser LULZ...

stop fucing about memory leaks etc, look on this test...
and see Fx isnt that worst like you can see...

and P.S. Memory is cheap in these days LMAO...


nilst2006 reviewed v3.5 Beta 4 on Apr 29, 2009

Can't import bookmarks from IE or Opera. Script Error. Can't restore from json or likewise. Script error. WORST version ever !!!


anomoly reviewed v3.5 Beta 4 on Apr 29, 2009

K-meleon blows this crap away
k-idle and minimized uses like 5mb of mem
ff-same uses like 64mb
if it weren't for that I may have played with it more


Nefarious reviewed v3.5 Beta 4 on Apr 29, 2009

I like the beta a lot, seems faster than it was before and still keeping the old stuff working.

The correct way to try a beta and still use your outdated addons would be getting the "nightly tester tools" addon and using "overwrite all compatibility" for the ones that didnt got directly working at least until the addon gets an update.


Lsavagejt reviewed v3.5 Beta 4 on Apr 29, 2009

I like it....a lot.


AlanS2001 reviewed v3.5 Beta 4 on Apr 29, 2009

The best by a long shot, plugins or not. As per plugins not working when upgrading, you can't blame the browser just because no one has updated the plugins to work with newer versions of firefox.


LakotaElf reviewed v3.5 Beta 4 on Apr 28, 2009

I hate to say this as I have used Firefox a long time now, along with a couple of others. But it seems to me that Firefox is going downhill, beta or not. It is a resource hog and has been for a long time. Every time we upgrade, plugins do not work or something else breaks. I think I am tired of this now and will move on to another browser. I would like something that works nicely when it upgrades, I am beginning to wonder if anything does. 3.5 beta 4 does not cut it with me at all, not at all. Good bye Firefox...

Djuzan Belic

Djuzan Belic reviewed v3.5 Beta 4 on Apr 28, 2009

The miserable CPU hogging and memory hunger are still there, nothing has changed under the hood.


T_LOKZz reviewed v3.5 Beta 4 on Apr 28, 2009

For it to get better changes have to be made. Face it Firefox is losing a lot of users to Chrome, I am a Chromium user myself. They need to make some major changes. Just be like everybody else and wait for a plugin update that makes it compatible or do it yourself.


coover reviewed v3.5 Beta 4 on Apr 28, 2009

Plugins - Firefox's "strength' and Firefox's "weakness". I have just installed 3.5 Beta 4 (interesting numbering as Beta 1, 2, and 3 were all version 3.1) and as soon as I did, I got a list of plugins that no longer worked.

When Firefox was introduced, plugins were frequently cited as the reason people changed from another browser to Firefox. But everytime Firefox "improves" the browser, it breaks the plugins. Can't we get a browser which doesn't need plugins that break whenever the browser is updated?

Firefox is a good browser, but it could be better. Build it so it does not break plugins or doesn't need plugins.


mjm01010101 reviewed v3.5 Beta 4 on Apr 28, 2009

Speed is fine when you include extensions that remove the crap portions of the web.


us3r reviewed v3.5 Beta 4 on Apr 28, 2009

I like Firefox for its compatibility with many websites, innovative features, lots of useful addons, but the developers should give it some speeeeeeeeeed. This browser is so slow comparing to its competition like Opera or Safari. And why Firefox 3.5 does NOT pass Acid 3 test with 100% score?!





Virtual_ManPL reviewed v3.0.10 on Apr 28, 2009

Simply the best browser for me...
Extensions are pure win !!!

@ DaComboMan - simply disable compatibly check...
about:config =>
extensions.checkCompatibility "false"
extensions.checkUpdateSecurity "false"


DaComboMan reviewed v3.0.10 on Apr 28, 2009

With all respect for Firefox beta, this one failed to import at least 80% of my extensions. Wait for the official version.


Aegis69 reviewed v3.0.10 on Apr 27, 2009

Opera has all the g**ness I need in order to be a fully g** g**tard, without installing extensions which is hard.


wyzwyk reviewed v3.0.10 on Apr 27, 2009

While some other browsers may get better marks on the ACID 3 test, open faster, render pages quicker and are more secure Firefox remains king of the browsers by virtue of its enormous feature set. The add-ons give the user the ability customize the look and feel that the other browsers can only dream about.
As for bigmamma......Presently Firefox has about 22% of the market share and Opera 0.7%. That means that for every Opera user there are over 31 Firefox users. Kindly tell us Bigmamma, if Opera is such a superior browser compared to Firefox then why isn't it reflected in the numbers? You give Firefox one star? What kind of nonsense is that? Be gone with you little Opera troll.... back under the bridge from where you came.


bufftbone reviewed v3.0.10 on Apr 27, 2009

ye ha!


kindbud1 reviewed v3.0.10 on Apr 27, 2009

bigmama is obviously a complete operatard.

firefox is awesome.


jspratjr reviewed v3.0.10 on Apr 27, 2009



Sven123456789 reviewed v3.0.10 on Apr 27, 2009

Not sure what the issue is with some users and there extensions. I got 17 of them, and all of them came over. The newer beta versions, 3.1 or 3.5= whatever they call it, is a different story. As for the troll who gave this a one, come on. None of the top browsers are bad. Your just being a moron.


Lawrence01 reviewed v3.0.10 on Apr 27, 2009

I love firefox!


bigmama reviewed v3.0.10 on Apr 27, 2009

Ugly. Opera has whatever I want without adding several extensions. Opera gives you a better browsing experience


JParish reviewed v3.0.10 on Apr 27, 2009

@ballyhairs: Actually, Firefox was not the first one to make tabbed browsing. I can remember using NetCaptor way back in the day (1998). I don't know if any else did it first...

Firefox is a great web browser.


mjm01010101 reviewed v3.0.10 on Apr 27, 2009

"You’re now running Firefox 3.0.1."

Yeah they *might* want to consider renaming that version number for purposes of clarification.

edit: Looks like Mozilla fixed this.


jspratjr reviewed v3.0.9 on Apr 22, 2009

Nice - after updating to 3.0.9 all extensions quit working. Fix is here:



ballyhairs reviewed v3.0.9 on Apr 22, 2009

Obviously you don't know anything about Firefox, you just made fool of yourself by even mentioning such a thing that Firefox invented, they call it customize andt here you have whole lots of things to drag and drop... new tab, huh? lol
The best browser ever, still missing save settings and add-ons option, I guess I will have to keep on using MozBackup till it becomes a built in option.


doctorsmith reviewed v3.0.9 on Apr 21, 2009

@ steviejay2002
The New Tab Button can be accessed the same way as it has for every version of Firefox, right click anywhere on the Navigation Bar and select customize, bingo there's a menu with all the little buttons you could wish for including the New Tab button, just drag the button you want to where you want it ................. something I think even opera and IE users can manage, although maybe not.

used FF for years here and love it


steviejay2002 reviewed v3.0.9 on Apr 21, 2009

Yeah the missing 'new tab' button is something IE & Opera have had for ages. Can't think why one isn't in FF, CTRL & T just isn't good enough


bigmama reviewed v3.0.9 on Apr 21, 2009

I prefer Opera and IE8 as alternative. I cannot use Firefox. Opera has the features I want without installing extensions...


Mumoto reviewed v3.0.9 on Apr 21, 2009

There are several reasons for software to not work properly on some systems.

For example:
- Too many processes running
- P2P downloading
- Spyware/viruses
- Computer configuration messed up

Vista is a hog itself unless you tweak it down like I did.
Performance-wise 64-bit SHOULD run faster most of the time but we're talking about a webbrowser not Crysis.

64-bit Vista and XP have crap hardware and software support sooo I rather wait a few OS'es before switching over.


andeemac2006 reviewed v3.0.9 on Apr 21, 2009

To the guy that had the message about removing IE8 might harm Fiirefox,
Well all I have to say is That XP SP3 was brought out to make people move to Vista !!!! it nearly messed up my Instalation of Xp SP2 that i had on my old PC for 4 years
This is what they do when your not doing what they want .


FixXxeR reviewed v3.0.9 on Apr 21, 2009

mjm, how does using 64 bit operating systems give you more credibility? Is it just because he has 4GB and is running 32 bit? That is not an argument. I still do it and wont use 64 bit until my hardware is better supported. To me, 32 bit is still the SMART way to go. A browser should work the same on either platform, or close to the same.


darthbeads reviewed v3.0.9 on Apr 21, 2009


I'm not sure how using a still under-supported OS environment lends someone credibility when reviewing a browser that should work just fine on either platform....


mjm01010101 reviewed v3.0.9 on Apr 21, 2009

borisf98, perhaps you should be using a 64-bit Operating system before you review software? It might give you a touch more credibility.

Sure it is an argument. You plainly tout your ignorance when you run an operating system and waste a Gig of RAM.


utomo reviewed v3.1 Beta 3 on Apr 13, 2009

add an easy way to speed it up
something like this



utomo reviewed v3.0.8 on Apr 13, 2009

New Browser mostly Use New Tab Instead of new Windows.
But Look at The Firefox.
There is No Button which can be used to open new Tab. Only New Windows (which is not too much used)

Look at other Browser. all Have new way to open new tab.
IE 7 and IE 8, Chrome, Opera, ETC

Note : I know we can use CTRL + T but a Button will be easier.


myboy reviewed v3.1 Beta 3 on Apr 5, 2009

Browser is relatively stable. Sky-high memory usage when visiting sites with Flash. For some reason, a few settings that would make it use less memory are not an option by default (such as config.trim_on_minimize or for those with less memory, browser.cache.memory.capacity). Also enable TraceMonkey for faster browsing.

They should incorporate the extension Download Statusbar and be done with it. The default manager sucks.


DoHickey reviewed v3.0.8 on Apr 5, 2009

This version works rather well, I'm happy with it.
Not much else to say, it works and I've had no problems.

One question that I hope someone can answer.
When uninstalling IE-8 why do I get a message box saying that Firefox will be effected when I uninstall IE-8?.
If Firefox is a true separate entity from IE, why would I get this message?
Something seems fishy about this.


borisf98 reviewed v3.0.8 on Mar 28, 2009

2 last releases are full of bugs

3.0.7 is a memory hog which was not the case with previous releases.

3.0.8 disabled all plugins in navigation bar.

Hopefully next release will fix those problems. Vista 32/ 4GB RAM.


sn0wflake reviewed v3.0.8 on Mar 27, 2009

Still the best!


Sativarg reviewed v3.0.8 on Mar 27, 2009

Please use this link if the ftp is over loaded

All my plugging worked with this update and install was fast and clean.
[url=http://en-us.www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/3.0.8/releasenotes/]See what's new in Firefox 3.0.8[/url]
[url=http://en-us.www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/features/]View the top new features[/url]


giwo reviewed v3.1 Beta 3 on Mar 16, 2009

While Firefox 3.0.7 rarely seemed slow to me, I've noticed an improvement in 3.1b3 when loading just about any web site. Also privacy mode does exactly what the name suggests, allowing the user to browse without concern for cookies or history. Another nice new feature is the ability to clear browsing history for a limited time frame, ie the past hour.

So far I have yet to encounter any glitches or crashes while using this build, a definite improvement over 3.1b2, which had several issues finally resulting in me reverting back to 3.0.x.

With the constantly improving (and already great) browser from Mozilla paired with AdBlock and NoScript, I can't think of a single reason to use another browser.


mfaccone reviewed v3.1 Beta 3 on Mar 15, 2009

I used to hate Mozilla and Firefox. But as of the last few builds, I've come to like it better than IE. It really has matured well.


GrailKnight reviewed v3.1 Beta 3 on Mar 14, 2009

Working fine here. Faster then ever and low memory usage.

Its a keeper.

Djuzan Belic

Djuzan Belic reviewed v3.1 Beta 3 on Mar 13, 2009

It's still as slow and memory hungry as it ever was.


midnighter_9999 reviewed v3.1 Beta 3 on Mar 13, 2009

No problem so far! All sites are loading really quick, great improvement from 3.0.7.

Read reviews saying that Safari and Chrome seem to be faster, but hey, Firefox is highly customizable! This makes up for the defects. Its a complete browser!

Competition comes when Safari and Chrome start incorporating add-ons. But I think, that will affect its performance. We'll see.

Heres a tip btw - Completely uninstall Firefox, as in remove from local settings etc and from the registry too - then install FF3.1 b3 - I've noticed a HUGE improvement when I did this. Its sure worth a shot!


tomkaten reviewed v3.1 Beta 3 on Mar 13, 2009

This is truly the best browsing experience available these days. Extensions are what makes this browser amazing.

Speed ? Well, it's not slower than anything out there, certainly not slower than Chrome or Safari and it crushes them both on features.

So there you have it... Firefox is fast, ultra customizable, slick and just plain usable. Who wouldn't want to use it ?

I've been using the 3.1 beta since it first came out without a glitch. No random locukups, no funny looking elements, nothing. Two minor problems on two different sites, both addressed in this version, which seems even faster and more responsive. All my previous extensions work just fine, with the exception of my most vital one: Firegestures, lol. But the Nightly Tester Tools fixed that in no time, with no side effects.

I highly recommend this beta. It's rock solid, fast and feature-full. My single standing gripe is related to the cold startup time, but it's worth the extra two seconds for all the goodies you're getting.


mjm01010101 reviewed v3.1 Beta 3 on Mar 13, 2009

Editing my review after about a month of use. This browser has crashed about 3 times in the past week, so I reverted to a fresh profile 3.0.9.

Hopefully they fix up the remaining bugs.


johnk119 reviewed v3.1 Beta 3 on Mar 13, 2009

is this a joke?

emanresU deriseD

emanresU deriseD reviewed v3.1 Beta 3 on Mar 13, 2009

The extension system sucks, with some things that should be built in pushed aside. The update system REALLY sucks, and it's extremely annoying when an update comes out. It's too stupid to know if the current user is a "Limited User" (under Windows XP), and it will keep trying to update itself--over and over, ad infinitum. But of course it cannot, because the user does not have access rights.

But what REALLY sucks about Firefox is that while it performs well out of the box, it's devoid of features. And after you've accumulated a few extensions to get the features you want, the performance goes down the toilet. Just WHY do I need to install an extension to obtain "Add Bookmark Here" menu functionality? Why, when I want to manage a bookmark folder, do I either need to open the Library window and hunt for the folder manually, or install a "Manage Folders" extension? Oh--let me guess--some morons will whine that these extra menu items constitute "bloat"!


bittermann reviewed v3.1 Beta 3 on Mar 13, 2009

The best just keeps getting better!


What-A-Waste reviewed v3.1 Beta 3 on Mar 13, 2009

Is it just me or are other Firefox users unable to rearrange/resize window panes within Yahoo Mail?? But no wait.. It must be a bug for FireFox and Windows because on my Mac OSX 10.5.6 I can rearrange/resize window panes in Firefox just fine..

If I try to rearrange/resize in Windows, I can grab a window frame edge and move it, but it won't set when I release the mouse button.

Anyone seen this within Vista and XP??


sn0wflake reviewed v3.1 Beta 3 on Mar 12, 2009

Paul Skinner: Nobody gives a damn about Windows 3.1. It's like complaining that you can't drive your Ford T on the express way because the car doesn't meet the minimum speed requirements on those kind of roads.
I see you point in complaining about the postulated support for Windows 3.1. The Firefox team should remove that part and just deduce it to any 32- or 64-bit Windows version.


Sativarg reviewed v3.1 Beta 3 on Mar 12, 2009

I know this may be a bit too much info but I think its important.
Just think it would be nice to link to the Beta information
Firefox 3.1 Beta 3 Release Notes

This is the fifth development milestone and third beta release of Firefox 3.1, the upcoming version of the Firefox web browser. Please read below for more information.

About this Beta

Firefox 3.1 Beta 3 is the fifth development milestone and third beta release of Firefox 3.1, the next version of the Firefox web browser. While this release is considered to be stable, it is intended for developers and members of our testing community to use for early evaluation and feedback. Users of the latest released version of Firefox should not expect all of their add-ons to work properly with this beta.

What’s New in Firefox 3.1 Beta 3

Firefox 3.1 Beta 3 is based on the Gecko 1.9.1 rendering platform, which has been under development for the past 9 months. Firefox 3.1 is an incremental release on the previous version with significant changes to improve web compatibility, performance, and ease of use:

* This beta is now available in 64 languages - get your local version.
* Improved the new Private Browsing Mode.
* Improvements to web worker thread support.
* Improved performance and stability with the new TraceMonkey JavaScript engine.
* New native JSON support.
* Improvements to the Gecko layout engine, including speculative parsing for faster content rendering.
* Support for new web technologies such as the and elements, the W3C Geolocation API, JavaScript query selectors, CSS 2.1 and 3 properties, SVG transforms and offline applications.

Developers can find out about all the changes and new features at the Mozilla Developer Center.


realalexpc reviewed v3.1 Beta 3 on Mar 12, 2009

firefox is a superb browser and is changing all the time. if not for the fact that javascript animation performance is the slowest of ALL browsers and almost half as fast as Google Chrome.

my question is, when, oh when, will firefox improve the graphic and animation speed of firefox to be even remotely close to chrome?


smanofsteel76 reviewed v3.1 Beta 3 on Mar 12, 2009

I have had no problems with Beta 3 in Windows 7 but it keeps crashing in Windows Vista. Anyone else having that problem?

Paul Skinner

Paul Skinner reviewed v3.1 Beta 3 on Mar 12, 2009

Pretty good product.
Doesn't live up to its billing of working with Windows 3.1 though :P


Sammo reviewed v3.1 Beta 3 on Mar 12, 2009

I've been running 3.1b3 for a few days and I can tell you that it is the fastest Firefox yet.


alanpalmer reviewed v3.0.7 on Mar 12, 2009

With 3.06 I had occasional freezes and problems with pages loading forever. If I closed down the browser and tried to reopen it I'd get a message saying it was already running. Using Task Manager to try to end the process had no effect and I was forced to reboot Windows.

So far, with 3.07 I've not had this problem.

Of course, the problem may have been in an extension rather than Firefox itself...


chadamus reviewed v3.1 Beta 3 on Mar 12, 2009

This gets me every time 'Mozilla Firefox for Windows 3.1'...


anonswgeek reviewed v3.1 Beta 3 on Mar 12, 2009

been running this beta 3 update for a few hours now and all is fine. no crashes. a good speed improvement over 3.07 i like the new icon to open a new tab. pressing ctrl-t does the same though.


anonswgeek reviewed v3.1 Beta 2 on Mar 12, 2009

3.1b3 has been released today. i notice a good speed improvement over 3.07


JRobert reviewed v3.0.7 on Mar 9, 2009

(silly trolls!)
Just as solid as the last point release, with, presumably, a few fixes. Absolutely no issues after upgrading (OS 10.5.6).


sn0wflake reviewed v3.0.7 on Mar 9, 2009

Best browser in the World!


Skyfrog reviewed v3.0.7 on Mar 8, 2009

Works perfectly fine, and not slow at all unless your computer sucks. Pay no attention to the nitwit trolls.


JCookes reviewed v3.0.7 on Mar 8, 2009

Gets slower, and slower, and sloooower, and slooooooooooower.

Try Opera 9.64 for a REAL browser.

FF is only good for the work third-party people do, the browser is pure crap.


robmanic44 reviewed v3.0.7 on Mar 7, 2009

Pretty much useless. Not only did Firefox crash, but it took my system down with it. Either fix the browser or take it out of the game.


XtC4UaLL reviewed v3.0.7 on Mar 4, 2009

Changelog 3.0.7: http://tinyurl.com/auddbl

@emanresU deriseD:
In the Mozilla release process RCs *are identical* to the to be released versions if no other RCs are needed.


johnk119 reviewed v3.0.7 on Mar 4, 2009

How about telling us what's new in this version?


buenamierda14 reviewed v3.0.7 on Mar 4, 2009

Get the message "Thank for you..blah...this beta.
"About" doesnt show this as a beta though.

Has happened before.

emanresU deriseD

emanresU deriseD reviewed v3.0.7 on Mar 4, 2009

"Thanks for helping us beta test Firefox 3.0.7"


The About box doesn't show that it's a beta. Update Notifier caught the update and didn't say it was a beta. This site doesn't say it's a beta...


mjm01010101 reviewed v3.0.7 on Mar 4, 2009

Better than Chrome: Has extensible architecture, better privacy, better installer. Firefox doesn't crash, Chrome does.

Better than Safari:Better installer, doesn't have Apple smugness, extensible. Another browser that loves to crash.

Better than Opera: Not by much, but Opera doesn't have adblock+, noscript capability without serious tweaks and even then it's not the same. If I didn't use FF, Opera would be my #2.

Better than IE: Well, anything is better than IE, come on! IE makes you reboot your whole machine just to patch it! This browser is riddled with zero-days that even security companies are too bored to publish! This browser has terrible standards support! This browser sucks dockeysack at javascript and rendering! Horrible!


roj reviewed v3.0.7 on Mar 4, 2009

Add-on quality and the updating process for same leave A LOT to be desired - they're both a mess. The whole plugin architecture is fundamentally flawed in that regard and the folks at ZillaLand show no signs of maturing enough to address this. Despite the claims of the fanatik fanboiz, Mozilla is NOT the future because it's not sustainable for the reasons iterated above and is nowhere Joe Average Consumer oriented enough. That entire aspect needs to be rethought form a consumer and business perspective to be credible.

That being said, this is my browser of choice. I put up with the spotty add-on architecture and quality control because it does what I want. IE8 is indeed significantly faster and so on and so forth but I personally prefer the mix and match concept that Firefox gives me.

Would I recommend this for everyday consumer use?

Not on your life.

The product and concepts are FAR too rough-edged. Would I recommend it for enthusiasts who know what they want and are technically savvy enough to go looking for it?


I give this FOUR stars because despite its obvious shortcomings, it gets the job done for those who appreciate what it has to offer and can put up with the foibles.

But to those who crown this as the king:

The Emperor is NOT wearing new clothes.


robmanic44 reviewed v3.0.6 on Feb 24, 2009

With the availability of new addons for Internet Explorer, Firefox is well behind the curve as far as speed, setup, and ease of use. Mozilla needs to get its act together or its use will shrink.


Prospero424 reviewed v3.0.6 on Feb 3, 2009

It loads up in roughly 1 second on my Core 2 Quad 3.33Ghz machine with multiple tabs being restored and with over a dozen add-ons installed. Not that unusual with a fast CPU and hard drive.

No, not as quick as Chrome in loading up and in running many webapps. But I use both on a daily basis, and I have to say that Firefox's performance as far as handling lots of open tabs and switching between them is noticeably faster than Chrome (once it gets loaded up, heh), especially on older hardware like Pentium 4 platforms.

Of course, for security reasons Chrome creates an entirely separate thread for each and every tab, while Firefox does not. That most likely has a lot to do with the performance quirks.

Firefox may not be the fastest or the flashiest, but it is by FAR the most flexible and (at least from a developer's point of view) most powerful browser, and the performance is quite good even if it's not at the top of every benchmark.

Still the King.


sturgess reviewed v3.0.6 on Feb 3, 2009

Reviewing 3.0.6 (Feb 3, 2009)
"takes less than 1 second to load, ablock, noscript, and a few other security related addons loading. core2 duo T8300 2.4ghz "
Really, less than a second, phew. That's bloomin' impressive artfuldodga. Anyone yet managed to break the half second barrier ? Now that would be awesome, up and running in half a second, we can but dream. I'll give it a 4, nice browser but not as fast Chrome, and certainly not as fast as the version of Firefox that the artfuldodga has been supplied with !


LakotaElf reviewed v3.0.6 on Feb 3, 2009

Works well, I like it and always have. But why does everyone act like UFO's landed when FireFox makes a new build. They do it often as all software makers do or did I miss something.


mjm01010101 reviewed v3.0.6 on Feb 3, 2009

I timed this on a core2duo e8400 and it took 4 seconds to load 4 tabs to completion with adblock + and noscript loaded.

Opera took 4 seconds as well with the same tabs.

Djuzan Belic

Djuzan Belic reviewed v3.0.6 on Feb 3, 2009

I'm a long time Firefox user, but for me (as for about any other user) the browser gets slower and slower to start over a period of time.


Blaxima reviewed v3.0.6 on Feb 3, 2009

Still boots slooooooow and page rendering for me is slower than Opera 10 and Chrome. Still IS and always has been a resource pig.

I used this on sites my old Opera had problems with but while Oprea 10 seems to choke up on much fewer sites now the thing is that this chokes up on most of those sites now too which was never the case

These last 2 releases have been quite unstable for me as well. FF seems to be slipping even lower than I thought they were which isn't a good thing with Chrome performing the way it does. People will probably migrate to Chrome (instead of Opera) if this keeps


huerix reviewed v3.1 Beta 2 on Dec 21, 2008

I don't know if it is one of my add-ons, which ALL seemed to be disabled at first with this release, or the build itself, but I have been having freezing issues; not stabile enough for me when all the others so far have been!


robmanic44 reviewed v3.1 Beta 2 on Dec 20, 2008

Doesn't add its own listed addons. It listed All-in-One Sidebar as an addon but didn't load it. At present, you're better off with the Seamonkey Browser. It's much faster and probably more secure.


tylerhw reviewed v3.0.5 on Dec 19, 2008

This venerable browser still excels over all of the rest. Although Google Chrome is turning into quite the handy web browser it's still missing add-ons to make up for missing functionality. 5/5 for being the best browser out there.


Blaxima reviewed v2.0.0.20 on Dec 18, 2008

If people were to move with the times Adrian, they would be using Opera which is far better than the (once again) overated FF3 which is only a slight improvement on v2 and still suffers from the pain in the arse of plugins and themes needing to be updated, however I give Mozilla credit for still supporting this version. Too many times people are forced to migrate away from things they are more than satisfied with so its good to see Mozilla is letting people have a choice!

As for this release I honestly don't see any improvements or degration. Its still a compitent browser but the slowness of it have made me use Maxthon as my rarely used second browser now


mjm01010101 reviewed v2.0.0.20 on Dec 18, 2008

So much for .19 being the last version!


christoofar reviewed v2.0.0.20 on Dec 18, 2008

I'll stick w /v2 till they update all the themes & addons I've come to enjoy & depend on are ported over to v3


butthead reviewed v3.0.5 on Dec 18, 2008

Still missing basic features like proper spatial navigation, mouse gestures, ui for cloning tabs, function to merge windows etc etc. Add a horrible about:config implementation, nonexisting display of program & profile paths, poor installer (difficult to run several instances of the browser), horrible setup and handling of profiles, messy preferences ui etc etc.

Firefox lacks basic browsing feature and is definitely the copycat in the browser market, but not a good one.

I've used this browser since its 0.x days, but the development is not promising.


kindbud1 reviewed v2.0.0.20 on Dec 18, 2008

I agree that people should update to FF3, but that's no reason to give this a 1. Don't be a retard.


Adrian79 reviewed v2.0.0.19 on Dec 18, 2008

move with the times people!! 3.0.5


Banquo reviewed v2.0.0.19 on Dec 16, 2008

Avoid since it's really a downgrade, the only change is they removed the phishing protection. It's also the last version, the 2.0 line is now discontinued. If you must stick with 2.x stay with for a while longer, though eventually you will want to move to something else for security reasons. Kind of a shame, I really hate Firefox 3.


Sativarg reviewed v3.0.5 on Dec 16, 2008

Please amend the link "Homepage:"
from: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/

TO: http://www.mozilla.com/e...efox/3.0.5/releasenotes/

It only takes seconds to save sight users combined hours of searching and aggravation. Lets keep this sight the best by doing our best. ;^)

What’s New in Firefox 3.0.5

Firefox 3.0.5 fixes several issues found in Firefox 3.0.4:

* Fixed several security issues.
* Fixed several stability issues.
* Official releases for the Bengali, Esperanto, Galician, Hindi, and Latviann languages are now available.
* Replaced the End-User License Agreement with a new "Know Your Rights" info bar on initial install.
* When installing multiple signed XPIs simultaneously, previous versions of Firefox would fail.
* Fixed several issues found in the accessibility implementation.
* Added the ability to send OS-specific system notes in the crash reporter.
* See the Firefox 3.0.4 release notes for changes in previous releases.
complete list of bugs fixed

get the latest version of Firefox 3 here
Download a Firefox version that speaks your language


Sativarg reviewed v3.1 Beta 2 on Dec 16, 2008

Please amend the link "Homepage:"
from: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/

TO: http://www.mozilla.com/e...efox/3.1b1/releasenotes/

It only takes seconds to save sight users combined hours of searching and aggravation. Lets keep this sight the best by doing our best.


mjm01010101 reviewed v2.0.0.19 on Dec 16, 2008

MHTML is not a finalized standard, and due to the files looking different on pretty much every browser, I can see why Mozilla ignores it. Not even IEx or Opera can save every page with consistency.

Users should have migrated off of this version of Firefox by now to version 3.


Adrian79 reviewed v3.0.5 on Dec 16, 2008

best browser on earth.


keiichi999 reviewed v3.0.5 on Dec 16, 2008

FF already has a patch system :P


kindbud1 reviewed v3.0.5 on Dec 16, 2008

Yeah, beta test?

The About Box seems to indicate a final version.



arossetti reviewed v3.0.5 on Dec 16, 2008

Thanks for helping beta test Firefox??? Guess this isn't quite final...


netean reviewed v3.0.5 on Dec 16, 2008

I'm getting fed up with download the whole application just for a couple of bug fixes.. Can't they implement a patch system, it would be so much easier!


borisf98 reviewed v3.0.5 on Dec 16, 2008

I was mistaken. Problem was with ZoneLabs Firewall which for some reason does not like FireFox.


Adrian79 reviewed v3.1 Beta 2 on Dec 10, 2008

everytime I install one of there betas I loose all my bookmarks!?!?!?!

so i'm waiting until final


Prospero424 reviewed v3.1 Beta 2 on Dec 10, 2008

Excellent for a beta.

The new Java rendering engine really is noticeably faster. I was a skeptic until I tried it on several of my machines. If you don't believe me, just compare 3.1's performance with 3.0's while browsing quickly through something like Last.fm. It's just far, far smoother.

Privacy mode is nice, but not exactly an innovation.

Yeah, most of my extensions haven't been updated, yet, but that's far more a fact of life these days than it is a complaint.

No rendering problems I can find during normal use...

I wish they hadn't postponed the new tab switcher, but if it's not ready yet it's probably for the best.


mjm01010101 reviewed v3.1 Beta 2 on Dec 8, 2008

Do not smite the beholder of life and death.


LakotaElf reviewed v3.1 Beta 2 on Dec 8, 2008

Yes Firefox is good and I use it, but the way some people in this forum act you would think Jesus had returned. It is computer software, not a matter of life and death.


bittermann reviewed v3.1 Beta 2 on Dec 8, 2008

The best browser just got better. Fast stable and way more secure than IE. As long as they keep fixing the security flaws as fast as they find them they have a winner...


Aegis69 reviewed v3.1 Beta 2 on Dec 8, 2008